Anthony McCoy tears Achilles, out for six months


  1. James

    My man Sean McGrath, the way is wide open for you….give it your best shot. Luke Willson is looking good for the 53 man, but he is basically an H-back, not an in-line blocking TE.

    • Miles

      There are some interesting tight ends on this roster. I wouldn’t rule out Willson from playting tight end; I think he can learn to block. Anthony McCoy couldn’t block either but he still filled the No. 2 TE role well. With how well Willson runs routes and catches the ball, and with how athletic he is, I think he could be a star in his rookie season. I don’t want to speak too soon though.

      Another tight end I like is Cooper Helfet. He was on our practice squad for some of last year and I just think he has a lot of potential. He played well in preseason last year and I could see him making the roster. It’s really going to be between him and McGrath to be the third TE on this squad, I think.

      Barring a Darren Fells uprising. 😉

      • Michael

        Anthony McCoy couldn’t block? Have we been watching the same Anthony McCoy? I think he is a pretty good blocker.

        • Miles

          I just remember him being more of a pass-catcher. He might be a pretty good blocker; I haven’t studied much of McCoy’s blocking game. So that was a bit premature to say, but I think Willson could become at least as good as McCoy in blocking, nonetheless.

          • Kenny Sloth

            He was a pretty good blocker. Especially on the move. When he has a full head of steam he’ll destroy players

            • Michael (CLT)

              Anthony McCoy is a huge loss. I guess we shall see soon enough. He is a great blocker who can threaten the seam. Not many guys can say that at the TE position.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks just signed Justin Veltung from Idaho Vandals as a kick returner and slot receiver. He is a shifty kick returner with some speed, ran the 40 in 4.46 seconds. He is 5’10” tall and 183 pounds.

  3. HawkScout

    Looks like the development of Luke Willson becomes even more important. I think he could become a complete TE by the time the season starts.

  4. Ben

    The ball is in the court of Luke Willson right now.

  5. Chris A

    My early prediction is McGrath and Willson making the 53. Zach miller should have a big season, coming off a great postseason .

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    And the eerily similar off seasons of the Seahawks and 49ers continues…

    Best wishes to McCoy for a full recovery. Meantime, I’m rooting for hometown product Victor Marshall to make the roster. Slightly smaller than Willson, but just as quick (6-4 235lbs and a 4.52 40-yd).

  7. kevin mullen

    I’m kinda excited to see Willson thrown in there with 2TE package sets or maybe he spells Miller for a series or two. Dude has some serious wheels for a big guy, nothing wrong with adding that to the Offense. While I see Miller doing flat routes and post patterns, I can see Willson in FB, 2nd TE Seam, and playaction roll out’s throughout the game.

    Losing McCoy somewhat sucks, but having Willson there negates that impact. But in respect to the 49ers, who the heck is gonna cover Crabtree’s production?

  8. Kenny Sloth

    Rob. You’re Englandic, right? Do you know Jason Statham? He’s awesome.

  9. Jim Q

    I think the Hawks will be able to use Luke Willson as a deep threat several times each game. He’ll be more than a good match up with the opposing teams LB’s and Safety with his speed.

    How will the TV guys call a Wilson to Willson completion? I’m guessing that Luke Willson will be called “double L” or something. There are going to be exciting days ahead and lots of them.

  10. Kenny Sloth

    I think I’m down with Willson when I saw specific hard work mentality. He’s said all the right things so far and has a “blue collar” feel to him.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I was* sorry, cell.

  11. Kenny Sloth

    You know. It makes perfect sense, schematically, to put Cliff Avril at SAM. He comes from a wide nine strong side position in Detroit. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a SAM longtime. They keep saying ‘the SAMs can double as LEOs’.

  12. Kenny Sloth

    I think I found the late round DT gem we missed..

    Chris Jones.
    Taken by the texans in the sixth round. He’s got a great first step, decent arm combat, a variety of pass rush moves, and one of the best motors I’ve ever seen. There’s also one a tape of him in which is dominates the miami of ohio ol and gets like 3,5 sacks.

    • JL

      Him and Michael were the 2 players I wanted out of this draft (at least we got one of them). I was surprised we didn’t target him much earlier as he’s athletic and could take over for Red (and actually provide a pass rush from Red’s 5 tech)

  13. Miles

    Anthony McCoy waived. Wow.

    One minute he’s on the team and the next minute he’s just not. We could still retain him in some capacity but it’s very possible we will not.

    • mjkleko

      I wouldn’t overreact when it comes to seeing him “waived.” The likelihood a team claims a backup TE who will be out for a year is slim to none. This move is all about clearing him off the roster so he can be assigned to the IR where he will collect his full salary and be able to rehab at the VMAC under team supervision.

