College football draft notes 25/09

Here are some quick notes based on what I’ve been able to watch on Saturday. I had to do a six-hour round trip for work so I’ve had limited access today.

— The 2022 draft is going to need to rely on depth because the big names just aren’t there. Nobody is emerging. The quarterback class stinks and beyond a select 3-4 players at other positions, there’s nobody to covet at the top of the class. This might be the most lacking draft class we’ve ever covered in terms of high first round picks. The internet mock drafts are full of overrated types. I’m finding it hard to discover exciting players worthy of high grades. There are players to like and target later on — quite a few actually. The top talent is severely lacking though.

— What does that mean? I think we might see more veteran trades than ever in the forthcoming off-season — especially with some quarterback-needy teams carrying multiple first round picks.

— I really like what Sam Pittman is doing at Arkansas. This was a team on its knees. They showed gradual improvement last year and this season they’ve already beaten Texas and Texas A&M. Georgia are next and that’ll be a tough one for them. But they play a tough, physical brand of football that mixes in some creativity and speed.

— That said, I was hoping to see a big performance from safety Jalen Catalon and his most noticeable act was chasing after Isaiah Spiller on a big touchdown run by the Aggie running back. Spiller has had a mediocre start to the season and has underwhelmed for a while. Even so, he showed off great speed and finishing ability on that long run and left Catalon (who is quick) for dead.

— Tight end Jalen Wydermyer has first round talent — so why do Texas A&M never throw him the football? He had one catch for 18 yards against Arkansas and dropped another difficult catch which was thrown high. Aside from that he was anonymous again. They simply aren’t making the most of his talents. Is it quarterback play? Jake Ferguson at Wisconsin is suffering a similar fate.

— We featured UCLA running back Zach Charbonnet right at the start of the season and he continues to impress. The Michigan transfer ran for 209 yards and a touchdown against Stanford, adding 42 yards as a receiver. He is extremely talented and deserves a lot more attention than he’s getting. It was good to see tight end Greg Dulcich more involved too, registering 42 yards on five catches.

— Most mocks have Michigan Aidan Hutchinson in the late first or early second. He’s a certain top-20 pick, especially in this class. He had another sack today against a spirited Rutgers team.

— Keep an eye on Florida State pass rusher Jermaine Johnson. He had another sack today against Louisville and has been a rare bright spark for the winless Seminoles.

— One of the consistent themes of the draft coverage this year is the horrendous nature of the 2022 quarterback class. Nothing embodies that more than Oklahoma’s overrated Spencer Rattler. Mocked in round one by so many, he had another stinker against West Virginia on Saturday. He had yet another interception throwing carelessly into thick coverage, lofting a pass that was begging to be picked off. He should’ve had another before half-time when throwing on the run. He was booed by the home fans multiple times and many chanted for backup Caleb Williams. Rattler strikes me as a player who thinks he’s better than he is. He trusts his arm way too much and is careless. He doesn’t read a defense or make sound decisions, he just backs himself to make throws. He does have some arm talent and he can extend plays but week after week he makes atrocious decisions and right now, I couldn’t project him in round one. No way.

— Another player who’s overrated? Clemson receiver Justyn Ross. I just don’t see it with him. Ross had a chance to keep Clemson alive in overtime on fourth down against NC State but showed a distinct lack of physicality, ball-tracking and desire in failing to catch a reasonably thrown pass. A quick reminder that he ran a 4.87 forty at SPARQ and jumped a 27-inch vertical.

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  1. Sea Mode

    Well, if teams need to start looking for talent in other places…

    As one of the replies says: my man didn’t even last long enough for Kevin Harlan to start a play-by-play. 😂

  2. Sea Mode

    Yeah, so flexing is basically as bad now as spitting on an opponent? Great…

    Tom Pelissero

    The NFL fined nine players over $94,000 total for unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting fouls last week — including $12,875 for #Seahawks G Gabe Jackson and $10,300 each for #Chargers TE Jared Cook and WR Keenan Allen, #Bears S Tashaun Gipson and #Bengals S Vonn Bell

    #Bills CB Levi Wallace ($9,526) and #Seahawks CB D.J. Reed ($5,111) were also fined. As @RapSheet said, #Steelers G Trai Turner got the biggest fine for unsportsmanlike conduct for spitting at an opponent ($15,450).

  3. Palatypus

    Leading Oklahoma receiver Michael Woods II, a Senior, had 8 catches for 86 yards (ESPN has that as an 8.8 yard average ???) with no touchdowns and a long of 35 yards.

    And he transferred from Arkansas.

    Yeah, that might not have been a great decision.

  4. Palatypus

    One of the ESPN commentators just said that the Arizona State running back (Ngata) is averaging 4.7 yards before contact. Is that for the season?

  5. GoHawks5151

    My Oregon State Beavers rolling on the Trojans right now!!! BJ Baylor RB, Teagan Quitoriano TE, Luke Musgrave TE, Nathan Eldridge C, Josh Gray OT, Avery Roberts LB and Omar Speights LB are names to remember the next few years.

  6. Kendo

    Question for Rob and the rest of the community about the website. For some reason I can’t access the website with Galaxy phones (S8 and now S20 FE) unless I am connected to WiFi. I have not had these issues with my IPad or IPhones. Anyone else experience this or know how to solve the problem?

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure why that is

      • Palatypus

        I can access the site with my Galaxy FE without wifi. My provider is Verizon. It could be your security settings, because on my laptop (on Microsoft Edge) it says that the site is not secure. Try using a different browser.

    • Big Mike

      I have an S10 and it works fine getting here on data.

    • Ashish

      Glad you ask, i have same issue. I have samsung note 10. Site only works on wifi.

    • bmseattle

      I have the same problem/issue.
      I have no idea why it happens or who to fix it, unfortunately.

      • bmseattle


    • MychestisBeastmode

      Same here. Rarely it will load when not on wifi. I’m not sure why, but it seems like if it doesn’t load right away it won’t load at all. I wrote it off to the site being hosted on a European server but idk 😶

  7. Poli

    Just seen some game footage of Henry ragdolling Adams picking up the blitz. What a specimen.

    • Mick

      Well here’s some footage of Adams doing nothing all game:
      He looks like he’s got no shot against these OLiners, why does he keep trying to blitz?

      • Rob Staton

        Ah yes, the classic ‘us vs the world’ speech from a former five star recruit, top-10 pick, traded for using a fortune of picks, paid $17.5m a year, who drinks out of a $2200 Louis Vitton coffee cup.

        It’s just like, “who’s got my back?” from Sherm and “we all we got” from Big Red…

        I did enjoy his mid-game bet, that was fun.

        But I didn’t enjoy seeing Julio Jones having his pants down at the end, blocking him multiple times with ease.

