Separating the 2019 draft class into tiers

Christian Wilkins & Dexter Lawrence will both go early in the 2019 draft

We’re near the end of the college football season, so time for an updated tier list.

I’ll keep updating this as we go along.

If you missed yesterday’s Google Hangout, listen here.

Tier 1 — the top of the class

Nick Bosa (DE, Ohio State)

There’s a clear #1 in this class and it’s Nick Bosa. As long as there are no major health concerns before the draft, he’ll be the first overall pick. I believe he deserves a tier on his own. He’s the complete defensive end — with the quickness and rare agility to be a dominant speed rusher, the power to manhandle offensive linemen and the size/toughness to work against the run. In a year without a top quarterback prospect or offensive tackle, Bosa goes #1.

Tier 2 — likely top-10 picks

Quinnen Williams (DT, Alabama)
Clelin Ferrell (DE, Clemson)
Ed Oliver (DT, Houston)
Rashan Gary (DE, Michigan)
Dexter Lawrence (DT, Clemson)
Christian Wilkins (DT, Clemson)
Raekwon Davis (DT, Alabama)

Yes, all eight players listed in tiers one and two are defensive linemen. This is the reality of the 2019 draft class. Quinnen Williams has been a dominant force for Alabama but there will be some mild concerns about his age (19) and the fact he’s a one-year wonder. Clelin Ferrell has ideal size and length and would be a top-five pick in any class. Ed Oliver is extremely dynamic but there will be some questions asked about his fit at the next level due to his lack of length and size. Rashan Gary and Dexter Lawrence wowed High School recruiters and were the #1 and #2 top prospects in the country. One scout for Rivals called them the best defensive tackle duo he’d ever seen in one single class. They’ve long been destined for the pro’s and NFL scouts will be all over this pair. They will go early. Christian Wilkins is a phenomenal player with fantastic athleticism, prototype three-tech size, excellent character and technique. Ignore the critics. Raekwon Davis is a monster built like Calais Campbell.

Tier 3 — likely top-15 picks

Devin White (LB, LSU)
Jachai Polite (EDGE, Florida)
Derrick Brown (DT, Auburn)

These three are a notch below the names in tier two but are still likely to be off the board quickly. Devin White was once considered the next Leonard Fournette. He was projected as a running back in High School, then he added a lot of bulk and lost some speed. Recruiters started to project him to full back, believe it or not. Then he slimmed down at LSU and became an elite college linebacker. Physical, tenacious, productive, consistent and a leader. Jachai Polite’s motor never stops. His effort is incredible. He lacks length and size but he’s extremely quick and aggressive as a pass rusher and has been productive despite a number of double teams in 2018. Derrick Brown is a complete defensive tackle. He controls the LOS, shows excellent discipline in the run game and has an impact as a pass rusher too.

Tier 4 — likely top-20 picks

Zach Allen (DE, Boston College)
Josh Allen (EDGE, Kentucky)
David Edwards (T, Wisconsin)
Drew Lock (QB, Missouri)

Zach Allen has been a force all season. He’s big and looks like an interior rusher but still wins with get-off, speed and his hand use and technique is on-point. The combine will be big for him but he has a legitimate chance to secure a place in the top-20. Josh Allen has been a consistently effective pass rusher all season. He’s probably best suited to playing as a pure 3-4 OLB in a scheme like Pittsburgh’s. Georgia had success running right at him and Vanderbilt’s tight end also handled him. Even so, he gets to the QB and makes plays. David Edwards is a pure right tackle but teams will like his attitude, consistency and toughness. At least one quarterback will be taken early and if Justin Herbert stays at Oregon the most likely candidate is Drew Lock — a player who could’ve been a first round pick in 2018.

Tier 5 — the best of the rest

D’Andre Walker (LB, Georgia)
Byron Murphy (CB, Washington)
Jerry Tillery (DT, Notre Dame)
Damien Harris (RB, Alabama)
Brian Burns (DE, Florida State)
Marquise Brown (WR, Oklahoma)
Kaden Smith (TE, Stanford)

D’Andre Walker is very strong against the run despite his linebacker size. He’s capable of rushing the passer as a defensive end, dropping into space and he always plays with a high intensity. He leads Georgia in sacks. Byron Murphy flies to the ball-carrier and looks like a naturally gifted defensive back. He plays cornerback for Washington but I’d love to see him tried at free safety. Jerry Tillery was recruited as a left tackle before switching to defense. He’s as big as Raekwon Davis and provides an alternative later in the top-40. Damien Harris is highly explosive and the complete running back. Brian Burns is having a terrific year and could be listed higher but there are legitimate concerns about his weight (is he really playing in the 220’s?). I’m buying into Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown. I like his speed, ability to separate and the way he catches the ball. Major talent. Kaden Smith is a very athletic, productive tight end who will star at the combine, especially in the short shuttle.

Overrated players (or players who might go earlier than they should)

Greedy Williams (CB, LSU)
Dre’Mont Jones (DT, Ohio State)
Jonah Williams (G, Alabama)
A.J. Brown (WR, Ole Miss)
Greg Little (T, Ole Miss)
Deionte Thompson (S, Alabama)
Deandre Baker (CB, Georgia)
Montez Sweat (EDGE, Mississippi State)
N’Keal Harry (WR, Arizona State)
J.J. Arcega-Whiteside (WR, Stanford)
D.K. Metcalf (WR, Ole Miss)

Greedy Williams will likely be the first cornerback off the board, possibly in the top-12. However, he still needs a lot of work and shares some of the issues Deandre Baker faces in Georgia when tracking the ball in the air. Williams has the size and looks the part but might underwhelm at the next level. Dre’Mont Jones looks great at times as an interior pass rusher. He’s quick and fluid and gets into the backfield to make plays. He also disappears from games (an issue stretching back to High School) and is a liability against the run. He doesn’t play with his hair on fire. Jonah Williams plays left tackle at Alabama but is a pure guard, lacking the length and foot-speed to play outside. He’s best blocking head-on 1v1 and has limitations. I wouldn’t consider him a round one prospect, especially at tackle. Greg Little similarly looks a bit stiff handling the edge and might need to kick inside in the NFL.

