An interview with Minnesota cornerback Benjamin St. Juste

The Seahawks are long overdue a draft-hit at cornerback. Benjamin St. Juste certainly fits the bill with his length, incredible athleticism and personality. Check out the interview below and please share it around if you’re able.

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  1. Mick

    In the first minutes of the video I was “no way he’s an NFL pro, he looks so slim”. Of course the tape looks the reality, he’s got great size and great speed. No way someone can convince me we aren’t better of with such a CB, a young RB and a cheap safety than with extending Adams.

    • clbradley17

      BSJ is super intelligent, imagine moving to another country and having to learn a new language in your mid to late teens and still excelling at the top of your class at school and on the field. He was great all week at the Senior Bowl. So many of the guys you’ve interviewed Rob that looked great at the Senior Bowl, would love to see us draft for the Seahawks. Couple of those OL, either G/Cs Meinerz or Moore, + T/G Smith, St. Juste at CB, and Cade Johnson at WR. Would also like to see us get one of Rob’s other interviews at DT – Stills, Williams or McNeil. Plus a good TE like Jordan, Long or Mckitty and not last or least a very good QB like Mond to replace RW eventually if we lose/trade him.

      Even if we get Linsley at C in FA, we’re going to need to keep upgrading the OL as much as we can. Except for Brown, the OL was frequently torn apart by good DLs. Pocic was mostly avg. or below, and Shell may have been an upgrade over Ifedi, but starting game 1 vs. Atlanta, Fowler and McKinley both had great games against him, and he struggled in several other games, as did whoever was at LG. As much as Mahomes was running for his life in the Super Bowl behind 2nd and 3rd stringers because of multiple injuries on the Chiefs OL, our OL was worse 10 of the last 11 games according to ESPN’s pass block win rate %.

  2. D-OZ

    Love the kid!!! I would take him @ 20 in the 1st all day long.
    Thank’s for all the great content Rob. Outstanding !!!!

    • Sea Mode

      Huh? R1? Even I don’t love him that much…

  3. BoiseSeahawk

    Can’t stop thinking about trading Adams and getting a haul.
    I liked the Linsley and Cleveland picks.
    Another great option would be Sherff and Landon Dickerson with Javonte. But Dickerson may be long gone for us if we want to get Williams too.

    • Rob Staton

      If there was a scenario where they could draft Landon Dickerson and Ben Cleveland, they’d have one of the toughest, meanest O-lines in the NFL.

      Insert Javonte Williams into that offense…. my word. That would be a nasty scene (as Kam would say).

      • Rob Staton

        I miss this

        I miss the Seahawks being physical. Scary. Bullies. Feared.

        • Rob Staton

          Everything about that team. The energy. The toughness.

          It was all through Kam & Marshawn

          True legends

          It was a privilege to root for them

          • clbradley17

            That would be the dream to have Williams running behind a big revamped line with Linsley at C and “the Mountain” Cleveland at LG. If we had enough picks would also like to see us get Senior Bowl standout Smith at OT to play backup or take over for Shell at RT and eventually for Brown at LT.

            Listened to a recent Journey to the Draft Eagles podcast talking about DTs, and they said DT Tommy Togiai is Ohio State’s DL equivalent of The Mountain. By far their strongest lineman – all muscle with great technique as well. And that DT Nixon of Iowa could fall into the early to mid 2nd round. Would be a great year to have many picks between the late 1st to 4th round if we can make a few trades to get as many as possible.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s just a good job Togiai is better at football than he is arranging interviews, double-checking the time of an interview, being late, asking to re-arrange, then never re-arranging… 🙁

              • clbradley17

                They had tons of praise for McNeil, saying that he is a big run-stopper and agile enough to pursue and rush as well, alluding to his earlier LB and/or RB background.

                • Rob Staton

                  Yeah he’s awesome. One of the first prospects I/we talked about when the college football season began (along with Zach Wilson… FWIW…)

          • James Kupihea

            When Russ moves on I won’t care. I’ll miss his contribution, but with Russ I see things from a business perspective. Losing #31 though, the way we did… That physically and emotionally hurts. Just knowing he had more to give.

            • Rob Staton


              Also, I remember writing several articles about the pending doom of life after Marshawn. And I’m afraid it all came true.

          • SpennyDunks

            Have you identified many BAMFs in this draft?

