Breaking down Todd McShay’s first mock draft

According to this article Todd McShay has the most interesting mock draft on the internet. There’s some British guy at #2.

McShay’s mock is behind a paywall but here’s a link to a Tweet that reveals the whole thing. Hey, I didn’t tweet it.

McShay picks Derrius Guice (RB, LSU) for the Seahawks:

Seattle has seemingly had a revolving door at RB and needs some stability at the position to take pressure off Russell Wilson. Guice definitely isn’t Leonard Fournette, but he has great quickness and the ability to break tackles. He dealt with some nagging injuries but has been a workhorse for LSU down the stretch, averaging 22 carries and 132 yards per game in his past six. Offensive line is also an option here for the Seahawks.

Having picked a running back for Seattle in round one of my own mock (Alabama’s Damien Harris) I think McShay focused on a likely target position. With only one pick currently in the first three rounds, the Seahawks need to address a key need. They need a runner they can trust and feature. This is potentially a good year for running backs, so taking a couple seems like a good idea.

I’m less convinced by McShay’s alternative option — the offensive line. In the last year and a half the Seahawks have spent a first round pick on Germain Ifedi, a second round pick on Ethan Pocic and they traded second and third round picks to Houston for Duane Brown. On top of that they paid Justin Britt a handsome new salary.

Eventually they have to look at other areas of the team. The blocking has vastly improved since Brown’s arrival and steady progress is being made.

There is one intriguing O-line option in McShay’s mock. Ohio State’s Billy Price is still on the board. I have him down as a top-20 pick personally but if he was available at this stage you might have to consider taking him based on pure value. Price looks like a home run option for the next level.

Watch this for an insight into why:

Assuming he’s gone, they probably need to look elsewhere.

Back to the pick of Guice. I think there’s a chance his stock will drift a bit when draft season arrives. He’s a big name but might settle into a solid second or third round range. There are some question marks about how well he’ll test at the combine, he’s had some nagging injuries too. He’s a talent but hasn’t had the kind of 2017 season expected after his great relief work for the injured Leonard Fournette last year.

As the process plays out I’d expect the likes of Damien Harris and Auburn’s Kerryon Johnson to jump above Guice in the national conversation. I think there’s a chance Guice settles into a tier with Royce Freeman.

In terms of the other options available, McShay notably has Courtland Sutton going at #27 to Jacksonville. Sutton hasn’t had the kind of year he or SMU were hoping for when he chose not to declare a year ago. He has, however, got a significant amount of talent.

He’s a little bit different to the receivers currently on Seattle’s roster. He’s listed at 6-4 and 215lbs and has the ability to make incredible grabs:

For a bigger receiver he’s also very good running after the catch. He’s an all-rounder, working in the short and long range passing game and providing a nice catching radius. There’s a lot to like.

Here’s some clips from one of his better 2017 performances:

If the Seahawks are transitioning to a more Russell Wilson-centric offense, Sutton would provide a dynamic bigger target. That could be important if Jimmy Graham leaves.

Something to consider.

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  1. Trevor

    I think Price ans Sutton would both be awesome picks in RD#1!

    I prefer Harris or Kerryon Johnson if they go RB. We have enough RBs who cant stay healthy.

    • Hawk Eye

      as a Hawks fan I ask:
      What is Round #1?

      • Greg Haugsven

        Round 1 is code for early 2nd.

    • Sea Mode

      Hasn’t Kerryon Johnson pretty frequently been hampered by nagging injuries?

      • RealRhino2

        That’s a bit of a worry for Johnson and Guice both, isn’t it? Or for any back we are looking at. Maybe some of these things aren’t predictive, but grabbing a RB that has an injury history seems like something I’d want to shy away from right now. Just need a decent guy who can stay healthy, maybe.

  2. Greg Haugsven

    I wonder when he made this mock? Right now we are on the outside looking into the playoffs which should have us drafting at 20.

  3. C-Dog

    Rob Rang recently projected Nick Chubb to the Hawks, as well. I just love the fact the draftniks are seeing the blatant obvious need many of us are seeing, and and take solace in the fact that this draft appears rich enough at the position that Seattle can likely land a pretty good one. I’d love to see Damien Harris in Seahawks blue.

    Price would be pretty tempting, even if they extended Joekel, but for me the need at RB feels so great that if Price were on board with a RB they liked, they’d go RB.