Deionte Thompson is a long, lean safety. He isn’t rangy or particularly fast. He might run in the late 4.5’s. You can’t fault his commitment or his physicality but he looks somewhere between a free and strong safety. The Seahawks would probably look at him as a day-three corner convert based on his frame. Deandre Baker lacks size, struggles to track the ball and might not test particularly well at the combine. There are character flags lingering over Montez Sweat according to Tony Pauline and while he’s a capable college pass rusher, he’s very lean and his success might not translate to the next level. N’Keal Harry wins plenty of contested catches and has YAC ability but struggles to separate. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside is merely a useful redzone target and jump-ball specialist. He might be a day-three pick. D.K. Metcalf has a ton of potential. However, he has a serious neck injury. He’s declared to set the wheels in motion for a pro-career, rather than spend 2019 sitting out at Ole Miss. His long-term future is still a question mark. He likely just wants to get into the league. I doubt he’s expecting to be drafted early.

Players I’m unsure about

Jeffrey Simmons (DT, Mississppi State)
Jaylon Ferguson (DE, LA TECH)
Daniel Jones (QB, Duke)
Austin Bryant (EDGE, Clemson)
Taylor Rapp (S, Washington)
Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (S/CB, Florida)

Jeffrey Simmons is a good player. He was also filmed beating up a defenceless woman. Many teams won’t have him on their board. I’ve listed him here simply to avoid having to answer questions in the comments section about where he fits. Someone will draft him, probably in the top-50. I can live without it being the Seahawks. Jaylon Ferguson has been one of the most productive defensive players in the country this year. He looks incredibly raw, there’s some frustrating tape but also some things to like. I want to see his combine numbers. Daniel Jones has shown flashes of quality at Duke and could slip into the 20’s. I need to do more study before confirming that thought. Austin Bryant is so productive and fun to watch at Clemson. I just wonder what his ceiling is at the next level. Taylor Rapp equally is very fun to watch. I want to see testing numbers though. What is the upside with Rapp and Bryant? It could be the difference between a top-25 grade and a second round projection. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson switched from safety to nickel in 2018. There’s a lot of potential here at either position — and he’s seen as a leader. How does the league view his potential and his best position?

Players who could rise

Christian Miller (EDGE, Alabama)
Gerald Willis (DT, Miami)
Colton McKivitz (T, West Virginia)
Steven Montez (QB, Colorado)
Joe Jackson (DE, Miami)
Johnathan Abram (S, Mississippi State)

Christian Miller is a fantastic athlete and a productive edge rusher. This year he’s also become a much better run defender and he looks the part. Expect a big combine performance. Gerald Willis has phenomenal agility. The hype will build when you see his short shuttle result. He also has 17 TFL’s this year but will need to answer questions about a bizarre college career. Colton McKivitz is the best tackle on the West Virginia line. Can he test well to push himself into a top-40 grade? Steven Montez has everything you want in a quarterback prospect but needs time and development. He could be a steal for somebody. Joe Jackson has had a solid year for Miami and he’s well sized. A good combine could push him into the top-40. Johnathan Abram is a former four-star recruit who is having an excellent year for Mississippi State. There are concerns about his athletic upside. A good combine could push him high up the board.

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  1. Trevor

    Great write up Rob and agree completely with the 2nd tier. I might add Derrick Brown to that group as well.

    Watching the Saints / Cowboys game I am still kind of bummed out the Hawks did not pick my Canadian guy David Onemayata in the draft. He would have been the classic Hawks pick. Incredible athlete who is really raw but nasty attitude and big time upside.

    He and Rankins are an explosive DT combo for the Saints and great picks in that draft class.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I thought it interesting that Brees is throwing to four UDFA receivers. And setting records doing it.

  2. Volume12

    Great stuff here Rob.

    IDK man. I’m struggling to see more than 15 or so legit 1st rounders. Really hope the JRs at TE declare to help this class out a little bit.

    Absolutely love Miami’s Gerald Willis. He’d be who I’d target on day 2.

    I’m gonna go with Texas D-lineman Charles Omenihu as my player who could rise.

    And Florida’s Jabari Zuniga. Assuming he declares and tests like he’s rumored to be capable of.

    • Rob Staton

      Willis worries me. Not as a player.

      • DC

        McDowell, Foster, Hunt… The 2017 red flaggers keep dropping

  3. Trevor

    Vander Esch is ridiculously good! Speed, length and instincts are all off the charts. How good would he have looked next to Wags.

    That Dallas D is legit.

    • charlietheunicorn

      How smart does Dallas look drafting him, as insurance for Sean Lee….. very smart.

    • TatupuTime

      Seahawks D really needs a good fast linebacker to pair with Wagz. Those Dallas LB did a great job handling the jet sweeps and all short passes and runs to the outside. Those plays are a big part of what the Rams and some other good teams do and the Seahawks absolutely have to improve that position.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Not only were the linebackers outstanding, but the defensive line played awesome. Consistent in your face pressure on Brees. Able to run from sideline to sideline and tackle running backs. It was the best I’ve seen Dallas play in a long time.

    • FresnoHawk

      The best source for NFL LB’s is the Mountain West!

  4. Trevor

    As a Hawks fan I really really hope 1-2 QB, 1-2 WR and 1-2 OL have a great combine and off season to generate some big time buzz. If 5-6 offensive players could go in the top 15 there would be some great defensive front 7 talent on the board.

    • Nick

      Completely agree with your sentiment. WR, OL, and QB usually get overdrafted.

    • Ashish

      @Rob, here is something you were referring in Google hangouts. I hope other teams buys in and hawks can land DL/LB which is unexpectedly good.
      IMO, we definitely need young LB as need after DL or 1A/1B even we sign Mike K or KJ.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ve seen a draft where two QBs went in the first round, one (from Oregon) in the top 10. Desperate teams…

  5. charlietheunicorn

    I’m not seeing any love for RBs in the first round… am I reading it right?

