An early look at 2015, in particular Mizzou’s Markus Golden

Missouri’s Markus Golden could be the best pass rusher in the SEC next season

We’ll get back into the current draft class tomorrow but I wanted to have a quick look at the 2014 college season and put down a few players to monitor over the summer months.

Obviously it’s too early to get a firm handle on who we’ll be talking about in 2015 but there is one name in particular I wanted to put out there.

Markus Golden — defensive end, Missouri.

He’s listed at 6-3 and 260lbs and had 6.5 sacks as a junior last season playing behind Michael Sam and Kony Ealy. He chose not to declare for last weeks draft because he wanted a year as a starter. Golden’s a former JUCO transfer from Hutchinson where in a single season he registered 26 TFL’s, 10 sacks, five forced fumbles and a pair of interceptions. He played mostly special teams in 2012 for Mizzou before taking on a bigger role in 2013.

He’s an outstanding athlete with great burst off the line. He can hold his own too as you’ll see in the tape below — on one play he kicked inside, held off two blockers to make a play on the running back at the LOS. He’s got a real nose for the ball and plays with a relentless effort. It’s hard not to appreciate a play like this:

It’s not just the pick six. He shoves the quarterback a good 15-yards just for the hell of it. The guys a beast and could easily be the best pass rusher in the SEC this year.

Need more evidence? Golden was the only player I saw on tape that flustered Ja’Wuan James last season. James went in the top-20 this year because he’s solid with great technique, balance and footwork. Nobody played him like Golden (#33 in the tape below).

We also know after the 2014 draft that the Seahawks are putting a big emphasis on character and the ability to fit into Seattle’s locker room. That’ll be no issue here — he’s a mature, competitive character who speaks well during interviews.

Pass rusher could be a target area for the Seahawks in a years time. Cliff Avril will be a free agent and in an off-season where Russell Wilson will sign an enormous new contract — he could be difficult to keep. Even if Avril re-signs, Seattle could use even more options up front. They’re banking on younger players like Benson Mayowa, Jordan Hill and Cassius Marsh stepping up to the plate this year.

For me Golden has all the makings of a potential top-15 pick if he stays healthy and productive — so he might not be in range for the Seahawks anyway all being well. But if you want a player to get excited about over the summer — this is a good place to start. You can see some coaches tape below and a list of suggested 2015 prospects to get into during the off-season.

Other potential 2015 prospects to study

Marcus Mariota (QB, Oregon)
A good bet to go first overall next year. Mariota is a toolsy quarterback who made a big decision to return for one more year at Oregon. He doesn’t turn the ball over, he’s a thoroughly modern QB and a threat to run. Also has none of the character baggage Jameis Winston possesses.

Markus Golden (DE, Missouri)
As noted above, he could be the best pass rusher in the SEC next season. A relentless athlete with top-tier potential. A very exciting prospect and one to monitor.

Cedric Ogbuehi (T, Texas A&M)
Could’ve been a first round pick this year but chose to emulate Jake Matthews and return to the Aggies to play left tackle. Handled Dee Ford in the Auburn game. The complete package and another top-10 pick in the making for Texas A&M.

Andrus Peat (T, Stanford)
I’m not a fan of Stanford linemen. The scheme is too clinical and players get way overrated every year. Yet Peat might break that trend. He’s 6-7 and 312lbs with long arms and a great attitude on and off the field. Could be a high pick.

Cameron Erving (T, Florida State)
Converted defensive lineman who also chose not to declare for 2014. Expect another cluster of tackles to be the making of this class and Erving is a powerful, athletic OT who watches Jameis Winston’s blindside.

La’el Collins (T, LSU)
The third tackle on this list who made a late decision not to declare for the the 2014 draft. The Tigers offense lost a lot of talent this year, so we’ll see if it has any impact on Collins’ stock. Ideal size at 6-5 and 315lbs.

