Compensatory picks and more Mallett

The NFL will announce compensatory picks today (a concept I struggle to completely understand or justify). Many people wondered if losing Nate Burleson and Cory Redding would lead to an additional fourth round selection. I understand the way in which Seattle re-negotiated Redding’s contract following his trade from Detroit essentially took him out of the equation (don’t ask). Mike Sando is reporting the loss/retirement of Ben Hamilton will offset the departure of Burleson, giving Seattle only a seventh round pick. Quite how they worked that one out is beyond me. Hamilton was almost lip-service to Alex Gibbs and came in after a look-see on a modest deal. Burleson was the first player to sign a deal when free agency began last year, landing a size-able contract in Detroit.

Getting an extra fourth round pick would’ve given the Seahawks some wiggle room to move up. They own the second pick in round four courtesy of the Deion Branch trade. Having another late fourth rounder would’ve allowed them to treat that Branch-bounty as almost identical in value to the third round pick they traded for Charlie Whitehurst.

Meanwhile Aaron Wilson at the NFP is reporting that Ryan Mallett (QB, Arkansas) will visit Seattle. This is no surprise and the Seahawks have already scheduled a meeting with Cam Newton. It’s hard to read too much into it considering quarterbacks like Chad Henne, Brian Brohm and Josh Freeman have all travelled to the north west in the past, only for Seattle to pass on all three.


  1. Charlie

    saw a bit on nfl network about tyrod taylor, what do you think of him?

    • Rob

      Great athlete, fun to watch in college but just can’t see how he translates to the NFL.

  2. Cliff

    I think its total BS how we only got the 7th round comp pick! At least a 5th or 6th would have been nice and fairly realistic considering the rumors that we could possibly get a 4th rounder.

  3. Kip

    I don’t know how scientific the compensatory pick system is, but I do know that its largely based on how long a player has been tenured rather than how valued a player was in free agency. Hamilton was a good guard for a long time, and only recently saw injuries destroy his career. So even though he was a guy taken on a flier, the system views him as “valuable” because he has good career numbers.

    Its a stupid system, I know.

    On the bright side, if Hasselbeck leaves, that’s going to count for much more than it should in terms of comp picks next year.

  4. DeathbyTalons

    A 7th round pick????? Pathetic b.s. result and the NFL explanation holds water like a submarine with a screen door. This process needs to be transparent, period. I’d like to see them justify every pick awarded (or not not awarded) to the publc (us fans) with a straight f-ing face.


    I’d like to see comp picks done away with, especially in the 3rd and 4th rounds. They don’t really make any sense and give an unfair advantage to the teams gaining picks in the mid rounds. If you lost free agents, that’s your fault and should not justify additional picks.

    Another thing is that not only did we only get a 7th rounder, 8 teams got 7th rounders that are higher than ours. So, these teams are comp picking before us: Carolina (twice), Tennessee, Green Bay, Baltimore (twice), New York Giants (twice), Kansas City, Minnesota (twice), San Diego (twice), Miami, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Oakland. That’s 19 picks higher than ours. Really?! Those teams need an advantage over us? They have more holes than us in their roster? This promotes parity? Really?

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