BREAKING: Glazer reporting Seahawks trade Harvin to Jets


  1. Kyle

    Let me be the first to say what THE F*&K! What is the reasoning behind this? Put percy on some normal route trees and pepper in the sweeps and bubble screens. Don’t trade the man, damn…

  2. Don L

    Can the Hawks get a re-do and for the #25 pick which was used for Cordarrelle Patterson? Hindsight is 20/20.

    • Michael M.

      Ya… Patterson is just tearing it up over there in Minnesota.

      • House

        I wanted DeAndre Hopkins… Hindsight is 20-20 and we went 13-3 without Harvin on the field in ’13. Next man up. Maybe PRich or Kearse put some nice numbers up

  3. Chris A.

    Please Rob hurry and say something… I’m in shock

    • Rob Staton

      Post on the way.

      • Michael M.

        I’m actually excited that this happened! He never really seemed to “fit” with the team. You could just tell that Doug didn’t like it from the get go, and now it appears that he wasn’t the only one. Sure we gave up a lot, and acquiring Harvin will go down as a bad trade for the ‘Hawks, but one of my favorite things about our front office is that they don’t live with mistakes for long. The second they realize they’ve made a mistake they begin working on fixing it, without letting their collective ego get in the way.

        The extra money saved this year can now roll over to next season and give us a better chance of keeping the K.J. Wright, Bobby Wagner and Cliff Avril type players. Not to mention the many other years left on the contract that will ease the pain of finally having to pay Russell what he’s worth.

        If somehow the conditions are met that bump this up to a 2nd rounder (though, I assume that’s pretty unlikely) this will be a huge win for the Seahawks. Now we can stop being so damn gimmicky, and get back to the type of ball that got us that 1st Lombardi Trophy!!

        Go ‘Hawks!!

  4. FacetheSlayer

    I know nobody likes it when people say “I told you so” on the internet, and rightfully so, but I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m incredibly f***ing frustrated about this situation so I’ll say what I said December last year: I wish we just drafted Cordelle Patterson.

    • Turp

      Meh, Patterson can’t run routes and can’t get open….and they drafted Xavier Rhodes with our pick anyway

      • WBeyer

        But DeAndre Hopkins was the spot after Rhodes. Just imagine…

        • Turp

          I think we are just fine at WR….soon as we stop giving touches to Walters

          • Rugby Lock

            Now they can activate Norwood… I read that Harvin punched Tate last year and almost punched Wilson this year. Any truth to this or is it just BS?

        • Radman

          well, Percy never ran routes for us to speak of anyway. Patterson has turned out to be pretty much exactly what they were trying to use Percy anyway. He would have plugged in easily.

          Patterson was available with that pick- it doesn’t really matter who they took with our particular pick at that point.

          I was strongly in the Patterson camp then and against this Percy trade then as were a few of us here, so I don’t feel too bad about myself or others pointing out this simple contrast. Patterson is producing moderately with a terrible QB and offense and looks like a potential star in the right situation. Hes also about 1/50th the cost, and 1/100000000th the headache apparently.

          • Turp

            I still see Patterson as Rob pegged him before the draft – dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands, but extremely raw as a receiver. The anti-doug baldwin.

    • Glor

      I’m right there with you, we could have had patterson and kept tate

  5. Forrest

    Ummm…if this is true I really have to question the reasoning…and other reports that I read said the trade was for ONE 2nd to 4th rounder…I think I just broke leg jumping out of my chair…

  6. smitty1547

    Should have traded Beavell to Jets

    • PatrickH

      I wonder if this is a way for Pete Carroll to force Bevell to call more run-oriented plays and less jet sweep, bubble screens, etc. Kind of similar to what happened in the movie Moneyball, where the Oakland A GM traded away a player in order to force the the manager to play the other players.

      • Cysco


        This was an issue of a player not being a match for his team. He didn’t want to be here. I’m confident we’ll start hearing rumors of conflict with teammates and coaches and taking plays off. That kind of stuff doesn’t fly on this team.

        this FO has shown a quick trigger for any player who isn’t 100% committed to the team. I applaud them for it.