    We all know that some QB needy team will over draft at least 1 QB in the first round and perhaps more…. I also think several of the CBs might rise up the board and go earlier than mentioned. I normally do not watch CFB, but I have seen Chauncey Gardner-Johnson play a little bit… and he looked like a decent prospect from the untrained eye. I’m not sure who you would compare him to in the NFL or to other CBs likely to be in the draft, but he worth keeping tabs on…. but not necessarily for the Seahawks.

    • FresnoHawk

      That’s because the best RB this year is Boise State 5’11 200 plus RB Mattison. Mattison is a great “measuring stick” determining LB play & Safety play. He is so physical normal LB’s will not hit him head on and the LB’s that successfully do are future NFL’s stars like junior Fresno State MLB #9 Allison

  6. Josh

    Conference championships coming up! Stoked for all the offseason draft bidness! Haha

  7. Coleslaw

    Thanks for yet another good read.

    I’m interested in your thoughts on Mack Wilson and if/when you would be comfortable taking him.

    I would love to get an article on what we’re looking at with our second pick. But I’m sure that’s a ways away still, since the seasons not even over yet.

    I feel like Brian Burns and Ed Oliver are going to go later than is being mocked. Oliver I could see lasting till top 15. I could see Burns going into round 2, maybe 40s at the latest. I just hope that if we trade down we’ll be able to get 2 good players with our first 2 picks, if not then we may as well just go DL or Devin White at our original spot

  8. Ashish

    @Rob, here is something you were referring in Google hangouts. I hope other teams buys in and hawks can land DL/LB which is unexpectedly good.
    IMO, we definitely need young LB as need after DL or 1A/1B even we sign Mike K or KJ.

  9. Sea Mode

    Wow, this is probably true.

    John Lynch claims the 49ers made a better offer than the Bears for Kahlil Mack. The Raiders took the Bears pick because a) the 49ers were supposed to be better than the Bears this year, and thus pick higher and b) they probably didn’t want him to stay in the bay area.

    Now the Bears pick going to the Raiders is projected in the mid-20’s while the 49ers are slated to pick #1 overall. Poor Gruden… hahaha.

    • Rob Staton

      John Lynch should be careful. Highlighting how it took one injury to the QB to make San Fran the worst team in football (per draft position) isn’t a good reflection on his and Kyle Shanahan’s efforts.

      • Mac

        I never understood the the Garoppolo hype. He’s decent but does as well as any standard patriots qbs. In my opinion, they should of tagged jimmy G and not overpaid for McKinnon. Their roster is not terrible in terms of talent, but it’s hard to see them as a threat when their savior qb throws about as many picks as tds and McKinnon is an rb2. Khalil Mack is an animal, if you are confident you’d pick high in the draft it’s worth it.

      • cha


        It really highlights the tremendous job PCJS did taking over the franchise. 7-9, and a playoff win in their first year is tremendous. But to do that while also grooming future Pro Bowl talent like Tate, Chancellor, ET and Okung? Amazing.

    • FresnoHawk

      If you saw the movie Caddy Shack the Character rich kid named Spaulding that’s the type of person who is running 49ers, I could tell you stories about that family. Even at their best the 49ers failed to realize Garoppolo has zero self awareness important quality for the face of your franchise. 49ers are a complete joke just like the family who owns their team.

  10. Georgia Hawk

    Gruden better stop messing around and winning those games he’s not supposed to. He may miss out on that “really hard to find, great pass rusher.”

    In all seriousness, Bosa has a 2 in 3 chance to land in the division right now. So for the next few weeks I am a hard core Raider hater.

    • Kemoarps

      Just the next few weeks?

      • Georgia Hawk

        Eh, I’m pretty ambivalent towards them any other time. I was a kid when they were in the division together so never really developed any true hatred.

    • cha

      What’s funny is the Bears and Cowboys keep winning, sinking the value of those first rounders. And a chunk of that is due to the players they traded.

    • Volume12

      The Raiders just turned 2 teams into potential division winners with those trades. That’ll never not be hilarous.

  11. Georgia Hawk


    Using your tiers with a VERY rough estimate of where the Hawks will be picking, of the following players, who would you most want them to draft? (I’m also assuming Front 7 is the number 1 pri going into the draft here)

    Josh Allen
    Zach Allen
    D’Andre Walker
    Jerry Tillery
    Brian Burns

    I don’t have much time to devote to “draft prep” but what I do have I’d like to hone into possible/likely candidates.

    • Rob Staton

      Honestly I’m not sure yet. It depends a lot on testing. I do think a certain athletic profile is necessary in R1. Of that list, Zach Allen, D’Andre Walker and Jerry Tillery probably intrigue me the most. I really like Josh Allen but wonder if he’s a pure 3-4 OLB. Again, the combine will reveal more there to his potential. And Burns I also like a lot but I’m not drafting a 225lbs pass rusher.

      • Georgia Hawk

        Awesome thanks!

        I think the Short Shuttle and 3-cone drill are going to be the most telling numbers at the combine. There is a very specific number range they look for in a front 4 guy.

    • John

      Doubt the Seahawks will pick in that range though they’ll trade down and pick probablynin the early/mid 2nd round

  12. Imani Waddell (Die hard since 08)

    Long time reader. First time commenter

    Big time fan. You are the single greatest aspect of the Seahawks offseason, preseason and bye weeks (Second only to the recently deceased Real Rob Report, R.I.P. lol). You are on the money and it’s nice to see someone who knows the game, that passionate about Seattle. Wish I knew about this blog prior to 2011 when hasselbeck was on the decline. Would have been interesting to hear your perspective during those times of GM hell and leadership failure (Good ole Mora)

    All that being said, Question:
    -What are you thoughts on Grier out of WVU and Herbert of Oregon at QB? Where do you think they stack up talent wise against all this Dline talent? I’m a ducks fan as well and I know I may not have the most realistic perspective of his abilities from the inside looking out. What are your thoughts on those two, but Herbert in particular?

    Thanks again for what you do and hopefully and the franchise employ you sometime soon or give you a number you can’t refuse, because that’s where deserve to be at the very least. Appreciate you Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man, really appreciate those words.

