Bennett agrees new deal, Wyman blames running backs

Michael Bennett has agreed a three-year contract extension

Michael Bennett’s contract extension (worth $31.5m) is interesting for two reasons.

Firstly, it suggests the Seahawks are still extremely committed to their current core. Despite a somewhat difficult 2016 season (that has, admittedly, still resulted in a playoff berth) there doesn’t appear to be any rush to make changes and freshen things up.

Secondly, Bennett’s deal helps establish a market for his peers. Arizona’s Calais Campbell is only a year younger and has a similar reputation. This could easily be used as a starting point for his talks with the Cardinals.

The only other thing to consider with Campbell is his current salary. In 2016 his cap hit is $15.25m. It was $14.75m in 2015 and $11.25m in 2014. So while Bennett is gradually increasing his salary, Campbell is in a different position. Will he accept a pay cut to stay in Arizona aged 31? Or will he want to test the market?

The Seahawks stand to have at least some interest in Campbell if he becomes a free agent. He’s terrorised their offense for years and he has the kind of height and size they like in the interior.

This graph shows how dominant he’s been again in 2016 — and why he’s the type of player the Seahawks currently lack on the D-line:

Adding an interior disruptor to the defense is likely to be one of the priorities in the off-season. The three we’ve talked about — Campbell, Kawann Short and Dontari Poe, stand out on that list.

They will be expensive.

We won’t know the extent of Bennett’s cap hit in 2017 until the signing bonus is revealed. They should, theoretically, have room to make a free agent addition on the O-line and D-line if they want to.

It depends how aggressive they want to be — and how much they want to look at other positions (eg running back). It’s also a reasonable draft class for defensive linemen.

On the topic of running backs, Dave Wyman offered an interesting slant on the running game struggles this year during his ESPN 710 show yesterday:

“I think more of it (the criticism) is 50/50 (between the running backs and O-line), if not even more for the running backs because, look, it doesn’t take that long to get… I mean if you have a guy that hits a spot at the right time, blocking someone can really be just getting in someone’s way or inhibiting them just a little bit. So it’s not always about crushing a guy off the line, it’s just about shielding him off. So I think some running backs have a much better sense of that than people think. This is just my prediction but I bet you if you listen to (Tom) Cable, that if you sat in those meetings… that there would be lots of talk about running backs not hitting the hole if you went back and looked at all the film this year. That that’s been more of the problem.”

There’s a desire to pin all of the problems on the offensive line and that’s somewhat justifiable considering the first half of the Arizona game. Yet it also feels like the Seahawks have not trusted their running backs to be a focal point. Whether that’s injuries, form, inexperience or something else. They’ve not committed to the run, as we discussed yesterday, and it might be much more to do with the running backs than people think.

For example — the Seahawks have arguably tried to put the offensive performance in the hands of their stars. Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham. Let those guys carry the offense. And yet because the O-line has been so suspect in pass protection, we’ve seen lurches between explosive production and hopelessness.

If they had a reliable running back on the roster, a star of equal importance to the three names above, they might’ve gone in a different direction. How often did they simply resort to ‘lean on Marshawn’ in the past? It was frequently a catalyst for the offense — and the O-line — finding some form.

It’s unfortunate that 2017 might end a run of viable veteran options being available via trade. In 2015 the Bills made a deal for LeSean McCoy, swapping him for linebacker Kiko Alonso. What a bargain that was. Earlier this year the Titans acquired DeMarco Murray from Philadelphia for a swap of fourth round picks. Again, what a bargain.

Both of these trades, and Seattle’s move for Marshawn Lynch in 2010, show the value of acquiring high talent (and proven production) at the running back position. There aren’t many great backs in the league.

It’s really difficult to identify a potential trade target for 2017. Someone capable of providing impact talent so the team isn’t having to rely on the draft or their injured incumbents providing a definitive solution.

Cincinnati’s Jeremy Hill might be available — but his production has completely dropped off after an impressive rookie season. This article details his rise and fall.

Mark Ingram has occasionally found himself in the doghouse in New Orleans — remember his disappearing act after a fumble against the Seahawks? What type of compensation would be required though, considering there’s little reason for the Saints to let him go on the cheap?

LeVeon Bell is set to be a free agent — but surely Pittsburgh will at the very least give him the franchise tag?

Adrian Peterson will need to decrease his $18m salary for 2017 to stay in Minnesota. He could provide an X-factor for one year on say a $6m deal if released.

Over the cap suggested recently that Carolina could part ways with Jonathan Stewart. Pete Carroll has often expressed his admiration for Stewart going back to his PAC-10 days. However, with an estimated $62.7m to spend in 2017 — what motivation is there for the Panthers to part ways with a productive stalwart with an $8.25m salary?

