Bruce Irvin vs Russell Wilson

Game tape when two of Seattle’s 2012 draft class met in the Champs Sports Bowl. For what it’s worth, NC State won 23-7 with Russell Wilson going 28/45 passing for 275 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. Wilson also added 41 yards on the ground. Bruce Irvin recorded two sacks.


  1. peter

    This is talked to death, but when Irvin learns to sometimes, switch it up and duck inside, just that one “move” alone will make him a terror. It is truly unreal how fast he comes off the ball.

  2. JS

    Looks like Irvin created a couple of other sacks for his teammates as well. I’m excited for these guys.

  3. Colin

    Any chance that you or Kip will do an article on the Winslow trade and how it affects the offense, Rob? Love to get some thoughts on that.

    • Stay Off The Flowers

      Doesn’t really have to do with the draft much….

  4. SHawn

    Cant be sure if its #11 or not, but at :30 he or one of his teammates BLOWS up the RT. If thats Irvin showcasing his strength, I just got even more excited to see what he does on Sundays.

  5. James

    Speaking of Russell Wilson… go to You Tube and look at highlights of Michael Vick and Drew Brees, the other two “short” QBs. Vick releases the ball with the bottom of the ball at the level of his helmet ear-hole. Brees releases the ball between his ear hole and the top of the helmet. Then look at the photos of Russell. He releases the ball at least 12″ above the top of his helmet. That means he is a foot or a foot-and-a-half taller than Brees or Vick, in terms of playing height on the field. Has conventional wisdom ever been more wrong? And don’t forget, there are actually benefits of being shorter, in that you are far, far quicker than a taller person. Watch Russell’s tape against Nebraska last year, where a number of times a defender came free at him in the backfield, and he effortlessly side-stepped him and made a big play. Brady or Manning would have been toast. I actually think this is the future of the NFL…pass rushers have become so dominant, with them targeting a tall QB standing immobile in the pocket. Only those few, such as Brady, Manning or Rogers, who can get rid of the ball in an instant and complete the pass can succeed. The obvious counter-move is a hyper-mobile QB who can scatter the field and break down the defense.

    • TK

      Hmm, anyone else notice that he (RW) closes his eyes when he throws? is that a problem?

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Considering both his accuracy and in particular, accuracy with lower percentage throws — I would say it’s not. Probably more of a physiologic/unconscious thing.

      • James

        Closing the eyes can actually be an autonomic reflex to aid concentration. Watch major league pitchers. They do it a lot.

        • TK

          good to know!

      • A. Simmons

        Wilson’s like a Jedi. When he throws, hecloses his eyes and uses The Force.

    • Steen

      His height is about eye level, release point is irrelevant in comparison.

  6. Mase

    James you are talking about release point of the ball. Because Russell releases the ball higher than Brees and Vick doesn’t make him taller than those two. He still has to see over the line, especially when pocket gets crowded and pressure gets up in his face. Brees has the benefit of having 2 pro bowl guards that keep the pressure from getting up in Brees’ face so he has time to scan the field and go through his progressions and Vick obviously has his legs to buy him more time. I’m a big fan of Wilson and definitely see him succeeding at this level. Although our line has developed big time in run blocking, pass blocking I feel still remains a weak point. If Wilson wins the job this year or over the next few years, I hope the line gives him the time to make plays through the air. Right now, the one thing Russell can work on is not bailing too early when he feels the pressure. As a shorter quarterback, that may be a natural instinct as the pocket caves in on you. I’d like to see him make slight adjustments like Brees does and look for this passing lanes even with pressure around him.

    For Bruce, I see this team developing him the right way, teaching him new rushing techniques, and using him in the right situations so that he will be a monster terrorizing QB’s for a long time. You can see the raw talent from all the game tape now.

  7. Billy Showbiz

    Awesome footage Rob! Not only did Irvin have 2 sacks, it looked like he got another half sack, he forced a fumble and he hurried Wilson on almost every snap. I’m so excited to have this guy! Wilson showed a lot too. I saw two terrible drops by his receivers. He does seem to be a little bit reckless at times forcing the ball into coverage but he’s going to have guys like Sidney Rice who can go up and get those balls. If Wilson sees the field I think that Rice is going to explode. There is so much to like about Wilson, he has a great feel for pressure and another thing is that he doesn’t seem to take many big hits in the pocket or on the run. The ball comes out of his hand super fast too. This is going to be a really fun season.

  8. williambryan

    Wilson’s WR’s did not help him much at all in this game. lot of drops.

  9. Bruce M.

    If Irvin had Ingram’s spin move, he would be just plain sick.

    • Kevin S.

      Ingram only can do that spin move because he is pint-sized.

      • hawkdawg

        Irvin is bigger, but also quicker, and more sudden, than Ingram. He can do it. He just needs to work on it.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’m looking forward to seeing Irvin after the Hawks defensive coordinator works with him. He could learn a couple moves this summer and just go crazy in the opponents backfield.

  10. fwbrodie

    Thanks for this. Informative for both players.

    First play, Irvin in pursuit, good god, that speed, and so easy. That pursuit speed will save a game someday.

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