Bonus podcast: Q&A on draft prospects

Brandan and I published a new podcast on Monday but we also did a bonus Q&A running through a variety of different draft prospects. Check it out…

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  1. Trevor

    Loving the podcasts! Thanks

  2. Trevor

    Ro after listening to your podcast I got to thinking about the DTs in this draft class. I really like the potential of Gallimore, Blacklock and Davidson to be penetrating style 3 Techs but I agree with you in that I don’t think any of those guys is a great fit for the Hawks scheme.

    Outside of the top 2 guys (Brown, Kinlaw) and the two guys we have discussed a lot already(Davis and Lawrence )are there anymore DTs in this class you like for the Hawks?

    • Rob Staton

      Not that I’ve seen so far

      • Trevor

        It seems like this draft really lacks depth in most position groups outside of WR, OL and maybe RB.

      • Levi

        What do you think of the fit of Madubuike? He seemingly has good enough athleticism.

        • Rob Staton

          Need to see him test and measure, he looks small.

    • Dalton

      What about James Lynch out of Baylor? 19.5 tfls and 13.5 sacks as a junior

  3. Trevor

    Rob which of the following 2 trade scenarios do you think would be better for the Hawks SB chances in the next 2-3 years.

    Scenario #1
    Hawks Trade a 5th round pick to Vikings for Griffen
    Hawks Trade #64 to TB for Howard
    Hawks Draft at #27 Raegor or Aiyuk

    Scenario #2
    Hawks Trade a 1st and 5th for Griffen and Diggs
    Hawks draft a rookie TE at #64 or Sign Austin Hooper

    I love the trade scenario you outlined yesterday but think I prefer Option #1 if they can somehow get Hoawrd from the Bucs. It would fill a big void at TE and give Russ another legit weapon. Plus they would be adding another potential elite weapon in Raegor or Aiyuk who would also take over the kick return duties which is a big plus.

    This would also leave them a ton for further additions to the DL and OL. If they wanted they could even use one of thier 4th round picks or the 3rd round comp to move up in Rd #2 to grab Raekwon Davis.

    • Coleslaw

      Not Rob, but #2 for me all day.

      1 thing to consider with drafting a receiver in the 1st, not only are they likely not going to do much year 1, they’ll have the same “needs to touch the ball” notion around them.

      Whether you’re adding Diggs or a 1st round receiver, people are going to say the same thing. “How are they gonna get the ball?” And “waste of draft capital”. Obviously these are dumb, and moot points.

      But just for the sake of comparison, you’re essentially picking between 1) cheaper contract, younger player but not proven that they’ll be anything at all EVER. or 2) a proven star who is friends with your star QB and is on a relatively cheap deal for a top 10 WR.

      The only other factor is club control. Where youd get 4 or 5 years for drafting, or 4 more for Diggs. Literally the 5th year option. When you realize we wont draft a receiver in the 1st anyway (trade down), that is also irrelevant.

      Diggs > draft pick all day for me.

      (Sorry for putting all this here and going on a tangent but I thought it was at least somewhat fitting lol

      • Coleslaw

        Also as I’ve elaborated before, I dont believe Howard is a “legit” weapon. I think hes very overrated by this community for the most part. Hes a mediocre TE.

        • Rob Staton

          How is he overrated?

          Nobody on here has said anything other than he’s stuck on a team that has either been terrible or doesn’t utilise the TE fully and that he has the talent and potential to be better elsewhere. All facts.

          • Coleslaw

            Multiple people here including yourself have been very adamant that hes worth a 2nd round pick. Which IMO is nonsense. That’s overeating a player.

            • Rob Staton

              What are you talking about?

              People have suggested it’d be a worthwhile trade. You’re making it sound like we led a march through the nations capital demanding OJ Howard receive an award for worlds greatest human.

              And YOU saying ‘it’s nonsense’ doesn’t make suggesting a second round trade for a player ‘overrating’ him.

            • cha

              That’s overeating a player.

              Insert Eddie Lacy joke

      • Zxvo3

        Russel Wilson has talked about adding superstars to the offense. I would say go get Diggs since he truly is a star and he’s also Wilson’s friend. I’d take a proven star then a rookie wide receiver any day. If Hunter Bryant is there at pick 59 or 64 then I would get him.

        • Greg Haugsven

          I would disagree that you have to get the ball to a first round pick as much as you would have to get it to Diggs. Diggs would expect targets and a bunch of them where a rookie just wants to blend in (also depends on his personality).

          • Zxvo3

            I think that if he comes to Seattle he would have already understood what the scheme is here, the culture, and he’s friends with the QB. From what I see in Minnesota is that Diggs and Kirk Cousins never see eye to eye.

      • icb12

        Sure it’s a tradeoff. Known quantity vs potential.

        But that sword cuts both ways. 2013?

        Seahawks traded for Harvin. Seahawks could have drafted Deandre Hopkins (ironically also P27).
        That one looks pretty obvious in hindsight. As do most things.

        And no- I’m not suggesting that Diggs=Harvin.

        • Rob Staton

          I think that’s an unfair comp though. You could just as easily say they were linked with interest in N’Keal Harry a year ago. Who’d you rather have now, Harry or Diggs?

          Not to mention Harvin, in 2012, was being talked about as a MVP candidate before he hurt his ankle. Now with hindsight, they had enough people in that building who knew Harvin and they should’ve known better. But there were also so loaded on the roster and felt like it wasn’t much of a gamble. Plus they wanted, rightly, to support the young QB with as many weapons as possible.

          I loved Hopkins at Clemson but I understand why they made the move they did and even knowing what we know now, I don’t think they need to have any major regrets. It didn’t work out. C’est la vie.

          • EranUngar

            Who’d you rather have now, Harry or Diggs?

            I’d say Harery, because he comes together with Reed/Poe/Brockers/Daniels at DT or Hooper at TE.

            In other words, comparing two players with 10M difference in cap space is not a straight forwards comparison.