        • Cysco

          Well that didn’t take long.

          already rumors of physical confrontations with teammates, including #3

  7. Cysco

    Calm the F down everyone. There were clearly behind the scenes issues with Harvin. Just because the team is good about keeping drama behind closed doors doesn’t mean drama didn’t exist. If the dude wasn’t 100% dedicated to the team or was causing issues with teammate, then I’m glad he’s gone.

    Most teams wouldn’t have the courage to cut ties with a player that just wasn’t working. I for one and happy and proud our front offices isn’t one of them.

    Go Hawks. next man up.

    • CC


      Yes, this it was a mistake but hindsight is 20/20. If Pete and John decided that he wasn’t fitting in, or that his anger issues affected the team I trust them to do what’s best for the team!

      It is all about the TEAM not Percy – best of luck to Percy in NY and GO HAWKS!

    • Rugby Lock

      Hear Hear!

  8. Sam Jaffe

    I’m as confused as everyone else is with this move. But I see it as a very good sign. Whatever the behind-the-scenes story, it’s clear from this trade that Harvin wasn’t working. The vast majority of NFL general managers would respond to that situation by doubling down and demanding that the coach make it work. The Harvin trade was the signature move by Schneider and it will go a long way in defining him as a success or failure. He knows that. Many managers, when faced with the failure of a signature move, react by pretending it’s not a failure. Schneider and Carrol’s willingess to admit to a mistake is pretty unprecedented. It’s a good sign for the future of the franchise. And it frees up cap money next year that can go towards Larry Fitzgerald or some other prominent offensive weapon/free agent.

    • Chris

      You know what’s better than not being afraid to admit a mistake?

      Not making the mistake in the first place.

      I wish I’d been wrong about the trade, but I was one of the very few around here that wasn’t.

      • Coug1990

        Too bad were not in the same room so I can pat you on the back, you might pull something from doing it yourself.

        Yeah, you are THAT guy.

        • Chris

          I’d much rather have been wrong.

  9. Burner

    @LanceZierlein is tweeting some fascinating stuff tonight, looks like Percy was a locker room cancer. Good riddance to the guy.

    • Cysco

      accordding to his sources, he punched Golden tate in the face during superbowl week (Tate had a noticeable black eye) and almost got in a fight with Russell F’n Wilson this year.

      We were lucky we were able to get the jets to take him.

  10. Glor

    I told you so never tasted so sweet. I’ve said time and again trading for Percy was a boneheaded move.

  11. Phil

    Now we can get back to Seahawk, smash-mouth football and put the cute stuff (e.g., bubble screens, sweeps) in the trash heap of the past. There had to be bad blood in the locker room when they paid big $$$ to Percy and let one of their own — Tate — leave. Hats off to the front office for recognizing a mistake and taking action now.

    What effect does this have on next year’s cap?

  12. CC

    I also hope this means that PRich is going to get on the field!

    We’ll learn a lot about this team on Sunday – I expect them to come out, play well and get the win. I would expect that even though there are some tweets by players upset he’s leaving, I believe that Pete and John have enough credibility in the locker room to move forward.

    • Barry

      It can be said they have missed as big as they have hit.

      • CC

        Oh for sure! For every Richard Sherman there is Kris Dunham and Chris Harper!

        We’re still waiting to see what last years and this year’s picks will do.

  13. smitty1547

    If he didnt fit and im talking scheme fit not attitude, then what does it say about Prich a reported clone?

    • John_s

      PRich is not a Percy clone. He’s a pure receiver. He ran a full route tree and was used as a deep threat. He’s basically the total opposite of Percy as far as what they do on the field.

      You’re not going to see jet sweeps and bubble screens with PRich

  14. Michael M.

    I’m hopeful that the timing of this is reflects well on the development of P-Rich and/or Norwood.

  15. Forrest

    Well as a positive: Less college BS, but I think they could have done better than a 4th round pick (not final)…hopefully they get more than one…

    Also excited to see Tharold and (probably) the rookie receivers suit up!

    • Coug1990

      Probably not. You needed to trade him to a team with a lot of cap space and the Jets are one of the few teams that have room.

  16. AlaskaHawk

    If PC had any lesson to learn here- it is to quite paying high dollar for free agents that don’t work out, and then has to dump them off cheap. Reference Flynn and Harvin. Second lesson is never give up a first round draft choice. It isn’t worth it.