            • Rob Staton

              I’m afraid not

        • BoiseSeahawk

          100%. My favorite Seahawk of all time.
          I want Blair to be that, but I haven’t seen it yet. Good that he and Kam are working together but I think Kam should be on the coaching staff.

          • Mick

            I don’t think he would do much worse than KNj.

          • James Kupihea

            The whole thing even from the outside, seems really complicated and hard to deal with. I imagine if I was indefinitely hurt in my prime, that’d it’d be tough for a few years to even be around the game. I think we will see Kam as a coach since he was a student of the game, or more unexpectedly as a media personality (he was always really good on camera).

            • Rob Staton

              I think Kam’s just happy living his life.

              Being a coach is pretty much a 16-hour-a-day job.

              • Big Mike

                That penalty on the #1 hit on the list on Vernon Davis still pisses me off when I watch it. Totally legal, especially in 2012.

  4. Ashish

    Wrong person trending for trade in seahawks uniform. Anyone heard/saw/read news on Adams or Bobby trade?

  5. cha

    Carlos Dunlap posted this yesterday

    Chapt 2 from PNW.

    • TomLPDX

      Hopefully we hear of a finalized new deal for Carlos today. Love this guy and hope he stays.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness he’s been calling the move to Seattle ‘chapter 2’ so I think this video is just about the initial move rather than a second chapter in the PNW

      • TomLPDX

        I get it. I just hope we do the right thing and extend his contract, move some of his cap hit and get on with building a decent DLine.

      • cha

        Fair enough. I suppose it could just as well be seen as a hype video for any prospective teams looking to sign him.

        In one of the most bewildering stretches in Seahawks history though, I’m choosing to believe this is something positive when combined with Corbin’s report of extension talks yesterday.

        Possibly misguided but I’ll happily take a grain of positivity.

  6. OregonHawk

    How are we to get him?
    Traditionally the Hawks do not pick a cornerback until the 3rd round or later and you have this guy in the second round?

    Will they break tradition? Or is this a wish list?

  7. Rob Staton

    So many people have responded to my tweet (please share it if you haven’t) by saying ‘nobody says it’s impossible to trade him because of the cap hit’

    I give up.

    For what it’s worth, I asked Florio to take a look at it. He responded with the whole post-June 1st theory again. Not sure why. But it might mean that’s what RW’s camp is focusing on (or it might just mean Florio hasn’t given the tweet I shared that much thought).

    • Simo

      Interesting! As you have explained before, both pre and post June 1 trades for RW have their pros and cons.

      I personally prefer the idea of swallowing the big cap hit in a single year, and getting additional picks in this draft! Unless they plan to side trade Phil Haynes for 2021 draft capital, they would have to wait a full year to add more picks.

      Of course they could still acquire Mack and others from the Bears in a post June 1 trade, so that’s not really an issue.

      If Florio is pushing the post June 1 trade though, he’s possibly hearing that the Hawks are squabbling over the huge 2021 cap hit.

    • cha

      This has me rolling

      Gary Downey
      Replying to
      Please send a copy of this to #TheFieldGoals”. They just don,t get it! Hope I spelled it right.
      6:25 AM · Mar 7, 2021

      • Rob Staton


  8. cha

    Take all with a big grain of salt

    Austin F
    Couple updates from my guy on #Bears/Wilson trade:

    -#Bears are aggressive. Throwing everything at the #Seahawks
    -Deal likely made closer to draft if it’s done
    -Hawks have asked for a ton, including 2 1sts, Quinn, Johnson, Mack, more
    -“#Bears are #1 landing spot at this moment”
    10:41 AM · Mar 7, 2021

    • cha

      Rex Butt
      Replying to
      If you don’t mind me asking, can you expand on the credibility of your source?
      Austin F
      Sure. He works for a sports news station and they get their info directly from some top analysts in the industry

    • Scot04

      I’d rather just have Mack, 2021 1st, 2nd & 3, 2022, 1st, and 2023 1st. Will be interesting though.

    • Rob Staton

      Looks like classic twitter bollocks

      The starting point was stated as three firsts

      Also not sure why it would drag out until ‘nearer the draft’ when both teams need to know where they are going in FA

  9. Sea Mode

    Great kid, great interview. Latched on to him quickly as the most Seahawky CB (length, feet, tackling) at the Sr. Bowl. Surprised as well that he was a late invite!

    Good to hear that he considers himself a fast learner. We could use a quick learner in PC’s school this year.

