College football week 2 open thread

It crashed shortly after the 2014 draft and sadly this week my computer finally gave in. Hopefully I’ll have a new one by Monday and can put down some thoughts on week 2 in college football. In the meantime, feel free to use this as an open thread.

Two quick thoughts for now after watching USC defeat Stanford…

— Leonard Williams (DL, USC) might be a five tech, he might be a three. He played in this game despite a bad ankle. For such a vaunted prospect to play with an injury, he deserves credit. Williams was clearly slowed but had a key sack with 50 seconds to go. He’s not a speed rusher off the edge but he has great size and power. He holds his own working inside and has good length. Whether he’s explosive enough to go in the top ten remains to be seen, but this was a great effort.

— David Shaw seems like an overrated coach. He’s often touted for the NFL but I just don’t see it. He followed Jim Harbaugh and inherited a deep pool of talent. He’s done fairly well. And yet his team always seems to make critical errors (penalties, usually), he’s an incredibly conservative play caller and they lose big games they should win. If I’m a NFL owner looking for the next great coach in the NCAA, I’m calling Kevin Sumlin.


  1. Michael M.

    Wait… Isn’t Kevin Sumlin already coaching the Steelers? No wait, that’s right… That’s Omar Epps. My bad.

  2. bigDhawk

    Here are some names I’ll throw out there I thought looked good in the games I watched today:

    #9 Arik Armstead. Oregon
    Position: Defensive Lineman
    Height: 6’8″
    Weight: 290
    Year: Junior
    Everyone is slobbering over Shawn Oakman and rightly so, but this kid is a close comp and looked pretty darn goon against a tough Mich St team today. He was in on a couple sacks and generally looked the part of a bigger, stronger defensive image the Quacks are trying to project this year.

    #2 Julian Wilson, Oklahoma
    Position: Cornerback
    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 201
    Year: Redshirt Senior
    Oklahoma looks to like they are back this year, and several players stood out against a vastly over-matched Tulsa team today, not the least was this kid. He is a tall-ish, long-armed, rangy CB with speed and considerable power. He had one tackle today on a quick dump-off pass where he can flying up from a soft zone coverage and absolutely T-bone a hapless receiver mid-air, very reminiscent of Brandon Browner’s epic obliteration of Tavon Austin.

    #80 Jordan Phillips, Oklahoma
    Position: Defensive Tackle
    Height: 6’6″
    Weight: 334
    Year: Redshirt Sophomore
    What a monster. As big and strong as the rest of the OU defense looked this guy just looked scary. He was as much a wrecking ball as his formidable measurables suggest. If McDaniels becomes a cap casualty next season this guy is a dead ringer.

    #71 Tyrus Thompson, Oklahoma
    Position: Left Tackle
    Height: 6’5″
    Weight: 336
    Year: Redshirt Senior
    This guy was literally throwing defenders around, when he wasn’t pancaking them. At times he looked bored, which may have something to do with the inferior opposition, but when engaged he was filthy. He looked like a bigger, stronger Billy Turner, and some might remember the man crush I had on Turner last year. His foot speed was not blazing but adequate. At worst he may have to move to guard where he would be a carbon copy of Carp.

    #94 Jarron Jones, Notre Dame
    Class: Junior
    Height 6-5½
    Weight: 315
    Position: Defensive Line
    Amidst the overall team domination of ND over Michigan today, Jones had one of the more standout individually dominant performances. As like most ND trenchmen, he is just a solid technician on the interior and would be another reasonable comp to replace McDaniels if necessary.

  3. Kyle

    Washington NT Danny Shelton has been on absolute fire lately. Granted, Hawaii and Eastern Washington aren’t exactly top notch competition, but he has 6 sacks already. I watched the game, and I rarely focused on Shelton, but when I did he was showing tremendous power and driving the center and guards straight back.

    • CC

      I agree with you – he looked fast and moved that o line around. I’ll wait to see how he does against some of the other PAC 12 lines, but he has the look of a mid rounder that could end up as a Seahawk.

    • Kyle

      You just don’t see this kind of production from a NT:
      24 total tackles
      7.5 TFL
      6.0 sacks

      I’m going to be focused on him next time against Illinois.

    • Elijah

      The crazy thing about Shelton is that he’s listed at 340 lbs… but I don’t know, he looks like he weighs a lot more than that. Someone that big just should not be able to move like that. I think he has played himself into serious consideration for the 1st round.

    • Rock

      He needs to lose a little weight. His first two games were against inferior linemen. Let’s wait until he gets into Pac-12 play.

  4. Ben2

    Mariota looked good. He showed a really good pocket awareness….he kept his eyes downfield while sliding away from pressure in an often dirty pocket. When he had a guy wide open he made it count – perfectly placed balls. Man this post is getting risqué!

  5. Rock

    Keep an eye on Vernon Adams, Jr. This QB from Eastern Washington is unstoppable. He sits in the pocket and throws darts all over the field. His stats do not lie and he has done it against Pac-12 competition.

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