Clyde Edwards-Helaire & Anthony McFarland are excellent

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is special

The Seahawks have a type at running back. Aside from a preferred physical style, size matters. They’ve consistently drafted running backs with a similar profile:

Robert Turbin — 5-10, 222lbs, 36 inch vert, 10-2 broad
Christine Michael — 5-10, 220lbs, 43 inch vert, 10-5 broad
C.J. Prosise — 6-0, 220lbs, 35.5 inch vert, 10-1 broad
Chris Carson — 6-0, 218lbs, 37 inch vert, 10-10 broad
Rashaad Penny — 5-11, 220lbs, 32.5 inch vert, 10-0 broad

They like 5-10/6-0 in height, around 220lbs in weight with explosive traits.

For that reason, they might not be interested in the two players I’m going to write about today.

Nevertheless, I’m writing about them anyway. Because they’re really good.

I think Clyde Edwards-Helaire might be the best running back in the class. I believe he and Anthony McFarland are among the top-50 players in terms of pure talent.

I doubt they’ll both go in that range, although it might be possible for Edwards-Helaire. With D’Andre Swift, Jonathan Taylor and J.K. Dobbins expected to go early, there might not be room for a fourth running back to go in the first 50 picks. Edwards-Helaire should be considered in that range. Whoever lands either player is unlikely to be disappointed.

Neither fits the Seahawks size profile. McFarland is listed at about 5-9 and 200lbs with Edwards-Helaire at 5-8 and 208lbs. There’s always room for a outlier (see: 5-10 franchise quarterback taken in round three) but for the most part the Seahawks stick to what they know and like.

Ohio State’s Dobbins, for example, is 5-10 and 220lbs and he could be the most explosive player who tests at the combine this year. At SPARQ he jumped a 43 inch vertical, ran a 4.09 short shuttle and finished with an elite score of 146.76. That’s generally the type of player the Seahawks go for at the position.

Jonathan Taylor had fumbling issues at Wisconsin but at SPARQ he ran a 4.42 forty and he could easily get into the 4.3’s in Indianapolis. Combine that with a 4.30 short shuttle and a 35 inch vertical and it’s a NFL phyical profile with ideal size (5-11, 220lbs).

D’Andre Swift (5-9, 215lbs) ran a 4.15 short shuttle at SPARQ and he jumped a 33 inch vertical. Essentially, there’s a lot of very athletic and very talented runners at the top of this draft and overall it’s a class that deserves more attention.

With other needs it’s perhaps unlikely the Seahawks would consider taking any of the names mentioned in this piece so far. While they need to add a runner, they also see Chris Carson as the future of the position and they’re not going to give up on Rashaad Penny due to one injury. They’ll probably look for a C.J. Prosise replacement with a track record of availability and ball security.

That said, with their desire to run frequently and with physicality — replenishing the running back stable with proper, quality talent isn’t a terrible idea. Especially with the need to make a call on Carson’s contract over the next 12 months.

We’ve been talking about McFarland for a couple of years on the blog. He might not be the kind of bludgeoning runner Seattle covets but his quickness, turbo acceleration and electrifying ability with the ball in hand could make him a star at the next level.

He destroyed Ohio State in 2018. Give him any kind of crease and he’ll explode through a lane to break off big gains. He’s patient to allow blocks to develop and his cut-back ability is exhilarating. He accelerates quickly and he’s capable of beating anyone in a foot race. He’s a chunk yardage specialist. McFarland won’t get people out of their seats in the way Marshawn Lynch did by running people over — but they’ll be cheering his dynamism as he rolls off another 35-yarder to launch another scoring drive. He has special qualities and extreme talent.

It’s understandable why the Seahawks prefer bigger, more explosive runners. Yet I’ve always wanted to see a proper compliment to the power and that’s what McFarland brings. Pure electricity.

He’s not just a speed or scat back either. He’s very difficult to tackle and bring down. There’s plenty of evidence of him avoiding first contract or darting through an arm tackle to create an explosive play. He ran a 4.04 short shuttle at SPARQ and you see that sudden change of direction, short-area quickness and agility on show as he escapes defenders to find space.

He’s not going to be the type of player you run up the gut 20 times to wear down an opponent. Given his size, there’s every chance he’ll have some negative plays along the way, especially with the quality of defender at the next level and the sheer level of penetration most defense’s create.

Yet we’ve just seen the 49ers reach the Super Bowl featuring a number of different running backs, including 5-10, 205lbs Raheem Mostert. His ability to provide explosive running plays that shift field position, create cheap scoring opportunities and demand attention was a huge reason why the Niners almost won a Championship.

Mostert’s 2019 impact could force teams to take a serious look at McFarland. It won’t be a surprise if he goes in the same range as Alvin Kamara — another player who really had no business lasting until round three.

I suspect whoever drafts him will get a steal. As long as he can stay healthy (he missed games at Maryland) he’s exactly the type of X-factor talent that can be cost-effective and a vital part of a running back rotation.

Edwards-Helaire was a revelation for LSU. As good as Joe Burrow was in 2019 — he was the best player in college football, he fully deserved the Heisman and he’s the right choice for Cincinnati with the #1 pick — it’s easy to forget just how much talent was on that offense.

They had two excellent receivers in Ja’Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson. The O-line had quality players like the underrated guard Damien Lewis (one of my favourites on the O-line) and center Lloyd Cushenberry. Thaddeus Moss produced results as a blocker and receiver at tight end. Next to Burrow in the backfield was one of the very best players in the country (at any position) at running back.

Edwards-Helaire was just a joy to watch. He ran with intensity, fire, physicality and left everything on the field. He’d gain extra yards on contact, he was slippery enough to dodge tacklers and break off big gains. You could bounce him outside on a stretch or find the perimeter with a sweep but he was equally adept at getting the tough yards up the gut.

As a receiver he was an underrated mismatch at the second level. Edwards-Helaire did a tremendous job ghosting into coverage, settling down and providing an option for Burrow. He has good hands and he’s a natural catcher. LSU converted several key third downs using Edwards-Helaire as a check-down or final read. His diminutive size and quickness are hard to defend. He’s also a really good route runner. I can’t recall a runner with his ability to deliver crisp routes like he does.

Whenever they needed a play, Edwards-Helaire seemed to deliver. Big runs to finish games and wind the clock, important touchdowns, extending drives at a time of need. He could break off major runs as he showed with an 89-yard score against Arkansas. He provided 453 receiving yards to go with his 1,414 as a runner and 17 total touchdowns. 36% of his carries were for first downs or touchdowns in 2019.

He’s the definition of grit and determination and even though he’s undersized — it doesn’t really matter. You can win with him. He’s so explosive, so tough, so athletic. He plays beyond his frame in the same way Maurice Jones-Drew did. The other name that springs to mind watching him — and I’m deadly serious about this — is Barry Sanders. I’m not for a second suggesting he will get anywhere close to Sanders’ NFL career. However, they do share similar qualities, physical profiles (Sanders played at 5-8 and 203lbs and had similar testing numbers) and there are ‘Sanders-esque’ flashes on tape.

He’s aggressive and tough but also silky smooth in the open-field with loose hips and the ability to pivot, change direction and jump-cut. He can equally be a battering ram and a Rolls Royce. I don’t think I’ve seen a runner take it to Alabama like he did in 2019 and he energised the LSU sideline in numerous games with his running style.

Importantly for the Seahawks he shows excellent ball security. He didn’t have a single fumble in his three years in college. He provides special teams value and played as a kick returner throughout his time at LSU.