      • Big Mike

        17.5 million dollar cheerleader

      • GoHawksDani

        Such a joke. He’s pretty good at shouting and running after plays are over. That’s all in almost all tackles the video showed he was the 2nd/3rd man on it. Didn’t really saw any one-on-one big tackles from him

    • UkAlex6674

      To be fair, Henry rag dolls 99% of people he plays against.

  8. DriveByPoster

    I watched the Notre Dame v Wisconsin game. All very tight & defensive until the Wisconsin offense went into melt-down in the fourth quarter. The player who caught my eye was the Notre dame third string QB, freshman Drew Pyne, who came on to play his first game after the starter got dinged. He looked rock solid in the pocket. Had a good arm on the flat throws & it didn’t phase him after taking a couple of big hits. One to keep an eye on for the future perhaps.

  9. Rob Staton

    We didn’t have time to record a preview stream this week but FWIW I think the Seahawks will win today

    • Henry Taylor

      Glad to hear it. Personally I’m nervous, Vikings with their backs against the wall and much better than their record. Total coin flip game for me, could come down to whoever gets the breaks.

      • Rob Staton

        I think the Vikings are slow dancing through the inevitable departure of Zimmer and no or limited Dalvin Cook should make this a win.

        • AlaskaHawk

          From ESPN:
          Cook is a game-day decision and could have a limited role even if he’s active. Last year, 2nd running back Mattison had one dud (Week 6) and one huge performance (Week 17) in his two fill-in starts, and he should handle a large workload Sunday if Cook doesn’t end up playing. Ameer Abdullah is the only other tailback on Minnesota’s roster for Sunday’s game, with the team opting not to call up preseason star A.J. Rose from the practice squad.

          Minnesota selected Mattison in the third round of the 2019 draft and the former BOISE STATE star has done an admirable job backing up Dalvin Cook over the past two seasons (4.6 YPC, 1.9 YAC, 7.7 YPT). Mattison doesn’t see the field much when Cook is healthy, but showed well with 277 yards and three TDs on 58 touches in three games in relief of an injured Cook in 2020.

        • Palatypus

          Slow dancing to what song?

    • pdway

      I feel like I don’t have a read on the Hawks yet – and don’t know where I sit on this game. Could see it going either way.

      But…some very interesting NFC West action today.

      Where do you all come down on Rams/Bucs and Niners/Packers?

      I think Rams win, and Packers win.


      • Paul Cook

        Yeah, Rams and Bucs…probably the two best teams in the NFC now. I’ll go with the Rams being at home. I’ll also go with the Packers just because of of Aaron Rodgers. So I agree with you.

      • Big Mike

        Agree with you on both those games.

  10. Henry Taylor

    Jake Haener got it done again. 30/42 378 yards 5td 1int vs UNLV

    Apart from the toughness he showed against UCLA he doesn’t look that impressive to me, but I wonder if he benefits from a weaker class.

  11. Hunter

    Are their any good CB’s that fit Seattle that’ll be available at the end of the 2nd?

    • Paul Cook

      I don’t know if they fit the Hawks physical specs mode, but if either Trent McDuffie of Kyler Gordon were available in the 2nd round, you take them.

      • Brondleman

        Gordon had himself a game last night in a very Seahawk like Husky win.

        • Paul Cook

          He certainly did. All over the field last night. And, of course, those two picks and that 4th down stop. The game should have been over long before it was. The Huskies were like the Seahawks last week. Zero 2nd half offense when all they needed was just a little to put Cal away.

          • Paul Cook

            PS> Pretty soon it’s going to get real hard for Jimmy Lake and the Huskies to not start their freshman 5 star, number one high school pro style QB prospect in the country. I mean, Dylan Morris is not going to take us anywhere near the promised land.

            • Big Mike

              But with that OC would it matter?

  12. Paul Cook

    The positive about Rattler’s performance yesterday was that he took Oklahoma from the 7 yard line to chip-shot field goal range in the final 2 minutes of the game. Hopefully he can build off that clutch game winning drive.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen enough now to have very little faith in him for the next level

      • Paul Cook

        You’re probably right. I’m trying to be optimistic being that the Sooners are my 2nd string college team.

  13. JLemere

    Jay Glazer says Dalvin Cook is out, so I hope PC lets Darrell Taylor lose and let him feast on Cousins today.

  14. Big Mike

    After hearing Jeff talk about Creed Humphrey this week, I’ve watched him for KC the first quarter and a half today. He sure looks like a step up from Fuller or Pocic to me.

    • Rob Staton


      As a teenager I once told the woman at the entrance of the E.T. ride at Universal Studios that my name was Humphrey, because I thought it’d be funny to hear E.T. say goodbye to Humphrey at the end.

      And to be honest, it was even better that I expected.

      The mechanical E.T. says the name like this…. ‘Humphreeeeey’

      I was amused anyway

  15. GoHawks5151

    Watching the game I think CEH wishes he went somewhere else. Andy Reid abandoning the run.

  16. Tomas

    Bracing for a crash and burn today against Vikings. Hopefully not.

  17. Paul Cook

    The Vikings not having Cook today is a huge advantage for us. Do we have a proper plan of attack for this? A defensive adjustment?

  18. Rob Staton

    Incredible what just happened in the Arizona game.

    But I can’t stand Gus Johnson as a commentator

    • Henry Taylor

      Could not disagree more. Loved that.

      • Rob Staton

        What, a man’s voice cracking and screeching, to the point he can’t speak?

        He’s the worst commentator in the business.

        • dand393

          I couldn’t agree more hate him as a commentator he’s so over rated

    • uptop

      Disagree, I think Gus Johnson is fun and exciting, atleast he’s better than the D Teams we are usually subjected to

      • Rob Staton

        What’s fun and exciting about shouting and screeching?

        • uptop

          Different tastes i guess

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    I thought ND QB Jack Coan looked pretty good yesterday vs Wisconsin. And I thought his replacement Drew Pyne looked good. But I wonder how much of that was Wisconsin’s pass defense not looking good.

    I also like ND RB Kyren Williams. Not really Carroll’s type physically, but he’s pretty effective, especially if he can make the first defender miss. And he’s pretty good at pass pro, which is fairly unusual for cfb.

    I’m not a ND fan, or a Brian Kelly fan, but I recognize the consistency of quality in that program. It’s not easy for any independent program to stay at or near the top of cfb, and yet Kelly has done that. So kudos to him.

    By comparison, USC is a flaming dumpster fire of a program. Oregon State just trucked them last night. BJ Taylor? Yes please. TEs Teagan Quitoriano and Luke Musgrave look intriguing. And LB Jack Colletto stood out on defense.

    • Big Mike

      Colletto was a HS QB here in my neck of the woods. He’s done a fantastic job remaking himself. Guys like him who love the game so much they’ll do whatever it takes to play is the side of sports I love.

