Bob McGinn’s draft nuggets on key prospects

Florida’s Jonathan Bullard ‘isn’t special’ according to one scout

This piece came out in December — but it’s worth exploring. Bob McGinn puts out an annual ‘early look’ at the draft using unnamed scouting sources. Here are some of the highlights:

On Will Fuller:

“Fuller will run low 4.4s, high 4.3s,” one scout said. “Better player than Devin Smith, who went top of the second (No. 37) last year. Just a better overall receiver.”

My take
Fuller is arguably the most dynamic offensive player in the class. Pure speed — he’s a game-changer with incredible upside. The Seahawks like special athleticism and Fuller fits the bill.

On Laremy Tunsil:

“Tunsil is a good athlete with strong hands,” said one scout. “Little bit of a finesse guy. They (Ole Miss) are almost like the Oregon teams now. They’re really not physical players.”

My take
He doesn’t play with the same edge as Shon Coleman — and that’s why I prefer Coleman. Tunsil is technically very good and he’s a nice athlete. But you want to see that nasty streak.

On Ronnie Stanley:

Stanley, according to the scout, isn’t regarded as a great worker off the field and doesn’t always play hard. “He needs to get stronger,” another scout said. “But he’s really good technically as a pass blocker.”

My take
He was embarrassed by Clemson’s Shaq Lawson and doesn’t show any desire to get to the second level. There’s no edge to him. He has the upside — but is he ever going to push himself? I wouldn’t spend a first round pick here unless I absolutely had to have a pass protector and he was the last one available.

On Jack Conklin:

“He played left tackle and can probably survive there, but eventually I think you’ll want a better athlete,” one scout said. “I think he’s a right tackle. Kind of a self-made guy who kind of grew into his body.”

My take
He’s no slouch but he’s also not a special athlete with a ton of upside. You can plug him in at right tackle or guard. Low ceiling, high floor.

On Germain Ifedi:

“He’s just real inconsistent,” one scout said. “Effort level is down. I don’t think he’s playing as well as a year ago. He’ll work out well so somebody will take him in the second.”

My take
Superb frame with minimal body fat. A great specimen and his play wasn’t as bad as some will tell you. Could easily find a home in the late first as a right tackle.

On Paxton Lynch:

“There’s stuff Lynch doesn’t see but then he makes some plays that look like he knows what he’s doing,” one scout said. “But, boy, is he a great athlete for a big guy. He’s going to run in the 4.5s. He’s got good feet and can make all the throws.”

My take
Yes he had a poor Bowl game. Memphis also lost their Head Coach before the game and what was at stake? Teams will believe they can win with Lynch. Big, athletic, accurate quarterbacks go early. It’s trendy to want to go with Jared Goff — Lynch is the safer bet for me.

On Jared Goff:

“In terms of arm talent, he’ll be like (Jay) Cutler,” said one scout. “Skinny kid. Gets hit a bunch. Doesn’t see everything. Accuracy is off at times. But he can really spin it and has really good feet.”

My take
The Cutler talk is fair. Nice arm talent and capable of making some pretty mid-range passes. He also struggled in Cal’s big games — completing 44% of his passes against Oregon, throwing five picks against Utah and two more in a loss to USC.

On the running backs available after round one:

Utah’s Devontae Booker (5-11, 210) is versatile but is prone to injury and fumbles too much. He’s in the second-third round range with juniors C.J. Prosise (6-1, 220) of Notre Dame, Paul Perkins (5-10, 212) of UCLA and Alex Collins (5-11, 220) of Arkansas.

My take
Perkins and Collins intrigue me the most. Perkins has tremendous character, a deadly cut and some upside in the passing game. Collins is a work-horse with surprising speed. The Seahawks need a third-down/passing back to pair with Rawls and Perkins looks like the best fit.

On Robert Nkemdiche:

“He’s really athletic and he’s got strength,” one scout said. “He’s really a different kid. He may scare some people. He’s strange strange.”

My take
This article was published before the bizarre window incident and subsequent Bowl game suspension. If Nkemdiche was considered ‘strange strange’ before it happened — you have to wonder what teams are thinking now. Can you seriously take him in round one?

On Jonathan Bullard:

“Bullard isn’t special.”

My take
Bullard says he returned to Florida this year to prove he’s better than the draft committee suggested a year ago. He had some nice plays — but the scout is right. He isn’t special. The Seahawks don’t draft unspectacular athletes early.

On Alabama’s D-line trio:

“(A’Shawn) Robinson is a giant,” said one scout. “Big run stuffer with pass-rush ability. Top-15 pick. (Jarran) Reed got in a lot better shape this year than he was as a junior. He was more in the 330 range. Excellent run-down player, and he’s showing a little bit more of a push in the pass game. Top 25. (Jonathan) Allen spells them and is more of a pass rusher. Kind of an in-betweener. End and outside linebacker. He’ll go late first, early second.”