Edwards-Helaire is also a tremendous athlete. At SPARQ he ran a 4.04 short shuttle. That’s a quality time. Throw in a 40 inch vertical and a 4.47 forty at 201lbs on a 5-8 body. He is the definition of speed, quickness, agility and explosive power. He also has exceptional character and attitude.

Teams should tap into the talent on the LSU Championship roster. They have the character, attitude, winning mentality and most importantly the talent to succeed.

If Edwards-Helaire was the first running back off the board — nobody should question it. For me he’s right up there. For all the attention D’Andre Swift receives — Edwards-Helaire and Dobbins are arguably just as well placed to come into the league and play to a high standard.

I can’t project the Seahawks to draft Edwards-Helaire or McFarland much in the way I can’t project a cornerback in the first two rounds. When you have ten years of history and evidence to refer to and there are clear preferences — you can’t ignore that.

In the case of Edwards-Helaire in particular, I would love to think the Seahawks might see him as an outlier. He’s everything they want in a runner, just in a smaller package. At the very least he could develop into a Darren Sproles type. I think he can be much more. I think he can lead a rushing attack.

With Seattle’s fumbling issues in 2019, he’s a player who doesn’t turn the ball over. He’s tough and physical. He can be a superb and reliable pass-catcher and he can compete to return kicks. That’s a lot of value and a lot of talent to ignore for the sake of a few pounds or inches in height. He’s worth considering for this team.

Free agency will dictate their ability to consider certain positions early in the draft. If they haven’t fixed the D-line fully, if they haven’t added weapons for Russell Wilson and if holes are not filled on the O-line — they can’t look at running backs, even if Carson and Penny are returning from injury.

If they fill their greatest needs in the market — they have three picks in the first two rounds and the flexibility to consider different options.

I know some fans are allergic to any discussion about running backs these days. I suspect if they were given the opportunity to watch either McFarland or Edwards-Helaire in Seattle, they might come to love them. They’re fun, dynamic playmakers. Wherever they end up in the NFL, I’ll be watching.

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  1. dcd2

    Love it! These are my two favorite RB’s in the class. Both would be such great compliment’s to Carson.

    I hope we manage to address enough needs through FA & trades that these guys are in play.

  2. Georgia Hawk

    I think having a RB on the field that is an actual threat in the passing game would calm even the most die hard anti-runners a bit. Im not talking having someone who is “capable” or “serviceable,” but a legit dont-let-him-out-of-your-sight kinda guy. Edwards-Helaire would be a disgusting add to this team. Spread the field with 4 wide on third downs and run him out of the backfield or use him as the outlet pass. Either way you play to his strengths and add one more threat.

    I like it. Doubt Hawks would do it, but I like it.

    • Sean Vernon

      CEH reminds me of Maurice Jones Drew and it goes beyond the 3 names. Low center of gravity, not a lot of speed but decent, ability to break tackles and get tough yards. Just a good football player. Hawks get too caught up in attributes and reason our drafts have suffered because of it. If that you tube said MJD at UCLA, I’d have bought it.

  3. Zxvo3

    I could see a possibility where they fall in love with CEH some much they could end up using the last pick in the 2nd round to get him. The question is, will he be there? Also in terms of weight wasn’t Travis Homer on the lighter side of 220?

    • Rob Staton

      Homer was but they drafted him for special teams value. He was seen as one of the best special teamers in the 2019 draft and that was a running theme throughout their class a year ago.

  4. WALL UP

    Either one would be lethal for any defense. Any thoughts on Antonio Gibson?

  5. Rob Staton

    Today on Field Gulls…

    ‘Jadeveon Clowney is seeking a market setting deal in FA, so with each passing day it’s increasingly unlikely he’ll be back in Seattle.’

    If you’re in a good mood and needing bringing back down to earth…

    • Brett

      Citing a Bleacher Report tweet. Not even a sourced article. The tweet itself had no sources. Gotta love new media.

      It could be that Clowney does leave but that tweet is entirely bogus.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s not even that. It’s the relentless negativity.

        Oh well, it used to be good.

        • JamesZ

          It’s true that negativity is the new normal… and decent content, well, you gotta look real hard for it. That’s why I’m happy to have found this website.

        • cha

          It’s really a shame. Honest, thorough discourse needs all the websites it can get its hands on.

          I honestly think people literally don’t understand the concept of actual long-form writing anymore. Your pieces aren’t meant to show the ONLY course of action the team can take, but to view the offseason plan within the lens of options the team has and what they might do based on their team structure and philosophy. So instead of looking at them as a thorough look at the possibilities and an invitation for discourse, they treat them like you’re making yourself out to be some holier than thou web GM and react Twitter-tantrum style. Witness the last two days…

          Stefon Diggs piece response: Rob is ignoring the DL to acquire RW a shiny new toy that I assume will never ever be available!

          Literally the next day:

          4 man pass rush piece response: Rob is proposing putting too much resources into the DL, we can’t just ignore the offense!


          Alright smart guys, where is your battery of articles with workable solutions? Or do you just exist to crap on other people’s work?

          • Zeke

            so much drama

          • Bankhawk

            When it is YOU they are reacting to, it only goes to show just who the big dog on the block is!

        • jopa726


          I 100% agree with you on I used to go there all the time but, they all so completely negative with their Seahawk articles, that I stopped.

    • Doug

      Rob, I saw your tweet and the FG reaction to it.

      Do yourself a favour and just don’t engage those guys… if Clowney seeks the highest compensation he will price himself out in Seattle, but all the indications at the end of the season were that if there is a deal to be made he would love to stay.

      Wait until he signs in Seattle then you can write an “I told you so” tweet referencing your earlier posts :D.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not much of a told you so type. But I think someone needed to say something. Their negativity is ridiculous. Nevertheless, they’re unfollowed. I won’t be reading their stuff in future. And the guy in charge seems to think I give a toss what he thinks (why would I??).

        • Doug

          I improved my life when I left the FG community. You have a great thing going here, thank you for creating it.

          I know you are not likely to post an “I told you so” article but maybe someone else will write one.


    • RWIII

      If Clowney is seeking this record breaking deal, good luck. He will not get it in Seattle. I don’t think teams are going to pay 22+ million for a guy who averages 7 sacks per season. At least I don’t think Super Bowl Contender will.

      • Rob Staton

        Aside from the fact he literally questioned the ‘source’ of this “report” —- I’d be more surprised if he didn’t want to set a new bar for DL. He’s a rare thing —- a quality player who will reach FA. Doesn’t mean he’ll get it.

    • Robert Las Vegas

      Rob I have been thinking about this recently that is Indy Colts have like 80 million in cap space and how much can they offer Mr Clowney? Perhaps more the Seahawks really want to pay it kinda scary situation the colts can pay Mack money ? They have other needs like QB but plenty of options out there in. It’s a possibility don’t you think. The Colts can offer a boatload of money

      • Rob Staton

        Sure —- but Indy had money last year and didn’t spend. They have to focus on adding a QB. And Clowney wants to play for a contender apparently and Indy don’t look like much of a contender at the moment.

        • DC

          Until they ink Tom Brady to a deal…

          All kidding aside, that’d be a nice OL for the old man to play behind.

    • Jordan

      Rob, on that note you are mentioned on a thread in their comments lol. Gotta say- your write-ups and information is much more logical and actually makes sense regarding the team culture/philosophy. Fieldgulls only real good article in recently memory was the one on cap space and the team/enemy reactions threads they have during the season in my opinion.

    • king.

      Hey, I came after your 4 man rush premise yesterday in Coffee & Cigarettes.

      I think my arguments have merit and they don’t stem from negativity. I think there are better ways to build the team than spending so much of the offseason resources on one position group.

      I didn’t voice those opinions here because this blog, as a community, is very committed to the idea that fixing the pass rush will cure most ills.