    • GoHawks5151

      Avery Roberts and Omar Speights are far better LBs for the Beavs. Both NFL caliber dudes. Agree that Colletto has done a great job finding roles to help the team

  20. Rob Staton

    Titans offensive production vs Arizona & Indy

    Titans offensive production vs Seattle…

  21. cha

    LJ Collier a healthy scratch again


    Benson Mayowa
    Marquise Blair

    Dee Eskridge
    Jake Luton
    Rashaad Penny
    Brandon Shell

    • Rob Staton

      Just says so much about Collier, doesn’t it?

      And Blair clearly can’t stay healthy

      • Big Mike

        Neither can half-Penny

      • Big Mike

        LJ Collier is just flat out a total fail as a draft choice. Half-Penny is damned near the same. First rounders….smdh

        • 12th chuck

          at least they traded 2 first round picks for what appears as a fail and 17 mil on 1 player, so there is that

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I said last week after Collier totally blew his outside contain on a cutback TD run for the Titans that in retrospect, I wouldn’t draft him at all, not even in the 7th, let alone in the 1st.

    • Mick

      Without Mayowa we should see more of Alton. Collier, Blair and Penny are lost causes and we should let them go.

    • AlaskaHawk

      When will Brandon Shell and Mayowa be back? I didn’t think they had serious injuries.

  22. Big Mike

    Who’s gonna play in place of Shell?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Jamarco Jones I believe.

      • GoHawks5151

        Uggh. Where is Ogbuehi?

        • uptop

          youd prefer cedric?

          • GoHawks5151

            Yeah. He had a such a strong string of games in the back half of the season. The Washington game in particular. Jamarco is just a guy

        • UkAlex6674

          OMG! 66yd FG for the Ravens as time expires. Off the crossbar. What a game.

          • Rob Staton

            Nobody ever explained how or why the Ravens weren’t flagged for the play clock hitting 0 then they snap it three seconds later on the final play. Should’ve been a 10 second run off

  23. UkAlex6674

    How did the Lions blow that 4th and 19?!

    • Rob Staton

      Awful defense

  24. Palatypus

    Charger @Chiefs was Clyde Edwards-HILARIOUS !!!

  25. AlaskaHawk

    Former Oregon QB Herbert leads the San Diego Chargers over Kansas City Chiefs. Crazy game, I thought the Chargers would give it away with their not getting set before the snap.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Arizona 3-0, we are in a tough division. And don’t give me some blather about how Arizona is weak, they are doing just fine.

      • GoHawks5151

        Crazy start to season in the AFC. Chiefs and Steelers lose. Baltimore should have. Colts 0-3. Too bad we in the NFC Best

    • Big Mike

      Los Angeles Chargers (sadly)

    • McZ

      At this point, 6th rounder Alohi Gilman is playing better than our $17m SS. Played lights out in coverage, had the final INT. Combined with James and Adderley, they have the best safety unit in the league by now, out of nowhere. Their DL is already nasty, and Tillery is finally showing something.

      This is a team that can only beat itself. And as the season moves on, they will offer less and less.

  26. Palatypus

    Game-winning NFL record 66-yard field goal by Justin Tucker.

    • Big Mike


  27. Blitzy the Clown

    VERY encouraged that DK is getting involved this early.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I’m sayin!

      DK for the score

  28. Big Mike

    Checkdowns, throwing the ball over the middle (to DK), throwing it away when no one was open……..who’s the QB today?

    • Bmseattle

      Apparantly some kind of game manager.

    • GoHawks5151

      Anyone else catch Peyton Manning talking about beating the Cover 2 on MNF? Just hearing him talk about how patient you have to be, checking it down etc. Hopefully Russ heard him too

  29. Kyle Rolfson

    Holy shit is this easy for Minnesota

  30. Bmseattle

    Is it just me, or are they going after Flowers?

    • Big Mike


  31. McZ

    Flowers is hot garbage.

  32. Bmseattle

    Luckily, Robinson was back in a zone there.

  33. Blitzy the Clown

    The ONLY thing Tre Flowers does well is tackle. And Justin Jefferson just took him for a ride on a couple of plays this defensive series.

  34. dand393

    Both DE in coverage on touchdown great play call

    • Big Mike

      Brilliant 🙁

    • Pran

      There are 4 Hawks defenders with 0 Vikings in coverage. Must be some kind of Ken’s trademark call.

  35. Kyle R

    There is Jamal celebrating after a normal four yard tackle. This is of course after Minnesota has marched right down field in about 5 plays.

    • Big Mike


    • Bmseattle

      Hopefully he’s mic’ed up so we can hear later how inspirational he was on that drive.

      • Kyle R

        About as inspirational as those “Live, Love, Laugh” signs in people’s living rooms.

        • Big Mike


  36. Pran

    NFL’s worst defense game after game, season after season, Pete’s hallmark. Such a shame!

  37. GoHawks5151

    Alton Robinson in coverage at least 2 times on that drive? Let the kid rush jeeeze…

    • Bmseattle

      Dunlap, too.

  38. Blitzy the Clown

    If you have your DEs drop into zone coverage instead of, you know, rushing the QB, you either have a failure of personnel, or a failure of scheme. Or both.

  39. Bmseattle

    It’s odd how its either Metcalf *or* Lockett.
    When one is getting targeted, the other is a ghost.

    • Bmseattle

      Never mind. 🙂

  40. Pran

    That’s bad execution by Russ on that 3rd.. he ejected out of a safe pocket too soon

  41. Blitzy the Clown

    A good Kicker is so important.

    Not sure about that 3rd down call. But so far the scheme looks much better than vs Tennessee.

  42. pdway

    kind of seemed like Collins was doing his job on that screen block.


    • Rob Staton

      It was on Fuller, they corrected the call

  43. Big Mike

    Seems that single covering Metcalf is not a good plan.

  44. dand393

    Curhan playing RT

    • Big Mike

      Interesting. Wonder if Cedric is in the doghouse or hurt. Assume Jemarco got dinged too.

    • Mick

      Love it, he played well in preseason, give him a go. Jones and co didn’t impress.

  45. Mick

    Now this is how you run the football, at least 8 yards per carry. Great job guys.

  46. Blitzy the Clown

    Booyah Carson!

  47. Big Mike

    When no one lays a finger on your RB on a 30 yd run, that’s a well blocked play.

  48. AlaskaHawk

    Nice to see a solid running attack to go with the passes. Nice to see Russell doing a variety of passes.

    My impressions of the two teams are that the defenses are equal, but Seahawks offense is better.

    Go Hawks1

  49. Tony

    Loving hawk offense so far. Nice mix of plays, attacking intermediate areas, tins of pre snap moving, different looks out of same set. I’m feeling this. I just hope they don’t wither away when Minnesota d changes it up.

