An interview with Michael Lombardi

The latest interview in our ‘lockdown’ series is with the former NFL GM Michael Lombardi. We discussed the impact of coronavirus on the NFL draft, the Jadeveon Clowney stalemate, how teams have become familiar with Seattle’s scheme and how the Seahawks can take the next step to return to the Super Bowl.

It was a great opportunity to speak to a vastly experienced NFL decision maker and one of the most interesting media personalities. Don’t forget to check out Michael’s work — including the GM shuffle podcast and his articles for the Athletic.

This weekend I will publish the next interview (with PFF’s Mike Renner). Plus I’ll have some thoughts on why the Seahawks should aim for upside in the draft. If you missed our new podcast this week, click here.


  1. DC

    Sounds like more than a few of these insiders are skeptical of J.C.’s ability to stay on the field over the long haul.

    It would be really fun to have a devastating offense. We aren’t too far off from having one. I’m still super excited for this draft. There are so many ways the Hawks can go and still get really good players.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Agreed. Perhaps Seattle drafts a center to offset losing Britt, and then is able to add Clowney at the $27M over two years and also get Griffen.

      Center may be the first round pick to get Clowney.

      • Eburgz

        Bj Finney, Ethan Pocic and Joey Hunt are behind Britt on the depth chart at center if he’s cut. They will not be drafting a center with their first pick. Or probably at all.

        If they go O-line early it will be for a tackle.

        • Michael Hasslinger

          Who of the Finney, Pocic, Hunt, Britt are going to make this team?

          Guaranteed: Finney

          The rest are salary cap savers to sign Clowney or someone else, if need be.

          You would be wise to start using the terms “Perhaps”, “Maybe”, “Would be Wise if”.

          • Eburgz

            Well you probably only need to carry two centers on the 53. I think Britt is probably on the outside looking in due to the high cap# and I’d love it if Pocic took Hunt’s job as the backup. Maybe they can trade Pocic for a day 3 pick and Hunt backs up Finny. Maybe they trade Pocic (for a day 3 pick) keep Britt (on a restructured/extended deal) and Finney plays LG.

            They have tons of options and spending our first round pick on a center I think maybe perhaps would be an unwise allocation of resources considering there are much bigger needs on the roster. It’s not gonna happen.

          • Jamho3

            MH Agree!

        • Paul Cook

          I tend to think that it would be tackle too if they go OL early in the draft. Our LT is getting old (though still very good now), and our RT position is quite iffy.

  2. Spireite_Seahawk

    Excellent stuff Rob, the interviews this year have taken the blog to another level. In fact the word blog doesnt do the site justice.

    Hard to disagree with anything Lombardi said. Great stuff.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks 👍🏻

  3. millhouse-serbia

    This is second or third man who worked in NFL or is close to people form NFL who spoke pretty negatively about Clowney availability.

    And biggest take away from this interview for me is what he thinks about importance of 3T for Carroll defense.

    If we could somehow …you already know what I will say…I would even give two first round picks for him…

    I know I am one more who will say this, but these interviews are great and big, huge thank You for them.

    • Michael Hasslinger

      Madubuike in the late 30’s may be a good play for 3-tech.

      • Eburgz

        Sure. But we do already have a high impact 3T in Jarran Reed.

        I like Madubuike but every time I watch him I have the same thought “he’s kinda small for an interior DL”.

        • Michael Hasslinger

          So, one 3-tech on the DL, on a two year deal, and you’re good?

          Could Reed jump to the nose on throwing downs and let Madubuike play the 3?

          Could Madubuike compete with Collier for the 5?

          He is ten pounds heavier than Michael Bennett. Dude. Come on.

          • Eburgz

            I could see Madubuike rotating in playing that Bennett role and/or 3T behind Reed. Wasn’t tryna attack you and think he could be a quality DL option for the hawks. Definitely need more than one guy who can play the 3t.

            I’d just prefer to see them prioritize an edge rusher and one of those big dudes I listed below. and Madubuike looks small compared to their typical 3t Tony McDaniel types was the point I was trying to make.

            • Michael Hasslinger

              Apologies. I overreacted.

              I am more inclined to agree with Lombardi and create pressure inside out.

    • Nick

      Marlon Davidson and Madubuike really stand out as potential options.

      • Rob Staton

        I actually think they’ll draft an Al Woods replacement instead of a 3T.

        • Eburgz

          Agreed. Hamilton, Lawrence and Fotu are the guys I’ve locked into for interior DL.

          • Rob Staton

            I’m with you there.

  4. Largent80

    Fantastic work Rob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks 👍🏻

  5. Kevin Mullen

    Brilliant Rob. Just fantastic interview.

    Lombardi hit it on the head (and I think the rest of fans pretty much advocated this): Let RW open things up, don’t be too conservative, and get inside DL pressure. We really did lack interior pressure that Reed brought 2018 as oppose to what happened in 2019.

    Collier needs to step up, and we can see why Pete and John looked so disheveled after his choice. I really wonder that they truly wanted to trade down but couldn’t find a partner so they reluctantly picked him as he filled that need/bpa on their board. But if that’s the case, why then they not try trading up in the first round for once? And now here we are 1 year later, still no answer to the DL pressure and in possible worst shape coming into this draft (with almost certain losing Clowney). We don’t need 8-10 guys every year, sometimes 6 or less may be better.

    • Rob Staton

      Would’ve been hard to trade up last year though with only five picks.

  6. Michigan 12th

    After listening to that interview I’m more upset that the Seahawks didn’t get Campbel. Rob you have talked a lot about Davis for the Seahawks, and have went at length to talk about his strengths and possible potential. However, do you personally believe that he can develop into a pass rusher? Not what abilities he has demonstrated, but now you are the GM and you are making the decision on him. Do you think he can develop that aspect of his game?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes absolutely. He can do it. Needs to develop and be receptive to development.

      • Michigan 12th

        Well now you have done it to me again. I have changed my mind. I think Davis needs to be our first pick.

        By the way you have made this time of year bearable fro me. Thanks for all your efforts.

        • Rob Staton


  7. swedenhawk

    Thanks for another great lockdown interview, Rob. Just tremendous work.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

  8. cha

    Another great one Rob. I like your ability to get some good information in a few minutes’ time. I’ve never been a podcast guy, so for some reason the idea of listening to 45-60 minutes of talk can be a challenge. But this really gets us some insights and makes for some good discussion points.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

  9. Big Mike

    Regarding Clowney, sounds like Lombardi subscribes to the Tony Dungy theory of “the greatest ability is availability”.

  10. Big Mike

    Yep, another good one Rob. Might’ve been my favorite so far.

    • Rob Staton


  11. Gohawks5151

    Rob and others, have these interviews changed your opinion on keeping Clowney or changed your cap for his salary? The off season started with just sign him, then moved to if you aren’t going to sign him sign Griffen or Yannick. But Griff is old and short term and Yannick costs picks and high salary. All roads circled back to Clowney. But if he is so compromised does Seattle sign him at all? I realize this would mean they should have signed other player early in the process but i genuinely believe Fowler and Quinn did not have interest in Seattle.

    My ideal first 3 picks is getting dwindled down to a couple options.

    1st: Slight trade back, take Isaiah Wilson
    2nd: Slight trade up, take falling reciever (Hamler) or Zuniga
    3rd: Depending on previous pick, Raekwon or B Williams

    • Rob Staton

      It hasn’t changed anything for me. I want them to address the pass rush. If that’s Clowney + another, great. If it’s two new players, great. Just get it sorted. So far they haven’t.

    • cha

      I think the only thing that has changed for me is my view of the deal. If they had signed Clowney for $13m-15m a year say, a month ago, I would’ve been doing cartwheels. Now, after hearing some of the comments and pondering a bit, if they sign Clowney for $13-15 I’ll be, “good, now let’s see who else we can add and not be handcuffed in the draft.”

      Hasn’t changed my view that the Hawks badly need DL help, and Clowney is one of the best options, if not the best option.

