Andrew Luck vs Oregon & Matt Barkley vs UCLA (2010)

May 22nd, 2011 | Written by Rob Staton

4 Responses to “Andrew Luck vs Oregon & Matt Barkley vs UCLA (2010)”

  1. FWBrodie says:

    Robert Woods jumps off the film again (13 USC). That kids gonna be a star someday.

  2. sc85sis says:

    Woods was a true freshman last year and earned Freshman All American honors. The kid is a stud. His high school team mate, George Farmer, is a freshman this year and Woods says that Farmer is better than he (Woods) is.

    USC should have a sick receiving corps for the next few years with these two guys, Kyle Prater, Marquise Lee and others.

    • sc85sis says:

      I forgot to mention, that Barkley was playing on a bum ankle in this game, having gotten a high ankle sprain during the Oregon State game two weeks prior.