Leonard Williams (DL, USC)
Former 4-star recruit who can play end or tackle. Great size at 6-5 and 290lbs. Needs to break a trend of disappointing Trojan prospects who get a lot of hype but sink like a stone. He’s a playmaker but needs to get stronger, can be pushed back working inside.

Jameis Winston (QB, Florida State)
Great competitor on the field, a playmaker and gun slinger. Yet there are so many question marks. Off the field he’s a disaster zone. He needs to grow up and show some responsibility. Can he quicken up a slow release and avoid distractions?

Brandon Scherff (T, Iowa)
Typical Iowa offensive lineman. Well coached, blue collar attitude. Just goes out and plays. 6-5 and 315lbs. No nonsense offensive lineman who excels in the run game. Not quite as adept against speed but will make a great right tackle.

Todd Gurley (RB, Georgia)
Gets banged up too much and his personality is pretty aloof. Awkward public speaker. And yet on the field an absolute beast when healthy. Not many running backs with his size return kicks for touchdowns. Big time prospect if he stays focused, avoids injuries and matures.

Marcus Peters (CB, Washington)
Long, physical corner who played Brandin Cooks as well as anyone in the PAC-12 last season. Loads of potential and along with Shaq Thompson and Hau’oli Kikaha — could make the Huskies draft-relevant in 2015.

Vic Beasley (DE, Clemson)
Explosive first step, great burst off the snap. Not the biggest or strongest but teams love guys like this that fly around the edge. Would’ve been a high pick this year in a disappointing class for edge rushers.

Honorable mentions

Landon Collins (S, Alabama) — could easily be the next big defensive back prospect off the Nick Saban production line.

Randy Gregory (DE, Nebraska) — former JUCO transfer, 10.5 sacks last season and has the length (6-6) to be a big time threat off the edge.

Chaz Green (T, Florida) — has all the tools to be a great left tackle but injuries and inconsistent play haven’t helped.

Amari Cooper (WR, Alabama) — under sized and had a disappointing 2013 season. Natural catcher though but is he another Woods/Lee?

T.J. Yeldon (RB, Alabama) — playmaker who fumbles way too much. Ball security must improve.

Denzel Perryman (LB, Miami) — exciting linebacker who received a third round grade this year but could be set for a big rise.

Melvin Gordon (RB, Wisconsin) — missed a trick by not declaring this year. Looks like he could be a solid player at the next level.

Doriel Green-Beckham (WR, Unknown) — kicked out of Missouri. Major character red flags. And yet immensely talented. Has time to bounce back.

Brett Hundley (QB, UCLA) — did the right thing not declaring for 2014 and needs time on the field at UCLA. Makes too many mistakes.


  1. CA

    Awesome stuff Rob, keep up the great work

  2. Mark

    Rob, I’d think you deserve at least a couple of days off. NFL and EPL (I think) are both at a down time.

    This year I’ll be looking hard for the stories behind the athletes. That seemed a big theme this year.

  3. MJ

    Awesome shout out on Marcus Peters. He’s the real deal. Top 20 pick IMO. New age CB with few weaknesses. Long, physical, can run and create turnovers.

  4. Jon

    Doriel Green-Beckham is such a tragedy of a story. Wish he was not all kinds of trouble. He is a beast.

    • dave crockett

      Yeah. Pinkel even intimated that there was stuff that never even became public. SMH. I really hope that kid gets it together because he has scary potential. Just a too much too soon situation, I think.

      • Jon

        did not know this, that is to bad.

  5. House

    Golden could be a great replacement for Avril. Should go pretty high though

  6. James

    Marcus Mariota is a great looking QB….really glad that the odds are quite low that he could land with the Rams or Cards. I suppose the Titans, the Jets, the Bucs etc, could land him. He could be the object of another crazy trade-up a’la RGIII.