    Sutton would be pretty tempting as well. I wonder with RW if whether it takes some WRs longer to build chemistry with, given the sandlot part of his game that will always be there to a degree. My memory isn’t what it used to be, but didn’t it take Baldwin a while to get there with him?

    Tate kinda had a spark with him, and Rice somewhat off the bat. Kearse developed that over time nicely. Paul has that now, and Lockett picked it up quick, but it’s been a process with Graham.

    I’m wonder if the team might feel the need to hang onto PRich and Graham simply because they know how to flow with Russ, and in drafting a WR high, you risk playing a waiting game. Whereas, another position, you just plug and play.

    Kinda feels to me, there’s a school of play for standard NFL QBs, and then there is the Russell Wilson school of play in Seattle. Both can work nicely, but different schools.

    Just throwing that out there whether it’s something to further consider from the previous threads and now with this news.

    • peter

      I think with a WR you need to evaluate what they were doing in their system. A few years back Mike Evans from A&M would have been great that size to go with running around while manziel is doing his thing. Could have been deadly.

      For 200 seasons I’ve wanted certain players but sadly as the draft neared stepped in line mentally with an Oline or Dline player. This year, however, I’m increasingly high on Harris. I know there’s some debate about the value of a first round RB and there is some validity to that. I checked the top 10 RB’s for the last 7 years for yards and there are many different names through out. Guys with so-so years that crack 1000 yards. But when you stop to think what Seattle wants to be: Brutal with the play action, and a quick defense that rotates tons of bodies to generate pressure, I just am not convinced they are going to get that year to year with different backs.

      When you loo at the rushing leaders year to year there is a clear line of 4-6 players over seven seasons where there names come up over and over again. Gurley, Lynch (of course) Peterson, Bell, Mccoy, and te thing these players have over the Alfred Morris’ is that they do it year to year. And I firmly believe with a stabilized line maybe good maybe not what they need next is a true tone setter at RB. Not a JAG. not guys. but one guy who totes the rock to the tune of 10-14 Td’s (air and ground) and 1100 yards year to year.

      • C-Dog

        Great thoughts Peter.

        I’m with you on Harris. Really like Johnson, Michel, Freeman, Chubb, as well. I really agree that Seattle needs to find a back that can stabilize things for a number of seasons. I’m pretty much with Rob in that, with no picks day 2, might be best to not get too cute trading back, especially if Harris or Johnson is sitting there.

        With you on normally wanting to focus on the lines, but this year I want to see them get The RB solved.

        • peter

          really interested to see how Chubb tests. I wonder if he’s still coming back so to speak. like Michel quite a bit

        • JimQ

          If 1000 yard seasons for RB’s is THE threshold measuring stick for college RB’s, perhaps some attention needs to be paid to RB/KR-Rashaad Penney who is seldom discussed, after all he is to date:
          #1 in FCS with 275 rushes fir *2027-yds* and has a 7.37/ypc & 19-TD’s. + good kick return abilities.
          By current rankings, he could likely be had in the 4-th or 5-th round, just behind those most talked about. If the Seahawks miss out on the most discussed RB’s, because of their limited draft stock & their other big needs, IMO all that would indicate that Penny would be a pretty good investment in Rd-4/5in the coming draft.

  4. Greg Haugsven

    Here is another topic similar to the one Rob posted about the 5 main free agents. This is about who could possibly be cut:

    Richard Sherman
    Cap Savings $11 million
    Chance of being cut…10%

    Kam Chancellor
    Cap Savings $2.3 million, but when you add in his $12 million injury guarantee his cap hit would go from $9.8 million to $19.5 million
    Chance of being cut…0%

    Michael Bennett
    Cap Savings $3 million
    Chance of being cut…10%

    KJ Wright
    Cap Savings $7.2 million
    Chance of being cut…15%

    Cliff Avril
    Cap Savings $7.5 million
    Chance of being cut (if he doesnt retire)…40%

    Jeremy Lane
    Cap Savings $4.75 million (if he is a post June 1st designation)
    Chance of being cut…95%

    Jon Ryan
    Cap Savings $2 million (if he is a post June 1st designation)
    Chance of being cut…60%

    Neiko Thorpe
    Cap Savings $1.85 million
    Chance of being cut…50%

    Anyone go higher or lower on any of these guys?

    • C-Dog

      I would go lower with Ryan and Thorpe. I think they value Thorpe’s special teams play, but it wouldn’t shock me if either or both were cut.