  50. Big Mike

    Good call
    Terrible terrible penalty

    • Bmseattle

      Nice whiff by Adams on the sideline there

  51. downtownjewelrybryan

    bench adams for that bs pete

  52. dand393

    Every time we make a good play we always take a stupid penalty

  53. Big Mike

    Watch Jamal Adams make a textbook tackle…………oh wait, Adams with the whiff~

    • Kyle R

      Haha jinx!

    • Mick

      McDougald looked so much better for us, and was like 5 times cheaper.

  54. Ashish

    Penalties is killing us

  55. Kyle R

    I can’t stop laughing at that terrible whiff of a tackle by our 17.5 million dollar man.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      thats how shmucks with $2k coffee cups tackle

      • Kyle R

        Would have been more effective if he had just thrown his cup at him.

        • Big Mike

          post of the day so far

  56. Pran

    Mattisin burned us last time too

  57. Tony

    Offense has to score 40 today.

    • Palatypus

      They’ll score 39.

  58. Big Mike

    This D is simply not good enough to give teams a fresh et of downs.

  59. Dinosaw

    This defense sucks….stop stop stop blitzing Adams…Carroll’s puppet Norton has no clue…I can’t watch this team

  60. Big Mike

    Adams swallowed up yet again on a pathetic attempt at a blitz.

    • Pran

      Are you saying future HOFer is Not good at Blitz, coverage and tackling.. Jets should rot in that hell for another decade for that lemon!

    • Ashish

      He is literally doing nothing neither covering or blitzing. Just moving up and down like he is going rush and stays there.

  61. 206

    Watching number 33 is infuriating

    • Big Mike

      17.5 per
      Two 1st rounders
      a 3rd rounder
      a starting level Safety

      0 splash plays nearly 2 1/2 games into the season.. No QB pressures, hits or sacks on any of his blitzes.

      • 206

        Just make him play the defense that is called!! The plays will come in due time. So far he’s shown terrible free lancing “skills”

      • Scot04

        But he’s had a couple beautifully missed tackles

    • Rob Staton

      #33 is a liability so far today

  62. Troy

    I have seen wet paper towels that give more resistance, it is all on the O again. The D shows flashes but is just not consistent…

    • Bmseattle

      We simply dont have impact players on the defensive side of the ball.

  63. Pran

    All the Elite QB’s are playing against Hawks.. unfair to Pete!

  64. Kyle R

    I mean this in no way effects that TD but that is a weak and terrible call on Diggs.

    • Tony

      I watched the replay like 6 times. Not sure what was unnecessary on that. Announcers aren’t even caring.

  65. Mick

    I want to see Ryan Neal at safety near Diggs, and 33 on the bench. I’m sure we’ll look more solid.

    • Tony

      Pete said bench is his ally. What a message that could send. But I’m sure it’s more were still figuring out how to use him properly. All while at 17.5!

      • Big Mike

        They’re probably still trying to figure out how to make Jimmy Graham an inline TE too.

  66. Blitzy the Clown

    Not sure the replay supports a personal foul on Diggs.

    Is Adams playing? I mean, I see his jersey number. But the person wearing it isn’t playing anything like the highest paid safety in the NFL. Strange.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s playing alright

      Playing badly

  67. Big Mike

    Waldron having a very good day.

    • Palatypus

      Just wait until the second half.

    • GoHawksDani

      That didn’t age well 😀

  68. AlaskaHawk

    Nice ball movement. The big question is, why didn’t they do this last week?? We will never know.

    • Big Mike

      Makes no sense.

  69. Palatypus

    Chris Godwin just did a yoga pose after scoring a rushing touchdown. I am shocked he wasn’t flagged for taunting.

    • Rob Staton

      Should be penalised for knowing yoga

      • Palatypus

        Hey, I do aerial yoga. And so does Mick Jagger.

  70. Kyle R

    Well at least the offense came to play today and looks fairly fresh and not a retread of the last few years.

  71. Leonardo

    You can see the fan sentiment turning against Jamal by the minute. I just want someone to ask Pete and JS what their thought process was when they decided to sign him. You would think at bare minimum they would have come with some ideas on how to use him before committing, but it certainly doesn’t appear so. This was a franchise-defining decision, and they’ve faced absolutely no scrutiny at all.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I can tell you. They have no confidence in making a successful first round pick. My as well just piss your first round draft picks away and overpay on someone.

      • Bmseattle

        At least get someone good if that’s the plan

        • Leonardo

          Exactly this, if they got Ramsay or Mack or Myles Garrett we’d be a genuine contender.

  72. ScandicHawk

    Amadi’s terrible in coverage, owes 7 points to his teammates for a stupid, unnecessary hold on 3rd down. I’d throw at him and Tre’s 10 yard cushion all day long. Yeah, offense gonna need to put mid 30’s today.

    Love Curhan from Cal, in for suck-boy Jones! Solid so far.

    • Norman

      Big overreaction on Amadi, who is solid in coverage.

      • Darin Mercado

        Good tackler, terrible in coverage. Just gave up another first down. Cousins gonna strip he and Tre naked unless Pete comes up with an adjustment in the 2nd half. Keeping Adams in the backfield would help with the numbers cause he sucks at blitzing in this defens.

  73. Mick

    Myers no good, don’t see that too often. Pity, hope the Vikings don’t score a TD now.

  74. Big Mike

    Welllllll, he was gonna miss one eventually. Even Justin Tucker misses them.

    The problem is now our D is back on the field.

  75. Big Mike

    No LJ or Benson today and now Hyder hurt. D-line gonna get tire by the end of the day.

    • Scot04

      Unfortunately the whole defense has looked tired since the game started

  76. ScandicHawk

    Well, Curhan in for the last series anyway. Mitchell worked Jamarco on the left edge flushing Russ out of the pocket and an incompletion, then a missed fied goal. Don’t understand how that guy keeps getting snaps outside at tackle.

  77. AlaskaHawk

    The difference last game was in the half time coaching. I’m sure Seahawks will excel in their half time adjustments. If I were a betting man…. ha ha

  78. Dinosaw

    Wilson does not take the wide open checkdowns straight for DK on 1st and ten …incomplete. Wide open checkdown missed.

  79. Bmseattle

    Adams cant tackle him, gives up the first down, then claps.

  80. Big Mike

    2 yds after the “tackle” by Adams

  81. Kyle R

    “Mom I want a Strong Safety”….(stares at Kam Chancellor). “Kyle we have a Strong Safety at home already!” (Points at Jamal Adams).

    • Big Mike

      Rephrase that to “Mom, I want a GOOD strong safety” and see what she says.

      • Kyle R

        Mom I think that strong safety is being recalled!

