College Football Saturday: Open thread

Watching a game? A certain prospect? Someone catch the eye?

Use this as an open thread to debate the day in college football.


  1. Volume12

    Well, I posted this in the last thread.

    BC’s Mehdi Abdesmad is catching my eye. 6’7, 282 lbs. Shawn Oakman on a budget or a discount version.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    LSU running back Fournette having a good game again. I especially enjoyed the attempted pass that had the QB scrambling till he pitched back to Fournette who made a 47 yard gain out of it.

    • AlaskaHawk

      LSU wide receivers Dural could be round 2-4. Dupre in late rounds. Both have good hands.

      • Volume12

        Dupre is a SO IIRC. The receiver class is not good this year. I originaly thought it was, see what summer scouting gets you? I’ll eat major crow. Not like I thought it was.

        I do like Travin Dural however. Not sure how much of a need WR is this year for Seattle. I think they’ll take one between the 4th-6th rounds.

  3. Volume12

    Check out this Rashawn Scott from Miami. Has size, deep speed, COD, plays pissed off. He’s playing lights out this year. Maybe a mid round version of Phillip Dorsett?

    Rashawn Scott (Miami) vs. Nebraska (2015) – YouTube YouTube › watch

    • Volume12

      Dammit. That was supposed to be a link, but my POS tablet won’t let me post it. Anyways, for those interested, check it out. A 6″2 receiver with legit deep speed? Me likey.

      • Screeching Hawk

        Here it is Volume12 I got your back!

        • Volume12

          Thanks my man. He’s a sleeper of mine.

  4. Volume12

    E. Carolina DE/OLB Montese Overton is on tv? Nice. This kid is a freak with a gigantic wingspan.

    Measurables: 6’2-6’3, 221-225 lbs., ran a 4.31 40, probably more like 4.51, 345 lb bench press, back squats 490, 36.5″ vertical, 10’5″ broad jump, 3.97 short shuttle, 6.91 3 cone.

    He’s got SPARQ demon written all over him.

  5. Volume12

    Hawks at the Ohio St vs W Michigan game.

    And I think the Udub vs Cal game too.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      And UCONN v Navy

      • Volume12

        Really? UCONN S Andrew Adams? Navy QB Keenan Reynolds?

        • Volume12

          LT Willie Beavers is interesting. I like this guy. Looks versatile. Has a nice ‘bubble’ (thighs and backside), and a pretty trim mid-section.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Duke S Jeremy Cash was all over the field today vs GT. Just outstanding.

            • Volume12

              Yeah. Did I hear an announcer compare him to Kam? LOL.

  6. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think of W. Michigan’s WR Corey Davis?

  7. Volume12

    Seahawks cut Dion Bailey!? Wow! Falling down in STL was a HS mistake man. Has to be more than that though, right?

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      They probably figured now was his best time to clear waivers and make the PS.

      • Volume12

        I’ll be surprised if he does. This is why I think Seattle WON”T take a safety before the 5th round. They seem to pride themselves on finding them late and in UDFA. Same with the majority of their WRs. This team does have a model in place, draft wise.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      He was not calling out the right signals, made some mental errors, blew a few assignments

      This is not known for a fact, but from all the reports about Kam returning to the team.. and the quotes about practice involving his calls, getting guys lined up.. and being dialed in to the defense… it was implied. Not to mention, Bailey sat most of game #2 vs the Packers.. and the defense played much better overall.

      • Volume12

        All good points that make total sense.

        Another ‘not known fact,’ but I heard/read that he continually pouted and freaked out when he made mistakes and BWagz had to tell him multiple times to ‘get over it and let things go.’

        The image of him yawning pre-game against STL probably didn’t do him any favors either.

  8. AlaskaHawk

    I guess with Kam back they can’t afford to carry him. Kinda sad that he is the one cut. Also sad that all our previous cuts got snapped up by other teams.