  12. Kingdome1976

    What about Epenesa as our new 3 tech? He has better pass rush skills than R. Davis.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s 275lbs.

      He’s not a three technique.

      • Kingdome1976

        Sorry, meant 5 tech

      • JUJUS

        rob on 3T specifically, have you looked at McTelvin Agim (Fucking great name) from Arkansas?

        • Rob Staton

          I haven’t, not yet

          • JUJUS

            He is a former 5 Star Recruit that had been playing edge, until this season.

            His new coach told him unless he was going to buy in completely to being an interior player that he shouldnt stay at arkansas.

            “30.5-inch vertical, 9-1 broad jump, ran the 20-yard shuttle in 4.66 seconds, and completed the 3-cone in 7.55 seconds.”

            4.99 40 1.76 10 yard split.

            Has the same arm length and Height as madibuike, but is 13 lbs heavier and has an inch and 1/8 more on his hands.

            He is not slight or small compared to Madibuke and has 3 down developmental potential.

            I really Like what I see from him… im hoping we can get him with out 2nd to last pick in the draft.

            • Sea Mode

              Lots of (literal) agent-speak here for sure, but still:

              Nicole Lynn
              ·Apr 9

              Mctelvin Agim (DT) is going to go a lot higher in the draft than people think. In the past 5 drafts, I’ve never had a client with this many 30 visits and workout requests (pre-quarantine). Teams see that he is a future pro bowl 3T, and I don’t say that lightly. Save this tweet.

              • Rob Staton

                Might as well be his parents tweeting that

  13. Jerry Nice

    Fantastic work Rob! I think this was my favorite interview yet.

    Lombardi knows what he’s talking about and I really liked hearing his thoughts our team in general. Your question around being “good” to “great” was awesome and I appreciated his honest take…

    Keep it up and thank you!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  14. Tecmo Bowl

    Another top notch interview! Thought it was interesting that Lombardi said the Hawks should employ more multiple looks on defense. With a handful of teams playing a similar defensive style-single high- offenses are better equipped to find the soft spots.

    • Rob Staton


  15. Happy Hawk

    Awesome interview Rob you are saving me during this sequestered time! Lombardi is swaying my opinion. Unleash R Wilson, sign E Griffen ( as Lombardi suggests) and find ways to bring pressure on the QB other than a 4 man rush, and focus on adding talent. Maybe drafting Murray ( #27) and Gay Jr(#64) at linebacker while picking R Davis (#59) could bring the heat thru up the middle pressure ( Reed/Davis/Ford) and via an aggressive blitzing linebacker/safety core. I know this isn’t what PC and Norton have done all these years on defense but times are changing. Murray seems like the real deal and looks to be available at #27 in many mock drafts. Only 13 days away from he draft! Thanks for being there Rob…much appreciated!

    • Rob Staton


  16. Michael Hasslinger

    Wow. Listened to the interview… finally.

    You are so concise in your questions. The flow is simple yet strategic. You allow the expert to be the expert. It is an amazing skill. No ego. Really enjoyable listen; and entertaining. Well done, Rob.

    Thank you.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks, appreciate you saying so. I’m glad people have enjoyed the interviews so far.

      • God of Thunder

        Very much so

  17. BruceN

    Another fantastic interview Rob. Can’t say enough how much we appreciate these insights.

    There were a number of nuggets like the failed physicals with Tua. I hadn’t heard that. He also hit the key notes with the Hawks. Let Russell loose and be more creative with the defense. The insight on JC was great and I’m glad the Hawks are staying disciplined. Just go get Griffen and have a good draft. May be can afford to add Golden too. What do you think about the Griffen/Golden combo?

    • BruceN

      p.s. I get the point about the fit with Golden (better suited for 3-4 vs. 4-3). What’s your thoughts on him?

      • Starhawk29

        He’s spoken on him quite a bit in the comments before. Short arms, not an ideal LEO, and someone who hasn’t shown the ability to be consistent. I don’t think he’s a fit either.

        • BruceN

          Thanks. True, he hasn’t been consistent and that’s why he’s still available. I just threw him in the mix since it appears we’re going with a bunch of mid level options instead of major/expensive ones.

  18. CL

    So let’s assume Clowney is not coming back.
    The draft can’t be an answer to address the pass rush.

    Are there any realistic trade options, that could fix it?
    I kinda like YN but potentially a first rounder + a big contract is definitely too much for me

  19. Rico

    So I tried another mock with a very different approach… Idea was to try to get as many picks in the 45-75 range AND to see if I could lever it to get some bonuses in 2021 draft.

    51. Julian Okwara
    59. Joshua Uche
    64. CEE
    70. Robert Hunt
    71. Lloyd Cushenberry
    165. Ojemudia
    173. Joe Reed WR UVA
    246. Charlie Taumoepeau TE Portland State (just a flyer)

    Sent our 4th from 2021 in a trade, but got back the following during the sequence of events:

    Dallas 4th
    Las Vegas 5th
    Washington 6th
    Jax 6th

    So for 2021 we go in (assuming no other changes) with 2 5ths, 3 6ths and Dallas’ 4th instead of our 4th..

    Didn’t get a top tier WR which is a real weakness in this mock, but i like it otherwise.

    • Jamho3

      Nice mock, good depth AND progress going forward. Win forever!

  20. Rob4q

    So let’s say the Seahawks take Uche with their first pick, somewhere early in round 2. Then with their pick at 59, they have a choice between Raekwon Davis and Justin Madubuike. Who do they take and why? Which one fits their scheme and system better?

    • Kingdome1976

      Personally I think Madubuike is a much better player but we already had Reed so I would probably take Davis for that 5 tech spot. I was wondering if maybe Collier could beef up a bit and play the 5 tech though. Any thoughts?

  21. Kingdome1976

    You guys think because of our DL woes we might blitz a bunch more this year. Seems like the only way to really get pressure without sufficient pass rushers.

    • Rob Staton


      • Kingdome1976

        Thought I saw somewhere awhile ago that we blitzed more last year than previous years

        • Rob Staton

          I imagine that’s true.

          They had to.

          But they’re not going to blitz more and more because that’s not the way PC works.

  22. Hojo

    It can’t be said enough, great job with these interviews Rob. Thank you.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

  23. RWIII

    Rob: I really enjoy your interviews.

    • Rob Staton


  24. icb12

    Great interview.

    Interesting viewpoints in regards to the Seahawks.

    I struggle with it a little bit.. on one hand I don’t disagree that perhaps “letting Russ cook” needs to happen more. But as the man said- this team was 6″ away from home field advantage in the playoffs..Doing what they do has gotten them here. Their identity is basically confirmed right? Run the ball, control the clock, take our shots. Why would changing their offensive identity help at all?

    I guess I fall in line with the crowd that says- this is who we are, this is our identity, now we just need more talent to perform said philosophies to their maximum.

  25. RWIII

    I totally agree with Lombardi. I have always felt that you need to throw the football to set up the run. The Hawks need to get the lead early. Then in the second half POUND the football.

    Agree with Lombardi that the Hawks need to let Russell be Russell. Also it seems like Lombardi nailed it when it comes to Clowney. The Hawks and the Texans KNOW Clowney better than anyone.

    • Rob Staton

      People don’t realise that the Seahawks often do throw early in games.

  26. Matt

    PFN Mock:

    50. DE Julian Okwara
    58. OLB Joshua Uche
    59. DE Curtis Weaver
    64. DT Ross Blacklock
    89. RB JK Dobbins
    101. WR Bryan Edwards
    144. OG Kevin Dotson
    163. OG Damien Lewis
    214. CB Stanford Samuels
    249. RB Patrick Taylor Jr

    Went overboard on Pass Rush, but I think the top 3 guys can be starters from the word go. Blacklock provides great depth on the DL. Dobbins is NOT happening at 89 but what a steal that would be. Edwards is a great value and would be a dynamite #3. Dotson and Lewis are going to be starters in this league. Samuels is your late round development guy – nice pedigree. Patrick Taylor Jr is a big body RB – don’t love his instincts but he is a really nice looking athlete.

