An interview with Adetomiwa Adebawore

This interview is also available via ‘The Rebuild’ podcast


  1. Seattle Person

    Love it! He seems like he’s all ball.

    I think someone like Jayden Reed on the offensive side is very similar. Really serious dude.

    Rob, have you seen or looked into Joey Fisher from Shepard University? He played RT there and would make a very interesting guard in the NFL. He drew pretty good reviews at the Senior Bowl.

  2. Jim Kelly

    That was cool.
    Thanks, Rob.

  3. Michael Gustafson

    Great interview, Rob. What an impressive dude Ade Ade is. That guy is going to rise up the draft boards. Hawks might need to use a pick in the 20s (either 20 or a few spots later after a trade down) to get him.

  4. Ian

    I want a Seahawks jersey with Ade Ade across the name plate.

  5. Steve Nelsen

    I got a real positive vibe from him that he would thrive in the Seahawks culture. Super-athletic and determined to keep getting better.

  6. EIEIO

    Great interview, Rob. Love how your questions bring out the nuances in his character. And, what an impressive young man! If I was impressed by his Senior Bowl reps (and I was) I am even more impressed now. He’s a guy I’d love to have on our team. Do you think he’s a good pick at #20?

    • Rob Staton

      I think the fact he has to play as a spell player at his size keeps him on the board into R2 but I really like him

  7. Roy Batty

    I’m not going to go out too much on a limb by stating that his Mom and Dad prioritized his education over everything else.

    You don’t get into Northwestern on a great athletic profile, alone.

    Would he be a Bennett style lineman? Swiss Army knife DE that can squeezed inside, too.

  8. Hawkcrazy

    Rob you are an incredible interviewer. Everyone you interview you just get so much information from. Your questions and feel are just so good. I still think back to your Levis interview and it has always made me want him as a Hawk and it seems that way with every player. Certainly if they are not Seahawks I want them to have great careers. Just so well done.

  9. Peter

    Rob great stuff!! I wish you had more time with these interviews but worth it every time.

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    I commented on a previous article about Ade Ade that he reminds me of Brandon Graham, so it’s gratifying to hear him say he tries to emulate Graham.

    Great interview. He’s gonna go far.

    • Ben

      That’s a pretty good comp. Was interesting to hear the list he watched. At first I was Aaron Donald, fine whatevs, but he had a pretty wide set of players. Excited to see how he plays in the pro. Good interview!

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    Off topic but this is a perfect example of Rob’s scouting analysis of how Broderick Jones blocks with his head down

  12. samprassultanofswat

    Adetomiwa Adebawore sounds like a high I.Q. guy. No doubt he had a tremendous week during his during Senior Bowl week. I get the feeling his stock will be rising.

    Enjoyed the interview.

  13. Ulsterman

    Good interview, he comes across really well.
    The problem with these interviews is you’re left disappointed when the players get drafted by someone else.

  14. Sea Mode

    Oh, wow. That’s interesting.

    Around The NFL

    Vic Fangio quietly signed contract with Eagles to help prepare them for Super Bowl; Fangio will join Dolphins after game (per @RapSheet)

    • Rob Staton

      There was talk of him working with the Eagles a few weeks ago

      • Sea Mode

        Ah, missed that then. I had only heard he was on board with Miami.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think it ever became public but I think he has been helping them beyond just the SB

    • cha

      What I thought was interesting about it, is Rapsheet reported it was to help the Philly offense attack the KC defense, not the other way around.

      • BK26

        Bronco fans can appreciate that little jab to a rival haha.

  15. samprassultanofswat

    I am rooting for Kansas City. I am a big Andy Reid fan. One of good guys in the NFL. But my gut feeling is that Philadelphia is very solid in there offensive and defensive lines. If the Chiefs are going to have a shot. They have to win the turnover battle.

    • Big Mike

      I’m in your boat too, all the way around.

    • BobbyK

      Andy Reid will never win father of the year but he’s a good football coach.

  16. Gaux Hawks

    Wow, rooting for this kid… hope we land him in R2!

  17. Gaux Hawks

    “Colts target Eagles OC Shane Steichen for HC”

    Any thoughts on what style of QB Steichen would target?
    How would that affect our pick?

    INDY – QB
    HOU – QB
    CAR – QB
    CHI – trade down again (!) for a team to get ahead of SEA QB
    SEA – : (

    • DC1234

      Under this scenario, i will be happy seahawks get to pick Will Anderson.

      But, I really think 4 straight qb picked number 1-4 will not happen.

      Its never happened in NFL history.

      • Peter


        I know it feels like all four qbs for different reasons. Most likely teams won’t feel that way. Richardson is a good example. Most teams aren’t Seattle with a probable quality starter he can sit behind. If you need a qb and he’s the only one left you might not take the plunge since it’s widely considered he’s going to need to learn. Opinions are all over on Levis. And young is frankly great and small. It might not be a fit for some teams.

        • Peter

          Oh and I’d be ecstatic if they got Anderson. The problem isn’t him uts tge rest of how Seattle runs its big boys.

          • Big Mike

            Yeah if the very unlikely happened and all 4 QB were gone, I’d want and expect the Hawks to sprint to the podium for Anderson.