      I think Grier is a moderate QB talent. I’ve seen WVU twice this season and saw some on-point throws. I think he’s worth a mid-round pick. There are counters too. His offense is the ultimate spread. It’s the same offense that has turned numerous Oklahoma State QB’s into fools gold. It doubles the field, schemes major throwing windows and opportunities for receivers and QB’s to put up major numbers. There are so many over hyped quarterbacks and pass catchers from this scheme. So many players who look the part in college because of the scheme and flame out in the NFL. So I’d be happy to take a mid-round low-risk punt on Grier if I was a team with an ageing but still decent QB who was considering the next step. As for Herbert, he has the most complete skill set of the draft eligible QB’s for 2019. Good size, nice accuracy, decent arm. Nothing really wows you but he ticks a lot of the boxes and teams will likely believe that at the very least he can be a non-liability and competent starter. The injuries bother me a bit. There’s been a few. But overall I think he’s competent enough to consider early. I’m not sure he’ll declare. If he does, he’ll be the first QB off the board.

      And if the franchise is reading, I’ll happily take that call haha 🙂

      • Sea Mode

        I’ve honestly thought about them inventing a position for you like “fan educator”, or something along those lines. To explain the Seahawks’ philosophy and how it plays out into personnel and other decisions throughout the season and off-season. To be someone who is not completely on the inside and so has more freedom to connect with fans and explain things to them, but still close enough so as to have the inside scoop on a lot of things.

        Bottom line, your job would be to help fans love the Seahawks more and invest themselves deeper into their fandom by really understanding their team and its players on a deeper level. Basically what you already do on the blog, but probably with a bit less focus on the draft. (you would, of course, be free to continue that on the side here on SDB! 🙂 )

        Side effect is an unofficial yet informed voice available to shut up all the over-reactions and false narratives that make being a Seahawks fan a worse experience…

        Anyway, thought something like that would be so awesome and you totally would deserve it.

        (Just thought I’d put that out here too in case the franchise really is reading… 😉 )

        • Rob Staton

          Haha, it’s a beautiful thought! 😉

  13. JohnH

    Great article, thanks Rob! I don’t follow college ball, so this is always a nice insight for me.

    Just finished listening to the hangout and wanted to offer a thought on your final question. I enjoy the hangouts and the sort of monologue format. I prefer the back and forth of a podcast a bit more though, assuming that you and the other person work well. I like Kenneth Arthur a lot, but it was always kind of a slog to get through his 10 minute long rambling questions.

    Have you ever thought of teaming up with Brandan Schulze from Seahawkers and doing a consistent show with just the two of you? That would my dream team of Seahawks podcasters. You both seem to work really well together, and I feel like you’re both in that perfect spot of being fans without losing all reason or objectivity.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d love to do a regular podcast like that. It would be excellent. I’ve never approached anyone but maybe it’s something we can do in the future. I prefer podcasts than monologue’s but wanted to put something out to make up for the lack of a podcast. Appreciate your feedback, thanks.

      • JohnH

        There are very very few podcasts I would support financially, but I’d totally sign up for a few bucks a month for that. Thanks again!

        • All I see is 12s

          I too would pay for a Rob Staton podcast. When Kenny announced that his podcasts would go behind a pay wall, I tweeted him to ask if it would include my Mock Draft 3000. He did not respond.

      • Ashish

        @Rob have we seen last of you @3000 mock draft? If so we will love to hear on hangouts/podcast.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t know what the future is for 3000 nfl mock draft. Kenny appears to be going in a new direction with his podcasting work, using Patreon.

          I will continue to do the hangouts and am always open to invites on the radio or to do other podcasts.

          • Ashish

            We will love to have you on hangouts/podcast. Let’s us know in advance we can post questions. Now its 100% gold 😉.

  14. Matt

    Great stuff Rob. This DL class is insane.

    What would your preference be? FA DE and Draft DT or visa versa?

    I think my leaning would be sign FA DE (high end) and don’t force R1 in the draft. If you double dip at DE, so be it.

    Regarding Taylor Rapp – I think you are right. I absolutely love him as a player. I think his testing is going to be middling. He will go in R2 and somebody is going to get an Eric Waddle type player. He is a victim of overanalysis. Very few players have 3 years of really great tape. Heck…if the Hawks make the playoffs and find themselves out of a DE/DT in the draft…I would love to see a trade down and drafting someone like Rapp. I think him and McDougald could be a really nice, playmaking pair.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m very open to either. I’d love them to get a dominating interior presence but I think those guys go early. They need a bit more in the middle. I also think they need another EDGE. I’d be looking at 2-3 additions, one being a high draft pick.

    • dylanlep

      Hey Matt, obviously we will learn more at the combine but UW does a combine style event every year with non draft eligible players. At least in the agility drills, Rapp showed as pretty elite. Looks to be less so in the speed and explosiveness categories. Again, we will see at the real combine how he does (the assumption is that he will leave early).

  15. Volume12

    Damn. The trash a** NFL gonna protect Kareem Hunt now too?

    • Kenny Sloth


    • cha

      Adam Schefter

      Follow Follow @AdamSchefter
      Chiefs announce they are releasing Kareem Hunt.
      5:53 PM – 30 Nov 2018

      • cha

        Oh man. The Chiefs release a statement that they’re releasing him, not for what he did, but that he lied about it. Real classy.

        I’m sure Hunt’s agent is fielding calls from the Redskins.

        • Volume12

          Exactly my point. The Cheifs knew about this video. While other guys are getting second chances in this league. Why? Because they’re good at a kids game?

          • Ishmael

            Well we know the Chiefs don’t care about their players beating women, but lying? Can’t have that. Trash franchise. Just wait for them to draft Jeffrey Simmons so they can ‘help him with his issues.’ Complete joke.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t have any issue with what the Chiefs have done.

              I watched the video and found it to be a face palm moment rather than a reaction of utter disgust. It’s hardly Ray Rice. It’s stupid. And the Chiefs have acted way beyond what I think anyone expected.

              • Ishmael

                It’s miles away from Ray Rice, not even in the same stratosphere. Would never equate the two.