    • God of Thunder

      That would be a great draft.

      I think there will be an OT in there, top three picks. But I’d love your draft cohort.

  27. Greg Haugsven

    What I really took out of that interview is what a lot or fans have been talking about as of late. They need to start the games on offense the way they play when they are desperate. I loved what he said, throw to get the lead and run to keep it. This is how the mid 2000 Seahawks used to play. They would get up on teams 10/14-0 and it was good night Irene. Especially at home.

    • Matt

      I’ve mentioned this before – their entire philosophy and scheme is NOT built around maximizing margin of error. They continually operate on razor thin margins, in every regard.

    • cha

      I think this is a narrative that has stuck with the Hawks for a while now, and is an overblown one. They don’t consistently do the “run, run, 3rd and long pass, punt” early in games any more. They throw as much as any other team around.

      But it’s a label that always gets trotted out when they don’t score much in the first half.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Im not even really talking about the run to pass ratio. Im talking about playing with a sense of urgency. Act like you actually want to score points in the first half. Its like they are so scared to make a mistake early. They have the ability to get up on teams then put your foot on there throat and dont stop. This happens even more in the road playoff games. Dont always play scared.

  28. Rob4q

    Now that’ll do!

    Joshua Uche
    OLB Michigan

    Raekwon Davis
    DT Alabama

    Prince Tega Wanogho
    OT Auburn

    Devin Asiasi

    Trevis Gipson
    DE Tulsa

    Ke’Shawn Vaughn
    RB Vanderbilt

    Hakeem Adeniji
    OT Kansas

    Joe Reed
    WR UVA

    Josh Metellus
    S Michigan

  29. Eburgz

    Awesome interview Rob. Really appreciate it.

    One point that I though was interesting is that you are drafting for 1-2 years out. Who are our key players on the team that only have a year or two left of club control? Shaquill Griffin and Chris Carson come to mind. I’m sure they take a running back and a corner or two at some point in the draft.

    Here’s a mock with that in mind

    R2 RB Jonathan Taylor
    R2 SAM/EDGE Josh Uche
    R2 OL Robert Hunt
    R3 DT Davon Hamilton
    R3 WR Van Jefferson
    R4 TE Thaddeus Moss
    R4 CB MIchael Omejidia
    R6 CB Madre Harper

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s such a bad class for Seahawk-style cornerbacks that the 5th they spent on Dunbar was essentially their investment in the cornerback position this year. Plus Griffin isn’t going anywhere.

      • Eburgz

        Could be. I could see them extending Griffin before the season like they did with Tyler Lockett.

        I like the guys I mocked to us above and not much else. Apparently Tre Flowers and Harper are good friends Carson also a former teammate.

        Considering the losses of Thorpe and King and the fact that Griffen & Dunbar both are out of contract at the end of the season I think it would be smart to draft a late round developmental CB prospect like Harper or Omejidia. Trade for Dunbar was to get starting caliber depth/competition for next year, still think we need a guy in the pipeline.

        • Ashish

          I’ll be thrilled to see RB Jonathan Taylor on hawks team. Is it realistic he will be there in 2nd round?

  30. millhouse-serbia

    #UCF LB Nate Evans has recently held pre-draft meetings over FaceTime with the #Bengals & #Seahawks.

  31. TomLPDX

    Great interview, Rob. Thank you for talking to Michael. He is one of the writers at The Athletic that I read on a consistent basis. It was good to get an unbiased perspective about Clowney and to hear his views on the Seahawks in general.

    • Rob Staton

      Completely agree — Michael always has something interesting to say.

  32. Rob4q

    Just was finally able to listen to the interview, that was again a fantastic listen! Thanks so much for all these interviews Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      My pleasure, thanks for listening.

  33. cha

    The XFL has folded. They don’t see operating at all in 2021 at this time. Rats. I never got to go see a game.

    • TomLPDX

      I know, I was hoping it would stick around a little longer. Who knows, maybe they will regroup and start up again next year.

    • Kenny Sloth


  34. Troy

    Sounds like Lombardi is squarely in the “let Russel cook camp” and I really can’t blame him for that mindset. It def cost us the Cowboys playoff game, for sure.

    Was cool that he brought up Pete’s Mineesota days, nuggets like that show you the depth of this guys football knowledge.

    Re Clowney, I really hope they just make a decision before the draft. Either sign him or move on, this stalemate is bad for business (both ways).

    • Hawktalker#1

      I sure don’t want them to dig themselves any more of a hole in regards to fixing our pass rush problem, however, I think they would be wise to keep clowning on the hook until they have to make another move that would take him completely off the table. Clowney plus Griffin plus a good DE draft could be the fix we’ve all been waiting for. I don’t want to flush that down the toilet just because we’ve grown impatient.

  35. MoBo

    Another great and really interesting interview!

    I like the part about drafting is never about your current team and I would agree with him. You have to build a roster that could start the season before the draft happens. If a rookie can compete and start right from the beginning, perfect but dont except it. What really concerns me is our defense line in 2021 (Yes, more than this year). We have around 80m in cap space but also a lot of needs or possible extensions (CB, RB). But our D-Line would consists of Green and Collier + Reed (and Christmas). The younger top free agent options are thin as hell.
    DE: Ngakoue (possibly traded this year), Joey Bosa (if not extended put a tag on him), Garrett, drop to Barnett, McKinley (all 5th year-options).
    DT: Chris Jones, then a big drop to Maliek Collins, Johnathan Hankins, Andrew Billings, Adam Butler, Sheldon Rankins
    If you cant fix the pass rush this season, good luck next year.

    A no brainer for me: Sign Griffen. Even he is old, he ist the best LEO we can get at this moment
    Then you have four options:
    1. Pay Clowney like 2m more than you are actually willing to pay
    2. Trade a pick for a hopefully secure future. Ngakoue would cost more than Clowney. I assume we trade back with our first pick so you would pay a late second and a mid third (and possibly a late round) for him.
    3. Pray that Green and Collier take a big step
    4. Sign more roational guys for the D-Line like we did for the O-Line

    Back to the interview: “You take the horizontal board player”. Does Option 3 and 4 let you pick the BPA with the glaring need of a DE? I know Rob will update his Tier-Board but on the last one he got one DE (Okwara) in Tier 4 and three DE in Tier 5 (Zuniga, Weaver and Greenard). 28 players were in Tier 1-3, 10 more in Tier 4. The strenght of this draft in the early rounds are OL, WR, RB. Postions we need players in 2021 (quantity and quality). But instead you have to reach for DE that doesn’t really fulfill your profile and hope the guys are gems and better picks than Green, McDowell, Nazair Jones and more like Reed or Q. Jefferson.

    Get the D-Line done.

    • Mike

      It’s interesting that we’ve been hearing for a few years how all the great athletes choose to play DL (rather than OL) ..which might be true..but it seems like it’s much easier to find good players for the OL (both thru the draft and free agency) than impact players on the DL.

      • Rob Staton

        1. It is true that the great athletes have chosen to play DL. This isn’t something I’ve pulled out of my arse. It’s something that is well established and validated by numerous college coaches and GM’s — including John Schneider, who has talked about this openly and frequently.

        2. No, it is not ‘much easier’ to find good players for the OL. NFL GM’s would laugh at that suggestion. It’s very hard to find good players for the OL. Extremely hard. This simply happens to be a crap D-line class and a better than usual O-line class. Yet I list the testing numbers every year and every single year there are more explosive DL’s than OL’s in the draft — including this one.

        • Mike

          whoa..I wasn’t calling you out Rob…I think I heard it first from Tom Cable (5+ years ago)…

  36. Donny Henson

    I’m really starting to miss Frank Clark right now.