    • Seattle Person

      It will be interesting. I’ve heard Ballard likes toolsy QBs.

      • Hawk Finn

        This is a fact. Evidence: Philip Rivers is a tool

  18. cha

    Very very interesting

    Ian Rapoport

    Sources: #Raiders QB Derek Carr has informed the team he won’t accept a trade to the #Saints or any other team. The team is expected to release him and he’ll be a top free agent.

    • Roy Batty

      I never understood the question of whether he would he waive the NT?

      He will get paid over $5.5 million to play somewhere else, to a destination of his choosing. And, the Raiders treated him like day-old sushi this year. They essentially told him, “Leave the building. You’re stinking up the place.”

      Carr is such a nice guy, too. I hope he gets picked up by a good team and makes the playoffs.

      • Bmseattle

        5.5 million buys an awful lot of eyeliner.

    • Elmer

      Can he do that if he doesn’t have a no trade clause in his contract? He isn’t automatically a UFA, right?

      • Peter

        Or the raiders don’t release him and pay him a boatload of money to not play him.

        I assume they are going to get agents and lawyers involved and tear up his contract somehow.

      • Geoff u

        To be fair, he was stinking up the place.

  19. Robbie

    Alright, who ya’ll got? Eagles or Chiefs?

    • Big Mike

      Expecting Eagles, want the Chiefs. I’m a (very) old fan of the AFL.

      Is it just me or is the boring pregame Hollywood bullshit at an even higher level this year.

      • Robbie

        Very very boring! Too much hoopla and pre game shenanigans

      • samprassultanofswat

        Big Mike. Just do what I do. Put on the DVR. Then when you want to watch it. Just fast forward until you get to the game.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Eagles. Their fans are trashy loudmouths but KC’s sophomoric use of the “tomahawk chop” has always been an embarrassing blight on modern sports culture.

      • Big Mike

        Yeah well Eagles fans booed Dak Prescott for being NFL man of the year. And look I hate the cowboys as much as anyone on the planet but that was low class. Of course they also booed Santa Claus so you know what else would you expect.
        All that said, I feel you’re right about the chop too.

    • Rob Staton

      I officially couldn’t care less who wins

  20. Ben - Fort Worth

    I’m actually watching the SB at Mike Solari’s house. He just said that Seattle is bringing Geno Smith back and that they’ll be taking a QB in this draft. As to what draft strategy I don’t know. He said this is a GREAT year for a QB. He just now signed on with Dallas and recently left the Seahawks coaching staff. What’s funny is that he says all of this so non chalant. Lol

    • Bmseattle

      Im at Tom Cable’s house, and he says that we are drafting a highly athletic DL in the 7th round, and converting him to center, woth the intention of starting him right away.
      Well, he yelled it while swinging his fists around, wildly.

      • Big Mike


  21. Matt

    I see no reason that none of the top 4 QBs in this draft could operate at the level of Hurts. This really makes me want Anthony Richardson.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Matt: Richardson is one of the four top QBs in this draft.

      • Matt

        Yes I know…

        • Matt

          I’d go a step further…all 4 QBs could operate this Eagles system even better than Hurts.

  22. Bmseattle

    Imagine having an interior offensive line that gets push like the Eagles.

    • Big Mike

      And instead we’ll probably get another year of Austin Blythe

      • Peter

        The central years long theme here is that regardless if Carrol builds culture, finds gems, etc. Is that for far too long he himself can not build his own team.

        Hopefully if JS is in charge he does some stuff differently. Notably stops acting like a cheerleader for these mid tier decisions.

        Blythe is a bit of a canary in the team building coal mine. If they “reward,” him for no reason I think it’ll show some clues about how it’s all going to be the sane.

        However if they give him a solid deal for him, let’s say two years 9 million, then it’ll feel like way back when they went to the draft with the bases covered but keeping open the option for upgrades.

  23. Bmseattle

    Im not sure that Hurts can throw the ball more than 40 yards downfield.
    And he has to totally wind up to even do that.

  24. Alex H

    Eagles is consistently winning the LOS battle. If it wasn’t for the poor ball security from Hurts on that fumble, this game wouldn’t be that close.

    • Jack Frost

      Right you are! First half time of possession is in favor of PHI 21:54 to 8:06. That should show up big in the second half.

    • Roy Batty

      Some of those sneaks they could do the entire way down the field. 4 yards here, 5 yards there and they’d march right down to the EZ.

    • James Z

      Allowing KC a 65 yd. punt return didn’t help either.

  25. Rob Staton

    Greg Olsen has a comb over

    • Roy Batty

      And he just called Mike Pereira “Mikey P”.

      Good grief, Greg.

      • Seattle Person

        He has street cred. Have you not heard his rap song? Come on…

    • downtownjewelrybryan


  26. Roy Batty

    This field is such garbage. Even off the paint they’re still slipping.

    • Big Mike

      Total shit

  27. Trevor

    Love the way Chauncey Gardner Johnson plays.

    Been saying it for a while but would love to see the Hawks release Adams and Diggs to save $30 + mil in cap space and sign Neal and Diggs + rookie at Safety next year.

  28. Trevor

    What a dreadful call and awful way to end a Super Bowl.