  82. Troy

    Rams vs bucs potential NFC champ game, I’d def be watching that if not for these Seahawks containing my hopes and dreams

  83. Tony

    I am struggling to find a big time play this yr for adams. He has virtually done absolutely nothing 2.5games in. I’m not even talking game altering moments, a big tackle or a great pass defense. He is invisible out there.

    • Bmseattle

      His true value is in his inspiration

      • Tony

        I thought that was petes job.

  84. Hawks4life

    What exactly does adams do? Proceeds to clap after not helping on a play…. can’t stand him as a player

    • Bmseattle

      How soon till we can get out of his contract?😝

    • Tony

      Hes the first guy to show up a split second late. The clapping guy or throwing that late half ass swipe at the downed player.

  85. Dinosaw

    Defence can’t stop anyone on 3rd down ….seen this before..

  86. Mick

    Collapsing D, we need a serious DC. KNJ has no plan.

  87. Big Mike

    Quite possible the O is behind 28-17 before they get the ball back since Minny gets the 2nd half kickoff.

    • Big Mike

      Let me rephrase that, quite likely.

  88. 206

    Wow, #33 runs really hard when you can play 2 hand touch

  89. Rik

    I cannot believe that KNJ still has a job. Sheesh!

    • Henry Taylor

      Anyone would struggle with this secondary. But yeah what does he add?

    • Big Mike

      Isn’t Pete Carroll supposed to be some kind of defensive guru/genius though?

      • Big Mike

        And isn’t the secondary is area of expertise?

        • Tony

          I could’ve coached the LOB to greatness. I think we’re seeing the difference talent makes. Where’s all those good draft picks?

  90. AlaskaHawk

    Well that’s a kick in the nuts. This game will be won by whatever team has the ball last.

    • Pran

      Don’t be so fast.. Hawks O could not hang on to lead, are you counting on overcoming lead?

  91. Pran

    WTH.. what do Vikings adjust out of half time. Totally unfair

  92. Mick

    Also a big downgrade from KJ Wright to Brooks.

  93. Palatypus

    Tom Brady just got wasted by Aaron Donald and company.

    • Big Mike

      Kyle Fuller will take care of Donald

  94. pdway

    jesus, the D look terrible today. no answers. need to disrupt Cousins, he’s throwing darts. his receivers are open too.

    even that missed FG hurts us.

  95. 206

    Are they benching brooks again? Is he really playing that poorly? Surely not worse than, well, you know who…

    • Big Mike

      He ain’t makin 17.5 and only cost one first rounder.

  96. UkAlex6674

    What an absolute s**t show on D. I’m normally positive about most things but this is actually making me feel sick. It’s an absolute disgrace.

  97. Rokas

    Show me the Carroll face after that TD.
    I can live without us winning a superbowl, but such a pathetic defense I can not watch.

  98. JLemere

    This will be the last season for Q. Diggs and T. Flowers and the jury will still be out on D.J. Reed. All will be left is 2 safeties PC drafted in 2019 and a safety that just got 17+ million per year contract. I feel bad for JS.

  99. Kyle R

    This secondary and defense makes Cousins look like he’s playing against air that first half.

  100. Mick

    5 seconds missing for a TD on last drive. I hope Russ and the O will keep us in the game.

  101. Palatypus

    The Rams are 39-0 under Sean McVay when leading at the half. They are leading at the half.

  102. Bmseattle

    So, we do a good job of getting into a makeable hail Mary distance, then…just dump it off to Homer?
    Is russ just wanting to pad his numbers or something?

    • pdway

      same thought crossed my mind…that’s twice this season now….

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      easier to blame the D again when his numbers look good

    • 206

      Maybe he’d rather have 30 yards instead of an INT or a chance for td

  103. Troy

    Cha and others will be glad to know Wilson IS able to check down, only on meaningless situations however

  104. Troy

    2021 season = 2020 season. Same Old Shit. The defense sucks.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes – I thought the Vikings offense would choke, but I didn’t take into account the Seahawks defensive abilities.

  105. pdway

    FWIW – when you look at hte halftime boxscore – their defense is tissue paper too. we have over 300 yards of offense already.

    Difference in this game is those 4 first half penalties – one killed our drive, another kept theirs alive. That and the missed FG.

    Our margin for error is just so thin though when our defense is playing this poorly.

    • Troy

      I have zero confidence in this defense. Gonna be a long year…

    • AlaskaHawk

      The trouble is that the Seahawks defense is going to get gassed again. They got to make some stops.

  106. Leonardo

    Penny outplayed and injured, Brooks on the verge of being benched, Blair and Barton riding the pine, and Collier hanging on at the bottom of the roster. That’s the story of the Seahawks’s failed reload in a nutshell.

  107. ScandicHawk

    Brutal. We have holes in our defense that our LB coach – who is the DC still for some reason – isn’t able to scheme for. Tre, Amadi…. when in doubt, throw at them. Adams is a disaster so far, chicken with his head cut off who keeps finding a big wall to run into. I mean, OC’s must be licking their chops to see him leave an already weak secondary with fewer numbers to cover it up. And then Cody Barton.

    Will be interesting to see how our ‘DC’ finds adjustments to keep this game winnable from the defensive-side.

  108. Ashish

    Some reason we do bad if we take lead at half time. So good we are trailing. Trying to find positive this defense is terrible

  109. KennyBadger

    There will be a Kirk cousins turnover. I pray it’s enough.

  110. Troy

    Rob speaking on Twitter with Joe fann now FYI

  111. Tony

    Media gonna lose it if we start out 1-6. That patience will die slowly and expect this team to fold if rw decides to end this bs.

    • Big Mike

      They’ll beat Pittsburgh so more like 2-5

      • Big Mike

        And the media will say little to nothing outside of “How good is Bobby Wagner?”

  112. Troy

    No lead is EVER safe. Sick and tired of Pete and KNJ’s soft defense.

  113. Tony

    On the plus side kelenic took ohtani deep to tie it. The ms are building a great team and look like 2012 hawks when they were figuring it out. Amazing to see up while hawks slowly lose grasp.

    • Big Mike

      Been a better season than I expected but when it comes to the Mariners I am in permanent “I’ll believe it when I see it” mode. I do hope you’re right.

      • Tony

        I believe talent. And they have legit talent coming up. Jrod is a superstar in waiting. Baseball is a slower developing sport but they are building the right way. Plus they cleared all future money and are going all in starting this offseason. It’s way more exciting then this same old story with the hawks.

  114. Rokas

    I am at the point that i am thorougly enjoying Flowers getting abused.

    • MoBo

      Can’t decide between Flowers letting his receiver 8 yards or Adams getting blocked on nearly every play

      • MoBo

        How lucky, both in one shitty play

  115. Mick

    Game play for anyone against Seattle: don’t throw an interception on first two down then target Flowers.