    • Jon

      I think it would be unlikely the team picking #1 would be giving him up for any amount of draft capital. The thing is, if a team needs a QB I couldn’t see them giving up the best one, and likely the team picking #1 needs the QB. The Rams trade out with the Redskins was very unique as a team picking #2 legitimately thought they had there QB of the future, while at the same time a truly elite prospect at the QB position was also on the board. Also, the fact that Andrew Luck and RG3 both came out the same year made that possible as teams knew months before the draft that one of the two would be available at the #2 pick. That was truly the perfect storm.

  7. Kyle

    Hey Rob,

    We have seen new paradigms from the Seahawks FO for the last few years. SPARQ is not new, and they were true to that for the most part. This year, they drafted a lot of team leaders. What tangible or intangible traits do you think will define next years draft class?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’ll be more of the same Kyle. Intense characters, unique athletes. Speed.

      • EranUngar

        I think they are still evolving. They learn and adapt their philosophy. It’s obvious that this year they placed a lot of emphasis on character compatibility. If it works it will continue, if not they will change it.

        I think that this year they will pay a lot of attention to how the players of the 2013-2014 drafts perform. If they don’t get enough of them to step in as starters and key contributors i wont be surprised if next year they will use their extra pics to trade up and get a key player or two rather then using quantity to ensure quality. Either way it should be interesting….

        • AlaskaHawk

          I thought I read somewhere that 7 people became starters last year.

      • Kyle

        This just occurred to me, but what if being a walk-on is a part of defining the character of a player. A high school player who is not offered a scholarship walks on to a program and becomes a starter is the very definition of being a competitor. I’m not saying that this is going to define a draft class, but it makes me think that CFB players who started as walk-on players have that competitive heart.

  8. James

    According to, here are the key salary cap figures for the 2015 season. These numbers will drive roster decisions, and therefore next year’s draft. The first number is the cap hit for 2015, and the second number, in (), is the cap savings if the player is cut prior to the 2015 season. The first two players listed, Harvin and Okung, are assumed to be key players for years to come; however if they are injured and miss much of 2014 again, then their roster spot would have to be reconsidered.

    – Percy Harvin, $12.9 mil, ($5.7 mil)

    – Russell Okung, $7.3 mil, ($5 mil) (note: if Okung is re-signed, the contract might reduce the cap hit for 2015 below the $5 mil; Okung’s big cap hit is for 2014, not 2015)

    – Marshawn Lynch, $9 mil, ($7.5 mil) (note: though Pete and John are notorious for roster decisions based on competition and not loyalty, they might pause before cutting Beast Mode; however, he is a RB on the downside and those dollars may be needed for guys like Avril)

    – Brandon Mebane, $5.7 mil, ($5.5 mil) (note: this is a likely cut for cap savings, meaning that DT may be a priority in next year’s draft)

    – Zach Miller, $4 mil, ($3 mil) (note: a much reduced cap number since the re-structure)

    – Tony McDaniel, $3.6 mil, ($3 mil) (note: another DT; combined with Mebane, could save $8.5 mil, enough to resign Avril and/or apply toward RWs mega-deal)

    > conclusion: the off-season will again determine 2015 draft priorities; but a good guess is that the Seahawks will try to re-sign FAs Cliff Avril and KJ Wright, and of course will extend RW at a cap hit of approx $ 5-10 mil (mega dollars can be pushed years ahead as the cap grows). Highest priority in the draft will probably be DT. Leo also if Avril leaves. Amazingly, this draft again produces a wealth of talent at OT, but again, none are likely to fall to #32, so retaining Okung is probable, pending his health.

    • hawkfaninMT

      I agree with pretty much all of this… IMO, offseason priorities next year are:
      1) Extend RW
      2) Re-Sign Avril
      3) Re-sign Wright
      4) Re-sign Okung
      5) Extend Wags

      These re-signings and the subsequent cuts needed to make them happen are what will drive the draft priorities. Allowing Mebane, McDaniel, and Beast walk will save a bunch of dollars towards making that work, and I feel like the Hawks have drafted for this eventualtiy with focus of last years draft being DT(Hill, Williams) and RB (Michaels).

      The last piece to that puzzle is a growing salary cap. Who knows how much, but I hope a bunch!