    Greatest needs: I’m sure they will continue to try out mid – late round linenen on both sides of the ball, at least one high to mid round running back and wide receiver. A high round corner will probably be next pick, we have had a hard time filling Browners shoes.

    • Volume12

      In no particular order. Biggest needs are…


      And would ya look at that? 4 selections in the top 100 this year.

      • CharlietheUnicorn

        I would add LB, specifically Irvins spot

        • Volume12

          Nah. KJ Wright, KPL, a cheap veteran FA like Armonty Bryant, possibly Cassius Marsh, or a mid to late round pick. They have in house options and while I agree it’s a role that had to filled, I don’t see it as a huge need. That and WR.

  9. Volume12

    This WR Braverman for W. Michigan has over 40 catches and 500 yards receiving in 4 games! WTF!? How is that possible?

    And LT Willie Beavers is firmly on my radar now. Dude is a stud. Just stoning DL Joey Bosa.

  10. AlaskaHawk

    Texas has a good team and the QB Heard is just a freshmen, and running back Swopes a sophomore. Heard can scramble and passes well. They have a strong running attack so probably a good offensive line.

    • Volume12

      Yup. Sedrick Flowers is a C candidate and they got a jr OT with the last name of Haines I think?

      Speakung of Texas they have a wideout by the name of Daje Johnson that set the all-time SPARQ score at the Nike summitt in HS. He’s been in trouble off the field, but intriguing nonetheless.

  11. Volume12

    Looking forward to watching Cal’s WR/TE Stephen Anderson next.

    Udub: WR Jaydon Mickens, LB Travis Feeney

    Cal.: Stephen Anderson, WR Kenny Lawler, HB Daniel Lasco, OG Jordan Rigsbee (C convert?), and they have a solid DB whose name escapes me at the moment.

  12. Chris

    Florida’s Kelvin Taylor (RB) looks pretty good with a bad O-line. Could be a good late round pick

    • Volume12

      Fred Taylor’s son. He needs another year IMO. Talented for sure, but not NFL ready quite yet.

  13. Chris

    Also Marcus Maye is balling out

  14. Volume12

    We got Zeke Elliott and Derrick Henry playing right now.

    RBs CJ Prosise and Kenneth Dixon killing it today again!

    My sleeper at Indiana Jordan Howard did too.

    And tonight we get Alex Collins and Devontae Booker, my 2 favorites, and Paul Perkins as well.

    SO’s Leonard Fournette and Nick Chubb had monster games as uooze, and tonight Royce Freeman and Nick Wilson are featured.

    So many good RBs in the next 2 years. It’s a RB revolution!

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      As rich at RB as it’s been at WR the last 2 years.

      Booker, Madden, Dixon, Johnson the best seniors.

      Prosise, Henry, Collins the best juniors

      • Volume12

        Great point. I forgot all about Tre’ Madden. Tra Carson isn’t a bad one either for Texas A&M.

        WR Kenny Lawler is nice. Even though he’s OT.

        • hawkfan086

          texas tech rb washington looks like more than a gimmick runner in that offense.

  15. CHawk Talker Eric

    Maybe it’s just me but THE Ohio State doesn’t look like the top college team in the country.

    • Volume12

      LOL. I thought the same thing.

      DT Adolphus Washington looks like a freak athlete. What a pick 6!

      That LT from W. Michigan, Willie Beavers, has been the most impressive player today so far IMO. Pleasantly surprised to say the least. Kid explodes to the 2nd level, fluid, good anchor, hand fighter, good kick-slide.

  16. bigDhawk

    Josh Doctson, 6-3 ,195, WR, SR TCU

    Living here in DFW I love what Gary Patterson has built at TCU, so here is my homer pick. With all the weapons TCU has in their high-powered spread offense, this guy stands out. As I write this, Doctson has 16 catches for 234 yards and 3 TDs through three quarters (!) against Texas Tech. He is tall, athletic, with strong hands and a propensity for high-point circus catches, yet runs crisp routes for the intermediate catch that moves the chains. He is an impressive player. Keep an eye on this guy.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      That was some game. What a finish.

