Announcing a new draft podcast for 2015

So here’s some awesome news — for the 2015 season we’ll be doing a weekly NFL Draft Podcast with the brilliant Kenneth Arthur. We’ll discuss prospects, talk about possible Seahawks targets, have some guests on the show. It’ll be called ‘3000 NFL Mock Draft’ and we’re going to start next week.

We discussed the new show in this weeks ‘Real in the Field Gulls’ Podcast (see below) and also talked about Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett, the offensive line and some other subjects involving the Seahawks.

Check it out…


  1. GApl

    Assuming Frank Clark had zero off-field issues coming into draft and played a full year for Michigan (with the stats extrapolated to full season), would he have gone TOP 5 this draft?

    • Rob Staton

      Top 15 for sure.

  2. manthony

    Rob!! They spelled ur name wrong, better check them guys

  3. Volume12

    Sweet! Very exciting. Can’t wait to start discussing some 2016 prospects. Really looking forward to this weekly edition.

    Can we hope for some Tony Pauline occasionally? Very curious as to his and your opinion on Iowa CB Greg Mabin-6’2, 200 lbs., former wide receiver. He’s a man crush of mine at corner. Big 10 has some intriguing talent this year.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m sure Tony would be willing to come on the show.

      • Volume12

        Very cool.

        Will the podcast itself be like an end of the week type thing or does it just depend?

  4. Jeff C

    Rumors are saying the seahawks signed Chancellor to a 5 year 35 million dollar contract

    • Jeff C

      Sorry, looks like kiro is retracting the story.

      • Volume12

        LOL. Was excited, intrigued, and confused there all at once.

        • Jeff C

          Me too. The guys on KIRO sounded like they were ready to go apeshit.

          • Volume12

            Like apesh*t excited? Or apesh*t butt hurt?

            • Jeff C

              Excited. Even those of us like myself who want the front office to hold firm, even with that, if they do give him a deal, we’ll all figure to trust JS that he can deal with all the hungry mouths that would follow and put it behind us.

              • Volume12

                Sometimes we underestimate this FO. I know I’m guilty of it at least. Probably in the minority, but pay the man or something. I can’t see Sherm, ET, KJ, or Cliff being upset. Probably Bennett, but he was going to be at JSs door regardless if Kam heldout or not.

                • JeffC

                  Clayton was just on kiro and he said rumors have been flying around all day today about the situation. His own take is that he thinks something happens soon. He didn’t give specifics. He also reasons that all the texting to Dion Bailey and studying camp film, etc implies that he intends to be here soon.

                  • Volume12

                    Man I hope so. Love me some Bam Bam!

                  • CharlietheUnicorn

                    Clayton also said he would not hold out 2 weeks into training camp. Sometimes, he is no closer than you or I to the truth.

    • James

      This “vapor-ware” deal would actually be a great resolution… keep the compensation at $7/mil/yr, therefore no “award” for holding out, so no increase in salary or “new money”, but Kam gets up front bonus and higher guarantees in exchange for an extension at favorable terms for the Seahawks. Let it be….

  5. peter

    Nice pod cast! Funny, interesting perspectives. Keep up the excellent work, Rob.

  6. CharlietheUnicorn


    I’m wondering if you could do 15 minute segments or “quick hits” on topics in podcast form. The 1 hour+ format is sometimes tough to squeeze into the listening rotation.

    Thanks for your insights into all things Seahawks..

  7. Old but Slow

    Enjoyed the podcast, even the part after you left. It is nice to get some perspective on what the other teams are doing and what they are contending with. As a draftnik I am always concerned about what players are going to stand out and what players are going to fit the Seahawk paradigm. But I am also interested in what the other teams that we will be facing are dealing with. Great stuff, as always, Rob.

  8. Volume12

    Watching this ND St vs Montana game. 2 players stand out.

    ND ST T Joe Haeg. Pretty impressive. Looks like he could play multiple positions. Appears to be a good athlete.

    Montana WR Jamal Jones. This kid is dynamic. Very interesting.

  9. Milwaukee hawk

    Trent Williams with a new contract as a ceiling for Okung deal:

    Granted Williams has played nearly every game for the Skins and Okung has left something to be desired in the durability department.

    • Volume12

      Just goes to show that LTs don’t make it to the open market or FA. Okung will be re-signed, whether it’s justified or not.

      • Ed

        I don’t think so at even close to that price. Even at $7.2 mil, I struggle with keeping him. I really hope Gilliam shows enough to where we can move him to LT next year.

        LT Gilliam
        LG Britt
        C Nowak
        RG Glowinski
        RT Bailey

        We are also eating $10 mil in cap space this year for (Harvin/Unger/Miller)

        FA (resign or save):

        Mebane $6 mil
        Okung $7 mil
        Irvin $3 mil
        Rubin $3 mil
        Kearse $2 mil

        Dead money (keep or save):

        Baldwin 1.5 mil
        Avril 1.5 mil

        • JeffC

          I hope they resign okung if they feel he’s healthy enough since he’s a known quantity. Watching Joeckel yesterday…I’m pretty happy with Okung.

  10. Beanhawk

    This is fantastic news, Rob! I’m very excited!

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