Bobby Wagner agrees new contract

No noise. No complaints. Just quality play from one of the rarest and most special athletes in the NFL and now a richly deserved contract extension.

Bobby Wagner is a class-act. In an era where linebacker play doesn’t make the headlines like it used to — he’s both a throwback to a bygone era and one of the definitive modern players in the game. He has the speed, agility and field-smarts to do everything today’s NFL demands. He also has the size, physicality and tone-setting ability we used to see from the classic linebackers of yesteryear.

He’s a Hall-of-Fame caliber talent with years left in the tank. This contract takes him through to age 33 and rewards a player who shows no signs of slowing down.

On every level — performance, influence, athleticism — Wagner deserved this deal.

And just like that — three of Seattle’s contract dilemma’s are solved:

Russell Wilson — signed
Frank Clark — traded for a haul
Bobby Wagner — signed
Jarran Reed — unsigned and suspended

Everything has fallen into place. Reed’s suspension — and Seattle’s subsequent support — also bodes well for the Seahawks in negotiations. We’ll see if something emerges there but of the big four Reed was fourth on the list.

The team deserves immense credit for handling what could’ve been a very tricky year. Getting the Wilson deal done was no mean feat alone. Pulling off a fair trade for Clark and now re-signing Wagner has momentum building. Against the odds this is an off-season with minimal drama (for once) with the team being pro-active and effective.

They won’t get much praise. That’ll be saved for the teams with the multiple first round picks and those who spent big and gambled hard. Yet Seattle’s front office can feel very pleased with their work in 2019 in a testing environment.

The Seahawks are into their second year of a refresh. They’re probably another off-season away from reaching their full potential (it’s something I’ll write about later in pre-season). Yet so far they’ve made the right calls. If people are willing to be realistic about the forthcoming season — and appreciate where they’re at and what further work needs to be done — this franchise will move forward.

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  1. AndrewP

    Rob- Either you have had that article written for a while, or, you are a very talented journalist to be on the spot so quickly.

    Either way, superbly written, sir!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Andrew — I wrote it as soon as I saw Rapport’s tweet from a hotel in Bolton.

      • AndrewP

        You got game, sir…

        Curious, where did you cut your teeth before your current gig at BBC?

        • Rob Staton

          I did all sorts — accumulated any work experience I could get including hospital radio and a newspaper in France. Worked in bars, kitchens, a jewellery store, a Levi’s and in the steel industry. Lived in Vancouver for a while. Came back here — sent demo tapes and worked two jobs while acting as a freelancer for the BBC. Eventually went full-time and been with the BBC for nearly 10 years now.

          • Coug1990

            We are all happy you lived in Vancouver, where you began to follow the Seahawks. Thanks for all the level-headed, logical, and interesting articles over the years.

  2. SeaHusky

    Good to see you back, Rob! Hope your break away from this site was refreshing. Excited to see this site become more active as the season starts rolling around.

  3. Aaron

    Great to see you back writing articles again Rob. Hope you had a great time with your family. I do think the Hawks will take a step forward this season, but they’re still a little ways off contending for a title again. What do you think Rob, 11-5 sound fair?

  4. cha

    Great move. Can’t be happier with this.

    In a time where the Hawks have an uncertain DL situation and are still sorting out their DBs, having Wright and Wagner in the fold is an absolute necessity.

  5. Zxvo3

    Happy to see you post Rob. Hopefully your summer has been going well.

  6. DC

    Welcome back! No comments on the blog since June 27!

    Among the many, many standout players of the PC/JS era, Wilson & Wagner are the best of the best. Total professionals with incredible talent. Real leaders. We’ve been treated for a while with these guys. Here’s to their health!

    New PM this week. Best wishes to the citizens of the UK.

    A couple of players on my early wish list for our 2020 1st round pick.
    1. Derrick Brown, DT Auburn (whether or not Reed returns)
    2. Tee Higgins, WR Clemson (pending how the WRs pan out this season)

    • Coleslaw

      I’m already hoping for DL, OT, and WR early next year lol seems to fit the class too.

  7. Sea Mode

    Bobby is back!
    SDB is back!

    Let’s. Go.

    • Doug

      AND ROB IS BACK! Trifecta! Welcome Rob–hope you had a great break!

  8. KD

    Welcome back Rob.

    This is just fantastic news. His caliber of play on the field is one thing, but his presence and leadership is something that just could never be replaced, even by another similarly skilled player. This team is getting younger, and a lot of those young guys could not have a better teammate to look up to and lead them.


  9. Coleslaw

    Pinch me I must be dreaming!

    We are so close to football guys!!

  10. matt

    I too agree it’s good to hear from you Rob. As I also agree with you on the state of the hawks in their present trajectory. There’s no reason to not expect big things from their offense. But even as happy i am to have Wagner locked up, it’s still the defense that is weakest at this point. Couple of years,tho, it’s super bowl!
    Maybe then Sneider would get some love,cause he sure and the heck deserves it. It’s hard for me to understand that he hasn’t won GM of the year at some point in the last 10 years. It’s really a tragedy.But I digress

  11. thomas

    First of all welcome back…Glad you got a break but I think we all missed your blog!! Also very happy to see Wagner is a Seahawk for another three years, He is one of the best line backers in the league!!

