Considering Seahawks trade scenarios in rounds 1-3

Sheldon Rankins might be the one player they’d consider trading up for

Here’s a review of some of the significant moves made by Schneider and Carroll:

— Traded a third round pick to San Diego and swapped second rounders for Charlie Whitehurst

— Traded day three picks for Leon Washington and Lendale White

— Traded a fourth round pick for Marshawn Lynch

— Traded out of the second round in 2011 before drafting John Moffitt

— Traded down from #12 to #15 in 2012 before selecting Bruce Irvin

— Traded a first, third and seventh round pick to Minnesota for Percy Harvin

— Traded up in round five to secure both Tharold Simon and Jesse Williams

— Traded out of the first round in 2014 and then made a further move down before selecting Paul Richardson

— Traded a first round pick and Max Unger for Jimmy Graham and a fourth round pick

— Traded up in round three to select Tyler Lockett

Should we expect more of the same this year?

Looking at pick #26

Most teams will probably give out 10-16 first round grades in this class. That’s usually a fair estimate. The first ‘talent wave’ of this draft won’t last long. A longer ‘second wave’ will follow.

If they stay put, the Seahawks are likely spending first round money on a second round prospect. There are two things to consider here:

1. Are the players available at a key position of need significantly better than the players available in the early second round?

2. Is the right deal available? You’re not going to trade down around 8-12 picks without being sufficiently compensated.

The first question is an interesting one. It’s a fair projection to suggest they’ll focus on the O-line and D-line early. Based on the research we’ve done on both areas, they might be looking at the following quartet:

— Sheldon Rankins
— Jonathan Bullard
— Jason Spriggs
— Germain Ifedi

We haven’t seen Shon Coleman test yet — so he could also be added to the list. They might be willing to consider a freaky athlete like Bronson Kaufusi earlier than other teams. They’ve spent a lot of time in this draft process with Vernon Butler so he too might be an option. We could add several other names too.

Some of these players might be available in round two. Then it comes down to the value of a possible trade. Why would a team desire the #26 pick? Is it too high for a quarterback (Denver don’t pick until #31)? What are the Packers targeting at #27? These are the things to consider.

The trade up in round one scenario

Sheldon Rankins is a pipe dream in terms of lasting until #26. His floor might be Oakland at #14 or Atlanta at #17. He possibly doesn’t get beyond New Orleans at #12. I included him above because he could represent the one possible trade up talking point in round one.

According to the slightly outdated trade chart, it’d cost 300 points to trade up 10 spots with Detroit. That would cost Seattle their second round pick. It’d be a rich price — but an argument can be made that Rankins might be worth it.

It’d be a risky move because they’d have to wait until round three to address the O-line. For that reason alone you can probably cast this idea into the garbage right away. Yet of all the players in this draft — Rankins is probably the one they’d at least have a discussion about. He’s explosive, fills a big need and can play DE-DT.

The trade down in round one scenario

Although I’ve zoned in on a few names — the Seahawks might have a slightly longer list of realistic targets with their first pick. My projection is based on the types of players that match-up with their recent draft history and ideals (plus their biggest needs).

They might fear missing out on filling a need. Dropping down from #26 could mean they don’t get that D-line or O-line guy they really like. Getting cute isn’t likely the plan this year unless they’re convinced ‘their guy’ will still be there at the top of round two (as we saw with Paul Richardson in 2014).

That said, what if Ifedi is off the board (not unrealistic) or Bullard (not unrealistic)? What if they’re not totally enamoured with Jason Spriggs?

Moving down this year might be more a case of bad value. And if they start to move onto their ‘Plan B’ list — trading back once or twice could be a possibility. A prospect like Bronson Kaufusi, Willie Henry, Connor McGovern, Kyler Fackrell, Joe Haeg or anyone else you want to put out there — they would provide much better value after moving down.

It’s unlikely they’ll have to resort to such a tactic and one of Bullard, Ifedi or Spriggs (or another target) should be there at #26. But it’s this type of scenario that would probably lead to a big move down, even if it only brings back the odd fourth rounder.

The trading up in round two scenario

The Seahawks were bold and aggressive to secure Tyler Lockett and they might repeat the act in round two this year. Let’s say they secure an offensive lineman at #26. What if Jonathan Bullard just lasts into the early part of day two? Or another defensive lineman?

For the price of a third round pick — will they make a move to secure their two biggest needs?

Seattle’s original third rounder could get them as high as #42 overall per the trade chart. That’s a jump of 14 spots. They might even be able to pull off a similar move to the Eagles in 2014. Philadelphia moved from #54 to #42 with Tennessee for just a fourth rounder (#122 overall). The Seahawks own the 124th overall pick this year. Will lightning strike twice?

A team would need to really want to move down to accept only a fourth round pick as compensation. It’s worth throwing out there though.

If it has to be a third rounder — the Seahawks do have the security of a third round compensatory pick. So they would still pick late in the third. That might give them the confidence to make a bold move in round two.

The trading down in round two scenario

The value at the end of round two and early round three is pretty good. Like most draft’s there’s a drop off at key positions after day two.

Trading down into round three from #56 is unlikely to generate much more than a fourth round pick and for that reason it might be unappealing. Yet securing an extra third rounder could be interesting.

The Eagles have two third rounders and appear to be in somewhat of an aggressive rebuild under Howie Roseman. Their two picks (#77 and #79) are worth 400 points. Seattle’s pick at #56 is worth 340. This type of deal might also cost the Seahawks a day three pick (#124 is worth 48 points) and some change but it would be a way to secure four players instead of three on day two.

It’s a classic piece of rosterbation — but ultimately the Eagles would swap two third rounders for a second and a fourth. The Seahawks get two third round picks to add to their pair of existing picks in the third.

The trading up in round three scenario

It’s not just the Seahawks looking for explosive athletes that can play on the offensive line. There’s a lot of buzz around Joe Haeg and Joe Dahl — two of only a handful of players who got a +3.00 grade using TEF.

If the Seahawks want either player, waiting until the end of round three might be a gamble. Moving up, especially if they address defense at #26, might be a way to sufficiently address the O-line (eg: Bullard-R1, McGovern-R2, Dahl-R3).

Seattle’s fourth round pick could move them up from #90 to #80. If they’re willing to throw in other picks they might be able to move up a little higher — in a deal similar to the Tyler Lockett trade.


  1. Gotta Be Bennett to Win It

    Based on your post regarding your TEF formula, your formula implies that Spriggs is the most athletic OL in the draft (after Tunsil). I’ve got a hypothetical question for you:
    If the Seahawks were theoretically picking at #10, and Rankins was off the board, who would you draft? Would you still pick Spriggs/Ifedi that early? (For the sake of the exercise, let’s say you’re not allowed to trade down.)

    • Rob Staton

      If Rankins was off the board I’d trade down.

      • Gotta Be Bennett to Win It

        I would trade down, too, Rob. But let’s just say (for the sake of a hypothetical) that you couldn’t find a trade partner. Would you draft Spriggs/Ifedi at #10?

    • Richard

      Darron Lee and Shaq Lawson are 10s in your scenario. Noah Spence is a Top 10 who could slip, but, if he’s there at #10, yes. No others will fall out of the Top 10.

      • Richard

        I meant Myles Jack not Noah Spence. Oops.

    • Darth12er

      I take Darron Lee or Elliot

      • Michael M.

        Yes to Darron Lee all day. That would be my pick if I can’t trade at all.

        No thanks on Elliot (or any RB not named Adrian Peterson or maybe Leonard Fournette)

        Of course since this is all rosterbation, let’s take it up a notch! If I’m sitting at 10, I don’t even wait around to see what falls to me… I trade up to the lowest possible spot that gets me Myles Jack!

  2. Shadow

    Rob, just for fun: say for the sake of the argument that Rankins drops to pick #20. Now we’re only talking about a difference of 150 points, which comes out to Seattle’s 3rd round pick and maybe a late-rounder to sweeten the pot. Granted, it’s probably far-fetched that he falls that far, but if it happens (and assuming the Jets agree to a trade) would you make that trade to move up and snag Rankins at #20?

    • Rob Staton

      Yes I would seriously consider it.

  3. Volume12

    I’m curious about DT Vernon Butler. This is the 2nd-3rd time they’ve met with him. Their last 3 first overall selections were all VMAC visitors.

    As I was saying on the last piece, he isn’t a premier pass rusher at the DT position, but does tick off the tough/gritty, productive, athletic, somewhat raw boxes with a sky high ceiling.

    Do they trade back into the early part of round 2 and take him? Late 2nd? Because Oakland, Carolina, and Cincy all seem to be high on him too. 3 of the best defenses in the league, including us.

    Or do they buck the trend and pull the trigger in round 1 seeing him as a similar, bigger alternate to DT Sheldon Rankins?

    • Rob Staton

      The interest they are showing is either a major smokescreen or he could very well be a viable alternative to the options we’ve discussed at #26 (or if they trade down). He can play DE-DT albeit with a massive frame. Not much of a pass rusher though, more of a type who moves well for his size. Not really the type they’ve gone for so far. Maybe they just see the major difference between his pro-day and combine and need to do some homework?

      • Volume12

        It’s entirely possible, sure.

        And I guess that’s where my curiosity stems from.

      • RWIII

        Vernon Butler is starting to get a lot of attention. Rob Rang in his latest mock draft has Butler go to the Houston Texans at 23.