            • Rob Staton

              You’re acting like they can’t do anything by adding Diggs. They could easily still sign Hooper and add to the DL.

              • EranUngar

                I am acting like we have to put together a package with limited resources and every single item carries implications that needs to be included in the evaluation. We need 3 quality starters on the DL, one on the OL as the top priority and then see whats left for WR, TE, etc.

                Getting more of one is getting less of the others. That is how every decision must be evaluated this off season.

                In this case, comparing apples to apples is really Harry+Reed or Harry+Hooper vs just Diggs.

                • Rob Staton

                  But it isn’t, because they can get more than Diggs. You’ve just opted to narrow it to those options to make a point.

  4. RWIII

    Trevor: Don’t think the Vikings would trade Griffin for a 5th round pick.

    • Trevor

      But he is the most likely guy to be cut to free up cap space so it is better than nothing.

  5. TomLPDX

    I see Washington is releasing Paul Richardson, think we could get him at a reasonable price? Would we want to?

    • cha

      Josh Norman too.

      No to both on the Hawks.

    • Sea Mode

      It’s a no from me.

    • Henry Taylor

      Tbh, PRich on a reasonable deal doesn’t sound like the worst 3rd option to me. Means they could prioritize te and the dline with the big bucks.

      • TomLPDX

        That was my thinking. He definitely didn’t play up to his contract in Washington and can probably be picked up at a very low cost at this point…and we kick the tires during camp.

        Cha, I never suggested looking at Josh Norman, I wouldn’t want that headache in our locker room.

        • Sea Mode

          He’s put up about 250 yds/2 TD over each of the past two seasons. I just feel there are better options to look at in the draft, even if it’s not with our first pick. Want to see Ursua get some more snaps too.

          • Henry Taylor

            Adding Paul doesn’t prevent either of those things, but it gets you a few splash plays a year when paired with Russ. Add yourself a top TE in free agency and draft another guy to develop and there’s more than enough weapons.

        • cha

          No worries Tom I wasn’t suggesting you did. just sharing the information and my opinion all in one post. I’m efficient that way.

          • TomLPDX


      • Ben

        PRich just pulled another hamstring in the time it took me to write this post.

        Hard pass

  6. Hawkhomer1

    Hi Rob,

    What about Travis Gipson as a day 2 pick?

    • Rob Staton

      Not really studied him but day two seems a bit rich.

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    Apropos of nothing in particular, but I read a 7 round mock for DAL today that had them selecting Dugger with their R2 pick (51).

    I know it’s just some draftnik’s opinion and things will inevitably shake up after the Combine. But I still think he’ll rise higher than many have predicted.

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Rob I have a question for you the Bears have 5 million in cap space I am pretty sure they could move a veteran or two which leads me to Akiam Hicks I know he had elbow injury last year his cap hit is 11 million but he is 6″5 a 300 pounds he is 30 years old the bears would save 8 Mill in cap space. Any thoughts on Akiam Hicks

      • Rob Staton

        I like Hicks and I wouldn’t rule it out. But the Bears are a team that relies on defensive talent. So moving Hicks would be a killer loss for them. I think they’re more likely to shift Prince Amukamara, Taylor Gabriel and/or Cordarelle Patterson.

        • Submanjoe

          I’ve thought that too about Patterson being released. Is he a guy the Seahawks might sign as a returner and weapon of sorts? I want a returner!

      • cha

        The Bears were a different DL without Hicks when he was hurt. I’d love him in Seattle but he probably isn’t going anywhere.

    • Volume12

      Of course he will.

      It’s a weak safety class and at his size and athleticism, teams won’t leave him sitting there.

      • Eburgz

        Adderley went at pick 60 last year. I don’t see why Dugger can’t go as high or higher. We’d have to take him with one of your R2 picks I think. I’m not opposed to it as he would get on the field as a returner and special teams player year 1 while taking either Hill’s or Thompson’s backup spot.

        On the other hand Adrian Colbert is a stud athlete like digger and he couldn’t stick on the 53 last year.

  8. cha

    Ravens just cut Tony Jefferson loose.

  9. Volume12

    Oh man. I love this dude. I’ll be a little disappointed if Seattle doesn’t like Memphis HB/WR/R Antonio Gibson. Exact same size as CJ Prosise (6’0, 220 lbs.) Much more physical too.

    One of the more dynamic and electric players in this class. If he got more touches at RB ala Alvin Kamara, he’d be in the conversation for top 3 RB or so in this class.

    Speed, versatility, explosion. Averaged 19 yds per catch and 11 yds per rush. This guy is flat-out fun.

    Antonio Gibson vs SMU (2019):

    • Volume12

      And I apologize to whoever brought him up before in here. I always try to tip my cap regarding that stuff.

    • Josh

      Gonna check him out in a bit, thanks!

    • WALL UP

      Agreed. I have him @ 143 instead of Dillion. Speed with WR skills at RB is hard to pass on. I though of moving him up to 130, but I hate to miss out on Dotson, who would fill the RG spot for years to come. He’s country strong.

      1. (27) Jalen Reagor WR (Jr.) TCU #1
      2. (50)T* Isaiah Wilson RT (Jr.) Georgia #79
      3. (77)T** Kyle Dugger SS/LB (Sr.) Lenoir-Rhyne #2
      4. (115) Alton Robinson DE (Sr.) Syracuse #94
      4. (130) Kevin Dotson RG (rSr.) Louisiana-Lafayette #75
      4C. (143) Antonio Gibson RB/WR (Sr.) Memphis #14
      5. (154) DaVon Hamilton (rSr.) Ohio St. #53
      6. (214)T* Willie Gay Jr. OLB (Jr.) Miss St. #6

      T* SEA 59, 100, 214 (416.8pts.) for CHI 50, 196 (414pts.)
      T** DEN 77, 115, 251 (269.7pts.) for SEA 64 (270pts.)