    • Jamho3

      Why we won’t pay$

  37. James Z

    If Lombardi thinks (as do many others) that PC/Shotty should ‘let Russ cook’ and if my understanding is true that the QB calls 2-3 possible plays in the huddle and can change at the line depending on what the D. gives him, why doesn’t RW check down more often and start the ‘cooking’ himself? It’s not as if PC/Schotty are going to sit him down for said LOS changes.

    • cha

      I don’t think it’s all the coaching. There have been games RW just hasn’t been able to get in gear early. At times he needs a couple series to size up the defense. He also seems to feed off that adrenaline of having a “hard deadline” he has to face.

      • TomLPDX

        Russ, in my opinion, is a conservative player that is able to rise to the occasion and make a play when he has no other choice…otherwise he sticks to his conservative roots. I think Russ changes the play more often than we think when the defense is showing him something he doesn’t like and for the most part succeeds. Sometimes he gets flustered and bolts from the pocket prematurely and still makes something happen, other times he gets buried. It’s one of the things you have to love about him. I never count him out of the play, just like I never count the Hawks out of a game until the time reads 0:00.

    • Rob Staton

      Some people simply choose to apportion all blame for anything that goes wrong to PC and the staff and everything that goes right to the players. That’s the internet for you.

      • James Z

        Rob, I’m not sure why you’re assuming I’m blaming PC/Schotty, I’m not. I’m on board with everything you say about PC and the inherent value of his approach to the game. Perhaps naively speculating about something doesn’t sit right with you and, yes, I get that, too…

        • Rob Staton

          I wasn’t taking a shot at you, it was a general comment about other fans who come to the conclusion it’s all PC and BS’s fault.

          • James Z

            Got it, thanks! My bad…

      • God of Thunder


        On a blog where many wise things are said, this might be one of the wisest.

        I quake a little every time I am reminded of Pete Carroll’s age, and how every year brings him closer to retirement.

  38. Hojo

    As I learn more about this draft class, it seems like a unique opportunity to draft a talented OT at the end of Rd1. For once, I hope the Hawks stay put and take advantage of the strength of a draft. I’d be excited with any of the prospects below that Rob listed in a previous article.

    Options at #27
    Isaiah Wilson (T, Georgia)
    Austin Jackson (T, USC)
    Ezra Cleveland (T, Boise State)

    • Coleslaw

      Agreed. Last time we had an opportunity like this we took Germain Ifedi.

      • TomLPDX

        …and we all saw how that turned out. I’m an Aggie and love Ifedi, but the dude had issues. I wish him well in Chicago.

      • Rob Staton

        Ifedi was clearly the best O-liner left on the board in 2016.

        Unless people prefer Joshua Garnett and Jason Spriggs?

        • Coleslaw

          I was just pointing out that theres a precedent for going OT when the opportunity arrises.

      • Lewis

        And while Ifedi was not the greatest player, he managed to hold down the spot while he was here. I certainly wouldn’t call I fed a reason not to take an OT late 1st

  39. Greg Haugsven

    Benson Mayowa’s cap hit for 2020 is $3,018,750 replacing the $750k cap hit of Pita Taumoepeno. Net space used to sign Mayowa is $2,268,750.

  40. Todd

    Rob, love your work this off-season. Putting interviews into the pre-draft process adds a cool dimension.

    Have you heard about changes to the off-season schedule yet? Rookie camps normally start in May, but it seems possible they get postponed or just cancelled due to COVID-19. Also wondering if/how teams are preparing for shorter training camps, cancelled preseason games, etc. Seems likely if one NFL team is forced to alter their schedule, the league would make all teams follow the same adjustments, to keep it fair.

    This might not affect how teams draft, but could make them hesitant to plug rookies into the starting lineup early in the season. Would you trust a rookie QB, OL, WR, or CB for week 1 if summer practice reps are limited?

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t trust a rookie QB, OL or CB. Receiver — I think it’s easier these days with the way college has gone.

      But in some cases teams won’t have a choice. Those young guys are going to have to learn the hard way.

  41. Rob Staton

    Just been working on a big pre-draft preview on each position.

    This whole draft class looks so much better if you’ve sorted the D-line out beforehand.

    There are really cool players to be had. You don’t want to be handcuffed to the pass rush.

    • TomLPDX

      Looking forward to that! You going to do a horizontal and vertical board for this draft Rob? Loved how Michael described it and it makes so much sense.

      Again my fellow Seahawk brother…THANK YOU for everything you do for us!

      • Rob Staton

        Maybe. If I was going to do that I’d want to do it justice. I’ll consider it.

        And thanks for listening/reading. I appreciate you all.

        • Eburgz

          It’s basically your tier list broken down position by position, right? A horizontal draft board would be a great way to format it IMO 👍

          • Rob Staton

            Not really because it demands grades and a reference to flags etc.

            I don’t really like putting a number to a player and when I do tiers I never really do that. But I will consider doing a horizontal board.

            • TomLPDX

              It’s all subjective of course, and based on one or two men’s opinion, but it puts a holistic view on the players in this years draft. Every team probably has this and it is different for each team. Would love to see the Seahawks board.

              • swedenhawk

                Given that, I wonder how much insight a horizontal board would actually give us fans into whether the Seahawks reach with their picks, etc.

    • DougM


  42. Gaux Hawks

    we should have at least four picks in the first two days, realistically who would you take today?

    assuming we sign clowney, i’m still stuck on:

    1. Isaiah Wilson
    2. Raekwon Davis
    2. Clyde Edwards-Helaire
    3. Brandon Aiyuk (drooping after surgery)

    wish i could sneak Willie Gay Jr. in there too.

    • Hojo

      I really like the first three picks.

      If Aiyuk is drooping after surgery, we might want to go in another direction though. Sounds painful.

      • God of Thunder


    • Kingdome1976

      I really don’t see us taking Clyde Edwards-Helaire because of his size and if we did he won’t fall past 50 anyways. Also even with the surgery Aiyuk isn’t getting out of the second.

      My first 4 pick hopefuls would be this:

      Julian Okwara

      SEA 53.
      Willie Gay Jr.

      SEA 64.
      Michael Pittman Jr.

      SEA 75.
      Matt Peart

      • Rob Staton

        Just be careful writing off Edwards-Helaire to Seattle due to size.

        Sometimes a player is too good for that.

        Such as Russell Wilson.

        • Kingdome1976

          I would be stoked if we drafted Helaire, it just seems unlikely.

          • Rob Staton

            Doesn’t seem unlikely to me.

            There isn’t a single team he’s unlikely to be drafted by. They will all love him.

            He’s too freaking good for anyone to give a toss about his height.

            • TCHawk

              I can’t argue that CEH wasn’t great in college. But if it is between picking him at the start of Rnd 2, and picking Akers at the beginning of Rnd 3, I think they would take Akers’ value there every time. Akers fits their preferred size, measurables, and skills. They can use their earlier picks on other targets.

              I don’t see CEH falling into a value range for the Seahawks. His talent and abilities fit so many other teams more than the Seahawks.

              • Rob Staton

                His talent and ability fits every team. I think the issue will be he’ll go too early for them.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s not realistic for Brandon Aiyuk to drop to round three.

      I’d also say it’s highly unlikely Edwards-Helaire lasts to the late second.

      • Gaux Hawks

        thanks for the reality check… hoping Aiyuk drops after surgery with volume of WR, and CEH is probably just wishful thinking.

        • JC3

          CEH is special, his stop on a dime and change of direction is straight out of comic book.
          I will take him with our first pick even @27.

    • Jamho3

      Nice mock that’ll do.

  43. Hawksince77


    A little off topic, but what do you think about Tua? How does he rank in QBs in the draft for you?

    He is up and down in the press, with his medical issues. Some think he is a top-five lock, others think he might slide.

