An interview with Scot McCloughan

The latest interview in our ‘lockdown’ series is with the former Seahawks senior personnel executive and Redskins/49ers GM Scot McCloughan.

As one of the most respected scouts in the NFL, it was a privilege to spend time speaking with Scot. He shares some insider knowledge on life in a NFL draft room, discusses his time with the Seahawks and explains why he thinks it would’ve been best to delay the draft due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Listen to the interview below and if you missed any of the others in the series, check out my YouTube channel for conversations with Jim Nagy and Lance Zierlein — plus players Cesar Ruiz, Damien Lewis and Robert Hunt. I’ve got two more interviews on the way this week with Michael Lombardi and Mike Renner so stay tuned.


  1. Sea Mode

    Holy cow! I can’t think of anyone else I would rather hear you interview! Listening right now!

  2. MaxC14

    Amazing interview, appreciated listening. Thank you for all the interviews you have done and all the work you do and all the effort put in. You always produce top notch content. SDB is amazing at a time like this.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  3. Jace

    Very informative. Thanks Rob. It was really interesting to hear his take on the non combine guys and how important medical issues are.

    • Rob Staton


    • GerryG

      Totally agree, a lot of teams draft boards just go a lot smaller I bet

  4. Rashi

    For some reason my response to Rob didn’t show up on the other thread.

    But I did a little research and here are all the teams that have won the last 20 years without elite pass rushers.

    2019 Patriots – Trey Flowers 7.5 Sacks
    2017 Patriots – Trey Flowers 6.5 Sacks
    2011 Packers – Clay Matthews 6 sacks
    2010 Saints – Sedrick Ellis 6.5 Sacks
    2007 Colts – Robert Mathis – 7 Sacks
    2006 Steelers – Joey Porter 6 sacks
    2005 Patriots – Rosevelt Colvin 7 sacks
    2002 Patriots – Richard Seymour 5.5 sacks

    40% of teams that have won the Superbows in the last 20 years did not have an elite pass rusher.

    I totally agree that having a great pass rush gives you a MUCH better chance of winning. But its also not true that its an impossible phenomenon that happens extremely rarely.

    • Gohawks5151

      I guess i would counter with the fact that all 3-4 teams with more aggressive DC’s (Dick Labeau and Dom Caper) and Bellichick. More varied looks and exotic blitzes. Hard to compare to Seattle and Petes scheme.

      • Coleslaw

        So they spent a lot of time blitzing but couldn’t get home? So they probably were just as bad statistically as we were last year.

        I dont get your point honestly. Am I missing something?

        What does the scheme matter? If they blitz more they should have even more sacks, just means their pass rush was that much worse.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          I can’t really speak for Rashi, but the way I read it in conjunction with GoHawks statement is that since they use a lot of different blitz schemes, there are more guys with sacks/pressures and less dependence on 1 guy. They don’t necessarily have THAT guy who is going to get 10+ sacks per year.

    • Henry Taylor

      TBF half of those are the Patriots.

      And i don’t think anyone is saying its impossible in general, but for a team like Seattle, who’s defence is set up to rush with 4 and drop back into zones, it’s pretty damn important to be able to rush with 4.

      • Rashi

        Colts, Saints, Steelers, Packers. Also hate the we can’t count Patriots argument. A data point is a data poiny.

    • Coleslaw

      Thanks for this. Common demoninator? Elite QBs.

    • Whit21

      I would just say that its true that elite pass rushers during the season might help, however its more important to see what SB teams did during the playoffs.. Generating pass rush when it matters is key. Just like Indianapolis’ SB run in 2007, their run defense was a joke during the regular season. When the playoffs started they actually help up quite good in run defense which propelled them to their 1 and only Peyton Manning SB.

    • David

      Can’t forget the relationship between the d-line and the secondary. You can rush four and/or tolerate fewer sacks if your secondary is topnotch — which NE has generally had.