      • JT

        Butler is young and a bit raw but played the run very well despite that last season. He’s huge and athletic for his size. He could come in right away and be an upgrade over Siliga in their base defense. With development, he can also offer something the Hawks haven’t had since Mebane’s prime – a base DT capable of getting pressure on the QB when the offense passes. Even in run sets with the base 4-3 Defense on the field, the opponent is still going to pass the ball like 50% of the time. Butler’s excellent combo of size, length & explosion could make him a far better pass rusher in these situations than Siliga or Rubin.

        • C-Dog

          That’s kinda what I think they are seeing in Butler.

    • vrtkolman

      I have to think that if they are considering Butler in round 1, they think they can mold him into a pass rushing force. Otherwise they are taking a rotational DT who is going to rotate off the field on 3rd downs. That doesn’t seem like great value in terms of snaps played per game.

      They might see him as a three down player though, someone who is stout against the run on base packages and then can provide pass rush on 3rd downs. Would that be worth a 1st round pick? He has been comped to Wilkerson, who is a pass rushing force. Wilkerson was already a very productive pass rusher in college though while Butler hasn’t been. Perhaps they think Butler is close and just needs a bit more coaching to reach his potential.

      • Volume12

        And that’s really what it comes down too.

        What do they see him as? In the mold of a Sheldon Rankins, a bit more raw IMO, is he a smokescreen, or a rotational DT as you mentioned?

        I don’t even think a rotational DT is worth anything more than a day 3 pick.

        But, if they do have him comped to Rankins, then sure he’s worth a 1st or early 2nd

        And you brig up a good point. He’s very moldable. Moreso than Rankins, at least I think. Butler is a guy that won in college on everything but technique and polish.

        Rankins is the better player, but Butler has that raw strength/power and athleticism that take over when the lights shine the brightest.

        • RWIII

          Volume 12: Agreed

          • C-Dog

            Also in agreement, V12. Either smoke screen or genuine upside. IMO, I think his college tape shows upside. Big men that move naturally like that tend to be dangerous things, especially once they develop a repertoire of moves at the next level. I think they are seeing if he can be that guy.

        • JT

          The Seahawks pretty much have only used rotational DTs in the PCJS era, with Mebane being the closest thing to a full time player (not that close). He can be an immediate upgrade on base run downs during his rookie year next to Rubin, while offering more pass rush potential than Siliga or Rubin would ever provide in those situations. Down the line, perhaps he could earn some rotational nickel snaps as well.

          The Wilkerson comp is a stretch given that Mo is way more nimble. Chris Jones is a much closer comparison to Wilkerson, with his elite size, length, and burst off the snap.

          • JT

            Mo and Jones also have crazy similar athletic scores

            Wilk – 6’4, 315, 35″ arm, 5.05 / 1.80, 8’10 broad, 29 vert, 7.31 / 4.59, 27 reps

            Jones- 6’6, 310, 34.5″ arm, 5.03/1.69, 8’10 broad, 29.5 vert, 7.44/4.62, 26 reps

          • Rob Staton

            Oh we’re back on Chris Jones are we?

            I don’t see Mo Wilkerson when I watch Chris Jones.

            • JT

              Haha, I’ll never be off Chris Jones.

              I don’t see Mo in his game either, since Mo had much more advanced pass rush technique coming out of college (hand use, leverage & finishing ability).

              My high grade for Jones is based on how incredibly disruptive & dominant he was on tape despite lacking those advanced moves. His overall athletic profile is beastly, and development in his technique could make him a dominant NFL defensive lineman. Maturity issues aside, I like him as much or more than Rankins (don’t crucify me!)

              • D-OZ

                “Maturity issues aside” At the top of the Hawks prerequisite list is grit,finishing and the love of the game. Not entitlement. Not in the 1st and especially at 26.

                • JT

                  That’s for the Hawks to decide based on their interviews with him. It would be highly assumptive and even arrogant to presume what the kid’s mindset is from watching tape.

                  By “finishing,” I meant finishing his pressures with a sack or TFL by using better leverage/timing to get the tackle, not finishing out a play with effort.

                  • Kenny Sloth

                    Better to preaume the concerns are overblown and we can’t know better

                  • JT

                    I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not…

                    I don’t assume anything about any player’s off-field or on-field mentality concerns. I accept the fact that the NFL teams have far, far more information to judge the kids’ character. All us fans can really see is the tape and the athletic tests.

                    I’ll put it this way – if the Hawks draft Jones, I sure as hell won’t be disappointed, as I know they’ll have done the requisite work to get a great idea of who he is as a person and player. Just like they did with Frank Clark, who’s tape/measurables made him a top 15 prospect on my board last year.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I’d prepare to be disappointed JT if you’re hoping they draft Chris Jones.

                  • JT

                    I won’t be if they don’t draft him (lots of fish in the sea), but I’ll repeat, “I sure as hell won’t be disappointed” if they do.

        • RealRhino2

          Agree, and I think he’s worth the pick. You watch the tape and see power, but what I noticed was the good change of direction. Some bigger guys seem to just anchor, or have good push with a forward lean, but then that’s it. On maybe the fourth play of Butler’s tape I noticed him see the RB go to the opposite side and he seemed to stop one a dime and start to pursue laterally.

          If we are going to be drafting OL on raw athleticism, guess we can do it at DL and teach him hand technique, etc.

          • C-Dog

            Don’t see why not.

  4. badjujus


    Personally Im a fan of trading out of rd 2 for a 3rd and 4th. I dont see how it is unappealing at all with the possibilites of whats still available in rd 4.

    Then we can go

    Vernon Butler rd1
    Trade down RD2
    McGovern + Dahl + Ervin all RD 3
    Matt Judon/Tyrone Holmes +Justin Simmons rd 4
    Brandin Bryant rd 5
    Random lengthy corner rd 6
    Justin Zimmer Dt – OL random athletic guy rd 7

    As you can tell I want us to be the bully. Im tired of seeing mediocre Marsh, Hill, Dodd even tukuafu playing defense. I want some dogs that are scrapping to take starting spots. We only have so long before Avril, Bennett, and Tuba get old. We need youth and real competition not random practice squad guys who cant make an impact.

    • badjujus

      forgot a LB but I like Aaron Wallace UCLA and Stephen weatherly Vanderbilt as my favorites.

      Also No MORE TAVARIS. Lets grab Dalyn Williams QB Vanderbilt. He throws a great deep ball, is elusive, and still learning. He set records at Dartmouth and worst case scenario we can trade him away for picks like the pats do.

    • Ben2

      The point would be that only a few of these guys can/will make our 53 man roster….the rebuild is over. Quality over quantity is Important (see:TylerLockett)

      • Phil

        Amen! More draft picks = more guys who will not find spots on the roster.

        • Robert

          Or…more picks = more chances to hit on a prospect who wins a position on our roster! Always comPete!

    • lil'stink

      I think Simmons goes on day 2. It would make no sense if we drafted him there, and we won’t do it, but part of me would really like it.

      • JakeB

        Agree with all of that

        • lil'stink

          I mean, ET3 might be the hardest player to replace on our defense, and Simmons would be a great backup for him. And he would probably be solid on special teams. And looking at his combine measurables, combined with his playing strengths, I wonder if he couldn’t end up being the ideal CB for our scheme…

      • D-OZ

        I really like Simmons. Agree on day two.

    • Del tre

      i like that draft more if you scrap tyler ervin for Javon Hargrave or Hassan Ridgeway and switch Brandin Bryant for Marhsaun Coprich

    • Ignorant

      I could get behind that. One question: could Dahl or McGovern play RT for the Seahawks?

  5. Coug1990

    Love the trade possibilities. I have been thinking it is possible for the Seahawks to trade down to the top of round two. Then, use the capital they picked up along with their own second round pick, plus a fourth round pick to trade up in the second round. This would give them two picks in the upper half of the second round for the price of a fourth.

    They may be able to pick up two very good players that could help immediately, names that Rob has discussed above.

    • Phil

      Not sure I understand ….. didn’t you say trade down (giving up #26?) plus a fourth for 2 picks in round 2?

      • Jeff M.

        It seems like he’s suggesting something like:

        Seattle sends #26 (700) + #90 (140) + #124 (48) = 888
        San Diego sends #35 (550) + #66 (260) + #102 (92) = 902

        Seattle now has #35/#56 in Rd 2, #66/#97 in Rd 3, #102 in Rd 4

        Oakland sends #44 (460) + #75 (215) + #143 (35) = 710
        Seattle sends #56 (340) + #66 (260) + #102 (92) = 692

        Seattle now has #35/#44 in Rd 2, #75/#97 in Rd 3, #143 in Rd 5

        So in net, 26 -> 35, 56 -> 44, 90 -> 75, 97 -> 97 (comp pick), 124 -> 143

        It would come down to whether a guy they like at 26 is still going to be on the board at 35, and exactly how much the move-ups in Rds 2+3 improve the pools at those spots.

        • Ignorant

          I love it. We could potentially end up with impressive duos like: Ifedi and Butler, Bullard and Coleman, Butler and Bullard (think of a replenished defense).

          • HI Hawk

            Butler and Bullard… MMM, I really like that idea. Bullard, Butler, Rubin, Bennett when expecting the run.

            Avril, Bullard, Butler, Bennett when expecting either

            Avril, Bullard/Clark, Bennett, Clemons/Clark when expecting pass

            I would enjoy that depth and youth infusion!!