      • Rob Staton

        Arm length is an issue for Robertson

      • Trevor

        Like the draft I think you would have to move Willie Gay up to replace Robinson at the very least though. I think Gay will likely be gone by the end of the 3rd round at the latest. He is too athletic to fall further than that IMO unless there are off feild or medical red flags.

        • clbradley17

          There are a couple red flags involving Gay. “Gay was suspended eight games this season for an unspecified violation of team rules involving an academic tutor. He was also involved in an altercation with quarterback Garrett Shrader after a practice that resulted in an upper-body injury for Shrader. The quarterback was unable to play in the Music City Bowl because of it.”

          Another alternative for Gay is LB Taylor of Colorado or Edge/LB Uche of Michigan, although we’d probably need to draft one of them in the 3rd-4th at least. Tony Pauline mentioned Senior Bowl week that Uche dropped into coverage as a LB great at the practices, and in the latest podcast said Taylor could play sideline to sideline and has 4.4 speed – both can blitz the QB.

          Even if we sign Hooper at TE, I’d still like to see us draft a TE on day 3. Pauline raved all week about what a great blocker and receiver TE Stephen Sullivan of LSU was at Senior Bowl practices, but he was behind Thaddeus Moss during the season. He’s 6’5″ 254 with 35 1/8″ arms. Or UCLA’s Asiasi would be another good blocking-receiving day 3 option at TE. Pauline noted twice during Shrine Bowl week TE Parker Houston of San Diego St. (6’3″ 251) was pancaking players blocking and caught a red zone TD in the game – bring him in as a UDFA after the draft.

          The top 3 picks would be a dream, but doubt RT Wilson drops out of rd.1 or DB Duggar to the end of rd.3 after his Senior Bowl showing. Instead of Robinson, would rather have DE Zuniga or Greenard if they drop because of injury concerns, or DT/DE Lynch of Baylor if he tests fast and explosive at the combine.

          Pauline also mentioned in his latest podcast that Ohio St. CB Arnette is this year’s De’Andre Baker as far as skipping/missing workouts and not prepping for the combine like others are, and I doubt the Seahawks would draft someone who’s not 100% committed to football. But he may fit the bill athletically and be an option if he drops to day 3 due to these concerns or underwhelming interviews.

        • WALL UP

          My mistake, the 214 was exchanged for 196 in the CHI trade up for Wilson. I thought he might slip to the 6th Rd due to supposed character concerns.

          251 would go to a project TE Matthew Wilkerson, 6-6 270 lb DE convert that models he game after a SF TE. He has the athletic ability to make that transition. Perhaps he could follow the likes Dissly from DL to TE.

  10. Steve Nelsen

    Honestly if you did a podcast every day between now and the draft I would listen to it.

    The Seahawks love to tap into the depth of a draft. This draft is strong in OL and WR and Seattle could use both. I think they will take one of each with 2 of their top 3 picks. Predicting which specific players Seattle will draft before we get the combine measurements and test results is just guessing but it sure likes they will have multiple players to choose from. In fact, I think the depth at WR and OL favors a tradeback from 27 is they don’t trade 27 for a veteran.

    Even though the draft is not deep overall at DL, I think there will be some DTs with a pick 25-50 grade that meet the Seahawks’ profile and Seattle’s 3rd pick in their top-3 will be a DL. I think if there is a DT they like, that is the most likely scenario for them drafting at 27 instead of trading back.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d love to do a weekly podcast. Hopefully one day that will be possible. I’m always open to invitations though.

    • clbradley17

      +12. I’m in the car for several hours daily on my job, and if I notice that you and Brandon or whoever have a new podcast, that’s #1 on my playlist. Not only looking forward to the combine and draft because I’ve been following the Seahawks and their draft picks for decades, also tremendously enjoy listening to your multiple recaps during and after those events the last 3-4 years since I dicovered SDB. This is the best Seahawks site on the net by far; Field Gulls is a distant 2nd.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks man

  11. Awsi Dooger

    Looking at Zierlein’s scouting report, Malcolm Perry of Navy is being absurdly overanalyzed. The guy simply fits the modern NFL. He makes tacklers look stupid, just like Christian McCaffrey if not moreso.

    Small frame and not an ideal position, unless you enjoy a player who casually flips the ball to the referee after yet another dip and dodge touchdown.

  12. Happy Hawk

    Love all the info Rob! Fun time of year.
    1. I would do the Diggs/Griffen trade for sure. Russell needs help and more talent while we he and the Hawks are in the prime to contend. Griffen is a stud and would partner great with Clowney. Would go a long way to solve our biggest problem.
    2. On another random topic does anyone know much about A Robinson EDGE out of Syracuse and is he a possible fit for the Hawks at D End?

    Thanks for the great content Rob

    • Rob Staton

      One of the problems with Robinson is length. 32 1/8″ arms is not what they’ve gone for in the past.

      • Duceyq

        Could Quem serve as a speed threat as a situational pass rusher? In conjunction with all the other off season moves you suggested on the DL.

        • Rob Staton

          No. Quem was ineffective.

  13. rowlandice

    Rob, on your subject of the Hawks potentially making some bold/unexpected moves, do you see any reason they’d look into trading some of next year’s draft capital? So instead of trading this year’s 1st round, how about trading trading next year’s RD1 for a player and/or picks in this year’s draft. It’s another way to get talent on 2020’s team.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s not going to happen. For starters, teams aren’t going to trade their assets and get no return for over 12 months. Secondly, it’s just not something they’ve ever done unless it was a supplement to an immediate trade (eg they dealt a first and a future third to Minnesota for Harvin).