      Have to keep an eye on Doctson

      • Volume12

        Great game for sure. I hope he’s not another Kevin Norwood. And by that I mean an older receiver that’s already maxed out. For whatever reason, the older receivers don’t seem to translate.

        • Volume12

          Another Texas kid that caught my eye tonight was A&M’s WR Josh Reynolds. Only a jr., but raw speed, length, good size, full of potential, and always seems to come big in clutch moments.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Didn’t watch that game. Looks like Arkansas showed up to play.

            • Volume12

              They did. Alex Collins was superb. Looked like a next level runner. Had a big game and kept his team in it. Hoping for Booker or him.

              By the way, HC Brett Bielema needs to go. He’d make a good TC type assistant coach, but as an HC, he’s just ‘meh’ and seems to always under achieve.

        • bigDhawk

          Doctson is much more athletic and explosive than Norwood. He sat out a year when he transferred from Wyoming to TCU, so he is one year older than most seniors. To me he looks a like Donte Moncrief with better polish and football IQ.

          • Screeching Hawk

            I’m pretty sure a lot of us are going to be wanting Doctson he’s tall and wirey like Sidney Rice who we are still looking to replace. Russell really threw it up to Rice and he would just go and get it. Hopefully Graham can get that going tomorrow!!!

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            PFF named Doctson their CFB offensive player of the week:

            TCU receiver Josh Doctson’s record-setting day was enough to pip LSU RB Leonard Fournette to this week’s individual performance award. Doctson turned a Big-12 record 18 catches into 267 yards and three touchdowns, accounting for more than half of the Horned Frogs receiving stats. Even knowing that he was the focal point the Red Raiders could do little to slow him down. Doctson entered the game tied for seventh among receivers with a 6.4 overall grade.

            • Rob Staton

              Hard to agree with PFF there. I’d fancy my chances of getting a crafty reception against that Texas Tech defense. Fournette was on a different level, again, on Saturday.

              • bigDhawk

                It’s not like the Syracuse defense presented a much bigger obstacle to Fournette and the LSU offense than the Texas Tech defense did to Doctson and TCU. Both were mismatches in favor of the offense. Not to compare the overall talent of Fournette to Doctson, as Fournette is shaping up to be a transcendent talent and top 10 pick in 2017, but for a one week performance Docton’s recognition is deserved, and he is a player to watch as this season progresses.

                • Rob Staton

                  Having seen some of both games though, Fournette was just unstoppable, unplayable. A man possessed, playing on a different level to anyone else on the field. Boykin could’ve thrown all day on that Texas Tech defense and while admirable that Doctson put up the production he did — I’d find it hard to find anyone in CFB or even the NFL who matches Fournette’s display yesterday. It’s a pleasure to watch his superstar talent develop.

                  • bigDhawk

                    And that certainly speaks to Fournette’s burgeoning generational talent. If he stays healthy he could easily be the next Adrian Peterson. We will have no shot at drafting Fournette in 2017 (hopefully), but Doctson is a player I could see being within our grasp in 2016. He has done enough not just in the Texas Tech game, but all three games this season to really catch my eye. I’ll have to go back and review his run blocking in more detail, but when the ball comes he way as a receiver he is a playmaker and a mismatch against all who have tried to defend him this year. Unless he takes himself off, Doctson is on my watch list for the Hawks in 2016.

                  • Volume12

                    Gotta agree with Rob. Has impressive a day as Doctson’s was, Fournette just has ‘it.’ That x-factor so to speak. This kid is unbeleivable. The best back I’vr seen in quite some time. We’re talking about a running back that could potentially be the no. 1 overall pick. And IMO, he’s better than Adrian Peterson.

                    It’s not so much what he’s doing against a supect defense, but rather the skill-set and the way he runs.

  17. CHawk Talker Eric

    Paul Perkins is an impressive athlete. Also keep an eye on C Jake Brendel 6’4″ 305. He has a funny shape to him but he’s pretty effective.