      Other thing I’d like to see in your analysis is total sacks by the team, not just the one with the highest. Seattle only had 28 sacks last season as a team. What were the team totals on your list above?

  5. TomLPDX

    Awesomeness! Thanks Rob.

  6. Coach

    Chris Simm’s DE Prospects:

    #3 is Epenesa DE Iowa. Said he’s one of the biggest slam dunks in the draft. Says he can be like Michael Bennett – DE on first and second and then put him inside to rush on 3rd. That sounds like it would work out well – bring in Mayowa on third and kick Epenesa to DT. Whatcha think?

    #2 Chaisson DE LSU. One of his biggest man crushes – better than Brian Burns last year. He’s Von Miller or Derrick Thomas. He was put on this earth to rush the passer. Whatcha think?

    Would you be happy with one of these two with our first pick? Sounds like they would really help our pass rush according to Simms.

    I’m rooting for:
    R1 – one of these 2 pass rushers
    R2 – Taylor/Akers RB
    R2 – Ayuk/Shennault WR
    R3 – Hunt OL
    R3 – Hamilton DL
    R4 – Hall CB UVA

    I think all of these players would contribute as rookies and make us better! Then they would become a large part of our core moving forward!

    Let me know your thoughts!

    Go Hawks!

    P.S. He also said that Zuniga DE Florida was special – popped off the film to me! He said Florida coaches played him out of position at DT and that he would be a DE who can pressure the QB in the NFL! He would be a good get in the second round if we go another direction in the first!

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll pass on Chaisson and Epenesa.

      • Donovan

        I want to play Devil’s Advocate on Chaisson, while acknowledging Rob is by far the comparative expert!

        Chaisson is a tantalizing combo of youth (20 yrs old!) and extreme athleticism (had a 102 SPARQ) in high school. In his last four games last season, against 3 of the top 4 ranked teams in country, he was on a tear. In many ways, the Hawks might see him as their ideal LEO.

        There’s risk certainly, but the upside appears to be elite.

    • CaptainJack

      I am very confused as to why Chaisson is so highly rated

  7. Bill Bobaggins

    Great stuff, Rob! Love listening to Scot.

    The point about rushing in his picks and the Commish telling him he couldn’t do that because of ad dollars was interesting. These guys know the truth, whole 7 rounds of the draft could be over in an hour!

    • Rob Staton

      I loved hearing about that — and all the other topics. I love anything that goes behind the curtain with the draft. Despite writing about the draft for 11-12 years I feel like I know virtually nothing about the process. Not for a lack of effort to learn — it’s just very much a world where you’re either part of it or you’re not.

      • Lewis

        That was my favorite bit in the interview. 👍

  8. cha

    Gregg Bell
    As expected, #Seahawks re-sign G Jordan Simmons. IR in 2019. Impressive as fill-in starter 3gms in 2018. Was an exclusive-right FA. SEA did not tender him so it could re-sign him at its price, not the ERFA number.

    LG Mike Iupati is unsigned. D.J Fluker entering final yr of deal
    2:02 PM · Apr 8, 2020

    • GerryG

      IR by August

    • Rob4q

      Man, if he can just stay healthy…

      We sure do have a lot of G on the roster now! They can’t all be draft hedges can they???

      Simmons, Haynes, Fluker, Jones, Warmack, Pocic

      And potentially Fuller, Knox, Roos as well.

      Finney is listed as a C on the roster.

      Do some of the pictures of the new guys look photo shopped?!? Q. Dunbar head looks a little small for that body! Haha!

  9. Hughz

    Really cool insight. Thanks Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for listening.

  10. Troy

    Rob you are KILLING it. Scot was such a pivotal piece in drafting what eventually became our super bowl team, was awesome to hear his thoughts. A+ content mate.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Troy, much appreciated!

  11. Hawks31

    Wow. Nice get, Rob! Thanks for keeping me busy with great content!

