Thoughts on Antoine Winfield signing with the Seahawks

Seahawks fans have called for a new slot corner. Seahawks fans have got a new slot corner.

Antoine Winfield has agreed a one-year contract to come to Seattle, ending an eight-year term with the Minnesota Vikings. A former #23 overall pick by Buffalo in 1999, Winfield turns 36 on June 24th.

So when’s the last time a player moved to Seattle to try and get an elusive ring?

The Seahawks already had a fearsome secondary with great depth at corner. Now they have one of the best slot corner’s in the league on a one-year rental. As we’ve discussed on this blog many times, playing in the slot is a thankless task. Very few corner’s succeed. After all, you’re left to cover a selection of elite tight ends and receivers like Wes Welker and Danny Amendola. One of the main reasons Marcus Trufant remained in the slot all year was due to his experience. It’s not an easy role for a rookie or even sophomore corner to walk into.

Winfield had three interceptions in 2012 plus 12 passes defended (a career high). He’ll take over from Trufant (who deserves credit for his career in Seattle).

It answers another question. With the draft less than two weeks away, defensive tackle, linebacker and offensive tackle appear to be the most likely early targets. The Seahawks still need to add more competition to the WILL position. Cheap depth at tackle is expected. They really need another interior defensive lineman.

Overall though my only concern for Seattle remains the pass rush. Not because of the personnel, because the team made some bold moves this off-season. It’s really the scheme. Last year the team was again relying totally on Chris Clemons for pressure in base defense. And despite playing three big guys on early downs, the run defense gradually deteriorated as the year went on.

Jason Jones acted as a specialist three-technique on passing downs, but the addition of that chess piece didn’t get the team off the field much. Neither did the drafting of Bruce Irvin. It seemed to me the scheme was drawn up to limit the run early and then attack. And it didn’t work out like that.

I suspect they will persist with the base scheme and ideology, while hoping Avril takes up the slack left by Clemons. They’ll hope Bennett can be more effective than Jones. They’ll hope Irvin can take another step forward. I think they’ll draft another big tackle to replace Alan Branch, rather than a natural three-technique. Yet whether as a cumulative the scheme will create a beastly pass rush and fierce run defense to go with every other aspect of the roster, I’m still not sure.


  1. A. Simmons

    I like the Winfield signing. When you get a guy that knows it’s close to over wanting one more shot at a ring, you get everything he has to give and then some. Winfield is going to play hard. He’s on his last ride and he wants that ring. He’s come to Seattle to take his shot. I love it.

    I hope we can find a quality big body to give us that run stuffing and more pass rush. If we could find someone like Tubbs in 2005 or Mebane when he had 5.5 sacks that would be great. I can’t wait for the damn season to start. Next up the draft, then we get some OTAs.

  2. Clayton

    I’m so happy about this acquisition! I was one of those crazies that was constantly checking on the status of AW these past few days. He’s obviously not the long term solution at nickel corner but he brings so much knowledge and game experience that he can pass down to the younger players. But I think what we’ll greatly benefit in the short term is improving our stops on third down. I think that was one of our very few weaknesses on defense. He also improves the run defense with his crazy amount of tackles. One of my concerns now is how do we not end up wasting draft picks when they don’t make the team after final cuts. I share the same thoughts about needing DT, LB and OT but what the other seven spots to create legit competition with draft picks? Anyhow just wanted to say that it is a great day to be a Seahawks fan.

    • Nolan

      We still need to draft

      1 WR – obomanu is gone from last year so look for a guy who contribute on special teams as well as offense
      2 RB – Leon Washington is gone look for a speedster change of pace guy with return abilities I think they wil only use Percy harvin as a part Time return man
      3 G – while our current pile of guards are good mcqueston is expensive as a back up, moffit has fail to hold down the starting job, carpenter hasn’t had a healthy season sweet has played one more year of guard then I have.
      4. DE – avril and Bennett are short term guys, and we don’t have a red Bryant heir apparent on the roster
      5. CB – Winfield signing might mean their is a lack of faith in current corner depth, even if that’s not the case he is a short timer
      6. S – kam chancellor extension hasn’t happened yet
      7. K – houska isn’t resigned

      There are seven spots outside of the three you mentioned.

