An off-season prediction for every NFL team

Teddy Bridgewater swaps New Orleans for Carolina

At least one prediction for all 32 teams. These are just my guesses. Nothing is sourced. Nothing should be taken too seriously.

The Bengals will be offered major compensation for the #1 pick and there’ll possibly even some pressure from Joe Burrow’s camp to accept a trade. Yet with the most stubborn owner in the league running the franchise like a family business, he won’t budge and they’ll take him. Even if Burrow threatened never to pull on a Bengals jersey.

There will be an acknowledgement that they need to invest more in the offensive line and two key linemen will be added — one veteran and one high draft pick.

They will put the franchise tag on Bud Dupree and might consider drafting a QB early (their first pick is in round two). They need to turn over every stone with Big Ben nearing the end.

They will tag Matt Judon but will be open to any reasonable trade offers to move him.

New England
Tom Brady will re-sign. Because of course he will. There’s no way he’s going to play somewhere else now and as if the Patriots are going to start chatting up Teddy Bridgewater or Jameis Winston or Andy Dalton. No.

The Dolphins will start making it known to the media that they like Joe Burrow. It’ll be a nudge to the player to see if they can ‘pull an Eli’.

The Bills will make an aggressive move this off-season. They’re developing nicely but they need a jolt. They’re in the ‘good not great’ category. It could be a trade up or a free agency splash.

New York Jets
The Jets will focus on building an offensive line for Sam Darnold and landing a weapon for him too.

The Colts could end up with Tua Tagovailoa. They might trade into the top-five. They could simply land him at #13. Or the Colts could even move into the back-end of round one if the hip injury puts teams off.

The Texans have played their hand and their off-season priority will be locking down the quarterback and left tackle to long term contracts.

The Jaguars will cut Marcell Dareus and a handful of other fringe players, enabling them to franchise tag Yannick Ngakoue.

The Titans will find a way to keep both Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry. They need both players to return.

Kansas City
The Chiefs will cut or trade Sammy Watkins, creating the cap space to franchise tag Chris Jones.

The Broncos will have an aggressive off-season having seen division rival Kansas City win the Super Bowl. It’s probably best they build gradually but there will be some impatience in the building.

Las Vegas
Despite all the talk about adding a new quarterback, the Raiders will flirt with a few and end up settling back down with old faithful — Derek Carr.

LA Chargers
The Chargers will acquire Cam Newton via trade and will draft a longer-term heir apparent too (Justin Herbert?).

Green Bay
They will focus on offense after years of building the defense. That could include drafting a receiver early and maybe even trying to tempt Washington with a trade for Trent Williams.

The Bears say they’re sticking by Mitchell Trubisky but behind the scenes they’ll be planning to acquire a QB as their answer to Ryan Tannehill (Andy Dalton?).

They are stuck in a cap mess so will cut or trade Everson Griffen, will look to trade Stefon Diggs and this will be a last chance for Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman to win with this group before some changes occur.

The Lions won’t trade Darius Slay because they’ll ask for too much in return. They’ll be open to it, though.

The Cowboys will re-sign Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper to long term contracts — eventually.

The Eagles will trade up in the draft for a receiver.

New York Giants
The Giants will seek to trade down even though Dave Gettleman doesn’t have a history of doing so. I just get the feeling that Jerry Jeudy will be their guy. They’ll want Daniel Jones to have a go-to target. #4 is a bit early for Jeudy but then #6 was for Jones and they took him anyway, so maybe they just repeat the act.

The Redskins sign Greg Olsen and then go back in free agency to get another former Panther in the form of cornerback James Bradbury. Then they select Chase Young and hope Alex Smith might just be able to return.

New Orleans
The Saints bring back Drew Brees for one more tilt at avoiding the bad luck that has dogged this team in the playoffs over the years.

Tampa Bay
The Buccs bring back Jameis Winston when he discovers his market is cold. They have a serious talk with Philip Rivers too as a viable alternative but he ends up retiring.

The Falcons have no cap space so they cut Alex Mack and try to create some room to bring in a pass rusher. They know it’ll be tough to find one with the #16 pick.

The Panthers sign Teddy Bridgewater as the replacement for Cam Newton, who is traded to the LA Chargers.

San Francisco
Rather than retreat into their shell after the Super Bowl, the Niners make a splash somehow. I’m not sure what it is. It could be an Odell Beckham Jr trade or a Stefon Diggs trade. I think they’ll do something, though.

LA Rams
What can they do? They’ve no picks or cap space. So the only solid prediction to make is they’ll extend Jalen Ramsey’s contract.

The Cardinals focus on the offensive line this off-season as a priority.

The Seahawks have an aggressive off-season similar to 2013 — with a few surprise moves along the way. They’ll kick things off by retaining Jadeveon Clowney.

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  1. Bigten

    Love it Rob! Great stuff!
    When does FA period start?

    • Rob Staton

      March 16-18 is the ‘legal tampering period’ when deals start getting announced.

      • Michael P Matherne

        Fun article! Arranging the teams from least to most interesting (for ‘Hawks fans) was a nice touch. It’ll be fun to see how many of these pan out. Definitely gotta check back in on this at the start of the season and see if you managed to hit above the Mendoza Line.

        Regarding the hypothetical Packers trade for Trent Williams – would that be with the idea of putting him at RT and letting Bulaga walk?

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe. Or having him play LT. They need toughness up front. They’re too soft.

  2. Submanjoe

    Surprise moves for the seahawks! I love it. Surprise us with Joey Bosa!! Or Myles Garrett! Or somehow trading into the top 10. Bring on the stars! 😉😂

    • Brazilian Hawk

      Is he a fascist like his brother? If so, no thanks!

      • Rob Staton

        Let’s lay off the ‘fascism’ accusations. The word is thrown around far too much these days.

        • smitty1547

          With all your great Seahawk commentary that might just be the best comment yet.

          • BobbyK

            Nope. Second. Wondering why they traded down to take Malik McDowell instead of just sitting pat and taking TJ Watt is still best. By far.

            • Saxon

              BrazilHawks comment made me eyeroll so hard that I’m now boss-eyed. Thanks for that.

              It would be great to get Bosa or Garrett obviously, but no way either team lets them walk.

              For some reason signing Clowney to big $$$ still makes me nervous. There are just no other options, I guess. We have to risk everything in pursuit of more pass rush.

              • Submanjoe

                Bosa held out as a rookie over his contract and offsets. It is entirely possible he demands a new contract, he is going into year 4, and if the chargers play hardball as they did last year with Gordon, and Bosa doesn’t relent either, he could get traded. Not saying it will happen, but it could. Of course, if the seahawks did trade for him in those circumstances they would have to sign him to a huge deal… which would be a surprise! But, how many rookies since the current cba has been in effect have held out…

        • Dale Roberts

          I don’t know Joey Bosa’s politics and he’s not a tweeter. I’d take Joey.

          Nick on the other hand has over 3,000 tweets even after deleting a big chunk because “I might get drafted by San Francisco”. Nick Bosa’s twitter feed included, 1. Black Panther is the worst Marvel movie. 2. Beyoncé’s music is ‘trash.’ 3. Kaepernick is a ‘clown.’ There’s definitely a theme there.

          • Saxon

            So, Dale, you infer from those few tweets that he’s a bigot? Maybe, until he publicly declares such we should give him the benefit of the doubt? Nothing that he stated is very controversial. Beyonce’s music is objectively trash, Kap is empirically a clown, especially after his recent workout fiasco, and Black Panther was, to me, average but I can see why some love it and some loathe it. I’m sure Bosa’s also been critical of many “whites”, so it’s disingenuous to cherry pick a few tweets just to spin a narrative.

            Anyway, he’s certainly chosen a strange profession if he dislikes a certain demographic. I’d love for either Bosa to wear the Blue & Green some day. If a players politics concerned me I’d be relegated to only watching NASCAR, which is too depressing to contemplate.

            • Rob Staton

              I have to say, I thought Black Panther was rubbish. I’m not a big comic book movie person — but I watched it on a plane and wasn’t impressed. A right load of tosh.