    • Gary

      Just brutal. Why does the league just keep shooting itself in the foot with crap officiating like that?

  29. Ishmael

    What an awful finish to what’s been a good game. Shocking stuff.

  30. DC

    I saw some jersey pull but didn’t see it slow JuJu down, too tricky tack of a call. Although I’m happy see Carlos Dunlap get a ring!

    Also, Jalen Hurts has no arm strength to push the ball downfield.

    • Kyle Rto

      Not a tin foil hat guy but it’s obvious the NFL wanted the Chiefs to win with that call. Plus with Brady gone they need their new Golden Boy.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s nothing to do with this

        It’s just crap refereeing

        • Pack of K9s

          As someone who was watching the game just for a good game it was extremely disappointing
          To me football is all about choices and giving KC an extra 3 downs was not puting them in a predicament. 4th and 7 is a predicament, but not with 8 seconds left. Way more fun to see Jaylen prove it and maybe an overtime game? No conspiracy just lame reffing i agree

        • AndrewMR

          You’re right. There’s no way of truly knowing. But the game was gifted to the chiefs and its bs. Worst call in SB history imho

          • Peter

            Worst call in SB history?

            But was it the worst 5-8 calls in superbowl history. So bad the referee said he’ll think about the game til he goes to his grave.

            Cause I thought that call was nothing like the Bettis bowl.

    • Roy Batty

      You could tell his shoulder was bad by the 4th quarter.

    • Denver Hawker

      Ugo Amadi gets a SB ring too

  31. Matt

    I don’t blame people for being conspiracy theorists. Chiefs handed game changing calls at the end of the AFC championship and now SB. Just pathetic.

    • Jack Frost

      Sometimes it feels scripted but PHI couldn’t stop them at all in the second half

  32. KD

    Overall decent Super Bowl (except for the refs, again) another banger episode of The Last of Us. Good weekend

    • Tallyhawk

      It’s a shame the refs made that call because they were good up to that point imo. You didn’t really notice them as there weren’t flags every other play. My only other officiating gripe is more of rules gripe concerning what a catch is. If the fumble that got run back by the chiefs isn’t a catch how is the 3rd down eagles catch not incomplete? He possessed the ball before going out for less time than the fumble. He barely had “control” if he even really did with his big toe down. Technically by the rules they got the calls right but it just irks me how they’ve fucked up what a catch is. Common sense says two feet in bounds with control is a catch. Fuck a football move or third step or whatever stupid shit they decide has to happen.

  33. ShowMeYourHawk

    Alright! Now that that pointless crap is finished with, let’s get to some Combine and draft action! Spotlight is officially yours now, Rob! Whoo!

    • Big Mike


  34. Henry Taylor

    Really lame how the owner is the first person to lift the country. It would be unthinkable in England.

  35. Henry Taylor

    Really lame how the owner is the first person to lift the country. It would be unthinkable in England.

    • Hand of God

      100% agree, as q foreigner it feels so wrong to have anyone besides the team captains or coach receive the trophy and be the first ones to speak

  36. DC1234

    Question. Is Eagles signing an extension with Hurts for $50 mill/year a good idea?

    I know he took the Eagles to the superbowl, but thats a lot. Their roster depth will take a hit.

    Beside being a great runner, he had some decent throws. And two potential deep ball int.

    • DC1234

      I just dont see the Eagles having another season like this year. #1 seed. Played daniel jones with no receivers, ,then injured Purdy. This was a heartbreaking lost tonight when they had all the momentum.

    • Matt

      If Hurts gets a big contract, that team will become mediocre overnight. He’s exactly the type of QB who kills you on a bug salary.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Jalen Hurts was drafted in 2020. So Hurts just completed his third season. The Eagles can wait another year before they do anything with Hurts.

  37. EJ McGee

    Tough tough ending to a great game. Invisible holding call took the last Eagles possession out of their hands.

    • 805Hawk

      “It was holding,” Bradberry said following the Eagles’ 38-35 loss. “I tugged his jersey. I was hoping they would let it slide.” You hate to see calls at the end of the game, but it was a hold.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I mean, yeah, it was technically holding and it takes a pretty big guy to own up to something like that, but it was extremely ticky-tacky. His very minor grab of the jersey didn’t appear to affect the route of the receiver at all.

  38. BobbyK

    Chiefs probably don’t win the Super Bowl without Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

    Seahawks take Christine Michael with the 62nd pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Chiefs take Travis Kelcie with the 63rd pick.

    Seahawks take Dwayne Eskrige a couple years ago while the Chiefs take Creed Humphrey a few picks later in the 2021 draft.

    Nevermind Frank Clark.

    • DC1234

      You can do that for every superbowl winners.

      Seahawks wouldnt of won a superbowl if the Jaguars picked Russ instead of the punter named Bryan Anger

    • Jabroni-DC

      I will never understand the gifting of Frank Clark to KC. It went against every concept of successful team building that you could come up with. Young core player coming into his prime at a premium position. A colossal error was made.

      I’m still fascinated by the draft & team building in regards to the Seahawks but the NFL has been officially supplanted by the UFC for me. Way more entertaining.