      • SunPathPaul

        And don’t forget TE! We need another catching TE, or a joker type. Plus between Rice and Miller, WR and TE will be the best place to save money in the next year or two…

        I wouldn’t be suprised if they take a TE or WR in R2… They will probably go after the best player, period.

        Kicker is a must late. Dustin Hopkins please!! That saves like 2 million on Hauschka…

        • Colin

          WR in RD 2 wouldn’t surprise me, but I personally think they’ll pass on the TE unless the value is too good. Miller and McCoy form a fine tandem.

          Maybe Zach Ertz falls to 56, maybe.

          • Miles

            Honestly I am agreeing with all the BPA advocates. At this point the Seahawks roster is so deep and so talented that it exceeds most teams in the NFL and maybe the entire NFL. These “We need a joker TE” comments are really coming from a place of football privilege and luxury because we have so many needs filled. At this point our focus should be taking the best player available and fitting them in where we can, while also considering where they would fit in the future. If I had to pick positions where this was the case I would say WR, RB, DE and OT are positions where we could use some depth. WR because Sidney Rice may not be back next year; RB because Lynch will not be signed to another contract after 2015 (unlikely anyway); DE because our top two pass-rushers are on one and two-year contracts; and OT because we could use some depth there.

            The fact of the matter is we have 10 picks in a very deep draft. If there are concerns about this team, the vast majority of them will be quelled after JS/PC make their choices.

            • Colin

              WR, DT, OLB, T. The way I see it.

            • Rugby Lock

              It sure is nice to be in a BPA mode eh fellas? 🙂

      • Maz

        Thank you for breaking that down for folks. We definitely still have spots to fill.

    • mjkleko

      Remember, this is a team that is always attempting to get younger and gain more club controlled/low cost players. And the way you do this is by stocking your team with at minimum 7-8 draft picks.

      You may see a player or two with more overall talent cast aside at the end of training camp in favor of a young player who isn’t likely to contribute in 13′. There will be a negative reaction if the team gets rid of McQuistan or MikeRob, but the benefit means having the cap room and flexibility to make smart free agent decisions like Winfield, Avril, & Bennett while also resigning your core guys to long term extensions.

      In today’s NFL, there is really no reason to pay for experience among your depth players. It is almost always the smarter decision to go young.

  3. kevin mullen

    TE depth or heck, even another LEO for all I care. Truly sit back and wait for BPA, we’re gonna have a handful of options dropping to us at #56.

  4. oz


    • Snoop Dogg


  5. Nolan

    Also and I know Rob disagrees this could mean we gamble on some character concern guys since we have little spots available and lots of picks to fill them in

    • Kenny Sloth

      The reason Rob disagrees with certain behaviour risk players is because “why gamble”? There will be plenty of talent available without the character concerns, so why take mediocre talent that wouldn’t even have a first round grade without the character concerns?

      • MattK

        Obviously with two players having similar grades you take the player with less character concerns, but I think what people are suggesting with taking a gamble is that at some point, their on the field grade is better than anyone else on the board and there’s a chance to find value there.

  6. The Ancient Mariner

    I still tend to think we’ll see Bennett get some time at 5-tech, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ends up taking the starting job there; he’s smaller than Red, but it seems to me he plays the run just as well. Which makes me wonder — sure, Red failed as a traditional 3-tech, but couldn’t he play the Branch role just fine?

    • Madmark

      I see Bennet more as Tech 3 on passing downs and Irving filling tech 5 and Avirl at Leo spot.

    • Robert

      I am pretty pumped to see if it plays out like that. Red might be a Beast in Branch’s old spot. Mebane draws alot of double teams. If we have a run stuffer next to him that also must be double teamed, then something has got to give. They cannot both be double teamed on the same play. Penetrating the pocket is ideal. But really, all we need is to push the pocket so the QB cannot step up. Then our DE’s will be eating QB’s for lunch and dinner!

      • Bruce M.

        Red got moved to 5 tech after not making the field as a DT because even though he was a beast, his pad level was simply too high. Not sure there is good reason to believe that will have changed….