LeGarrette Blount is 31 next year but coming off a great season in New England. His deal in 2016 is only worth $1m unbelievably. He might be an option on a one or two year deal without breaking the bank.

The draft could also provide a solution — but it’s quite a maddening draft class. Players that are decent but not overly exciting. Players with question marks (how good is D’Onta Foreman?) and two guys at the top of the class who just look spectacular (Fournette & Cook).

This probably isn’t about mere depth at running back. This team arguably requires someone capable of being a genuine X-factor. And assuming the Seahawks O-line won’t suddenly turn into the Cowboys front five over the summer — probably someone capable of creating something out of very little occasionally. Which, believe it or not, is possible beyond Marshawn Lynch.


  1. DC

    There are going to be some good RBs selected in this draft beyond the consensus top 2, it’s just a matter of finding them. Watching Jamaal Williams I just can’t help but love the guy’s running style. He just pounds the hell out of his runs. A punishing tone-setter. It’s my favorite kind of running style. He’s got a bit of Corey Dillon to him. Even getting hit behind the LOS those guys pick up 2 yards.

    My question on our RBs is why has Thomas Rawls ypc gone from a league leading 5.6ypc in 2015 to 3.3ypc this season? Health, Line play, play calling, scheme, something else? That’s a -2.3ypc change. Something has clearly changed.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve watched every RB eligible for this class that has been discussed in the mainstream… and it’s very hard to get excited about the group overall. Fournette, Cook. To an extent McCaffrey (but not for Seattle). Foreman is intriguing. But not much else. A lot of JAG’s or guys that look like they might play a role without being great.

      • Volume12

        Let me know what you think of W.Michigan RB Jarvion Franklin when some tape comes out. IDK if you’ll get the Cotton Bowl either.

      • Seahawcrates

        I’m still not sure the Hawks will require a “great” back to imorove mightily next year as a running team. Obviously if one presents himself as Lynch did, you take him. But short of that, a second year of experience for the linemen and an offseason settled into positions plus training and weight work should mean a lot. They are such pups! Their greybeard has three years, but only one in his current spot.
        That with a healthier Wilson to freeze the eager guys on the edge or burn them when they don’t hold their positions might improve the mix enough that the addition of a solid power running counterpuncher in the draft might be enough. Add all that AND a free agent lineman and line depth through the draft and the team may have rhe effective parts to recommit to the run, and be good at it again.

        • Rob Staton

          You may be right — but if they go into next year banking on everyone just improving, and it doesn’t happen, the criticism will be intense.

          • C-Dog

            That’s the main reason why I doubt they do that. It feels like Foreman might become a real possibility at Seattle’s pick, if they don’t make a move to acquire a veteran.

            • Ground_Hawk

              As it is now, I would be ok with Seattle drafting Foreman in the second round, or later. His combine is going to draw a lot of attention.

              • C-Dog

                Yeah, I wonder if with all these backs staying in school, that doesn’t help Foreman rise up. I can see Seattle trading back and grabbing him. Just feels like they might take RB early.

          • Seahawcrates

            That’s for sure. But we can probably agree, and gratefully so, that Pete and John won’t be making their decisions either on blind hope or in response to the howls of the madding crowd. Philosophy is a bulwark, and the are all about philosophy.
            As to blind hope, the reason I see them sticking largely with this line, is that is what they have been doing. Easy route would have been to ride with Webb – you paid him – or stick with Sowell – experience. But each lineman in his own way has taken the job. Britt very early. Glowinski hasn’t yielded to Odhiambo. Ifedi took Webb’s spot. Fant responded when given a chance due to Sowell’s injury and has not yielded. Gilliam HAD lost his position, and was called out by Cable for his toughness and very importantly he responded by taking the job back. Grit isn’t simply toughness or attitude. The most important component of grit is effort over time. I have no doubt Pete expected the line to be further along at this point and more consistent. But I also feel sure that they are seeing growth in their evaluations. The staff has never hesitated to move on from what isn’t working, and move on completely. Matt Flynn lost his job in training camp. Nowak wasn’t just benched, he was cut. As was Webb. Now it may be that the line just doesn’t have competition but Lewis started for this team at center and he was cut. Webb started in this league. Sowell had been starting.
            I think Pete and John knew the line teardown and rebuild would be a bit crazy, and like any remodel they hoped they would be further along at this point. But I think they believe that the majority of these guys are showing growth, otherwise Webb would be employed and Sowell would have been active last week.
            So in a very long-winded answer I don’t think they are “banking on everyone just improving”, I think they have been seeing growth (line play is so hard to analyze without knowing assignments) and effort and perseverance. I don’t think they are in any way satisfied, but they may see where the line is headed differently than many fans.
            I fully admit I have a soft spot for linemen, but I do think a specific investment in a solid, bigger back, plus allowing the line investment to mature and pay off is where they are headed. (And where I think they should go.)