  14. Eburgz

    2020 Offseason plan:
    *Fix pass rush and support RW*

    1. Clear cap space: Restructure and extend Britt and release Dickson/TT (Meyers doesn’t make the cut either)

    2. Blockbuster trade: Trade R1 pick for Griffen/Diggs (20M cap year 1 cap hit?)

    Free Agency: (remember first year cap hits can be easily manipulated)

    Sign Clowney 3-5 years (12M cap hit 21M APY)
    Sign Conklin 3-5 years (8M cap hit 15M APY)
    Sign Reed 1 year (6M)
    Sign Beasley 1 year (4M)
    Sign Olsen 1 year (2.5M)
    Sign DJ Reader/best run stuffing DT we can afford (QJeff? Suh?) 1-3yr with whatever’s left

    Draft: (looking for Traits; Size, Speed, toughness and character)

    R1: Diggs/Griffen Trade- 2 pro bowlers with 1 pick. addresses pass rush and Supports RW with a legit weapon
    (Or Draft Shenault/Reagor/Aiyuk, Then pickup Griffen after cuts)

    R2: OL Georgia Isaiah Wilson- enormous blocker with big time ability and upside. Backs up LT/RT and competes for starting LG and as a jumbo set 6th lineman in year one.

    R2: SAM/EDGE Michigan Josh Uche- PFF loves him and he balled at the senior bowl. Brings speed to the second level and has the length/skills to rush the passer in obvious passing situations off the edge. 1st round talent according to Jim Nagy.
    Competes with Barton and Shaquem for starting SAM and situational speed rusher on money downs .

    R3: OL Fresno Netani Muti- Tone setting guard with a nasty streak. Quinten Nelson type of edge but he lasts due to injuries. Interior OL depth and competes for LG and jumbo set 6th OL spot year 1

    R4: TE LSU Thaddeus Moss- Developmental TE with good hands, good blocking skills/effort and great bloodlines.

    R4: RB Boston College AJ Dillon- Big, Fast, Bruising running back who can carry the load if needed. Will see lots of reps in training camp.

    R5: DB Southern Illinois Jeremy Chinn- big, fast DB lump of clay for Pete Carroll to mold into a corner or Safety. Special teams contributor.

    R6: Georgia PK Rodrigo Blankenship- Glasses kicker will be a Seahawks legend when it’s all said and done

    DL: Clowney, Reed, Reader, Griffen, Beasley, Ford, Collier, Green
    LB: Uche, Wagner, Wright, Griffin, Barton, BBK
    DB:Griffin, McDougald, Diggs, Flowers, Amadi, Blair, Chinn, Corner

    QB: Wilson
    OL: Brown, Wilson, Britt, Fluker, Conklin, Jones, Muti, Haynes, Pocic/Hunt
    TE: Dissly, Olsen, Moss, Hollister
    RB: Carson, Penny, Dillon, Homer
    WR: Diggs, Lockett, Metcalf, Moore, Ursua

    Specialists: Blankenship, Dickson, Ott

    • Eburgz

      Just missed the cut (Trade, FA and Draft picks that I wish I could include)

      Top 3 trade ideas
      Trent Williams
      Calais Campbell
      Darius Slay

      Top 3 Notable FA options:
      Hunter Henry

      Draft options: (players I like but didn’t find a place for excluding obvious top 20 types like Kinlaw, Brown, Simmons, Thomas, Lamb etc.)
      Laviska Shenault
      Jalen Reagor
      Mekhi Becton
      Julian Okwara
      Yetur Gross Matos
      Raekwon Davis
      Cole Kmet
      Kyle Duggar
      Trevon diggs
      Jk Dobbins
      Jonathan Taylor
      Zach Moss
      Leki Fotu
      Ross Blacklock
      Robert Hunt
      +About 2 dozen interior OL’s and WR’s (too many good options in the mid rounds at both positions to list!)

    • Rob Staton

      Two thoughts:

      1. They are not cutting Jason Myers. There’s no saving. They believe in him and he’s a lock to start the season if nothing else.

      2. Isaiah Wilson will not make the late second round.

      • Eburgz

        1. Agreed. I just want to add glasses kicker all costs because I don’t believe in Meyers and have been eying this dude for years. 100% not likely. But I can dream.

        2. Probably right about that too. Price Tega would be my backup option most likely. Just going off of current draft projections. A couple years ago we all though Shon Coleman was a R1 pick at this point In time but he never did rise up. Didn’t think we could get DK at the end of R2 but that happened. Lots of players surprisingly fall in the draft every year (usually due to medical or character stuff but I digress)

        • Rob Staton

          I really liked Shon but in fairness there were fairly significant medical reasons for him not going early. And I don’t recall ever guaranteeing he would be R1 for those reasons. Wilson is different.

          • Eburgz

            Is he a free agent? Might be worth a look on a cheap deal haha.

    • Trevor

      Some great ideas and that would certainly be an upgraded roster.

    • EranUngar

      Love to comprehensive work you did. The only way to evaluate individual moves is within the full cap space frame.

      The problem is that the numbers do not add up.

      According to OTC we currently have 50M free cap. with the cost of the rookie class and reserve for IR, PS etc. That translates to 43M or less. Cutting Dickson and restructuring Britt will bring it up to 50-52M at best.

      Diggs+Griffen is actually 25M (13+11.5)

      Add the rest of your shopping list and your are >60M.

      That leaves us 10M short, more or less, or one key player less.

      • EranUngar

        The above is before calculating Moore, Hollister, Hunt RFA cost….

        • Eburgz

          Thanks for the feedback. So this is why millhouse is so worries about the cap. That money goes quick!

          I’ve got a couple ideas to scrounge up the money needed assuming your calculations are correct.

          1. The lazy way. Russell Wilson restructure his contract pushing more of his cap hit towards the future. How bad does he want to play with Diggs?

          2. Don’t trade for Diggs. Use our 6th to trade for Griffen and use our R1 pick to draft the WR of your choice (Shenault or Reagor for me). Or sign Fowler/wait for Griffen to be cut if you don’t want to part with the 6th for Griffen.

          3. The painful way. Cut/Trade Wright (and McDougald if necessary).

          • Rob Staton

            Or just don’t bother with a $15m run blocking right tackle.

            • Eburgz

              4. Don’t sign Conklin and roll with a budget or rookie RT.

              That’s not very supportive of Russell Wilson though. I know your hoping Fant will be both affordable and serviceable but in my scenario I’m hoping to upgrade the OL. Maybe Bulaga is more your flavor for free agent tackles.