      • Seattle Person

        Well…it was talked about by Rob here on the blog. They had to pay the QB and they did. They didn’t have to pay an aging MLB. One that was getting near 30 years old. Looking back, the better football decision would have been to trade Bobby or let him go.

        You pay the premium position. It’s all in hindsight.

      • Rushless pass

        Why? The guy only plays well post season. If he were still on the hawks, we’d only get one good game out of him.

    • God of Thunder

      Hindsight is 20/20.

      A lot depends on who the Seahawks had at TE at the time. They had a perceived need for a ball catching RB.

      Dee Eskridge over Humphrey I’d a bad whiff. Every team has them. It hurts more “optics wise” because Eskridge isn’t even average. I guess one day we’ll find out more about why he’s not even approached average.

  39. Hebegbs

    NFL shoots itself in the foot with that crap DB holding call. Game could easily have gone to OT. I could care less who won. But wow what a S call in a tie game to gift KC the win. Just an awful call.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Heb: Seems like you was rooting for the Eagles.

      • Hebegbs

        I promise I was not. Nothing on the line either. Just thought it was a tight call in the wrong spot of the game.

  40. samprassultanofswat

    Reid/Mahomes/Kelce have now won two Super Bowls. Now that the season is complete. The Chiefs will no longer be on a team friendly deal with Mahomes. It is my understanding that the PAIN of the long-term deal of Mahomes will now be felt by the Chiefs.

    I am really glad that the Chiefs won the Super Bowl. Andy Reid is one of the Good guys in the NFL.

  41. Matt

    The usual simpletons if Seahawks Twitter are already at it with making a comparison of paying Pat Mahomes to Geno Smith. I can’t handle these people.

  42. samprassultanofswat

    To me the determining factor of the Super Bowl was the Kansas City offensive line.

    Think about. Going into the Super Bowl, the Eagles had 71 sacks. That is the third highest in NFL history. But yet the Kansas City offensive line did NOT allow one sack. Philadelphia did not have a single sack. That is a shocker. If you give Patrick Mahomes time, he will burn you. it’s that simple. Also Andy Reid is a fantastic play caller.

    After watching the Super Bowl. The offensive has to be a priority. Not only because of the pass blocking of the Chiefs. But how many times did the Eagles have a QB sneak. Which was not a sneak. Because the Chiefs were ready. But the Eagles offensive line bulldozed the Chiefs defensive line every time. The Eagles got a first down. EVERY TIME. So yes. The offensives of both team can hold their heads high. Offensive line has to be a priority in the draft.

    • God of Thunder

      Well said.

      Another thing: the Chiefs didn’t get rattled. I can only imagine the feeling of seeing the Eagles play so well in the first half. Champion players and champion coaches stay calm.

  43. Forrest

    It was so nice to watch a team that didn’t need to waste a time out to think about what play to call on 4th and 1.

    I couldn’t help but think the coaching on both sides was better than we have here.

    With all of their stars on defense, Phili didn’t do anything to stop KC. I’m suspect of signing defenders who are surrounded by talent and am worried Phili could fall into this category. Hargrave might be awesome, but Cox, Graham, TJ Edwards, Slay, Bradberry, Sweat, Reddick, Gardner-Johnson, Quinn, Suh, etc. Are they elite, or do they benefit from the cast around them? I had the same fear when we signed Arik Armstead from San Fran.

  44. samprassultanofswat

    James Bradbury admits he held on the play.

    Just thought I would pass the would to Eagle fans.

    • Big Mike

      You beat me to this. Maybe Chiefs haters should rethink this as well?

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      It was technically a hold, but was extremely ticky-tacky since it didn’t appear to affect the route. I guess the solution would be for the DB to avoid forcing a ref to make that call. But if I was a ref, I am not sure I would feel comfortable or confident making that call in the biggest game of the year.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        It was just the officiating universe realigning after the horrendous call on that Goedert non catch.

        No, Goedert did not catch that pass, maintain control and have both feet on the ground before he went out of bounds.

        It was the second most preposterous call in SB history

        • Peter

          I dunno OPI in superbowl 40 when the reciever and dB basically high five one another is up there.

          But illegal block on #8 (Hasselbeck,) when he’s making a tackle, albeit a shitty one, on the guy with the ball is pretty high on my list.

          • Big Mike

            You left out the holding call on Sean Locklear that killed what would have been the go ahead TD for the Hawks even after the bullshit OPI on Darrell Jackson. The holding call was so bad John Madden said flat out “that doesn’t look like holding to me”.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Any time a juggling catch on the sideline is made and the offense rushes to the line to snap the ball right away – there should be an automatic ref timeout to look at the play. Tired of teams pulling that stunt.

  45. BK26

    Here is my takeaway from the game. We don’t have a quarterback that can do what either of these two did tonight. They carried their teams. One never got rattled and was in control all game, the other put himself on the line and fought yard for yard with his athleticism and later on his legs when his arm was shot.

    Geno isn’t doing that. No quarterback available outside of the first round that we could get can do that. Once again, after a Super Bowl, the gap between the 2 teams and Seattle is VERY big. There’s a lot of work to be done but one decision in the first round could really speed up bridging of that gap.