      I think it’s really slim they cut Sherman, Bennett, and KJ, I would say less than 10% chance for each.

    • Ishmael

      Thorpe is probably the best ST player we have. I’d be shocked if they cut him. Teams are already distinctly ordinary, getting rid of him to save a couple of million doesn’t seem worth it.

    • Myfanwy365

      Wouldn’t say cut but a few could be traded, not sure how that affects the cap space

  5. Misfit74

    Guice has the closest running style to Marshawn Lynch since Marshawn Lynch. Guice would be an amazing get for us. I doubt he makes it to our pick.

    • Bigten

      I’m thinking the same thing. And if he is going to settle into the rd2-3 even better. We are inevitably going to trade back. Say to the end of the 1st or early second. If price and Harris are both there, run to the podium for price. RB might be greater need, I agree, but the drop off is greater as well for guards. Urban Meyers words are enough to convince me to take price. I HIGHLY doubt he makes it out of top 15, just as you do Rob. But if we could get price end of1st and guide with the pick weget for movingback (asyou suggest he could drop off during combine and closer to draft) with me up 100%. Then pick up guices teammate toliver who also has had his stock fall dramatically, but was a big prospect and possibly Nandi the NT from FSU who also has seen his stock drop. I’d be ecstatic.

    • Sea Mode

      Could you please explain what makes you see this comp? I like Guice as much as the next guy, but I haven’t seen Lynch in what I’ve watched so far (more athletic Rawls was actually what first came to me), and I think the concerns Rob brings up on him are legit and merit consideration, especially for a team looking for a sturdy workhorse more than a homerun option #2 punch.

    • peter

      guide looks a little upright and thin in the legs. I know it’s nit picky but lynch was thick.

  6. Kenny Sloth

    Lets not forget Baker Mayfield’s red flags arent limited to crotch grabbing.

    He was arrested for being a total dick over some stolen chinese food and its kind of a joke that he had to walk on twice.

    Everybody knows its got nothing to do with talent.

    If I’m a GM, he can be somebody else’s QB. There will be other passers that don’t carry that kind of baggage.

    Just my opinion maybe some teams think that way and he falls. Seems like a Paxton Lynch/Germain Ifedi kind of last minute 1st rounder to a new GM.

    He’s a leader but does he use his powers for good?

    Nah he dings players before warmups.

    Could you imagine if he did that to a pro????

    Ohmahgawd Delanie Walker would not take that s***, yfm??

    So yeah, give me Jake Browning in the sixth before Mayfield in the first. I trust my coaches to develop game intelligence not to change some crazy kid and his ahole dad.

    If your high school coaches aint got through to ya, good luck in the league, kiddo.

    Scared that I’m missing something with Lamar Jackson to keep him down these boards??

    • peter

      I think Lamar Jackson is going to get talked to about changing positions from a few scouts. That said he should hole out. take the browns/giants/jets/ they could and should go QB early but if they really want to try to win I think they could do worse than say qb X early on and then Jackson in say the fourth and have a true QB battle. Who cares if you are those teams and you burn a first rounder to find a QB later? If the first round guy kills it great. If Jackson kills it, so what. You have the answer to the most important player on the field.

      I think after Jackson’s running ability there are times when his arm is electric and his completion percentage though not great has improved every year which is a great sign with QB’s, year over year growth. His TD to int percentage one of the most important numbers for me in viewing a QB is better than anyone not named Mayfield. And finally before pundits break out some dusty mike vick stats lamar Jackson is WAAAYYY better at TD to int’s and his running game is WAAYYYY better than vick’s ever was.

    • drewdawg11

      If you’d take Jake Browning to ever play in the NFL as a starter, you would probably lose your GM job. I’m anUW alumnus and a huge fan. I’ve watched every one of his games. He’s not going to thrive in the NFL. Baker is a giant turd but he will most likely be a long-time starter.

  7. Kenny Sloth

    If you wanna talk RBs

    After Barkley you got
    Kerryon Johnson
    Royce Freeman
    Rashaad Penny
    Bo Scarborough
    Sony Michel
    Ronald Jones II
    Kalen Ballage
    Myles Gaskin
    Akrum Wadley
    Lavon Coleman

    Sidenote: Lamar Jackson is 11th in the country in rush yards

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, have been waiting for that piece you said you were working on, whether it comes as an article or just in the comments! What’s your take on these guys?

  8. Daniel Bryan

    Rob has the #1 mock anywhere on the planet!

