Case Keenum (QB, Houston) vs Rice game tape


  1. CiaranH

    Seems to throw to his first read every time and stare down the receiver. Throws a wobbly looking ball and floats rather than slings it. Doesn’t look like his pocket awareness is great either.

  2. David

    Wow, Jeff Risdon of Real GM has Matt Barkley rated 52nd in a list of 103 of the top college prospects, with Tannehill and Griffin being ahead of him, claiming he sees some Brady Quinn in Barkley.

    • Rob

      I disagree strongly with that comparison.

      • David

        Yah I havent watched much of Matt, but I was never really impressed by Quinn.

        • Rob

          I’d argue they are very different players and certainly Barkley’s not playing Weis offense which is a big positive.

  3. Trenchtown

    Nine touchdowns aside this isn’t Keenum’s best game, especially to show off potential skills at the next level. He has looked better in other games. That said, I like Keenum as a college QB but I still consider him a non-prospect. The thing that obviously stands out is that he doesn’t have a great arm and his long to vertical passes come out loopy. This isn’t a deal-breaker by itself because he throws a nice catchable ball and has pretty decent touch. Hasselbeck throws a loopy long ball, Brees throws a loopy long ball. But Keenum doesn’t have the third piece of the puzzle as he doesn’t have the quick release that allows the average armed QB to succeed.

    As Ciaran said above his pocket presence is non-existent which is really too bad because he actually has a great awareness about where the pressure is coming from and when he needs to move and how much time he has. You will rarely see him take a sack because he knows where the pressure is and he knows when to move and get out of pressure. The problem is he can’t stand in the pocket or step into the pocket when outside pressure on him. He would rather backpedal and throw off his back foot than step up into the pocket and that won’t fly at the next level.

    One final thing to note is that when you watch Keenum, he will adjust to his wide receivers a lot, especially when throwing over the middle. If he thinks the angle of the throw will be better a couple steps to the left, then Keenum takes a couple steps to the left and fires. It is kind of funny to watch when his WR doesn’t get the separation he expects and Keenum ends up running parallel to the WR for five yards.

    Like I said I like Keenum, he is fun to watch, he is a pretty good athlete and he is tough as nails, but Kevin Kolb he is not.

    • Tom

      ….and Kevin Kolb isn’t that great.

      • Trenchtown

        Kolb could be a good quarterback. He has nice smooth mechanics and great footwork. I’m glad the Seahawks didn’t trade for him, but given time he could end being an occasional pro-bowler

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