  6. manthony

    Can someone point me to the tape of Rankins that has everyone so darn infatuated? I dont understand the hype, I believe talent wise he is closer to Jordan Hill then an Aaron Donald.
    I’m not really allowing myself to get hyped on any prospect, had my heart broken too many times in the Draft, so I’m just checking out different players and making observations, and i know a lot of people like Rankins, by a lot of people like Trent Richardson and a million other prospects who never panned out.

    • Rob Staton

      Explosive, intense, relentless, productive.

      That’s Rankins.

    • rowdy

      He collapses the pocket at will. You don’t see the sacks you’d expect from how he’s talked about but he ruined opposing team’s game plans with his pressure.

    • JT

      Rankins’ performance really dropped off over the last half of last season (which most of his tape comes from on draftbreakdown). Perhaps an undisclosed injury was the culprit. In the first half of the season & the whole 2014 season, he was a beast.

    • C-Dog

      I would also add “versatile” to Rob’s list of explosive, intense, relentless, productive. Louisville played him all over there line, their DL coach stays he can do it all at the NFL level, between 5 tech, 3 tech and nose. Carroll enjoys versatile DL like he does versatile OL.

      IMO, I think they might be taking a shining to Butler b/c he could probably start at either 3 tech or nose, and likely also play 5 tech. Bullard can play 5 tech and 3 tech. Versatility. Rankins has is plus the moves and explosion.

      • manthony

        Thanks for the insight guys, draftbreakdown doesn’t work well on my cell so I just seen 2 of his games on YouTube and had me puzzled.
        I’m aware he tested well at the combine, but the hype on Rankins started months ago.
        Guess I was jw if there was some impressive tape out there.
        98% of guys Rob or certain commenters mention, when I check them out, I usually understand what the buzz is about.
        I didnt get that with Rankins, but I only watched 2 of his games, a small sample, not enough to really judge him, I’m sure some of you guys watched a lot more and seem more familiar with him, so I will take your word for it.

  7. ItsAboutTheDefense

    Your analysis is persuasive, Rob. You’ve laid out some very plausible scenarios. We can probably winnow down the likeliest by introducing other factors, like Budget and personality of the potential draftee, into the conversation. And, much as I’d love to see it, a trade up would just be too hard The more I consider them, the more it seems the Trade Down one is the likeliest, if we find a partner.
    To that end, you mention Green Bay’s pick as being one that some other team might want to get ahead of. Any thoughts on who the Pack are wanting?

    • Rob Staton

      I was just asking out loud why would a team need to get ahead of GB — I’m not convinced anyone will necessarily feel they’ll want to. I suspect they’ll go D-line.

      • ItsAboutTheDefense

        This does kind of speak to the special awkwardness that is the late 1st Round Pick. Without a compelling choice of Player, there would seem to be little reason for another team to want in.

        • Old but Slow

          Except the extra contract year a team can option for with a first rounder. That might be attractive to some teams.

          • STTBM

            Especially if the team that trades with us wants to draft a QB. It would have to be to draft a player at a position expensive enough to make the Fifth Year Option a good deal, and that means either an impact skill position player or a qb.

      • Ben-Ft. Worth Texas

        Apparently SB nation has Rankins slipping all the way to Dallas at pick #34. I had a pretty good laugh.

        • Hawktalker

          Agreed. That is a joke. Failing some of those “top picks falling too far” acid tests is a sign to throw the mock out with the trash.

        • Ignorant

          I’ve seen boards with Rankins as high as 6th overall, with sound reasoning, ahead of Bosa and Buckner.

  8. Sean-O

    Great article as always.

    It sure seems like a lot of teams are interested in QB’s in this draft. Different levels of interest (and for which QB) but interested none the less.

    I wonder if trading #26 to someone like DAL (pick #34) would make some sense. Hopefully leading up to the draft the rumors of Paxton Lynch & maybe Connor Cook going late 1st might entice someone to make a move.

    • Hawktalker

      Yep. If Pax is still on the board the trade down could be a lot more realistic and valuable.

      • D-OZ

        If Lynch is still on the board @ 26 I select him!!!

  9. Alex F

    You did some really nice work here! With such a deep DL draft, I would never & don’t believe PC/JS would move up to get Rankins. What’s the incremental performance for giving up at least a 2nd or 3rd to get him. Nope.

    We have to get a DL, a OT, maybe Guard, how about another piece in the 2ndary? Blocking TE? SAM?

    What do you like about Idefi? Do you have an analysis? I watched a couple of you tubes & I saw a guy that wasn’t some road grader & his pass blocking backpedal kept him off balance far too often which made him open to a bull rush. He seems to be a Carpenter or Britt clone. i.e. Try him at RT & realize he’s not that great so move him to guard. All the while, wasting time & cohesiveness for a trial. If we had a veteran line, then maybe. John better not Cable draft some conversion project or he should get an ambulance right outside CL.

    I like your Bullard pick. He has a lot of Bennett in him. I wouldn’t mind Kenny Clark or a Mebane type player in Andrew Billings by staying pat @ 26 and picking BPA at OT or DL. I don’t see Rankins contributing anymore than those 3 & would cost a valuable asset to move up.

    I love your work! It makes Hawk fans think. I will have to read more & will search 4 your piece on Idefi & maybe I will see him in a new light. Great Job Hawk brethren.

  10. Coleslaw

    What about Darron Lee? Maybe we jump ahead of atlanta and get him?

    • vrtkolman

      Trading up for a linebacker that won’t see the field in nickel formations (or cuts into KJ Wrights snaps) seems like a poor move value wise though. I do like Lee though.

  11. RWIII

    Rob: You suggested trading up to land Sheldon Rankins. If the Hawks were going to try and pull that off the price would not be cheap. If the Hawks wanted to snag Rankins they would have to get in front of New Orleans. In 2008 Jacksonville pulled off a similiar trade with the Baltimore Ravens. That year the Ravens had the 8th pick and Jacksonville had the 26th pick. Jacksonville gave up the 26th overall pick, two third-rounders, and a future fourth-rounder to move into the top ten. If John Schneider wants to make a trade it would have to be similiar to the 2008 Baltimore-Jacksonville trade.

    Last year as you know John Schneider traded up in the third round to select Tyler Lockette. Schneider has not been afraid to make a bold move.

    Chicago is in a rebuilding mode. So I could see the Bears open to trading down. It all depends on if John Schneider/Pete Carroll decided they want to move up to land Ranklins. Would Schneider trade up. Highly unlikely. But if John Schneider/Pete Carroll believe that Rankins has Ndamukong Suh ability I would not put it past Schneider to pull the trigger.

    • C-Dog

      Just can’t see JS wanting to do that. If Rankins gets past the Falcons for some reason, then maybe they consider a move up. I think Seattle wants to add top talent to both sides of the ball. That’s where I see the possibility of moving up in R2. Never know, though.

  12. Hawksince77

    Was thinking about trade scenarios, so happy to see the topic teed up.

    A couple of thoughts. One, like last year, Seattle has more draft picks than can possibly make the team. What they need is a few key players from this draft, not a bunch of possibilities like in past drafts. That means, like last year, they may be more willing to trade up and reluctant to trade down to simply accumulate more draft lotto tickets.

    While I agree that Sheldon Rankins is likely the target of any trading up in the first round, last year we dreamed about the possibility of trading for Gurley. So instead of Gurley, what kind of scenario would it take for Seattle to trade in the first to draft Elliott? And if one existed, is that something we think PC/JS would be interested in?

    My understanding is that Elliott is a fantastic talent, one of the best (if not the best along with Gurley) that has entered the draft in several years. Also, there is a big drop off from Elliott to Henry. After watching some tape on Henry, is tough to get excited about him playing for Seattle. Not very elusive, and tackled on several occasions by college CBs (of course to his credit he was already in the secondary). I only mention Henry as being a possibility at the position at 26, a consideration necessary if Seattle was willing to trade for Elliott. The latter would have to be so much better than the former to warrant the cost.

    The final consideration is the depth at the position for Seattle. While it is far more likely they wait until later in the draft for site-favorite Ervin, it’s also possible that Rawls starts the year on the PUP, or possibly not the player he was last year. That leaves perennial hopeful Michael as the starting RB for Seattle.

    • manthony

      You make some good points.
      Man I can get excited about Zeke. He’s such a determined runner, id love if we nabbed him.
      Also, as Rob has said a few times. Seattle might be looking to move up in the second, its cheaper to move up in the second, but the same concept, just going up to get a player they really like.

    • STTBM

      Hawksince, you make some good points. I dont think Seattle hesitates to draft guys in the later rounds that might push out their backups/projects. They are always looking to upgrade, and unless you are one of their stars–or core guys, like Wright–they are continually looking to bring in competition and they keep whoever wins.

      However, they try to plug major holes first, of course. And we have a few of those. So I think they arent worried about guys making the team as much as might be apparent on the surface. One other point in your ideas favor though, is the fact that our cool, neat-o projects are getting stolen by other teams and stashed on their active roster, keeping us from forming the PS we want. Last year, Obum Gwacham was a perfect example.

      Wouldnt surprise me any to see Seattle trade out of their later round picks to move up in the third-fifth to ensure they get a guy they like a lot. (They use their sevenths to take guys they want as UDFA but fear will be likely to sign elsewhere.