      Disagreeing with that, in this forum, is problematic. FG is a safer place to disagree with you, not because there won’t be opposition, but because multiple perspectives are encouraged at FG.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t read the comments at Field Gulls but there’s a vibrant community here and our comments section is a lot busier than most. I highly doubt that would be the case if, as you suggest, ‘multiple perspectives’ are not encouraged. Just ask the regulars. I disagree with Trevor all the time. V12 too. I’m an opinionated person and this is a solo blog. I’m the only writer. I prefer robust debate rather than fannying about. That’s my choice and I think I have earned the right to make that call considering I’ve done this for 11 years at my own expense.

        Nobody, especially me, has suggested investment in the front four is a “cure all”. It’s simply an observation that last season the pass rush was dreadful. Statistically that is backed up because the Seahawks were bottom five in most of the pass rush categories (sacks, pressures, hurried etc).

        At the same time the offense was a top five unit per DVOA. Plus free agency is strong on the DL, while the draft is weak on the DL. Alternatively it’s an excellent WR draft and a very good OL draft.

        For all of those reasons it makes logical sense to focus on the DL in free agency. I also think they should sign a TE because it’s a bad TE draft. And I also think they should be open to any opportunity to get RW another dynamic weapon. And I think they should fill their boots on WR and OL in this draft.

        That’s everything I/we have argued this off-season. It’s never been ‘this is a cure all’. It’s an analysis of the teams’ greatest weaknesses and the best way to make use of what is available in the FA and draft to fill holes.

    • John_s

      Here’s the difference between the terrible Seahawks twitter and everyone else

  6. GerryG

    Negative the new positive! (Fieldgulls)

    I’m 100% behind draft a RB that can the lead back, or at least 15 carries/game. This is assuming as you said they can shore up the other gigantic needs before the draft.

    I don’t have tons of confidence CC will be 100% to start the year, and I don’t have 100% confidence Penny to make sure his body (fitness, eating etc) is dedicated to NFL caliber needs.

    Neither has played 16 games yet.

    What I like about both of these players is it seems they could excel as a lead if needed, or third down back, which provides value for a ~3rd ro pick

  7. j hawk

    I like both backs, but if given the choice I’d prefer the speed and vision of McFarland.

  8. Georgia Hawk

    Rob, have you looked at Anotnio Gibson out of Memphis?

    Reminds me a lot of Procise, minus the injury history, in his traits, college usage and ability to make smash plays. If we are looking for a late day 3 guy to directly replace what Procise brought, he might be a candidate. He has the physical traits the Hawks look for in their RBs and lined up plenty at WR in college.

    If they miss out on one of the guys mentioned above, I think he could be a late draft pick to still fill that need. Bonus points for his KR value as well.

    • Rob Staton

      I have not, apologies

      • Georgia Hawk

        No need to apologize brother, certainly can’t expect you to get eyes on every small school player on the field. He showed out in the Senior Bowl so it got me kinda interested in him is all.

        • JimQ

          RE: WR-Antonio Gibson; A good game to watch that shows his abilities in all phases of the game.
          VS: SMU-
          386 all purpose yards (32.2/yds per play), 97-yds rushing, 130-yds receiving, 159-yds returns, with 3-TD’s of 50+ yds in this game.

          • DavidinBellingham

            I am impressed by Antonio Gibson. He is a little taller than usual Seahawk running backs. He has great hands and they may go off-type for him, especially if he is available later.

  9. Georgia Hawk

    Had a decent showing in the Senior Bowl as well.

  10. OCHawksFan

    I could see McFarland being highly valued by a 49ers, Saints, Chiefs kind of offense that relies on misdirection and stretching the field horizontally. I’d love to see him as a Hawk but they’ll likely rely on the later rounds for rb.

  11. Phil Killham

    I’ve been hoping that the Hawks have enough picks this draft to pair AJ Dillon with McFarland starting around round four.

  12. Kyle91

    Umm oh my god.. have spent zero time watching McFarland. He’s an animal!!!!!

    He seems incredibly patient and has the acceleration to do so and do so confidently. That said, his vision and footwork are absolutely scary. There is a jump cut he makes against Michigan State to get to the left sideline and there are three defenders (2 of which are DBs) that have angles on him. He just blows right past them.

    You mentioned injuries are a concern. I do worry about ankle issues with him as it totally screws with what he brings to the table. This is one of those where I don’t think I care. That said I’d be an awful GM because I’d do that all the time lol.

  13. drewdawg11

    Thank you! I’ve been talking about Edwards-Hellaire since October. He’s a true player. He’s small, but he’s powerful in his lower-half and he’s just good at everything. The kid is just a winner. The only issue is where do you take him? Can’t use that first pick and he may not last until our second pick. There are a lot of needs as well. Still, he’s a really good running back.

    • Eburgz

      You take him R3 if he lasts and you really want him.

    • John_s

      He reminds me of Devonta Freeman

  14. cha

    I really like these two options at RB. McFarland lately has grown into a draft crush for me. I’m not smart enough to intelligently call him ‘complete’ but he has a tantalizing combination of fighting for yards physically and explosive cutting vision in the open field that make me think he can be deployed as more than just a 7 touches per game weapon.

    As was mentioned, if the Hawks can get some of their needs filled I think either need to be strongly considered as options. Carson and Homer are probably 1-2 when the season starts with Penny on the PUP. So the Hawks will probably think about a Mike Davis veteran type. However, if the cards fall right there could be a possibility of them drafting a guy like one of these two.

  15. TatupuTime

    I wonder a bit about historic offensive preference with the Seahawks and if we could see some trend breakers there. Defense is 100% Pete’s baby and both scheme and players are going to be his guys.

    With offense I wonder how much has been a reflection of Cable and his preferences. We’ve already seen that a Solari lineman is different than a Cable guy. Schotty does a decent job of scheming outside run plays (Penny was really starting to hit those before his year ended) and SF and NO both have a ton of success there. Pete had his best college days with Bush and White and I’ve heard him drop “Thunder and Lightning” a few times in Seattle as well. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking – but I think there might be more room for a guy like Edward-Helaire. We’ll see.

    • Dan

      Good call on Reggie Bush. A home run threat, and someone who impacted the passing game in a big way. I think I’d rather have a guy like that, then another elite receiver. Both McFarland and Edwards-Helaire could bring that into the mix.

    • Rob Staton

      The scheme might be different but I think Pete has a ‘type’ of runner and it’s his call

      • Kyle

        Yes they’ve had a type, and it has worked fairly well, but also limited their choices. This is one case where I’m wishing they consider breaking from it.

  16. Cheese22

    I think there are several guys who could be picked up later that would offer some diversity to the offense. Lynn Bowden and Antonio Gipson are my favorites. But the guy who I think is spitting image of CEH and could be taken in the 7th or UFA is Scottie Phillips from Ole Miss.

    • Starhawk29

      It might just be because the video you picked is highlights, but damn he looks fun as well. Most of those plays he’s nearly untouched though, he’s not going to see holes that big on the Seahawks….

      Excited to see his testing numbers, looks explosive. Great find!

  17. Trevor

    Great writeup and analysis Rob. You have been on McFarland for a couple of years now and I think you are dead on the mark. I think he will be a steal for someone and be an impact RB early in his career maybe even as a rookie. Would love to see him in a Hawks uni but I have a feeling he will be long gone by the end of Rd #2 if he performs as expected as the combine.