    • Rob Staton

      My pleasure, thanks for listening.

  12. Rob Staton

    I get the sense the Seahawks won’t be drafting for the interior O-line much in this draft.

    Which is a bit of a surprise, given some of the options.

    They’ve signed so many players now to compete at those positions.

    Makes me think they might just draft a right tackle in the first two rounds and then wait/ignore the position. Then load up on defensive linemen, a RB & WR.

    • cha

      Seahawks collecting interior lineman like a shopper in the TP aisle at the grocery.

      Maybe the combination of the gameday roster “exemption” for another OL and the fact that we’re looking at no rookie camp or OTAs is fueling this stockpiling.

  13. Kevin Mullen

    Incredible Rob, really bringing the lumber this year on interview list. Bravo sir!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Kevin!

  14. Justin Mullikin

    Wow. Such good stuff. You asked some awesome questions. I can’t wait till the draft!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Justin!

  15. vbullen65

    Peter King reporting that Seahawks are trying to trade for Trent Williams…..

    • Rob Staton

      Reporting where?

    • TatupuTime

      I think he is saying that Seattle is a fit because they are aggressive and always looking for OL help. I don’t really see it as a need/fit with Brown there. Trent is 3 years younger, but it’s not like he’s a long term fix. Seems like slow season in the NFL.

        • Rob Staton

          He kind of tosses the Seahawks out there as a suggestion. I think there’s practically zero chance of them giving up a second round pick for Trent Williams. He’s 32 in July. He’d cost a fortune to extend. And they’ve already hedged the draft with a right tackle. It’d also guarantee no more pass rush additions.

          • Justin Mullikin

            I read the end of your post as, “I also guarantee no more pass rush additions.”

            I was like NOOO, all hope it lost. Then I reread and realized my mistake.

    • mishima

      Not really. He’s only speculating on possible teams that could trade for Williams.

    • charlietheunicorn

      This makes ZERO sense. Money, draft capital…

      • Greg Haugsven

        Especially since the just signed Shell. Where do you put him? It would make no sense what so ever.

  16. Rob Staton

    Just finished the latest interview…

    Michael Lombardi.

    • Justin Mullikin


    • Ashish

      Friends, we are at risk of losing Rob Station this off season. Love these interviews, keep it coming.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks Ashish

  17. Nate Midgley

    You’re killing it!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Nate

  18. ?whywoudntya?

    Great interview. Top notch💪 Homework assignment for everyone… nfl .com article on Kenneth Murray. Jaw dropper. This kid is what every human should be. Great story. Some people just get it. !!!WOW!!!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  19. Kip Earlywine

    Nice get Rob. Great interview.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Kip, hope you’re well.

  20. Cortez Kennedy

    Wow, I never would have guessed this one! Can’t wait to listen when I get a chance. You will find no bigger McCloughan fanboy than me (maybe).

    Please hire this man back to Seattle!!!!

  21. Jed

    Great interview! Thanks for doing these and staying so engaged in the comments. It’s been a real pleasure reading and listening to you. All the best to you and your family!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Jed — really appreciate that especially the wishes to my family. We’re really good and I’m loving spending time with them every day at the moment.

  22. Dan

    Are we underestimating the need at LB? I know Willie Gay and Logan Wilson have been discussed as good players here, but I think this could end up being a bigger priority than we think. We have Bobby for 3 more years, but this is likely the last year for KJ, and then we have Barton and BBK?

    Maybe Barton becomes starting caliber, but we don’t know. BBK feels like a depth/ST guy. We’re looking at needing 1 and quite possibly 2 starters next year. Drafting one this year to develop, and hopefully force his way into the action seems wise.

    LB is obviously not the same level of need as EDGE, but I don’t hear it mentioned as a need much, and think we might be overlooking it.