      • James

        …not likely they drafted Christine Michael in R2 to sit on the bench for 4 years. Logically, they are projecting him to start in 2015.

        • hawkfaninMT

          That’s pretty much what I said in this quote:

          “I feel like the Hawks have drafted for this eventualtiy with focus of last years draft being DT(Hill, Williams) and RB (Michaels).”

        • Brad

          I don’t like logic as much as I love the beast, but the writing is on the wall. This will most likely be his last year as a Seahawk.

      • matt509

        KJ, Avril, Okung, and Lynch are all probably gone after this season

        Wagner and RW should be our top priority.

    • cha

      Good post, James.

      Wholeheartedly agree that Okung’s injury history should be monitored and carefully considered when deciding to extend his deal. I think 2015 is a pivotal year for him. If he plays all 16 at his Pro Bowl level, the choice is easy. If he is banged up again for 4+ games then it gets much harder. Many teams have won Super Bowls without the traditional lock-down LT.

      I would like Wright back but it will heavily depend on the market. The LB market is like the RB market, it’s been depressed the last few years as teams are able to rotate players in easier. I’d support the Hawks letting KJ going out and seeing what’s in the market and then seeing if that works within their cap.

      One guy I would wonder about is Unger. The Hawks would save approx. $3m by cutting him. Hopefully his 2013 was just an aberration and he rebounds nicely in 2014. There wasn’t a huge dropoff to LJP and ‘always compete’ might come into play if he doesn’t have a return to form in 2014.

      • James

        The word is that Unger was greatly compromised by a pectoral muscle injury this past season. I expect to see him back in the pro bowl.

        I remain amazed that the Seahawks found a way to win all those ugly games early last season, with the OL in shambles. Even one loss would have cost the home field advantage. A healthy OL, combined with the vertical and horizontal threats from Harvin and Richardson, will produce an entirely different, and more deadly, offense.

        The Super Bowl win is even more impressive in that the Seahawks did not have the good injury luck that most champions have, but at least they were relatively healthy for the playoffs. If this team has a healthy 2014 (knock wood), then they will be significanlty better than last year…. to the demise of the rest of the league.

        • Arias

          The offense never really got untracked last year either. Nothing like the latter half of 2012. I think the offensive line had a lot to do with that.

          • AlaskaHawk

            I think Marshawn Lynch has bailed the offensive line out on many games. Also our defense won those games, because our offense sucked for most of the season. Even at the end of the season we lost a couple because our offense couldn’t put points on the board. Looking forward to the new receivers and new linemen getting worked into the group.

    • Arias

      I really think the Hawks have to first demonstrate they’re even capable of drafting defensive lineman to be starters before we can even begin considering cutting Mebane or letting McDaniel go for cap reasons. Until then, any talk of cutting either while making ‘DT a priority in the draft’ is ridiculously premature. Mebane especially is not one that can easily be replaced from the draft. He’s one of the top guys at his position, definitely the most underrated.

      • hawkfaninMT

        Very valid point… I feel like we (I) am kinda assuming that Hill, Willaims, Scruggs, et al will be servicable. Gotta prove it first!

      • AlaskaHawk

        Why carry all those players on the practice squad if they can’t step up to being a starter? With the three defensive players drafted and mulitple invites of UDFA there will be a lot of tryouts going on this summer. PC has to hit on a couple of them!

        • Arias

          Let’s hope the FO can break their draft record on defensive lineman this season and have at least one of them be able to step in the DL rotation. But until there are tested and proven guys capable of taking their place it’s a little ridiculous to think Mebane or McDaniel will be cap casualties. In fact, if Mebane stays at the 5.5 million cap hit he would be a relative bargain for that price. No way they’re going to find a defensive tackle on the open market to provide the kind of production he does at that number.

          Actually, until we see some players step up and show they can create consistent pressure I gotta think all four DL vets right now are untouchable. Even Mebane on the wrong side of 30 when he comes up for renewal since it’s not like they’ve demonstrated the ability to grow defensive linemen on trees like they do defensive backs.

