Brandon Thompson & Jayron Hosley gametape

I’ve been asked about the defensive talent in the 2012 draft class and admittedly we’ve focused a lot of energy on quarterbacks this summer. With the college season looming it’s time to turn our attentions to a couple of defensive prospects. Brandon Thompson (DT, Clemson) is someone I’ve been asked about in the past while Jayron Hosley (CB, Virginia Tech) is a cornerback who is far from faultless, but has a lot of playmaking qualities. Let me know what your thoughts are.

Game tape is supplied below with notes to come later. Props once again to JMPasq for the footage.


  1. Colin

    Thompson was a beast when lined up one-on-one. Once adjustments were made to double team him, his effectiveness went down.

    Explosive off the ball though. Great kid to keep an eye on.

  2. shams

    All the Hosley picks were gifts.

  3. diehard82

    I will be watching Brandon Thompson with interest this year. He was pretty disruptive last year and looks to be a high effort high motor guy. In the tape provided he was double and triple teamed pretty often. Displayed good swim move and bull rush. Made several tackles for loss and batted down one pass. Flushed the QB a couple times as well. I like that he is a penetrator. That is something Seattle still lacks IMO. When we rush 3, and drop Clemons into coverage, we get ZERO pressure. Orton had all day to throw most of last game. We could really use a 3-tech who can penetrate and disrupt. Branch is stout, but not a quick twitch penetrator and doesn’t demand double teams to keep him out of the backfield.

    • Rob

      The issue I have is the guy had one sack last year playing on a line with the most productive pass rusher in college football. If he can’t get numbers with one side consisting drawing lineman, can he do it without?

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