    • Kingdome1976

      Been pounding the table for Baun and maybe he can 3rd down PR and be a starting LB

    • Von

      To me, it’s the biggest need outside of EDGE. That’s where we need more speed. I’d be thrilled to take Isiah Wilson, Chinn, and then Gay. Chinn can be the big nickel. As much as they played base last year, getting Gay and Chinn on the field instead of KJ and Kendrick’s would really help.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure it’s a striking need compared to some of the others but I really want the Seahawks to shoot for greatness with their early picks. That means targeting elite athletes. Their best high picks recently were big upside types like D.K., Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett. Willie Gay has Bobby Wagner’s physical profile and could be great. So he should be considered.

      • Donovan

        Great point on elite athletes. Outside of DK, last year’s draft class in hindsight seems quite lacking in that regard. Hope they recognize that and adjust with this year’s class.

        • J

          Think they might have gotten a little gunshy.

  23. Happy Hawk

    Once again you have outdone yourself Rob! Many Thanks. Playing around on the simulator and assuming:
    1. We have enough OL on the roster now
    2. We have added enough skill position players with Olson at Te and Dorsett at Wr
    3. We have to fix our failing defense

    I ignored all offensive picks and with a few trade downs came up with an all defensive draft:

    40: J Uche (de)
    59. J Chinn (s)
    63. R Davis (dt)
    71. L Wilson (lb)
    90. J Zuniga (edge)
    105. W Gay Jr. (lb)
    144. A Jennings ( de)

    This is what is called “fighting the board” to fix our issue. Would it get the job done?

    • Kingdome1976

      I have feeling 59 through 105 are unrealistic

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Happy Hawk

    • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

      Nice variation. If ever we are going to look at every possible option…now is the time.

  24. Martin

    I rarely post but follow this blog avidly. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone – particularly Rob. It’s great to have something that provides so many hours of interest and pleasure, especially at a time like this.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Martin — it means a lot to know people get some benefit from the blog and this community.

  25. downtownjewelrybryan

    really enjoyed this interview, thank you Rob! unlike these past few weeks, it flew right by.

    Scot was only 34 when he picked Alex Smith with the first overall. wish JS would bring back Scot even if just to have an extra set of eyes/ears. this year i believe he got Ron Wolf’s son.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  26. RWIII

    Rob: The interview with Scot McCloughan was fantastic. This may have been your best interview. It was great. In fact I could have listed to McCloughan for another hour. At least. Hated to see it end. So much information.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks. I could’ve talked to him for another hour. Was a real privilege to be able to chat to him.

  27. Volume12

    Continues to look like a PC kind of draft with each passing day.

    • Rashi

      Why do you say this? What makes it a PC kind of draft?

  28. charlietheunicorn


  29. All I see is 12s

    Man, I’ve been saying for years, “Why isn’t Rob Staten a regular in Seattle radio?” Seriously, this blog is such a delight. The reality is, one only needs to follow Bob Condotta and Rob to be fully versed Seahawks. Thank you for the valuable service you provide toall of us.

    • Rashi

      Yeah he is way better than anyone local radio has.

    • Rob Staton

      I wish I did more Seattle radio. Just because I love radio and do it over here. Used to get an invite onto Softy’s show every now and again but that hasn’t happened for a couple of years. It’s one of my biggest disappointments actually, that this place hasn’t led to those opportunities.

      • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

        For those of us that do listen to Seattle Sports radio, Rob is on there, but only in our heads. Most of the talk here on the radio is grade school, and when I listen I hear Rob and the excellent posters from SDB. It makes me feel superior just by reading the best blog by a mile, especially for the self selected group of Seahawk fans that get to enjoy this distraction. Thanks Rob.

        • Rob Staton

          Thank you, I really appreciate you saying that.

        • GerryG

          I always enjoyed Brock and Salk, Brock makes Salk palatable. I still listen to the podcast. Danny and Gallant is the most insufferable, middles school humor, grandstanding BS that I can barely stomach listening to the Pete Carrol show. Paul Gallant was an awful hire, just an abomination.