              Not sure that, Beyonce’s pretty thin back-catalogue and Colin Kaepernick is enough to label someone a bigot. So don’t do it.

              People should stop trying to find racism in everything. It isn’t helping.

            • Matt

              Preach it.

              Why does anyone care what Nick Bosa’s politics are anyways? Doesn’t that say more about the people who litigate this type of stuff?

              I really, really despise this injection of politics into everything – I don’t care which side does it. I watch Baseball and Football to get away from that crap. “Man, I really wish I could like Russell Wilson, but he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 – guess I can’t be a fan of his.”

              Sounds so incredibly stupid, doesn’t it?

              • Dale Roberts

                Matt… Nobody said anything about Republican vs Democrat. Should Jerry Sandusky not be penalized for pedophilia because he was a football coach? Should NFL players not be held accountable for domestic abuse because our favorite player might go to jail? Not many years ago several NFL players made derogatory comments about the gay community. Should we just turn a blind eye? Like it or not racism, sexism and social inequity are part of the NFL. Think Rooney rule. If we ignore bad behavior just because we want to watch our football then we’re endorsing it. How we handle or society is politics and as long as the NFL is based on money there will be politics in football.

              • Dale Robert

                Matt… let me adjust your last sentence. “Man, I really wish I could like Russell Wilson but he says anyone who isn’t a Christian should be shot”. Would you be okay with that?

                • McZ

                  Let me adjust-adjust this sentence…
                  “A white supremacist came to me and talked about that damn jews, so I told him ‘anyone who isn’t a Christian should be shot, right?’ Then he choked and vanished.”

                  What does that mean? Context matters!

            • Bigten

              Very well said.

            • Dale Roberts

              Sorry for taking us down the political rabbit hole but since you folks jumped in here’s something for you to chew on.

              Was Kap’s crusade was a sham; do you think he is a clown? Do you believe the inequities in America are not worthy of notice? Is racism is a joke? I’m curious why Bosa felt it necessary to delete a big chunk of his tweets if they were so innocuous. When you combine his tweets, his admitted penchant for provoking liberals, and his rabid support for Trump there is clearly a smoking gun. I hope I’m wrong. I hope he becomes the NFL’s man of the year. I hope he actually talks to Kap and apologies. Politics matter, character matters… sometimes even more that winning a football game.

              • Bob Johnston

                Dale – take a hint. Nobody wants to hear your thoughts on this.

                • Awsi Dooger

                  Rob, sorry…I was posting before I saw yours. Otherwise I would have canceled.

                  The End

                • Dale Roberts

                  Thanks Bob… I’ll remember that when I have a differing opinion I should just keep quiet. The American way right?

              • Awsi Dooger

                Absolutely politics matters. I am far less of a Dolphins fan because of Stephen Ross and his stated intentions. Likewise I would not want Joey Bosa on my team. I understand that athletes generally disagree with me. That’s fine. Some take it to another level. If you sample Buckeye message boards and other venues with posts from people who have known him, Bosa is far beyond that other level.

                I no longer watch PGA golf telecasts on NBC once they promoted Paul Azinger to lead analyst. He’s another who has taken it to a different level. It’s amazing how relaxing it is. It’s not like I intentionally boycott the events. They no longer exist in my thought process. NBC made its choice and that made things easy for me. The LPGA, in contrast, has an interesting mixture. I enjoy looking things up and following/rooting for similar minded players, including when I attend events in person, like twice already this season.

                • Huggie Hawks

                  Black Panther was outstanding, one of the top Marvel movies IMO, Beyoncé is not my fave but what a talent, and Kaep should have a job. I thought this was a politics free blog btw? Or is it ok to take shots? Happy to heave ho like Garrapalo, but would rather talk football. I would happily take Nick Bosa on my team, though I despise his “politics”. I would hold my nose and celebrate the sacks. Anyhow, back to football…

                  • Rob Staton

                    Politics is not welcome here.

                    We only ended up discussing it because apparently not liking Black Panther, Beyoncé’s music or Kaepernick’s protest (which lost a lot of credibility in the last six months IMO) means Nick Bosa is a biggot. Which isn’t necessarily true at all, of course, and I’d rather us avoid this nonsense from now on. Everyone’s always looking for something these days.

  3. TMoney

    What can the 49ers possibly offer for the likes of an OBJ or Diggs?

    • Rob Staton

      High picks.

      • Thomas Wells

        They have a first this year, then don’t pick again til the fifth. I believe they traded their second rounder for Dee Ford and the third + fourth for Sanders. To offer high picks they would have to offer their first this year and/or start trading high picks in next year’s draft. They certainly could, but they don’t have a second and third this year to work with which would hamper those efforts a bit.

        • BobbyK

          You must realize they have picks in 2021, too. They could package a #1 pick in ’20 and again in ’21. I wouldn’t offer that for Diggs, but they could offer it. Boom. They have pickS. High ones.

          • BobbyK

            I wish I could edit. I read your response wrong originally. Sorry.

            • Thomas Wells

              All good, I have wished many times I could edit my posts here!

    • Dale Roberts

      It’s Cleveland man. They’ll trade OBJ for the 32nd pick and SF’s 2021 first rounder (28th) and think they won.

      • God of Thunder

        But sometimes there’s a steep price to pay to get rid of a lover, er, sorry a player you have for good reason soured on.

  4. Henry Taylor

    Two thoughts shared here that I’ve been thinking about myself (so annoyed I didn’t get there first by it’s nice to have my internal musings validated). Tua to the Colts is the perfect landing spot for him with that coaching staff, Oline and a decent enough starter in place that he doesn’t have to be rushed. Only issue would be the Colts willingness to go with another injury risk at the position.
    And the Eagles moving up for a receiver makes too much sense, with an aggressive FO and a massive need at the position, Jeudy would be a great fit for their offence.

  5. cha

    The Bills will make an aggressive move this off-season. They’re developing nicely but they need a jolt. They’re in the ‘good not great’ category. It could be a trade up or a free agency splash.
    How about bringing Sammy Watkins back?

    New York Jets
    The Jets will focus on building an offensive line for Sam Darnold and landing a weapon for him too.
    Why does Germain Ifedi feel like a natural fit here? Jets overpay for everyone

    San Francisco
    Rather than retreat into their shell after the Super Bowl, the Niners make a splash somehow. I’m not sure what it is. It could be an Odell Beckham Jr trade or a Stefon Diggs trade. I think they’ll do something, though.
    LA Rams
    What can they do? They’ve no picks or cap space. So the only solid prediction to make is they’ll extend Jalen Ramsey’s contract.
    Is it just me, or can you just cut LA’s notes and paste them in SF’s notes for 2021?

    • GerryG

      the cap is not as simple as space for next year, but the flexibility of the contracts to generate space if needed. I’ve in a few spots that SF may not have a lot of space, but have beeen smart with the flexibility of their contracts, so I don’t thing they are in dire straits

  6. SoCal12

    Burrow, Tua, Herbert, Love, Fromm, Eason, Hurts. Where do we think these 7 will end up? I’m predicting:

    Burrow – Cincinnati
    Tua – Miami
    Herbert – Chargers
    Love – Indianapolis
    Fromm – Patriots
    Eason – Pittsburgh
    Hurts – Carolina

    • Rob Staton

      Burrow —- Cincy (Miami to try and pull off an Eli though)
      Herbert —- LA Chargers
      Tua —- Indy
      Love —- Miami
      Eason —- Pitt
      Fromm —- Vegas
      Hurts —- Carolina

      • God of Thunder

        I think 4 of these slingers are a cinch to go in R1. But I wonder if as many as 6 could be R1? The more, the merrier as this pushes good prospects into the lower third of the first round.

        • Rob Staton

          I think three in R1

    • charlietheunicorn

      How about Miami going with Tua at #18, but getting a splash “surefire” player at #5? They need help across the board… and frankly several trade downs could be in the cards as well, since they need to rebuild the entire roster.

  7. Gaux Hawks

    Loving this post, thanks!

    -Rams might start shedding contracts for picks… their panicking.

    -Niners will need to shake off their demons with a big splash move (offense and defense).