  7. Phil

    Rob – I share your continued concerns about the Seahawks’ pass rush and, more specifically, their defensive scheme on obvious passing downs. I’m hoping that Dan Quinn employs more blitz pacakages this year. On that point, here’s a link to a recent interview with Quinn on KJR radio:

    Quinn doesn’t tip his hat too much in the interview, but he doesn’t seem to have any pre-conceived notions about the schemes that he will use. He says that he is going to focus on determining the strengths that each player brings to the D, and then design a D with packages that take the best advantages of those strengths. Nothing radical about this, but IMHO, it’s better than the alternative of trying to fit players that you have into some inflexible vision of how you want the D to play. Pressed to answer if he expects to blitz more, he seems to agree that he will. Questioned about Irvin’s role, he says that he believes that Irvin can become a 3-down player. Questioned about Avril’s role, he’s open to the idea of him being both an edge rusher and sometimes dropping back into coverage.

    Just a warning that the actual interview doesn’t start until the 4 minute mark ..

    • Phil

      If that link doesn’t work, here’s a link to a written synopsis and it contains a link to the actual interview

    • rrrhawkout

      I agree that Quinn is the big unknown in this situation, which Rob didn’t specifically comment on, and that he might well be able to solve for the lack of pressure by bringing a new eye to the defense.

      That said, every NFL defense is going to give up points somewhere. If you plug up one hole in the dam, another pops somewhere else. The new chink in the armor might well be something that was perfectly fine last year. It’s less important to have the invincible scheme or invincible cast of players and more important to have flexibility, adaptability. That’s something I felt Gus Bradley was lacking somewhat (hence why we all got pissed when Marshawn went in for the score with 31 seconds still left). We’ll see what Dan Quinn has this year.

  8. Swamp_fox

    In this era of “miraculous” ACL recoveries I fully expect Clemons to be back by Week 7-8 and giving our pass rush a major shot in the arm for the second half.

    Def need to draft for D-Line once or twice in Rd 2-4.

    Full confidence that Quinn will have a few names on the short list.

  9. Miles

    My latest Hawks Mock Draft. If you have any thoughts I’d love to hear them. I took a BPA strategy. I think the R2 pick would surprise people which is why I put it there.

    Round 2: Corey Lemonier, DE, Auburn
    Round 3: Shamarko Thomas, S, Syracuse
    Round 4: Brennan Williams, OT, North Carolina
    Round 5: Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina
    Round 5: Bennie Logan, DT, LSU
    Round 6: Rodney Smith, WR, Florida State
    Round 7: Jayson Dimanche, OLB, Southern Illinois
    Round 7: Brice Butler, WR, San Diego St.
    Round 7: Abry Jones, DT, Georgia
    Round 7: Rufus Johnson, DE, Tarleton State

    • Leonard

      I like a lot of your picks. I’ll take a quick stab at a mock and steal a few of your picks.
      2. Sio Moore, OLB UCONN
      3. Shamarko Thomas, SS/FS Syracuse
      4. Brennan Williams, OT UNC
      5. Chris Harper, WR K State
      5. Kyle Jusczczk?, FB/Joker TE Harvard
      6. Nick Williams, 3T DT/5T DE Samford
      7. Mike James, RB Miami
      7. Brice Butler, CB/WR SD St.
      7. Jeff Tuel, QB WSU (or BJ Daniels or Ryan Aplin. I can’t make up my mind)
      7. T.J. Knowles, TE/WR Sac St.

    • SunPathPaul

      Lattimore, Rodney Smith or Mark Harrison, BJ Daniels / Aplin, throw in Kelce or Mcdonald at TE, and I’m golden!

      Let’s not forget to get the big leg consistent Florida State Kicker – Dustin Hopkins!

    • Madmark

      I got
      56 Travis Kelce TE Cincinnati
      87 Zavier Gooden OLB Missouri
      127 Quinton Dial DT Alabama
      138 Oday Aboushi ROT Virginia
      158 Nickell Robey CB USC
      194 Luke Marduarot LOT Azusa Pacific
      220 Zac Stacey RB Vanderbilt
      231 Daimion Stafford FS Nebraska
      241 Mark Harrison WR Rutgers
      242 B.J. Daniels QB S. Florida
      Charle Casserly did a piece on TE and he was talking about Kelce being his 3rd TE of this draft and after they interviewed him and he talked about his brother who plays center for Eagles helping with the transition to the pros I just wanted this guy more than every. One comment he made was sometimes his playing to thw whistle has got him into trouble has a definite mean streak.
      Want to mention Quinton Dial he can play either tech for Red or be that run stuffer for 2 downs in the tech 3. I think this versatility could be and asset if red got hurt.
      This team made it s identity in playoff game in 2010 with the Saints and Lynch’s amazing run we won’t start passing the ball unless it becomes necessary.