          • Cha

            Your points definitely have merit Arias and I would like to see one of the DL draft picks develop into a starter and consistent contributor.

            That said, the Hawks have displayed a scouting talent of a different sort with the DL – the ability to scout current NFL players on other rosters and unleash their potential. They found Clemons, McDonald, Branch and Red Bryant toiling on other teams (the pre-PC seahawks were a whole other team in my book so Red gets the nod LOL) and turned them into valuable contributors with little draft capital or money spent.

            If none of the DL prospects work out, the front office still has a good track record of finding DL talent to fill needs.

            So a lot will change in the next year but there are truly only a small segment of players that will be deemed untouchable. I really doubt the entire front four make that list next offseason, win lose or draw with the youngsters.

            • Arias

              Well, I’m assuming those front four continue playing at a high level, that Mebane doesn’t drop off, that McDaniel continues to improve with his expanding role, etc. I think it will be really difficult for the FO to let Avril walk and he’s really the only one of the front four whose contract is up for renewal next year. Guess it depends on what it’ll take to re-sign him, but I think they’ll make a strong effort unless an unknown knocks our socks off this year with this pass rushing potential from Avril’s spot. But Mebane’s cap hit stays constant at 5.7 mil for ’14 and ’15, which is really quite a good deal at last year’s production.

              It’s true they’ve been able to develop defensive lineman after trading for them, although they haven’t really done that of late now that they no longer have any former regime players left as chips. My guess is that that if none of the draftees or UDFAs is looking good towards the end of camp that the braintrust will huddle and JS will identify a player on another team to target for trade/conversion. But hopefully it won’t come to that. If they could even develop one UDFA or draftee that would make me feel a lot more secure that they’re capable of doing it. Marsh and Jeffcoat appear to have great potential to break the trend. I’ve got high hopes for them both.

      • James

        John and Pete would not release Mebane and/or McDaniel assuming to replace them with a rookie from next year’s draft. They could only be released if a couple of guys from among Greg Scruggs, Jordan Hill, Jesse Williams, Dewayne Cherrington, D’Anthony Smith and Jimmy Staten step up. A DT in next year’s draft would be for depth, at that point.

    • EranUngar

      Bare in mind the following –

      Before we start cutting players – T-Jack, McCoy, Harvin, Okung and Unger combines cap hit goes down by 5mil and the cap is due to go up by 5-7 mil. We’ll also role a few mil from this year.

      • AlaskaHawk

        They let Breno go for 4 million dollars. So that sets the high end. Someday they will settle into paying the entire starting offensive line 12-16 million/year.

  9. Nate

    Bryce Petty

    • Rob Staton

      Sceptical on his pro-potential. Could be a product of his offense.

  10. dave crockett

    Great write up Rob,

    another quick note on Golden. He came to Missouri originally to play LB, but he grew out of it.

  11. YDB

    Benardrick McKinney , Mississippi State (LEO conversion)
    6’5″, #250, 4.6, 40″ vert (all numbers according to HC)

    Looked completly misused as a ILB when asked to drop into coverage, particularly in zone. However, when he was asked to come downhill to tackle or blitz, his true talent was apparent in the games I watched (2014: TAMU, Ole Miss, Ark). He can play very fast when he is moving forward and shows great closing speed. He breaks down to tackle very well. Takes good angles and works well through traffic.

    He would be a conversion project, so there are some raw elements to his game. He uses his hands poorly at this stage in development. And, much like nearly all prospects, needs to add more pass rush moves to his arsenal.

  12. bigDhawk

    So I was looking at video of Kiero Small and went, ‘wow…who is the #3 Alex Collins?” Anyone else notice this guy? He’s the Razorback’s RB that Small is usually blocking for. He really jumps off the screen. He flashes power and agility, making defenders miss and running over those that don’t. Reminds me a little of another beastly RB we’ve had around here for a while. Rob, if you get a chance take a look at him and see what you think. He will be a Sophomore in 2014 so not sure if he can declare as an underclassman in 2015.