                I’m almost any walk of life, any occupation, if you fight through three people to kick a woman who’s down on the ground you’re getting fired. Especially if it’s caught on film.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think the kick was pretty pathetic really. Barely warrants the description. The overall aggression and the totality of the act was worse. For me, had the Chiefs simply suspended him it would’ve been fairly understandable. Their decision to cut him takes things a step further than I think anyone expected. And therefore I find it hard to direct any criticism their way.

            • Volume12

              You can’t treat every DV case the same. Just can’t. As much as it pisses me off. DV is such an odious crime.

              If you don’t like Tyreek Hill I get it. It’s totally understandable.

              Tyreek Hill from his plea deal: ‘Those fans have every right to be mad at me, because I did something wrong. I let my emotions get the best of me, and I shouldn’t have. They have every right to be mad.’

              Seem like the words of someone who understands what he did or am I wrong? Think he’s human trash? Fine. Forgive him? Fine too. But people have committed other crimes and been forgiven when doing the right things/steps and he has.

              Hill and that same GF are engaged. His $ he gets from playing football goes to her and the child.

              Kareem Hunt straight up lied to the team about it. That’s a clear indication of someone who doesn’t believe he did anything wrong.

        • Volume12

          Dan Snyder picks up phone wanting to investigate this situation further

    • Eburgz

      Whatcha mean? He can’t play until the investigation is over. Want him executed at the 50 for something the actual police didn’t charge him over? I’ll go watch the video now, I’m sure he fucked up.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Did anyone say execute him?

        Why do we need people who punch teenagers in the NFL?

        And ban Jameis Winston while you’re at it.

  16. TJ

    Rob, Would love to hear your take on Boise State QB Brett Rypien at some point. Have watched every game this year and the talk among the announcers is always “he’ll be playing on Sundays.”

    • Rob Staton

      The game against Fresno State is on British TV but I think it’s at the same time as two other games I’m recording (and two is the limit). I’ll see if it’s repeated in the week to check him out.

  17. Chase

    Hey Rob what is your opinion on UW Linebacker Ben Burr Kirven?

    • Rob Staton

      Really cool college player, could get a shot as a special team demon at the next level

  18. Doug

    I am a Michigan follower and I have to say I don’t see Rashan Gary as Tier 2. I would personally have him in Tier 4 or even 5.

    He has had injury concerns this year but even when ‘healthy’ has not been as dominant as his pedigree coming to Michigan would have predicted.

    Devin Bush and Chase Winovich both had a much bigger impact on the Michigan D than Gary did this year. I love Bush’s speed, instincts, and leadership–he is going to be good at the next level. Winovich has that swagger you like to see, but his injury in the OSU game looked bad (haven’t seen any update on it).

    • Rob Staton

      We’ve got to remember here, Gary’s upside. He was a big time recruit, has special talent to play inside or out. He hasn’t delivered as expect at Michigan but I guarantee teams will grade him highly.

      • Doug

        True, but from a draft perspective I would be worried about “unrealized potential”. The fact that Gary has not had the production that he should have had at Michigan would (I would think) lead to some question marks about whether he can reach his potential in the NFL.

        • Rob Staton

          There are question marks. But it’s not a great class. And teams are likely, in 2019, to look at the players with the potential to be excellent.

  19. cha


    • cha


    • Pickering

      Stock way up.

    • Volume12

      💯 My kind of game! 10-3 is an absolute thing of beauty. As I’ve said before give me that or a shootout.

      Might’ve been the worst atmosphere I’ve ever seen for a game.

      The PAC12 is the most irrelevant league in CFB. They need an injection of something and fast.

      • DC

        Hoping for a UW vs Northwestern Rose Bowl. Haha

        • Volume12

          My god. That’d be incredible.

      • charlietheunicorn

        PAC12 needs to do what the other power 5 conferences do with scheduling…. play eight conference games, not nine… and four cupcakes. *looks at SEC*

    • charlietheunicorn

      He’s got some game to him. Has a nose for the football. High football IQ……

      ah hell, what do I know…. he just makes plays

  20. Jake

    If we had the option to get zack Allen we should definitely should his tape is impressive against top competition. He could be that beast that excels in the run game as well a good pass rusher. Line him up next to Clark!

  21. Coleslaw

    Just noticed that in the PCJS era, we have picked DL with our top pick in 3 of 9 drafts. We have also picked DL with one of our top 2 picks in 6 of 9 drafts. You can never have enough pass rushers

  22. KD

    Hey Rob,

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on the Heisman race this year. This seems like an off year for a Heisman candidate since there does not seem to be one player who is a dominant force, unlike previous winners. Probably will, and should go to Tua Tagovailoa. In this case, Bama is a dominant force, but I don’t think it is BECAUSE of him. I don’t mean to detract from his talent, because he certainly has it, but I just don’t see Tuagovailoa as being a greater factor in their success as their running game and defense.

    Who would I give the Heisman to? Probably Tagovailoa, but that’s mostly because I can’t think of a player this year who is so dominant that he tilts the field. Just wanted to get your thoughts on the situation.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree with everything you’ve said there.

    • icb12

      Kyler Murray.
      Without him, OU wouldn’t be where they are.
      He’d get my vote.

      • Volume12

        Tua is the classic Heisman winner at QB who peaks in college and won’t have success at the next level IMO. Willdy inaccurate, can’t throw into windows over the middle, body looks like it’s breaking down.

  23. clbradley17

    PFF’s free “College Football’s best at everything” page posted yesterday:

  24. Mac

    I think part of the problem with fans of NFL players is understanding that some players are just jerks. I’ve ran into many Seahawks players throughout the years:
    Jake Heaps was a real nice guy
    Doug Baldwin is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet, not angry at all, respectful and a true pro
    David Moore, Penny, Tyler Lockett, Jordan Roos etc. all good guys, and were respectful.

    Some are jerks:
    Marshawn Lynch is kind of a *^%#
    Luke Wilson was a real tool, he would hangout at Joeys Bellevue all night.

    When it comes to certain players like K Hunt, I’m assuming he’s a real ^*+%# and a different kind of jerk altogether. It’s like that old quote says about not meeting your heroes.

    I’m sure at the end of the day Hunt is too talented to be out of the league, he’ll do a stint in rehab and anger management & be terrorizing a new city.