    -Arizona has a quiet, but strong offseason. They make the playoffs in 2020 (see K. Murray).

    -Seattle misfires this offseason by trying to get too cute. We finally take a step back.

    Rob, you’re right, we need to hit the gas this offseason. Unfortunately I’m just hesitant to believe it until I see it.

    I really want us to go out and get some experience and speed on the D-line. Like you say, an injection of proven talent at DE, TE and OL. Then add some youth/depth at WR, RB and LB/CB/S.

    I’m also hoping Buffalo comes out swinging during FA and shakes things up in the AFC.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know why you’re hesitant. This is the team that:

      Traded for Percy Harvin
      Traded for Jimmy Graham
      Traded for Sheldon Richardson
      Traded for Duane Brown
      Traded for Jadeveon Clowney

      All big bold moves.

      The last time they had cap space they spent big money on Sidney Rice, Zach Miller and Robert Gallery. In 2013 they pulled off the heist of the decade by signing Bennett and Avril. In a year when they desperately needed a QB they signed one, drafted one and let the best man start regardless of status.

      They have consistently been aggressive and bold and never cute.

    • Gaux Hawks

      I hear you loud and clear, Rob. Just tempering my expectations this offseason, maybe call it an Anti-Jinx.

      I believe the FO has systematically setup this offseason to be big this year. We may be the SB favorites once the season begins… now PCJS just needs to materialize the vision. I can’t define “too cute,” but I can feel it in my gut… hopefully just butterflies.


  8. lil’stink

    Everson Griffen is the interesting name to me. The only question is if there will be a trade market for him, or if he will just be released. EG has stated that he wants to stay in Minny, which I don’t doubt. But his college coach was none other than Pete Carroll. Presuming they have a good relationship, EG coming here makes sense. His contract is reasonable, and we have a ton of picks this year. We would still need another pass rusher, of course, but making a trade for EG would at least spare us another bidding war in FA.

  9. charlietheunicorn

    A surprising name seems to be gaining steam with the Seattle media….. WR Emmanuel Sanders. They were advocating using him as the 3rd WR.. he can play slot, but still has speed and ability to stretch the field. He likely will not be a huge price tag.. and if SF loses him, their WR shelf will be bare…. which mean Jimmy G will be even worse than he is now… at a high price tag!

    • Bigten

      Someone mentioned Dante Pettis and how he seems to be in the doghouse. What do people think of trying to trade for him? What would it take (player wise)?

      • charlietheunicorn

        “I watched the Super Bowl at least five or six times, and it’s like when you watch a movie like the Titanic and hope the ship doesn’t sink, and the ship sinks over and over,” receiver Emmanuel Sanders said Wednesday, per Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News.

        • charlietheunicorn

          Doubt he is going back to the 49ers.

  10. Submanjoe

    A few thoughts. Surprises are things we don’t expect. Maybe the seahawks don’t retain clowney, maybe they keep ifedi and fant and continuity on the oline. Maybe they make a wild trade for someone we haven’t talked about here. Maybe its not the end of the world (obviously!) if they decide not to retain Clowney. We’ve seen them go after Sheldon Richardson and let him go seemingly without a care. They traded Percy Harvin for peanuts on the dollar. Bennett never even played on his extension. The seahawks under PCJS have moved on quickly, cut their losses so to speak. Clowney is a fantastic player and no doubt paired with a speed rusher and some more disrupters on the interior, the seahawks could do very well, and Clowney could be great. The seahawks need those players anyway. They need disrupters across the line who can break through and cause havoc and cause quarterbacks to rush throws. Clowney won’t solve all those problems and he cannot do it all alone. Maybe they’ll decide they don’t want to match the 20 million a year deal he’s sure to get. Maybe they’ll sign three guys they hope will be the next Bennett, Avril, and Clemons. And maybe all three will cost 24 million for the year. I won’t be surprised whatever they do. I’d rather they retain Clowney, I hope they do. But I won’t be surprised. Honestly, given the history of the PCJS decade, i’d be surprised if they did pay Clowney…

    • Sea Mode

      Richardson was a desperation acquisition after McDowell fell through and performed well but not great. Nowhere near the impact Clowney had.

      Percy didn’t fit the team culture and literally got in a fist fight with a teammateat the Super Bowl. Clowney has been a 100% fit in our culture.

      Bennett had already worn out his welcome and become a huge pain in the butt for, well, just about everyone in the organization. And he wasn’t getting any younger either. Clowney is 26 and has repeatedly expressed how much he loves playing in Seattle.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I would be gobsmacked if SEA don’t sign Clowney. Gobsmacked. There isn’t another player like him available. He’s already on the team. He’s already a locker room leader. The DL was the weakest position group on the team and losing him would be madness going into next season.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s a complete no brainer.

        • Ross

          How soon are they able to sign him? I have to believe it’ll be the first order of business

          • Rob Staton

            They can sign him now but the chances are he will test the market first.

            • Ross

              Why let it go that far? Don’t we risk losing him if we do that?

              • Starhawk29

                Not up to us. He’s never been a FA before, so he’ll want to test the market. We just have to be patient.

              • Rob Staton

                You can’t force him to sign a contract. Whatever offer you make him now, he’s still going to want to see what else is out there.

              • Group Captain Mandrake

                There’s no choice. They agreed not to tag him before the trade so that he could test the market. Unless he changes his mind, or Seattle just stuns him with a huge contract, there’s nothing they can do but wait.

              • Ashish

                It’s risk Clowney is willing to take, it might back fire. Other teams might try to low ball with sack numbers etc. So wait might work in Hawks favor. Signing decent deal like 5 years $100 or $105 m might not that bad.

              • Michael P Matherne

                Any offer made to Clowney right now would just be the Seahawks negotiating against Clowney’s imagination. The only offer he’d be likely to accept right now is one so good that he doesn’t think any other team in the league would match it. That’s not the deal we want. It may be what you end up doing eventually anyway, but if you wait at least you have a chance that his market is not as blazing hot as we all think it will be.

    • Jhams

      The reason I’m so confident they resign Clowney is how good he is against the run. We’ve been really bad at both rushing defense and pass rush. He’s a big part of making both better.

      • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

        Yes, stopping the run. Pete wants to stop the run and Clowney might be the best DE at this. Even without the added “speed rusher” we all want, the Seahawks can win with Clowney and improved pressure from the middle. Maybe the big splash is a defensive tackle. Either way, keeping Clowney is a must.

        He might be the only top five pick the Seahawks sniff in a decade. They let a hall of famer walk in each of the last two years for good reasons. Mostly team chemistry but also injury, age and price. After being beaten by New England it was easier to copy Belichick and get rid of them too early rather than too late. That does not apply to Clowney.

        Clowney seemed to improve team chemistry, is not too old and may still get better. He played pretty well on a core injury, so it is mainly cost that appears the hinderance. I bet they get it done. Who wants to go to Buffalo, or play for Philly?

  11. Dale Roberts

    The commissioner announces, “Seattle trades the 27th and 64th pick in this years draft plus Bradely McDougald and a second round selection 2021 to Cleveland for ODell Beckham Jr. and David Njoku”.
    Beckham is a steal at an APY of $14 million thru 2023. Cleveland needs a safety; McDougald is experienced, good, and relatively cheap. Seattle needs to make space in the defensive backfield for Diggs/Blair and needs “stars” for Russell. If Pete can manage OBJ’s ego we should be good. Now we just need a pass rusher… or two.

    • dcd2

      Ugh. Why do people keep throwing out OBJ as an idea? You really want to trade a 1, two 2’s & our starting SS for that diva? $15M/year isn’t a steal. It’s behind only Julio, Michael Thomas and Davante Adams (Cooks and Alshon too, but those are awful contracts).

      The guy is a malcontent wherever he goes and we just finished purging our roster of guys like that. From a locker room standpoint, I literally cannot think of a player I would like less than OBJ, unless somehow AB gets green-lit to come back.

