Chris Myers visiting with the Seahawks, Guion stays in GB

I’ll have a new post later today discussing the possibility of Seattle moving up in round two. For the time being I thought I’d leave this here. Guion’s deal in Green Bay is worth $2.75m according to Adam Caplan — so somebody (possibly Seattle) made a decent push to tempt him away.

With that option no longer on the table Myers appears to be the next veteran option. Of course, even if he signs he’s no guarantee to make the team. Eric Winston was brought in to compete with Justin Britt a year ago. Britt won the job, Winston was cut. The same could happen at center this year. It could also be a review of the situation with Stefen Wisniewski, which also remains unresolved.


  1. Miles

    The Chris Myers visit may partly involve pressuring Wisniewski into making a decision. If he didn’t feel the market was drying up before, the Chris Myers visit might really make him feel that way. Because if Myers signs, not only will that eliminate another destination but probably drop his price tag too.

    • sdcoug

      I have read Wis played at least part of the year with a torn labrum, and shoulder surgery has caused teams to pull back (at least with respect to the level of money he wants). It’s now speculated that he was playing with the injury during the last part of the season (if not longer), which is when he struggled most. Depending on the medicals, he might have to accept a prove-it deal and still might be a good option for the Hawks if they let it play out longer.

      • Trevor

        This is why I never knock players for not playing hurt particularly when team like the Raiders are out of the playoffs. This guy plays with a torn labrum and instead of being resigned he is on the market and cant find a taker because he never dealt with the injury last year.

        I hope we can get him on a 3 yer 7.5 mill deal because I think he would be a great pickup and really stabilize the middle of our OL

  2. Steele1324

    I think Myers is a legit target, better than Wisniewski. Reason: Myers is experienced in zone blocking. The Texans let him go because they want to go to a power scheme. Unlike Wis, Myers is not injured, and has been a super solid veteran, never missed a game. The questions are 1. is he better than Patrick Lewis 2. how much will he cost? 3. do you want a 33 yr old veteran starting, or go with a rookie (Grasu/Gallik/etc)?

    • vrtkolman

      I agree, I recall Myers being pretty good last year actually. He hasn’t fallen off like Eric Winston did before we signed him. He seems to be a bit undersized versus what Seattle usually goes for in linemen but his production has been very good. It could be a Kevin Williams type steal. If he run blocks well but struggles in pass protection that isn’t too far off from Unger.

    • arias

      “1. is he better than Patrick Lewis”

      Patrick Lewis? Seriously?

      Lewis wasn’t THAT impressive that he’s playing like a former 2x pro browler who’s only 34 and never been injured.

  3. CC

    Signing either Myers or Wis would certainly help the O line going forward. I prefer Myers just because of his familiarity with ZBS and also health. Let’s remember, Arian Foster was a heck of a back with Myers on the line. Signing an experienced C would also give the Seahawks a bit more flexibility in the draft – especially at either 63 or 95.

    I’m okay with Guion going back to GB – I also am hopeful that it means Bane is restructuring and that Hill is healing nicely – yeah I know, lots of supposition on my part.

    • Miles

      I think Hawks were probably offering about the same as GB on this deal, but Guion has no reason to leave his former team if he’s getting equal money.

    • arias

      I’d really love to see them sign Myers. His run blocking was as great as it ever was and as consistent from game to game blocking for Foster last season. He’d be a perfect fit replacing Unger opening holes for Marshawn.

  4. AlaskaHawk

    Myers has a good pedigree, all pro twice and familiar with zone blocking. He would be a great addition.

    • arias

      He’s been to the pro bowl twice, not All Pro.

      I think it’s an important distinction because if he were a two time All Pro I don’t think there’s any way we’d be able to afford his asking price.

  5. smitty1547

    No reason? How about a better city and a better team.

    • Miles

      Haha nice point. But I think especially if you have a family you’d prefer to stay where you’ve grown roots. Whether we like it or not that comes more into play than team quality or the city life.

  6. lil'stink

    He has played in every game since 2006 and was a top 5 rated run blocker at his position last year. Seems like a great guy to bring in on a short term deal, especially if they are thinking of converting a college guard or tackle to be our center down the road.

  7. Bryan C

    I can see signing Chris Myers, especially if the team is looking at drafting and developing a center from this draft. Okung may not be a long term solution at LT, so they potentially will be breaking in a new LG this year while still developing a new center and LT for the 2016 season. If Myers can be a veteran presence to allow development of a younger center a year ahead of absolute need, that is route to go.

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