    Imagine the city of Pittsburgh next year if Hunt, famous Jameis and Rothlisberger end up together. God help them.

    • Volume12

      To quote one of my 5 favorite movies, ‘you either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villian.’

      • KD

        The Dark Knight was probably the movie of the decade.

        • DC

          Imho, Begins was the best of all comic movies.

          • Volume12

            All 3 are amazing. The Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy is a masterpiece. I wish he would’ve kept doing them.

        • Jujus

          Of the century imo

  25. Volume12

    Teams still have K’s? Huh.

    Quit kicking XP’s and just go for 2. Makes the game so much more exciting.

  26. MarkinSeattle

    Rob, two Notre Dame names to run by you: Julian Love and Alex Barrs. Love seems like a very good talent at CB and he has okay size. Curious where he falls since I haven’t seen him mentioned much here. Barrs was the best OL for a OL that performed quite well earlier in the year. They haven’t performed quite as well since he went out with an ACL. I was curious where you thought those two would land in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Not studied either extensively. Size and length would be a question mark with Love for me.

  27. Volume12

    Lincoln Riley calling plays off a folded up napkin is amazing. While some coaches have a sheet that looks like an essay. This game ain’t rocket science.

    • Volume12

      How can we get an Oklahoma/UCF bowl game?

  28. Josh

    D’andre walker please. That dude can set the edge. Rad

    • Rob Staton

      That was a brilliant TFL a moment ago. Absolutely stoned the pulling lineman and made the play in the backfield. You don’t see many guys his size stand up to a pulling OL like that. They usually end up on their backside. Not Walker.

    • Volume12

      Cool to see him having the best game of his career in the biggest game of his career. The NFL eats that up.

  29. Rob Staton

    I have no idea why Deionte Thompson is so hyped.

    Everyone see him peaking in the backfield there? Getting caught and giving up a huge play to the TE. And struggling to catch the slow TE too.

    Where are the special plays? Why are people saying R1?

    • Josh

      I saw that, the announcers were saying: “looking in the backfield in M2M coverage is a cardinal sin” hahaha

  30. Volume12

    Again. Riley Ridley is the best draft prospect at WR no one is talking about. A lot of Michael Thomas in his game.

    *whispers* Buyer beware next year. Tua is fragile.

    • charlietheunicorn

      Is he related to Falcons WR Calvin Ridley? Just curious.

      • Nepal Dawg

        Yeah its is

      • Rob Staton


    • FresnoHawk

      The most underrated WR in the country is Fresno State WR KeeSean Johnson 6’2 currently leading NCAA in receptions and all time leader in receptions at Fresno State. His strength is route running. The most underrated RB in the country is Boise State RB Mattison his strength is physical running. Both players are day 2 prospects because they play in the mountain west just like Bobby Wagner.

  31. Volume12

    Haha! Someone had Bud Dupree as #20 in the top 100 players in the league. He ain’t even a top 20 Steeler.

  32. Rob Staton

    My final four:

    1. Alabama
    2. Clemson
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Georgia

    The same four as last year.

    Notre Dame are a paper tiger.

    • Elmer

      For me, it’s hard to know whether the 4 “best” teams should be in the CFP or whether it should be the 4 “most deserving” teams. It’s a difficult distinction to make. Georgia with 2 losses might be “better” than undefeated Notre Dame, but is it more deserving of being in the final 4?

      I do feel that Ohio State, even if it manages to get by Northwestern for the Big 10 championship, does not have a better case for making the playoffs than Oklahoma, Notre Dame, or Georgia do.

    • icb12

      If 2 loss Georgia get in over undefeated ND.. I’m done watching college football.

      They had their shot. Nice lead on the best team in the country. Bama was a trying their hardest to give that game to them and they blew it.

      Next please.

      Speaking of over rated
      Who exactly has Clemson played??? TA&M is their best win.. Easiest route to playoffs ever..

      • Rob Staton

        For me the clear four best teams are Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and Oklahoma. I want the best four teams personally. Notre Dame are not one of the four best. If they end up #3, Clemson will beat them handsomely.

        • Volume12

          Georgia had a 2 score lead with a chance to go up 17 and gave up 21 in a row. They blew it. Go home.

      • Volumes12


        Kirk Herbstreit just stood up on national tv and said wins and losses don’t matter. 😂😂😂

        ‘I don’t care who won or lost. Georgia is the best team’ What a f***ing clown.

        • Rob Staton

          I agree with Herbstreit.

          Georgia, in my opinion, are better than Notre Dame.

          And now we get to see Notre Dame get a comprehensive beating by Clemson in the playoffs. Great.

          • Volume12

            Georgia’s the best because they lost by 7 to ‘Bama?

            • Rob Staton

              It’s my opinion that Georgia are a superior team to Notre Dame.


              • Volume12

                They are a better team than ND, but to hear CFB’s most pre-eminent analyst say wins and losses don’t matter is incredibly dumb.

                The committee wasn’t gonna penalize ND for not playing yesterday. They will penalize you for getting blownout. This current committee has seemingly placed a premium on that.

                Georgia got absolutely pistol whipped by LSU. Can’t put in a 2 loss team over an undeafted team with 3 top 25 wins on their resume even if they are better.

                • Rob Staton

                  I just want the best teams in. If a team is clearly better, and I think they are, I’d rather have them in.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Then we need 8 team playoff

    • charlietheunicorn

      Georgia is out, but I’m not convinced ND is deserving.

      And for the love of god, do not fenagle 3 SEC teams into the final 4….

      • Volume12


        ND went 12-0, best 3 top 25 teams including a top 10 team. They deserve it.

  33. millhouse-serbia


    You don’t see @DAndreWalker15 from @FootballUGA in many mock drafts but he’s one of my favorite players in this year’s class. I was tempted to break all protocol and offer him a @seniorbowl invite on the practice field when I was in Athens back in August. He’s dominating today.

    • Rob Staton

      Nice to see Jim highlighting Walker. I’ve only seen Walker in one mock draft, FWIW….