      If they had 11 picks, I would expect at least one trade up. This year, I think 6-9 guys could conceivably make the team. I think they have major holes at RB (though I am pretty high on C Michaels finally stepping up), OL, DT, they need another pass rushing DE and a SAM Prospect with big upside…And they have a need for backup/project SS and FS.

      Not only that, they still lack a big, physical WR. And no, Jimmy Graham didnt count even before he got a major injury that raised serious questions about his contributions moving forward. While they have a loaded WR group, they have said they like to have guys with different strengths who are versatile. And to my eye, that group, while talented, is too similar in strength/weakness and still needs a big physical WR with some speed.

      LB could use an infusion of talent/athleticism, and Im not convinced they are counting on Shead/Lane to man the two corner spots, since Shead is better in the slot (which is odd considering his size), and Lane has been terribly injury-prone.

      More holes to fill than we might think at first blush.

      What Im really saying is I have no idea what they will actually do.

  13. KD


    Robert Nkemdiche’s name is not listed among the Seahawks visits or meetings. Is there any possibility that Nkemdiche’s issues were just the result of some bad decisions and that he learned a painful and embarrassing lesson, or is he truly too far gone character wise?

    • RWIII

      I hope Seattle avoids Nkemdiche like the bubonic plague. Not only is Nkemdiche bad news, Nkemdiche is hanging around with the wrong crowd. Starting with his brother. Who is also trouble.

    • Coug1990

      How could anyone know right now? It is not as if he has been trouble free for years. If that were the case, then you could infer that had learned. Being good for a few months is too short a time to say he has changed.

      • KD

        I think it’s safe to assume that the Seahawks FO will likely have done a thorough investigation into Nkemdiche. They’ve either concluded that the rumors are true and they’re not going to even bother pursuing the matter further or they’ve concluded that things got overblown and will at least keep him in mind. The biggest worry seems to be (at least IMO) that he just doesn’t have the heart to want to be a great player. You don’t want to waste a draft pick on another Josh Gordon or Justin Blackmon

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          I never get the sense that he “loves the game” and will put in the time to become great. That is why they won’t pick him….. on top of everything else.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Nkemdiche will even be on their board.

      Prolonged history of violence, drugs with him and his brother. A nightmare waiting to happen.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The recent reminder from the Cowboys…. you can take a chance on a guy like Hardy, but it can turn into a clown show if the guy is not right in the head. Nkemdiche, I’m pulling for the kid to get right, but he is going to be a constant work in progress until his mid/later 20s. As we have also been reminded today, Johnny Football and Gordon are also a stark reminder how far guys can go off the rails when they get “paid”.

        Essentially, he is not going to be a drafted Seahawk.

        • Volume12

          Hardy has become a one year rental, and a guy that isn’t respected in locker rooms.

          Not good news for a kid like Nkemiche if that’s how he’s viewed.

          • STTBM

            Hardy may be done in the NFL, because teams may be done with him.

      • Michael M.

        The discussion of Nkemdiche has me wondering: What’s his floor? Everyone agrees he will fall down the board, but just how far? I can’t personally think of anyone from the recent past who is comparable. Sure Manziel had question marks, but not to this degree. It just seems like there isn’t anyone who doesn’t think the guy is nuts. Burfict went undrafted, but he had a terrible showing at the combine to assist his slide.

  14. Madmark

    I like the idea of trading the first pick to move into the the top 40 area. I just don’t think a 26 is worth the talent that will be there. I pretty sure that the guys I want are in the 2nd and mostly the beginning of the 3rd round. To be honest I wouldn’t be so sure Ifedi would even make the starting rotation his 1st year as a LG or RT. That being said if you feel you have a year to coach them up for the tackle spot a Joe Haeg would make some sense. An Austin Johnson from Penn St. intrigues me. His numbers for his numbers this year were just incredible 75 tackles, 15 for a loss and 6 sacks. The sparq rating isn’t spectacular but the film on him doesn’t lie. He needs some work as all college guys do like his hand work but he maintains gap integrity. He not part of the Nascar package but on pass play he does have the strength to collapse a pocket which is just as important even if he doesn’t get the sack. The 3 years he made significant improvement but getting his degree there wasn’t any reason to return for another year in college. You had him at 47 last draft Rob. I been thinking he might slide into the 3rd round because of normal combine results. What could also happen is we don’t find a trade and reach for Ifedi at 26 and hope that he can make the starting lineup.

  15. Brandon

    On a somewhat unrelated note, what round do you project Miles Killebrew to go in Rob? I remember you and Kenneth highlighting him on the podcast and the more I listen to him speak and how he plays, the more I want him on the team. Deathbacker just looks like the perfect role (and name) for his style of play. Also why is it that he seems to be a mid round pick when he tested about the same (or better) than Neal (who I also enjoy watching). Is it a small school thing?

    • Rob Staton

      I think R3 for Miles.

      Neal much more polished and assured. A better player. But Miles still one to watch at the next level.

  16. Lewis

    Assuming Rankins is gone, the scenario I’d love to see is trading down to the bottom of the first/top of the second and sending a fifth to the trade partner in order to pick up a third. We could then use the third to move up in the second to grab someone they really want or let the board come to them and get an extra guy from the day two group.

  17. Rik

    So Josh Gordon, coming off a 1 year suspension, just tested positive for marijuana. In a weird twist, he has apparently been living in LA with Manziel. That means Cleveland needs a WR1 (in addition to nearly everything else). They might be a potential trade partner with the 32 pick. Scuttlebutt is that they take a QB at 2, but I’m not buying it. I think they take a dominant DE in Bosa or LB in Jack. I thought they’d take Lynch at 32, but now they need WR too.

    It’s good to be a Seahawk!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      That 1st pick 2nd round will be ideal to grab a WR… there should be 2-3 very talented guys available. Not the “creme a la creme” but very solid WRs. They need a few of them. They might even go for Hunter Henry at pick #32 (pick #1 2nd round). He would be about the right value and they need TE help. Well, they need a few of everything in all honesty. They might be looking at a 4-12 or worse year this year.

    • RealRhino2

      I think there’s a top 3 WR group of Doctson, Treadwell, Coleman (though there are surer and safer bets than Coleman, I think he eclipses them in potential). Maybe some team would want to jump up to grab one if only one is left on the board?

      In most years I am pounding the table to stand pat and just take a guy, but this year the depth is so good (and the upper tier not so good) that I wouldn’t mind a trade back. I think the best chance is for a team wanting to grab Lynch or Cook at QB.

      • Volume12

        They don’t draft receivers in the 1st round.

        Passed on Julio Jones for QB Brandon Weeden and passed on Sammy Watkins for CB Justin Gilbert.

        Only see 3 receivers worth a 1st this year anyways. Treadwell, Ohio St’s Michael Thomas, and ‘CoCo’ Coleman.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Have you watched Doctson? Has the best SLA in this eeceiver class, wins the redline and contested balls

          • Volume12

            Yeah, I’ve watched Doctson.

            Him and ND WR Will Fuller are more early 2nd round picks IMO. Doesn’t mean a team won’t spend a 1st on one of them, but the other 3 I believe to be better.

        • Michael M.

          To be fair, both of those trades netted them multiple first round pick (and more) in return. If they were any team but the Browns it might have worked out great for them. Then again… 2011 might be the greatest top 15 ever in one draft and they traded out, sooo…

  18. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’m in favor of standing pat…. let draft come to them and pick based upon value.
    The 2nd round pick is going to be gold, there will be many “very good – great” players towards the bottom of the second round. Why else would NE want a late 2nd rounder??? I think the Cardinals gave up a bit too much, with no long term deal worked out ahead of time, but hey, they are the Cardinals for a reason.

    I’m of the opinion that they should go OL, OL with first 2 picks, then go hop wild on players based upon value or need or w/e criteria they want. This is the main reason I would love to see a Ifedi and McGovern round 1 and 2 draft. Literally, they could draft anyone else and it would be a wild success. Or as you might say, cherry on top of the icecream Sunday.

    • Rik

      I like that, too. Then Joshua Perry and Tyler Ervin in the 3rd followed by DT after DT!

      • Madmark

        You know if Ervin at 90 Seattle will have to take him its just to enticing.

        • JT

          There’s plenty of good options for 3rd down backs this year. The Hawks don’t need to reach for Ervin. They may like him that much that they do take him in the third, however I think it’s more likely they wait til day 3 and take him if he drops. If not, no biggie, there are other decent 3rd down back options (Lasco, Ferguson, Drake, Foster, Brooks, Jackson)

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m in agreement with you on strategy. First two picks offensive line. Between the newly drafted and the vets, they should be able to field a good offensive line. I’m tired of watching the offense struggle every year. Time for the Seahawks to get their act together.

      After that, they can pick however they want. I’ll just say that their is a pretty strong argument for trading their late round picks for higher round picks. They can’t all make the team this year. And their is still the UDFA to choose from.

      • Rob Staton

        “I’m tired of watching the offense struggle every year. Time for the Seahawks to get their act together.”

        The Seahawks set franchise records for passing last season and have fielded an elite running game for years, while Wilson has always been productive.

        I’m constantly surprised at how over the top people go when describing parts of this Championship caliber team.

        • JustMeMyself&!

          People have been told the OL is bad so they fixate on it. I think you have to keep the defense elite, focus there early and then address the middle of the OL in rds 3 + 4. One G + one C will be a big upgrade to what we have now.