    After watching Burrow and Tua, I came away with very strong impressions. One, that Burrow doesn’t possess an NFL arm, and that much of his production was based on short throws to the end zone and lots of RAC. He reminds me a little of Kellen Moore – record breaking college career but absent the arm talent necessary to make it in the NFL. I also recall late in Hasselbeck’s career holding the ball seemingly forever because he no longer had the arm strength to make the necessary throw (at least that was my impression). I can see a Brees or Brady succeeding late in their career with fading arm strength, given their experience, but I don’t see how a rookie QB does so, even if their football IQ is outstanding.

    And the second impression is that Tua is fantastic. NFL arm talent, accurate, quick feet and release in the pocket, and a dynamic playmaker.

    Am I completely off-base with these impressions? And second question, if Tua slides into the late first (ala Rodgers) any chance Seattle considers drafting him?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Tua is a talented player. All of his interceptions are the same and they’re all really ugly and annoying — but he also has flashes of brilliance and physically he is very capable. He also had the benefit of playing behind a NFL line with elite receivers — but you’ve still got to deliver and he did.

      The injuries are too much for me though. They were persistent and this latest one is alarming. I couldn’t turn to an owner and say, ‘let me spend $30m of your money on this guy’.

      And the Seahawks will not be drafting him, no.

      • Hawksince77


      • God of Thunder

        I’m no draft expert but my two cents is: Tua is crazy hard to assess. The injuries, there’s been so many to different parts of him.

        And dammit he should have good stats. Look at his surrounding cast. It’s unlikely he’ll ever have a cast of OL or WR like that in his first years in Miami or with the Chargers or wherever.

        So how will that work out? Could be painful in all senses of the term.

  44. Rob4q

    I’ll play!

    1. Josh Uche, somewhere early 2nd after a trade back

    2. Lucas Niang / Price Tega Wanogho

    3. Raekwon Davis / Justin Madubuike

    4. Jabari Zuniga / Bryce Hall / Cam Akers /Bryan Edwards, somewhere in the early/mid 3rd, BPA out of those

  45. Kingdome1976

    This sim thing is getting out of Don’t know about you but I’m ready for the draft already.

    • Eburgz

      People are gonna freak when the hawks inevitability draft players we haven’t been mocking. Until then, here’s a mock focusing on high upside and toughness.

      Isaiah Wilson
      OT Georgia

      SEA 59.
      Willie Gay Jr.
      OLB Mississippi State

      SEA 64.
      Chase Claypool
      WR Notre Dame

      SEA 96.
      Jonathan Greenard
      EDGE Florida

      SEA 101.
      Zack Moss
      RB Utah

      SEA 133.
      Leki Fotu
      DT Utah

      SEA 144.
      Michael Ojemudia
      CB Iowa

      SEA 177.
      Alohi Gilman
      S Notre Dame

      SEA 214.
      Steven Montez
      QB Colorado

      • Rob Staton

        Why are they?

        As usual we’ve had most of the bases covered. Not sure many other places talked about LJ Collier and Marquise Blair a year ago. We did.

  46. Paul Cook

    You’re really on a roll, Rob. Sometimes I think you’re swimming in too small of a pond with us little fish when it comes to college football/the NFL/prospect analysis, and the like.

    Good stuff. As always.

    • Kingdome1976

      We goldfish are spoiled

    • Rob Staton


  47. Tien


    I’ve been reading this blog for 6 or so years now but I hardly post. But I wanted to say that the content you write remain amazing and these interviews have been incredible, especially the one today with Lombardi! Thanks again for all this content!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  48. cha

    2, 5, 11 and it’s not even close

    • Greg Haugsven

      That’s probably the three best. Cant believe number 3 is even on there.

    • Gaux Hawks

      2, 11, 12

    • Coleslaw

      2, 6, 11

    • Kenny Sloth

      1, 2, 11

    • JC3

      definitely 2, 5, 11 and …………………#44

    • Hojo

      2, 1, 11

    • Redzone086

      1,2, and 4 everytime. Fear factors and the winning formula

      • Kenny Sloth

        Cant pass on even for BMo

        • Kenny Sloth

          On Walt*

    • DC

      Nailed it cha. 3 absolute cornerstones there. HOFers.

    • charlietheunicorn

      2, 5, 11 are obvious… all “very” elite.

      (11) Big Walt, he probably was the greatest Seahawk to don the uniform. He was elite at a time when there were 2-3 other LTs that eventually made the HoF as well. When he and Hutch got matched up, that was some of the greatest OL play I’ve seen in the NFL. His size, power, balance and ability to anchor were incredible. Dave Wyman said in practice, if the guy got his hands on you while rushing, it was over…

      Side note: (8) is under rated by modern NFL fans. If you ever got to see him play, he was Kam before there was Kam. Mobility similar to ET. Career was cut short due to illness, which was sad. I’m glad things have been patched up between he and the Seahawks over time.

    • mishima

      2, 4, 11

    • Jamho3

      2,5,11 also #24, #31, #44, #45, #80, #89 and of course #1 PLS & THX!!!!

  49. drewdawg11

    Will somebody please tell me what you see in Madubuike on film? Watching his Arkansas film again. The first 4 played are flat out embarrassing for him. One play he gets knocked on his butt, gets up and blows the tackle on the RB. On another play he fails to pursue down the line because he’s trying to untuck his jersey. Lazy pursuing down the line. Lots of stunts help him get free, or just the QB holding the ball too long. He’s not a guy we need to draft in the first two rounds. Total project.

    • dcd2

      To be honest, I haven’t watched much tape on Madubuike so I’m not sure. I watched the Arkansas game highlights that you mentioned and came away with a similar take. He was the TAMU defensive player of the year though, and he ate many double teams.

      I will say, I know how you feel. Two years ago everyone at SDB kept mocking Andrew Brown from Virginia to us and for the life of me, I couldn’t find anything to like about the guy. I watched a ton of film on him trying to figure out what I was missing and posted very similar comments to yours above (about a dozen times), asking why people liked him. Luckily the Bungles drafted him, but I never did hear a reason why anyone liked him. Still don’t know what anyone saw in him, but he lasted until round 5 when everyone here was (and nationally) was talking him up as a 2nd rounder. He managed 14 tackles so far in his career.

      That said, I do think we need a DT, so who stands out to you Drew?

      • drewdawg11

        If you can’t have Brown or Kinlaw, there aren’t many worth a first or second round pick. I really like value guys like Davon Hamilton from Ohio state, Larrell Murchison NC state, but I’m talking rounds 3-4 or else you’re reaching. Raekwon is a solid second rounder because he can stop traffic in the run game and actually takes up two blockers, and there is still unlocked potential. Everyone else is boom or bust, or just a guy to me. The kids from Oklahoma and Missouri have upside, but Madubuike man… he just looks like he’s got very little pop behind his pads. It’s always a game of patty cake with him.

        • Rob Staton

          Hamilton will go R2-3 I think. Underrated.

    • DC

      I watched one game of his several months ago really wanting to like what I saw… That game was underwhelming.

    • Rob Staton

      You’re going way over the top.

      I’ve explained plenty of times the positives about Madubuike not just going to keep repeating myself.

  50. Jesse


    I wanted to know your thoughts on two players: LB Troy Dye from Oregon. He measured at 6’4″ and 230+ pounds. Apparently he ran 4.48 in the forty at his virtual pro day. He was the leader on Oregon’s defense and a big reason why they were able to slow Jonathan Taylor and Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.

    Another guy is Darrell Taylor from Tennessee. Any thoughts on him? He has the length they like and has production

    • Rob Staton

      I was underwhelmed watching Dye. Just didn’t see much to get excited about.

      Taylor I talked about in the podcast. Major injury flags.

      • Matt

        I would never believe a 40 time coming out of Oregon. I always thought Dye was a try hard type. He never looked that athletic on game day.

  51. JimQ

    WR-JALEN REAGOR, Sounds like he is very serious about an NFL career and staying fir. Nice read here:

    • WALL UP

      The scary thing would be to see him fall in the hands of the Niners @ 31, along with Kinlaw @ 13.