  34. KD


    First off, could I request that an open thread be created before each Hawk game so that we can all post our nonsense on a single dedicated thread?

    Secondly, given the Hawks lack of draft picks this year, and we know the pass rush will be a priority, would you prefer?:

    1) A pure EDGE
    2) A pure DT
    3) A LB who is a hybrid of pass and rush defender

    What is your preference?

    I was thinking about this and i could not come up with an answer. Given the Hawks lack of picks, it seems that a trade down is a foregone conclusion. It feels like a BPA type of situation, but there is value in a LB who can rush and cover.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d happily take a great EDGE or interior DL. Don’t have a preference. Just want to see them add to the front.

  35. charlietheunicorn

    Follow Follow @AdamSchefter
    Chiefs announce they are releasing Kareem Hunt.
    5:53 PM – 30 Nov 2018

    *rehashed from above a little bit*

    It wasn’t the actual act or even the “fib” he told about it…. it was/is the totality of problems he has had from prior to being drafted. He has had numerous issues… and maybe he also is not giving 100% at practice on top of it or is a big distraction behind close doors.

    The NFL fumbles these type of issues all the time, but at least the Chiefs made a bold and strong organizational move almost immediately. No messing around, like the Ray Rice issue or some other DV issues, they showed a strong culture of winning the right way. I respect that way more than the Redskins scooping up another player with DV problems (and other problems) off the wire.

    Likewise, I support the 49ers from dumping that clown. GM Lynch is building a new culture the right way. IT might not be pretty, but in the long run you want to be able to support a team of character.

    Literally millions of youth idolize these guys and this is a very strong message. You get involved in DV, you will not have a job in the NFL for long.

  36. charlietheunicorn

    I wanted to get your takes on these guys?

    Bennie Snell Jr, RB, Kentucky / early round
    Lamical Perine, RB, Florida / mid round
    Ryquell Armstead, RB, Temple / late round

    I’m beyond convince Seattle will draft a RB in 2019….. early or late I’m not sure…. but they love to stack the position and probably need one more solid guy on the team.

    • Rob Staton

      Really like Snell and Armstead. Snell’s been on the radar for a couple of years and for me could be a R2 pick. I have a long list of players who stood out during the 2018 season in the games I watched. Armstead was on the list. I think he’ll get a shot in the NFL, probably as a day three or UDFA. But there’s talent there. Not studied Perine enough.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Darrell Henderson Jr. has 22 total TDs and 8.6 ypc. If you like a speed back, give him a look.

      • Volume12

        I was blown away by him yesterday in what little I saw of the game.

        Not sure why Elijah Holyfield isn’t getting more love.

    • Del tre

      I’m a huge fan of snell, but i think Myles Gaskin might be available later and that saves a roster spot because i think he can fulfill the role of McKissick and Davis very easily.

  37. Nick

    Hey Rob et al, I love Walker. But where would he line up for the hawks. At SAM? That seems like a position that’s losing prominence in our scheme. Or would he be a DE?

    • Rob Staton

      He can play DE.

  38. H

    What do reckon for a potential non D line target of Mack Wilson? We’ve talked about wanting to add more speed to the D and he certainly brings that, along with punishing hitting and some of the best coverage skills Ive seen out of a College LB.

    • clbradley17

      Mack is a great LB, but we need a pass rushing DE as a priority this year first and foremost, possible twice. And we can get a very good LB who sets the edge and can drop into coverage as a backup to Kendricks and/or KJ in the 2nd or 3rd day of the draft. Tony Pauline highlighted Oregon’s lesser known OLB Justin Hollins in his most recent risers/sliders for week 13: “In 12 games Hollins has totaled 57 tackles, 12 tackles for loss and five sacks, topping Jelks in each category. He also broke up seven passes, forced four fumbles and has five hurries. He’s similar in size to Jelks as both measure 6-foot-5.5 and tip the scale around 245 pounds, though Hollins is slightly faster. I gave him an early sixth-round grade over the summer and believe Hollins will be a steal in the middle of Day 3.” And on PFF: “Hollins has recorded 16 total QB pressures this season. He wins with his array of pass-rushing tricks and has also shown a penchant for dropping back into coverage, to the tune of an interception and a pass breakup on three targeted passes.”

      Or we could draft Germaine Pratt (6’3″ 240) of NC State in the mid-rounds, and according to PFF: “A safety earlier in his career, Pratt has transitioned to linebacker over the past two seasons, with this being by far his highest-graded season and most snaps played. Pratt is currently the 15th-highest graded linebacker and also has the eighth-highest tackling grade, with only four missed tackles and 43 stops. Additionally, Pratt has the fourth-highest pass-rush productivity (16.9) among LBs, with 22 total QB pressures in only 69 pass-rush snaps.”
      Youtube from mid.-October:

      Blake Cashman, 6’2″ 235 – 15 TFL’s, is probably first team big ten LB from Minnesota who was PFF’s best LB of the week after both weeks 11 and 12. For week 11: “Cashman had arguably one of the more dominant days in run defense, flying over the field and securing seven solo tackles. He brought down three defensive stops, forced a fumble and was constantly in position to force runs off their intended path. In total against the run, his 98.3 run-defense grade is the second-highest single-game run-defense grade of the season for a linebacker.” And for week 12: “On just five pass-rushing snaps, he recorded three pressures while also allowing just six yards on his 20 snaps in coverage. Add in his 15 solo tackles by PFF’s record, and his 12 defensive stops for an offensive failure, and you have one dominant linebacking performance.”

      I’ve seen others mention Chase Hansen of Utah, who has 22 TFL’s this year, and there’s speedy small school will LB E.J. Ejiya of North TX St., who has 23 TFL’s and is 6’3″ 230. Hansen is highlighted on PFF’s Lesser known stars page, also mentions UW DT Greg Gaines and a 6’3″ safety/CB I’d like to see us get on day 3 – Mike Bell of Fresno St., similar to Tre Flowers.