      All that aside, we’ve been talking about the strength of this draft being WR. Why not just take best available at #27? Raegor, Aiyuk, Shennault, Jefferson, Hamler, Higgins, Ruggs… more than likely a couple of them will be there. WR is a position that can come in and be a factor right away. Look at the rookie seasons from DK, Deebo, AJ Brown, MacLaurin. Year before that: DJ Moore, Calvin Ridley, Courtland Sutton, Christian Kirk, Chark, Gallup…

      All those guys are locked up for years on rookie deals, and all taken with early (1st-3rd) picks.


      Too rich for me… a 1st and and 3rd for Odell at this stage of his career — having stalled out spectacularly and worn out his welcome seemingly in two organizations — should be plenty enough or I’d leave the table. They might not take it, especially since we pick late, but the value has to be depressed at this point, and CLE might want a fresh start, regardless. A 3rd for Njoku as well; the guy has accomplished nothing and if he does, would become much more expensive very soon.

      If we were to offer, say, a late 1st, a 2021 2nd, and a 2020 3rd for both that might be a wise allocation of resources.

    • Bigten

      I would hate the idea of trading for either unless it was a substantial fleecing. Say a second for obj and 4th fur njoku. I would pound the table for Howard, I would not for njoku. I was not a fan of his coming out of Miami and still am not. Obj has all the talent, but I see the next AB in him. Not saying I wouldnt be happy to have him. But I would be scared as well. Definitely not worth the risk of a 1st rounder to me.

    • GoHawksDani

      No, just no. OBJ is the worst kind of player.
      And is he gonna be WR3? Do you push Lockett to WR2? DK to WR3? Nope

    • Ashish

      I don’t like this trade at all. Beckham is great player but too inconsistent and with it’s own issues. Njoku is similar great player profile, has a traits of being great but we don’t know for what reasons he has not performed at that level.
      Instead we can get best tight end in first round and still have McDougald. Don’t forget injuries we do need backup in football and good ones.
      WR is not a must need, we do have DK, Lockett and other promising players. We can spend in FA to get 3rd target or Draft one in good WR year.

    • Jhams

      This is a strong draft for WR. Why would we trade that level of capital (and make our defense worse) to get a locker room cancer? And Njoku is a bust. I’d be against signing him in FA for anything over the minimum.

      A 1st and pair of seconds could get us one or two high quality pass rushers.

    • Dale Roberts

      In defense of my trade…

      OBJ is a prima donna but is also extraordinarily talented and we will not be in a position to find that level of talent with the 27th pick. Pete has never shied away from big personalities and has a rare ability to manage those egos. Marshawn Lynch was a malcontent but that seemed to workout while Sherman and Bennett fit much the same mold. Don’t confuse OBJ with Antonio Brown. He’s not mentally ill, is only 26, and just needs a strong QB like Russell Wilson. So far he’s played with Eli and Baker neither of which are elite quarterbacks. OBJ wants to be great… not good but great.

      I don’t think Njoku is a bust but rather plays on a dysfunctional team that does a poor job of utilizing the tight end. He’s still somewhat raw but his upside is huge.

      I doubt McDougald will be a starter next year and as much as I would like having him as depth it might be smart to get value for him now.

      The desire to make this kind of trade rests on our ability to improve the pass rush through free agency.

      • Michigan 12th

        I would be on board with this trade if we could send a second this year, plus a fourth, and possibly even a fourth next year, for Landry and Njoku instead of OBJ. Landry is the man and does it all with no attitudes. He is just a blue collar receiver that flat out gets it done.

  12. Cyrus

    We need jalen reagor, electric speed, return skills and yac abilities hope he falls to us

    • Sea Mode


      • Largent80

        Double Tap.

  13. Denver Hawker

    Cool article Rob. It’s interesting to start aggregating team sentiments as well as fan sites to read how the FA market will play out and set draft expectations accordingly.

    Listening to local radio, I think Denver is taking the longer road than initially planned. They believe they have a shot at the wild card this year. However, all moves are focused on how to beat Mahomes. They are rightfully concerned the AFC and division goes through him next 10 years. They plan to keep building a defense and around Lock. I imagine Raiders and Chargers think of the same.

  14. Ukhawk

    Rob. I’m selfish but you’re underutilized via SDB – should be lead analyst for SI NFL or something.


    • Rob Staton

      Thank you. And, well, I’m open to offers 🙂

  15. Submanjoe

    Titans tag Henry. Seahawks trade 27 and Carson to the titans for Derrick Henry. That would be a surprise, but Carroll loved Henry coming out of college…
    this is too much fun. Thanks Rob

    • cha

      Wet blanket checking in here…

      I’d absolutely love Henry on the Seahawks, but he’s a Free Agent. Which means if they made this deal, it’d be after Tennessee signs him to a monster contract. Which means his value is greatly diminished in a league where you can get starting RBs for far less than #27.

      But Harvey in Seattle would be Beast Mode II for sure.

      • Submanjoe

        If he gets tagged because the titans wont do a deal like david johnson or gurley or elliot got. Is there any team besides seattle that would offer a 1st round pick for a running back two years after drafting a running back in the 1st round..

        • cha

          Seattle wouldn’t offer a first.

          david johnson or gurley or elliot got

          2 of those 3 deals were disasters

          • Submanjoe

            Thats why there’s a chance the titans and Henry could get to an impasse, and he could demand a trade. Not saying it’ll happen. The titans may balk at a 4 or 5 year deal with 40 million plus in guarantees.

            • dcd2

              Hopefully we would to. He’s not even a 3 down back.

              Henry was also on Rich Eisen last week saying “Zeke Money” is the floor (5/$90M with $60M guaranteed).

              Nevermind the compensation, which I agree with cha on. We have far too many other pressing needs to tie up $15M in cap on a RB.

  16. RWIII

    Just for the record. Mike Salk said he the top two priorities for the Seahawks is to add two pass rushers plus sign Clowney. Seattle needs to add Clowney plus two pass rushers.

    Would love to steal Griffin from the Vikings.

    Also this will be a make it or break year for both Rasheem Green, and L.J Collier. These guys better step up if they want to remain Seahawks.

    • Volume12

      They also shouldn’t overpay for some of these guys. Let’s see who sets the market.

    • Jhams

      Green was what, 20 y/o’s when he was drafted? He’s a baby, probably hasn’t even stopped developing physically yet. I think the progress he’s made is really encouraging. Plenty of guys take several years to develop NFL caliber pass rush moves, even starting at a later age. I think Green has been a real success story.

  17. Bigten

    Anyone see Chris Jones’ tweet? “KC it was real. I love y’all” interesting.

    • cha

      Wouldn’t read too much into that.

      3 hrs later he tweeted ‘winners don’t sleep, we repeat’

    • Rob Staton

      None of these tweets mean anything when the franchise tag still exists.

      But he’s probably just talking about the parade yesterday.

  18. Henry Taylor

    Some of these ideas had my brain going all day about mock ideas, so I wrote them down for once. It was a fun exercise, some of this is influenced by what I keep reading about players rather than how I personally value them, its probably very wrong. Don’t @ me.