    • Matt

      Fantastic read. He sounds a lot like DK from a maturity standpoint.

  52. millhouse-serbia

    I dont know how I missed this but look what Zierlein said about Delpit 20 days ago:

    I’ve talked to more than one team who have him in the 4th. He will not be a first rounder.

    WTF? 4th round?

    • Rob Staton

      Clearly something isn’t right character wise

      • Matt

        Not fair of me to speculate, but it is curious that such a heralded DB from LSU didn’t get the #18 Jersey.

        Speaking of #18 – I agree his pass rush win rate is scary but I watched more of him this week – he really is a flexible athlete and fantastic leader. Not sure he is a fit, but I think I’d prefer him over Okwara at 27.

        • Rob Staton


          I think people have been influenced by #18 and the character. On tape… there’s nothing. The odd flash here and there. That’s it. Not a good pass rusher. Unreal how hyped he is.

          • Matt

            To clarify – I like his toolset. His functional movement skills are pretty freaky. He is absolutely unrefined as a true pass rusher, but I think the tools are there to be a pretty good one, with time and patience.

            • Rob Staton

              I genuinely just believe he doesn’t have what it takes. Short arms, I think he dodged the combine because his testing belittles all the ‘freak’ talk that gets tossed around. I think he’s a fantastic personality who just lights up every interview, he’s clearly well respected and he might be a SAM linebacker who does OK-ish for a few years in the league and if he’s lucky bounces around a bit after his first contract ends. To me that’s what he is.

  53. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob thank you for all the interviews you have been doing lately there are really good and informative I enjoy them thank you. Rob I have been trying to find guys in day three and have you seen anything about Auzoyah Alufohai out of West Georgia he is 6-4 327 pounds and 34 1/8 inch arms he played at East West shrine game.He plays Defense Tackle he has interesting story.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t, sorry

  54. DougM

    More analysis on senior bowl prospects

  55. charlietheunicorn

    Rob (or the gang),

    Do you think there is any chance that Seattle comes away with CEH and KJ Hamler 1st 2 rounds? Why I ask is that they would both bring a homerun / dynamic quality to the offense which has been somewhat lacking at RB and WR with flexibility to play both the RB spot and WR spot interchangeably. The predictability of the offense would then be reduced, with more fakes … more read-option in the play book…. more dynamic schemes that could be employed. Think the Saints or Rams offenses from a few years ago.

    Both guys could clearly threaten the edges and cause major headaches for defenses, keeping the interior of the defense more 7 man than 8 man, increasing rushing effectiveness with Carson (or any featured back).

    This doesn’t help the defense obviously, but maybe this year is about outscoring people. Why not add some “elite” pieces to the chess board. 🙂

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s a chance to make it happen. And I really like both players. But I don’t think it will happen.

      I’ll keep stressing. The plan is not to try and outscore people because you can’t defend and be a Big-12 team. It’s always been about balance, completing the circle and connecting offense/defense/special teams with Pete Carroll. We have to remember that.

  56. Sea Mode

    Now that’s more like it:

    Adam Schefter
    · 7h

    An NFL team asked former TCU WR Jalen Reagor to do a pro day this week and film it. Here is the film that went out:

    • EranUngar

      WOOOWWW……4.28/4.22 hand timed equals 4.35 electronic time and he did it on grass not on a track. AMAZING SPEED….

      • Rob Staton

        Could also be wind assisted and was not electronically timed.

        Pro day forties are the biggest crock of s**t ever. Even worse now agents are running them instead of teams.

        • millhouse-serbia

          Absolutely…when I saw Delpits time i was like “he is fast”…but after Dantzler time I am more like “Delpit is slow 😂😂😂”…

        • God of Thunder

          Agent: “Son, hello — it’s your agent here.”

          Player: “Hey what’s up?”

          Agent: “weather says major gusts from the NW, lets go time your runs.”

          • Greg Haugsven

            I think I just ran a 4.18 at my own pro day. Looking for a shot.

            • God of Thunder

              Lol! I’ll time you and you can time me.

              For me, you can use an hourglass

          • Volume12

            In other words. STOP OBSESSING OVER 40 TIMES!

          • Rob Staton


            • drewdawg11

              I’ve had two college coaches tell me that they’ve known of college teams who would try to get away with 39 yards and the scouts started coming out to the pro days with their own tape measures. Nobody is policing these workouts now.

  57. Sea Mode

    Justin M
    · 11h

    Mississippi State CB Cameron Dantzler has met virtually with 16 NFL teams.

    Full list: #Patriots, #Lions, #Titans, #Jets, #Vikings, #Chiefs, #Browns, #Bears, #Seahawks, #Eagles, #Broncos, #Ravens, #Buccaneers, #Jaguars, #Chargers, #49ers.

    No in-person visits due to COVID-19.

    • Sea Mode

      Lance Zierlein
      ·Apr 9

      Replying to @BillyM_91
      He gave up three catches for 21 total yards against LSU and Alabama combined. That sold me. Go watch him press Chase. It’s pretty impressive.

      • Rob Staton

        Really short arms though

  58. millhouse-serbia

    So for now we have Nate Evans, Leki Fotu, Zack Moss and Cameron Dantzler as face time (top 30)…

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think there are any limits on the number of face time calls you can have. So it’s not a top 30 any more. You can only do an hour at a time though.

      • millhouse-serbia

        You are right…I knew they have 1h daily , 3 days per week, and no limit of conversations with one player but thought only 30 players…i was wrong…

  59. Sea Mode

    “This process, for me, has taken a lot of patience, a lot of self-reflection, too,” Griffen said. “It’s like, why haven’t (more) teams been interested? And the reason why is because they don’t know Everson.”


    Griffen says he has discussed with his medical team all the variables that would come with moving to a new city, and they’ll be with him every step of the way. If an interested NFL team wants to speak to his doctors, or view his medical records, Griffen says, “Yeah, of course. Why not? There’s nothing to hide.”

    Physically, Griffen has rarely encountered problems. In a decade in the NFL, Griffen has never had a surgery. He’s regularly the first player on the field several hours before kickoff, going through an intense warmup routine. Since he was a rotational player his first four seasons, Griffen says, he has thicker tread on the tires than most 10-year vets. When he’s not doing his meetings or helping his kids (ages 7, 4 and 2) with schoolwork during the lockdown, he’s lifting in his home gym and doing field work four days a week with his longtime movement coach, Shawn Myszka.

    There’s no rush to sign anywhere, Griffen says. The focus is on finding the right fit, the right coaching staff, the right culture. He wants a chance to win a ring. More than anything, Griffen says, he wants to find a team that loves him for him.

    • millhouse-serbia

      I don’t have any doubt that Seahawks and Seattle are best place for him…I would say this even without fact that he already worked with Pete…culture that Pete created is perfect for players who found them self in this type of situation…

      • Greg Haugsven

        I think like the rest of us he is waiting for Clowney. Clowney signs elsewhere then he would sign with us.

  60. Sea Mode

    Adam Schefter
    ·Apr 10

    Fifty-eight prospects are confirmed to participate virtually in the 2020 NFL Draft:

  61. JJ

    Who do you compare Uche with? He is similar in size to Irvin.

    • Rob Staton

      Nwosu at LA. But better as a pass rusher.

  62. Seahawk65

    Rob. I see the Seahawks have held a virtual interview with Leki Fotu. Where do you think he gets drafted, and what level of interest do you expect the Seahawks to have? He’s a big dude. I’m wondering if he can help solve our run stopping issues.

    • Rob Staton

      I think R3-4. They need to replace Al Woods so he is a candidate for that.

      I will say though that Seattle‘a issues defending the run are a perimeter issue not an interior issue.

      • Seahawk65

        Thanks, Rob. I know they typically sign a low cost vet to fill that role, but might be nice to have a young guy to develop. I know it’s not a high priority in the draft.

      • Spencer

        Is that attributed to our DEs or LBs?