    YES! YES! YES!

  9. peter

    Rob one day I’m going to be sad to see you go! Sir you’ve been killing it for years and that article just scratched the surface of picks of players you’ve seen well before anyone else. Not sure how you do it but in some ways being in England and not catching the national hype here for players might play to an advantage.

    Good on you. And as always when you break through in whatever way you can just remember to add some small footnotes of players the Hawks might be interested in.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Peter, appreciate those kinds words

    • Josh

      I was sold after Rob got us all hyped up for Odell and Donald long before anyone else was saying 1st rd picks, and then cried when they went way ahead of our picks.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Back in the day we talked about guys going in the first that slipped to the seventh

        He’s become one of the best 7th rounders in recent memory, but still…

  10. Ground_Hawk

    Seattle’s latest addition to the practice squad, LB Jason Thompson, is a SPARQ freak. has him listed as a FS, but his pSPARQ was 144.1, which, among all Safeties, was second only to Obi Melifonwu’s score.

    NFL Draft Scout lists his Utah pro day 10 yard dash at 1.50… Thompson is quick. It would be fun to see that speed translate onto the field.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Imagine his athletic percentile for LB!#

    • Sea Mode

      Former college QB

  11. Myfanwy365

    I thought it was known Darnold was staying at USC for the year? Having him at 1 seems odd with that fact.

    Similarly, I have issues with McShay on his Lamar Jackson take, I don’t claim to be any kind of expert but the kid has talent. Talk of his “instincts” & “ability to process” just smacks of code along with being “raw” & not taking a step forward in this year.

    Then has Josh Allen in the Top 5 even though he’s “Raw” but with a mountain of talent supposedly, despite not taking a step forward this year.

    You’d have hoped the likes of Russ, Cam, Deshaun, Jameis(to an extent) & Mariota would have quitened down this kind of shit but nope.

    @FourVerts had some good stats on this, Jackson compares favourably to Mahomes –
    And Michael Vick –

    Heres the comparisons for Allen –
    Locker, Gabbert & Ponder ffs

    All of the Rd1 QBs –

    • Kenny Sloth

      Oh wow wow

      No way josh allen reminds him of Gabbert do tell.

      (He reminds me of Gabbert too aint need no stats for that one.)

    • Volume12

      McShay still having his racist Lamar Jackson takes?

      • Kenny Sloth

        I mean he’s got his finger on the heartbeat of the league, right!

  12. calgaryhawk

    I kinda chuckle at any mock I see this year. First of all, why did two teams with obvious early picks go out at the trade deadline and swing deals for backup quarterbacks (ok, Cleveland screwed up). The answer has to be either the qb’s in this draft are over rated or teams feel that the qb’s in this years draft will need a year or two to mature behind a quality starter.Secondly, if I am a new GM and told my number one priority is to find a franchise qb, I’m not putting my future on the line with some rookie if I have a ton of cap space. I’m going in with guns blazing on an established FA quarterback or swinging a trade for one.
    This kinda upsets the whole apple cart when it comes to the draft. Cleveland could still draft a qb, but more likely target players at other positions early and pick up a qb later.
    As far as the Seahawks draft, with their cap problems, they will have to rework some existing contracts. They may have to let Graham walk as resigning some of the current player is a higher priority. I would not be shocked if they traded one or two starting defensive players to help with the cap situation and to get younger. If they do that, I feel they would probably trade someone that could be replaced with someone on the roster now and draft that position early. Cliff Avril as an example, traded or cut,would save the club 7.5 million towards the cap and and there is not a huge drop off in talent with players on the roster. now.

  13. STUFR

    I am quickly falling in love with Rashaad Penny. He will jump up draft boards, but still be around at the end of the 2nd, so we can trade out of the first and get some 2nd/3rd round assets back.
    He is perfect size and a great/patient runner plus he can catch and return in ST.

    • Kenny Sloth

      I think he’s a little plodding and kind of just jogs forward for two yards.

      His OL is killer, as well.

      I don’t see many next level traits that translate to the pro game.

      He doesnt break tackles in the backfield and isnt creative at the second level. Not a high and tight ball carrier, not an agile, sharp cutter.

      Slow slow feet and shrimpy chicken legs.

      They call him ‘Penny’ cuz he cant get off the practice squad

    • Volume12

      Kenyan Drake type back. Would fill the Prosise role for Seattle which they may be after.