      • Leonard

        I really like Dial for the Seahwaks too. He looks like he has prototypical size for Carroll’s 5tech DE.

    • Robert

      How do you think Armonty Bryant stacks up against Rufus Johnson? I was real impressed with AB’s hands and arms technique. He seemed real adept at defeating blockers quickly and efficiently. Equally impressive whether rushing the passer or stopping the run. Any thoughts?

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I like AB a lot. Not only good at beating blockers, he seems to follow the ball very well, and his motor plays through the whistle.

        Not as familiar with RJ.

        A couple other small school DEs to keep your eye on – David Bass (Missouri Western) and David Catapano (Princeton).

    • hawks420

      I’ve been watching corey lemonier’s highlights and think he could be the hawks next OLB. Anyway, I’m glad to see someone else taking him at #56… GO HAWKS

  10. Scott Allen

    Since we are posting mocks, here mine:

    2 (56) Menelik Watson OT Florida State
    3 (87) Montori Hughes DT Tennessee Martin
    4 (123) Zaviar Gooden OLB Missouri
    5 (138) Garret Gilkey OG Chadron State
    5 (158) Sanders Commings CB Georgia
    6 (194) Zac Stacy RB Vanderbilt
    7 (220) Mark Harrison WR Rutgers
    7 (231) BJ Daniels QB Southern Florida
    7 (241) Zach Sudfeld TE Nevada
    7 (242) Alonzo Tweedy SS Virginia Tech

    • Miles

      I’d be pretty excited if Watson was still on the board at 56. I would probably take him too.

      Hughes is good but I think the Hawks can get him later than the 3rd round.

      Does Zaviar Gooden have much going for him other than athleticism?

      I love the Gilkey pick. He’s one of my favorite linemen in this draft.

      • Madmark

        He was 5th round pick on Draftinsiders back in January. He’s upped his stock with a good performance in the Senior Bowl showing good cover skills and then he just went to the combine and tore it up. There’s no way he makes it to us at pick 127. Some people will say I’m reaching at pick 87 but then again I had Bruce Irving in 3rd last year and we took him in the 1st.

  11. Miles

    Word is Winfield’s contract is worth $3 million with $1 million guaranteed.

    Deals. 🙂

  12. Eran Ungar

    With a very deep roster as it is and starting at 56 – I think the question is not BPA or draft for a position need. The question is – high risk – high reward or a safe bet.

    Drafting this late with a roster this strong means for me that a late “safe bet” pick would probably not make the roster or wont have an effect on the team. This is the year to go for the big risk guys. The black sheep of the draft. Guys who dropped because of injuries this year or other special conditions. Yes, most of them probably wont make it but that will be the case for most late picks trying to fit into this roster. At least the few that will defy their late positions will be higher caliber players that could contribute.

    Lets check the ACL lists, the bad guys, the guys that were projected to be top rounders a year ago and dropped this year etc. Somewhere in there there are guys that can make it.

    • j

      Couldn’t agree more. With this roster, safe picks will likely end up cut, outside of a few positions of need.

      One thing I see that generates little discussion is our backup to Earl. ET is such a key to our defense that I would like to have someone better than Chris Maragos in waiting. Wouldn’t mind going safety at 56 if the right player is there.

    • Leonard

      The first guy that popped into my mind was Marquise Wilson from WSU. Big deep threat that can go up and get the ball. I don’t know exactly what happened between him and the new coaching staff but it sounds like the kind of thing that might take him off the Seahawks board entirely. If not then he could be a pretty good weapon for Wilson.

  13. AgentJ

    The last player to come to Seattle to try to win a championship was probably Jerry Rice.

  14. Matthew Baldwin

    35 yr old Lawyer Milloy and rookie Kam Chancellor
    35 yr old Antione Winfield and rookie Honey Badger?

    A year to learn the ropes from a savvy vet and an insurance policy if the rook struggles.

    PC/JS passed on DB Jimmy Smith despite being a position/scheme/length fit because he said our locker room wasn’t ready for a player with some off the field issues but maybe now they feel more confident our looker room is ready now for a player like Honey Badger.

    If Janoris Jenkins went #39 last year, I could see Honey Badger going #56.