  116. Trevor

    This defense is god awful. Clearly Pete’s scheme is dated and no longer works without incredible talent. Also KNJ has to go. Enough is enough Pete let go of the reigns on that side of the ball and bring in some fresh blood.

  117. ScandicHawk

    At what point does Norton get his head out of his ass and sit Tre for Sidney, or somebody? Hell, run Pete out there at this point.

  118. Big Mike

    So I predicted 28-17 after their first possession of the 2nd half. I was wrong, “only” 24-17

  119. AlaskaHawk

    Thanks to Taylor’s strip the Seahawks were able to limp off the field. Time for Wilson and the offense to shine!

  120. Mick

    Yey Darrell.

  121. Rokas

    8 and a half minute drive on our defense. That’s what we deserve.

  122. Rob Staton

    Some fans for the last year and a bit:

    “Rob Staton is so negative about Carroll, the defense, Adams and the teams’ prospects. No idea why. He presumably has mental health problems. I’ll send him an email calling him a c**t.”

    • Big Mike

      LJ Collier and Rashad Penny in disguise?

  123. Rokas

    We better score on this drive, or after our next drive Vikings will finish the game with a QB kneels.

    • Big Mike

      Ummmmmm………………not lookin good

  124. AlaskaHawk

    Note to Seahawks. I really, really want them to learn how to throw screen passes
    But it’s probably not a good idea to practice against a defense that is used to defending them.

  125. Big Mike

    So Carson with his yearly injury. I am perfectly comfortable with Collins as the lead back. Hope he stays healthy. However, with this defense it likely won’t matter much.

  126. Pran

    There is our adjustment out of half time … stinky offense and defense letting Vikings score slowly than fast.

  127. Troy

    I just have no hope left on this team. I think Rob is right, it needs a BIG change this off-season, either Pete or Rus need to go, this team just isn’t it.

    They are so inconsistent it’s maddening.

    • Mick

      I’m sure once Russ leaves, the D will start working and the play calling will improve. This is on the coaches and on the roster building, not on the QB.

  128. Bmseattle

    So, we just give up on 3rd and long now?

  129. Scot04

    It’s amazing we supposedly have this amazing defensive mind for a head coach; and this is the defensive product he continues to put out there.
    0 creativity and no ability to adjust in game or at half.
    He’s created a team that fans can’t get excited about, and with this fan base that’s not an easy accomplishment

    • McZ

      I think, half time adjustments are overrated.
      The thing is, there is a severe lack of automation and cohesion.

  130. Big Mike

    Jamal Adams with a tackle!!

    • Big Mike

      Well a half tackle with Bobby.

      • Kyle R

        That’s a very expensive tackle

  131. dand393

    Not that it matters but our offence will be in full stall mode rest of the game

    • Big Mike

      Sadly you may be correct. Minny seems to have adjusted and we have not countered.

  132. Donovan

    Play Alton Robinson more.

  133. Rokas

    Lol Flowers can not even be seen on a big screen:))

    • Scot04

      He’s hiding with Adams

  134. Big Mike

    Bobby was going to blitz and Cousins saw it. Vet QB play

  135. Scot

    It’s like watching 4 quarters of prevent defense, without preventing points

  136. Schrub

    OMFG. What are we losing if we put Flowers in the bench!?

    • Tony

      Pete believes he will figure it out soon! Just believe!🙄

    • Pran

      It just tells us how shit the roster is..

  137. AlaskaHawk

    They have to do a better job of bothering Cousins. He has too much time in the pocket. I feel like this is death by a thousand cuts, or in this case a thousand missed tackles and bad defensive plays.

  138. Pran

    Any time they catch a ball there is no defender within 10ft.. easy on eyes.. let’s fill the sheet with tackles..

  139. Tony

    I’m watching ms. They are still in wildcard and play with more heart than the limping hawks.

    • Tony

      This has been a good decision on my part!

  140. Big Mike

    Mariners just went up 2-1 top of the 8th.
    Even if they win out I don’t think they can get in but still hope as long as they keep winning.

    • Tony


      • Tony

        Don’t need to make it. They are building confidence this year. Pennant race play is huge for a young team. Plus giving ownership the look of buying in.

  141. dand393

    I wonder if Pete and John are finally realizing wow we screwed up with the adams move

    • Big Mike

      Naw, they’re still “working on” how to use him.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’m waiting for the injury excuses from Carroll. “He’s just got a little [insert random injury] that kept him from doing what we know he can.”

    • Bmseattle

      Even if they are…its too late to do anything about it.

      • Big Mike

        Indeed it is my friend

  142. Kyle R

    Seriously PUT JONES IN! Him not being fully up to date on the scheme can only be an asset at this point.

    • Schrub

      This is funny

  143. Mick

    If we finish third in NFC West with this D, it’s a big accomplishment.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah be a miracle.

  144. Brandon

    Flowers game plan, play 15 yards off and pad tackle numbers. We need PC to get out of town, his concepts are no where near modern…

    Glad we gave up so much for Adam’s who does nothing. Just blow it up and get a new staff!

  145. Troy

    Worst defense in the NFL and it ain’t close…

  146. Hawks4life

    I hope Russ leaves at this point just to put him out of his misery

  147. Mick

    Surprised they didn’t go for it on 4th and 4.

  148. Troy

    The offense has 7 yards in the 2nd half and the defense can’t stop anyone. This is a broken team.

    • Big Mike

      We’re about to see how broken in a week and half when the Rams come to town.

  149. Rik

    We are the new factory of sadness. Oh well.

  150. Big Mike

    Mariners up 5-1 still top 8

  151. ScandicHawk

    Time to look for the positives! Wanted the Hawks to draft Justin Jefferson but he went too early in ’20, can’t remember what Rob thought about him or the blog did, but the guy’s always open.

    Curhan played another series, great story and higher ceiling than Jamarco who has only a very low floor, like Tre Flowers floor. Future release.

    End of the Pete Carroll era is on the horizon, if Jody decides to be an owner rather than a spectator. Or, we’re fucked.

    Also otherwise, the at best 9 and 7 this year and missing the playoffs or another first round out…. or 7 and 9 year or worse, is a waste. Yeah, I know the numbers are off with added game, I have problems with change, especially this one. lol

    Good year to be a New York Jets fan! What a draft coming up for them.

    Can Ken Norton will be gone.

    • Big Mike

      Really nice effort by Everett

      • ScandicHawk

        Love Everett. Best part of our offense right now. So badly wants to win. Could be interesting if we schemed it to him like the Ram today with Higbee, instead of these not-working rb screens, fake that and go on the other side for a TE screen to Everett.

        Love this guy.

  152. OP_Chillin

    Ugh needed that run to get some good yardage.