    • Zxvo3

      4 Round Mock Draft:

      TRADE: Seattle Trades R1-P27 and R5 to Minnesota for Stephon Diggs and Everson Griffen

      2nd Round: (2 Picks)

      P59: DT- Raekwon Davis (Alabama)
      -Raekwon Davis falls due to lack of production and some character concerns. Even with all of that the Seahawks can plug in a 6’7 monster who has the potential to be Calais Campbell 2.0

      P64: TE- Hunter Bryant (Washington)
      -I have fallen in love with Hunter Bryant and I think the Seahawks will as well. Great athlete, ripped, great hands, decent blocking. Only an option if Hooper signs somewhere else.

      3rd Round: (1 Pick)

      OG- Damien Lewis (LSU)
      -Extremely underrated, like Stenberg he plays with an attitude, type of guy Solari would love.

      4th Round: (2 Picks)

      RB/WR- Antonio Gibson (Memphis)
      -Great weapon, very versatile, electric, can be a returner on special teams

      LB- Azur Kamara (Kansas)
      -Fast, long, can also play as an edge. Puts a lot of effort on the field. I would keep an eye at him at the combine.
      Jim Nagy on him:

      • Zxvo3

        Oops sorry I didn’t mean to put it under your comment Trevor

      • Von

        Has some great length and some speed. It’ll be interesting to see how he runs. Nice find.

      • Trevor

        I would really like that scenario. Hard to really argue with any of the moves or picks. The only thing I would question is weather Davis will be on the board at #59. I know he has seen his draft stock fall but they just dont make many human beings that size who can move that well. I think someone takes him the end of Rd #1 or by the middle of the 2nd round at the latest. I actually would like the pick if the Hawks ended up with him at #27.

  18. Darnell

    Travis Homer: 5’10 201
    Zac Brooks: 6’1 200

    Worth mentioning that they are willing to diverge from that prototype.

    • Rob Staton

      In the sixth and seventh round.

      Where they’ve also been willing to draft slower WR’s too.

      The early rounds they tend to stick to their style.

  19. RWIII

    Guys. The more I watch Kansas City. The more I want a player like Treek Hill. The Seahawks have Tyler Lockett. But Russell Wilson can never have too many wespons.

    • Justin Mullikin

      I would settle for a guy like Sproles and a complete TE. IMO that is what this offense needs. Tyreek Hill is an exceptional talent and it will probably be hard to find someone like him.

  20. RWIII

    Justin. You are correct. Hill is a once in a lifetime talent.

    • GerryG

      He’s a complete pos too

  21. Edgar

    I started to watching McFarland’s tape and first 5 runs he had monster holes and was untouched til the second level. That’s not Seahawk style running. That happens maybe twice a game tops. We gotta have a guy who breaks first tackle at or behind the line of scrimmage and quickly regains steam. I would say vast majority of NFL caliber RBs can look this good if getting a 7 yard running start before contact.

  22. BobbyK

    I’m totally on board drafting a RB in the first 2-3 rounds. I’d be happy with either of these guys or trading down from 27 into the earlier second round to take Dobbins.

    While I like Carson – he’s still never made it through a full season (college or pro) and I can’t forget his fumbling issues. He’s a guy, to me, who is still a good value on a rookie contract but not someone I’d like to give a decent contract to.

    • Greg Haugsven

      He for sure will be a tricky extension. You have to love the way he runs when he is in there and he is a tone setter. I just wonder if they can get a true 1-2 punch with Carson (around 225-250 carries) and Penny (150 – 200) could that keep them fresh through the whole season and into the playoffs.

      • BobbyK

        I don’t like the tone he sets when he fumbles and gives the other team the ball. It’s a problem. Unless you’re Tiki Barber – it seems that fumblers have a tendency to keep fumbling. I don’t want that. Between missed games and fumbling – I don’t like that. And, yes, he is a good/hard runner – but the negatives outweigh the positives for me.

    • GoHawksDani

      If you’d remove the fumbling and the missed games tbh I think Carson would be better than Lynch. I like Lynch too but while Lynch is mostly great because of his running style (wide legs crazy balance), Carson is just pure force. Runs like a madman all over people faces. But the fumbling is crazy and I’m mad about that too. I’d draft an RB and let the market set itself for Carson. If he can be retained for solid price do it if not we have options with Penny, Homer and 2020 rookie

      • DC

        The Seahawks have had good running backs throughout the course of time that I’ve been watching them. (1983ish-present) Marshawn Lynch is hands down the best of them. He’s one of the all time great Seahawks along with Walter Jones, Cortez Kennedy, Kenny Easley, Russell Wilson. People feared Beast Mode.

        I will be interested to see what the FO does regarding the RB & CB positions going forward. My guess is that they are going to go cheaper in those spots and keep churning them. Spend the money elsewhere.

        • BobbyK

          I agree “spend the money elsewhere.” However, when you spend a second round pick on a RB… you’re not actually spending any money on them (at least for four years).

      • DavidinBellingham

        I am going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there. Marshawn is in the conversation for best back of the century. Best run in NFL history.

  23. WALL UP

    Demetrius Harris – another TE, just cut, that may be something to look at. Suspended last yr (1) game for Weed possession. But, interesting talent @ 6 – 7 240lbs.

    • WALL UP

      The infraction was 2017, and he was suspended the 1st game of 2018. He turns 29 in July. He knows how to box out the defender,due to his hoop skills. CLE is pretty set @ TE with Carlson & Njoku.

    • WALL UP

      Perhaps an incentive laden contract rewarding fewer drops per season under 5%. His drop rate was 18.5% last yr, and 16% the previous year. DK was 7%. Perhaps they can both work on the jug machine together to improve their percentages. I like his talent though.

  24. Sea Mode

    You’re brave to have even whispered that comp for CEH. I did see one clear flash, at 3:17 in the above video:

    I think RB will definitely be addressed at some point in this draft. Besides likely needing to replace Prosise directly, they always think two years ahead before a need sneaks up on them. Gotta hedge Carson this year.

  25. Sea Mode

    Since we’re talking about runners, here’s a name from Tony:

    Remember the name of Bronson Rechsteiner from Kennesaw State. Bronson is the son of former WWE legend Rick Steiner. He measures in at six feet, 230 pounds, and projects as an RB/FB/H-back.

    I’m told his training numbers have been off the charts, with 40 times in the mid 4.3s, a vertical jump of 39 inches and a bench press of 33 reps.

    His pro day on March 11 is one to circle.

    • Trevor

      Interesting guy to keep an eye on if they want to carry a FB on the roster.

    • GoHawksDani

      Whaaaaat? In the 4.3s with 230 lbs???

    • Lewis

      Wow, he looks like fun. Good hands over the middle, crushing blocks, acceleration

      Just me or his running style a bit upright?

      • drewdawg11

        WOW! He’s fun to watch. What a weapon he was in that wing-T. I don’t buy that 4.3 business, but he’s definitely got a shot at sub 4.5. His blocking is enthusiastic and effective.

  26. Sea Mode

    Good for them for not just giving him away, I guess…

    Ryan O’Halloran
    · 1h

    League executive on what it would take for #Broncos to acquire CB Darius Slay from Lions: “Second or third rounder and $15 million-ish per year,” via extension.

    • Trevor

      I like Slay a lot I just can’t see the Hawks trading for a CB then giving him a big extension with so many other needs on the defense.

      • Greg Haugsven

        With the way they like to reach the kick step I cant really ever see them trading or signing an older CB again. You have to teach that early in the career or they will be too set in there ways.

  27. Ronny Bostromi

    I think both running backs are Uber talented, but could see them really liking the LSU product. He does everything so well. His lateral quickness is special, and his route running is incredible for an RB. It just comes down to value at where you have to pick hm.

    • Matt

      He is the closest thing I’ve seen to Marshawn Lynch in quite a long time. He really has absurd balance/power at contact. I could see Pete drooling over that.