          • JustMeMyself&!

            And I’m hoping for a late round grab of Halapoulivaati Vaitai at OT.

          • Nate

            Later picks: FB Devon Johnson
            DE/LB Weatherly
            DT: Blair III/Brandin Bryant
            OL picks of: Maiva, Benonoch, Odhiambo, etc.

            I agree with a combo of you JustMeMyself&! and Rob.
            I think if we slightly trade down 26 for Vernon Butler as well as more ammo in at least 4th, if not 3rd rd, would be ideal! I would take McGovern, Ervin, Dahl and ET’s backup TJ Green.

          • HI Hawk

            Yes, yes, yes! Defense or playmakers first, early, and often. The defense slumped in 2015, they finished first in scoring again, but scoring was up quite a bit from previous seasons. It just so happened that other teams allowed more last year as well so we finished #1.

            The defense needs some next generation core guys on defense. They’re aging (Bennett), getting paid too much (Chancellor) or leaving (Irvin). Bennett, Avril, Wright, and Chancellor are all up for renegotiation in 2017 (1 year left) as well, they can’t all get big paydays. The defense needs to be otherworldly to make this team function at a championship level. We need a return to dominance.

        • Lewis

          Rob, while everything you said is absolutely true, I think you would agree that there are times that they make things harder on themselves than they should be. Sometimes the offense is absolutely painful to watch, even when they are doing well, because you see that they could be that much more efficient…that they could make plays without the need for Russell to work insane voodoo magic.

          This team has accomplished remarkable things. Of that there’s no doubt. But they have also needed ridiculous luck at times, and eventually, inevitably, that luck runs out. I think when someone makes a comment like the one above, that might be what they mean: more consistency, less wondering whether the offense will manage to function on a given series, or the QB will have to once again make something out of nothing.

          • Coug1990

            Being a consistent top 10 scoring offense is not luck. Having a consistent explosive play team is not luck. Being a top 5 running offense is not luck. You also realize the Seahawks practice when a play breaks down. It is not luck that the Seahawks are so good at that.

        • Coug1990

          I agree. People tend to look at things in a vacuum. The Seahawks have been a top 10 scoring offense for the last four years and were 4th last season. The Seahawks have always been near the top in explosive plays. You can go on and on and the Seahawks offense is much better than people think it is.

          People tend to remember every Seahawk offensive breakdown without realizing that other teams have breakdowns as well.

      • Madmark

        What they need is a center to call the schemes and lead the OL. They want athletic and bigger than the centers we see this year so I believe that a McGovern or Dahl could make the change for the better as a matter of fact they both could possible be LG and C. Joe Haeg I think they really like him but I think it be a year before they gave him his chance at Tackle.

        • C-Dog

          I think I’ve read a couple reports on Haeg that felt he might project well inside at guard.

  19. KingRajesh

    What is our 2017 1st rounder work? Maybe putting together a package deal 2017 1st + 2016 2nd (and maybe more) for Rankins might be viable. You could still get a top flight O-lineman in the 1st that way. And you’d still have 2 picks in the 3rd.

    • rowdy

      I don’t think there’s anyway they trade there first next year. JS/PC are highly against trading future picks and next year’s draft could be loaded. Especially if they don’t get a rb this year, a absolutely stud should fall to the end of the first out of shear numbers.

    • GeoffU

      Typically they’re worth a round less. So next years first rounder would get you this years second rounder.

    • RealRhino2

      We’re not talking about DonkeyKong Suh here. Rankins is an athletic guy with decent production, but let’s not get carried away. His main value may be in his versatility along the DL, but his value is around early to mid-first, not two 1st-round picks.

  20. bobbyk

    I’ve complained about the OL as much as anyone since the Hutch debacle, but I am perfectly fine going DL with the first pick. I think McGovern or a guard named Joe have an equal chance to be a good OL as Spriggs does at #26. In fact, I think McGovern is safer to be decent than Spriggs, too. With that being said, I’d almost rather have an OL in the 2nd than the 1st.

    • C-Dog

      I would like Spriggs more if I didn’t feel they already had a guy like him on the roster in Gilliam. Not sure if Spriggs can play inside, maybe. At 26, I’m kind of Ifedi or DL, and then either McGovern, Dahl, or Haeg at 56. Personally, I would be entirely fine with Dahl at 56, I think he’s going to be a really good football player in the pros.

      • Hawktalker

        Don’t disagree at all, but that preference sounds like a plug for a trade down for me and I like it.

    • Jujus

      Amen. A Offensive linemen at 26 would be a Justin Britt style reach imo.

      I believe dt at 26. Then possibly trade out of 56 for a 3rd and 4th.

      Butler at 26
      McGovern 3rd
      Dahl 3rd
      Linebacker 3rd

      Unless Coleman slides car I don’t even see a tackle until the 5th.

      • C-Dog

        That would be a great draft 26 through 97 for sure.

    • STTBM

      Bobbyk, I see it similarly. I would prefer they take the best athlete/football player available at 26, or with their first pick if they trade down–BPA. THEN they should take an OL, whether that is Spriggs/Ifedi if they fall, or McGovern, Dahl, or Haeg. That way, they are covered at two big positions of need, and can let the board come to them for the most part to fill lesser needs, like SAM, run-stuffing DT, third down RB, backup/project FS/SS, etc.

  21. Del tre

    Hey Rob I’ve been watching tape on Deiondre Halls and can’t make up my mind on him. He seems to miss a lot of tackles first off but with the Seahawk tackling form i would think that can be fixed. He uses his extremely long arms well in coverage and seems to be at the right place at the right time he makes a lot of splash plays but his tape is so inconsistent. One thing he certainly doesn’t do very well yet is utilize his length in press coverage I have noticed he lacks the strength to jam at the line. That isn’t particularly surprising because he is quite lanky. He also doesn’t have the best make up speed he generally uses his long arms to make up for that but at the NFL level he might not be able to recover enough ground to do so. He’s really intriguing physically and his tape doesn’t really sway me either way. I think he could work well in a zone heavy defense like the Seahawks and given that he is expected to last into the sixth round he would be worth the pick. Do you think Hall is on the Hawks radar Rob?

    • Greg Haugsven

      I don’t think the tape really matters when they select corners
      They like measure ables then train them the Seahawks way.

      • Del tre

        That’s true he certainly is an interesting player

  22. Nathan

    Teams and their number of picks(not counting 7th round comps)

    Arizona Cardinals 5
    Atlanta Falcons 5
    Baltimore Ravens 9
    Buffalo Bills 8
    Carolina Panthers 6
    Chicago Bears 9
    Cincinnati Bengals 7
    Cleveland Browns 10
    Dallas Cowboys 9
    Denver Broncos 10
    Detroit Lions 10
    Green Bay Packers 9
    Houston Texans 7
    Indianapolis Colts 6
    Jacksonville Jaguars 8
    Kansas City Chiefs 7
    Los Angeles Rams 6
    Miami Dolphins 8
    Minnesota Vikings 8
    New England Patriots 11
    New Orleans Saints 6
    New York Giants 6
    New York Jets 6
    Oakland Raiders 8
    Philadelphia Eagles 9
    Pittsburgh Steelers 7
    San Diego Chargers 8
    San Francisco 49ers 12
    Seattle Seahawks 9
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7
    Tennessee Titans 8
    Washington Redskins 8

    • vrtkolman

      We have definitely been spoiled by the front office. Look at all the teams with just 5 or 6 draft picks.

  23. DC

    Seattle and Dallas trade

    Dallas receives Seattle’s 1st rd pick(26) 2016 and 5th rd pick 2017.

    Seattle receives Dallas’ 2nd rd pick(34) and OG La’el Collins.

    Dallas trades from a position group of strength to move up and grab their QB of the future. Future as in week 2 of the regular season after Romo breaks whatever is left to break.

    • rowdy

      I’d love this trade but think there’s any Dallas, extremely cap strapped, trades a young cheap oline men with years under club control.

      • bobbyk

        Collins actually has it written in his contract that he’s an UFA after three years. That’s part of why he signed there.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          He still will be extremely cheap for 2 more season, no way they trade him. Doubt he measures up to the “the new metric” Rob proposed….. just a hunch

          • Troy

            They have shown that they don’t care about the metric with guys already in the league though, so if they feel he can play I’m sure they would go after him

          • DC

            It’s Jerry Jones we’re talking about here. “No way” is not in his vocabulary. The Cowboys just lost an entire season due to Romo falling apart at the seams. What did they do to address the situation? Nada so far. Jones is an old man who wants a ring right now and that mind set allows for possibilities that a long term vision planner might not consider. Assuming they don’t spend their first pick on a QB, they have Denver and possibly Arizona ahead of them as teams who could use a young QB. Dallas would be trading a guard for a QB and a pick. If they want another cheap guard they are easy to find. It could be a win-win for both teams if the right scenario plays out. No proposed trade is likely. In this case we’ve got two FOs who are unafraid to go for it so in my mind there is certainly a way.

            • bobbyk

              It’s easy to find cheap guard. Yes.

              Seahawks fans should know better than anyone that it’s not easy to find good guards though.

              • STTBM

                Heh, its not easy for SEATTLE to find good G’s, thats for sure…

        • Nathan

          Isn’t that the case with any UDFA?

      • STTBM

        Plus Collins is a total Southern Boy–he talked about how he told his agent he wasnt going anywhere North and/or cold. Seriously, that kid doesnt want to leave the South, not for any money. He wont be interested in Seattle, ever.