      • Sea Mode

        IDK, Drake has sprinter speed. Not sure Penny has that, although he does have superior vision and physicality.

        • Volume12


        • Kenny Sloth


          His vision is pretty good, but can he make the cuts at the speed the next level will require?

          Even in his tape against Stanford, his OL did a lot of the work for him.

          He is plus physical and falls forward, but he’s not my favorite backin this class.

          Vol is he not a poor man’s Royce Freeman?? Not as good vision, not as impressive, physically, not as savvy with his feet and definitely don’t got the jump cut…

          • Kenny Sloth

            Also I’ve seen some drops.

            Let’s see if he can keep up with Army’s Ahmad Bradshaw!

            • drewdawg11

              It seems like you’re trying too hard to knock the kid. You favor someone else and that’s cool. However, you’re giving him almost zero credit. Yes, the SDSU offensive line is the second coming of the Dallas Cowboys’ OL. That’s more likely than him being a very good player. He returns kicks for goodness sake. He’s got a lot of talent. He’s not a first round pick, but he’s pretty good.

  14. Colonel KurtZ

    Because we haven’t drafted in the top ten on so long, I think what is going on in here is a Paradigm shift – that’s what is going on in the NFC West.

    Hope the Seahawks don’t get left behind.

    When Arizona flashed a couple years ago, it seemed the division would be theirs, but they just mixed around the same old pieces, and all those really high picks that they got from being so bad for so long

    But teams age so quickly in this league and now both Seattle and Arizona are gonna struggle cuz they have what we will call – Stud Deficit.

    Most draft experts say guys 1-10 in any given draft are the real difference makers, franchise players you can hang your hat on for 5-8 years. Think Earl Thomas. Seattle had a couple good drafts that found guys in the lower rounds that fit perfectly around him, and LOB became the backbone of a historically great defense.

    But each year out, we have been getting fewer of these Studs, (and when we do, it is through trades) while teams like LARams, SF, or even JAX and the TTitans keep stock piling these top ten picks until they can’t help themselves for being good.

    Bring in a good young coach to make their chosen one QBs into something you should fear and there you have it – a Paradigm Shift.

    Pete Carroll’s system is old. Everyone has adjusted. Most teams in the league now run blitz on first down to get us behind the sticks. PC really wants big bodied tall receivers who can body up on linebackers and play tough.

    Instead they now have a system built around a sandlot QB who needs smallish receivers who can adjust on the fly and are good at go routes. But they can be knocked down or rerouted pretty easily. ( See the last play against JAX )

    Without any real young Studs and an aging coaching staff, look for Seattle to go into decline long term. Making or just missing the playoffs won’t help this trend.

    Whatever happens we need some more studs .

    • AlaskaHawk

      What difference does it make where the Seahawks draft when they are going to trade down to the second round? The only difference is in how many extra draft picks they get.

  15. Volume12

    Yes, yes, yes!

    2nd best back in the draft IMO. Dude is a maniac. Sees the hole and hits it. Violent runner.

    I like Kerryon Johnson, but man he’s a rigid, high cut runner.

    • Volume12

      Guice might be better suited in a single back formation though.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I like his potential out of the shotgun. Especially given how deep Russ been lining up.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Oh he’s a monster… So underrated in national conversation.

      Violent is a great word for it. Explosive runner and seems like a great locker room fit.

  16. Sea Mode

    V12, you were asking the other day who the forgotten man might be that Seattle has its eye on. Too bad Deebo Samuel not going pro. Maybe next year, I guess.

    • Sea Mode

      Tomorrow Isn’t Promised: The Deebo Samuel Story

    • Volume12

      Boy Derrius Guice fits that to a tee don’t he? His backstory is tremendous too. It’ll make ya an instant fan.

      Dee-bo! I love him man. Watch out for the WRs next year. Him, NC St’s Kelvin Harmon, Ole Miss’ AJ Brown, and Arizona St’s N’Keal Harry

  17. Volume12

    It’s interesting to me that in 8 drafts under PC/JS they’ve only once taken a player from outside the P5 conferences with one of their first two selections. Bobby Wagner. And I’m gonna go out on a limb and say one big contributing factor was him being a SO Cal kid in HS when PC was still at USC.

    • Trevor

      Great point Vol and that is definitely not by accident.

  18. Volume12

    Would suck for Memphis WR Anthony Miller if he does have a medical red flag.

    • Trevor

      My favourite WR in the draft! I think Sutton has more potential but Miller is just a baller.

