Andre Branch (DE,Clemson) game tape vs South Carolina


  1. dave crockett

    Seems like a potential candidate for LEO, because Clemson stood him up a decent amount. Clemson did a lot–not only in this tape.

    But yeesh. He didn’t appear to make a ton of plays this season. I didn’t pay much attention to him last year.

  2. Michael (CLT)

    Man, this guy is slow off the snap. Seems to have good agility. More of a 34 OLB than LEO in my eyes. Not impressed?

  3. Tom

    I’m not sure who I’m least impressed with, Jarvis Jones or Andre Branch.

    Branch isn’t cut in the mold to be a Hawk LEO DE. He’s too tight, a bit stiff in the hips like Jones and doesn’t have pass rushing moves at all. Andre wants to go to the edge as a speed rusher but doesn’t have a quick jump and doesn’t have the hips to turn and burn the edge.

    When you watch either Hawk rushers in Leo Clemons or SSde Brock over the last 2 seasons, you’ll see both guys do a variety of moves. Both have a patented spin move that is their most effective move as they fake to go edge and spin back into the pocket as the QB steps up and is taken down, an edge, a bull rush, rip and swim.

    Andre doesn’t fit our scheme because we have Red at the SSDE and we could use a sub rusher like Hargrove plays but that’s not for the 1st rd, that’s a 4th or 5th round selection.

    I think it’s time to focus on Vinny Curry of Marshall in round 2 and start flashing some jmpasq tape on that guy. Give credit to jmpasq, who gives us a block around the player as both Branch and Vinny Curry switch end positions and it could get confusing tracking the player.

    Pass on Andre.

  4. Tom

    While the Hawks play Carroll’s 4-3 under D, it often plays like a 3-4 defense. LEO Clemons often functions like a 3-4 Jack backer that focuses on the rush but can drop into zone on blitzes.

    Then with the DL of Branch, Mebane and Red and the SAM backer like Wright often playing on the LOS, it’s 3-4 with the Will backer in Hill and Hawthorne as the MIKE functioning as the 2 inside backers.

    Press your corners and voila, you have a Lebeau or Capers 3-4 look.

    For the Hawks pass rush, we could use another LEO to groom, a 3 tech, a sub player like Brock who is aging and/or continue to get more pass rush from the SAM backer.

    I don’t see Andre fitting any of those areas. I hope we look more closely at the 3-4 pass rushing LB’s that can transition to LEO and also play on 3rd down passing situations on the strong side.

    Let’s roll some tape……

  5. Nick

    Rob I’d really like to hear your opinion on the other DEs in this game, Melvin Ingram and Devin Taylor for South Carolina. I think Ingram would be perfect for Seattle at and is a mid-late 1st rounder and Taylor as a nice upside 2nd rounder if he comes out. I got them both ahead of Branch as prospects and fits for Seattle.

  6. shams

    Hmm, I can’t seem to reply to individual comments anymore.

    Good stuff, Tom.

  7. omar

    Not the best film on Branch. His best fit would be at Leo, I dont see him dropping back in coverage and being effective as a Will or a Sam. Working with Clemons could help extend his array of moves. He does seem slow at times off the line but has enough upside. I don’t think he’ll go in the first round.

    Bruce Irvin is a much better Leo Candidate though. Better burst of the line, length, good edge rush, plays the run well. Does over purse, but again working with Clemons could do wonders for the kid.

  8. Michael (CLT)

    I wonder how Pierre Allen is coming along.

  9. John_S

    Rob what are your thoughts on Nick Perry? Do you see him as a LEO guy, 3-4 OLB or a DE?

  10. Rob

    Hey John – I like Perry but I’m still trying to work out his best fit. Not convinced he’s a LEO, but still think he’s best working in the 4-3. Need to do more study, I’ve not watched much of him this year despite having a lot of USC tape. He had a bad injury.

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