      • Matt

        It’s interesting, last draft I was surprised Seattle spent so much draft capital on RB considering how strong this coming draft was projected to be at the position. Any hope based on what Collins showed against AZ that he can develop into a consistent bruising back with less of a fragile body type (Prosise & Rawls)?

        • Rob Staton

          It would’ve been nice to see more of Collins this year. I liked him a lot at Arkansas. Hope he gets a chance to run the ball vs San Fran. Let’s see what he can do.

          • Volume12

            seahawcrates, I agree. One of the benefits of running a ZBS should be, should, that you don’t need a special back. Obviously it would be great to have one and teams like Seattle would probably prefer to have that type over other teams that are less dependent on the run game.

            I don’t see many workhorse type backs this year. If they’re not there, they’re just not there. IMO there is a good amount of no 2 and 3 type backs. Also have a hard time seeing Seattle move up for Cook or Fournette with such little ammo this year in terms of draft picks unless 1 of them fall into the late teens. Highly doubtful though. And you can now trade comp picks, but it doesn’t look like Seattle will have any for 2018.

            However, I don’t think Seattle goes into next year with the stable of backs they have now. IMO they’ll add to it in rounds 2-4.

            • Greg Haugsven

              A guy I’d really like to see wearing a Seahawks uniform is Carlos Hyde. He seems like a very Seahawks to me. Pretty sure the niners wouldn’t trade in the division though.

            • Seahawcrates

              I agree. If they were ok spending a second rounder on Michael when Lynch was already spectacular, no way they are standing pat when a cut Michael is going to be the team rushing leader.

              • Rawls1234

                That was a different era. Russell Wilson hadn’t shown to be an elite qb, roster didn’t have as many holes, and the defense wasn’t starting to age. I don’t see them using 1st or 2nd round picks or salary cap when we have Rawls, Collins, and Prosise on cheap rookie deals for the next 2-4 years.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    Yes I remember back in the day when someone (probably Cable) said that Marshawn Lynch needed to learn the system because he wasn’t hitting the hole. Seems to be a familiar lament.

    However with todays offensive line, when Collins was played at beginning of season he ran into the back of the pile and fumbled the ball. Because there was no opening. And the coaches didn’t play him again for half a season.

    When Rawls was playing about half the time he had to dodge defenders who were in the backfield before he even got the ball. Yet last year he had greater yards per carry then Lynch! Is he missing the holes this year? Of course the biggest yardage sometimes occurs on cutbacks when they ignore the hole. So who really can say?

    Lets get that offensive line functioning and watch the running game improve.

    • Rob Staton

      As noted in the article, it’ll be a mistake if people think this is purely an O-line problem. Dave Wyman is more qualified to pass judgement on that than any of us — and he’s making the point too.

      • Hawk Eye

        it was Cable who taught Marshawn how to hit the holes in the ZBS.
        Marshawn did not want to do it at first, but started doing it later in his first year with them and then started getting very good results.
        So it is not that ZBS does not work, but i think we have to wonder if it works now for the line and rb’s that they have. I have lost faith that Cable can adjust and adapt, but he does have a track record of doing a good job before.
        Can Collins lose a few pounds, get a little quicker and figure things out better in year 2? Just a rookie learning curve situation?
        Possible he can, and if he does not, doubt he lasts to year 3 or even to year 2, but not something to count on.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he’s lost the pounds now. Would be good to see him get a chance to end the season.

          • Hawk Eye

            he looked a little quicker last time out, maybe a few less pounds and being a little more comfortable can make enough of a difference.
            We expect a lot from rookies, but they have such a huge transition on and off the field that it is maybe more surprising that some transition so easily

    • AlaskaHawk

      My point was that if the offensive line doesn’t make a hole there is nowhere for the back to run. If the hole isn’t there then they do a cutback or improvise or get stopped.

  3. Volume12

    One reason why Prosise gave our run game what we needed? He has an unbeleivable ability to feel the holes open before they actually do.

    I think it is the O-!one. Well, a lot of it. But, the RBs are a little at fault too.

  4. Zach

    Don’t understand the interest in Peterson at all. The days of him being a transcendent back, or even an above-average one, have been over for a few years, and while he obviously won’t make $18 mil next year, I have a hard time believing that he’d take a salary and a role commensurate with his current abilities…and that’s not even discussing whether at 32 he could be counted on to stay healthy.

    • Rob Staton

      He was the NFL’s leading rusher last season. He had nearly 400 more yards than the guy who was third.

      Let’s not allow his injury this year to re-write history.

  5. Matt

    Any idea what Blount would cost in Free Agency? I’ve previously subscribed to the idea of not devoting significant resources to the RB position but after the trainwreck this year I wonder if just some consistency is worth the money.