  24. James

    Can we try to take a broader view so that we can project what John & Pete might do? Here are some observations:

    – we have totally changed our OL grades, from the days of the Carpenter and Moffitt road-graders. Gilliam, Glow, Sokoli, et al, are proof that Rob is right in that the TEF metric is the new basis for the Seahawks OL picks (although the debate goes on about the center position… just how should intangibles factor in, since you will NEVER see a 3.0 TEF center, so you have to move a guy from some other position, but how is that working for you, especially since you would like to win now, instead of three years from now?).

    – this means that Spriggs, Ifedi, McGovern, Dahl and Haeg are the small pool for our OL picks. To land Spriggs or Ifedi, you have to use the R1 pick. McGovern in R2, if the Pats don’t jump us. Hope and pray Dahl or Haeg are there R3.

    – this means that if the Seahawks go DL in R1, and McGovern gets plucked in R2 before our pick comes up, we are up Crap Creek without a paddle. Doesn’t this extreme risk indicate that Spriggs or Ifedi must be the R1 selection? Then, either go best available DL in R2, or double down with McGovern and go DL in R3?

    – I agree with the posts above that we only have a handful of roster slots available. Nine drafts picks and a half dozen UDFAs are the equivalent of me pouring my ice-cold pint of Manny’s Pale Ale out on the ground. Yes, you increase your odds of a home run the more picks you make, but honestly, just use the 9 picks as trade resources to land the 5 players on your board that you really believe in, and stop trying to be too-clever-by-half.

    – We need two starting-quality OLs and a rotational DT, add a solid backup DE, a backup RB, and call it a day, strap up for battle and let’s play.

    • C-Dog

      I think many , many fans feel all Seattle needs is a rotational DT, but Seattle could be wanting more than that, though, considering how much time they are spending with Vernon Butler, and also showing a lot of interest in Jonathan Bullard, and walked out of the Senior Bowl apparently slapping a first round grade on Rankins. They could be considering heavily a 3 down DL.

      They are looking at a lot of OL, many who don’t seem to meet the TEF minimal standard of 3.0. It could possibly be they are actually looking for one starter, and then a couple players to add to the competition. If McGovern is off the board at 56, personally, I don’t think there’s that much of a drop off from Dahl, I think they are very similar.

    • Richard

      In that scenario wouldn’t they also need a Bruce Irvin replacement, a FS/SS backup and a tall receiver for PC to keep trying to finally, you know, use?

      I hear what you’re saying, but, for those other minor holes that might need some filling. Oh and I know John Schneider doesn’t have a history of stashing future picks (I wish he did). But, it would be cool if he stashed some highish picks for next year. Maybe so they could trade up for a shot at Leonard Fournette RB. He seems like he would be a pretty good get.

      • C-Dog

        Carroll said they might look to replace Irving by not one player, but two. One player that plays SAM in the base, and the other who takes him role as the nickel rusher. Possible translation; Marsh/Morgan SAM and Clark nickel edge. But sure, they could look for another two’fer in the draft. A lot of people here high on Fackrell.

    • Willyeye

      Not sure why you think there will NEVER be a 3.0 TEF Center. Last year Sokoli was the #1 SPARQ beast for O-Line. At #2 SPARQ was Center Nick Easton. Easton was a Center at Harvard for a few years, and he has a TEF score of 3.20. He is currently a 3rd string Center for the Vikings. Long story short, he simply hasn’t gotten a real shot at being a starting Center in the NFL because the Centers that were ahead of him are Pro Bowlers. He had a GREAT preseason last year, but just couldn’t break through to the starting lineup. Anyway, the Hawks could probably get him for maybe a 7th round pick. I wish JS would trade for him.

      • RealRhino2

        How could the centers ahead of him be Pro Bowlers if they aren’t 3.0 TEFers? πŸ˜‰

        Of course not *never* a 3.0 TEF center, but there’s usually a reason they are at center in the first place….

        • Rob Staton

          I will just mention this again here…

          TEF is not an indicator of who will be good or bad in the NFL or who I think is good or bad.

          TEF is a formula based on Tom Cable’s admitted ideal physical profile for the O-line. It’s a guide to help us work out who they might draft this year. And when we used TEF to look at their previous drafts, it helped us understand the kind of decisions they’ve made.

          Increasingly I’m seeing stuff about TEF that makes me believe people are misunderstanding it and believe it’s an opinion or an indicator of success/failure. It is not.

    • Rob Staton

      There was a +3.00 center in last years draft — Cam Erving.

  25. RWIII

    Sheldon Rankins is a pipe dream. But you NOW have to include Vernon Butler in the mix. Actually I had Already warmed up to the idea of Butler last. Long before anyone had heard that Butler had multiple visits to Seattle.

    You now have Vernon Butler., Germain Ifedi, Jonathan Bullard and Jack Spriggs in the mix.

    • C-Dog

      That’s a solid mix. We’ll see who’s available at 26 in about a couple weeks.

    • Jujus

      Unless you want springs sitting on the bench for years he isn’t on the board. Cable wants a hulking monster at rt. So ifedi would be the right for. Spriggs is just athletic sparqy but not a bully.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, it seems that way, but he offers a bunch of TEF. That’s the thing. I wouldn’t put it past them to draft him at all.

      • rowdy

        Then again gilliam played RT last year and is more like spriggs

      • Jarhead

        Ifedi is huge but he is not a bully either. If you watch his tape you will not see a player who dominates with size or power. He uses his size merely to become an obstacle. His technique is also very poor. Shon Coleman is a bully, but without testing him, it is better to wait until rounds 2 and 3 to get bolullies

  26. RWIII

    Guys. At the moment the HOT name is Vernon Butler. I Judy went to Walters Football. The have the Raiders taking Butler at 14.

    • C-Dog

      His pro day is going to help him a lot. Hassan Ridgeway had a solid pro day, as well, and will probably get a lot of traction, some now suggesting possible late first round pick.

  27. Stevo

    I’m really hoping Taylor Decker falls to us in round 1.

    O linemen from spread offenses – like Spriggs – really make me nervous. Who knows how long it takes a guy like that to learn what Cable teaches.

    In round 2. Give me RB Jordan Howard. We need another back, and he’s the one.

    • STTBM

      Much as I loathe the idea of Seattle using some form of TEF to figure out their pool of potential draftees on the O-line, Im convinced they do use it. And that means Decker isnt even close to consideration for Seattle.

      Howard is pretty cool, but I would be shocked to see Seattle dump yet another second rounder on RB, even with Rawls gruesome injury.

      But you know full well Ive been dead wrong before! (I was just proven totally off-base with Denver and the Jets making a deal for Clady, and I was wrong last year about Seattle dumping C Williams mid-season). So my opinion is pretty much worth about what I get paid for it!

  28. nichansen01

    My first round draft board:

    Sheldon Rankins – Next Aaron Donald
    Vernon Butler – Next Mo Wilkerson
    Germaine Ifedi
    Jonathan Bullard

    If none are avaliable, just trade down into the mid second.

    Why is Spriggs not on my list? He is TEF, however he only plays left tackle. Having Gilliam, who will be an upgrade at left tackle from Okung in my opinion, makes the pick redundant.

  29. rowdy

    Not that it will happen, mostly because division rivals but Anthony Davis is up for trade. Retired for a year and if you could get him for a decent price it could be a great pick up. Played at a high level in a run first offense with a mobile qb. Sure there’s risk but should be completely healthy. Probably needs to take a pay cut also but you can’t deny the talent theres.

    • DC

      Definitely worth looking into. Davis was a solid RT.

    • STTBM

      Davis says Baalke told him its a lie, he’s not on the block. For what that is worth…

    • vrtkolman

      I have serious doubts about his love for the game. He retired for a year and now wants to come back? This screams “I need a paycheck” to me.

      • STTBM

        He took the year off to get his body right after numerous nagging injuries, and to get himself together. I think that shows resiliency, and a passion for the game. That took a lot of balls to make that decision, considering he paid back bonus money to do it, and you know the Niners FO wasnt happy with his decision.

        Most players would have either pushed on through the injuries, getting little in return for that, or else given up entirely.

  30. DC

    Question Rob.
    I took some time off after the Carolina game and just came back. You were very high on Shon Coleman in mid January but seemingly not so much now? Wondering what changed.

    • rowdy

      Still high on him but he’s been injured and hasnt been able to do all the drills yet. Raises the injury concerns and don’t know how athletic he is.

      • DC

        What’s his current injury?

        • Volume12

          IIRC it’s his MCL.

          • DC

            That’s it. Just read he had surgery to repair the MCL. Bummer. Also read that he put up 22 reps at the bench press which seems a little low.

            V12 you’ve seen plenty of Ifedi tape I assume? My unfounded worry is that he’s James Capenter 2.0 and that’s based on nothing except their similar size.

            Also, where are you and everyone else finding your info on who visits the VMAC?

            • C-Dog

              I think he’s way more athletic than Carp was/is. A lot of buzz around Ifedi is that he comps to Osemele.

              • DC

                Thanks. That’s good news in the event he does end up a Hawk.

                • Volume12

                  Yes, plenty of tape and I’m very fortunate to be able to spend my Saturdays during the fall to watch a ton of CFB. Probaby too much to be honest.