      • Volume12

        Agreed. Sutton is WR1 for me in this draft.

        Upside/potential would be Florida St’s Auden Tate IMO.

  19. Mishima

    Maybe scenario:

    Re-sign McDougald, franchise JG, extend Brown, make play for Carlos Hyde.

    Probable rebuild in 2019, so in ‘win now’ mode without any glaring needs for 2018. Trade down, take BPA with priority to RB, CB, big WR, Edge. Return to size, speed, school, character, fundamentals.

    IMO, this will be JS/PC’s most challenging off-season.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Agree this off-season will be his most challenging. McDougal does look to be a front runner for a guy to resign. JG franchise would cost us around $10 million with no first year cap relief. I love Hyde as a player but no thanks on a 27 year old RB. These guys hit 28 and 90% of them are done. First contract RB’s to me are the best way to go. I keep having this same dream that Arden Key will fall and he will be our selection. Not sure if that is insight or pathetic (probably the latter) so I like adding a DE especially with not knowing about Avril and McDowell.

      • Trevor

        I would love Arden Key as the 1st pick. He is this year Daniel Hunter out of LSU. He is a little different body type but a better pass rusher coming out.

        • David Campau

          After watching BB stay clean last Sunday & cut us up I’m always on board with more pass rushers. And as you mentioned the questions around Avril & McDowell & having Bennett playing hurt for years now.
          This team has plenty of needs considering the age/injuries to an increasing number of our core guys.

  20. Kyle

    Here is another take on what we might do. Thoughts are appreciated.

    Sheldon gets resigned.- he is not what a lot of you were expecting but the guy gets pressures and is a beast in the run stuffing department. PC’s scheme might limit his rush, but that doesnt mean he isnt an animal every week for us.

    McDougald gets resigned. He just makes too much sense with his play and how this team is using him. TE’s havent been gashing us to my memory like they did in previous years. Bwagz and wright are handling the run.

    JMFG gets to walk in free agency along with Prich. – More on that in a second.

    Luke J. also walks – I dont trust big men who are older showing signs of continuous injuries. harder for them to come back each time. (you have a thousand guards on the roster, move pocic over to lg and let roos take a stab at that mauling rg spot next to ifedi.)

    My canadian brother Luke willson gets resigned. – modest deal, knows the system not too much churn to put us in a bad spot.

    *Spicy content – albeit possibly outlandish*
    The weed king Josh Gordon is a real possibility here. Why? The browns are still mad at him, he believes his team is crap – just look at one of his last tweets where he talks about all the hang ups they are dealing with. So he wants out. This is Russel’s team, Prich has connected with him and brings speed, Jimmy G has connected with him in the redzone- without resigning them where does that production come from? Enter Gordon. The guy is a top 5 WR in the league no question. He is fast, has great hands and is large. You get him and now people have to account for him and doug? how? if they do that did they remember lockett flying past them on the other side. Now, this is putting a lot of faith in checking out Gordon to make sure he is truly over his drug problems and can stay clean. If they feel confident in him, then this is the team that can make that push to get him. To keep him honest. We are not above reclamation projects.

    We focus our draft around finding that workhorse back we need. Whether thats Chubb, freeman, guice johnson- but we make sure we get the guy we like while trying to pick up a couple draft picks. We then focus our draft around filling holes. draft a corner, lb, guard, and D line.

    In this scenario, J lane is cut and avril is cut or retires, eddie is gone as well.

    That leaves us with no big holes, address needs and keeps us under the cap. I agree with rob on not wanting to let them all go for the sake of draft picks, because then we would have to many gaps. But you let the guys go that can be replaced in some fashion while still keeping your team in it. The people who are calling to let everyone go are also thinking it might be great to tank a season to get better draft picks. The game is about winning, not drafting.

    Sorry if that was a little scrambled. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Sea Mode

      I’m not sure where the idea is coming from that Gordon will somehow be available in FA. They have cheap club control of him until 2020.

      • Kyle

        I guess it goes back to the browns saying they were done with him. But maybe this regime wants to roll with him.

        • drewdawg11

          They probably want to trade him and are trying to get his value up before the season ends. I don’t think we can afford to trade for another veteran. We have no second or third round picks.

  21. Trevor

    Unfortunately if KJ and Wags are out vs the Rams the Hawks likely take the L. Sucks but if they do and miss the playoffs for the first time in the RW era then I think it give PD / JS the chance to do a quick rebuild / reload.

