Allen Robinson (WR, Penn State) vs Ohio State & Syracuse

A few people have commented on Allen Robinson — a junior receiver at Penn State. This year he already has 878 yards and six touchdowns. Last week he had a big day against Ohio State (see above) albeit in garbage time.

He’s eligible to declare for 2014. He’s listed at 6-3 and 210lbs. Check out the tape and let me know what you think.

It’s slightly unusual that for a taller receiver (even though he’s pretty skinny in the frame) he’s more of a YAC than jump ball specialist. No doubt he’s an athlete, but is he going to be able to compete with physical cornerbacks in the NFL? And is he enough of an athlete to compensate if not?


  1. Don

    Robinson is intriguing. He seems athletic enough to play in the NFL, but like you said, will his skinny frame hold up long enough to endure an NFL season? His frame looks like he is 6’4 or 6’5.

    His frame and YAC could be compared to Cordrelle Patterson, but without the 4.3 speed.

    I am hoping the Hawks take Jordan Matthews in the first round instead. He is also 6′-3, but he is thicker and can make tough catches in traffic. But Robinson would be a good consolation prize in the late second round.

  2. KyleT

    I’m not really a fan of us taking this guy. Not the type of receiver I think we need.

    • Miles

      If we lose Golden Tate, we’ll need more than one type of receiver.

  3. oz

    I like him, he didn’t look that skinny to me. Good YAC player although not elite speed, good enough. Decisive runner.

  4. Christon

    He’s got a very quick first step and he is pretty shifty for a bigger guy but he doesn’t have elite speed and I don’t think I saw him out jump anyone for the ball in traffic. Seems like a big slot receiver to me.

  5. MJ

    Watching him live now…I really like the guy. Not sure enough to go R1 but wouldn’t mind in a trade down to R2. Really strong and good leaping ability and plays in a pro style offense. Could be a quick contributor even if he’s not a true #1. Reminds me a bit of Jordy Nelson.

  6. connor

    Penn State definitely likes to get the ball in his hands and let him do what he does after the catch (can’t blame them) so they don’t utilize him as much downfield but when he does get his chances its usually a catch or PI. 1:10 of the Ohio St. game should have been PI on the 1 on 1 with Roby who is considered one of the top CB’s this year. Against UCF he made an incredible catch on a fade route in the corner of the end zone 1 on 1 and got both feet in. And then if you watch some of his tape from last year against Nebraska he was making plays down the field. I think he can go up and get it he just doesn’t get a lot of opportunities.

    Mike Evans is probably a better pure deep threat who can go up and get it. But IMO Robinson is the more complete receiver.

    Seems like another pretty good receiving group coming out this year. I think Evans, Robinson or Beckham could all be good fits with the Seahawks.

  7. Miles

    I know we’re talking about WR prospects here. But I’d like to tote a Field Gulls article that attempts to explain Seattle’s inordinate play-calling against St. Louis. It’s really a great read. Let me know what you think; I think it makes very logical points about the Seahawks play-calling as it relates to the practice restrictions in the new CBA.

  8. CC

    After Saturday’s game – from the NFL network – Penn State junior WR Allen Robinson (6-3, 215) had 11 receptions for 165 yards in the Nittany Lions’ overtime victory over Illinois. That gives him 66 catches for the season and makes Robinson the first Nittany Lions receiver to ever have two 60-catch seasons. He had 77 receptions last season. Robinson has OK speed and is strong and physical; he’s an accomplished route-runner who is one of the top-five receivers nationally.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d beg to differ that he’s one of the top five nationally if that’s what the NFL Network is saying. Unless they mean statistically, because that is accurate.

  9. Michael

    Where is the Saturday or sunday “Things I’m Watching For” column from this blog? No college players no hawk names or numberz no real discussions on game day or before. Why? There is only instant reactions? Thats not much coverage this year with all the tape thats out there with the new 22 film. Love this site but…. Disappointing.

    • Rob Staton

      My wife gave birth recently and most of my time is taken up at the moment.

      At the end of the day I do this in my free time with no financial reward. Right now I have to get my priorities in order.

      • JamesP

        Rob – If you could “like” comments I’d like your reply! As a community we are massively grateful for all the material you post here and the huge amount of work that goes into it. I spent the first few weeks of fatherhood a dribbling wreck, so I’ve no idea how you can keep churning out the articles. But however you are doing it, keep doing it!!

        • Michael

          James your a douce. My comment wasnt ment as a slight to anyone but how many people have babies and get up ever day without someone stroking their ego? Rob isnt in a prison doing this. A baby is time consuming but a 3 week old isnt awake even have the day. Yes I say this as a father. Robs bs excuses work for you mindless people but reality is he is hiding behind his baby for an issue that has been long present this year. My original statement was an obvious absence of posting on this site. Rob isnt the only one that writes for this site. So rob going main page with my comment shows his lack of class and has shown me why there is so much missing. Rob has issue with anyone not stroking his ego. I have never in the past 3 plus years seen rob have respect for anyone who had something negative to say about his site.

          • JamesP

            Ha ha! Brilliant! Over-reaction much?!

      • Justin Brosious

        You’re crazy he’s top 3 easily and better then ok speed he runs in the 4.4’s I think he’s the best in America

        • Rob Staton

          Justin — we don’t tend to refer to people we disagree with on this blog as “crazy”. It’s not how we roll.

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