                  Size wise, he’s similar to Carp. But, I do think that Seattle is genuinely interested in him. Guys with his size, length, athleticism, bloodlines, character, and potential don’t grow on trees.

                  He needs some polish, but I don’t see anything about him that can’t be fixef. Once he learns how to maximize his length, he’s got a very good chance of being special.

                  As for the VMAC visits, twitter tells me so most of the time. But, I got tricks up my sleeve. πŸ™‚

    • Rob Staton

      I still like his tape but he has a MCL injury so hasn’t done any off season work outs so hard to compare or judge him fully at the moment.

      • James

        Could the injury push Coleman to R3, or even later? He is older than several of these OLs by 3 to 5 years, and if he now needs a redshirt year also, lots of teams are going to pass…

        • Rob Staton

          If he fell that far it’s a serious issue and therefore he’s unlikely to be picked by the Seahawks like everyone else.

          For me he’s either a top-50 options or not at all. Because his fall wouldn’t be based on talent at all.

  31. Richard

    This might be my approach as of the moment.

    R1 #26 – DT/DE or OT/G by any other name. Decided with the flow as you go on 4/28/2016. Jason Spriggs OT is my choice #2 – 34 CBS.

    R2 #56 – Tyler Fackrell OLB He’s moved down from #3 – 84 to #3 – 95 on CBS’s Big Board.

    Rd3 #90 – Conner McGovern OG with crossed fingers and toes. XXXXXX At #4 – 107 on CBS.
    Rd3c #97 – OT/G or DT/DE by the name that is left to thee. Javon Hargrave DT #3 – 90 or Bronson Kaufusi DE #4 – 112, My choice Javon Hargrave not as polished and shiny, but…

    Rd 4 #124 – Tyler Irvin RB He’s still at #5 – 143 on CBS and holding. Again XXXXXX Or Travis Feeney OLB down from #5 – 142 to #5 – 170.

    Rd 5c #171 – Oh Jeez cheeze! #4-124 to #5-171, my crappy math skills tell me that’s 47 picks in between! That’s gonna be Freakin brutal!! Hopefully, Justin Simmons #6 – 176 or Joe Dahl OG #6 – 206 is still there after all those picks. Justin Simmons FS/SS is my pick. Which ever we think won’t ride to #6 – 215.

    Rd 6c #215 – Joe Dahl OG I wish, but probably gone, so it will be Joe Thuney OG #7 – 223 probably if we’re lucky. Or Darius Jackson RB #6 – 198 if we miss on Tyler Irvin.

    Rd 7t #225 – Stephen Weatherly DE #7 – 223 who moved up from #7 – 231

    Rd 7 #247 – My guilty pleasure, Richardo Lewis WR #7 – 244 up from #FA -254. HE’S ON IT! HE’S ON THE BOARD!!! In your best Rob Riggle voice, “IN THE FACE! IN THE FACE!!”

    Pick up Justin Zimmer DT, Tanner McEvoy TE, Nate Sudefeld QB, Dean Lowry DE, Jake Brendel C, Lashaun Sims CB, Ryan Smith CB, Conner Wujciak DT Tyler Heath DT/OG and Taylor Fallin (mainly because that is such a great name. Can you see it on a jersey?)

    • Richard

      Stephen Weatherly is #7 – 221 not 223 currently.

    • STTBM

      Dahl wont last to the bottom of the third, and may go in the second. Way too much interest in him by far too many teams.

      And I would be shocked if Ervin lasted to the bottom of the third. If he’s there, Seattle will nab him. Same thing as Dahl.

      • Richard

        Thanks for that, but, after the Top 15 players are selected over the first 31 picks. It will be a total crap shoot. This whole process of speculation on who goes where and to what team is like trying to guess what time of day it will be when you are going to be struck by lightning.

        Joe Dahl and Tyler Ervin (sorry about misspelling it earlier) will be selected somewhere in the #32 to #252 pick range. That is probably the only safe bet.

        It’s just a mock, its not rocket whispering.

        • HI Hawk

          SDB favorites are not necessarily NFL favorites, or even Seahawks favorites for that matter. It’s about identifying who might fit the Seahawks and I think Richard did that quite well. Just names and approximate values.

          For reference, Ervin doesn’t have a round 3 grade by most sources, Dahl either. It’s all guesswork, but SDB regulars tend to overvalue SDB favorites compared to all other draft sites. We often lock into the flavor of the week whenever Rob goes in depth on them, but I doubt the NFL execs who make these draft picks are as emotional as we are.

          • Rob Staton

            Only today Tony Pauline reported Ervin will be a day two pick.

            The players identified on this blog are always with a view to what the Seahawks look for — thus the use of TEF.

            • HI Hawk

              I know that Rob, I also feel that some draft information is better than others. Pauline, for example, seems well informed. It doesn’t mean that it will happen, we won’t know for sure until it does. I’m just saying that many regular contributors go overboard with regards to your information and undervalue outside information. You always make it clear that TEF and other estimates that you use are not a sure fire deal, but should be used to clarify the LIKELY views of the Seahawks. Many people glom onto them and overestimate their own insights into what the Seahawks WILL do come April 28-30 because of their own inability to separate fact from opinion.

  32. Volume12

    C-Dog, thought you might like this.

    I’ve seen this guy’s name in your mock drafts a few times.

    USC CB Kevon Seymour is a VMAC visitor.

    Doesn’t even have 31″ arms. IMO, Seattle is looking for nickel/slot corners. And I think their arm length requirement is different for true or only corners that will play in the slot.

    • C-Dog

      Cool! Yeah, he was someone I was thinking as a late rounder. Seems to me with Shead, Lane, Simon, SJP, Seisay, Farmer,etc. they have a ton of taller guys who could potentially hang out the outside, Lane of course also being a solid nickel. But with Burley and Tye Smith, maybe they want more competition defending the slot. Short arms don’t help Seymour, but he’s fast and plays well in zone coverage. Good special teams player, with the loss of Richardo, they could be looking for gunner help, not sure they want to give that to Lane any more. They might also view him as a CB/FS type.

      • Volume12

        That’s just it.

        He’s versatile, athletic, can be an instant contributor on STs.

        Also from the LA area I believe, and grew up rough, overcoming adversity early on.

        • HI Hawk

          Smokescreen alert – Pete’s saying “look NFL we don’t just like long arms”, while at the same time getting Seymour noticed by other teams. He won’t be a draft pick by Seattle.

  33. HOUSE

    Great write up Rob. I appreciate the fact you touched the several “potential” options as our FO has been unpredictable with the various trades they have pulled off.

    I can’t wait for the draft and to see the Seahawks “On The Clock”. It always seems to be a scramble full of intrigue!

  34. RWIII

    Decisions! Decisions! There is more depth in the bottom half of the 2nd round on the defensive line vs. the offensive line. Hypothetical question. The Hawks are on the clock at 26. John Schneider has a higher grade on the defensive lineman vs. the offensive lineman. You can answer the hypothetical question either way. A) What should Schneider do? B) What does Schneider actually do?

    The options are:
    A) Take the defensive lineman in the first round and hope your offensive line is still sitting their in the 2nd round.

    B) Take an offensive lineman who has a lesser grade.

    C) Trade down.

    • Sea Mode

      RWIII, I think it’s not so much about higher grade, but improvement over current roster at the position and availability in the draft. Exactly what you mention about DL depth in R2. Rob has pointed out that there are only 5-6 OL that meet Seattle’s explosiveness requirements, whereas on DL there are about 25 at that same level.

      That doesn’t mean, however, that they will go OL in R1. Just because there are 25 DL available doesn’t necessarily mean they will wait and risk not getting the one DL they might really want. Especially if they are not convinced about the OL still available at pick #26.

      Just too many unknowns in a hypothetical situation to really take an educated guess IMO. Has there been a run on OL or DL already? Have the teams with obvious needs at those positions already filled them early? Did a special player at a position of less need fall? Would the improvement a top skill position player could bring potentially be greater than OL/DL (e.g. Derrick Henry over Christine Michael…)? Is there even a trade down offer and how good is it?

      What I will say, though, is that I think at this point in Seattle it should continue to be quality over quantity in the draft like last year. Identify the few guys you “can’t leave the draft without” and do what you gotta do to put yourself in a position to get them. For the rest, keep churning in UDFA.

    • Nate

      C+A (but package to trade back up Butler/Ballard early 2nd, not 1st).
      Coleman and Le’Raven Clark will still be there most likely, worst case.
      And if McGovern is gone, Dahl or start Sokoli!

    • HI Hawk

      A or C. Go with the strength of the draft and pick great defensive players, don’t force it. A poor pass blocking offensive line hasn’t seemed to be a great obstacle for them so far.

      On another note, are we sure that Pete and Tom view Britt as a failure at LG? How far along is Sokoli at C? Was letting Okung and Sweezy walk, without making any effort to re-sign them, an indication that Gilliam and Glowinski are ready to start? Webb is projected as the starting RT and was paid accordingly. The OL has been addressed, as Pete said it would be, does it necessarily take a top pick to validate that “effort”? Mid-rounds could be a nice spot for interior OL guys instead since the starting tackles are already on the roster.

  35. coachmattson

    If we go OL in the first at 26, who are your favorite DL options in the second? Henry Mich, Clark UCLA, Hargraves, others? Thanks and Go Hawks!