      Pete values what McCoy has done in his time in Seattle. He has gone from a purely developmental fringe roster player to a solid all-around tight end, a threat as a receiver and an above average blocker. Carroll would not send a player who he values out on his ass after a devastating injury. This move has nothing to do with ending the teams relationship with McCoy, it is simply a calculated risk in order to put him in the best position to rehab and stay with the team long term.

    • A. Simmons

      Now Rob and Kip have definite position players they need to watching next year. We’ll be looking for TEs next draft class. There is almost a zero chance we don’t draft a TE in the first two rounds given we don’t have a 3rd round pick.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        That’s a bit premature to say. Miller could have the kind of season that justifies his cap hit. Willson could develop into the Joker of Jokers, especially considering he’ll get many more snaps than if McCoy were healthy. Not to mention McCoy will, in all likelihood, return next year (if not before then). None of those are guarantees, but neither is your assertion.

  14. mjkleko

    Now one player I would worry about not being on the roster is John Moffit. I’m sure many of you saw that he was not at yesterdays OTA due to a court appearance and from what I’ve read the rumor is that he got caught taking a leak in public at Bellevue Square and was told he was banned from returning to any establishment on the premises. He allegedly visited a restaurant at a later date and was recognized (surprise surprise). At this point it gets a bit fuzzy. It’s fairly certain he was told to leave the premises once again, whether police were involved or not is a bit of a mystery, along with his level of cooperation in the matter. My hope is that an over enthusiastic security guard made this a bigger deal then it should have been. although come on John, I know we’ve all got to bleed the ol’ dragon here and there, but just go find a urinal in the first place and the whole mess is avoided.

    Now how patient the organization is going to be with Mr Moffitt is another question. When you take a lineman in the first few rounds, you can live with some growing pains in his first season or two. Heck, Max Unger looked severely overmatched at times early in his career and is now an All-Pro. Going into his 3rd season, the team likely wants to see a heightened level of comfort and awareness on the field, along with displaying the physical attributes to hang in a division loaded with some tough defensive linemen.

    However, as always, Cable’s young prospects along the interior could have a say in John’s future. If he is not among one of the top 4 guards on the team, I could very well see another young interior line prospect getting the nod over John. Conditioning wise, it appears he put significant effort into be prepared for team activities over the summer, although one might wonder if this renewed effort is a result of him being wary of position on the roster. How much is the team going to be willing to put up with from a backup guard that isn’t making significant strides? Not much, I’d assume.

    • mjkleko

      Again, all that is just heresay though. He could very well have been at court to testify for numerous other things. Although the other day he did tweet out a sort of cryptic message about how politicians should be scrutinized as much as professional athletes. A dig on unscrupulous politicians or a dig on weirdos like me writing about the trials and tribulations of a large man who moves other large men on a field with numbers and lines painted all over it.

  15. Hay stacker

    Hawks just released mccoy

  16. Miles

    On an unrelated note the Seahawks just signed Eastern Washington WR Greg Herd! I love this signing. His highlight reel and stats are off the charts and I can’t wait to see him play for us. IF he is a successful football player, he’ll be just the kind of receiver we’ll need.

    But that’s a big if.

  17. James

    On another note, the mystery of the “war room argument” was officially solved by Pete Carroll in his town hall meeting tonight. Remember a couple of years ago, when the Seahawks R2 pick was approaching, you could see, on the live cam, the Seahawks braintrust in a heated discussion about something. Everyone expected the team to take a Mike LB, many favoring Mychal Kendricks. Then, the Seahawks traded down and the Eagles jumped in and selected Kendricks. There appeared to be somewhat of an argument, and the assumption was that the Seahawks had blown it and lost Kendricks and had to settle for Bobby Wagner. Later, PCJS insisted that B-Wagz was their guy all along, and his play on the field has proven them right. …I posted some time later that I had spoken to a beat reporter and he said that what he heard was that the “argument” was not about Kendricks vs. Wagner at all, but about whether to pick Russell Wilson in R2, or risk waiting until R3. Pete confirmed tonight that the argument was indeed about that, John wanting to pick Russell in R2, and Pete willing to stick to the plan to go MLB, then QB, and gambling that Russell would still be there in R3. The rest is history, but it also reveals that Pete is indeed the final word in the war room.

    • Miles

      Thanks for sharing that James. That’s pretty trippy to think about. Glad we waited, and glad other teams waited longer. 😛

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      You mean last year

      • James

        yes…two drafts ago, but last year, 2012.

  18. James

    John Schneider 180 vs. Jerry Jones. Once again, Jerry Jones revealed the Dallas Cowboys draft board, by giving an interview standing in front of it. A link below is to their board. Virtually no player picked by the Seahawks in any round was anywhere to be found on their board. It is safe to say that John and Jerry do not grade players in the same way.

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