  12. charlietheunicorn

    B Wags is well on his way to the HoF…. 5 Probowls and 4 All Pros…. that is legit hardware.
    And he is a SB winner and 2 time participant. All while leading one of the all time greatest defenses in NFL history.

    Aside: Rob, welcome back from your break in covering the Seahawks.

    • Bankhawk

      This is a red-letter day for certain! The Hawks secure a corner-stone of their D, and our prodigal returns to us after what I hope has been a great summer loaded with quality family time! Welcome back, Rob-the Net now feels like home again!

  13. 12th chuck

    welcome back Rob!! It wasn’t only you that started to spend more time with family etc, I did the same. I wasn’t checking 5-10 times a day reading new post and threads and what not, but its time for all to get back to reading up again. This has to be one of the best under the radar off seasons and a shame that national media still wants to talk about the browns, cowboys, and pats. what a shame

  14. SeahawksAndHuskies

    And all is right in the world…. Seahawks sign Wags and Rob is back on the blog.

    Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed your MUCH deserved break.

  15. Tacoma Hawks

    We’re back!!!

    Used to be able to type β€œs” in my browser and this site would autopopulate.

    Thank god Rob’s back and it can start again.

  16. H

    Bob and Rob, the two pillars of being a seahawk fan return in one day.

    Really looking forward to the new season, having a bit of pass-rush anxiety with Reed gone though, do we think the team could look to make some more moves in that area, or are we trusting in young players to step up? Was kinda hoping we’d go after Mike Daniels.

    • kevin

      Looks like they have signed Earl Mitchell. Should add a bit of run stuffing for (hopefully) a small investment.

      Would have been nice if Reed’s suspension had been announced while there were still some decent DTs on the free agent market.

      • Robert Las Vegas

        Welcome back rocking good news to see you back . I had some concerns about the Seahawks pass rush before the J Reeds situation now egads I am very concerned

  17. Kyle

    OH MY LANTA! FINALLY, my ridiculous borderline obsessive compulsive checking of this site has paid off. Rob I’m so glad your back, and hopefully you had a great break and got to spend time with your other family! I am so happy this got done. Bobby is a true legend, definitely the type to give a 3rd contract to. I was hoping we would make a splash for clowney, to improve our pass rush and DL, but it wasnt in the cards just yet I guess. I am curious how this DL is going to perform now missing its best player for the first 6 games. Should be a heck of a year.

  18. Trevor

    I think you summed the Wagner signing and Hawks off season perfectly Rob!

    This should be a really fun pre-season with lots of competition and I think the Hawks are going to look like the Hawks pre-season teams in the earlier PC years where they smoke teams in pre season with superior depth.

    Hope you are enjoying the summer with your family and I am really looking froward to another amazing year on SDB!

  19. TomLPDX

    My initial reaction when I saw that Bobby got an extension to his contract: YAY!

    My initial reaction when I saw that Rob had posted about it on SDB: Double YAY!

    Welcome back, Rob…looking forward to a new year with our Seahawks!

    Let’s see how creative Ken Norton can be for the first 6 games with the wealth of talent he has in his linebacking corps to help shore up the defensive line.

  20. Volume12

    Fired up to talk football with y’all again.

    -Nothing much too much to say about BWagz. Deserved, had to be coming sooner or later, glad it’s not an albatross hanging around the franchise’s neck.

    -Does anyone else find it concerning that the NFL found more evidence than the police when it comes to Jarran Reed? Not saying he’s innocent, maybe he is maybe he isn’t, but more worried that a league who doesn’t even know what a catch is has done a better job than trained professionals. Seems bad.

    -The NY Giants are just an incredible franchise:

    WR Sterling Sheppard fractures his thumb
    WR Corey Coleman years his ACL
    WR Golden Tate gets suspended 4 games for PEDs because of a fertility drug. IDK why I find this one funny, but I do. *shrug emoji*

    • H

      I don’t think it has anything to do with the NFL finding more evidence than the Police, just that their internal conduct policy has a lower threshold for the burden of proof than the Police need to prosecute. See the Elliot case of a couple years ago.

      • Volume12

        lol. The policy is baffling.

        So the NFL has found more evidence from Jarran Reed’s case 2 years ago, but not with a multiple time DV offender in Tyreek Hill? The Shield can’t punish Hill, but Reed? Sit for 6 games.

        Let the police do their job. The NFL can’t continue to muddy the waters with these cases.

        • H

          I don’t mind the policy overall, they can’t have another Ray Rice situation after all. But I do agree that it’s not being applied consistently. That phone call from Hill should have been enough to suspend.

        • cha

          As I understand it, it’s been reported that the victim in the Hill case didn’t cooperate with league investigators. It would appear that is not the case with the ones involved with Reed.

          So I wouldn’t say it’s about “finding” the information to make a decision as much as “getting access” to the information.

        • Coleslaw

          Its complete BS and the league knows it. They’ll set a new precedent down the line, letting someone get away with exactly what Reed did and as long as the public sees it that way all will be right in the world.