    • Rob Staton

      Hard to say. His current contract is worth, unbelievably, just $1m.

      He’ll be 31 next season so hard to see him cashing in big time. Might be an option.

      • arias

        He had no sniffs during free agency which allowed the Patriots to re-sign him to that super cheap one year deal. Why do you think the Seahawks never bothered?

  6. Tom Page

    I agree the running backs are part of the problem. One of the factors I thought we would have this year is some variability with our backs between Rawls and Prosise. I look at Atlanta with Coleman and Freeman, or the Titans with Murray and Henry. Those teams keep the defense off balance with different style running backs. So I would like them to add to the group we have with a guy with different qualities. Maybe a scat back that could take it to the house at any time. Or A 250 pound bruiser that can move the pile. Any guys like that available?

    • Rob Staton

      Would be good to see a bruiser — and I think they want that.

      Blount could be an option for the short term. D’Onta Foreman is around 240lbs. Perine 235lbs.

      • Hawk Eye

        i Like Blount on a 1 or 2 year deal. He won’t get much on the open market after his Pittsburg exit, and NE won’t over pay to keep him. He needs a special coaching situation i think, so maybe Seattle is a fit. Did he not play college in the area?
        I think he would give them a good 3rd option to fit with Prosise and Rawls and would not cost a lot of $$ or draft capital. $3m for 1 year may get it done and I think it would be worth it for the Hawks

        • Rob Staton

          Oregon Ducks

          • Kenny Sloth

            Literally a ‘punch you in the mouth’ kind of guy (;

            Just ask Boise State

          • Seahawkeye Salmon

            Blount us a great idea! Local area guy who likes the northwest. Can pound it in at the goal line! Can pound those linebackers to soften them up for Rawls and Prosise in the second half.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I like Blount and wouldn’t mind stealing a player from New England.

  7. John T

    Rob, with a trade up for Fournette most likely not going to happen, what about a trade up for Cook? More doable but do you see him as worth the capital we would have to invest?

    • Hawk Eye

      not sure they would trade up for a smaller back unless they were really sure he was not injury prone and that he was a 3 down back.
      One of the amazing things about Marshawn was that his surgery last year was the first he ever had. He just had an amazing core strength that so few rb’s have so he had no major injuries for a long time. he was a beast.
      All players are an injury risk, just the nature of football. But some are more than others and you have to be careful where you pick them.

      I have no idea about Cook other than he is 5-11 and 213 pounds. Not small, but not big either, and he would seem to me to carry higher risk factor

    • Rob Staton

      I think they go in a similar range. Top-five for Fournette, top-12 for Cook. Cost to move up would be similar I think. Two really talented guys.

      • GeoffU

        Cook just dominated Michigan on that opening drive. And now just caught a 40 yd pass. Dude’s going off.

  8. Clayton

    Wish Seattle could get this guy:

    • Volume12

      If most of the juniors at RB declare next year, there’s gonna be more options in terms of bell cow types in 2018 that are also more in Seattle’s wheelhouse. Size wise and physicality.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Maybe next year on Barkley


    If Rawls is not an above-average NFL RB, then who was he last year when he was amazing?

    • C-Dog


  10. Volume12

    Stanford D-lineman Solomon Thomas having a great game. He’s a unique prospect IMO.

    • Rob Staton

      Looking very good today. Impressive. Just wonder if this type of performance translates. How is he winning? It looks to me like he’s just quicker than these UNC OL’s, he’s not really doing anything spectacular with his hands. Against next level guys can he play this way? Will be interesting to see how he performs at the combine.

      • Volume12


        I think he can. He’s just too quick for interior O-lineman. And his hand usage should improve with NFL coaching. I actually think his stack and shed ability is excellent. He’s been unlockable today with his disruption.

        One thing I love about him? He can blow up a play while being held.

        • Rob Staton

          Wow — since my last post he made another three plays.

          He might be a top-15 pick.

          Trubisky looked good too.

          • C-Dog

            First thing I was going to do when I got back to a computer was post about this guy. What an awesome performance. As much as they need RB and THEY NEED RB, I’d love to see this guy playing for Seattle on Sundays.

            • Greg Haugsven

              How has Elijah Hood looked in the game? I know he is returning for his senior season, was just curious.

              • Rob Staton


            • Rob Staton

              Playing that way — he’ll go in the top-10.

              • C-Dog

                They certainly spent enough television time comparing him to Aaron Donald. Yeah, I think you might be right.

    • Volume12

      NC DT Naz Jones is very interesting.

      There’s some Tony McDaniel types this year too. Him, W. Georgia’s Jason Carr, Old Dominion’s Rashad Coward, ND’s Jarron Jones to name a few.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Thomas is making a statement. Agreed that UNC OL isn’t a great unit, but Thomas is so dramatically outplaying them does it really matter?