    1 Burrow QB LSU
    2 Young Edge OSU
    3 Okudah CB OSU
    4 Thomas OT Georgia
    Trade with NY Giants* Cleveland
    5 Simmons LB/S Clemson
    6 Herbert QB Oregon
    LA Chargers
    7 Brown DT Auburn
    8 Wirfs OL Iowa
    9 Kinlaw DT SC
    10 Jeudy WR Alabama
    Trade with Cleveland* NY Giants
    11 Lamb WR Oklahoma
    NY Jets
    12 Reagor WR TCU
    Las Vegas
    13 Tua QB Alabama
    14 Delpit S LSU
    Tampa Bay
    15 Diggs CB Alabama
    16 Love QB Utah State
    Trade with Atlanta* New Orleans
    17 Fulton CB LSU
    18 Ruggs III Alabama
    Philadelphia trade with* Miami
    19 Queen LB LSU
    Las Vegas
    20 Murray LB Oklahoma
    21 Willis OT Alabama
    Miami trade with* Philadelphia
    22 Higgins WR Clemson
    23 Shenault WR Colorado
    New England
    24 Epenesa Edge Iowa
    Trade with Atlanta* New Orleans
    25 Henderson CB Florida
    26 Ruiz C Michigan
    27 Mekhi Becton OT Louisville
    Trade with Seattle* NY Giants
    28 Hamler WR PSU
    29 Wilson OT Georgia
    30 Aiyuk WR Arizona State
    Green Bay
    31 Fromm QB Georgia
    Trade with San Francisco* Carolina
    32 Dobbins RB OSU
    Kansas City
    33 Tega Wanogho OT Auburn
    34 Jefferson WR LSU
    35 Taylor RB Wisconsin
    36 Raekwon Davis DT Alabama
    Trade with NY Giants* Seattle

    Trades, not too bothered about the value for now:
    Cleveland moves up for Thomas (new Browns front office with Philly routes has promised to come out aggressive to make a winner, getting a stud LT is a great start)
    Saints move up aggressively for Brees’ successor, perfect landing spot for Love
    Philly goes and gets a field stretcher they wanted Jackson to be this year, Miami continues to play the long game in their rebuild
    NYG and Gettleman wants a big hog mollie after going finesse with their first pick, Seahawks will do as they do and move down
    San Fran has no picks, they need to trade down, I think Carolina and their new OC will like Fromm’s steady and well rounded play

    Seahawks pick: Davis is truly the forgotten man in this draft, coming into his Junior year he was a projected early pick but his production and stock has seriously suffered since. Personally I put that down to the role change following the departure of DaRon Payne and think he can be an excellent 1 and 3 tech for this team. The Seahawks add some talent on the edge in FA and get themselves a massive interior guy to develop and who can play from day one. I also think playing him and Poona next to each other on the line will look hilarious.

    • Dale Roberts

      Decent list. Here are some minor tweaks.
      -Josh Jones will come off the board before Wilson or Wanogho.
      -Biadasz will be the first center off the board rather than Ruiz.
      -I’ll be surprised to see Jefferson go in the first unless he has a great combine.
      -KC will take a defensive back; Xavier McKinney is still on your board and so is CJ Henderson.

      Pending the combine where we learn his TEF score and his interview/passion for the game score, I’m totally in on Davis. My concern is about his ability to disengage from a block and have the quickness to get to his assigned gap. Quickness rather than mass is where we’ve come up short on the defensive line of late.

      • Henry Taylor

        Cheers for the feedback, here’s my defence from your comments:
        Josh Jones is a little overrated after one good day at the senior bowl, Wilson and Wanogho were kicking ass in the SEC all year long, both underrated imo. fwiw Wilson to the Titans was one of my favourite fits in this draft, replacing Conklin at RT with a bad ass dude like that to open up the running lanes, they wouldn’t skip at beat up front.
        Biadasz and Ruiz are 1 and 2 at the position, may come down to team preference but I think Ruiz is better, as do most draft analysts I trust, Rob included.
        Jefferson went 34 so he didn’t go in the first. And Indy need a 2nd WR and he is the best guy left on the board at that point.
        I had CJ Henderson at 25, and I honestly was always giving Dobbins to the Chiefs. They may not feel the need to take RB that early but I think he’d be such a superstar in that offence Im gonna try and will it into existence.

        • Dale Roberts

          Good defense. I think we’re all spitting into the wind a bit because there will a lot of shifts after the combine. An interesting situation is Delpit who has dropped precipitously on many draft boards.

          • Henry Taylor

            Agreed, for me Delpit is still a top 10 talent, 14 was as low as I could go. If he did actually take a tumble and the Seahawks could get him I’d be delighted.

  19. Largent80

    Double Tap.

  20. Ashish

    I would like Seahawks take solid OL and WR in their first 2 picks in any order. Finger crossed.

    • Michael P Matherne

      Obviously we want to surround RW with as many weapons as possible, but I’m a little confused by all the clamoring for a #3 Receiver. Is this just because of how strong this particular draft is at the position? How many targets is the guy behind Lockett and DK really gonna get? I think every single position on defense (not to mention TE) should be a much higher priority than WR3. Get one at some point for sure, but if you have a chance at a difference maker on any level of the defense I’d take that and grab a WR later.

      • cha

        I’m all for bringing David Moore back on the $2m tender.

        But if a WR is the BPA when the Hawks pick, I have no issue with them snapping him up.

    • Dale Roberts

      It completely depends on what we accomplish if free agency.

  21. cha

    So here’s a thought experiment. What does everyone think?

    Would you trade the entire Seahawks roster straight up for any other teams’ roster right now?

    Here’s the rules: Coaching, FO, training staff, etc don’t go in the deal. All stay in place. Also, it’s not just the talent, it’s the contracts on the books, cap room and all future draft picks.

    Which organization would you trade the Seahawks’ roster straight up for? Or would you stand pat and keep the Hawks as is?

    Show your work!

    • Michael P Matherne

      I’m not giving up Russell Wilson for anything. Period.

      If I were forced against my will to make this deal, I would go with the Baltimore roster. It fits what Pete wants to do better than KC…

    • McZ

      The idea of the Jags roster with Pete Carroll at coach and John Schneider at GM is utterly sexy.
      I think, this would be a winner.

      • Jhams

        I fail to see how trading Russ for an ok at best QB would be an exciting result. Not to mention No E, Metcalf, Carson, Penny, Dissly…

        • McZ

          It’s possibly the most underutilized roster in the NFL.
          The difference would be striking.

    • Matt

      Kansas City
      San Francisco

      Those might be the only 3, but I would classify those as borderline no brainers, in your scenario.

  22. RWIII

    Rob: Just curious. Do you think Ziggy Ansah will play next year? If he does(no matter who he plays for) what would be your best guess on what his salary might be?

    • Michael P Matherne

      Based on what we saw this season I think Ziggy should have to pay money to the team he plays for – you know like those Underdog recreational kickball leagues.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s done

      • cha

        He’s the 2019 version of Eddie Lacy. Done like dinner.

  23. Madmark

    I like to see a block buster Trade for Griffin and a Diggs. We would get a veteran star player for each side of the ball. Come on JC. I don’t believe that my 27th pick will change, I am all in for Isiah Wilson RT from Georgia he is a monster. This guy just screams to me a Seattle and Solari type OL. I’ve look really hard at OL prospects and think it time to get young on the offensive side and this is as good as place as any. I would resign Fant I think he will play RT and replace Brown in the next year. I expect we bring back Britt but we need to think of the future going forward and I looking at Cesar Ruiz C from Michigan currently using the 64th pick. I would love to pickup a RG also. I not sure a Flukker can last a whole season. FA a veteran TE. Use the 59th and a 3rd next year for a Calais Campbell or Everson Griffin. So far its how I’m looking at it now.

  24. Jhams

    I’m fascinated to see what happens with the Vikings, they’re so far over the cap they’ll have to shed some good players. And Zimmer just strikes me as the kind of guy who’d throw a talent likes Diggs away because he dislikes him personally (and is stuck in a 1975 three yards and a cloud of dust mentality). Just look how he’s alienated and discarded his OC’s that want to throw the ball. If we could end up with Everson Griffen and or Diggs that’d be a huge score.

    Matt Judon is another interesting name. Rob, what kind of pick do you think it’d take to bring him in?

    I would be shocked if the Jags don’t either resign or tag Ngakoue. It’ll be interesting to see how that effects Campbell and their willingness to deal him. Winning the WPMOY probably makes it less likely he’ll leave.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you could probably get Judon for a R2. But I can’t get excited about trading for him. He’s not particularly twitchy. Not a speed rusher. Very much a 7-9 sack type of guy. Which is fine but after you trade for him you’d have to pay him big money. And he’s 28 before next season, so not the youngest either.

      • Matt

        If he is tagged, I think he could be had for a 3rd or 4th. I mean it would be a similar scenario to Clowney – gotta imagine they would take that deal.

        Just my opinion.

        • Rob Staton

          No way would the Ravens settle that low.

          Clowney was a unique situation. This is very different. They would expect Dee Ford comp at a minimum.

      • Davido

        Judon could be a Sheldon Richardson type if we don’t find DLine talent in the offseason or brought in for additional power for a SB run.
        I wouldn’t hate having him. He was impressive this season in the Ravens games I’ve watched.