              Is conklin a bad pass protector? I’ve never noticed that, hard to make all pro as a rookie if you can’t pass protect me thinks

              • Rob Staton

                I don’t think he’s ‘bad’ per se but he got a lot of help. $15m is a lot of money for a player to be the next person fans endlessly complain about though.

                Draft someone or sign a cheaper RT. If I’m spending $15m on a right tackle he better be frigging awesome.

          • EranUngar

            If we can really get Reed and Beasly at 10M combined, I’d sign Fant instead of Conklin (5M first year cap). I will let MIN deal with Diggs need for targets and get Armstead instead of Grrifen (15M first year).

            I’ll get the best WR available late in the first round and upgrade “the best run stuffing DT we can afford” to Vernon Butler.

            A DT rotation of Ford, Reed, Butler plus a DE rotation of Clowney, Armstead, Beasly. Green would totally revolutionize the defense.

            • Rob Staton

              This dynamic with Diggs ‘wanting targets’ is overplayed.

              That DL doesn’t really excite me either to be honest.

              • EranUngar

                “That DL doesn’t really excite me either to be honest.” –

                Considering the above framework and knowing you are all in on retaining Clowney – You have 25M of 2020 cap space to spend on adding the players you like around him instead of Beasly, Butler & Armstead (but limited back loading ability). Go get your guys.

                • Rob Staton

                  No you don’t. Eran I’ve explained this too many times. If Clowney signs a $22m a year deal his year one cap hit could be as low as $6.5m. You could easily have much more than $25m to spend to build around him.

  15. RWIII

    I am guessing the Hawks will kick the tires on Richardson/Norman. They will do their due dilegence. So you don’t know. I am think Norman is probably a long-short.

    • Rob Staton

      They might kick the tires on Richardson but they won’t go anywhere near Norman.

  16. Frank

    I’m a huge Diggs fan, but I just don’t see it happening. He’s a legit number 1 receiver, and the Cowboys, Patriots or Eagles are far more likely to break the bank for him and are places that will feed him the ball enough to be a true superstar and be paid like one. Lockett is an above average number 1, Metcalf might be a below average number 2 but he’s extremely physical, pissed off for greatness and if he learns to high point the ball a little better should be the best receiver in the league on go routes, even if below average on every other route. Richardson would be the perfect compliment as a #3, especially when Disley gets back in the game.
    I’m staunchly against trading draft picks for players in general, but can get behind it if it’s for a speed rushing end or LT since they are so different to find in the draft or at least take a few years to develop. For a tight end or receiver is a hard no for me every time. Of course there are exemptions, if Kittle came up for a fourth round pick you’d do it, but in any realistic scenario it’s a no way. You can just draft a Trautman and have the same thing as a Howard for very little investment.

    • Rob Staton

      Russell Wilson deserves so much more than Lockett, Metcalf and then making up the numbers with Richardson and Dissly who can’t stay healthy.

  17. charlietheunicorn

    I know this is way off topic, but what is this report about Man City getting a 2 year ban from Champions League?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Fr! Didnt look into, been swamped for valentines day at the restaurant

    • cha

      Sounds like they cooked their books to show more revenue and get more transfer $ than they were entitled to and got caught.

  18. charlietheunicorn

    I can definitely see Seattle pulling off a trade for a critical need position (DE/DT/DL), but I’m not so keen on the idea of trading some significant draft capital for an area which is not on the top 3 needs for the team (WR). I guess if they got Diggs for a “song” or found a TE they could get for a “song”, then go for it…. Clowney would be my definition of a “song” for example.

    I could see them pulling off a trade for a piece on the OL or trade Britt to another team for something in return? I’m trying to keep an open mind, but it is tough when we (collectively, media or fans) are always focused on the OL and DL “issues”.

    • Rob Staton

      The OL issues are overblown. That unit will get done. They don’t have to trade for Diggs but they badly need another quality weapon for RW. It’s not as big a need as DL but it’s up there.

  19. Steve Nelsen

    Robert Quinn led the league in pass rush win rate last year for the second consecutive season. We know how important that stat is to Carroll. Should he be in the top tier of potential free agent targets?

    His 10-yard split when he was at the 2011 combine was 1.61, just missing elite. I know he has had some injury history but he has been productive and he’s only 29.

    • Rob Staton

      There are a couple of things here though:

      1. Back injuries — and while he did well last season to avoid any further issues, they’ve been a problem for him for some time.

      2. While he deserves credit for what he did in Dallas, let’s not forget two other teams (LA and Miami) basically decided to move on from him before he landed with the Cowboys.

      • Trevor

        Rob to be fair to Quinn he excelled in LA before Wade Phillips came in and switched to a 3-4 and Miami ran a similar scheme. He is a 4-3 speed rushing DE and has excelled in that type of scheme.

        The back injury is a concern for sure but he has been a lot healthier than Clowney the last couple of years.

        • Rob Staton

          Clowney has missed two more games than Robert Quinn over the last two seasons.

          Since 2015 Robert Quinn has literally missed twice as many games as Clowney.

          Can people please research this before making sweeping statements like, ‘he has been a lot healthier than Clowney the last couple of years.’

          None of what you said Trevor is a counter to my point. It’s a fact that the back injury exists. It’s a fact that it’s to his credit he’s played through it and produced strongly in 2019 despite that. It’s a fact that two teams gave up on him before he landed in Dallas. And it’s a fact that the back issue could flare up at any time. A long lasting back injury isn’t a sports hernia.

          • OregonHawk

            And didn’t you say (or someone) that the Cowboys would not let him leave Dallas?

            • Rob Staton

              Yes, Jerry Jones says he’s extremely committed to keeping him.

          • Trevor

            Rob I did do my research. Quinn has missed 3 games in the last 3 years and has been healthier than Clowney. Clowney only missed 3 games last year but struggled with that sports hernia and was on the injury list almost every week. It is the excuse everyone likes give for his lack of production.