      You gotta love his tenacity, drive, grit. Makes the big plays in big moments. Looks Seahawky to me.

    • Trevor

      Vol I know you have been high on Thomas all year and it is really easy to see why. He absolutely dominated the Sun Bowl.
      I think he and Demarcus Walker are both ideal inside / outside guys and either would be a great fit with Hawks.

      • RealRhino2

        If Thomas is there when we pick, I think he’ll be our guy.

      • Volume12

        I agree Trev. 2 of my favorite prospects.

  11. Cysco

    Alfred Morris?

    I’m sure he could be had for a mid-round pick from Dallas.

    • Volume12


    • Cysco

      should probably clarify my thoughts here. He’s very familiar with the ZBS, is under 30 yo, has done very well when given the chance in Dallas and is cheap.

    • lil'stink

      I’ve always liked the man with the beat up Mazda but I’m not sure I see Dallas trading him to a conference competitor. Depends on how much they would want that extra draft pick.

  12. BigSmooth13

    What about Eddie Lacy? He seems like someone who won’t be expensive but has a lot to prove. When he gets going there are men who don’t want to hit him. He’s a different beast at 240+ unique and can help us give that intimidation factor as well. Young as well.

    • Volume12

      He’s actually 260 beleive it or not. He has to get in that 235 range to be effective.

    • Ed

      Said it a few articles ago, I think it would be a win win. Like Lynch in Buffalo, I feel a change in scenery and PC motivation could get Lacy to play well. Friendly deal with incentives, if he works out, great, if he doesn’t, he gets cut.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll never forget that call to Brock and Salk before the Green Bay season opener in 2014, where the caller described Lacy as a ‘Fat, fake Marshawn Lynch’.

      That kind of stuck with me. I’d pass TBH.

      • KyleT

        Hahaha, yeah that has stuck with me since I heard it as well

      • goatweed

        Fest Mode.

        • goatweed

          Feast Mode.

    • cha

      I’ve pushed this a few times, so what’s one more?

      If Fournette does end up in Jacksonville, the Hawks should call about Chris Ivory. With TJ Yeldon in the fold, he’ll be redundant. He’s got 4 seasons left on his deal so he’s locked in. The last two years the cap savings/dead money are favorable if they want to cut him or decide he’s not working out. Something similar as the Lynch deal, a 2018 mid round and a future conditional pick.

      Want to re-establish the bully? Pair him with Rawls and Collins. Work up some two back sets with Prosise to keep them off balance.

      • Hawk Eye

        in that case, Jags probably either release him or trade him for 6th round pick at best.
        He would be an interesting addition

  13. C-Dog

    Well, it’s a great day to be a Seahawks fan when you hear the team has extended Michael Bennett. It’s shows their unwavering commitment to their core players, and IMO, the Marshawn Lynch on the defense the way he can disrupt on the defense from 4 positions with grit, wit and guile. Now I’d love to see them work on Kam and Britt.

    A few things that have been resinating with me this week:

    1. The Dave Wyman comments, IMO, are spot on. It’s the only thing I can come up with as to why they consistently aren’t trusting the run game. RB has got to be the #1 priority.

    2. I thought Tom Cable had a very interesting press conference this week showing absolutely no signs of panic whatsoever about this OL. I think he genuinely believes in these young players, he just needs to see consistency, and no excuses. I kinda think there is a chance the starters next year might be on this roster, and terrifying as it is to the many. I could very easily be wrong all that though.

    3. Kris Richard was asked about Jarran Reed this week and what he provides to the pass rush, and he said the ability to get upfield and effect the QB, and that he’s been doing a good job as a rookie, staying humble and learning from the likes of Bennett, Rubin, and McDaniel. Bennett also mentioned that he’s been doing a good job holding up and giving opportunities for Bobby and KJ to make plays. That, with the fact he’s snap counts have been higher lately than the other DTs, it feels to me like Reed might be on his way to being a 3 down player for the team. Not to say Seattle wouldn’t look to add more inside rush in FA, but maybe what they want is another young DT much more in the Mebane mold, that can get low, stack up, win with power, etc. This has been brought up a few times in discussions about Nnadi and Qualls, but if they want RB more than OL, I wonder if they want also DT more than OL, as strange as that might sound. Getting two powerful big men up front seems like something Carroll craves out of his 4-3 under base defense, and having them on rookie contracts allows them to spend $ in other areas.

    4. With the Bennett signing today, Gee Scott made a rather strong insinuation that a certain WR might be off the roster next year to make room for other core veterans to extend. He didn’t name names, but said we know Baldwin isn’t going anywhere, and Lockett isn’t going any where.. I’m going to guess that’s Kearse, and maybe Seattle looks at WR end of day two-ish in this draft.