    • Rob Staton

      I was hoping we could talk less about Mathieu now that Winfield had signed…

      I guess it’s plausible. I’m still highly doubtful though.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        But at least you think it’s plausible 😉

      • Madmark

        I promise you’ll not here about those 3 players from me. 1 gone and the other 2 I just don’t see a fit.

      • Michael

        I wouldn’t want Mathieu in the second round even if he were a choir boy… 3rd round at the earliest talent wise IMO, and his off field concerns would push him into the 6th or later.

    • Turp

      Uh, 35 y/o Winfield and Jeremy Lane, Byron Maxwell….we already have good CB prospects for him to mentor. Janoris Jenkins is a terrible comparison to Mathieu…he’s a much more talented corner than Mathieu. Jenkins is a shutdown corner, Mathieu is a playmaker who depends on the defense around him to give him opportunities. One of these is a first round talent….and it’s not Mathieu.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s also worth noting that Kam Chancellor is pretty much the only young player they’ve chosen to mentor so far. In most other cases they’ve trusted the young guys to learn on the run.

        • Belgaron

          The intention was Sherman to be an understudy at first as well before injuries ahead of him changed things.

        • MattK

          I suppose it’s possible Jaye Howard could be another guy who’s had a redshirt year learning under a group of vets.

          Thing is, both Jaye and Kam were 4th rd or later picks. You can justify doing that to young players when you’re not selecting them high. Mathieu at #56 seems too high to sit and learn. Now with a 4th (maybe even 3rd), then it more sense. Least, IMO.

        • mjkleko

          I believe you can point to another case. The decision to keep Trufant was very much influenced by the affect he had on the young secondary, with Sherman and Thomas praising the veteran corner for the knowledge he was able to share with them.

          I understand this does not line up with the direct relationship Lawyer and Kam had, but the front office clearly believes that having a veteran defensive back on the roster helps both the development and play of the younger players. Certainly this played a role into the decision to bring in Winfield- you can be guaranteed the LOB will shut up & listen when Antoine speaks.

          You could also make the case that bringing in Gallery was in some ways an attempt to bring veteran leadership to the interior line and to serve as a mentor for the two linemen drafted that year, Carpenter and Moffitt. Having played under Cable, Gallery served as an example as to what Tom wanted from his players and imparted a tough mentality across the board. Unfortunately, he sucked on the field.

          • Belgaron

            Using Trufant and now Winfield in the role acknowledges that younger, quicker players won’t matter if they can’t diagnose based on the pre-snap look and line up correctly and be a step towards the play on the snap. Winfield really has exactly what they need for this role. It isn’t a shutdown type role, it’s one that is going to get beat due to the physics of the west coast offense speedy pass plays. But having someone like him mitigates the damage and will give them some stops in that area that they didn’t have last year. Winfield is a real step up for this year.

        • Maz

          If he sits and learns how to be a professional, it would be worth it. Winfield is the best guy to teach the kid how to have a long, productive career. Pete Carroll is one of the best motivators for troubled youth. You can tell by the way Matthieu plays on the field, that he is a relentless competitor, which also explains the Honey Badger tag. He would return punts and kicks possibly from day one, depending on how we choose to use Harvin. Also he could backup ET. I hate to bring these points up, however these are all possibilities that would make him a good fit. I wouldn’t be totally against the HB @ #56, however, I would prefer the move to be in the 4th round. At the end of the day, if he is able to keep his head out of the weeds, he could become a true asset in the near future. He is a momentum changer on defense. Gambles a lot, but also wins big!

          • Rob Staton

            I think he’s quickly becoming the most overrated player in the draft. Not as good on the field as advertised. A walking nickname. As mentioned elsewhere, I’m ready to not talk about him again unless the Seahawks draft him.

    • Belgaron

      Late 2nd/3rd is where Mr. Badger is projected to get drafted and it would make sense for this organization to swing for the fences with a high risk/reward pick and they could use an exciting punt returner.

      On the other hand, the move to secure Winfield leaves 3 identifiable spots available for the right talent.

      First, an upgrade at pocket crusher. This is a role that would enhance the value of the Legion of Boom as well as the Fantastic Four (Avril, Bennett, Irvin, Clemons).

      Second, is a clone of Mark Barron, 6’2″ 213 lbs 4.5 40. This was a guy PC had on the short list for first round last year. Not to replace Kam but to use in the mix, perhaps incorporating some cover 2, maybe some other dime packages.