  13. Dan

    One player I’m looking forward to following is Arizona wide receiver Austin Hill. There are two Draftbreakdown videos of him from his sophomore (2012) season in which he demonstrates great hands, toughness and an appreciation for route-running that other larger wide receivers do not have. Sadly he tore his ACL last year, missing his whole Junior season, and I hope he hasn’t lost any of his prior athleticism.

  14. Mylegacy

    Rob – I have really enjoyed our year long walk with you as we’ve pondered who the World Champions might take (now we know). Equally, I’m looking forward to the year long search we are just beginning. To quote Toad; “Oh joy, oh joy…” (Rob, I assume you’ve read the Wind in the Willows?)

    What have I learned? Three main things.

    Firstly, the team is deadly serious about “competition.” The best example is the collection of QB’s that are being assembled to give Wee Russell Wilson a run for his money.

    Secondly, SPARQ matters! Seriously, top ranked skills are a premium. They will be sought out and recruited.

    Thirdly, The Hawks will draft (sign as a free agent) a player who EXCELS in at least one area of the “Skills” – examples being; Speed, power, drive, rage… they will do so even if his other tools are even substandard. If the Hawks think they can find a way to utilize a spectacular skill and have to do so by minimizing weaknesses then they are open to at least try. Their tool for this is using a “rotation.” Get the specific talent on the field you need, for the specific play you’re going to run, or defense.

    Rob, what does this mean to your search (and ours – as followers of you and your yearly quest)? If means we have to pay more attention to the positive attributes of flawed prospects than do the Draft Followers of most other teams. Unfortunately, (fortunately since we love the journey) we are doomed to having to go scouting through levels of imperfect humanity who other teams Draft Followers just simply ignore.

    Gentlemen, let the search begin.

    • Rob Staton

      I think one thing I’ve learnt about this front office is every time you think you’ve worked them out, they throw in another wrinkle. What I learned for next year is — unless a major need arises or the team tanks — never rule anything out. Never underestimate character and competitiveness. Do even more tape study. That way we can cover enough guys that there’s a chance when the picks are called — we’ll be familiar with the names. That’s the ultimate goal — not to guess the picks. Just to familiarise ourselves with the players so we know a bit about the guys they take.

  15. James

    If I was not the sort of person who jumps to conclusions, I would not be a fan of the draft…for how else would you describe someone who reads a one-page biased scouting report, watches a 5 minute highlight tape, and comes to the conclusion that this is the player that the Seahawks should draft, and in fact, will draft!

    Anyway, as someone who does jump to conclusions, my latest conclusion is that Justin Britt is a far better looking prospect than we thought two weeks ago, or even after John, Pete and Tom selected him, for that matter.

    Based purely on my viewing of about 5 minutes of film from this week’s practices, on and some footage from the local sports reports, as well as having my impressions confirmed by glowing observations from Hugh Millen and others, this guy has amazing footwork, technique and movement for someone 6-6, 324. I am starting to think that Britt will be the bullseye hit from this year’s class…’s that for jumping to conclusions, and I will stand by it!

    • Arias

      OTOH, based on the functions of minicamp, it’s looking like Garrett Scott might have a hard time making the team seeing as to how he hasn’t been able to take the field because they haven’t been able to get him through his physical.

      So Britt really better make it seeing as to how they have scant left they can do to improve the line.

  16. Justin M

    Hi Rob, great list.

    One player I’ve been watching is Eric Striker from Oklahoma. He may not be a need and may be drafted in the 1st round, but he has some extraordinary pass rushing skills.

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s some tape online, I’ll take a look.