  46. Mick

    So impressed by Mahomes, didn’t protect himself, took every chance to run on his bad ankle. Must say that Hurts wasn’t overwhelmed by the task either and had some solid throws. But yes, the lesson of this Super Bowl is that the strongest Olines got there.

    • Peter

      Seems this way almost every year. One side of the lines is the deciding factor.

      Really wish Seattle would figure out the trenches on one side once and for all. Instead of how we’ve become this goofy pass heavy finesse offense and toothless defense.

  47. Trevor

    My takeaway from that Super Bowl game was the Hawks need to add a young QB and then continue focussing draft and free agent capital on the OL / DL. Finding a quality Center, Guard, DT, DE and LB this offseason is a tall task but a must if the Hawks want to take the next step in their rebuild.

    Designating Diggs and Adams post June cuts should be at the top of the off season priority list for JS as well. Can’t have almost $40 mil in cap space allocated to an aging and injured Safeties.

    • Roy Batty

      But isn’t Diggs salary for this year guaranteed shortly? They can’t post 6/1 because of that fact.

      It’s also why the Raiders have to cut Carr in a few days, instead of waiting.

    • Peter

      In nearly every draft I’ve read four qbs don’t go 1-4. And yet time after time mockers?, mocksters, (?) Consistently put Carter or Wilson at five or worse yet trade put of five to around nine for Wilson or someone else.

      I’ve gone back around in my thinking but I’ve finally settled on a rookie qb is pur best chance to build the whole team.

      At least in as much as where the team is at. For the purported 35 million contract even if he continues to throw 30 tds and 11 picks or whatever the number is unless they somehow hit not on good players like Cross but super talented players like Woolen at every draft pick what’s the path forward to building the team?

      We need not one magic bullet dlinemen. But more like an upgrade at about three players. They need an upgrade at LB unless Tanner Muse is the truth. Bit then there’s still the issue with Barton being barely serviceable. Need, not want, need a real center. Need a third WR.

      It’s a cost issue. If you take Geno’s 35 million I can head on over to Spotrac and find three maybe more DL I’d love to see them take a run at. Maybe take 3-4 million and get a RG. Perhaps a WR.

      There’s players all over the draft I like. Short of taking pick five and turning it into multiple (3? Which seems farcical) send rounders I’m not sure how Seattle drafts all the interesting players this year.

      Then there’s just reams of evidence that getting to the superbowl is hard and paying for the top end qbs while you always have that chance it doesn’t make it easier.

  48. Trevor

    Wonder if a light bulb went off in JS head when he watched Kelce and Humphries today? The Hawks have not even had a league average Center since Unger was traded and have struggled as a group as a result. I know C is not considered a premium position but the teams that have an elite one always seem to have a good OL.

    • Big Mike

      Sure would be nice if they figured it out. Color me skeptical after all these years.

  49. Denver Hawker

    Overall, it was an enjoyable game to watch. At different points it felt like either team was unstoppable. Chiefs played the more complete game with key ST and Def plays, Eagles offense looked more lethal with better weapons.

    The most talked about aspects of the game tho are the late penalty call, and the shit field conditions. I doubt the NFL will do anything about it, but these have been topics all season.

    • Big Mike

      Eagles DB admitted to holding so I have less issue with that than the field. The officiating wasn’t nearly as bad as it was in the conference championship games. None the less, they need a sky judge

      They should be thoroughly and utterly embarrassed by the field. I read this morning that the Chiefs had a lot of trouble week 1 on it as well. They need a new and different type of sod. I hate that field and that stadium. So many bad Seahawk memories there.

      • Denver Hawker

        Even when it was called, it looked like it could have gone either way. Stinks that it effectively decided the game. I’m not sure what the fix is for officiating.

        As for fields, this one is a hard fix too. Most new stadiums are multi-use to get the most revenue so they have these rollout, interchangeable fields.

      • bmseattle

        @Big Mike

        Being as conspiratorial as you are (at least in regards to NFL manipulation), I’m surprised to see you just accept the Eagles DB’s “admission” at face value.

        Considering the complete lack of holding calls throughout the rest of the game, this call was conspicuous.

        The DB’s quick response, taking responsibility, effectively diffuses the situation.
        Frankly, it sounds like someone got into his ear and persuaded him to respond the way he did.

        Could you imagine Richard Sherman (or any competitive player in a similar situation) ever just coming out right away and accepting such a call?

  50. cha

    Jeremy Fowler
    The Raiders were looking for a third-round pick for Derek Carr. Even if trade was unlikely, felt modest trade compensation coupled with reasonable year 1 money for good starter ($33M) made it plausible. But too many hurdles, and now Carr will be free agent.

    • Scot04

      Yet so many Seahawk fans believe we can franchise Geno, & get a 2nd & 3rd, or possibly a 1st round pick.
      It’s a tough to read how much the twitterverse thinks Geno is worth.

  51. Peter

    A Monday morning wish to not pay Geno Smith big dollars for non elite production.

    Please let it be bridge money for bridge talent.

    I know he was super accurate. But the numbers that matter on the scoreboard weren’t exceptional.

    If people doubt go check out the years Mahomes threw between 480-590 attempts vs. Smith and his 572 attempts. It’s not even close.