    • clbradley17

      Absolutely! Kept reading and hearing all 2019 that was Blair’s biggest impediment to getting on the field his rookie year. He couldn’t get the system or diagnose plays. He has the speed and other physical talents.

  10. Peppapig

    • Rob Staton

      Quality tweet. Deserves the 39k likes

  11. cha

    I’ll just drop this here.

    Matt Ryan cap hits

    2021 – $41m
    2022 – $42m
    2023 – $37m

  12. clbradley17

    Saw an hour ago on youtube that Georgia CB Eric Stokes ran a 4.25 40 today or yesterday.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t pay much attention to these pro-day 40’s

      • clbradley17

        You’re right, lots of tracks are fast, not the same as testing everyone on the same track at Indy. Still boggles the mind that Nagy and his team tested hundreds of personnel and players, etc. daily with just one case in a whole week. And the NFL, with 1000s of times the $, can’t get it right for a few days by using the Senior Bowl model. Nagy proved it could be done. Even if they wanted to postpone it to late March or early-mid April. The draft isn’t until the end of April, and over half the country will be vaccinated by then, everyone if they want it by May.

        • Rob Staton

          Fast tracks, wind assisted.

          The NFL could’ve/should’ve held a carefully managed combine.

    • Mick

      Soon not only the combine record will be in danger, but also the records of Usain Bolt.

  13. BobbyK

    When I think of a tall, skinny, lanky DB like this, I will always think of the human giraffe, Merton Hanks.

  14. Sea Mode

    Footwork (and footwear…) needs to be sorted, but look at him double clutch as he goes through his reads quickly and then unleash a perfect spiral. Too early to sign on a futures contract…? (You know, in case alienating RW leaves us in QB purgatory, at least we know there’s hope in store 20 years down the road…)

  15. BobbyK

    If they’re going to deal Wilson this off-season, I hope they hurry up and do it.

    Lets recreate the 1992 team where they had a top four defense and a good running game with Chris Warren. That worked out so well (2-14). Mitch Trubinsky would have fit in well with that team.

    If Pete deals Wilson, he’s got big balls. Replacing a franchise QB with a free agent or rookie is no easy task. A free agent is a free agent because the teams that know them better than anyone don’t think they’re good enough to want on their team. For all the Marcus Mariotta love I’ve seen here, this is a guy his own team didn’t even want anymore after using a high pick on him and wasn’t good enough to beat out a solid NFL QB in Oakland (not great). He hasn’t been healthy his entire career either (we’ve been spoiled with Wilson never missing time).

    If Pete drafts Mond or Mills or whoever and they become legit and Wilson struggles in Chicago with a depleted roster… then Pete wins. Whatever Pete does – a big part of his career will be defined how he replaces Wilson and improves the roster. If Wilson goes to Chicago and leads them to a Super Bowl – Pete is a moron and his legacy severely tarnished, imo. It will be for this fan.

    If Pete deals Wilson and contructs a team good enough to win another Super Bowl – then we’re all going to praise Pete and he’ll be a living legend. Pete hasn’t won a Super Bowl without Wilson and Pete didn’t even want Wilson in the first place (that was Schneider), although to Pete’s credit – he did eventually take him and have the balls to start him as a rookie.

    All I know is Pete has one hell of a decision to make and it is going to define him for this particular Seahawks fan.

    • Rob Staton

      All true

    • Big Mike

      100% Bobby

  16. cha


  17. Sea Mode


  18. TomLPDX

    Fingers still crossed we sign him long term.

    • Big Mike

      Ditto Tom

    • Scot04

      So tired of them playing games with DE’s; just extend him.
      I do not want another offseason looking for a DE
      I have 0 idea how they can view Adams as more important to this team than Dunlap.

      • TomLPDX

        100% agree with this

  19. bmseattle

    Is Corbin Smith typically a reliable source of information?

    I ask this with all due respect to him.
    I just recently became aware of him, just through his interactions with Rob.

    So far, I’ve noticed that he is good at repeating Rob’s analysis, at least.

    • TomLPDX

      I think so, but that’s just me. Corbin has been on the scene with Sports Illustrated/Fan Nation for a few years and even though he is goofy looking with his bald head and beard (picking on you, Corbin), I think he has done ok and at least listen to what he has to say. His podcast with Rob made me think he is an alright person because he listened to Rob, didn’t try to stomp on Rob’s thoughts and comments and was open to what Rob had to say.

    • Big Mike

      Hmmmm, where have I read this before?

      • TomLPDX

        Rob deleted his immediate response to this. Hey Rob, he is getting the word out.