      • Lewis

        The comparison to MJD (an all-time favorite of mine) is interesting. Doesn’t really look the part physically (then again who does?) but I love short-bodied Mack truck RBs

  28. Matt

    I know I’m in the minority, but I think RB is actually a big need…maybe not “major,” but I do think it is a big one. Carson has 1 year left and is coming off a major injury (another one). By all accounts, Penny’s injury is no walk in the park.

    If Edwards-Helaire is available at 59, I think you take him. We know this team values RBs and to Rob’s point, I think he is the best of the bunch, easily. I don’t mess around and wait til 64. Outside of H-W, he fits the Seahawks mold, almost perfectly.

    This is a no-brainer, IMO. I love Chris Carson – but he’s coming up on the end of his contract and has suffered major injuries. This team needs to be cheap at RB and I think it behooves them to keep stocking that cupboard knowing how important the position is.

    *I love McFarland as well…I just don’t trust this team to use him appropriately.

    • Matt

      This is going to kill the analytics crowd, but quite honestly – I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Hawks drop down into early R2 (pick up extra picks) and make CEH their first pick…he’s more like Marshawn than anybody I’ve recently seen. And there is something about that style that just fits this team/town.

      *The natural caveat is in this scenario – the board plays out where nobody of need or special traits is available at #27.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Im also in agreement that RB is more of a priority than most. I wouldnt want to take one with 27, 59, or 64 but I would at 100 in a second if there was the right guy there (whoever it might be). Our run game basically disappeared after Carson went down and you need that third back as you cant rely on Carson and Penny to finish the season. Maybe if they get a better timeshare moving forward that can keep them fresh and healthy in the playoffs If they have a guy targeted in the late rounds they think they can get then Im OK with that as well.

        • GerryG


  29. Kyle

    I’ll not be surprised either, if a rb goes early. It’ll be worth seeing heads explode on Twitter

  30. GoHawksDani

    Homer is 5-10, 201 and 39,5 vert, 130 broad.
    I think it’s reasonable they wouldn’t hate CEH or McFarland just of their size and the Homer pick might showed us they found the 2 lead back in CC and Penny and they’re open for a 3rd down back/specialist runner of different size (I know they picked Homer mostly because of ST value but still).
    Tbh I’d love a different runner more than a WR3. But I’d hope they’d use some more exotic offensive personnel like 2 or 3 RB sets

  31. Kyle

    Wow I never knew there was so much discourse between collective twitter people and this blog. I probably don’t read the comments enough on here though lol.

    • Rob Staton

      There isn’t really.

      From time to time we like to moan about the latest twitter meltdown. But the only reason any of this is happening this week is simply because I wrote an article, as I have for the last few weeks, pitching a trade scenario. Because let’s be honest, this is a pretty uneventful and boring time of the off-season and generally people have enjoyed those articles with the Seahawks having some cap space and draft capital to spend for once this year.

      And for some reason, Field Gulls dedicated an entire article about it. Their choice. It’s not done them any favours. But I’m ready to move on now. This is the most fascinating off-season in a long time and discussing anything else is white noise.

      • DC

        It’s the time of year to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.

        There are so many ways this could go and so many interesting options out there. Good fun!

      • Kyle

        Interesting. I don’t look at FG and haven’t really for at least three seasons now (maybe more which is crazy to think), but I just read their Clowney article and scrolled through comments and there’s a lot going on there lol. A lot referencing that specific article and calling it wildly unrealistic. I’m not sure why it’s wildly unrealistic though? Having a hard time seeing why it is so off-base. The first for Diggs is absolutely enough on its own, put then you’re getting a mid round pick for a guy who is FOR SURE going to be cut. On its surface, I would absolutely say it’s a ridiculous trade, but that would be totally out of context. Minn is getting a pick for a guy that is going to be gone regardless (batting a significant restructuring which actually isn’t possibly with his deal now). The only arguement I can see being made is that maybe another mid round pick could be added, but that wouldn’t come from this years draft it would be a next year thing.

        • Rob Staton


          Who gives a toss anyway

          • Kingdome1976


      • Cyrus

        I saw that article and shrugged, there are always gonna be those people who cant just look at a offseason prediction article and not argue. The whole point about these articles is that we are fans of the seahawks and like to start discussions about the seahawks. The people who argue over what will or wont happen dont get that you cant discount anything out of the realm of reality (ex. Clowney for mingo, martin and a 3rd) and that anything can happen. Personally I try and ignore those argumentative types online, and the community on this blog has always opted to listen and share as opposed to dismissing and fighting which is why I love this blog, its just plain and simple seahawks fans who love football. Thanks for all of the grade A content you have provided us over the years.

        • Rob Staton

          My pleasure Cyrus, thanks for reading 👍🏻

  32. HawkfaninMT

    3 yrs/45M 29gtd for DJ Humphries? Seems rich to me, but I guess that’s what you have to ay for average to slightly below average lineplay. Makes me think they will have to choose/let the market choose between Fant and Ifedi even more

    • DC

      OL get paid these days. It’s always going to seem rich & it is rich. Beats watching your QB get assassinated on a regular basis. League average guys are getting top pay when they reach the open market.

      • HawkfaninMT

        Yeah but top 3 money in the league? I feel like paying average players elite money is where teams get in trouble. A lot is made about paying elite players elite money (Wilson). I think it’s the panic buys that are what cost teams

        • Rob Staton

          Said it so many times. The complete and utter dearth of quality OL in the league these days means teams are overpaying to retain or bring in players. The market has gone to s**t at the position. And I suspect it’s one of the reasons why Seattle has moved towards cheap, scheme specific veterans while drafting to develop over the last two drafts. We’ll see what they do this year but that has been the way they’ve gone.

          • HawkfaninMT

            No argument here… lack of options is pushing marginal talent to the top of the pay scale. Also makes me feel never more that Britt will be staying. Makes me feel like both Ifedi and Fant will get paid, and the Hawks will be bringing in cheaper veteran talent along with continued drafting. Will not be surprised to see an OL of:

            Brown-Haynes-Britt-Fluker-Veteran (Iupati/Sweezy-type deal)

      • Eburgz

        This looks like an absolutely brutal contract. I won’t be surprised to see teams (hawks included) shell out big money for Ifedi and Fant.

        I’m standing by wanting to pay Conklin/Bulaga. Our guys are good options too but if we’re paying top money I want a top player. Even if it costs a couple million more.

        • Rob Staton

          So Conklin and Bulaga are top players?

          They might be among the best of a bad bunch of NFL RT’s but ‘top players’???

          Again, people moaned a lot about Ifedi but the offense was top five per DVOA and Wilson had a MVP caliber season with him starting 16 games.

          If they had $80m to spend I wouldn’t push back on these suggestions.

          But we all saw what held back Seattle last year. A rank bad defense with barely any talent. That is the priority for the big money. It will be and it has to be.

          • Eburgz

            Yeah. Those guys are top players at their position. They are all-pros and pro bowlers. The PFF’s and football outsiders of the world (whatever they’re worth) back it up. My eye test agrees (it’s all I’ve got really)

            Ifedi is severely underrated by this fan base too. But he has serious issues, like jumping offsides every road game to kill drives. I’d rather pay a couple million more for the guys I named (assuming our guys get good offers). We disagree, all good.

            • Rob Staton

              Bulaga was second team all pro in 2011.

              Conklin was first team all pro in 2016, his rookie season, when even the PFF’s of the world write that he received a ton of help.

              Come on.

          • Eburgz

            The offense was top 5 per DVOA but our right tackle (offensive line in general) graded out below average. Well below average. Especially in pass pro.