    Really a shame we can’t watch Miles Jack.

    • CharlietheUnicorn

      All I have to say is… Perkins put on a show today. The Arizona defense helped him out with poor tackling, but he beat them down by the 4th quarter. Not sure abouyt his NFL prospects, but he had a very nice day today.

      • Screeching Hawk

        Yeah I checked out some of the UCLA game also and Perkins is impressive indeed.

  18. Volume12

    What a run to open the 3rd quarter by Devontae Booker. Best zone runner in CFB IMO. Have I said how much I’ve bought back in to him? Complete back. Great hands, god blocker, gets better as the game goes on. Man I hope JS liked this kid.

    • Volume12

      Booker with a Lynch like flea flicker! On top of the fact he’s making tough NFL style runs.

      It’s official folks. My favorite player in CFB is Utah HB Devontae Booker. Kid’s got it all.

      • Screeching Hawk

        I value your opinion Volume as much as Rob ‘s so I have to check him out Booker. I did watch the LSU game today and #7 reminds me of Adrian Peterson but with greater break away speed. This is the first year I’m interested in watching other college games than the Dawgs because I found this draft blog. It’s more fun watching with the Hawks in mind!

      • peter

        V12….quiet! Booker is my Eric Rowe this year. a lot of backs I like and of course a ton of sophmores but for a pure back this yea….speed, blocking, receiving….its got to be Booker.

        • Volume12

          LOL. Right? How ‘Seahawky’ is he? I was wondering where you were with the show Utah put on tonight. Watch out PAC 12.

          • Screeching Hawk

            Okay just watched some Devontae Booker highlights and interviews. I’m onboard! It Will be fun watching him this season he seems like a cool cat!

            • Volume12

              Nice man. Glad you like him, and you brought up a very overlookred aspect of prospects. Interviews. Is he articulate? Come across intelligent? Likes to have fun with the reporters, or is laidback? Things like that can give ya a tiny glimpse into their mindset and personality.

              FWIW, JS was at Utah’s campus Wednesday checkng him out.

              • Screeching Hawk

                I just love your passion volume12 you make this blog so much more enlightening and exciting. Can’t wait to wake up tomorrow, It’s almost Seahawks game time again!!!

                • Volume12

                  Oh thank you man. I try. Only hoping to be half as good as Rob. I can’t stress enough how impressed by Rob I am and thankful he gives all of us this outlet.

              • peter

                Little things like how Booker was an academic goofball that almost cost him playing at all and did cost him playing at Fresno state and WA st. And now he’ all conference all academic team. It shows a good work ethic to man up and take everything seriously.

          • peter

            I live about a half mile from autzen and its a typical game day carnival here like anywhere….not last night. It was like a funeral procession.

            That showdown between Ucla and Utah may very well decide who the pac12 sends later to the final four. I have a hard time buying Stanford with the good Hogan, bad Hogan

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Great night so far. Tough running, nice catches, and a TD toss to boot.

    • Screeching Hawk

      I hope you meant to write god blocker ! Because they are the greatest kind

  19. CHawk Talker Eric

    Some really good CFB games yesterday. Too many to watch all of them.

    Pay attention PAC-12, Utah is for real. Travis Wilson had a magical night. He was in total control of that game.

    • Volume12

      I think we should be paying attention to these receivers at Cal. Seattle ha bern now been to two of their gamex. They play in somewhat of a rotation like Seattle’s, all of them say they love competiion, all of them are extremely hard working, they’re all really good athletes, and they all produce or make the most of their small opportunities.

      Kenny Lawler or speed freak/deep threat Trevor Davis who is also a STs dynamo.

  20. Volume12

    Dallas looks legit yo. LOL. Sorry, I had to throw in the ‘yo.’ It’s a running/inside joke.

    Anyways, DeMarco Murray who? How smart was that to let him walk? Murray has had one good, consistent year. Randle looks good and I love me some DeMarcus Lawrence and Tyrone Crawford.

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