  20. ElPasoHawk

    If they are going to move Wilson this year prior to June 1st, when should we expect it to happen? I would think that any team making a serious run at trading for him would want it done this week so they can move forward with a proper plan in place.

  21. Big Mike

    Kaepernick? Really Florio?
    (an otherwise decent read)

    • TomLPDX

      I saw that this morning also, Big Mike, and chuckled.

      • TomLPDX

        The Kapernick crusade is a personal thing for Florio. Got tired of it about 2 years ago…but he doesn’t quit!

        • BobbyK

          Kap was an elite running QB and nothing special as a passer. At his age, he’s not exactly going to run away from people anymore and if his age is going to slow his legs down – he’ll really be worthless if he can’t do the one thing he was good at. So dumb talking about him. Agreed.

    • Rob Staton

      Ruined it at the end

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      If we trade Russ then we need a plan for a replacement. Outside of landing Derek Carr, that plan has to include leaving no stone unturned. They’re totally within their right to give CK a workout at least. Size him up compared to the other bodies they bring in at the QB position and make a decision from there.

  22. BobbyK

    I’m trying to figure out a scenario where the Seahawks can win the Super Bowl next year without Wilson. If the players/picks they get for Wilson make this so-so team actually really good, then how about this for out-of-the-box thinking:

    I don’t love Andy Dalton or Marcus Mariota, but I could like both of them together. I know it’s not commonplace to have two starting QBs (or two that share equal time), but I think the two of them together could equal a functional position in the absence of Wilson (again, only if what they get for Wilson greatly improves the overall rest of the team).

    Dalton is a guy who can do well with elite talent around him. A number of years ago when the Bengals had a really good OL and AJ Green was in his prime and Eifert was a good young TE… Dalton looked pretty good with all that talent around him. Not all crappy QBs can look that good with that kind of supporting cast.

    As much as I criticize Mariota for his lack of accuracy, he does have some skills that are appealing. He can run and make things happen in a way Dalton cannot. I remember watching a game last season where Carr got hurt and Mariota replaced him and threw a perfect bomb to someone. He cannot and will not do that with regularity, but he could do it.

    The thought of either of these guys as the full-time starting QB for the Seahawks makes me want to gag (especially Mariota) but the thought of an offense with these two QBs splitting the snaps somehow is actually somewhat intriguing. I don’t think it would be a terrible idea.

    If we draft a rookie QB the odds of them ever being on a level with Wilson is slim. I wouldn’t even oppose a rookie sharing snaps with Dalton. I don’t think Dalton is a guy we want 100% but I think he’s one of the better veteran options of what is on the shelves of what’s remaining in the QB market that hasn’t already been picked thru.

    Crazy idea. Thoughts?

    • BobbyK

      If they got Nick Foles back from the Bears – I’d be okay with him as a guy who shared snaps. As a starter all by himself, Foles is not the answer. He’s not durable. He’s always getting hurt. But as a 1-2 punch, Foles could be a guy that shared time with Dalton, Mariota, Alex Smith, a rookie (unless the rookie looked truly special like Russ did in ’12 – then just go with him), etc. to form a functional QB position post-Wilson.

    • Big Mike

      Carr is my first choice, Minshew my second. I think he’s a better option that either Mariota or Dalton.

    • GoHawksDani

      I think IF
      they get amazing return for RW (’21: R1, R2, R3, ’22: R1, ’23: R1, R3, Mack and maybe Johnson)
      they draft really well
      they trade Adams and BWagz for good return (’21 R1, R2 and ’22 R3 maybe for these two)
      they have a top5 defense:
      awesome DL (Mack, Dunlap, Reed, Ford getting ton of pressure and like 35 sacks)
      good run defense
      Good secondary which provides turnovers (17-18 INT and around the same FF)
      Keeping opponents under 20 points

      Great strong OL that only lets 22-24 sacks total
      Solid short passing game that can convert reasonable 3rd downs regularly (3rd&6 or less)
      Great and varied running game, one runner over 1000-1200 yards and over 4.5 yards/carry
      Regularly able to punch in for TD if the team is on the 10 yard line of the opponent or closer

      If they could go to the SB, it’d mean a ton of 17-10, 21-14, 24-21 games. Low scoring, close ones…the way Pete likes them.

      They cannot depend on the QB, so they’d need a GREAT defense and really good running game and not make mistakes

  23. ElPasoHawk

    Alex Smith, Trey Lance and St Juste. Sign me up for this.