    Heck cause I like poking the bear go look at the year the former qb, marshawn, and the LOB went to the superbowl. If you take his 407 attempts and extrapolate it to 572 attempts it’s not a contest.

  52. Happy Hawk

    After watching the Super Bowl – it doesn’t appear that “Defense Wins Championships” in this current era of the NFL. It does appear Quarterback play wins championships. Don’t screw around – draft your QB of the future at #5 and get on with the rebuild.

    • Shibu

      I definetely hope JS was watching that game and thinking what a gift it is to be in the top 5 of the draft. I hope he sees that Geno is not the answer and makes Pete realize we need to take a shot on a QB with star potential.

    • DC1234

      I still think defense wins championships.

      KC defense stepped up big time in the second half. There was a 3 and out by eagles offense that I believe was a big momentum shift.

      After that 3 and out, punt. With Toney’s big return.

      • DC1234

        Watching that game and seeing Nick Bolton taking over makes me think of how bad Brooks and Barton are.

        The Seahawks defense is so bad, i honestly believe they would of lost to the niners when purdy and johnson was hurt. And purdy was just handing off and McCaffrey was playing wildcat.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Popular opinion is the 49ers have the best LB corps in the League.

          I dunno man. KC made a good case last night for their group.

          • Peter

            Because the chiefs look at areas that failed them and make great decisions to improve.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              Agrueably the best run franchise in professional sports

              • Blitzy the Clown

                Spelling fail 🥴

              • Peter

                Absolutely. Qb is going to get expensive? No worries the roster is decently aged and they go to the draft with 11 picks.

                • BK26

                  6 starters or at least major contributors on defense that are rookies. Bolton has been a dream for them. I didn’t think he would be this good. And a quarterback that makes ok receivers good enough that you can get by with a little less talent there.

                  Oh, and they finally found a running back. And traded for a first round wide receiver for a 1st and a 6th.

                  They nail their picks, not only fix their issues but openly attack them, and have players wanting to take team friendly deals.

                  I live just north of Kansas City and I am jealous. They are fully prepared for Mahomes’s salary increase coming.

                  • Blitzy the Clown

                    Oh, and they finally found a running back

                    In the arse end of the 7th round too

                  • Scot04

                    Pacheco is another Rob was ahead on. Had him as 4th round value, 8th RB overall.
                    I was so hoping we’d add him as a 2nd RB when I saw him in the 7th. Then we went with 2 7th round WR.
                    I do really like Dareke Young though, and would like to see him get more reps.

      • Happy Hawk

        Highest scoring Super Bowl in the last 28 years- and I think both teams scored virtually on every single possession.

    • Peter

      Is it easier to build a great defense or is it easier to find mahomes and pair him with Andy Reid?

      Right now in hawkville most talking heads seem to think rewarding geno for past play is the move and we have a lot of pieces of a great defense already on the team.

      • DC1234

        Way easier to build a great defense.

        Mahomes and Andy Reid pairing is a once in a generational pairing.

        If seahawks stick with Geno for the next 2-3 years. Need to go the route of improving the interior oline and adding more offensive weapons.Geno is a Cousins, Case Keenum, Tanehill mold. You will have some success if you surround them with talent.

        If they want to hit a homerun, draft Richardson #5 and a wr/te with #20. Draft rb in middle rounds. I was thinking Anthony Richardson could do what Hurts did last night. Run for 1st downs, and makes some open throws. Its like Russ in his early days. Run heavy offense. Makes a couple clutch 3rd down passes. And escape the pocket and evade some sacks.

        • DC1234

          Seahawks fans lucked out that John Lynch’s only flaw as a gm is he cant get the qb right.

          Traded for Jimmy, and then picked Solomon Thomas over Mahomes cause they were settled at qb.

          I listened to Denver sports radio a lot this year because of Russ in Denver and the pick. They sound miserable talking about the Chiefs and Mahomes. Every year, Denver’s ceiling is getting a wildcard berth.

          Imagine having Mahomes in a niners uniform.

          • Peter

            Yep. I can imagine it and it would absolutely suck.

            Denver. Even if Russ gets leveled off again hell even if he can find some 2018-2020 magic wild card is right until mahomes retires it seems.

            Just feels like the beginning of the brady/bellichik era where those affected east teams had basically no shot.

            • Peter

              Afc east teams.

    • Big Mike

      Yes their D is pretty good but as folks mentioned above, the biggest reason they won yesterday was their o-line, 158 yds rushing, zero sacks against a team that had the 3rd most in NFL history. Best 2 o-lines in football played yesterday with the 2 best Centers in the NFL anchoring them. Please for the love of God John, do something about the position and also please upgrade the RG position as well.
      Mahomes got the MVP but the real MVPs were the Chiefs o-line collectively

  53. cha

    PFF grades starting 12 for both SB teams (pre-SB)

    • AlaskaHawk

      That was very interesting. Now I’m trying to relate it to how the Seahawks players are graded by PFF?

      Drafting based on PFF and salary seems like the closest thing to “MoneyBall” that a team can get.

      Maybe there should be a grading of coaching and play calling too.

  54. AlaskaHawk

    One topic I haven’t seen discussed anywhere was the Chiefs two touchdowns based on a wide receiver running in and then out behind the line of scrimmage. They tried it on both sides and got two wide open receivers for touchdowns. Was that a new play? The Eagles weren’t prepared for it. Does anyone recall the Chiefs running that play this season?