            If Quinn’s back injury was a major issue he would have missed more then 3 games in 3 years and I doubt Jerry Jones (whose medical staff treats him) would be so anxious to retain him.

            I am not saying he is better option than Clowney. I am simple saying he is a quality option as a 4-3 speed rushing DE.

            • Rob Staton

              Come on Trevor, you said in your own words that Quinn ‘has been a lot healthier than Clowney the last couple of years’.

              He’s missed two more games! Two!

              And he’s literally missed twice as many games as Clowney since 2015, as I pointed out.

              And FWIW nobody uses the sports hernia as an excuse for Clowney’s production. I don’t think I’ve read that even once on here. Everyone says it’s the crappy D-line he played on leading to endless double teams. Certainly that’s been my argument.

              If Quinn’s back injury wasn’t a major concern he wouldn’t have been dumped by LA and Miami.

              The situation is what it is.

  20. Jujus

    Hey Rob,

    Hoping we can find a yannick or judon pass rusher type in the draft.
    Have you looked at alex highsmith charlotte 49ers?

    Looks the part and has some really good off rates. Only issue is his 33 in arms.

    If they like him he could easily be a 3rd or 4th rd pick imo

    • Kenny Sloth

      He was very stout against Clemson. Revelled in the competition

    • DC

      EDGE Alex Highsmith 6030, 247, 33 1/8″ arms.

      Not sure that his arm length is a problem.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve watched a bit of Highsmith but can’t say I came away that impressed.

  21. DC

    OT Shon Coleman is slated to be an UFA. Not that his career has amounted to much but he was a guy the blog was quite high on coming out of Auburn. Could be a bargain bin guy should the need arise.

  22. Tony

    Looks like field gulls dedicated an article to counter your Diggs scenario. I saw your Twitter response to it. I read the post, so I’m to believe Vikes squeeze in there cap space, let Harris walk and do no improvements as a team?! The fans would really be stoked for that.

    I used to like field gulls back when danny Kelly was there, but they’ve been fallng off content wise since.

    Thanks for everything you do here.

    • Rob Staton

      I couldn’t believe that Field Gulls piece to be honest.

      The writer says the Vikings don’t need any cap space if Griffen voids his deal. But that would only put them at $0 cap space for 2020. They wouldn’t even have money to sign a draft class. He adds they could restructure deals to create room. But they also badly want to re-sign Anthony Harris. And presumably they’d like the flexibility to make other, less expensive additions.

      At the moment, assuming they cut Griffen or he voids his deal, they have zero shot at retaining Harris. If they trade Diggs, who is clearly a malcontent in Minnesota, they would receive a first round pick and would be able to transfer his salary between now and 2023 directly to Harris. Yes the cap saving for Diggs in 2020 is only about $5m. But it’s between $13-15m a year for 2021-2023. That’s more than enough to get Harris signed up, because they’ll limit the year-one cap hit like most teams do.

      He also says the Vikings wouldn’t trade Diggs for only a first rounder. Yet Oakland literally traded Amari Cooper for what ended up being the #27 pick in the draft just last year. Cooper is younger and has been more productive than Diggs. Plus, as I clearly laid out, the Vikings need to make major savings. Not just this year but beyond. If you can make a saving, retain Harris and acquire a R1 pick — that’s a good deal.

      It’s a poor argument presented in the piece.

      • Tony

        In a rich wr draft class, why would one think Diggs value in trade would be higher than a late 1st? Why would griffin void his contract? I get if minn cuts him, which why do that when trading him is more beneficial, by why would he void a good pay in 2020. Writer even states older rushers are getting deals, griffin will get another deal being this productive. I’m all for differing opinions, but that seemed more like bad logic from the start. Or they want to dispute your idea cause it goes against theirs. Even the start of the article seemed petty to your idea. He basically came out with since people are discussing robs idea, let’s discuss why it wont happen. That was the very start of the article.

        • Rob Staton

          It read like he set out to counter the piece, didn’t really know how he was going to do it, so tried to find some evidence. And it does seem petty.

          • Henry Taylor

            That guy is the worst writer on fieldgulls, he does nothing but poor cold water on any exciting possibilities, even if they’re perfectly plausible. Just a very negative guy, I avoid his articles.

            • Rob Staton

              I’ve noticed that.

            • Pickering

              t’s easy to use statistics to confirm bias. I think that corporate site uses negative articles by writers like Eeyore the quant to attract clicks. It’s the Twitter age, after all.

            • GerryG

              He’s abysmal, I don’t read anything he writes anymore. Not only is it always negative, but it’s ripe with a smugness that he is clearly smarter than anyone else, especially John S and Pete

              • SoCal12

                Is it bad that I knew you were referring to John P. Gilbert without having even seen the article? That guy has his head so far up his own ass he can see his own teeth. Guy acts he’s the grand emperor GM of all GM’s just cause he… worked a finance gig at one point?

            • Matt

              Yep, he’s really bad. One of the many reasons I rarely frequent that site anymore.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I got a little love from that Field Gulls post as he used my tweet to Joel Corry. I dont buy his argument either as it doesnt really hold water. He also mentioned them trading Diggs to the Chiefs and I cant see that happening as they want to keep Jones and extend Mahomes.

        • Rob Staton

          So he pitched the Chiefs would consider trading for Stefon Diggs at a time when they have to pay their best offensive and defensive player.

          But the idea of them trading Diggs for the same comp as Amari Cooper at a time when they’re in cap hell and need to find a way to keep Anthony Harris and can simply transfer Diggs’ salary to Harris… that warrants a long article in response.

          Way to go Field Gulls.

    • Bankhawk

      Plus 1 on that Tony!

    • Eli

      Premise was basically the Vikings hands are tied until Griffen voids his deal or the Vikings cut him, since teams can’t trade when they’re not cap compliant.