    • JJ

      Interesting idea of adding lockett in on a wilson deal

      • ElPasoHawk

        They also get Fournette and Lindsey as free agents!

        • Hoggs41

          Bears dont have the #9 overalk pick.

          • Big Mike

            Seahawks traded Bears’ #20 overall and other picks to get Denver’s #9 overall in this scenario. One of the picks Denver gets is the 2022 first rounder from Seattle which the Hawks got from Chicago

    • cha

      Well first off, trading RW, Lockett, Diggs and a pick, and not getting Khalil Mack or Roquan Smith in return? Seriously?

      Secondly, it’s not well written. The seahawks don’t get #9, #83, and a 2022 first round pick.

      I’m guessing the writer suggests they get #20, 83 and the 2022 first and then trade them for #9 to get Trey Lance.

      So it’s Johnson, Miller, Hicks, Lance, a 2022 3rd and a 2023 first for RW, Lockett, Diggs, and a 2023 3rd.

      I wouldn’t take that package for RW straight up, let alone give them Lockett and Diggs in the deal.

      No way. No freaking way.

      • ElPasoHawk

        Yeah, not the biggest fan of swapping Lockett For Miller. If he were included would insist on Mooney instead of Miller. I like the idea of our WR two being younger and on a first contract. I also like the upside of Johnson and paring Hicks with Poona, Reed, and Mone. Also don’t mind Diggs being included as I think we need to get Blair on the field and it seems to me that Adams is going to be re-signed. Also in the article we sign Linsley and Fournette. Not sure I would feel good about not getting a LG and relying on our young DE’s but I really don’t mind not getting Mack in return.

        • cha

          There is just no way the Seahawks are trading their franchise QB and getting back a year of Hicks, a year of a decent WR, a rookie corner and draft picks.

          No way.

          It’s irrelevant that they also sign Linsley and Fournette – I like them too. They can do that without giving away the store in this ridiculous proposal.

          • ElPasoHawk

            I think sending them the third, which I didn’t catch on first glance, and sending Miller instead of Mooney is poor return. Drop the third, swap out Miller for Mooney, and find a way to get the most physically gifted QB in the draft and I would be happy and excited about the future.

    • Scot04

      Not excited about the return for what we’re giving up.

  24. Zxvo3

    Great interview Rob! If we acquire draft stock, I don’t see why we shouldn’t draft him in the second round. I mean, if they took Marquise Blair in the second round, they should take a shot at St. Juste at that range as well.

  25. Trevor

    My Seahawks Off Season Plan


    1)Russel Wilson to the Bears for
    -Khalil Mack
    -Jaylon Johnson
    -2021 1st and 2nd Round Picks
    -2022 1st Round Pick
    -2023 1st Round Pick

    2) Bobby Wagner to the Jets for a 2021 3rd round Pick

    3) JamalAdams to the Dolphins fora 2021 1st Round Pick and 2022 3rd Round Pick

    4) 2022 3rd Round pick to Jacksonville for Gardner Minshew

    Contract Extensions

    1) Carlos Dunlap 2 Yr Extension so 3yrs total reduce cap hit to $12 mil APY
    2)Jarran Reed 3 yrs Extension 4yrs Total reduce cap hit to $10 mil APY
    3)DJ Reed – Lock him up to 3 year extension as a guy to build around in the secondary

    Free Agents

    1)Corey Lindsey- A veteran anchor in the middle of the OL
    2) KJ – Let KJ test the market and bring him back on a 2 yr deal to be a leader with this young LB group
    3)Poona Ford – Lock him up to a long term deal to anchor the DT spot with Reed and Mone.

    2021 Draft

    Trade #20 from Bears to Eagles for a 2nd and 3rd

    1st #18 (Dolphins) Najee Harris (RB) Alabama – Hawks get a legit #1 RB to build offense around

    2nd #5 (Eagles) Rondale Moore (WR) Purdue -Hawks get a dynamic playmaker to takeover the WR3 spot and kick return duties immediately.

    2nd #20 (Bears) Brevin Jordan (TE) Miami – A true weapon at TE to go with Dissly

    2nd #24 (Own) Benjamin St. Juste (CB) Minn- Protype Hawks DB that will be a starter early in his career

    3rd #2 (Jets) Ben Cleveland (G) Georgia -Big Nasty LG to start day #1 and help Hawks become a bully again.

