Colt Lyerla (TE, Oregon) vs Stanford

Very intriguing player. Took some snaps at running back in 2012. 6-5 and could add more muscle without losing any of his speed. In the modern NFL you need a tight end that can line up pretty much anywhere. Lyerla might be the only tight end who can sit in the backfield as a blocker, receiver, full back or runner. I’d like to see Oregon feed him the ball more in 2013, but he’s right near the top of the list of players I’m watching this year.


  1. HardcoreHawk

    Lyerla is my #2 TE behind ASJ, but might be the player I want the most. We would be able to shift Harvin, Tate, Willson & Lyerla around for mismatches. Force defenses into real light formations, but shift Lyerla and Harvin from WR and TE to HB and FB. Both would be a threat running the ball, but could also release into routes. Would be such a dynamic offense.

    On the other hand, having a guy like ASJ would be insane. I think he will end up being one of the best run blockers in the NFL. Great fit for what we do at offense. Might just be the next Gronk.

  2. Attyla the Hawk

    I like ASJ more. But I have to concede, that Lyerla ticks all of the SPARQ measuarbles that Carroll and Schneider love. Additionally, they love guys with unique talents and Lyerla is that and more.

    I can see him firmly on Kip’s ‘most likely to be a seahawk’ list come next year. He is quite obviously an explosive player with immense versatility. And TE is clearly a position we’ve been trying very hard to address of late.

  3. John_s

    Eric Ebron is another TE to keep an eye on. He’s got a chance to become North Carolina’s go to receiver and sneak into the late first early second round

  4. Cameron

    Bigger fan of ASJ. Like him better as a blocker and he fits the traditional TE mold better than Lyerla. I see him as a possible Zach Miller replacement.

  5. Kenny Sloth

    Hey, guys. I’m sure lots of you play fantasy football, so I created a league for members of the SDB community. You can join here.

  6. dave

    @John_s Idk if you got that info from the same place as me, NFL’ but you should at least give a link and give credit to them, some of those dudes are ex scouts etc. so show them some do. Not upset or anything but just saying.

    • Rob Staton

      Perhaps John has seen Eric Ebron play Dave? NFL’s are not the only ones watching college football after all.

      • dave

        It seems my comment came off strong, i totally see the other side that he could’ve, i just i have seen a lot recently with football and non football writings not being cited and showing respect for those. Wasn’t trying to upset anyone, apologizes.

        • John_s

          Duly noted Dave. Ive watched UNC since they mostly play early games and I have an affinity for their sports teams.

          I also like to watch college football in general and make note of guys who I see could help the Hawks.

          If I pick up info from another site ill cite it.

  7. Clayton

    If Anthony McCoy is back next year (likely), do you think the Seahawks would still take a tight end with their first pick? I know every position group is kind of stacked, but with McCoy coming back next year, the TE group would seem less of a concern as it is this year. Also, if the team only keeps 3 and if Willson and McGrath pan out, it would make for a crowded situation.

    • Miles

      Anthony McCoy has become a very solid player in his own right, I feel like. But he was a sixth round pick. I don’t know for sure, but I wonder if he has reached his full potential. I don’t know that he can ever be anything more than a 20-catch, 300-yard guy in a season with good blocking skills.

      At the very least, Anthony gets the job done. But we still don’t have the joker tight end that is a REAL weapon in this offense. Maybe Luke Willson can turn into that guy, but Lyerla can add to that fear of God Pete Carroll is trying to instill in opposing defenses. While getting Lyerla would be somewhat of a luxury, a strong second tight end, who is as versatile as Lyerla is (to play various positions), is probably the the next biggest need on this team right now.

      Besides, what additions to this team cannot be considered a luxury, at this point? From this point forward, I imagine the Seahawks will primarily be focused on keeping players, not adding them. Especially after getting Percy Harvin.

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s dependant on McGrath and/or Willson panning out – and they’ll get the opportunity to succeed it seems. If they don’t then I think TE is a very likely early pick.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I expect that we will trade down/out of the first round. We’ve tried or succeeded every year with every first round pick we’ve had except the Okung pick.

      I would say they are entirely open with their first pick. But that could change over the course of this year. I wouldn’t say TE is more or less likely to be the first selection over a different position at this stage.

      I would say, that if we don’t think there’s a first round grade talent available at TE, we aren’t going to just take one because of need.

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