  30. charlietheunicorn

    Scot McCloughan

    As executive:
    Green Bay Packers (1994–1999) (SB Run)
    Regional scout
    Seattle Seahawks (2000–2004) (SB Run within a year)
    Director of college scouting
    San Francisco 49ers (2005–2007)
    Vice president of player personnel
    San Francisco 49ers (2008–2009) (SB Run within 2 years)
    General manager
    Seattle Seahawks (2010–2013) (SB Run)
    Senior personnel executive
    Washington Redskins (2015–2016) (Respectable team)
    General manager

    He also has been a consultant for the Cleveland Browns during the 2018 NFL Draft (Respectable team), as well as for the Philadelphia Eagles from 2017 to 2019 (SB run)

    Long story short, when it is between then lines and scouting, the dude knows his stuff.
    Very underrated personnel guy.

    • Ishmael

      I don’t think he’s underrated at all, suspect everyone would agree he’s as good as anyone when it comes to personnel. The reality, though, is that he’s an alcoholic who’s had an incredibly difficult time with that struggle under the pressures that come with being a high level NFL exec.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I remember hearing Scott say something years ago like, “If there was one player in this draft that I have to have, it is Alvin Kamara.” I used that tip for my fantasy football draft! I look for a similar quote from him every year now.

      Great interview choice Rob.

      • Rob Staton


  31. WALL UP

    All of us are pulling for Scot to stay healthy, and be back in the league as a GM some day. There’s no question of his ability to build a talented roster with his eye for talent. He’s genuine straight shooter that other GMs would love to work with as well, on trades.

    I hope he’s happy with what he’s doing, and he has success with his endeavors. Nice to hear from him Rob! Keep doing what you do!

    • Rob Staton


  32. Strategicdust

    Let me add to the kudos for you, Rob,You’ve built a great following over the years with some very loyal and passionate fans. This is a testament to your writing, knowledge and love for your subject which we all share. Thank you, as always, for providing this for us and helping to make us better fans.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  33. Greg Haugsven

    Someone commented on the past Super Bowl Champs not having an elite pass rusher. I went through some stats and this is what I found. It was the teams top two players sack totals for the season.

    2019 (Chiefs) 9 & 8
    2018 (Patriots) 7.5 & 4.5
    2017 (Eagles) 9.5 & 4.5
    2016 (Patriots) 7 & 5
    2015 (Broncos) 11 & 7.5
    2014 (Patriots) 8 & 6
    2013 (Seahawks) 8.5 & 8
    2012 (Ravens) 9 & 5
    2011 (Giants) 16.5 & 9
    2010 (Packers) 13.5 & 7

    Out of 20 teams only three had a guy with double digit sacks. What I did notice is they all had sacks by committee. Point being is if you have a deep rotation you might be better off.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I do believe that teams dont value the DE as much as some other teams do. I believe the Seahawks are one of those teams as you have seen in the past, they just dont want to pay that high price tag.

      • UkAlex6674

        Now do that list again with pressure % and qb hits for each winner

  34. Rob4q

    Just saw this under Lance’s review for Bryce Hall, CB Virginia:

    “Hall is a future starting cornerback but might garner attention at free safety at some point in his career.”

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Great Rob interview with Scott Mc the most interesting thing for me was the medical report on guys who didn’t get invites to the combine. Great insight.Rob major props to you for insight on how unimpressed the Seahawks are on DB class during the combine because the that probably involved the Dunbar trade.the biggest need or most glaring weakness is the pass rush can you find an impact pass rusher in middle of round Two? If you are a 49ers fan or Rams or cardinal fan would you be concerned with Bruce or Benson acquisitions for the Seahawks.

  35. Greg Haugsven

    Another guy we could look to trade for is Carlos Dunlap. I know he has been talked about before in here. The guy has been a model of consistency over the years. Has averaged 8 sacks and 10 TFL’s over his 10 years. He will be 31 this year and has about 2 years $20m left on his contract which is doable. All would come down to compensation.