    3rd #5 (Eagles ) D’Ante Smith (OT) East Carolina – Tons of talent and could possibly be groomed to replace Duane Brown at LT

    4th #24 (Own) Janaius Robinson (DE) Florida St – Perfect size and incredible upside as a speed to power pass rusher.

    5th #24 (Own)Darrius Stills (DT) West Virginia – Should be a nice addition to the DT rotation.

    This draft focuses on rebuilding the Roster with young talent as the Hawks look for their next stater at QB.

    2021 Starting Roster

    QB – Minshew
    RB- Harris
    WR – DK, Lockett, Moore
    TE – Dissly, Jordan
    OL- Brown, Cleveland, Lindsey, Lewis, Shell

    DE – Mack, Dunlap, Taylor
    DT- Poona, Reed, Mone
    LB- Brooks, KJ, Barton or Rookie
    S- Blair, Diggs
    CB -Reed, Joshnson, St Juste

    I think this would be a really solid group with lots of young talent going forward to build around and it Minshew does not work out focus on the QB / LT spot next off season.

    • GoHawksDani

      I like it, just 2 little modification for me:
      I’d like to ask maybe for another R3 from the Bears, I feel if they’re desperate we could get that addition also
      And I would love to make a trade with the Jets like this: Give Bobby and one of our R2 or maybe R3 and get back our original ’22 R1.
      If we’d suck badly that could mean a top10 pick, so I feel it worth giving up even our next year R2 to get back that

    • Simo

      Not a bad plan at all Trevor! If they end up trading RW this offseason, that package from the Bears is pretty solid. I’d love to see them get a bit more in trades for both Adams and Wagner, but you’re probably on target with your proposals.

      As for extensions, I might add Lockett to your list.

      I like adding a top center in Linsley and even bringing KJ back to lead the defense with Bobby gone. Obviously QB is going to be a question mark, so might be worth bringing in another veteran stop gap (Winston?) to compete with Minshew.

      Nicely done though!

      • Trevor

        Would love to get more for Wags and Adams too but not sure they will be able to. Thanks

  26. Sea Mode

    Huh, maybe something behind the Seahawks only drafting WRs 4.4s or better:

    As long as WR ran between 4.41-4.52 they were not hindered by speed in NFL.

  27. SonGoku

    Russell Wilson to Chicago is a “futile pipe dream” says NBC’s Peter King.

    • Big Mike

      Why does he feel that way? Is it the $39 million cap hit ti the Seahawks (searching for the eye rolling emoji)

      • Rob Staton

        He literally checks off the two key lazy reasons everyone gives:

        — $39m dead cap hit
        — Bears ‘don’t have the draft stock’

        Rinse. Repeat.

        Here’s when it’ll be a futile pipe dream. When either John Schneider or Pete Carroll say on the record Russell Wilson will not be traded under any circumstances and/or the two parties come together and Wilson declares in some form or another his intention to continue his career with the Seahawks.

        Until then, people in the media need to give this dismissive nonsense a rest.

        It’s just poor from Peter King. Especially at a time when Wilson’s agent has declared the Bears are on the watch-list and Michael Silver, who is connected to the Seahawks, says the situation is far worse than he initially imagined.

        Meanwhile a report from Chicago says the Bears are prioritising Wilson.

        Why would all this be going on if it was a futile pipe dream?

        Must try harder.

        • SonGoku

          Yes, also read on multiple pages that the Bears are going to be aggressive in pursuing RW. Many of them also stated that they might be ready to include Mack in the package.

          • Rob Staton

            I think the Bears will pretty much include anyone in the package.

            Their GM & HC know full well that they either land a QB this off-season who legitimises the team or they are mediocre again and get fired in 12 months.

            Adding someone like Wilson is their only shot. Unless they fall madly in love with someone in the draft. Even then — drafting a rookie who might not be ready to start simply equals being fired.

        • cha

          Sad how ‘don’t have draft stock’ is thrown around so easily.

          Meanwhile the only team on RW’s 4 team list (Dallas) who has a top 10 pick has signaled they are not interested.

  28. Rohan Raman

    If Schefter is considering this to be a legit story, the argument that it isn’t is rather silly.

  29. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Bears are not likely to exercise the option on OT Bobby Massie’s contract, another casualty of the cap crunch, source said. He’ll be a FA, saving them more than $5M vs. the cap & putting a starting caliber tackle on the market in a year when OTs are more valuable than ever.
    8:08 AM · Mar 8, 2021

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