    • BK26

      They motion a receiver all of the time. Reid must have just seen something that Philly’s db’s must have been/not been doing.

      They do so many small, simple things that just pay massive, immediate dividends. The man is an offensive genius.

    • Cambs

      The Athletic podcast raved on the way the Chiefs set up that play and exploited the Eagles’ defensive rules.

      (28:20 is where they get into this specifically, part of a longer jag on Andy Reid’s brilliance)

    • shotime

      This article mentions about those 2 plays in middle of the article.

      Eagles were definitely unprepared for this.

    • TomLPDX

      Peter King also covered them in his FMIA article this morning.

    • Big Mike

      The other factor that happened on the first of the 2 plays is that 2 DBs went inside with Kelce. His greatness at least partially accounted for that wide open receiver.

  55. Ashish

    Rob just got chance to watch the interview. In 8 and half minutes felt like you asked 100 questions and was able to know how Ade Ade is as a player and person. Excellent interview. I want this guy on hawks roster he has exactly opposite mentality of Adams who celebrate one play like wining super bowl. Like how Ade Ade answer the question when he killing the reps.

    Just curious Rob how difficult is for you to convince players for interview? Will really love to hear more from other players if you can thank you.

  56. Scot04

    With Indianapolis set to hire Shane Steichen, it sure feels like Richardson would be the perfect QB there.
    He’s slowly turning into my #1 QB choice out of all 4, but would happily take any of the 4.

    • Sea Mode

      I’m on the Stroud train for now as my favorite, but I honestly haven’t watched much of them yet.

      JT O’Sullivan has detailed breakdowns of a lot of their games if anyone is interested:

      Anthony Richardson Analysis vs TENN

    • Julian L

      Darn! I’ll now be holding out hope that the Seahawks get Ben Johnson as their new coach in 2024. Was hoping it might be a no lose toss up between Johnson and Steichen.

  57. Matt

    JFC just heard Rob Rang/Corbin Smith on the Locked On podcast talking about Geno’s great off field leadership…

    Aren’t these people journalists??

    • Scot04

      They’re also implying we could get Lamar Jackson for Geno & a 2nd round pick straight up after each being Franchised.
      While Jackson will be insanely expensive; I don’t see Geno & a 2nd getting that deal done.
      Lol, could you imagine Geno & pick #51 for Jackson.
      I want a Rookie QB at #5 please.

      • cha


        Come on. They really did say that?

        • Matt

          Yes, they were serious…and here’s the best part, they both said they wouldn’t make the trade. Too much risk with Lamar…

          I just can’t do it anymore.

          • Matt

            Too risky to acquire a 25 year old former MVP over the 33 year old journeyman who had half a great season.

      • Mick

        I hope you’re joking. This is borderline insanity.

        • Big Mike

          I don’t think he was my friend. But hey, what’s your issue? I mean a DUI is fantastic off the field “leadership” dontcha know?

          • Mick

            I like Brooks and Taylor more than I should because they play for us. I liked Kearse and Hollister for the same reason. I’m not a Geno Smith hater, I wish he played for us until he retires and his game improved from this season on. But I just don’t see him being worth 30mil plus a year right now, and if someone gave me Lamar Jackson for Geno, I’d carry Geno on my back from Seattle to Baltimore.

            • Big Mike

              I’d help

    • geoff u

      Did he not show the greatest most amazing leadership while driving 96 mph and getting arrested for a possible DUI?

      • Matt

        This fanbase will guilt everybody about every social issue, morality…but if you’re on their team; that all goes out the window.

        It’s very frustrating.

        I just want honest conversation about Geno and the situation and this site/board is the only one offering such conversations.

        • Big Mike

          And that is exactly why I don’t go anywhere else to talk Seahawks and haven’t for quite a long time.

  58. Cambs

    speaking of sdb interviews, it was cool to see 2022 interviewee leo chenal get a ring!

  59. Peanut

    Back again to keep banging the “For sure draft a QB at #5” drum.
    I have seen people mentioning that you can get a QB in next years draft and that it is a better class, so sign Geno and go for the playoffs! ..

    Well if you do that, are you picking again in the top five? The only way I would accept not having Godell saying “Seattle is picking [any of the top four qbs]” is if they are all gone.

    Also, I’d love Hendon Hooker on day 3, cause why not. But Rob mentioning that he is already older than Hurts who has taken over a team and balled out in a Superbowl is not a good sign, even if they play until 40. How often do they do though, and how often are they good?
    Are we as a fanbase accepting having a middle of the pack QB for 15 years, hoping and praying for a playoff win here and there or should you take the shot at a potential franchisechanging QB? I just cannot see how people are sure that resigning Geno and drafting some linemen sends the team to Vegas next year.

    Pick the QB at #5, let Geno walk, hope for an entertaining season with some hope for the future.

    • Matt

      “Just trade a bunch of picks to get one next year. There’s no risk in that play.”

      That’s the honest to God stance of these folks. Their preferred method involves no risk. Methods they don’t like, riskier than playing Russian roulette.