      I just want to see us get a pass rushing DE first and maybe 2 during the draft whether we trade down or not, plus a big run-stuffing DT who can push the pocket, a run-stopping fast LB who can also pressure the QB and is very good in coverage, plus a big, fast CB/S who can cover and tackle, not concerned about the order after DE. If we trade down or somehow pick up a 6 and/or 7, Tony Pauline mentioned in his latest podcast – – that UAB has a late round huge run-plugging sleeper DT named Anthony Rush – 6’5″ 340, and/or draft an additional pass-rushing DL.

      Something else I saw yesterday on youtube, a review of Nazir Jones’ very good play the last couple games. Not sure if he had a minor injury or other issue earlier this year so they didn’t play him and made him inactive a few games, but he’s played well the against the Packers and Panthers.

      • Volume12

        I think Kentucky’s Josh Allen is the best fit. Very good chance he’s off the board before Seattle picks.

        You just don’t find many EDGE players that can rush the passer and cover like he can. That’s gold.

        Yes his run defense at the POA leaves something to be desired, but he’s nowhere near his ceiling. In a couple years he can be one of the elite defenders in this league. But if you let him slash and attack gaps it won’t be a problem. Also his ability to make plays outside the #’s and in space is awesome. Does need to gain some strength though.

        The clear leader of that team, fantastic motor, tons of length, and would fit best on a defense like a Seattle that’s multiple. He can used in so many different ways. Can stand him up, put his hand in the dirt, cover TEs, rush from different alignments. The ultimate defender that screams versatility.

        • Rob Staton

          Saying his run defense leaves something to be desired is putting it mildly.

          I watched a Kentucky game on Friday. A tight end blocked him well out of the play on two big runs in the first half. I turned it off. It confirmed what I wanted to check on. I know he can rush the passer. I know he can drop. But in Seattle’s scheme, if he’s playing at the LOS — teams will run right at him time and time and time again. That’s an issue.

          Now if he has a highly explosive combine — maybe you back yourself to coach him up. But to me, he looks like a pure 3-4 OLB.

  39. Volume12

    I hope we never hear again how ‘Bama could beat an NFL team. Wouldn’t happen. Ever.

    • Kenny Sloth

      So funny. I’d love to see it, but itd be a massacre.

      Take every 1st team all american and you might have a half shot.

  40. JimQ

    Undersized DE/OLB-Sutton Smith, from No. Illinois 6-1/237, 40=? Talk about filling up a stat sheet!
    He seems to be ranked in the top 100 with even some 1-st/2-nd round chatter in a few mocks, so far. May be a guy to keep tabs on during the combine, He’ll likely have a great testing session on at least a couple of tests. A likely off-ball rush LB in the pros. If he’s available in Rd-3/4, the Seahawks may have some interest? Smith is near the right size for a linebacker, his 40-yd and 10-yd split times will tell a lot. I know, level of competition counts, but damn these are VERY impressive #’s.

    — 2018: 13-games, 56-tkls, 41-solo, 24.5-TFL, 15.0-sacks, 1=PBU, 9-QBH, 4-FF, 1-FR (for TD), 2-blocked kicks, He also returned a couple of punts for a high average, 1 for a TD.

    –Career: 35-games, 124-tkls, 83-solo, 53.0-TFL, 28.0-sacks, 4-PD, 6-FR (3 for TD’s), 20-QBH, 7-FF

  41. Volume12

    JS just said they really wanted TE George Kittle and missed him by ‘minutes.’

    Couldn’t have wanted him that bad. Why not use one of those 3rds on him?

    ‘We really wanted him, but only after we made 6 selections.’

  42. Volume12

    Huh. Almost like Poona Ford should’ve been starting this whole time.

    • Trevor

      Absolutely! Have no idea why he wasn’t.

  43. Kenny Sloth

    Shaquill Griffin got beat for that TD

    • Volume12

      Flowers because McDouglad got caught peaking into the backfield

  44. Volume12

    On my f***n’ god! Seattle has a turnover championship belt. Literally shaking.

  45. Awsi Dooger

    Daniel Jones is the rating I don’t understand this year. In the 20s of what round?

    That player has so many absolutely miserable outings it would break every statistical criteria known to man if he is drafted high and succeeds in the NFL. His yards per attempt over the past four games are 3.7, 6.7, 3.7 and 4.0.

    And that’s not even an anomaly. Last season he had a 4 game run of 5.3, 5.9, 4.0 and 3.0.

    That is almost impossible to do.

    I fail to see the attraction with this guy. I saw him in person twice against the Canes and he was even worse than the numbers. Complete tunnel vision. One wasted opportunity after another. This year Jones benefitted from a very long touchdown run on Duke’s first play against Miami. Then three more times before the end of the first quarter he took over in very favorable field position and did squat. He never threatened to do squat.

    He may look the part but the upside is perhaps a poor man’s Ryan Tannehill.

    In three seasons, Jones’ overall YPA is 6.6 in 2016, 5.9 in 2017 and 6.4 this year. That is laughable. Worse than 100th in the nation each time. Yet we want to draft him in the first round. Let’s just say I hope that team is in my division.

    Last season the review I disagreed with was Derwin James. He was described as a box safety here and elsewhere. I knew that was preposterous so I didn’t mind emphasizing it time and again. I had seen plenty of Derwin James when he was fully healthy.

    This time I am a bit more cautious because the NFL makes it darn tough to fail at quarterback these days. The rules changes are absurd in that regard. This year the average quarterback rating has jumped 9% from 2017 to 2018. That is the greatest rise in NFL history, beyond the 8% jump from 1977 to 1978. And 1978 was the season in which the league intentionally opened up the passing game, after years of defensive dominance from the Steelers especially 1976 while forced to play without Bradshaw for most of the season. I never thought I would see a change that surpassed 1978 but tinkerbell Goodell has accomplished it. Thank goodness for occasional games like Dallas/New Orleans, and a college game that has not legislated against defense.

    Daniel Jones will be given every opportunity by NFL rules but nothing on his college resume logically aligns with pro success. His completion percentage is weak also.

    BTW, the four most talented college teams are Alabama, Clemson, Georgia and Ohio State in that order. But I am glad the Buckeyes did not weasel their way in, after losing by 29 points as 12 point favorite at Purdue. They tried the same thing last season after losing by 31 as 18 point favorite at Iowa.

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