      It’s really not hard to believe from there that the Vikings don’t need to trade Diggs. They can make a couple smart cuts – Rhodes, Joseph – and get to $20m in cap space. A couple restructures could push them even further. Anthony Harris looks to be the only big time free agent they have, and they have tons of cap space in the next two years to be creative with any deals they make this year.

      Am I missing something?

      • Rob Staton


        The Griffen cut or void gets them to $0. Cutting Rhodes saves $8.1m. Linval Joseph saves them $10.4m.

        That would give them approximately $18m. Remove $8-10m for IR, the draft class and practise squad. There is no obvious restructure because Kirk Cousins’ deal is fully guaranteed and 100% they are not extending it further and guaranteeing more of his deal.

        They would’ve also lost three starters. It’s fine cutting Rhodes, but Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander are also free agents. So you’re three cornerbacks down. You lose your starting nose tackle and your staring defensive end.

        Now you have $10m and a draft to fill those holes. And you need to try and keep Anthony Harris.

        Alternatively you can trade Stefon Diggs — who seemingly wants OUT of Minnesota — give his salary immediately to Harris to retain him, and acquire an extra first round pick so that you can fill some of the holes discussed above, without necessarily needing to cut both of Joseph or Rhodes.

        All of this is written in my article.

        • Eli

          There’s plenty of guys they could restructure – Barr, Hunter, Kendricks, Reiff. Could easily get them to $35m-$40m of cap space if they wanted to

          I think you’ll see the Vikings entertain those options, along with the necessary cuts of Joseph and Rhodes, before they feel any pressure to move Diggs for what amounts to just a modest savings this year, which would also have to be immediately reinvested anyways.

          • Rob Staton

            LOL — you can’t just reel off a load of their highest paid players, say they could easily restructure their contracts and then pluck a figure of $30m or $40m out of thin air. Are you seriously saying they can save $40m via restructured contracts!?!?!


            Quick, give Rick Spielman a call, you’ve saved the Vikings.

            • Eli

              No. I’m saying they could free up ~$30m by cutting Griffen, Rhodes, and Joseph and then save another ~$15-20m or so through restructures.

              I made as informed of a comment as I could based off the cap calculator at overthecap. I don’t make any claims to be some sort of expert analyst. Just exploring alternatives to why we might see Diggs not on the move.

              I don’t think anything I said deserved such a derisive and condescending response from you. Sucks to be on the receiving end of something like that. I would have just kept to myself if I had realized what I said was so idiotic.

              • Rob Staton

                But Eli, you’re still saying they can create $15-20m through restructures. How exactly? You can’t just reel off names and say they can restructure multiple contracts. The player has to be willing to do it for a starter and then it depends if the contract is even easily restructured. And when’s the last time multiple players (you pitched Barr, Hunter, Kendricks, Reiff) restructured a contract in one off-season?

                Plus you’ve also got them cutting three starters and getting nothing in return.

                I’m not going to apologise for my response. Nothing I wrote in my piece warranted that completely unnecessary Field Gulls article as a response and now, for some reason, I’m having to answer to it on here too. I suspect this community shares my lack of enthusiasm for that.

                • Gaeleck

                  Clutch my pearls! I just cannot believe you would actually have a response to my hot take of another website’s hot take response to a well written blog post of yours. The nerve of some people!

                  Seriously… Thank you for your excellent work, Rob. Your post was spot on and obviously ruffled some feathers over at the website formerly known as readable.

                  • Rob Staton

                    My pleasure Gaeleck.

                    Thank you for reading.

              • cha

                Restructures won’t work, only get them deeper.

                They have $177m already committed to 2021, and that’s without a QB and before any restructuring you propose. Any restructuring for 2020 would put them right in the same mess next offseason. They’ll eventually have so much dead money for guys not on the team anymore they can’t even field a competitive roster.

                Rob’s proposal lessens their burden AND gives them access to cheap young talent. The Vikings should seriously consider any such offer, whether it’s from the Seahawks or someone else.

                • Rob Staton

                  What I don’t understand about all this fuss (which is really unnecessary, I don’t know why anyone at Field Gulls decided dropping a deuce on my piece was worth their time) is the proposal I came up with — whether you agree with it or not, at least was grounded in logic.

                  Have we seen wide receivers of Diggs’ reputation and quality traded for first round picks in recent years?


                  Does he want out of Minnesota?

                  Yes, it seems so.

                  Do they desperately want to keep Anthony Harris?


                  Does trading Diggs for a first rounder enable them to simply transfer his contract to Harris, while also getting a first round pick in return?


                  Does the adding Griffin to the deal, potentially for a fourth rounder if he doesn’t void his contract, give them much needed cap relief?


                  Does my piece enable them to potentially avoid having to cut multiple starters without any cap space and only the standard number of draft picks to replace them?


                  Alternatively, the response seems to be that they will lose Everson Griffen and then once they get to $0 cap space for 2020, it’ll all be fine because they can cut several starters and maybe they can restructure some contracts? I even read in the comments of the piece that they could extend (!!!) Kirk Cousins. So the fully guaranteed contract for an average QB that is the main reason why they are in cap hell to begin with — they extend the pain for another year or two.

                  How is that, in any way shape or form, a counter argument?

                  Like I said. You don’t have to agree with the trade. But that article in response is just bizarre.

                  • cha

                    Feels like you touched a nerve. You wrote the piece, a commenter on the daily links post over there liked it and said so, the writer and commenter got to arguing, and so the writer decided to write a rebuttal, and the editor signed off. Instead of, you know, coming up with their own fresh content.

                    Why not just come here and reply in the comments thread? Oh, right. Page clicks.

                    And his suggestion of extending Kirk Cousins…Good Lord in heaven…

                    • Rob Staton

                      Astonishing, isn’t it Cha? What a way to run a site.

                  • Ashish

                    Rob, its honor someone from field gulls need to right a article :). I agree what rational you gave why this trade can go. I don’t understand why you need to give explanation, it your view on what can go on in trade in your blog. It’s your opinion it may or may not come true.