      Third is the Leroy Hill role replacement as starting weak side outside linebacker or WILL.

      I could get very excited about finding high upside for any of these roles.

      • Rob Staton

        I haven’t see anyone projecting Mathieu in rounds 2/3.

        • Belgaron

          John Clayton said he is being talked 3rd round so he would be surprised for late 2nd and felt Seattle would be one possibility. However, he did say this before they signed Winfield.

          • Belgaron

   and Groz Show

            They talk Honey Badger at the 11:00 mark.

            • Rob Staton

              To be honest Belgaron, I don’t want to talk any more about this guy unless he’s drafted by Seattle.

              • Belgaron

                no worries, my original response was actually trying to steer the conversation where I think they could go with the high picks (DT, LB, or S) or maybe later. I’m currently starting to wonder if Carradine could slide to 56, he’d be an interesting understudy at 5tech.

          • Rob Staton

            Clayton says a lot of things to be fair.

            • Belgaron

              No doubt, and he is often wrong, but he is well plugged in and very entertaining.

        • Belgaron

          Here’s a couple more. These may be out of date as I’m sure they haven’t been adjusted after the LSU failed drug tests stories. I saw Draft Insider now has him in the 5th.

          Rang has him in the 3rd:

          Gil Brandt has him at 62 (2nd-3rd):

  15. Jim Q

    If we are throwing out mocks here, here is my current version.
    2/56—-OLB-Khaseem Greene, 6-1, 241, Rutgers, (replacement for Hill?)
    3/87—-TE-Travis Kelce, 6-5, 255, Cincinnati, (replaement for Miller in 2014?, save $)
    4/123—DT-Montori Hughes, 6-4, 329, Tennessee-Martin (replacement for Branch?)
    5/138—RB/KR-Kerwynn Williams, 5-8, 195, Utah State, (replacement for Leon?)
    5/158—CB-Sanders Commings, 6-0, 216, Georga, (replacement for Trufant?)
    6/184—SS-Cooper Taylor, 6-4, 229, Richmond, (eventual replacement for Chancellor?)
    7/194—WR-Corey Fuller, 6-2, 204, Virginia Tech, (possible replacement for Obo?)
    7/214—OT-Nick Becton, 6-5, 323, (35.5″ arms), Virginia, (good depth for ROT?)
    7/241—WR-Tyrone Goard, 6-4, 205, E. Kentucky, (developmental, WR competition?)
    7/242—CB-Keith McGill, 6-3, 202, Utah, (developmental, CB?)
    UDFA—-QB-B. J. Daniels, 5-11, 217, South Florida (backup QB conpetition?)
    UDFA—-WR-Bryce Butler, 6-3, 213, San Diego State (conversion to CB? – project)
    UDFA—-CB-Vernon Kearney, 6-2, 179, Lane, (developmental CB?)

  16. Dan Barber

    56: John Jenkins DT Georgia
    87: Zaviar Gooden WLB Missouri
    123: Xavier Nixon OT Florida
    138: Tharold Simon CB LSU
    158: Chris Gragg TE Arkansas
    194: Caleb Sturgis PK Florida
    221: Jeff Tuel QB Washington St.
    231: Knile Davis RB Arkansas
    241: Dan Molls ILB Toledo
    242: Ray Polk FS Colorado

  17. Ed

    Rob, what a great offseason we have had so far. I really see us as having one starter hole (wlb) and a few holes next year (dt/wr/rt). What you think about filling that starter spot then rotational players with starter potential?

    2nd K. Greene (wlb)
    3rd T. Williams (wr)
    4th OT/DT
    5th DT/OT
    5th TE (bpa)

    • Rob Staton

      Looks good to me, Ed. Although I’d need to believe I can work on Williams’ technique to take him in R3. Very much a body catcher exclusively.

      • Miles

        I didn’t get that when I watched T-Will’s tape. I saw a lot of plays where he extended for the ball with his hands. If you’re looking for the reincarnation of Sidney Rice, T-Will is the guy. I think he’ll be gone before we pick in Round 3 though.

  18. Kenny Sloth

    Welcome to 3rd down, everybody else.

  19. Stuart

    Great mocks everybody. It’s interesting how we are all a little different. For example mine would be different as well. As we all know the only that counts is JSPC board and we will all be thrilled with the outcome.