    • drewdawg11

      Usually those types of deals end up with the player asking for an extension before he agrees to be traded. Might not want to play for that price anymore. Just food for thought.

    • Rob Staton

      Cincinnati don’t do trades

      • Greg Haugsven

        No they dont. They have been rough forever but just throwing it out there.

  36. WALL UP

    As much as many who are disappointed with the FA off season are thus far, we can take PC’s word in his interview on JC’s radio show when he stated, “We are looking for a ‘Premier’ pass rusher to play the Leo position.”

    He was not referring to Clowney for that role, although he said he could do a little at the position, but primarily playing the 5-tech and moving inside. Is Clowney still a priority to bring back? Yes, he’s the ideal player for that 5-tech role.

    But, as we’ve seen, that alone is not enough. Thus the emphasis on finding that ‘Premier’ pass rusher to play the Leo position.

    Does Ngakoue have more freakish athletic ability than Clowney, (the game wrecker)? Obviously, not. But, he is a Premier Pass Rusher (PPR) that is ideal for the Leo position. Of all the players that were available via FA, or trade, Yannick fits that role more so than anyone.

    So, despite the disappointing start to the off season, there’s still the possibility of finishing strong, which is one Pete’s mantras to finish strong.

    Will they obtain both to fill their ideal roles? We’ll know in (2) weeks. That’s the only real explanation for this slow start at resolving the pass rush dilemma, and bring clarity of this off season.

    • Rob Staton

      Or look at this way.

      They’ve so far failed to address their stated aims and time is quickly running out.

  37. ?whywouldntya?

    Rob you would be perfect for Seattle radio. Calming and intelligent. Gerry G I couldn’t agree with you more . Gallant is painful to listen to. I’ve stopped. He’s TERRIBLE!!!

    • Rob Staton


  38. Ukhawk

    Any idea what Brock and Salk were moved aside for Gallant and Danny? Never got that

    • Ukhawk

      Rather, Why they were moved on…

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not that they were moved on. Brock has taken a new job with Fox Sports and Salk has been promoted to a new management role. Thus, doing a three hour radio show in the morning became a bit of a slog with their new gigs. It’s a real shame though because IMO they are/were incredible broadcasters with rare chemistry.

  39. Ukhawk

    Rob. Just finally getting a breather from work and catching up on your interviews. All I can saw is “WOW”

    You’ve done a phenomenal job. Especially like the ones with Jim N and Scott M. Your questions were perfect and well thought out. Real insight here and the beauty of your interview style is that they did the talking, provided their opinions and opened up.

    It takes a real knack and you showed it in spades – well done.

    So good I keep thinking it could/should be paid for or on a network like ESPN as suggested. Could easily see u on bigger platform.

    • Spencer

      Landing these big names will definitely make more people notice.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks pal, that’s really nice of you to say 👍🏻

  40. DriveByPoster

    Great work Rob, & and fantastic insight into the draft. After the Zeirlein interview I was thinking that it was a good listen but really it’s journo’s talking to journo’s (I enjoyed it, mind you). What you really need is to get back to sources, like with the player interviews. But sadly there is no chance of getting a GM on here, especially at this time of the year. But you did better than that! You couldn’t have picked anyone else that I would rather listen to. So, a first round grade for you sir!

    • Rob Staton


  41. Rashi

    There is not just one way to win in the NFL.

    Teams come in all shapes and sizes. Having a bad pass rush is not a disqualifer in the Seahwks being a contender next year.

    Seahawks have great Qbs, LB, DBs

    While having bad DL, OL.

    Also have solid Wrs and TEs.

    To me that looks like a serious contender before the draft.

    I agree that some positions are more important than others.I think the bad DL play is easily cancelled out by the incredible Qb play on the Seahawks. I think we have a lot of great things going for us right now.

