Landry Jones (vs FSU) & Andrew Luck (vs Arizona) tape

I’ll have more thoughts on Luck’s performance against Arizona this week. I think some took my post on the #1 pick yesterday to mean I was aggressively opposed to people hoping for a bad enough record to draft Luck, which isn’t necessarily the case. I appreciate that to have the opportunity to draft a franchise changing quarterback you have to be a bad football team, at least for one year. A single season of woe is worth stomaching for a generation of success. Andrew Luck does have the potential to provide that.

The Seahawks are without the kind of offensive guru and gameplan Mike Holmgren offered when he was Head Coach. They’ve had four offensive coordinators in four years and for all we know it could be five-in-five the way the team has started 2011. The Seahawks needs a star, someone who can lead from the front and make everything else tick. Someone at the most crucial of positions to build around. That means picking early. My point yesterday was really a plea not to beat yourself up over weekly reports on what 6-7 other teams are doing in the vain hope that Seattle ends up being the single worst team in the NFL. You will go grey, maybe even bald with the stress. But ultimately I understand the ‘Suck for Luck’ mentality. If you’re going to be bad in 2011, be really bad. Going 4-12 and missing out on a top quarterback is pointless because you’re a really bad team anyway. Why miss out on the consolation prize? If this Seahawks team is picking in the top ten, it might as well be #1 – especially now the cost of owning the top pick is far reduced. More on this tomorrow.


  1. Colin

    What if Barkley doesn’t declare….?

    I don’t think it’s likely… but what do you do then?

    • Rob

      Good question – one that I can’t answer. The team can’t keep drifting at QB, we’re seeing the results of that initially just sticking with an ageing Hasselbeck and now moving on to Jackson. I suspect if Barkley gets a R1 grade from the committee – which I think he will – then there’s a chance he’ll declare.

    • Jmpasq

      U pick Ryan Tannehill

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