  17. James

    Davis Hsu over at Field Gulls has an early 53 man roster projected:

    QB: Wilson, Jackson and Pryor
    RB: Lynch, Michael, Turbin, Ware, Small (axe to Coleman)
    WR: Harvin, Baldwin, Kearse, Richardson, Norwood (axe to Rice, only keep 5)
    TE: Miller, Willson, McCoy
    OL: Okung, Carpenter, Unger, Sweezy, Bowie, Britt, Bailey, Jean-Pierre, Scott (keep the rookie to develop at LT, keep only 9)
    DL: Mebane, McDaniel, Bennett, Scruggs, Hill, Staten, Marsh (axe to Williams)
    Leo: Avril, Irvin, Mayowa (axe to Jeffcoat, projects to practice squad, where I don’t believe he can be stashed….he will be claimed off waivers in an instant if he plays well in exhibition)
    LB: Wagner, Wright, Smith, Toomer, Coyle, Pierre-Louis (axe to Farwell)
    DB: Sherman, Thomas, Chancellor, Maxwell, Lane, Bailey, Johnson, Simon, Pinkins (axe to Shead)
    ST: Hauschka, Ryan, Gresham TOTAL: 53

    >> thoughts: this is going to be one brutal cut-down. It is a good problem to have…too many good players, but man to have to cut guys like Williams, Shead, Coleman, Rice. Davis is projecting a lot of rookies, such as Scott and Bailey. Cutting Williams makes the DT very thin, with Staten the only dedicated backup inside. And the Seahawks will be absolutely looted on the waiver wire….they would be lucky to get Elmer Fudd through to the practice squad. Forget about Jeffcoat, alas.

    • Darren

      A few amendments,

      I think Jeffcoat makes the team if he has any kind of decent camp. Dude just put up numbers at UT and Pete sounded positive about him.

      Scott at LT needs to be stashed on the PS. He curiously hasn’t passed his physical yet. Bailey can back Okung this year. That’ll give us the spot to carry Jeffcoat.

      Pete said Staten looked out of shape. I don’t think we go into the season with him as our primary backup inside. I’m wondering about Cherrington and D-Smith (and Williams)

      I hope Price can be PS as well. Can’t wait to watch Daniel at QB.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think they keep 6 receivers. Maybe they drop one of the linebackers or defensive backs instead. Irvin can play linebacker so there is no need to carry that many.

      I am rooting for Jeffcoat to make the team. LEO will be Avril, Mayowa and Jeffcoat with Irvin filling in part time. Not sold on Irvin being up on the line.

      There should be quite a battle for defensive line positions. We have carried Williams and Cherrington for a year, I would like to see them play some games before final decisions are made.

      With the 18 game format proposed for 2015, the league really needs to expand team rosters and practice squad size. Not sure why they won’t do it – except maybe the owners are too cheap to pay another 10 guys.

    • James

      Something has to give somewhere. If we assume that the Seahawks want to retain Terrelle Pryor as the #3 QB, to have a full year to assess how they might employ his talents; and if we also assume that they will keep 6WRs, which I think they must do; then they will have to go with 9 OLs and 4 RBs. I think they should keep Lynch, Michael and Turbin, obviously, and just one FB, whoever wins the job. The FB is on the field for only about 1/4 of the plays, and it just doesn’t make sense to have to cut a prospect with a promising future just to keep a backup FB who will never play (and probably never be active). If Coleman wins the job again, for example, I believe they could actually clear both Ware and Small through waivers and keep them on the practice squad, where they could be called up if Coleman is injured. A TE could be the emergency backup at FB. The need for FBs is so low, that another team is unlikely to claim Ware or Small and place them on their 53 man roster, when neither player has ever played a down in the NFL.

  18. dave crockett

    Marcus Golden note: on that interception he ran it back, placed the ball on the ground, and pointed to the ground. He didn’t do anything you don’t see on the film. He got hit with an excessive celebration penalty. Grrr…

  19. NMD

    Hey Rob have you noticed Golden’s team mate Shane Ray #56. When watching Ealy and Sam, Ray was the one who kept jumping out as a big time pass rushing prospect with the burst, speed and athleticism to be a future LEO.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll check him out.