                  • Tony

                    The article is in response to people reading here and saying in comments, hey they should do what rob proposes. Meanwhile field gulls is pitching aj green, paul Richardson signings. The post was more meant to squash people reading better content by disputing other content. They could embrace it, but they seem petty, stubborn and childish. Plus you’re in the run game crowd. They hate you for that. They know firing pete and throwing it 50 times is the only way to win.

                    • Rob Staton


                      What a shame.

              • Tony

                To restructure a deal, the player has to be willing to restructure. Which they would if you gaurentee more money in the future years. Which just pushes the same problem the future years. So while incredibly improbable that so many star players say sure I’ll take less this year or less overall, this would also create the same cap hell to a later date.

                But hell, just cut all the star players and that’ll solve the money issue. The team might suck but atleast you keep diggs! C’mon eli, that is some Twitter take to GMing.just restructure everyone! That’s not reality.

  23. Sea Mode

    If we’re looking for DE projects to go with whatever veteran talent we add, maybe this could be a name to keep an eye on:

    Jim Nagy
    ·Feb 13

    Looking for a Combine sleeper? Good bet for fastest DL is @KU_Football Azur Kamara (@kingAzur_). Checkout the chase speed (from right edge) on this play from @seniorbowl. Good lesson for kids, explosive plays are good opportunity to show off your speed.

    Kamara measured 6036v, 236v with 35 1/4 arms and 81 5/8 wingspan. AND he plays hard on tape. Unique traits for some smart NFL team to work with.

  24. Sea Mode

    Feb 13
    Passer rating when targeted over the past two seasons

    1. Tyler Lockett – 145.8
    2. Cooper Kupp – 126.1
    3. Michael Thomas – 123.2

  25. Gaux Hawks

    Really curious to see how the league-wide trades play out this offseason! Such an exciting time for us fans. I was bummed when the trade market cooled off last year at the deadline. Hopefully there is a big uptick across the league this year.

    Although I don’t see the trade with Minnesota happening (and I prefer speed opposite of Clowney anyway), I would love to see Rob’s initial proposal for Von Miller. Then add a TE and Vic Beasley. Draft your remaining needs, WR, OL, DT, LB, RB,… etc.

    Anxious for action!

  26. Volume12

    What. Is This?!? They claim to be teaching them football?

    • Volume12

      I get it’s w/o shells. Why do they have the O-lineman dropping their weight?
      Why are they teaching the D-lineman to swipe before the O-lineman punches?

  27. Frank

    Absolutely amazing content all week. Finally feel like I’ve watched enough tape on the first couple rounds of players, to have a bit of a feel for this draft and really dig you take on the prospects. Great podcast, and loved the one sentence per prospect board you made. Thanks Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Frank.

      Got another piece ready to roll tomorrow — and a tier list is written too.

  28. Zxvo3

    Rob or others, does anyone have an opinion on Jordan Brooks from Texas Tech? Seems like a linebacker the Seahawks could target since he’s very athletic.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve only watched him in passing, not enough to form a view. I think with LB’s now I’ll wait to the combine to see how they all run the short shuttle.

  29. swedenhawk

    hi Rob, did you catch this bit from Tony Pauline’s Feb 4th mailbag?

    “I’m told Fowler wants to play in Atlanta for the Falcons. It’s going to cost a pretty penny, but if the Falcons offer Fowler a competitive offer I think he ends up in Atlanta.”

    Atlanta seems unlikely to find the kind of money that Fowler would get — even if they do cut Alex Mack. but if they do, then a trade sending Griffin to Seattle seems to make even more sense.

    • Rob Staton

      I saw it but not sure how Atlanta makes that happen with their cap situation.

      The problem they have is a lot of their players have high dead cap hit numbers. Even cutting James Carpenter, with his $5m cap hit, only saves $1m. This is why I think they’ll end up cutting Alex Mack, just because it creates $8m. But even then they might need to do something else that is uncomfortable — such as cut Keanu Neal. But then you’re cutting starters who need to be replaced. So in the end, they might end up reaching for a DE in the draft.

      • TomLPDX

        If they cut Keanu, is there any way we can get him? I know he has a history of injuries but he was also considered the second coming of Kam!

        • Volume12

          Just spend a late 2nd on Dugger instead. Younger, healthier version of Keanu Neal coming out of Florida.

          • Rob Staton

            I like Dugger but let’s hold our horses on that comp.

            • Volume12

              I’m not that big of a fan of his, but I still see a simpler or discount version of Keanu Neal.

        • Rob Staton

          Maybe. But the injuries would warrant some kind of prove-it arrangement.

    • cha

      Little nuggets like this always seem like plants from agents to create the illusion of a team involved as a negotiating tactic.

      • Tony

        Totally agree. Seems like agent talk. Or something said in passing that was not meant for anything more than yeah I’d like to maybe play there.

  30. Matthew Martin Johnson

    Rob, what are your thoughts on trey Adams as a late round flyer, you said earlier you thought day three? What about the UW right tackle?

    • Rob Staton

      It all depends on the medical checks but on day three it’s worth a little flier.

  31. clbradley17

    After signing Clowney and if we fill other D needs in FA, can you imagine getting speed, speed and more speed in WR Reagor, DB Duggar and RB McFarland Jr. with our top 3 picks? We’ve heard Reagor and Duggar run sub-4.4, but I just saw new highlights of McFarland, who has reportedly run a 4.29. He runs hard and flys past everyone, including the 5-star DBs at Ohio State. Combined with Lockett and Metcalf, that speed would easily rival or top SF and KC. Plus you have to plan ahead – our top 2 RBs are coming off major season-ending injuries and Carson is only signed through the end of 2020. No guarantee we will re-sign him to a big contract, or that he’ll come back to Seattle if he tests FA.

    RB Anthony McFarland Jr. highlights –

    • WALL UP

      The one area of concern would be his blitz blocking capabilities. Antonio Gibson may not run in the 4.2s, but he’s the fastest 221 lb back to try stop. Gibson may offer more options for attacking a defense.

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