    • Rob Staton

      If your defense is based around rushing with four then yes, you do need to be able to rush the passer.

      • millhouse-serbia

        Absolutely. That’s why I think they need to fix this problem no matter what. And right now it looks like the only obvious way to fix it is to bring proven edge with at least 10+ sacks. And pay as much as he wants (dolar and picks wise)…

        I don’t see any other solution except YN ( I see one more but know that Rob thinks its impossible so don’t want to speak about it)…

        • Rob Staton

          It makes no sense at all to pay Ngakoue about $20m a year after trading high picks but not pay Clark and Clowney.

          I like Ngakoue but he’s not as good as Clark or Clowney. Paying for him after giving up a high pick would be ridiculous after choosing not to pay the other two.

          And they do have options. They can finally get this sorted with Clowney and then sign Everson Griffen. Two moves which should already be done.

          • millhouse-serbia

            I agree that it has zero sense to trade high picks and pay big money for YN after you didn’t want to give that money to Frank …literally zero sense (I wouldn’t say same for Clowney because I think there is lot of truth in Lane’s words and think Pete wants sacks… but that is debatable and no need to go through that)… lets say both those options were or are better than do this with YN…but here is how I think…

            Lets forget that we had Clark and Clowney…lets think like they were never on our roster…and we are in current situation with our pass rush and lets say Clowney already sign somewhere else……(we cant find common language with Jadeveon and as garofolo said chances are very slim he will come back)…

            So lets forget completely on our past…what is best for this team right now…To sign griffen, leave all of our picks, and draft LEO and RT with first two picks or trade for YN and pay him big money?

            I would rather do the second one…

          • WALL UP

            If Ngakoue could get $20 mil in a sign and trade, do you think it would have been done by now? As Clowney has seen, a player may seek a certain price, but it doesn’t guarantee that he will get it. I think he signs in the $17-18 neighborhood, a 2-3yr deal.

            I still hope it’s here with the Hawks, WITH Clowney. Could you imagine YN playing wide 9, and JD inside @ 3-tech? Who would you double team? It would be a nightmare for the QB, & the OL.

            • Rob Staton


              Because Jacksonville has no motivation to negotiate on a trade properly until the days leading into the draft.

              So it won’t have even got as far as talking contract or working out what is possible.

              • WALL UP

                I agree with you Rob. Doesn’t this give a legitimate reason for their inability to resolve the pass rush dilemma at this time?

                Inevitably, they may match what other offers Clowney may get. With Russ & other roster churning, they may have resources to sign both, provided the price is right. It’s just going to take longer than we might hope.

                • Rob Staton

                  No it doesn’t.

                  Just because it’s unlikely any serious trade talks for Yannick Ngakoue begin until the days leading up to the draft, that doesn’t excuse not fixing the pass rush at all.

                  • WALL UP

                    What then if Ngakoue is part of the solution? Don’t they have to wait for JAC?

                    • Rob Staton

                      How on earth can he be part of the plan? The numbers don’t make any sense.

                      He’s a panic alternative.

                  • WALL UP

                    As stated earlier, we can take PC’s word in his interview on JC’s radio show when he stated, “We are looking for a ‘Premier’ pass rusher to play the Leo position.” That does not place Clowney at that role as a PPR Leo. He’s a 5-tech.

                    Just signing Clowney solve the PR dilemma. They need a Leo in their defensive scheme. Yannick is ideally suited for that role, mirroring the playing style that Clemons possessed, coming from the blind side.

                    I can see why #91 may be a priority, along with Clowney, provided the price is right. That’s why it may be taking so long. I’m more than willing to wait a few more weeks for that solution. Who wouldn’t be happy with that PR solution?

                    • Rob Staton

                      Forget the Carroll quote.

                      He might’ve thought that two months ago but they haven’t got it done.

                      They can’t sign Clowney and Ngakoue now. They spent all the resources for that on journeymen.