  153. Troy

    I’m afraid the Adams trade/sign will mark the beginning of the end of the PC/JS era

    • Tony

      It’s bad precedent and it should be there downfall. Tired of these crazy trades and quick fix deals. They paid a player top money that doesn’t fit our system. It’s something bad teams do. I hope pete gets a year without rw, I want to see his belicheck minus Brady look.

  154. Big Mike

    That’s a fumble and he’s hurt

    • Big Mike

      Oh maybe not

  155. OP_Chillin

    Please be down. And, more importantly, not hurt.

  156. Mac

    Jamal Adams is the Jason Garett of DBs. He’s a clapper lol

    If we pull out the win, prepare for questions about Jamal being ‘fired up’ and ‘how good is Bobby?’.

    This defense is ghastly, it wouldn’t surprise me if literal traffic cones would receive a better PFF grade than Fuller or Tre Flowers.

    …..WTF was that? lol

    • Big Mike

      “Jamal Adams is the Jason Garett of DBs. He’s a clapper”


  157. Blitzy the Clown

    Good on you Gerald Everett for showing some toughness.

    That’s a catch and knee down by Lockett. Clearly. More worried about his ankle.

  158. ScandicHawk

    No worries there unless somebody’s drunk in the booth.

    Knee’s clearly down.

  159. Brik

    I was defending Pete Carrol for awhile. I now believe his time is up. Too many guys are left wide open, especially on 3rd down. I’m still not sure Russ can win a Super Bowl without a top 5 defense, but he needs better than this!

    • Hawks4life

      His times been up for years. I don’t think russ needs a top 5 D but he needs something more. He could also stop searching for stats and awards and just win

  160. Big Mike

    BTW, far better officiating this week compared to last.

  161. OP_Chillin

    These screens are GARBAGE

    • Big Mike

      Gabe Jackson, our big FA O-line offseason FA signing utterly whiffed on the block or the play could’ve gone somewhere.

  162. Mick

    With this injury luck, we better bring Geno Smith, not like we’re going to win this anyways.

  163. OP_Chillin

    Wilson with a horrible throw! Absolutely needed that. Swain was WIDE open.

  164. Trevor

    With the rest of the NFC west undefeated and the Rams killing the Bucs this loss may already be a season ender for the Hawks if Locket is hurt as well.

  165. Kyle R

    Two teams out of the NFCW are making the playoffs and Seattle ain’t one of them.

    • Trevor

      Even if 3 teams make it out of the NFC West the Hawks won’t be one of them.

  166. Henry Taylor

    Why does our offense shut down in the second half? 3 games now.

  167. Trevor

    People will say this is an over reaction for 3 games into the season but this Hawks team is flat out bad. True believe Russ, Adams and Bobby should have all been traded this offseason and a new HC and GM brought in to start over. This is an old poorly constructed team with an out of date defensive minded coach. Time to blow it up and start over IMO.

  168. Troy

    I’m done. I never, ever shut off games. Until now..

    • TomLPDX

      Ditto. This team sucks. Thank god Tyler is ok

    • Tony

      I never do either. I did today also. Thank you Ms for playing same time. But this is sad to watch. It’s looking like that team that finally fades out completely. At some point a star qb can’t overcome everything. And Im betting RW is tired of being that guy. Every dynasty or era dies.

  169. Big Mike

    The collapse of this franchise is underway.

  170. Matt

    Is Jamal…simply a below average player?

    • Tony

      Not in the right system.

  171. Aaron

    With multiple tough games coming up it looks like it’s gonna be a long season folks. This team is worse than last season and all the offseason turmoil is about to come to the surface. The Pete Carroll/John Schneider/Russell Wilson era is about to end not with a bang but with a whimper.

  172. AlaskaHawk

    They are paying for all of this. On long term contracts. Not so easy for Jody Allen to make changes.

    • TomLPDX

      She has no desire to make changes

  173. Mick

    We need changes this week. Fire Norton, cut Flowers, get a DC who stops blitzing Adams (unless you find someone who gives you a 3rd round pick for him). Get some help for the DLine, maybe Geno Atkins. Sign a linebacker, sign a center.

  174. pdway

    who’s got the better QB today…..

    • OP_Chillin

      Cousins. 100%. Playing flat out elite football. That throw against the blitz was insane.

    • ScandicHawk

      Great call.

  175. Kyle R

    So……the Jets will have at least one good early pick this year.

  176. Rokas

    Maddison and Abdullah, too much of juggernauts for our defense

  177. Leonardo

    Does Pete have the grace to know his time is done? Or is he gonna cling on to the bitter end? This is Mike McCarthy redux

  178. Scot04

    The only fans that will be able to get excited about this team after today will be Jets fans. They gotta be loving that extra 1st round pick of ours.

    • Bmseattle

      Meanwhile, pete and john will be celebrating Jamal Adams on draft day!

  179. DarrellDownUnder

    Seahawks got flat out played by Jets and JA.
    Just a team crushing move along with abysmal drafting.

  180. ScandicHawk

    Amadi worked again on a key 3rd down. This defense is so easy to scheme against. I sort of bought into the dline is ‘gonna kick ass’ this year, but Cousins is releasing the ball so fast and the schemes their OC is using against Amadi, Flowers and Adams is brilliant. We are terrible in the back end, mediocre at backer and I like our d line but it ain’t 2013.

    And Ken Norton isn’t a DC. He’s a linebacker coach and tough guy cheerleader. Fair enough.

    • J.P.

      Yep. Cousins is either getting it out too quickly or he is making some great throw right before he’s about to eat a sack. He’s having a great game, but the corners are exactly why. Flowers and Reed just aren’t gonna get it done. It’s shameful if they Flowers back out there again. Give Sherman his money if he wants to play.

      This offense isn’t gonna save anybody this year. The second half play play seems really suspect.

      Oh well, it’ll be real interesting after this year.

  181. Hawk Finn

    Where is the grit? It’s one thing to suck, it’s another thing to accept it.

    • Scot04

      They say teams emulate their leadership. Well Jamal is all bark no bite; and PC will never be held accountable and isn’t going to change anyways.
      The Seahawks just feel like a soft team team, with no fire. One play by Everett, other than that not much else.
      When I predicted 10-7 & missing the playoffs, I didn’t think they would look this bad.

      • Hawk Finn

        Heck, I predicted 7-10 and didn’t think they’d look this bad. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  182. TomLPDX

    The game has officially been turned off. Don’t tell me the final score because I really don’t care.

    In other news, the US Team routed the Euro team in the Ryder Cup…and I have more compassion for the Euro loss than whoever looses this football game.

  183. Hawks4life

    Why wait 30 seconds then call a TO. Pete has been doing this for years

  184. pdway

    man, just depressing today.

    Adams a great lightning rod for us, but he’s far from the only problem. Massive hole at CB2, D-line super average too.