        • Rob Staton


  63. cha

    Field Yates
    Largest dead money cap charges in 2020:
    1. Brandin Cooks: $20.8M
    2. Nick Foles: $18.75M
    3. Joe Flacco: $13.6M
    4. Tom Brady: $13.5M
    5. Todd Gurley: $11.75M
    6. Matt Kalil: $9.8M
    7. Trai Turner: $9.592M
    8. Stefon Diggs: $9M
    9. Reshad Jones: $8.14M
    10. Eric Berry: $8M
    5:01 AM · Apr 10, 2020

    • Rob Staton

      I still can’t believe the Rams got a R2 for Cooks.

      • cha

        Rams have almost 1/2 their 2020 cap room tied to 4 players. 2 of them no longer on the roster.

      • Bmseattle

        I can’t believe it either. Its extremely aggravating.
        The Rams will have an opportunity to draft a very good player there.

        • Rob Staton

          It’d be like someone giving us a R2 for Penny.

    • dcd2

      I thought Brady was a FA for the first time in his career. Why does he have a $13.5M dead cap hit?

      • Rob4q

        I think it’s because they kept pushing out his deferred money when they would redo his contract…

      • cha

        They’ve constantly kicked money down the road to fit other guys under the cap. Now that he’s gone they have to account for it.

      • Rob Staton

        They gave him an option and it counts because he opted to leave

  64. Ashish

    Watched Evan Weaver highlights, he looks good.

  65. Greg Haugsven

    When you got through some of the defensive lineman stats it’s crazy looking at Aaron Donald. He should be making like $30m a year. His numbers just dwarf everyone else.

  66. Happy Hawk

    Lombardi’s comments on free agency is for fixing your roster and the draft is for the following year’s roster is interesting. In 2021 The Hawks have S Griffen/Q Dunbar/B McDougald as FA in the secondary, Holister/Olsen/Wilson FA at Te, Britt/Hunt/Fluker/Pocic and others at OL, Kj Wright at Lb, C Carson at Rb, and P Ford at Dt. So it appears that the Hawks need to extend Griffen and Dunbar and draft a Rb for Carson, Ol for sure and most likely a Dt and a Te in this draft.

    The draft is one week from Thursday..can’t wait.

  67. cha

    The more I look at this upcoming draft, the more I want the Hawks to lock down their issues on the DL before it. There’s an easily reachable chance for the Hawks to pick up some affordable weapons to put around RW through his extension.

    Imagine walking out of this draft with a RB that can be the #2 until Penny is healthy and then form a three headed monster with Penny and Carson. Or a WR that is matched 1 on 1 all day because the safties are cheating toward DK and having to keep an eye on the seam for Dissly and Olsen.

    They can even come away with an inside wrecker on the DL and a future OT prospect on top of that. If they can get this done and don’t have to fight their board for pass rushers.

    C’mon Hawks, you’ve got about 10 days to lay the groundwork for this.

    • Volume12

      They can’t be picky about the options.

  68. charlietheunicorn

    I think I just ran a 4.18 at my own pro day. Looking for a shot. ~ Greg H.

    There was a time in my life when I could have topped when going to grab a cold beer from the fridge in collage. ALL PRO beer sprinter!

    • Greg Haugsven

      I’ll bet you could run a good 3 cone then depending on the route from your couch to the fridge.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Only when trying to retrieve beer in a the middle of a packed fraternity party.
        Did good work in a phonebooth… 😉

        • Greg Haugsven

          Well done, you just climbed up my draft board. Looking at an early second round grade but climbing.

          • charlietheunicorn

            It would be an honor to be drafted, no matter where I went. LOL

  69. James Z

    This article about Everson Griffin. This guy is as Seahawky a veteran as one could find in free agency right now. To have him and Clowney together on the field would be a plus-plus…

    • Lewis

      Wonder if Rob could interview Griffin?

      • Greg Haugsven

        I just cant see them signing both. I believe its one or the other.

        • Lewis

          Why, they could create tons of cap space if they want to.

  70. Frank

    “Fear does the work of reason”, that quote alone was worth the interview. I really enjoy the questions you ask Rob, you have a really nice ability to phase things in a way that allows a nuanced approach.
    Greg that was hilarious😂.

  71. Coach

    What are your thoughts on Lynch from Baylor? It seems like he might be the best value DL for us.

    What round do you think he would go in? Could we get him with our R4 pick? If so, it seems like we could get 5 solid contributors (after a trade back) before him and then he would be the 6th contributor from this draft class!

    This is trading 27 for a pick in the mid second round with an extra third included.

    R2 Wilson OT UGA
    R2 Akers RB
    R2 Hamler WR
    R3 Zuniga DE
    R3 Hunt OG
    R4 Lynch DT Baylor

    I would love something like this! Whatcha think?
    Go Hawks!

    • Jace

      He has really short arms. He doesn’t typically fit what Seattle looks for.

  72. Greg Haugsven

    Top pass rushers the last three years. Sacks + TFL’s.

    Chandler Jones…101
    Cameron Jordan…90.5
    Cameron Heyward…74
    Chris Jones…71
    Danielle Hunter…84
    Frank Clark…62
    Von Miller…73.5
    Everson Griffen…54.5

    Just some random numbers. Puts it in perspective a little how good Chandler Jones has been in Arizona.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Best 3 year stretch I could find was JJ Watt through 2012-2014

      JJ Watt…141.5

      Thats is absolutely ridiculous.

  73. Greg Haugsven

    Interested to know what people think is more important. To get that third RB in the fold or to draft a WR from this talent rich pool?

    • Lewis

      I get the sense that the fall of in the RB group is more significant. If you had the chance (in every sense of the word) to get CEH/Taylor/Akers/etc, I’d rather take one of those guys and get WR later, unless you feel like there’s a WR that’s even more special.

      • Hawktalker#1


    • Sea Mode

      RB for me. Can’t rely on Penny and Carson heading into the season. And Homer is what he is: a great ST guy and emergency backup.

  74. WALL UP

    Depending on what happens with Clowney, what are the Hawk’s most pressing needs entering the draft?

    1. DE
    2. DT
    3. NB
    4. OT
    5. WR
    6. RB

    • Rob Staton

      Pass rush/DL is obviously top. The others are needs but they’re all kind of equally important.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Just did my latest mock on PFN trading back to 35 with Detroit and gaining pick 85. I goes straight to Wall Up’s question.

        Pick 1 (35) Josh Uche DE/LB (Your number 1)
        Pick 2 (59) Justin Madubuike DT (Your number 2)
        Pick 3 (64) Robert Hunt (Your number 4)
        Pick 4 (85) Bryan Edwards (Your number 5)
        Pick 5 (101) Zack Moss (Your number 6)
        Pick 6 (133) Amik Robertson (Your number 3)
        Pick 7 (144) Alton Robinson (Back to your number 1)

        I need April 23rd to get here fast so I can stop doing these things.

        • charlietheunicorn

          I keep circling back to Moss, he is compared to Lynch in The major question will be his injury history. This gives me great pause as well. We need guys who are durable…. we already had the CJ experiment that essentially failed.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Alton Robinson DE Syracuse
          (analysis by Lance Zierlein)

          Twitched-up edge rusher with exciting potential to become a disruptive factor in NFL backfields with a more skilled and willful approach. Robinson has the burst and bend to become a pass rushing problem for tackles early in his career, but his approach is too “one-trick” and needs workable counters to become less predictable. As a run defender, he has enough strength, but lacks consistent technique and instincts. He’s worthy of consideration as a designated rusher while he smooths out the kinks and could take a big leap forward with better skill and control.

          One site mentioned he is a 3rd round or 4th round prospect.
          He definitely sounds like someone Seattle would have an interest in, his arm are only 32 3/8, so that would be outside their normal requirement for DE types.