    With Bennett locked up, and hopefully the designs of locking up Chancellor and Britt, I think Seattle could still bring in another veteran inside rusher, if they want to, maybe add one vet to the offensive line, maybe add a veteran RB. I could see them still to RB early in this draft even adding a veteran player like Stewart or Peterson. I think they would love to add more bruiser, less playmaker.

    24: R1P24

    56: R2P24

    88: R3P24

    134: R4P31

    203: R6P24

    214: R6P35

    227: R7P9

    Foreman = bruiser with athleticism, Qualls equals a powerful low based DT to push the pocket, and tie up blocker, Chesson = a red zone target who can factor as a willing run blocker, Moton = a throw back run blocker for RT or guard, Mathis = a rush linebacker, Stevenson = a playmaking FB, Langley = outside corner depth.

    • Volume12

      I heard something the other day from a guy that attends games. Writes for/contributes to Draft Breakdown. Or maybe it was NDT Scouting. Anyways, he said when Iowa played Michigan earlier this year, all the scouts were being drawn to Michigan’s Taco Charlton. Seattle had 2 scouts at that game.

      Whether or not they came away impressed or liked what they saw is impossible to say at this point, but interesting.

      • Volume12

        IDK if you caught any of that Tennessee vs Nebraska bowl game, but Tennessee WR Josh Malone has got ‘it.’

        Has size at 6’2-6-3, 200 lbs, length, speed, great athlete.

        • Trevor

          I agree completely Vol I was going to mention him as well. First time I have seen him play but was really impressed.

          • Volume12

            He’s a 3rd-4th rounder IMO.

            • C-Dog

              No, I was totally dialed into Stanford v NC, and didn’t catch Nebraska v Tenn until well afterwards. R3 -R4 seems like prime areas for them to potentially target WR, though.

      • Rob Staton

        Lot of talk Taco goes top-25.

      • C-Dog

        I can totally understand why. I’ve been enjoying Taco every Michigan game I’ve watched. I would have to think Seattle would be impressed with him. They might also have come away liking Glasgow and Wormley.

  14. Volume12

    Michigan vs Florida St.

    Tons of talent in this one. Should be good.

    • Trevor

      Delvin Cook is my favourite offensive player in this draft and it is not even close! He is going to have a Zeke Elliot type impact if he goes to the right team.

    • Trevor

      If I were the Colts I would do whatever I had to in order to get Cook. He is exactly what Andrew Luck needs to take them to the next level.

    • Volume12

      I like this Matt Thomas, LB, Florida St. 6’3, 230 lbs. Who knows if he declares, but wow.

      • Volume12

        Florida St LT Roderick Johnson is much better than I thought.

      • Trevor

        He has looked great so far tonight! That FSU defence looks night and day from the beginning of the year.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Much better! That defense was absolutely atrocious at the beginning of the year, just getting gashed. Looks great now

  15. Rik

    Am I the only one who thinks Kareem Hunt runs like David Johnson? He’s almost as tall as Johnson, and Hunt (6′, 225 lbs) is a fast, upright runner. From a mid-major school, too, like Johnson. 1355 rushing yards this year with 39 receptions for an additional 377 yards. Like Johnson, he’s a good blocker and very elusive. And he’s had 1 fumble in 4 years! I keep dreaming that we draft Hunt in round 3, but I don’t think he makes it out of the 2nd round.

    • Volume12

      I think he’ll be there in the 3rd.

    • Rob Staton

      David Johnson ran a 4.50.

      I’m not convinced Hunt will crack the 4.5’s.

      I will do more work on him over the next few days.

      • Rik

        I’ve seen his high school 40 time listed as 4.59 sec. He’s apparently 2″ taller now and maybe faster?

        I’d love to be eavesdropping on draft conversations between PC and JS – it’s one of my favorite times of year. Thanks for the great content, Rob!

        • Rik

          Hunt thinks he can run as fast as Johnson. Here’s a quote from a newspaper article:

          “I can squat the house,” Hunt said of his powerful legs. “I’m a solid 4.5 (in the 40-yard dash) and I’ve run a 4.49.”

          Just as a piece of not-too-useful trivia, he once ran for 1,000 yards and 10 tds in a youth league game.

          • Rob Staton

            I’d personally be very surprised if he’s better than a 4.62. No second gear really, a laboured runner in the open field. What he does well is keep the legs moving, get every bit out of each run. Sometimes he tries to do too much and gets into trouble and takes a big loss. But he generally does a good job maxing out his runs. That certainly appeals. But I’d be concerned his ability to do that will be minimal at the next level against bigger, faster defenses considering his lack of suddenness.

            I’m going to do more work on him. He’s a fun player to watch.