    Really it was a travesty that JS did not get voted “Executive of the Year” for last season but as a gambling man I would bet he wins it this year by a wide margin. Maybe they will also recongnize PC as well? One way to guarantee both is to win the “Super Bowl.”

    Maybe there something to that team up in SE Alaska afterall?

    • Robert

      1st round production from our 1st 3 picks? RW is a top 3 pick in any redraft! Great production and upside from Turbin. Drafting Sweezy and converting him to starting RG for 2 playoff games! Nice contribution and big upside from Lane. Scruggs, Howard and Toomer all make the team and have good chances to be significant contributors this year. No GM was even close last year; probably one of the better drafts in the last 10 years! And RW got scorched for Offensive Player of the Game in the Pro Bowl after engineering 6 consecutive scoring drives in a row to begin the 2nd half and secure the victory. The integrity of East coast sports journalists is a joke. I can hardly wait to hear them trash are draft decision again..fools! Sorry about my rant!

      • Miles

        Would that be the cherry on top if Korey Toomer ended up becoming the starter at WLB? My goodness.

      • brad

        Don’t apologize for the rant Rob. well deserved!!

  20. Michael

    All these mini-mocks got me thinking about some guys I had highlighted earlier in the year. Could someone please remind me what the deal is with Walter Stewart again? I know he had some medical questions, but I haven’t heard if they have been answered yet. Dude looked ridiculous at Cinncy.

  21. Drew

    Hey Rob, have you watched any tape or have an opinion on Arkansas RB Dennis Johnson?

    • Leonard

      I’m not Rob but I’ve watched a lot of Johnson and think he is very underrated. He is short and doesn’t have elite speed (4.48 40yd) but other attributes more than make up for it. He is extremely quick through the hole with Lynchesque balance and patience finding lanes. Good for a zone blocking scheme. His strong wide base and explosive first steps hep him break a lot of tackles. Arm tackles or knock downs don’t cut it with him. He also uses his low center of gravity and strength to run right through the middle of unsuspecting defenders. Another plus is he has good hands out of the backfield does a good job returning kicks. Kinda reminds me of Justin Forsett with better strength and speed.

      If he was a few inches taller and a little heavier or he ran a 4.38 rather than 4.48 then he would probably end up being a very good starting running back. As he is, I think he will end up being a very good third down back and special teamer. Role players seem to have more value than ever. I think 6th round would be a steal.

      My new favorite late round RB is Mike James from Miami. 225lbs and runs a 4.5 forty. Extremely strong he one the weight room award at Miami. One of the best in the draft at punishing tacklers with constant fight and leg drive. He has enough speed to make a big play if he finds a seem too. Even better reciever than Johnson. He also returned a few kicks at Miami. That has to say something. I think he is the new image Miami is trying to promote. Smart, hard worker and has won community service awards.

      I’m not a fan of taking an RB early but these two are my favorites late in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I have not, sorry.

  22. Rock

    2) John Jenkins DT
    3) Travis Kelce TE
    4) Chris Faulk OT
    5) Reid Fragel OT
    5) Rodney Smith WR
    6) Cooper Taylor WLB/SS
    7) BJ Daniels QB
    7) Ryan Aplin QB
    7) Steve Williams FS
    7) Jeremiah Green OLB

    • Chris F

      I really like the Chris Faulk pick in the fourth. I have him in the same place on my own mock.

  23. Kip Earlywine

    Heard on ESPN that in addition to Washington and Minnesota, New England and Denver jumped into the mix for Winfield at the last minute and he still chose the Seahawks, despite another team offering him $2 million more in guaranteed money.

    • Barry

      Thats impressive.

  24. Barry

    I love this signing! I have been a fan of his since I remembering. Seeing him coming up and just laying it on whomever was in his assignment. He has been such a underrated player his whole career if there is anyone who plays the game like it should be and deserves a ring its Antoine Winfield.

  25. Jake

    I’ll take a stab at it…

    2/56 – DT Kawann Short
    3/87 – OT Brennan Williams
    4/123 – TE Chris Gragg
    5/138 – CB Nickell Roby
    5/158 – S Cooper Taylor (convert to WLB)
    6/184 – K Justin Hopkins
    7/194 – WR Bryce Butler (convert to CB)
    7/214 – WR Marquess Wilson
    7/241 – QB Ryan Aplin
    7/242 – FB Kyle Jusczczk

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