Brock Osweiler tape vs California


  1. David

    Some nice passes in there, def looked like a kid that could sit for a year and then come in and produce. From what i could tell he sometimes stares down receivers but i think in time that may go away.

    loved his mobility in the first part of the video where he got hit maybe 4 or 5 yards before the endzone.

    it also seemed like some of his throws were dropped, atleast from what i could tell, my computer was running choppy so excuse me if that doesnt sound right.

    he made some good throws like i said and from what i could tell one of his INTs it looked like the WR gave up, the last pick, he stopped or slowed down, but again my computer was running choppy so i may be wrong.

    Overall i like him and if Pete and John can get him in the 3rd i say go ahead.

    Portis on the PS, and Osweiler as the 3rd stringer and after next year have him compete with Flynn to be the starter with Tjacks contract up.

    a young 6’7-6’8 QB that you dont have to rush to bring in, would be ideal for the right price.
    Damn i cant wait till next week, draft is gonna be exciting

    Rob do you think theres a possibiltiy we trade players for picks? Mike Williams? Obo? one of our TE’s?

  2. peter

    why do you do this Rob? Just when I don’t care anymore and assume someone else will pick this guy, you trot out arguably his best tape yet. He may have had better games, but this one shows a real solid range of throws. You wonder how good he could be in terms of velocity plus accuracy if he learned to tighten up his mechanics and throw a little less like a pitcher on his deep outs. Sometimes, he sets and his mechanics look great, and thus the pass looks great, and other times he just looks like he’s too hurried in his mind perhaps and chucks it up flinging the ball instead of passing the ball.

  3. Colin

    My belief on Osweiler is he’s going to be highly successful or just flop. His raw potential intrigues me like no other QB in this draft.

  4. Rob

    As long as a team is prepared to work with Osweiler, get him coached up and ready – there’s no reason why he cannot succeed and be a very good quarterback. A lot of negative ‘mouth on a stick’ talk about the guy over the last fortnight. He can play.

  5. The Ancient Mariner

    Here’s hoping the negative talk keeps building and we take him in the 3rd.

  6. Michael (CLT)

    Osweiler’s greatest asset is his willingness to step up in the pocket and deliver under duress. Cousins or Osweiler are fine with me. Wilson or Davis in the sixth or seventh would be nice too. Bring five QB’s to camp. Let the games begin.

  7. James

    I would be very surprised if John & Pete do not pick a developmental QB this year. Not a career backup type in the later rounds, but someone who projects as a starter with 2-3 years of development. This pick would probably need to come no later than round three. If Flynn does not pan out, and there is no one ready to replace him in a couple of years, Pete’s & John’s careers are in jeopardy. No one knows this better than they do. The Seahawks can’t land Barkley next year, and the other prospects don’t look any better to me than Osweiler or Cousins. Strategically, Seattle has to invest in the position this year.

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