                      Anything other than Clowney and Griffen (after cutting others) is just wishful thinking. Ngakoue will be a panic move if it happens because they’re not getting Clowney.

                • mishima

                  Not out on a limb, but I think they’ve already decided not to match and have moved on. Expecting Clowney to sign 2/30 with another team.

                  Happy to be wrong.

                  • WALL UP

                    The big question is Who? Like you, I hope he eventually agrees on a price to stay.

          • cha

            I like Ngakoue but he’s not as good as Clark or Clowney. Paying for him after giving up a high pick would be ridiculous after choosing not to pay the other two.

            I agree. But if Clowney’s not an option, I’ll take looking ridiculous and actually having someone who can rush over another wasted season.

            • Rob Staton

              Then pay Clowney.

  42. Mike

    Not sure if there is room on the roster for a pure special teams returner (KO & punts)..but boy it would be nice to exit the draft with a replacement for Lockett. We got almost nothing out of our return teams last year..and besides..TL has become too valuable of a WR to risk him on special teams any more.

    • Spencer

      Thats why someone like Reagor or Aiyuk would be so nice.

  43. cha

    I never listened to the Garafolo audio about Clowney until this morning…I now definitely think it’s a tactical plant by the FO..

    And they certainly did whatever they could. And if they didn’t have the strongest offer, they certainly had one that was extremely competitive. Nothing in the realm of what Clowney wants, and nobody’s living in that realm right now.

    The Seahawks did what they could to bring him back. At this point, unless something drastically changes, I just don’t see it happening.

    Still SMH. Just make this happen guys.

    • mishima

      Do the Seahawks play those games? Is Garafolo that much of a tool?

      IMO, more likely Seahawks told Garafolo that a team (Browns, Giants, Titans) has offered more than they’re willing to go, so they’re out unless Clowney is willing to take less to play for them. Similar to what happened with Sherman.

      Willing to give PC/JS the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Clowney, but not for failing to address and fix the pass rush.

      • Rob Staton

        Yes, the Seahawks play those games.

        See: Russell Wilson a year ago.

        • mishima

          I understood it with Wilson, but didn’t see it with others, like Wagner.

          Seems they’ve been pretty quiet, if not, “Sorry you have to leave so soon…”

          What do they gain from planting that they made a competitive offer?

          Will defer to you/cha.

          • cha

            I just see it as a tactical counter to the suggestion from the Clowney camp that Cleveland was interested in him. Clowney tried to make out like Cleveland was an interested party so Seattle would plus up their bid, and the Hawks basically saying “we gave you our best price”.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s just a way of communicating without impacting your leverage

            • mishima

              I get it, just seeing the Seahawks as more walking from the table than staying in the game.

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t see that at all.

                The Seahawks are one of the biggest ‘negotiate in the media’ teams in the league.

                They haven’t waited this long to move on now. And they haven’t moved on. Haven’t signed anyone else instead. Just still waiting.

  44. Gohawks5151

    What a great interview! He’s had his issues but he is such an intelligent man. You can see how he and JS would get along. Same philosophy, physical/mental profiles. I will say that i think he gets too over hyped for Seattle’s picks and his individual success. If people are going to criticize JS, go look at SM’s Redskins drafts. Has some high picks too.

  45. Producehawk

    This would never happen but I took Rob’s Simmons trade up to heart. He dropped to 12 so I traded next years 1st and 3rd and this years first to Raiders.

    SEA 12.
    Isaiah Simmons
    OLB Clemson

    SEA 59.
    Isaiah Wilson
    OT Georgia

    SEA 64.
    Jabari Zuniga
    DE Florida

    SEA 101.
    Robert Hunt
    G Louisiana

    SEA 133.
    John Hightower
    WR Boise State

    SEA 144.
    Thaddeus Moss
    TE LSU

    SEA 214.
    Patrick Taylor Jr.
    RB Memphis

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