    In this scenario 2018-2019 would be a rebuilding season where they could infuse a ton of youth on Defense and make the OL a dominant unit to protect the Franchise.

    Current Roster (Cuts, Trades, Let walk)
    -Jeremy Lane Cut (Cap Savings $4.75 mil)
    -Cliff Avril Retire / Cut (Cap Savings$7.5 mil
    -Sherman Traded for a 3rd Rd Pick ( Cap Savings $11 mil)
    -Let Graham Walk (3or or 4th rd comp in 2019)
    -Let Richardson Walk (3rd Rd Comp 2019)
    -Let Joeckel Walk (4th Rd Comp Comp 2019) Lost for signing Hyde
    -Let P Rich Walk (4th Rd Comp 2019 ) Lost for Signing Pryor

    Cap Increases by $10mil in 2018 + Cap Savings $23 mil = Total Cap Space of $33 mil +
    Add (2) 3rd Round Comp Picks in 2019 for Richardson and Graham

    Current Roster (Extensions, Restructures)
    -Duane Brown (2yr Extension / 3yr total)
    -Frank Clark (4yr Extension /5yr total)
    -Earl Thomas (3yr Extension / 4yr total)

    Free Agency
    -Bradley Mcdougald 27 (3yrs/ $18mil) $6mil APY
    -Deshawn Shead 29 (2yrs / $5mil) $2.5mil APY
    -Byron Maxwell 29 (1yr $3mil)
    -Luke Willson (3yr / $10mil) $3mil APY
    -Terell Pryor 28 (4yrs /$24mil) $6mil APY
    -Carlos Hyde 26 (3yrs /18mil) $6mil APY

    Total Cap Space in 2018 $26.5mil

    • Trevor

      Rd #1 Billy Price -G /Ohio St. – Would be the ideal pick to make the OL a team strength in 2018 and going forward to protect Russ and make the run game a strength again. The Idea of Price and Brown on the left side would be dominant in the run game.

      Rd #3 (From Sherm Trade) Lorenzo Carter- Edge / Georgia – Incredibly Raw but has the length and athleticism I think the Hawks will love. I guess the Combine and his 10yd split will tell a lot.

      Rd #4 Dale Goedart TE/ South Dakota – Ultra athletic TE with comps to Travis Kelece

      Rd#5 Azeem Victor -LB Wash If his off field issues are sorted out he has early round talent and could be an impact starting LB in 2018

      Rd#5 Greg Gaines -DT – Wash – Ideal active run stuffing DT in Petes scheme

      Rd#5 Adonis Alexander -CB V-Tech – Long CB who is a little stiff and will need time to develop.

      Rd#7 Lavon Coleman RB – Wash – Big banging RB to come in and compete

      Rd#7 Auden Tate WR- FSU – Big 6-5 WR with a ton of upside

      Rd#7 Daniel Carlson K – Auburn – The Hawks new PK for the next 10yrs

      • Trevor

        2018-2019 Roster

        QB Russ + Davis
        WR Bladwin, Locket, Pryor, Darboh (Mcevoy, Tate, Moore fight for 5th spot)
        RB Carson, Hyde, Davis or Coleman, Mckissic or Prosise
        TE Willson, Vannett, Swopes or Goedart
        OL Brown LT, Price LG, Britt C, Pocic RG, Ifedi RT / Backups Fant, Roos, Rees, Glowinski

        K Carlson, P Ryan, LS Ott

        DT- Mcdowell, Reed, Jones, Gaines, Jefferson
        Edge- Bennett, Clark, Jordan, M Smith or Jackson , Carter
        LB – Wags, KJ, Victor, Alexander, UDFA
        S – Kam, Earl, Mcdougald, Hill, Thompson
        CB – Griffin, Shead, Coleman, Maxwell, Thorpe, Alexander or Elliott

        2019 Draft Focus early on CB, Edge, RB
        2019 Cuts for Cap : Bennett, Kam

    • Calgaryhawk

      Lane carries 2+ mil in dead money if cut or traded. I believe management is pretty happy with Carson but a mid to late pick for a RB is possible any year. Always keep in mind that Seahawks put defense first always.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Damn Trevor, I absolutely love the effort and thought into this as I could talk about this stuff all day long. My only argument is Pryror and Hyde. In this scenario what does P Richardson get. Just worry about letting one receiver go for another and how that looks in the locker room. Could we just keep Richardson here since hes been in the system a while. With Hyde i just dont know. I like Hyde but he will be 27 starting next season and usually after age 28 season RB’s go seriously downhill. So to me we get 2 years of solid production. I just like rookie running backs as you get the most value there. Other than that I would be game.