            We’ve molded our personnel to our identity. I’m not mad about it. Our OL is better at run blocking. We’re a punch you in the mouth “smash mouth” team with a physical running game and an explosive down field passing game that relies on the play action.. I get it.

            But you can’t tell me the pass pro has been up to par. We have to hide that group and it’s a big reason why we can’t “let Russ Cook” like the simpletons say. The scheme and RW especially have masked some flaws we have, we will probably continue to do so. It I’d like it if we could drop back on 3rd down without Russell having to make water into wine.

            I think pass pro is a much bigger priority than a “3rd weapon”. Don’t get me mixed up with those field goals guys though (your content is better, no need to engage with those guys unless you think it’s fun).

            • DavidinBellingham

              I think the point Rob has made before is, if the Hawks can achieve a top 5 DVOA offense WITH Germain Ifedi, then how much will a TOP right tackle add when compared to spending resources on defense? Would not fixing the pass rush pay greater dividends?

            • Rob Staton

              Is the team going to go from #5 DVOA to #3 if they spend $15m on a right tackle?

              While the defense still sucks and holds them back?

              They have to spend the money they have to best create a winning formula. I don’t know how anyone can watch the defense and think spending $15m on Jack Conklin or an ageing Bryan Bulaga would be wise because that’s a huge chunk of the cap space. Especially with a terrific OL draft class.

              It just makes sense to spend money on the defense and then use the strength of the draft to your advantage.

      • GerryG

        What would the 5th year option have cost on Ifedi?

        JS is so darn opposed to that 5th year option, but to me, it would have made good sense for Ifedi. One more year for a reliable (health wise) average RT, and gives you an extra year to draft and develop the replacement. Now you are forced to pay 15+ per year for his services, which seems absurd.

        • Rob Staton

          I suspect they had and will have a plan though. It’s a good OL draft and they’ve done a fair job finding veteran scheme fits the last two off-seasons.

          • Doug

            Give DL is the priority the I don’t think Seahawks can sign two “Humphries” contracts to keep both Ifedi and Fant.

            Will Fant potentially cost less than Ifedi? Less time in a starter role for sure. I would be ok with letting Ifedi go and signing Fant as the starting RT and heir to Brown at LT, then signing a player to take over Fant’s role as TE-hybrid OL, plus adding to the OL through the draft.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t expect Fant to receive anything like an Ifedi contract. He’s barely played. Ifedi is a consistent 16 game starter. It’s the main reason why I think Fant will be back.

              • GerryG

                Yeah if Fant returns, at a decent price, then we have navigated the potentially sticky situation quite well.

                These dead weeks of waiting are killing me!

                • Ashish

                  Yes, between now and July only FA and Draft are the times we are looking for. Thanks to Rob and SBD, for all great articles podcasts and discussion .

  33. Starhawk29

    CEH is a big time favorite of mine. I’d pick him the minute the 2nd round starts if possible. He’s a straight stud, and I’ve been firmly on board with him since November. I could easily see Pete looking past the measurables to grab a player with his level of production. That being said, I agree with Rob that we likely won’t draft them.

    McFarland is probably in the same boat, but man do I love that guy. He’s Jamal Charles 2.0, and will be one of the most explosive players in the league. I’d do backflips if we picked him up, but I could see the eagles, the colts, or the chiefs loving him.

  34. Kingdome1976

    I have my reasons but I get a strange feeling like Clowney is prone to missing games. It’s like that kid in neighborhood when we were kids who was really good at sports but never really came to his full potential.

    Just saying I get why we should sign him but I’m still concerned.

    • Rob Staton

      He hasn’t missed many the last few years.

      • Doug

        The toughness Clowney showed playing through obvious pain in the last few games of the season reveal a lot about his character and commitment to the team. I will take that guy 10/10.

        • Rob Staton

          Look at the Philly playoff game. And Carroll’s reaction after. They won’t let him leave unless the price is daft (26m).

  35. Cyrus

    Hey rob what are your thoughts on kenny willekse? I think he could be a mid round steal similar to maxx crosby last year

    • Rob Staton

      Very limited physical profile. Bit of a self made man in terms of his football success. I don’t think it will translate though and he might be an UDFA.

  36. Spencer

    Random thoughts on FieldGulls – Ive been reading SDB since I believe the Glenn Dorsey or Michael Crabtree draft, can’t remember – infact we even corresponded through email and I designed the header for you (I can’t remember if you used it or not). Easily my favourite Seahawks related website. I also frequent fieldgulls (don’t post there). I like to read the articles and sometimes even read through the comments. I think, although they tend to be negative, it’s interesting to hear different perspectives. If you critically think, avoid the group thought and have the ability to form your own opinions, then it’s not too bad of a place .

    Thoughts on the piece – Agree with most that RB is a bigger thought then we may think. I remember when Lynch was retiring, we were worried about how to replace the irreplaceable. The Seahawks have done a good job, but might be unwilling to pay big money to Carson who has some faults. I believe in Penny, but hasn’t shown enough to be relied on afterwards. Depending on how the holes get plugged, and knowing that PC tend to think long term in the draft and rely on internal growth from their players in years 2 and 3, I can see them drafting a RB for sure.

    • Rob Staton

      I think whoever drafts CEH is going to get a champion. There’s so many other positions Seattle has to get done first, even if RB is more of a need than we anticipated a few months ago. But CEH is a special player. I don’t think people realise how freaky he is athletically. Combine that with talent, versatility, personality. The complete package. He’s just short. That matters sometimes but occasionally it doesn’t (RW). I think CEH is the same.

      • Ashish

        Seahawks preaches run first & given injuries to both starting RB we should not surprise to see hawks taking one in early 3rd. We know hawks are going to moving around the board for sure.

  37. Simo

    Also agree that RB is a greater need for the Hawks than many think, and I loved the clips of CEH and McFarland.

    As a more powerful type, it sure seems like CEH fits the Hawks style better. I’m also very interested in his receiving ability as he seems to be fluid and natural catching the ball. If he is available in the 3rd (big if probably) they should absolutely take him. Even move up some in the 3rd to get him.

    I was also struck by how quick and explosive the tape on McFarland shows him to be. They didn’t feature him much as a receiver though, and that may be where he needs to make his living in the NFL, similar to Kamara. If CEH is gone and McFarland is available late 3rd, he would be a good pick!

  38. Radman

    Not that Body Mass Index says it all, but this is worth noting

    5’10” 220 lbs is a BMI of 31.6

    5’8″ 208 is a BMI of 31.6

    I’ve posted this idea a few times here over the years. Folks often say 5’8″ or 5’6″ is “small”. Look at the weight. If dude is 5’8″ and over 210 he’s a monster.

    • Davido

      Good point! You also need to consider the quality of mass and also the frame where height plays a role. Most college players do not come into the NFL in their athletic peak. Penny was also “bigger” when entering the league but his weight was not really useful.

      • Greg Haugsven

        The smaller you are the less you can weigh for sure as its about center of gravity. Maurice Jones Drew was 5’7″ and 210 and ran like a truck. That being said you just cant avoid there history with the 5’10” 220 mold they usually like.

        • Lewis

          MJD is built like a fire hydrant on wheels. Guys like that are tough to find, unfortunately.

    • Sea Mode

      Interesting point.