            • GeoffU

              Huge outlier, but Terrell Davis ran a 4.72. If he can consistently pick the right hole and hit it hard and run through tackles, he can be a great zone blocking runner. However, he’s most likely not the next Davis, but just wanted to throw that out there. Haven’t seen him play myself.

  16. Misfit74

    Great move in keeping Bennett happy and here long term. Glad that’s done.

    As far as RB, I’d be thrilled to add one of the top backs in this draft and also have more digging to do on Foreman. Interested to see his combine info, etc. I can’t say I’m thrilled with any of the potential trade targets listed. As stated, we need special, uniquely talented. Cook and Fournette look to be that. Would it be worth a trade up?

  17. vrtkolman

    Taco Charlton just wrecked Francois’ soul. He’s got future Seahawks written all over him.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve been drooling over this player all season long.

    • Volume12

      Him and DeMarcus Walker have both played very well so far.

      • Volume12

        Walker is so versatile. Film rat too.

        • dylanlep

          Walker is absolutely abusing UM

  18. Rob Staton

    It’s always Demarcus Walker & Derrick Nnadi for FSU.

    Walker’s hands might be the best I’ve seen doing this blog. Gets off blocks brilliantly. Superb.

    • Volume12

      His awareness is fantastic too.

      • Volume12

        I think he’ll be there for Seattle if they wanted to go that route too.

        Daniel Jeremiah said teams see him as a day 2 guy.

        • Rob Staton

          LOL at any team that has him down as a day two guy.

          That said, let’s see his combine.

          • Volume12

            Actually, he said mid rounder. I’m not sure what him or others aren’t seeing.

            One of these D-lineman are going to slip to the end of round 1 with all this talent.

    • Matt

      Any chance Walker could play exclusively at 3T? He’s gotta be what, 280? He could put on 5-10 lbs and hold up just fine IMO. Really a great player. Fantastic awareness.

      • Rob Staton

        I think he’s more like 270lbs. More of a DE who can move inside.

    • Trevor

      Walker is going to be an Bennett clone in the NFL I think. So right Rob his hand usage is NFL caliber already. Ideal 4-3 DE whom moves inside on 3rd down and is lethal in that spot.

      I don’t see how either of them fall but if Bolles is off the board I would love to see Walker or Solomon Thomas in Rd #1 and Nnadi in Rd #2. Our Dl would be set for the next 5 years with Reed and Clark.

  19. Trevor

    I have watched FSU a lot this year to focus in Walker, Cook, Nnadi.

    Ever single game Francois take a huge hit and is down. Always seems to come back but I have never seen a kid get repeatedly hit so hard. Have no idea how he will last 3-4 years at that rate.

    • Volume12

      They got a top 10 pick nhext year in S Derwin James. Incredible talent. Huge kid.

      • Volume12

        Roderick Johnson is impressive tonight man. I have a feeling he’ll be this years Le’Raven Clark.

  20. Volume12

    Oregon St CB Treston DeCoud getting a combine invite. Kid has Seahawk style corner written all over him. Great backstory too.

    Like him a lot.

  21. Radman

    Ray Roberts just destroyed the O line play today on 710. Basically called them out for completely whiffing on so many blocks, and falling on their faces.

    Maybe they’ll get better next year. But they are terrible now, and it’s on them, and their coaching. Trying to hang this on the RBs reeks of really trying hard to find something unique to say.

    • Rob Staton

      Maybe. My personal opinion is it’s not one thing — it’s a collection of issues.

      — Lack of commitment to the run
      — O-line not taking steps forward (whether that’s on coaching or the players)
      — Running backs not doing a good enough job

  22. C-Dog

    Michigan = grit. Wow

  23. QAll I see is 12s

    Hello everyone, does anyone know how Russell Okungs 3 million bonus, bringing him to 8 million a year, will affect the Seahawks comp pics? Could it be a 4?
    Also, Rob consistently mentions that the Hawks will get a 3 for Irvin, but originally it was projected as a 4. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks

  24. Kyle

    So I’ve been seeing people post trade backs for foreman and I just can’t get behind it. I either want to trade up for fournette or cook or take best available dl/ol in the first. In that order. If we don’t get one of those back I’m down for a mid round back or a trade for someone like Morris or ivory if around a 4rd pick. But I’d also be interested in seeing what’s up with the Rams and gurley. The Rams need a don’t have any pick in the first and have a new coach coming. So they might be open to some trades.

    A big if, they were looking to deal some star players for picks I’d kick the tires on Donald and see if they’d take two first and a second plus change for him. Man crush on that dude. I’d give up anything for him to be a hawk

    • C-Dog

      I think McShay currently has Foreman as his 18 highest rated player right now, of what it’s worth, if I’m not mistaken.

      No way the Rams are trading Donald.