          If it was 4 games instead of 6 I would understand a WHOLE lot more. But you’re going to strike 2 for a guy who wasnt even charged? Everyone knows this is BS. Complete Roger Goodell BS.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Agreed on the Reed suspension being more damaging than some other cases. I would like them to wait for the police investigation and trail – but that can take years to resolve. Overall I thought they punished him hard.

            Anyone notice that Golden Tate just got suspended four games for taking a banned fertility drug? I bet they will have fun kidding him about that.

    • DC

      Regarding Reed, I’m also curious as to whether or not ‘this’ is the reason Seattle hasn’t extended him. It was news to me & I missed it at the time if it was ever public knowledge. If the FO believes that Reed did it, regardless of not being charged, maybe they’ve intended to let him walk all along after his rookie deal is up.

  21. Shadow

    Welcome back, Rob! Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer.

    And yes, Wagner did it right, earned every penny of this deal, and our front office has had a hell of an off-season.

  22. cha

    Still too early 53 before camp is even a week old

    QB (2) – RW, Geno Smith
    Notable Cut – Paxton Lynch

    RB (5) – Carson, Penny, Homer, Prosise, Bellore (FB)
    Notable Cut – McKissic, Scarborough

    OL (9) – Brown, Iupati, Britt, Fluker, Ifedi, Fant, Pocic, Jones, Haynes
    Notable Cut – Hunt, Roos, Nkansah, Simmons
    (If Haynes is still recovering from surgery, PUP or IR and Simmons gets his spot)
    (Hunt or Pocic may have trade interest for a low draft pick – whoever stays gets a spot)

    TE (3) – Dickson, Dissly, Hollister
    (Vannett gets traded for a low draft pick)

    WR (6) – Lockett, Brown, Moore, Metcalf, Jennings, Ursuah
    Notable Cut – Darboh, Reynolds

    OFFENSE (25)

    DL (9) – Mitchell, Ford, Ansah, Collier, Woods, Jefferson, Green, Martin, Marsh
    Notable Cut – Naz, Christmas, B Jackson, (Reed out 6 games)

    LB (6) – Wagner, Wright, Kendricks, BB-K, Barton, Shaquem
    Notable Cut – Mingo, Calitro

    CB (5) – Flowers, Griffin, Thorpe, King, Jamar Taylor

    S (5) – McDougald, Hill, Blair, Thompson, Amadi
    Notable Cut – Luani

    DEFENSE (25)

    ST (3) – Ott, Dickson, Myers

    • TomLPDX

      You’re right, it is too early. They haven’t even had contact with each other yet!

      For QB, I honestly don’t care! I think either would be a good clipboard holder. Actually think the one that gets cut ends up in the XFL and making more money…we’ll see.

      For RBs, I wonder if Scarborough would actually be a better option at FB…just wondering

      OL, I think Joey is the better backup C (he’s a smart dude) but he failed trying to fill in at G last year (too small)…considering the talent we have available at G this year, it might be enough to keep Joey and say adios to Pocic

      TE…not ready to write Nick off quite yet and Hollister is an unknown…let this one play out and may the best man win!

      WR, this is what prompted me to respond. Russ is pushing hard for Keenan, go listen to his presser from yesterday…second name out of his mouth. I think Reynolds is solid and I get the feeling Russ thinks so too. Still to early to tell since there hasn’t been any real contact yet but Keenan has the history and knowledge…he might make the jump this year and fill in for Doug (as best he can)…I’m hoping he does.

      for the D, I only ask for patience on the DL. We all remember what Naz did 2 years ago in GB and Jackson…too soon to tell.

      • Coleslaw

        Pocic… talk about a wasted pick…

        • Coleslaw

          Pocic is 6’6″ 220 lbs. It’s not size, hes just bad. Great college player, not an NFL player. Watch him go to another team and make a pro bowl though.

          • whit21

            theres no way Procise makes the roster over Mckissic.

            I dont think they keep both Marsh and Martin.. it would be one or the other..

          • TomLPDX

            I’ll be glad when we finally turn the page on Pocic

        • LLLOGOSSS

          That was my takeaway here also…

  23. Sea Mode

    Shead comes back home.

    • Coleslaw

      Really good move. He can play if Amadi or Blair need time.

      • Coleslaw

        Also CB depth, likely our #3 CB behind Griffin and Flowers right away.

  24. Sea Mode

    I enjoyed these videos getting a better look at some of the rookies and other WRs that will need to step up for us this year. RW cringe factor wasn’t toooo bad, I guess. πŸ˜‰

    Russell Wilson Seahawks Summer Camp Day One

    Cool tidbit from the Day 2 video, RW (in high school at the time) and his dad were Gary Jenning’s youth basketball coaches!

  25. Gohawk5151

    Welcome back Rob! Nkemdiche just got cut. Possible reclamation project for Pete

    • Rob Staton

      Can’t see it. He’s a bum.

      • D-OZ

        You called that one right Rob!!! Nice to see ya back man. Well deserved sabbatical. Hope you enjoyed…

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