  25. James Hill

    This is just for conversation. Any thoughts that the 49ers ship Garbagepolo for some high picks like someone’s high pick first rounder. Paying a lot of money for a QB who is not money. I think a talented rookie could easily hand off the football, throw the post route and out routes to a TE and the Niners haul in some big draft picks and resign the DL and maybe pick up an OBJ or Diggs

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt anyone would give them a high pick. If they wanted to shift him there would be buyers but they’d need a plan. I can’t see it to be honest.

  26. Dale Roberts

    Here are the defensive line players I would target because they had good pass rush win rates but are somewhat undervalued because those wins didn’t turn into sacks:
    Adrian Clayborne – The downside is 31. His last contract with Atlanta was 1 year/$2 million.
    Leonard Williams – He hasn’t lived up to his billing but his upside is huge. Even if the Giants resign him I think they would part with him for our third round comp pick.
    Javon Hargrave – He’s only 26 and has improved every year. The Steelers have a ton of talent on their defensive line. Hargrave only got his chance because Stephen Tuitt was injured.

    Robert Quinn was on a one year $10 million deal with Dallas in 2020. He was great in his rookie year but was subsequently miscast as a stand up linebacker and his production fell. With Dallas he was able to put his hand back in the dirt and somewhat returned to form. I think another year as a 4-3 end would see continued improvement. He’s 29 so he’s still got same gas in the tank and I think we could get him for 3 years/$15 mil/APY with $30 million guaranteed.

    • Davido

      A cheap Hargrave would be such a steal. I really like this guy and he might be on a low price right now.

    • Submanjoe

      I think your list here is spot on for type of players the seahawks will look at.

  27. Madmark

    Tell me Rob what it would take to pull off a trade to get Griffin and Diggs?
    We would add a definite need with Griffon who I think could be a mentor for a Collier and Green. Griffin did 26 solo tackles, 8 sacks, and 1 Interception.
    Stefon Diggs is a really interesting prospect for RW. He had 63 reception, 1,103yds, and 6 TDS. Its because of this website that I have good knowledge about him. I actually drafted him in the late 4 th round for Seattle in 2015 Draft.
    I still think that most of the defensive line will be hired veterans. They just don’t have the time to groom rookies at this spot or the time.

    • Rob Staton

      Probably a first for Diggs and maybe some mid-round comp for Griffen.

      • Simo

        Hmm…a first seems a bit high for Diggs, but perhaps not and the Hawks R1 is nearly a second anyway. Would a first and fifth for both players be a good play, do you think? It definitely is a step towards fixing the pass rush AND adds a very nice weapon for Russ.

        • Rob Staton

          A first will be the minimum for Diggs.

          It will take more than a R1 and a R5 to get both I’d say.

  28. Kingdome1976

    I kind of like the idea of trading for Diggs because Russ likes him and he is truly a proven player. I like the idea a bunch more than the OBJ idea. However I feel like we need to spend most of our cap on the defensive line. I really don’t want to add another receiver in free agency and than use up a bunch of cap space. I think getting a TE in FA is more important anyway.

    • Madmark

      Stefon still has 3 years on his contract and he easly steps in as number 3 guy. Jarran Brown is cone and ursala and Moore have competition.

    • Matt

      On the surface, I love it…but go down a level deeper and my concern is one of Lockett, DK, or Diggs is going to take a massive statistical hit. I don’t think that’ll sit well with any of them. This is why I think you take a WR in R1 who is clearly 3rd wheel but can still be a game changing talent and insurance policy. I just think a rookie allows you to avoid any turmoil.

      • Volume12

        Wasn’t one of Diggs complaints about a lack of targets last season? Kind of indicates to me he’s not happy as a 3rd option.

        • Chase Cash

          It seemed like he was only unhappy while they were losing some games, and at the time their offense was having problems as well.

  29. Volume12

    Hawks ’20 opponents:





    • cha

      Loads of potential for prime time games there.

      • Edgar

        Also looks like atleast half their road games will be breakfast games for Pacific Time Zone fans.

    • HawkfaninMT

      Gets even more enticing when you put the names of the starting QBs of the teams next to their names… lots of opportunities to win if they can just get this pesky pass rush thing figured out!

  30. CD

    I think Cam Newton’s head would explode if the goes to the Chargers and then they draft a early 1st round QB.

  31. Spencer

    Im not too enamored with the FA DE list. Looks like Fowler or bust for me. We must retain Clowney at all costs. Saw a familiar name in Markus Golden, I remember Rob talking him up quite a bit.

  32. Davido

    Im going for a hot take as a prediction for us.
    Seattle won’t draft a receiver early and John Ursua will be our WR3 mainly playing in the slot.

    • JC3

      Agree, they won’t daft a receiver but they will package some picks (2nd & 3rd?) for Stefon Diggs.

      • Davido

        That is really, really cheap for Diggs. I doubt they will do that. The only situation in which he could be that cheap is a Clowney type situation.

        • Davido

          In addition, I like Diggs a lot. I just traded for him in my dynasty fantasy league however, I am scared he could “wasted” in our offense. I feel like this offense just needs another solid receiver. Metcalf and Lockett are already pretty good. Diggs would be so much more than that. Diggs could be a WR1 in another team. While watching Russ with 3 of such weapons would be great, I would rather spend the capital (probably a first rounder + a contract bigger than a rookie contract) elsewhere. Pete won’t play an Andy Reid offense. I think we need players that help with our identity rather than just the best players available.

  33. Awsi Dooger

    Well done and interesting. This is markedly preferable to a mock draft

  34. Madmark

    I like to show you what it’s been like for me since I started coming to this website which I started in the JC/ PC era (lets call it that). The great part was the debate about each draft I experience and I got to see my team win one superbowl in my lifetime. I going to flash a website about all Drafts we had and I had my own mocks for each of them on this website. thank ya rob.

  35. dcd2

    A kick-returning Taysom Hill?
    Kentucky QB/RB/WR/KR – Lynn Bowden



    • charlietheunicorn

      6’1″ 199

      He looks smaller than that, but what I noticed was how fast his feet were on runs or when playing WR…. seemed to get some separation on his routes. He would definitely have a place in an offense that features interchangeable WR/RB guys…. bringing guys in motion for sweeps, wheel routes and the like. I’m not sure he is a fit in Seattle, but I wouldn’t object to them taking a swing on him.

    • D-OZ

      Ruiz and Bowden are must get’s for me. Baidiaz is not better than Ruiz by the way. Ruiz has Pro-Bowl potential.

    • Bigten

      Reminds me of Antwan Randle El. Would be fun to go have, if he could be had later in the draft .

      • dcd2

        That’s probably a better comp. He doesn’t look like much of a QB, to be honest.

        It would be nice to have a returner who could flip the field or take one to the house every once in awhile. Bowden is a good returner that might contribute in other areas as well.

        I have no idea where he’ll go, but maybe he’ll fall if teams don’t know what role he’d have.

  36. Ghost Mutt

    I honestly don’t see us keeping Clowney – someone out there (Colts?) is going to offer him stupid money (21-23 million per year with big guarantees).

    In a way, I’d prefer to make a run at Fowler and Armstead than retain Clowney and Reid. We’ve invested a 3rd in Greene and a 1st in Collier, both bigger defensive ends that will hopefully develop and can man that spot. Adding speed in Fowler and interior rush with Armstead fills the two main gaps we have on the defensive line, whereas retaining Clowney means squeezing the cap at a spot where we’ve already invested significantly.

    Not saying we shouldn’t retain Clowney, or that people are wrong for wanting it. I’d be thrilled if a deal was announced. I just don’t think it’s as much of a no-brainer as others do.

    • Sea Mode

      I get what you are saying, but do you honestly think that Clowney would rather take $2-3m more over the $20m/apy we will probably be offering to go to a new team that:

      1. doesn’t have a top QB.
      2. didn’t even make the playoffs
      3. doesn’t have his good friends like Duane Brown in the locker room
      4. has a different culture in which who knows if he will really find himself happy like he has in Seattle?