  20. Rob Staton

    Guys — apologies for the lack of posts since May 15th — post draft I’ve taken a bit of family time. We’ll get into the other draft picks ASAP, hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

    • bigDhawk

      Well deserved. Take your time and we’ll be here when you’re ready.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Catch up on your sleep Rob.

  21. James

    It does seem that this most recent Seahawks draft class will be needed for more immediate contributions than last year’s. The previous year, Pete and John had assembled a near-perfect team:

    – Harvin, Rice, Tate, Baldwin and Kearse at WR
    – An OL led by Okung, Unger and Giacomini
    – A DL of Avril, Clemons, Bryant, Mebane, McDonald, McDaniel and Bennett
    – etc, etc….

    Of course, that near-perfect roster was near-decimated by injuries to Harvin, Rice, Okung, Unger and Giacomini. It was an even-greater achievement to win home field advantage, the playoff games, and then the Super Bowl with that reduced roster, than if the Seahawks had destroyed the league with that ideal roster.

    Therefore, that 2013 draft class was not needed at all for immediate contributions. Except for injuries….Willson for McCoy, Bowie and Bailey for Giacomini and Okung, no rookie would have played any significant minutes at all.

    This year, rookies are needed to replace the losses, Bryant, McDonald, Giacomini, Clemons and Tate. This gives guys like Richardson, Norwood, Britt and Marsh a real opening for playing time. Add to this the “redshirts” like Scruggs, Michael, Toomer, Mayowa, Simon, Hill and Williams; and there is far more playing time to be had by the youngsters this year than last. About a half dozen incredible opportunities for fame and fortune await those guys who have it within themselves to step up and win the job. I can’t wait to see who will be the next Sherman, Wilson, Chancellor, etc….who wants to be a champion?

  22. James

    For those who did not hear it, this morning Dan Quinn was interviewed on KJR radio. Takeaways:

    – Cassius Marsh will begin his career primarily as a pass-rush DT in passing downs. He will essentially mirror Michael Bennett, but his inside pass rush skills are very difficult to find, and that is where he will begin. No mention of Leo.

    – Speaking of the Leo, Quinn addressed how he will use Bruce Irvin. He said that Bruce will play the Sam LB on regular downs, and then move to Leo on passing downs. Quinn said that they want to get Bruce on the field more often (than just on passing downs), so he will have this dual role. We can assume that Malcolm Smith takes over at Sam when Bruce moves to the Leo. Essentially, Bruce will replace Chris Clemons, who played the other Leo across from Avril on passing downs; but will also play the Sam in the base. Quinn said that Bruce is in outstanding shape and is having a great off season. We can safely assume that Bruce was drafted in R1 with the hope that he would be the full time Leo, but despite a good rookie season, he has not yet matched the play of Clemons or Avril. I believe that Bruce was adversely impacted last year by changing positions while missing the first month of the season due to his suspension. This is his prove-it year. Given the dollars involved, unless he explodes, we can also assume that his 5th year option will not be activated a year from now….so he is playing for his future these next two years.

    – Quinn said that Jordan Hill and Jesse Williams are healthy and hungry and are raring to go after their “redshirt” seasons. (a quick look at the roster shows that these two guys, along with Greg Scruggs, must step up, because they are they depth behind Mebane and McDaniel…. unless someone like Cherrington or Smith or Staten charges ahead from the rear of the pack, the DL will depend on them)

    – Lane is clearly the nickel corner…but Quinn did not further address DB depth except for a quick mention of a few names on the roster, such as Phillip Adams. He did not indicate how Tharold Simon is doing.

    • Germpod

      James, thanks for the heads up on the Dan Quinn interview!

  23. Stuart

    Rob, we miss you!

    This is the longest break I can ever remember you taking, 5 days.

    You deserve it my friend!!!!

    When you do come back, would love to hear your thoughts on the Hawks new talent.

    • Rob Staton

      I plan to write a piece today. Needed some family time but pleased to say we got that in the bag this week.

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