    • Barry

      Well I think its more a matter of paying a lot to a payer of known character issues with team members and Qb’s.

  17. red

    This was a good trade his contract was going to be a problem going forward. Now lets go extend Wright this season and Wags and Wilson this offseason. Lets go back to power run game with beast and get everybody healthy here in two or three weeks. Another draft pick does not hurt either lets be honest he was probably going to get hurt anyway.

  18. Jarhead

    APRIL FOOLS!!! What the AYCH?!?!? Are you kidding me?? After we gave up a 1ST ROUNDER and a giant chunk of salary cap- that could have been used to retain a lot of solid veteran players- and THIS happens?? This has got to be a hoax. There is no way this is real…

    • Jarhead

      Just thinking back on how much I disliked this trade when it happened, how could we hamstring ourselves to an injury prone head case (those were my words exactly if I remember correctly), and then after the Super Bowl I thought, Wow maybe this won’t be so bad. We may have gotten ourselves a good deal. So now that I see and read all this stuff, this is mindblowing. We could have an entirely different landscape with this team right now and for what? Yeah Percy was explosive for a while but we would have still won the SB without him. Handily I might add. And if we DON’T get at least a second rounder- and that would still equate to us taking it in the shorts- this will just add insult to injury. Not only will we still not have the cap casualties that were lost, we won’t be able to replace them with a high draft pick. Oy… I will say I am happy about how I see the offense starting to shape up now without the Percy crutch/distaraction

      • Barry

        Yeah as far as getting out with minimal damage done it looks like we only got out butts chapped. Hawks are on the hook for 1/3 the contract this year. We sank the Bonus into him, the obvious draft picks, and the players we lost due to his number. A fourth round pick ….. well thats still the sweet spot in the draft.

  19. Barry

    Well in hindsight a lot of last weeks issues seem to make more sense now. One thing I will speculate is if sometime boils over to where its hurting the Qb the player that is causing that or at the center of it is as good as gone.

  20. JeffS

    I am delighted with this.

    The Hawks will now get back on track.

    They will be less talented, but will be a better football team overall.

  21. donovan

    At Sunday’s game from our seats in the 2nd row of the end zone, we saw at least four plays where Percy came out of the huddle and Russell had to redirect him to the proper position. One of these Russell was clearly exasperated on.

    It was quite noticeable.

    • CC

      Lots of things flying out there – that he didn’t know the playbook and that he didn’t want to go back in the game in the 4th Q against Dallas. Then we have Pete saying that guys weren’t ready and there was random guys going in and out – add Doug’s rant and we have Percy not being a guy you can count on.

  22. JeffC

    Speculation the reason we were seeing Brian Walters is that Percy was refusing to go in.

  23. Forrest

    Oh, I got one…Well at least Percy will be getting a lot more JETSweeps…anyone…

    • redzone086

      Not bad not bad, but really Seattle gave Percy the jet sweep here now didn’t they?

      • Forrest

        Yeah, I know, but if the Jets are smart (not) they’ll use a lot jetsweep plays…

    • Phil

      Will the future hold more Jet Sweeps or, perhaps — like the Seahawks — the Jets Weep? Sorry …… just couldn’t help myself ….

  24. M

    Tough week for Bevell…game planning a real issue with Dallas and he has to be on the hook for bringing Harvin to Seattle in the first place.

    No other way to interpret this trade other than Harvin was toxic in the locker room.

    And Bevell should have known this from his days with Harvin in MIN.

    It’s not just the loss of draft picks for Harvin but they also lost Tate as a result.

    Big mistake but kudos for the Carroll & Co. for moving on.

  25. JeffC

    Well, I guess he cost a first, a third, a seventh, and Golden Tate

    • Glor

      And McDonald, or Clem, or browner, or thurm

      • CC

        Thurm wasn’t coming back regardless – his pot smoking was one of those putting himself above the team things.

        Can’t go backwards – have to move forward!