      I don’t pretend to know his intentions, but if I’m Clowney, I’m waiting until FA to set my market and then taking as much as Seattle offers (no low ball, of course).

      If I’m Seattle, why would I (probably) pay almost as much for other outside FA who I’m not sure will fit on the team as well as Clowney, are not freaks of nature like him, and cost me potential comp picks as well. As for fit on the DL, I think we just need the speed rush to complement Clowney and we’re fine.

      Those are the reasons it’s a 99% no-brainer for me.

      • millhouse-serbia

        “but if I’m Clowney, I’m waiting until FA to set my market and then taking as much as Seattle offers”…

        if you are Clowney, and 2 or 3 mil more apy isnt important to you,and Seahawks allready offered you 20mil apy why would you test FA? Hope for 25apy?

        And by that desicion, you are bringing Schneider in situation where he need to atack other FAs, and he can’t wait for you long time, because he has money but everything that is worth that money will be gone in first few ours of free agency.

      • Ghost Mutt

        All fair points, but what happens on the rest of the line factors in massively for me. Paying 5-7 million more for Armstead and Fowler over Clowney and Reed makes sense to me.

        Adding a speed rusher isn’t easy or cheap, so paying JC 20 million still leaves that hole on the other side open. With a line like Fowler-Armstead-Ford-Collier (or Greene) I think we’re back to being capable of generating pressure with just the front four at a manageable cap hit.

        It’s all conjecture, as we obviously don’t know the real pricetags of any of the above. And again, I wouldn’t be disappointed at all if we re-signed Clowney. The guy is an animal. I just think the recent investment through the draft in bigger DEs become more of a sunk cost in that scenario.

    • Rob Staton

      You don’t let your only good DE walk on the hope that Collier or Green pick up the slack.

      Just pay Clowney. Armstead won’t be much cheaper anyway.

      • Ashish

        Clowney has played in system for year is big advantage for hawks coaches, they know how to uses his strength. Adding another player you may need time to adjust. Does not mean throwing money when you have, but signing Clowney even with +1 mil market is worst every penny. We can set DL line for next 4-5 years around Clowney. Green, L.J all can contribute with Clowney and one or two senior players.

        • Ashish

          ** worst = worth

  37. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy
    · 10h

    Colorado LB Davion Taylor (circled) showed off his 10.51 100m track speed on special teams at the @seniorbowl. Others guys who made 💰 on ST tape were:

    Cal LB Evan Weaver
    Notre Dame WR Chase Claypool
    Florida WR Tyrie Cleveland
    Wisconsin LB Zack Baun

    • millhouse-serbia

      check your mail from time to time…Trev you too…😁

      • Sea Mode

        Haha, thanks. You’re right: I don’t always check the gmail that often. Either way, not too interested in QBs this year (luckily 😁).

    • dcd2

      Surprising that he name Weaver. Pauline said that he looked downright bad in coverage and suggested that he’d have to be a 2 down backer (running downs), who would have to come off the field for passing situations.

      • J

        This was specifically in reference to special teams tape.

        • dcd2

          Ahh, gotcha. That makes more sense.

      • Volume12

        I’ve watched Weaver since he was in HS. We’re both from the same city. Hate to be harsh, but he’s not an NFL player.

        Remember Scooby Wright?

        • dcd2

          I do. Wasn’t he even Pac12 DPOY?

          Amazing how sometimes a guy can have such a great college career that doesn’t translate at all to the pro game, and vice versa with guys that seem ho hum in college, only to become total game changers at the next level.

          • Volume12

            Ton of factors go into that, but it really is amazing.

            I agree with what Tony said too. Maybe I’m wrong and he ends up overachievering and having a fantastic career at the next level. I just have never seen anything from him other than a really fun collegiate player.

  38. Georgia Hawk

    I’ve been srratic in my ability to check the blog lately and may have missed it, but has anybody talked about the possibility of Vic Beasley as an Avril replacement?

    He’s had a rough couple years recently, but raw ability is there. Nearly identical stats to Avril: 6.9 3 cone with better explosion.

    I mean sure, his number dropped pretty bad over the last couple years, but this season he started to come back up. His sack totals were double our leader on the year. He fits the system, need, availability, and most likely price. Could be the ultimate Pete reclamation project if we can get him at the right price.

    • Henry Taylor

      He has been mentioned, and I’d be into it and can very much see it happening, the athletic upside of Clowney and Beasley opposite each other is very intriguing. Perhaps they’d be able to unlock each others potential.

      That said, they’d need to bring in another another guy go along with him. I don’t think you can go into the new year with just Beasley as your dline fix.

  39. Howie

    Surprised you didn’t bring up the QB situation with Jacksonville. They’re in a Brock Osweiler kind of deal. Do they have to include draft picks in a trade just to get Foles off the books? They could really use the cap space to add to oline or weapons around Minshew.

    • john_s

      Jacksonville can cut Marcell Dareus and gain $20m in cap space. Also, cut DJ Hayden, AJ Bouye and Jake Ryan and that’s an additional $20m

      Plus there’s Calais Campbell who would save $15m

      • Howie

        Yeah but at least those players are starting. Foles is a $15mil backup

  40. millhouse-serbia

    Matt Miller predictions:
    “Chris Jones

    Patrick Mahomes gets the credit—deservedly so—but the Kansas City Chiefs wouldn’t have been able to throw a parade for the ages without Chris Jones’ pass-rushing in the second half of Super Bowl LIV. Jones knows it, the Chiefs know it, and the rest of the league is waiting to see what happens.

    The Chiefs are in a tough situation with limited cap space (projected $19 million) and a need to sign Mahomes to an extension as soon as the new CBA is worked out. One way to clear the books and acquire more draft picks, with only five in the team’s possession, is to tag-and-trade Jones.

    Tag-and-trade isn’t used often in the NFL, but we’ve seen it work. Houston did it with Jadeveon Clowney last year, and the Seattle Seahawks even used the same strategy when trading Frank Clark to the Chiefs last offseason.

    Tagging Jones and then dealing him—maybe even to Seattle, which has needs at defensive tackle and the cap space ($59.7 million) to sign Jones long term—would give Kansas City more draft picks and help the cap.

    The biggest prediction from league insiders? That Jones, who is expected to want close to $20 million per season, has priced himself out of K.C. and will be traded to an NFC contender for a late-first-round pick.

    Jadeveon Clowney

    The Seahawks, as mentioned, have holes to fill on the defensive line, but after they traded Jacob Martin, Barkevious Mingo and a 2020 third-round pick for Clowney, many believe they have to sign him.

    They don’t.

    If Clowney were to leave, the Seahawks would receive a 2021 third-round compensatory selection. So basically they traded two players who didn’t have a future on the roster and move from a 2020 to a 2021 third-rounder. It’s not great value, but it’s doable.

    Many around the league believe the Seahawks want Clowney back, but is the feeling mutual?

    Sources around the league think Clowney will look to cash in with a market-setting contract—something the Seahawks aren’t poised to offer. The prediction? Clowney goes to Miami, where the Dolphins lead the league in available cap space, or to Indianapolis, where general manager Chris Ballard has the second-most cap space and a big need to win in an AFC South that’s suddenly very tough.

    • Rob Staton

      I mean this in the nicest possible way, but can we stop posting this crap on here?

      I’m not interested in what Matt Miller has to say, quite frankly. And I don’t see why we should pay any attention to his predictions.

      After all, Clowney literally rejected the Dolphins just a few months ago because he had no interest in playing for a bad team. Now he’s going to contradict what he said (I want to win, I don’t just want a big contract to play for a bad team) to go to… the team he rejected because they were bad?

      What a load of absolute abject nonsense.


      • millhouse-serbia

        I am posting only when there is part with “league sources,insiders etc”…but ok, I will respect your decision and won’t post it anymore .

        • cha

          Wouldn’t surprise me if “league sources” = Clowney’s agent.

          • Rob Staton

            Or… that one guy who will talk to him who mentioned this in passing with no real info and just made a suggestion.

            Either way, there’s no track record for these ‘league sources’ so let’s move on.