  25. Trevor

    The defensive talent in Rd #1 of this years draft is off the charts. Rob you are dead on the mark when you say the best athletes coming out of high school want to play defense now.

    There were 4 Defensive Lineman I watched yesterday whom are rated / mocked nationally at the end of Rd #1 whom might be in range for the Hawks. All of them looked dominant and would be great additions to the Hawks defense with the potential to be true difference makers.

    #1 Demarcus Walker – Loved this guy all year and last night he dominated Michigan in the Orange Bowl. This guy is the heart and soul of that team on defense and for a DL never comes off the field. He has great smarts and recognition. He also has the best hand usage of any DL prospect in the class and disengages from blockers in a similar manner to Michael Bennett allowing him to impact the run game and pass rush equally effective.

    I don’t think he will blow up the combine and this will be the knock on him. But for me he is the most sure thing at the NFL level after Garrett and Allen. I truly believe his upside is to be a Michael Bennett type player as a base 4-3 DE who plays the run well and moves inside on passing downs where he is lethal as a pass rusher. Thinking about 3rd down next year with Bennett and Walker rushing inside and Clark / Avril off the edge would be a thing of beauty.

    #2 Solomon Thomas – Vol 12 has been singing this guys praises all year and I was kind of luke warm to be honest as I had not watched much Stanford. But this guy jumped off the screen yesterday. Wow he absolutely destroyed that NC OL and single handily won that game for Stanford IMO.

    Another guy whom can move inside on 3rd down and play base 4-3 DE. He is not quite as polished as Walker when it comes to pass rush moves and hand usage but will likely be more explosive at the combine. He plays with a great motor and is said to have a great attitude. Would be another incredible addition to our DL and with the success we have had with Stanford grads would be a great addition I think.

    #3 Taco Charlton – Wow this kid is a physical freak with the length you know PC/JS will love. I don’t see him mocked in Rd #1 a lot but this kid probably has the most upside of any of these guys. Has a great get off and for a guy his height has good bend and body control around the edge. He blew bye All American OT from FSU several times last night. On a stacked Michigan defense I think he is the most athletically gifted and that includes Peppers.

    I think after the combine this kid will be a top 15 pick but if he somehow fell to the Hawks you would have to love the idea of them adding Frank Clarks buddy to this DL.

    #4 Derrick Barnett – The most productive pass rusher in the SEC the last couple of years despite being the focus of very offensive line as he is basically the entire Vols pass rush. He does not jump off the screen like some of the guys above but his pass rush skills are refined. I think this guy will be another very productive inside outside pass rusher at the next level and will have a huge chip on his shoulder as he seems to get very little respect. I think where he goes will depend a lot on how he test. His tape though shows he should clearly be a first rounder.

    With all the defensive talent in Rd #1 you have to think at least one of these guys could fall to the Hawks and if so wow you would have to be tempted to add a guy like this to our already loaded pass rush. Add in Jefferson coming back from injury and this DL would have the pass rush depth of the SB team.

    Still want Bolles in Rd #1 but if he is gone as I expect then I don’t see another OL I would prefer over these 4 DL.

    Would love to hear how people view these guys and whom is your favourite of the 4.

  26. Trevor

    I love watching FSU play by the way. Fisher has created a great culture of competition and fun there similar to Pete’s philosophy. When you hear the leaders Walker and Cook talk you can tell they just love that program and there was no way those guys were even considering sitting out that Bowl game. They already have the “Always Compete” mantra engrained in them.

    I firmly believe CFB players should be paid but the guys like Mccaffery, and Fournette whom decide not to play to protect their draft stock would not even be on my board. Why even play the year at all if you are not going to compete and finish the year out with your team. It is almost anti-Seahawk.

    I get you could get hut and the Jaylen Smith is a sad example. But all these kids have insurance now and could have gotten hurt any game or practice all year.

    I think you can put it in the bank that the Hawks will never take a guy whom make this decision as it goes against everything Pete preaches and believes in.

  27. calgaryhawk

    Rob, I don’t see it as a running back problem for the Seahawks as much as I see it as a short yardage problem. I see it as a problem this team has had for a few years. I feel even the goal line throw with Lynch in the backfield was somewhat influenced by inconsistent short yardage O line play. I don’t know what management will do in the early rounds, but I’d like to see them add some beef to the O line in the 3rd or later rounds. I don’t even care if they come in as one trick ponies to begin with. Guys like Nico Siragusa-G-6’5″-335lb, Damien Mama-G-6″4″-355lb, Zack Banner-OT/G-6’9′-365lb or David Sharpe OT/G- 6’6′-355lb or players that size that management like. Big men like that often require double teams and they still get forward movement from their sheer mass. Grab 2 linemen like that and short yardage down in theory should become more intimidating. What are your thoughts Rob?

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