    • GoHawksDani

      I think they might see it differently
      1, DE/LEO
      2, NCB
      3, OT
      4, DT
      5, RB
      6, WR

      I feel they’re hungry for good CBs.
      They want a DT but not in R1-2
      They want OL but passrush dethrones it from the first pick spot.
      RB will likely be a depth/rotational guy because of other needs.
      WR feels like “if someone falls to us in R4 or maybe R3 trade up 10-15 spots but otherwise not a priority”
      Only my view of them based on how they handled the offseason and who they showed interest in

      • GoHawksDani

        Missed LB. LB might come before DT

    • Coleslaw

      I agree with Rob but I’d still put OT at #2. Gotta plan for the future and without Fant/Ifedi, the cupboards look pretty empty

      • Hawktalker#1

        I don’t think our cupboards are empty. There’s just not enough quality merchandise in them.

  75. GoHawksDani

    I have a strong feeling that they won’t go RB or DT early.
    I think most likely RB prospects are Akers if he falls or Moss. Or if they miss out on both maybe Kelley, Gibson or even Perine.
    For DT I think they’ll target Fotu, Lawrence or Hamilton.
    Did a mock not with my favorite players but what I think they could do.

    Traded 27 with the Chargers for 37 and 71
    Traded 59, 64, 144 for 52 and 92 with the Ravens (they traded back that’s how they got the 52)

    #37 – Joshua Uche – I rather choose Okwara, but I think the Hawks will like him more as he could play maybe SAM or stand up rusher on the line
    #52 – Lucas Niang – passrush is the biggest need but we could use a solid OT too. The position is good in this draft so I think for 2nd pick they might wanna go for a need plus strength of the draft. Niang was maybe the BPA, but they could go for a different player too like Hunt for example.
    #71 – Devin Duvernay – strength of the draft and keep Russ happy. Huge dropoff after R3 at WR. They could go for Bryan Edwards here too, but I like the toughness and different playstyle of Duvernay.
    #92 – Leki Fotu – we could use competition at DT. I think the second cliff will come around 80-95. Hamilton was also available, but as the Hawks showed interest in Fotu, I picked him
    #101 – Bryce Hall – Soon Griffin will be FA. Dunbar too. Flowers not a really good CB and we need a talented nCB. Hall seems like a good player and they might go for Ojemudia (sorry might messed up his name), or Jackson, but Hall is a much better player.
    #133 – Antonio Gibson – missed out on Akers and Moss, but rather take Hall than those guys. Gibson is a really good athlete and matches their RB profile. But he played WR too so he’s a bit rough. On the plus side he has solid hands and route running ability for an RB. He won’t push Carson or Penny from the throne but he’s a good 3rd/4th option
    #214 – Josh Metellus – Good ST guy and can function as safety depth.

  76. Chris

    New mock! Please ridicule 🙂
    Traded #27 to the Giants for #’s 36, 99, and 110.

    36- Jalen Raegor- That 4.2 pro day forty….
    59- Jabari Zubiga EDGE
    64- Robert Hunt- T/G
    99- Cam Akers
    101- Cameron Dantzler CB- has met with Seattle
    110- K’von Wallace S- nickel competition
    133- Leki Fotu DT- Al Woods replacement
    144- Kevin Dotson G- Lewis was available, but I’m fairly sure he won’t last that long, and in Rob’s interview he said he’d love to play with his old teammate again.
    214- Kendall Coleman EDGE- adds to the competition.

    • GoHawksDani

      I like it. But doubt they have the luxury to pick Raegor with their first pick.
      And probably Raegor, Fotu, Akers will go a bit earlier (between 20-40, 80-95, 60-85)

    • DC

      Hahahahahahahahaha! Are you kidding me?!?!?

    • Frank

      The only thing I’d think to ridicule is Zubiga, he’s going to be in my eyes overdrafted and I don’t have any problem with him being drafted in that range in any comprehensive draft but I’m of the belief that Defense line is a position where skill and athleticism should both be part of the projection. If a college basketball guard lacked moves in a one on one situation, you’d never assume based of athleticism that they be capable of adding it at the next lvl. I was down on Rashard Gary last year, and he went way higher than I personally believed was deserved based mostly on athleticism. I’d personally take Okwara over Zubiga bye a large margin.

      • drewdawg11

        Frank, the huge difference between Zuniga and Gary is that Zuniga had moments of pure brilliance and he was injured his last year. He is inconsistent, which is why he doesn’t go in round one. Gary was hyped since he was 16 years old. He was never a splashy, dominant force. He was solid and had some moments, but he he just wasn’t what he was supposed to be. His best college tape isn’t as good as Zuniga’s.

    • drewdawg11

      Chris, this is joe my draft looks like. I’ve decided that if Reagor is there, we need him. Difference-makers are better than average edge rushers. I think Zuniga should be a hawk, some way, some how. Hunt can play tackle with some coaching up of his technique. Akers may go earlier but I like him a lot. Reagor makes this offense more dynamic and he can feast when teams play two deep to help on Lockett and DK. Return game gets better as well.

      • Chris

        I do like Zuniga for sure, he also tested very well at the combine as well. I’ll also refer to Rob’s article arguing Zuniga being a top 45 pick. I’ll for sure defer to Rob’s opinion on such, and seeing I got him at 59 was great value. Appreciate the feedback, Frank!!

        Drew, while doing this mock, JK Dobbins was also somehow available, but I took Akers thinking it was more accurate value. However, I’m perfectly fine switching Akers with AJ Dillon, or Zack Moss! Out of the seemingly endless amount of mocks I have done this draft season (I always tell myself I’m not doing this again next year, but yet, here we are!), this might be my favorite one. These 12 days can’t come any sooner!

  77. Rob4Q

    Not sure how realistic, but I feel a draft like this would inject talent where it’s needed. Some guys might be able to contribute right away, but most would be able to learn and grow into their roles.

    37. Raekwon Davis, DT Alabama
    55. Joshua Uche, OLB Michigan
    64. Prince Tega Wanogho, OT Auburn
    71. Bradlee Anae, DE Utah
    106. Devin Asiasi, TE UCLA
    133. Davon Hamilton, DT Ohio State
    144. Kevin Dotson, G Louisiana
    186. Lamical Perine, RB Florida
    214. Josh Metellus, S Michigan
    241. Isaiah Coulter, WR Rhode Island
    2021 BAL 6th

    Trade #1
    LAC Received:
    Pick 27 – Justin Jefferson

    SEA Received:
    Pick 37 – Raekwon Davis
    Pick 71 – Bradlee Anae
    Pick 186 – Lamical Perine

    Trade #2
    SEA Received:
    Pick 55 – Joshua Uche
    Pick 106 – Devin Asiasi
    2021 BAL 6th

    BAL Received:
    Pick 59 – Curtis Weaver
    Pick 101 – Nick Harris
    2021 SEA 4th

    Trade #3
    NE Received:
    2021 SEA 7th

    SEA Received:
    Pick 241 – Isaiah Coulter

    • Hawktalker#1

      I’d prefer Zach at the 106 spot

  78. charlietheunicorn

    “Add a few pieces to the defense / let RW take over the game” (cook)…….

    Hum, this sound eerily like when I talked about getting Hamler and CEH on the team… add to the explosiveness of the team on offense and let RW shine. Maybe there is some smoke here…. this would not be what Seattle is expected to do, but would set-up the offense for the next 3-4 years.

    I like it. Now if they could get the DL fixed, we could really have a dynamic/unpredictable draft.

  79. Rashi

    I know a lot of people are making fun of all the pro day times. Totally fair because a lot of these kids are obviously lying to a degree.

    However these days there is sophisticated software that can from their video figure out exactly how fast they ran it. I am assuming pro teams are given the videos of the run. Teams might not be going in as blind as a lot of people assume.

    Game speed tracking software has come a long way too with the use of machine learning. Teams have access to more unique pieces of data that are not readily availabe to the public. Just 5 years ago this was not the case..teams more or less had the same data the public has.

    • Rashi

      An example would be data that looks at the force of a player making a cut. Stuff like that.

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