            • Volume12

              Did you see when the Falcons said they weren’t bringing back Vic Beasley?

              Some rando fan on twitter replies with, ‘source?’

              Atlanta: Literally us. The Falcons.


  41. Volume12

    IDK if he’d fit in Seattle because he’s pretty ‘gadget-y’ but man if Laviska Shenault runs a sub 4.4?

    Not a doubt in my mind that with the right team and scheme he can be this years version of Deebo Samuel.

    Top 20 player for me.

    • Coleslaw

      +1. Such a unique talent. On the Deebo point, doesnt Laviska just look like a RB?

      • Volume12

        What cha mean? Like, with the ball in his hands? Just his overall physical profile/appearance? Both?

        • Coleslaw

          Both, just watching him you could totally see him taking end arounds and direct snaps. When he gets to the second level he looks like a handful, more like a RB. In the right scheme this guy could have a good impact

          • Volume12

            Oh yeah. Absolutely agree.

            • Coleslaw

              I wanna see him in New Orleans. Taysom Hill, AK, Michael Thomas and Shenault would be a good consolation for Brees retiring

              • Volume12

                That’d be fun.

                N.O. is a good fit along with Baltimore, Buffalo, Philly, 9ers, KC, and maybe even the Packers.

                • Kenny Sloth


        • cha

          What cha mean?

          Keep me out of it

          • Volume12

            lol. Friendly fire.

  42. Trevor

    My prediction for the the Hawks that if Clowney and Reed are not signed prior to free agency they are gone baby gone. In the PC/JS era have they ever allowed a front line player get to free agency and then signed him to a big $ deal? I personally can’t think of one example where they have. I can however think of several guys they let test the market and said they wanted to bring back that left for bigger $ elsewhere. (Tate, Okung, S Richardson, P Richardson, B Maxwell, J Coleman).

    I know this year they have more cap $ but the way PC/JS have overrated in the past is that if they view a guy as a key piece and absolutely must have player they never let them get to free agency.

    The Clowney situation is a little complicated because they could not negotiate with him during the season and why would he sign now so close to free agency, so he could end up being the outlier but Reed, Ifedi and maybe even Fant are most certainly gone if they get to free agency without a deal and get any interest at all on the open market. Assuming past behavior from PC/JS is prologue of course.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks allowed Michael Bennett to reach free agency in 2014 (re-signed to a big deal) and both Red Bryant and Brandon Mebane tested the market and re-signed for significant contracts in Seattle in 2011. Just a year ago, KJ Wright was re-signed after testing the market. Not to big money but to reasonable money.

      I expect Clowney to test the market and then re-sign. But he also might know his market over the combine weekend.

      • millhouse-serbia

        As usual, I am here with Trevor.

        Rob, if you are Schneider and you offer Clowney for ex 18-20mil apy on 4 year contract, but he still wants to test the market, what you do at the start of negotiating period…are you going strong for Flower or Ngaque or…I mean, you can’t tell them, you know we are waiting for Clowney and if he sign elsewhere than we would love to sign you…there aren’t many great pass rusher and we need to get one of them…I have a problem to formulate a question but I hope you understand what I wanted to ask…

        • cha

          If JS and PC haven’t done their homework and don’t have a plan in place, they don’t deserve to keep him. I’m not betting against them.

          And don’t forget, agents know the game just as much as teams do. They’re not just competing for the highest dollars for their clients but highest dollars + preferred landing spots. Don’t think for a second the prize pass rushers aren’t aware of each other’s availability.

        • Rob Staton

          Millhouse — it’s inevitable he will test the market. No sane human would take an offer before seeing what else is out there. The Seahawks will be fully prepared for that. And they’ll have Plan B, Plan C, Plan D and Plan E for this free agency period. None of this will matter though because the Seahawks are desperate to keep Clowney, he liked it here, the Seahawks are the one contender with a chunk of cap space to play with and there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever for him not returning to Seattle. They’re not going to start a D-line rebuild buy letting their only game-winning player leave, simply to sign lesser talents for marginally less money on the open market. The only chance of it happening is if someone — a none contender — offers him ridiculous money (eg $26m a year) and he does what he said he wouldn’t do and sign for a bad team for more money. I can’t see that happening.

          Then it’s about surrounding him with complimentary pieces. That could be Dante Fowler. It won’t be Yannick Ngakoue because he will be tagged. They could look to make a trade with someone to get more pieces.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Clowney’s market STARTS at $20m apy. My guess is he’ll sign with SEA for something like 4 years/$90m or 5 years/$110m.

      • Trevor

        I completely forgot about Bennet. He was definitely a front line guy and they brought him back after he hit free agency. I think Mebane, Bryant and KJ were veteran guys who wanted to stay in Seattle and had no real big offers on the market.

        To be honest I am really hoping the same thing happens with Reed and Fant. They test the market and find it was not what they expected so decide to stay in a place they know and like at deals that work for both the team and player like the KJ, Mebane and Bryant deals were.

        • BobbyK

          Funny thing about the Bennett contract was that he was whining about that very contract even before the ink dried.

      • Trevor

        Rob I do think that Clowney is priority #1 for them their off season and they do usually get their guy when that is the case that is why i said he could be the outlier. Having forgotten MB.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I’ll take that bet with respect to Clowney. Notwithstanding past precedent, you’re ignoring the fact that it’s not up to PC/JS when Clowney signs. He’s made it clear he’s going to test his market before he signs anywhere. That means SEA have to wait. They can’t sign him before he reaches FA. But that’s an entirely different thing than not resigning him because they’ve never let someone reach FA before.

      Anyway I’ll say it again: SEA will resign Clowney

  43. Volume12

    Let Russ cook they said.

  44. Coleslaw

    I like Damon Arnette to compete at nickel and be a good special teamer while also being able to offer outside corner depth. Probably a mid rounder. Someone to keep an eye on if we dont resign King and/or Thorpe.

    • Ashish

      Thorpe is special team ace but he is getting old and hurt most of the time. King is interesting one he was good year before covering Kelce TE but nothing flashy about it.
      I want to see all 53 players who can be backup, yes special team is important but if player has more upside of backup, should be pick ahead. Will not surprise if both are gone. King has more chance to stick around.

      • Rob Staton

        All the top teams have designated specialist special teams players. It’s one of the key’s to New England’s success.

    • Rob Staton

      Arnette is better than a mid-rounder. Round two for me.

      • Coleslaw

        Yeah you’re probably right. Shoot with how complete he seems, along with how he actually looks for the ball, I wouldn’t mind Seattle using their top pick on him after trading down a bit. I think he would be a real nice 5th DB and is super versatile. I think that big nickle is gonna be a big target for us this offseason.

  45. Kenny Sloth

    My prediction; the Seahawks won’t be the highest bidder for Clowney or Reed, but will retain both

    • Chase Cash


    • astro.domine

      that’s the dream

  46. Coleslaw

    Anybody have the video for Pete Carroll’s offseason priorities or know what he said? I must have missed it

    • TomLPDX

      check under video for press conferences for his end of season press conference

      • Coleslaw

        Thanks bro!

  47. Coleslaw

    Calling it now, the receiver we draft will be named K.J.

    Hill or Hamler.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s a decent shot with Hamler.

      Hill — long speed will be a problem. They just don’t draft 4.5 or slower runners.

      • Coleslaw

        I think he has a skillset that they like and have been missing since ADB retired. Hill is really quick out of his cuts and makes insane separation. His targets may only be within 15 yards mostly but he’s gonna get open. Hes been doing it pretty consistently at OSU. The further he falls the better though.

        • Coleslaw

          But they did just draft John Ursua too, so maybe they look for something else

        • Rob Staton

          I just don’t see it. I don’t think they’re suddenly going to draft a player who runs slower than they’ve ever taken before round seven before for someone as inconsistent as Hill. I’ve liked him for a while but his stock is too high now as a mid-rounder.

  48. Sea Mode

    Mayden not invited? Wow. Didn’t know that.

    Thor Nystrom

    Most shocking NFL Combine snub?

    Jim Nagy

    Alabama DB Jared Mayden
    South Carolina LB T.J. Brunson

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