    And the offense? When it matters, lately they run out of answers.

    I thought Minnesota, as the more desperate team, might win today. But the way it’s unfolded, with easy completion after easy completion, what a massive letdown.

    • Bmseattle

      I agree.
      Lookimg at the schedule, I had these games as losses. But the way they’ve looked losing makes me very pessimistic for the season.

  185. Mac

    Damnit Sleepy Pete.
    Bad clock management.

  186. AlaskaHawk

    Now the offensive line is getting overwhelmed. I can see why Wilson would want a change.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Another late pass from Wilson.

    • pdway

      he ain’t blameless though…missed that crucial pass when we needed it. Cousins converted a tougher one later in the game.

      He needs to be great for us to have a chance.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I sometimes think that Wilson has reached his limits and can’t learn anything new, but there are occasional times like the beginning of this game, where he plays great and spreads the ball around. It’s just baffling to me. But I still think he peaked and his good stats just disguise his issues.

  187. J.P.

    Calvin Johnson, Metcalf is not. Not sure what he was even doing there.

    • Bmseattle

      Embarrassingly bad jump.
      He cant high point for crap

  188. OP_Chillin

    Sorry offense. You’re not getting away with this BS either. 17 points with 0 in the second half was never going to cut it.

  189. Trevor

    Remember when the Hawks would dominate team in the 4thQ and Pete would brag about how great they were at finishing strong? Seems like a very distant memory. This team I the exact opposite on both sides of the ball.

  190. Bmseattle

    Hart was wide open.
    Why did Russ loft it?
    Should have thrown a dart.

    • Pugs1

      Not trying to complain about the refs. Not saying that’s why they lost, but how was that not PI?

      • Bmseattle

        Yeah, I agree.
        No mention of it on the broadcast, of course.

        • Pugs1

          They showed it like 50 times waiting for the crew to mention it. Smith never turned around and got there early. It was very clear on replay.

  191. pdway

    that last easy peasy 3rd and 9 conversion is the turd icing on the shitcake of this game.

    • Ashish

      Defense would have give 3 rd and 15

    • RyanL

      Yeah, how Reed gives up a 10 yard curl to the sticks when he’s giving a 10 yard cushion is beyond me. Wasn’t even close. Hoping Tre Brown and Sidney Jones can provide a spark feels pretty naive.

  192. Ashish

    Good loss for Pete. Anyway he will have so many positive after loss

  193. Hawks4life

    Incompetence at its finest these last 4 years. It’s came full circle. Gonna be a long year for us. I know it’s early but it looks awful

  194. TJ

    What a shit-show. The defense is getting absolutely dominated. No pass rush and no coverage. The gaps in the zone coverage are huge and Kirk Cousins looks like Joe Montana today. This defense is terrible. It doesn’t help that the offense can’t sustain a drive. It feels like Minnesota’s 2nd half time-of-possession must be 25+ minutes, and that is with over 4 minutes remaining. This could be a long season. 🙁

  195. Mick

    The worst part is that they’ll start making excuses: Chiefs are 1-2, Bucs also didn’t score in two of four quarters…

  196. Tony

    Dumb running out starters in that waste of 19secs. Was hoping someone lost a leg so we could all roast that moronic decision.

  197. MychestisBeastmode

    There will be a reckoning.

  198. AlaskaHawk

    Rob – No need to rush the analysis of this turkey!

    • Hawk Finn


  199. Matt

    In 2021 – I can’t think of a single positive/benefit that Pete Carroll brings as a head coach. Stick a fork in him. And for that matter, John Schneider needs to go as well.

    • pdway

      for a very long time, I would’ve argued about this. not anymore. they’ve looked clueless on defense too many years in a row. and the in-game coaching, feels like that’s passed him by at this point.

      what a demoralizing game against a middle-of-the-pack team.

  200. Thomas Wells

    Third week in a row the offense comes out hot and then shits the bed the rest of the game. Defense was atrocious too.

    Our highest paid players aren’t getting it done. Jamal Adams, take a bow. The highest paid safety in the league, a self styled defensive weapon and alleged emotional leader, was absolutely invisible today. Total non factor. Only time I noticed him was when he ineffectually blitzed and cousins calmly there over him. Brought zero to the table while our defense was repeatedly gashed by a pedestrian offense lacking its best player.

    On offense? We have one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. A QB who wants to be legendary but who won’t take ownership of his limitations. An alleged team leader who has all but said publicly the coach and his teammates are holding him back and he needs to leave town to show the world how great he is. That shit was tolerable when Russ was singlehandedly dragging this team to wins, pissing ice water and slinging darts during heroic fourth quarter comebacks . But when it’s mattered this year, Russ has been seriously lacking. And when you not only fair to deliver but start pointing the finger at everyone but yourself, I have to question your leadership qualities and whether you’ll ever actually lead us back to the promised land.

    • Thomas Wells

      As always, time proves I’m an idiot. I take it back Russ never leave us! He hasn’t been perfect but the mans the best quarterback to ever bless this city and he’s still going strong

  201. RyanL

    This is a finesse team with no finesse.

    • Bmseattle

      We’re not even good at being finesse.

  202. Ashish

    Tough year ahead better to keep zero expectations. Even we some how make to play off we will not able win a game.

  203. pdway

    defense was terrible – and more obviously so – but the offense is letting the team down.

    it was 21-17 at the half, that means our D, shabby as they are, held the Vikings to 3 FG’s in the 2nd half. Only to have our offense to f-ck-all on their side of the ball. They’re supposed to be the strong side of the team. Not acceptable.

  204. Paul Cook

    This was an epic bad loss. I don’t know where to begin? There’s so much negative it’s hard to say what was the worst thing about it.

  205. STTBM

    This is awful. All Seattle has is Wilson, Metcalf, Locket. Everyone else is utterly replaceable. Plus, we have the worst defensive coaching staff in the NFL.

    And you know Carrol ain’t gonna blame his cronies like Norton or his newer defensive staff hires. Neither will Seattle’s “Ownership”.

    This Death Spiral began by losing to the Patriots, but it’s been consistently terrible drafting, worse free agency and trades, letting good young coaches go while keeping old cronies, doubling down on outdated philosophies and a distinct inability by the staff to adapt in-game at all that have brought us to this point. the hardest thing to watch is good young players not being given a shot, while players like Flowers and Amadi keep their jobs despite piss-poor performance. What about Alton Robinson? What about Ryan Neal and Marquise Blair?

    This is the ugliest football I’ve seen since Mora/Russkell. It’s as bad as the early 90s when we went 2-14. I know, I watched every game. This D is every bit as hopeless as that offense was.

    No accountability for Carrol, his defensive coaches, or ownership.

    I’m at a loss. I’m just hoping the Carrol Era ends soon, rather than continues to spiral down for another inept year after this one…

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