  39. Bigten

    Responding to your assessment on the RT situation, and these RBs, are what would hold me back on the Diggs trade proposal. I think you laid out beautifully, the rationale for trading for Diggs and Griffen, and why it makes sense for both parties involved. For me Personally, that 27 is just to valuable given the depth and strength of the draft on the line and skill positions. Giving RW a legit WR1 (which is what Diggs would be in my opinion) who is also a close friend and probably has chemistry, also holds a lot of value, but from a team building aspect, that 27 could be used to trade back and pick up an extra 3rd, and with the early second and third, could possibly turn into Wilson and CEH. Both unknowns, but from a team building aspect, it makes sense. Or it could be turned into Davis and another WR, with Dobbins being taken in the second.
    Obviously, any player it just takes one team to pick them and they go higher than expected, but I would disagree with the sentiment that CEH or McF are going to for sure need to be taken with our firsts or seconds. For starters, the league doesn’t have a shortage of quality RBs. I don’t see many teams that are desperate for a RB, and that being their biggest hole. And RB are a premium. High picks have proven not to be needed on RB. It is because of this, I believe Dobbins (top 3 in the class) will still be available in the late second, and CEH and McF will be available in the third and fourth respectively. And I also am a big fan of Gibson in the 5th or 6th.
    If we could address DL in free agency then draft:
    2nd Wilson (trade back), Davis (trade up), Dobbins
    3rd Gabrielle Davis or other WR to be named after combine
    4th TE (Moss or Bryant)
    5th Gibson

    I would be extremely happy and think it would be good moves to build a championship team.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m happy to stress again —- the Diggs article was a proposal. It wasn’t “the Seahawks must do this or else”.

      That’s what we do here. Talk through scenarios, possibilities, create talking points, discuss them, try and use logic and learn from previous decisions to project what might happen.

      • Simo

        Isn’t it really the point you’re always driving home, that there’s many ways to build a championship contending team?

        They could choose to make some key trades along the way this off-season, which clearly adds some proven veteran talent.

        They may choose to be much more active in FA than in previous years, as they actually have some available cap space.

        They may choose to move up or down (or both) in the draft to acquire more players they covet or just more players overall.

        So many different possibilities are available, especially when teams have available cap space and draft capital in the same season, not to mention plenty of hole to fill on both defense and offense.

        I really enjoy that you give us frequent articles to discuss involving different possibilities. Who knows, maybe none of them come to fruition, but just maybe one of these ideas becomes reality! It’s going to be fun regardless, can’t wait!!

      • Bigten

        That was the point I was trying to make. Wasnt saying your were arguing that it was the only way, I was just agreeing with you, and stating my opinion.

  40. GoHawksDani

    Can’t wait ’til the combine, so had to do a way-too-early-mock with a draft simulator. (Wanna do a better one by going over the reasonable prospects but didn’t yet have time to do it).
    I think Ruiz will go earlier, probably R1, but at least early R2, but who knows
    CEH will likely go earlier too, early-mid R2 or with good testing R1 is possible also
    Niang might go a bit earlier, but all in all I think with some luck this could be a potential draft so while not 100% likely, it’s not that much over the top either.

    Huge, strong, good against the run with maybe a passrush upside. Floor is something like Al Woods and the ceiling could be Calais Campbell

    Try to re-work Britt to fit under 4-5m and groom Ruiz as the successor. If Britt is not game, then keep Hunt and make Ruiz and Hunt compete for starting job. Most likely Ruiz wins, and then the Hawks fan will win too

    People mover. Loved in the Senior bowl. We need a great blocking TE and he seems like one. He can also catch the ball. With him and Dissly lining up it’d be awesome.

    Hawks move from their prototype and make the biggest steal of the draft. I don’t think to need to write more, Rob already said everything in this post. They could use him first as a 3rd down back or a RB/WR hybrid lining him up everywhere and moving him around. After that we’ll see. If Penny is not working or Carson is not the same or fumbling too much CEH could take their snaps. You can’t have enough good RB

    130: R4P27 – OT LUCAS NIANG, TCU
    Rob wrote about him: “A forgotten man due to his injury but he can handle right tackle or guard duties and should be a reasonably early starter (health permitting).”
    Keep Fant but do not just hand him the job. Make Niang and Fant compete for RT. Fant likely wins because of exp, but Niang is a good hedge in case of injury. He could be groomed to be a swing tackle, or if needed RG too. 6-7, 328lbs…a huge man. Unlikely to drop this much far, but injury concerns and being a bit heavier/slower in his last year might cause a drop. This could be another huge steal if the board would fall like this.

    6-4, 263 lbs in his last year 15,5 TFL, 9,5 sacks, 4 PBU, 3FF
    Had a serious wrist injury and his hand usage suffered that, so a gamble. Great attitude, agile, good footwork. On the downside is the serious injury and not that fast, also beat a lot of mediocre OTs, so not sure how he’ll produce vs quality opponents

    I liked him in the Senior Bowl. 5-11, 202 lbs. Pretty soft hands, track star, good long speed but avg short speed and agility. Great attitude, BAMFy, likes to collide and run over people after catch. Obviously that could mean some wear and tear, but I like the odds. Also able to return kicks. Seems like a solid WR3

    Listed as CB but turned S. Better at safety, but has the upside of playing as CB previously. To me he could be a developmental “McDougald”, who can play both position. Strictly backup after Diggs, McDougald and Blair, but has upside.

    Drafted a kicker ‘cos couldn’t find any more interesting/good guys. I think Myers is OK, but not sure I’d give him another big contract. If “Hot Rod” can have some time to get a bit better we might be able to start him in 2021. He has big leg and cool character. But he also missed some important shots, so only a 7th round gamble/kicker prospect

  41. Gaux Hawks

    It’s a sickness… I can’t help myself!

    1 Raekwon Davis, DT
    2 Brandon Aiyuk, WR
    2 Willie Gay Jr, LB
    3 Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB
    4 Logan Sternberg, G
    4 Stephan Sullivan, TE
    5 Rashard Lawrence, DT

    FA Austin Hooper, TE
    FA Arik Armstead, DT
    FA Vic Beasley, DE
    FA Kendall Fuller, CB/S

    Keep Jefferson, Britt & Ifedi (or Fant)

    • Gaux Hawks

      …and Clowney (of course)!

      • Greg Haugsven

        It is a sickness as I think about it all day long. I even wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. Thats a pretty good crop there. Personally I dont really care if Jefferson comes back and dont really care about Fuller but the rest sounds good and I prefer Fant over Ifedi. My only argument would be if Stenberg and Lawrence will fall that far. If we could only get one big name on the DLine would people rather it be more of a defensive end or defensive tackle?

        • Gaux Hawks

          …as I believe Rob has mentioned, I also prefer to bring in proven talent and splashy speed off the edge. Draft DT and functional depth.

  42. Greg Haugsven

    Other than Clowney that is.

  43. Steve Nelsen


    Are you planning to do an offensive line article? We don’t have a RT on the roster right now. I know many at Field Gulls and here are just penciling in Fant and not thinking about it. You were out front talking about the Britt contract situation. You have reported Carroll’s stated desire for continuity and you have identified some draft prospects.

    I would like to know your thoughts about whether Jamarco Jones or Phil Haynes look ready to start at left guard for Iupati. Are there any free agent or trade scenarios to consider like you have written about for other positions?

    I don’t think it is a given that either Fant or Ifedi will be Seattle’s tackle next year. What are the options for Seattle in that case?

    And I remember Coach Carroll talking about his preference for continuity on the offensive line several years ago just before they lost Carpenter, Okung and Sweezy in free agency, traded Unger and moved Britt to center. Fans were confidently projecting Mark Glowinski as a solid starter based on one or two games filling in for injured starters.

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness I’ve done individual specific pieces on Andrew Thomas, Cesar Ruiz, Isaiah Wilson and Logan Stenberg and have discussed within many articles the significant options in the draft. I think aside from that we’re in wait and see mode. I don’t think they will spend big money on outside FA OL because I don’t think there’s any value in the market at the top end. I think if they need to they will do what they’ve been doing —- reasonably priced veterans in the second wave of FA and then draft to develop. That would match up with the strong options in the draft too.