        • Greg Haugsven

          and replying to calgary hawk, if we put a post June 1 st designation on Jeremy Lane we can split the $2.5 million in dead money which would give us the $4.75 Trevor is referring to.

          • calgaryhawk

            According to Overthecap Lane’s dead money before or after is the same. Yes there is cap savings of 4.75 mil but teams don’t really like carrying lots of dead money. And just because he was involved in a trade in no way means management wants him gone,

        • Trevor

          The thinking behind Pryor vs Prich is that Pryor is a big Target and Red Zone guy to pick up some of the slack for the loss of Graham.

          I love P Rich but he and Locket kind of fill the same role. In this Scenario you have Baldwin in the Slot, Locket as your Burner and Pryor as your Big Target. Add in Darboh and either Moore, Mcevoy or a Rookie and you have a solid and diverse grouping.

        • Trevor

          I tend to agree with you about the RB spot but Hyde is only 26 on a 3 yr deal it runs out when he hits the 29 yr old wall. In the mean time the Hawks can take an RB early in 2019 and groom him if Carson does not work out.

          • Greg Haugsven

            I get ya. Either way you look at it I enjoy debating/talking about this stuff. This off-season for sure will be interesting.

            • Trevor


    • Kenny Sloth

      Wasnt he using a visor before he left us too?

      He looked good too, man, I hate losing players

      • Greg Haugsven

        He has been a beast with the Ravens

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, but I thought it was just for the intimidation look. Didn’t know about the migrane problems.

        Losing him sucks even more now though knowing he’s tough too…

  22. Icb12

    Billy Price would be an excellent pick from a football standpoint.

    But he has a noted strong stance on the protest and anthems.. I would be concerned with him fitting in the Seahawks locker room. His interviews I’ve seen and read don’t scream Seahawks to me. He is more of the silent, do your job, bring your lunch pail guy from what I’ve seen.

    • Trevor

      Perhaps we need more guys like that who just focus on doing their job! I like that the Hawks players are socially aware but nothing wring with a guy who just puts his head down and goes to work. I wish this team was more focussed like that at times.

  23. H

    Ive been giving it some thought, and contrary to the majority on here i think Joeckle has to be the priority FA.
    I love the Richardsons and would be extremely happy to see them return on reasonable deals, just not sure it happens, Graham to me is infuriating to watch, especially in big games, that such a talent can’t make the “easy” plays we need, so im good with him leaving unless he can be had relatively cheap. I like McDougald, but it all depends on Kam, but since we’ll be on the hook for his cap hit anyway Im hoping he comes back (he was having a great season before the injury dont forget.)

    So leaves Joeckle, who when healthy, actually most the year, has been an above average guard. Nothing special but better than what we’d be able to get as a replacement. But more than anything, how nice would it be to start the same OLine 2 years in a row? To finally get some real chemistry from a group thats finally starting to play well? To give Tom Cable a real chance to put a good group together rather than his yearly patch work job?

    I think my ideal offseason would be a Kam return, resign LJ and Sheldon. Extend Brown and ET. Then draft Chubb (health permitting) if not Harris. And get back to what we know, running the ball and playing good defense.

  24. CHawk Talker Eric

    2 things about McShay’s mock:

    1. Most people in the know say Darnold is returning to USC next year.

    2. I’ve seen both Darnold and Rosen live. I’ve even seen them live in the same game. Right now, Darnold isn’t in the same class as Rosen. Not even close.

    I don’t get paid for my opinions on CFB prospects, but I’m starting to wonder why McShay does.

  25. Mark Souza

    If the Seahawks don’t win the Rams game, it is likely they’ll be picking #20 or slightly higher.

  26. Totem_Hawk

    If the Seahawks didn’t have Russell they would be 3-10…gotta draft DE or CB…fortify the defense..Hawks can get a RB in round 4..

    • Rob Staton

      Seahawks DE’s on the roster — Bennett, Clark, maybe Avril
      Seahawks CB’s on the roster — Sherman, Griffin, Coleman, Maxwell

      The talent at CB and DE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the talent at RB

      A first round CB or DE might struggle to even see snaps in 2018.

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