Carroll and Schneider not seeing eye to eye?

This video emerged today courtesy of Pro Football Weekly, touting the possibility of unrest between Seattle’s two power brokers. What do you think? Is there something in this, or is it perhaps an obvious piece of speculation given the team’s poor start to the new season and 0-2 record?


  1. thebroski

    They are wrong to say it’s a marriage of convenience. Not sure where that came from. Carroll helped handpick Schneider so that statement is entirely inaccurate.

  2. Matt

    Yeah…this seems like complete and utter BS. If anything, I think both are on board to struggle this year to let younger guys develop. This seems like rather sloppy journalism in the sense of, “hey, this is a bad team, there must be turmoil.”

  3. Colin

    I think this is a bunch of bull. Carroll has had his hand in every move this franchise has made as well as Schneider. I don’t buy it.

  4. FWBrodie

    Can’t help but infer that said free agent was fullback Mike Karney.

  5. Your Mom

    Rumors of Palmer to the Dolphins for 2nd rd pick. How are the Hawks not involved in that?

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