      • Steve Nelsen

        Yes. Your pieces on draft prospects seem to be about the only real Seahawk OL analysis anyone has done among the writers and analysts.

        I know you said on a blog a while back that you think resigning Fant is the most likely scenario. I know you like Thomas but aren’t sure he will be available. If he slips to 27, would you see him as an upgrade over Fant even as a rookie? And you put Wilson on my radar for the combine. Are there any other tackles you are looking at that might end up in the 25-40 range and be a serviceable rookie starter depending on how they test?

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think there’s any chance whatsoever of Thomas lasting to 27. He’s a top 10 pick for me. I know others have had him falling recently but even then, dropping to 27 would be unheard of. He’d have to have a tragic combine and if that happens and he drops I doubt Seattle ends the fall. But I don’t see it happening. Arizona, NYJ, Cleveland —- one of them will take him.

          Lucas Niang is interesting although the medical checks are important there. Austin Jackson is raw but has the tools. Jones at Houston flashed both good and bad at the Senior Bowl. Taylor at South Carolina could be a project. Isaiah Wilson is the guy I like the most. And this draft is loaded with interior OL talent for the middle rounds.

  44. RWIII

    Rob: Just curious. All things being equal. Would you prefer Raekwon Davis or Carlos Ruiz?

  45. RWIII

    I meant Cesar Ruiz or Raekwon Davis?

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t answer that until we know what happens in FA and with Britt.

  46. cha

    Drew Brees announces he is playing in 2020. Teddy Bridgewater “officially” available now.

  47. dcd2

    I see a lot of people (on SDB) mocking Stephen Sullivan to us. I just don’t see him as an option at all. He’s a big WR with no blocking skills. If we are talking about depth for a Dissly injury situation, Hollister can catch, but he’s not much of a blocker. Same issue for Sullivan.

    I would think someone like Jacob Breeland, who is a great pass-catcher that also can block, but may fall due to the injury. Maybe Thadeus Moss, who also can do a bit of both. Devin Asiasi? I’ve only seen his pass-catching, but he’s listed at 287 lbs, so one would assume he is serviceable.

    I just don’t think we take a sub-par blocker at TE, especially if we’re moving Fant to RT and losing that element. Maybe if we sign Hooper, but I’m less convinced we spend that kind of money on TE when Olsen might get you 80% of the production at half the cost.

    • Volume12

      Whether he’s a Seahawk or not, Sullivan has a fan in me for life. Love roiting for guys with his backstory.

    • Volume12

      I think it depends. TE is a still a need regardless, but if they roll with Fant at RT than a blocking TE becomes much more of a need than it would if Ifedi stays.

    • Sea Mode

      *perks up*

      Did someone say “Jacob Breeland”?

      👍 like

  48. Dingbatman

    Curious as to thoughts on Kyle Rudolph/Griffin as a potential trade targets. Not as flashy but likely cost less draft capital?

    • Rob Staton

      Only thing is there they just signed Rudolph to a new deal and unlike Diggs he isn’t angling to leave.

  49. Volume12

    Georgia OT Isaiah Wilson has a fascinating background.

    Only played 2 years of collegiate football
    Wears a size 18 shoe
    Had to ride the bus an hour each way to a private school that cost over $40,000 a year in tuition.
    Former wrestler
    Coaches and parents talk about how easy school was for him and how quickly he digests and processes new information

    • Volume12

      Was also a 5 star recruit

    • Trevor

      If the Hawks go OT early it will be Wilson or Becton I think.

  50. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob I have a quick question for you when you look at running backs does the amount of carries a concern for example Johnathan Taylor has had close to 1000 carries in his career at Wisconsin is that at all concerning to you or not really

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, it’s something to consider.

  51. Aaron

    Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft has the Hawks picking DT Justin Madubuike from Texas A&M. He’s 6’3″ and around 305lbs, plus looks like he has great arm length. Here’s a highlight video… Thoughts anyone???

    • drewdawg11

      I have thoughts. I wasted 30 minutes going through Madubuike’s game film and what a disappointment. On a play by play basis, he was rarely impressive. Wasn’t holding the point very well, wasn’t wrecking the offensive line very often. He’s an average player. Nowhere near a first round pick for me.

      • Trevor

        I agree I don’t get the hype with Madubuike.

      • BobbyK

        Sounds like LJ Collier the first round pick.

  52. Trevor

    I would love to see the Hawks get the following 3 guys in the first two rounds. It might be tough to pull off but might be doable if JS can figure out some way to trade back into the early 2nd and then move up with one of the late 2nd round picks.

    Brandon Aiyuk- The more I watch him the more I like him. Day #1 starter as a kick returner and instant upgrade at the WR#3 spot. I think he can be a star.

    Raekwon Davis -Incredible physical profile who could anchor the middle of that Hawks DL for years to come.

    Isiah Wilson – RT of the future and big time upgrade to Ifedi IMO.

    • BobbyK

      If they truly want to be the bully again – they’d need some type of combination like that. With having 3 picks in the first 2 rounds – they also have a pick for a playmaker as well.

  53. ivotuk

    Clyde is an amazing running back! He has the desire, and the physical talent to be an every down back! I saw him play at the end of the season, and IMHO, his running, receiving, and blocking were a huge benefit for Burrows.

    I love this guy and would be happy to spend a 2nd on him.

  54. New Guy

    Greg Olsen – one year $7M – Seahawks

    • Kenny Sloth

      Guess they weren’t looking for a long term guy to pair with Dissly. Could be a really nice pick-up. Low risk in a championship window though

    • Swiss Hawk


  55. New Guy

    per Adam Schefter

  56. Michael McGlynn

    Like the Olsen signing. only 5mil guaranteed, don; think that takes them out of the running for Hooper, but does increase the liklihood we draft a TE.

  57. BobbyK

    I like the signing. Dissly should be the long-term answer at TE and he’s already on the roster. However, he needs to prove he can stay healthy for an entire season before we can chalk him up to being “the guy” at TE for the next 6-7 years. Signing Olsen gives them that veteran option for 2020 if something (else) happens to Dissly. The negatives are we’ve now got a couple injury prone TEs for next year, but one should be healthy at all times (hopefully).

    • TomLPDX

      Hopefully! I like this too!

    • Greg Haugsven

      Looks like its a one year $5.5 million deal with $1.5 in incentives. Thats not to bad. Looks like we are out of the Hooper/Henry sweepstakes. Probably not in on OJ Howard either. Any way you look at it this is a Seahawk type signing.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Maybe its $1.5 million in per game roster bonuses?

      • cha

        I could see the Hawks still pursuing Howard. Olsen is probably only good for the one year anyway. They just have more leverage in that they can walk away if they don’t like what TB wants. Not saying it’ll definitely happen, but the Hawks could just say “hey we have 2 TEs we love, but just inquiring what it would take to get Howard” and then make a low counter and see what happens.

  58. Denver Hawker

    Between Dis, Olsen and a likely tender of Hollister, Hawks are set at TE. Low chance they draft a TE early. Seeing Hunter Bryant in a Hawks Jersey will have to wait.

    I like Olson’s contract too.

  59. Mark Souza

    See what you’ve done here, Rob? You’ve introduced me to 2 new players I now want in a Hawks uniform – especially McFarland. They both have incredible talents, but McFarland has that extra burst and top gear to leave defenders in the dust. And now I’ll watch the draft and pray Seattle takes one of them, and when they go to someone else, I’ll be left shouting “Dammit, dammit, dammit,” at my TV. Then I’ll follow their careers with other teams and long for what could have been. Thanks Rob.

    • Rob Staton


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