My take
I’m not sold on Robinson as a pass rusher. You barely see any evidence he can do it consistently on tape. Reed is tough as nails but he’s a pure run stuffer. I’m not sure what Allen is at the next level. I’d put all three in round two. I think it’d be surprising if the Seahawks took any of them early — they clearly value stopping the run but they’re getting production out of Brandon Mebane and Athyba Rubin.

On Kenny Clark & Andrew Billings:

“Clark’s probably the best run stopper,” said one scout. “They bill Billings there as the strongest college-football player. He’s a limited athlete but he’s got incredible strength.”

My take
Aside from the odd flash, I thought Clark was an unspectacular player whenever I watched UCLA. The kind you find in a lot of drafts. Billings might be the best at getting into the backfield but even then — I’m not convinced he’s a natural rusher. I’m generally wary of Baylor linemen (both sides of the ball).


  1. DC

    It’s official now. No matter who we play in the Super Bowl it’s going to be a rematch.

  2. Volume12

    That was the craziest game!

    I’ve never seen a team blitz on 4th & 20 or with :5 seconds left and the opposing team has near mid-field. And it never shoulda happened. Throwing it on 2nd or 3rd down and leaving an extra 30-40 seconds on the clock!? Bruce Arians almost cost his team the game.

    If they didn’t have Fitz, Arizona woulda got thumped.

    Carson Palmer looks shook. Arizona has no safeties, no D-lineman other than Campbell, no elite edge rushers, and CB Justin Bethel is bad.

    • DC

      Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati
      Seattle vs Minnesota
      Green Bay vs Arizona

      Just when you think it can’t get any crazier!
      I’m glad Aaron Rodgers is out of the playoffs. It’s a bit of a relief. Almost looks like they should be running the Hail Mary offense all game long. Good grief.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I think the padd Palmer threw was an audible…. the look on Arians face said it all.. he was like WTF

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      First time I can remember rooting for ARI. Notwithstanding Fitz’s 75 yard catch to set up the winning TD, the Cards just aren’t that “dangerous” team they were earlier this year. They look entirely beatable.

      Offensive game plan to beat ARI? Attack Bethel in the air and run directly at (and over) Buchannon.

      But I don’t want to get ahead of things. Beat Carolina!

  3. Volume12

    Call me craz, but I think Ohio St’s QB Cardale Jones has the most upside of any QB in this draft.

    Yes, he’s a knucklehead, but the same thing was said about Cam Newton.

    He’s got the best skill set and arm. I can’t think of one game that was lost because of him. Taking away the read option from him was stupid.

    • Rob Staton

      He has the best arm talent but he’s very immature. Comes across like a little boy in a man’s world. Can’t imagine him leading a locker room or a franchise. Needs to grow up. There’s a reason he’s been a backup or third choice for virtually his entire Ohio State career despite having all that talent.

  4. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Hawks wearing White Jersey / Wolf Grey pants… 2-0 vs CAR in that combination.

    • Volume12

      Isn’t it the college navy tops and wolf grey pants?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Carolina will wear the Dark Tops / Light pants, so Seattle gets White Tops and Grey Pants 😀

        • Volume12

          Ah. I heard wrong.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Huh, I did too. I read yesterday CAR would be in white.

    • david ess

      Actually we are wearing the blue top grey pants today.

      tried copying the link to here but its not letting me.

      • david ess

        And Carolina is doing white on white.

  5. Volume12

    This is RB3 aka Ronald Blair, DE, Appalachian St. Dude has big time talent.

    Watch this guy dominate snap to snap against the former no. 1 ranked team in the country.

    Keeping my eye out for him come combine time.

    Not a highlight video:

    • Rob Staton

      Very interesting video.

      How about this for a pick six against Troy as well:

      Good athlete it seems. 6-4, 270lbs. He’s been invited to the combine.

    • Rik

      Man this kid is really something. Speed, power, and burst. And great hands in the pick 6 against Troy. Sleeper pick in the early rounds?

    • Ukhawk

      Great spot

  6. Ukhawk

    Tony Pauline’s positional rankings coming out now. OL takings are interesting. Coleman 6th OT and rated as 2nd round (not even Rd 1-2), Bisnowatny not even listed (from what I can see), Dahl put in as a guard, 5/6th round grade (yes please!) …

    • Rob Staton

      There’s not been any word on whether Bisnowaty is turning pro. He can return to Pitt in 2016. We’ll dig into Tony’s rankings later in the week.

      • Volume12


        Besides Rob’s opinion, I trust Tony Pauline’s the most.

  7. Volume12

    Beast Mode’s gotta puke to get them endorphines/adrenaline going.

    BTW, this field ain’t much better than the one in D.C. fellas.

    Go Hawks!

    • AlaskaHawk

      What a horrible start. Can Seahawks play any worse?