      • olyhawksfan

        Using your #5 on a QB is too risky.

        Paying Geno a bunch of money and then using multiple picks next year on a QB is not risky.

        It checks out to me. Course I’m high on crack so…

        • 12th chuck

          puff, puff, pass

    • Big Mike

      But, but Pete Carroll won a Super Bowl 10 years ago!!
      never mind the team has done jack shit since that playcall in 49 which was 9 years ago outside of 3 WC round wins against subpar opposition.

    • DC1234

      I think more ppl mention how you can find a qb outside of the first round.

      Like Hurts, Russ, Cousins, Dak, Purdy. You need to have a stacked roster for them to win in the playoffs.

      Besides Brady in his prime, I dont see any qb outside the first round that carries a team, while also elevating the players around them. Those special qb are found in the top of the first round. Mahomes, Burrow, Allen, maybe Herbert, and Lawrence.

  60. hoggs41

    FWIW I did some quick stat numbers on Geno through his 18 games (17 + 1 playoff game)

    First 9 games:

    244.3 ypg
    15 TD passes
    4 Picks
    107.7 QB rating

    Last 9 games:

    260 ypg
    17 TD passes
    8 Picks
    95.2 QB rating

    • GrittyHawk

      It’s even worse if you look at the last 6 games (including the playoff loss).

      228 YPG
      6.4 Y/A
      10 TD passes
      6 picks
      3 fumbles (1 lost)
      86.3 QB rating

  61. Ben

    Last call notwithstanding, why can’t all games get called like the playoffs/Super Bowl?

    Is it to avoid things getting too chippy? If they called it that way the whole year, would it just be a holding fest?

    It’s just a better product when there aren’t flags every play. QB’s and WR’s don’t need to get perfect timing every damn play. In lieu of knocking players out over the middle, which absolutely can’t happen anymore for good reason, let defenders play more hands on.

    • Hebegbs

      Agreed 100%

  62. Roy Batty

    No more PFF or PFN simulators for me. They are so out of touch with reality that it’s not even fun anymore.

    I would love to trade down twice and have two extra firsts in 2024, plus two extra seconds this year, but come on, man. Fantasyland.

    • Murphy

      For some reason your post made me want to give it a go. It had Myles Murphy go first overall and I immediately exited the program.

      • Sean-O

        PFF isn’t bad. Just make sure to adjust the settings. Click on the Use Defaults button. On both the care for positional value & draft for needs move the cursor just about all the way to the right. Randomness I leave it as is.

        It’s generally pretty accurate I’ve found. At least A LOT better than the defaults.

  63. Ace

    Just for fun, any thoughts and ideas on the possible QB shakeup that could happen soon? My guesses:

    Aaron Rodgers->Raiders
    Derek Carr->Jets
    Lamar Jackson-> Falcons
    Jimmy G-> Saints
    Geno Smith->Bucs
    Jacoby Brissett-> Texans
    Baker Mayfield-> Packers

    Also thinking Ryan Tannehill gets cut (saves them 18mil) and gets picked up by the WFT.

    Daniel Jones seems a lock to stay in NY.

    Would still leave Panthers and Colts as our main competition for the top QBs, and Texans could still take a shot on one as well. Brissett would be a decent bridge into next year though, if they feel like going defense now.

  64. Rob4q

    Aaron Rodgers > Packers
    Derek Carr > Panthers
    Lamar Jackson > Ravens (exclusive franchise tag)
    Jimmy G > Texans
    Geno Smith > Seahawks (3 yrs/75 mil, 25 mil guaranteed, 10.5 mil cap hit in 2023)
    Jacoby Brissett > Browns
    Baker Mayfield > Rams
    Daniel Jones > Giants
    Ryan Tannehill > Jets
    Gardner Minshew > Falcons
    Sam Darnold > Titans
    Jameis Winston > Raiders
    Jarrett Stidham > Raiders
    Andy Dalton > Commanders
    Carson Wentz > Saints
    Drew Lock > Buccaneers
    Teddy Bridgewater > Dolphins
    Matt Ryan > retired!
    Joe Flacco > retired!

    • Rob4q

      Sorry, should have been a reply to Ace…

      • Big Mike

        If Mayfield has half a brain (I know, open for debate) he’ll do exactly as you predict and stay with the Rams. McVay made him a decent NFL QB and Stafford is an injury waiting to happen He’ll get plenty of opportunities to play in LA imo.

        • Big Mike

          Oh, and if I’m Carr, I do as you suggest and go to Carolina. Offensive minded coach in a division with no one of consequence manning the QB position for the other 3 teams while playing for a team with a solid defense and pretty decent o-line.

    • Gross MaToast

      Geno would remove his calfskin gloves, slap both of your cheeks once each with them, center himself behind the wheel of his Rolls and drive away at high speed if you dared insult him such an offer.

      Geno is a Pro Bowl quarterback.
      Geno led his team to the playoffs.
      Geno set records.
      Geno has not had an alcohol-related incident in almost thirteen months.

      Geno wants 5/$200.

      Also, that list of QBs is sad, sad, sad salute to mediocrity.

      Plus, if Geno leaves, beware of Matt Ryan starting for the Pete Carrollers, backed up by Flacco – “proven winners.”

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