  26. awm

    There was some negative Percy speculation on KJR today and then an hour later WAMMO!!!!!
    Oh well….. Sure hope we see P Rich get lots of play time now. RUN, RUN, RUN then play action bomb to P RICH for 50 yards

  27. AlaskaHawk

    I knew there would be issues when he rehabbed his hip during the season instead of on his own time. He made most his money while standing on the sideline. Still it is a shame to see his talent get traded away. Not sure we ever used him right as a receiver.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I just had a thought that maybe the Seahawks have another player lined up to bring on board. It makes sense if you don’t like a player and want to dump the salary, and you like some one else that could cost 6 to 8 million. So I’m speculating this is the first part of a multi player deal.

  28. cha

    This all starts with Paul Allen buying into Schneider and Carroll’s philosophy and giving them room to make mistakes, or put another way, not be over-committed to something that will hurt the team’s long-term future and near-term competitiveness. Cutting ties with Harvin after making a very healthy investment of draft capital and salary represents a strong belief in the organizational makeup and strategy the Seahawks have.

    Harvin has truly hurt himself professionally. The Seahawks and Carroll are known for taking shots on troublesome players with personality quirks. If they can’t get Harvin to straighten up, who can at this point? I fear we’ve really seen the last of Harvin as a true game-changer. He’ll get a SportsCenter highlight play here and there, but I’d be shocked if the Jets honor even half of his contract and he might be a one or two year contract player from here on out.

    That said, I’ll never forget the impact he had in the Super Bowl. If you asked me to trade a 1, 3, and 7 for a player who helped put the game out of reach with just a few touches so the Seahawks could win their first championship, and the only further return on the investment would be a mid-round pick, I’d be hard pressed to say no to that deal.

  29. KHawk

    Looks like we’ve lost a big gamble with Percy but I’ll forever be grateful for those Jet sweeps to set the stage for us in the Super Bowl and the second half kick-off return to finish it.
    Have a great career Percy. Lets see what Norwood, PRich and CMike can do. Next.

  30. Frank

    Glad to see him go. Hated when we decided Harvin> Tate. This only adds to the first round draft misses by scnieder. We do so well with late picks if we could stop being so cute with our first round selection. Kelvin Benjamin would have fit so well.

  31. Cysco

    The dude refused to go back in at the end of the Cowboys game.
    He didn’t travel with the team to oakland for the last preseason game because he got in a fight with baldwin
    Reports are that he punched Golden Tate in the face at the superbowl
    And that he got into a fight with Russell Wilson after Wilson called him out

    This team did everything for that punk. They bent over backwards to get him here and get him a big contract. They Got him the surgery he needed and paid him as he recovered. They got him a freak’n Superbowl Ring!

    And THIS is how he acts? No sense of loyalty. This dude has serious mental issues. I for one am glad he’s not on our team anymore and we can move on.

    Man, I wish the Hawks were playing the Jets this year. I want to see the Legion of Boom destroy that guy.

    Now let’s go win another title without him.

  32. Dumbquestions

    Dear told-you-so chorus: This is your day and you have a point.

    I liked the Harvin trade when the Hawks made it, but I’m slain by the obvious shot: If you had to do it over again, would you

    a) give up a 1, a 3 and a 7 and pay $18 million or whatever it is for
    b) an injury-riddled guy with a head-case history and tons of talent
    c) who plays 8 of 24 games
    d) who reportedly fights with not one but three teammates
    e) who reportedly balks/refuses when asked to go back into the Dallas game
    f) and then dump him off for a conditional pick and eat $7 million?

    No, I wouldn’t – but the real argument has to include the context of what was known. The gamble was that the PC system would reform Harvin, who had screwed up with one team while showing superstar flash and production. At the time, the dice roll made sense.

  33. roland jose

    we got what we wanted, and he got a ring, its all good next man up, bring those 2 rookies up so they can get some needed game experience!, we got to get excited for that, we cant have issues in our lockeroom, eventually his anger issues would have messed up team chemistry. sends a message that no individual is bigger than the team, our offense isnt geared towards the kind of touches he probably wants. though we might have lost alot in terms of exposiveness, we now have enough money to keep russ and alot of other pieces we may not have been able to pay had we kept him. I trust this organization, they have brought us this far and i am excited about our future. we gambled like the Athletics but won. we didnt need him to win in the regular season last year and the SB so its all good. He needs some meds like Brandon Marshal.


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