CFB Week 11 open thread

You know the drill by now. I wanted to highlight the above tweet from Chris Steuber – the Seahawks again have representation at a Rutgers game. I still maintain Brandon Coleman is the receiver all Seahawks fans should be hoping declares. He has elite potential and he plays for Rutgers. Of course, they could be looking at linebacker Khaseem Greene too. Either way it’s interesting to note.


  1. Darnell

    Just for curiosity sake, anyone know if NFL scouts at CFB games have sideline passes, have to buy general tickets and sit amongst the crowd or are in the press box?

    • Rob Staton

      From my own experience within sport, scouts usually sit next to the press or in a separate section.

  2. Kevin Sylliaasen

    Hey Rob, how do you feel about Marquis Flowers out of Arizona as an OLB?

    • Rob Staton

      Not a player I’m too familiar with. I’ve seen only one Arizona game this year.

      • Kevin Sylliaasen

        He’s had a few good games this season. Leader of the defense, used to be a safety. If you can find the USC game of him, he put up a pretty good stat line.

  3. cliff

    Rob, If the hawk’s and other teams have gone to two Rutgers games they must have an interest. What are the odds Coleman comes out this year? Wouldn’t you think he would stay at least one more year?

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to tell. Earl Thomas left as a redshirt sophomore because – to put it bluntly – his family needed the money. I have no idea about Coleman’s financial situation. One thing worth noting – the coach he signed to play for is now coaching in Tampa Bay. Sometimes that can have an impact. I expect him to stay because he was a big name recruit who made a big deal signing for Rutgers. But he has the talent to be a high R1 pick so who knows?

      By the way, he scored two touchdowns today.

      • Michael

        Rob, is there a way for the public to find out who has applied for an evaluation by the NFL college advisory committee? That might be a clue as to whether Coleman is considering entering the draft this year.

        It’s worth noting that on top of Earl Thomas’ need for money, his draft stock was probably at it’s zenith after grabbing 8 picks and even scoring 2 TD’s for a big time program. I have to think that was a factor in his decision as well. Is Coleman’s relative anonymity simply due to his being a RS sophomore? Rutgers is certainly a big enough program to put out first rounders, and while Coleman doesn’t put up big catch or yardage numbers he has caught as many TD’s as Kenny Britt ever did there. Can you see any other reason he hasn’t garnered the same national attention as some other (possibly less talented) WR’s?

        I really hope he comes out… he is probably the only player I would want the Hawks to trade up for if necessary. Outside of Coleman I would be content to just stand pat and see who falls.

        • Rob Staton

          Thomas’ final season at Texas definitely played a part and Coleman doesn’t have that level of production. As far as I’m aware the only way to find out if a player has applied for evaluation is if a member of the media asks and the player answers the question.

  4. dave crockett

    Watched most of Mizzou @ Tennessee. A few thoughts:

    1. Tennessee was creative with Patterson. They put him in the backfield. He threw a pass. He had five carries, including a TD run out of the I-formation. He caught 3 balls for 53 yards (17.7 ypc) on a day where UT had 400+ yards of total offense. He did have a TD called back on a RIDICULOUS “no high-stepping” flag, but UT scored right afterwards. In truth though, he was not a huge 2nd half factor. He is SO talented, it jumps off the screen. He had a reverse where he was hemmed in but he reversed his field. But that kid really needs another year of college ball.

    2. Sheldon Richardson was just okay. He didn’t do anything to hurt himself, but not many highlight reel type plays. He was plenty solid, though. Tennessee has one the best offensive lines you will see. (They’ve gotta have some draftable candidates, particularly inside.) They ran a lot of traps aimed at Richardson. He has a good bull rush, a surprisingly good one for a pure 3-tech. But it’s hard to really press Tyler Bray. He gets rid of the ball. He got sacked once in 54 attempts.

    3. Speaking of Tyler Bray, it’s getting harder to see him returning to school.

  5. Elijah

    Hey Rob,

    What’s your take on Marquess Wilson?? He left the Cougars and presumably will enter the draft now.

    • Rob Staton

      Not blown away by him. A bit hit and miss – nice plays mixed in with very frustrating plays. Not ideal physical qualities but nice speed. The letter he wrote this weekend has killed his draft stock IMO. It’s not even so much the complaint, it’s the timing – moments before a big game against UCLA. It was sabotage. And he hasn’t shown enough in college to act that way and then max out his draft potential.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I’m more inclined to give Wilson the benefit of the doubt and assume that he is trying to point out a huge problem. I’ve seen this at many levels of sports. There is a fine line between motivating your players and insisting they do their best, and abuse. Even though you are a team, that line is different for each person. Is the pee wee football coach that yells at his players motivating them or abusing them? Most players that can’t take it just drop out and leave at an early age.

        Is winning the sole criteria for how players are treated? It’s better to win then lose, right? Anyway – there have been rumors going round about the coach for awhile now. More will come out after the season.

        • JC

          Earlier in the week I hear one of the KJR guys (probably Furness or Puckett) said that one of the starting QBs had talked Wilson out of quitting the team in the spring when hopes were high and the freshness still on the flowers. Sounds to me it’s more of a case that Wilson is more sensitive than your average #1 collegiant WR.

          • Naks

            Even during game 1, commentators were talking about Wilson’s poor body language when he didn’t get the ball. He also has a problem dropping easy passes. This was going on at the beginning of the season. Wilson has an attitude and focus problem. I have coached players like this, they are mentally fragile. He needs to get mentally tougher if he wants to be successful in the nfl.

        • Rob Staton

          And those rumours about the coach make it very easy to pin the blame. If multiple players had backed up Wilson I would have more sympathy with him. It seems to me he’s on a one-man mission.

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