  8. John_s

    Lewis whiffs on the first play and Britt gets schooled by Short. Not a good sign

  9. Ed

    Then Okung gets schooled by Short

  10. Ed

    KJ had 2 bad plays on the long run and TD run.

  11. Ed

    Wake up. Get a stop here and some points on the board.

  12. John_s

    Seattle is no longer the only bully on the block. Carolina and St Louis are right there with them and they bigger bullies

    • AlaskaHawk

      St Louis is so tough, they are only a quarterback away from being champions. The thing that amazed me is their payroll is dirt cheap. Only four players making over 6 million base salary.

      Anyway, will need a better effort from the team to win this one.

      • John_s

        Game set match. Carolina is just going to eat up the clock and pound Seattle into submission

  13. Ed

    This game is really highlighting the problems with the Hawks.

    Interior DL and OL. It’s not over, but geez.

    Let Okung/Sweezy/Mebane go.
    Get Mack and Boone. Day in 3rd/4th rd.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Okung injured his shoulder. Well I’ve been waiting for a sign that Seahawks need a replacement / backup at Left Tackle. That is enough for me, can’t play the position with arm/shoulder problems. Not worth the 8-10 million he will want.

      Also Britt hasn’t played well at left guard. Heck the whole line is not playing well. I’m wiling to blow up the line for another year. Won’t make much difference. Seahawks offense has sucked at the start of season anyway, so lets get the right people on the offensive line.

      • Ed

        Yep. Okung/Sweezy/Lewis don’t resign. Britt to the bench. Gilliam to LT.


        1st Fuller (WR)
        2nd Striker (LB)
        3rd Day (DT)
        3rd Prosise/Perkins (RB)

        • AlaskaHawk

          I would like to keep Lewis and Gilliam. Lewis has played pretty well, and right side of line has played better then left. Sweezy I have mixed feelings about, but if he will play for 2 to 2.5 million he is worth keeping.

          Britt is having a bad day, repeatedly letting defenders through. Bailey is having a hard time filling in for Okung. I wonder if he would do better at guard.

          I would like Seahawks to go for a tackle, center and guard next draft.

  14. John_s

    Wilson is playing like a rookie not the best passer in the league.

    We gotta get better guys on the oline and more weapons

    • Volume12

      O-line for sure. IMO Shon Coleman will be sitting there for Seattle.

      As for weapons…we are missing Jimmy Graham, Thomas Rawls, and Paul Richardson. We need another receiver, but not convinced it’s an early need.

      • John_s

        I’m iffy on if Richardson will come back and play a whole season and Graham, Victor Cruz had a pcl and missed the whole season. I am hoping that doesn’t happen to Graham and he won’t have any secondary injuries because of the pcl

  15. Forrest

    Guys…expect the worst from here on out. It’s 31-0, unless the Hawks make the greatest comeback of all time I don’t see them winning this one. I’ve excepted this fate…there still hope, but not much…I think they’ve met their match…

  16. rowdy

    Looking flatter then usual at 10:00am. Funny they managed to not have a 10:00 am game yesterday

    • Ed

      Because it was Saturday. They have a late game Saturday that ends after 8pm, but want the Sunday games over by 5pm.

      • John_s

        If you can’t get yourself going for a chance to go to the NFC championship that’s not a 10:00 thing. That’s a team that wasn’t prepared to play

        • rowdy

          I’m just tired of looking flat the first half of 10 am game

  17. sdcoug

    What do you expect when every one and their mother knows the first play is a handoff to lynch up the middle? Why not, it’s what we always do in our stubborn attempt to ‘establish’ a run against a beastly D-line. Worked well against StL, might as well scrap the quick hitters against a similar D now.

    Almost every pass play ran 3 receivers 20 yards down the field. Why not, I’m sure we’re great at blocking long-developing plays. That quick out for 7 yrs (down 31-0) that worked perfectly must have just been to to throw them off the scent.

  18. Forrest

    Should’ve taken the field goal…well for what it’s worth the Seahawks are a 2nd half team, but Carolina has to implode and blank themselves out of existence before any of that can happen…

  19. Forrest

    Alright, get ready for the greatest comeback in playoff history…*starts bashing fists into wood table*

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yee haw!

  20. Ukhawk

    NyG came back, why not

  21. Ukhawk

    God bless, tough year. Battled against lots of challenges, should be proud of these guys

    • Forrest

      Definitely proud of all these guys. That first half was disheartening, but they came back and at least made the game respectable. GG to the Panthers, they earned it…

  22. Magmatizer

    Does anyone have thoughts on what spot LA Tech HB Kenneth Dixon will be available at? CBS Sports has him as a mid-round guy, but I would like to get other opinions. I personally think he would be a great pickup in the 3rd/4th round, as he is a very versatile back that could be a solid 3rd down option next season. Not elite explosiveness, but runs fluidly (as far as I can tell) and is a natural backfield receiver. On another note, I would be fine with a decision to pick Collins or Perkins instead.

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