  36. Sea Mode

    Cool story on Navy prospect Keenan Reynolds, a guy we have mentioned around here before:

    • Nate

      Yes please, and let him duke it out with Sims (from Cardinals, intriguing, could work on speed a little though).

  37. RWIII

    I like Henry from Michigan. A couple of names to consider. One has to be Charles Tapper. Matt Judon is a third round grade but he might not be on the board at 90. Rob has mentioned Bronson Kaufusi. Rob also mentioned Kyler Fackrell. Carl Nassib lead the Nation with 15.5 sacks(more than one per game). But no one seems to be talking about Nassib. Shilique Calhoun, DE, Michigan State is also highly sought after. During his college career Calhoun had 44 tackles for loss. Clark and Hargraves are also players to be considered.

    When you get to the offensive lines the list is shorter. Especially if you consider their TEF. But their are some good offensive lineman that don’t have a very good TEF. Two names that come to mind are Evan Boehm and Sebastian Tretola. Tretola is a James Carpenter type of build/player. Tretola is a pile mover. Both guys will fight you tooth and nail. Boehm was a state wrestling champion in high school. So he is not afraid to get into a scrap.

    Here is name to keep in mind. Moritz Boehringer. Boehringer is a wide receiver from Germany. Boehringer is a “Hot Prospect” for the later rounds. Until last week the guy was an under the radar prospect. But now everyone knows Boehringer so he is no longer under the radar.

    • STTBM

      Seattle Times has him Mocked to Seattle in the third round, I believe it was.

    • Trevor

      Interesting article. Thanks

  38. Trevor

    For anyone interested in how teams select players etc. There is a great interview with Scott Mclouhgin the Redskins GM who was formerly the Hawks personnel with JS. The is extremely well respected for his ability to spot talent and will make the Redskins a force I think.

    I found the article interesting because I am sure the Hawks look for the same things and have built their roster this way. Now he is trying to copy that in Wash.

    • Sea Mode

      Great, great read. Thanks, Trevor.

  39. Trevor

    With the combine and most pro-days over here is my 2 Round Mock with some notes on picks I thought might be interesting. We end up with Butler in Rd #1 and Mcgovern in Rd#2. Not my favorites but it would bolster both the OL and DL with two big athletic and tough player who are versatile.

    ** Indicates trade
    **#1 LA β€” Carson Wentz (QB, North Dakota State) The Rams need a QB and make a splash trading up using their 2 second round picks. This would give th Titans 4 picks in the top 45 and help rebuild that roster.
    #2 Cleveland β€” Jared Goff (QB, California)
    #3 San Diego β€” Laremy Tunsil (T, Ole Miss)
    #4 Dallas β€” Jaylen Ramsey (CB, Florida State)
    #5 Jacksonville β€” Myles Jack (LB, UCLA)
    #6 Baltimore β€” Joey Bosa (DE, Ohio State)
    #7 San Francisco β€” Paxton Lynch (QB, Memphis) Chip gets his QB of the future.
    #8 Philadelphia β€” Ezekiel Elliott (RB, Ohio State)
    #9 Tampa Bay β€” DeForest Buckner (DE, Oregon)
    #10 New York Giants β€” Ronnie Stanley (T, Notre Dame)
    #11 Chicago β€” Darron Lee (LB, Ohio State)
    #12 New Orleans β€” Sheldon Rankins (DT, Louisville) NO starts to rebuild that defense with my favourite player in the draft. Was hoping he would slip to the Hawks but no chance. This guy is going to be special.
    #13 Miami β€” Vernon Hargreaves (CB, Florida)
    #14 Oakland β€” William Jackson (CB, Houston)
    **#15 Tennessee β€” Shaq Lawson (DE, Clemson)
    #16 Detroit β€” Jack Conklin (T, Michigan State)
    #17 Atlanta β€” Leonard Floyd (LB, Georgia)
    #18 Indianapolis β€” Taylor Decker (T, Ohio State)
    #19 Buffalo β€” Kevin Dodd (DE, Clemson)
    #20 New York Jets β€” Noah Spence (DE, Eastern Kentucky)
    #21 Washington β€” Ryan Kelly (C, Alabama)
    #22 Houston β€” Corey Coleman (WR, Baylor) Mcloughin completes the rebuild of the middle of that OL with another tough SOB to go next to Scherff who he took #1 last year.
    #23 Minnesota β€” Laquon Treadwell (WR, Ole Miss)
    #24 Cincinatti β€” Will Fuller (WR, Notre Dame)
    #25 Pittsburgh β€” Andrew Billings (DT, Baylor)
    #26 Seattle β€” Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech) Certainly not my favorite player but the Hawks are showing a ton of interest and guys with that size and movement skills are very rare.
    #27 Green Bay β€” Reggie Ragland (LB, Alabama)
    #28 Kansas City β€” Emmanuel Ogbah (DE, Oklahoma State)
    #29 Arizona β€” Keanu Neal (S, Florida) The Cardinals get my second favorite player in the draft and have the new version of Kam and Earl with Neal and the Honey Badger.
    #30 Carolina β€” Karl Joseph (S, West Virginia)
    #31 Denver β€” Connor Cook (QB, Mich St.) Denver needs a QB and has limited options here. Cardele Jones hs way more upside and could also be the pick here unless they pick up Fitz or Kap.

    Round 2
    #32 Cleveland β€” Josh Doctson (WR, TCU)
    #33 Tennessee β€” Derrick Henry (RB, Alabama)
    #34 Dallas β€” Sheldon Day (DT ND)
    #35 San Diego β€” Vonn Bell (S, Ohio State)
    #36 Baltimore β€” Germain Ifedi (T, Texas A&M) Ozzie replaces Osemelle with a clone.
    #37 San Francisco β€” Cody Whitehair (C, Kansas State)
    #38 Miami β€” Kamalei Correa (DE, Boise State)
    #39 Jacksonville β€” Jason Spriggs (OT, Indiana)
    #40 New York Giants β€” Michael Thomas (WR, Ohio State)
    #41 Chicago β€” Taylor Decker (OT Ohio St.)
    #42 Tampa Bay β€” Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama)
    **#43 Tennessee β€” Mackensie Alexander (CB, Clemson)
    #44 Oakland β€” Le’Raven Clark (T, Texas Tech)
    **#45 Tennessee β€” Sua Cravens (S, USC)
    #46 Detroit β€” Braxton Miller (WR, Ohio State)
    #47 New Orleans β€” Eli Apple (CB Ohio St.)
    #48 Indianapolis β€” Kenny Clark (DT, UCLA)
    #49 Buffalo β€” A’Shawn Robinson (DT, Alabama)
    #50 Atlanta β€” Hunter Henry (TE Arkansas)
    #51 New York Jets β€”Cardelle Jones (QB Ohio St.)
    #52 Houston β€” Deion Jones (LB LSU)
    #53 Washington β€” Jonathan Bullard (DT, Florida)
    #54 Minnesota β€” Chris Jones (DT, Mississippi State)
    #55 Cincinnati β€” Jaylon Smith (LB ND) Cincy has deep enough roster to take a flier here on Smith.
    #56 Seattle β€” Connor Mcgovern (G/C Missouri) With Coleman still on the board I pray the Hawks would take him here but I have a feeling Mcgovern will be the pick. I want Coleman but I think the Hawks will like Mcgovern in this spot.
    #57 Green Bay β€” Kyler Fackrell (LB, Utah State)
    #58 Pittsburgh β€” Xavien Howard (CB, Baylor)
    #59 Kansas City β€” Sterling Shepard (WR, Oklahoma)
    #60 New England β€” Kenneth Dixon (RB L-Tech)
    #61 New England β€” Jihad Ward (DE, Illinois)
    #62 Denver β€” Robert Nkemdeche (DL Miss)
    #63 Carolina β€” Shon Coleman (OT, Auburn)

    • STTBM

      You have Taylor Decker drafted twice, in the first and second rounds.

      • Trevor

        Sorry about that I had him in d #1 originally but I think he could fall. Never replaced him my bad.

        • STTBM

          No big deal, its easy to do! lot of players and a lot of ways the draft could unfold…

      • Shadow

        Decker is just that good!

    • H M Abdou

      Good job, Trevor!

      I like that you did a mock for the whole league in general, not just the Hawks’ picks. That really must have taken a lot of time and effort!

      And respectfully I disagree with you not being thrilled about a potential Butler/McGovern combination with the first 2 picks. I think those are 2 outstanding players who would fit in nicely with the team, and they both fill an urgent need.

      • Trevor

        I don’t dislike the picks I would just prefer Bullard and Coleman.

        • H M Abdou

          I also think highly of Coleman, but I just worry about injury and illness history, and the 2nd rounder might be a bit too high a price to pay to take that kind of risk. I’m sure the Hawks are probably thinking along the same lines, but you never know, they might take Coleman early.

      • RealRhino2

        No kidding, a lot of work. Good job!

        At this point I think most of the guys are set, just figuring out how things are going to fall.

        For me, I disagree with you and Rob, I think. Don’t think three QBs go top 15, and specifically don’t think Lynch goes that high. And honestly, listening to a Rams guy the other day has me thinking they don’t go QB in the first at all. His reasoning was that for two years they’ve had chances to shore up the position and have seemed happy with rolling guys like Foles, Keenum and Mannion out there. They think they can go the route of great D, special teams and running game, game manager at QB.

        • Trevor

          You may be right but I think moving to LA is a fresh start for them and I think they want to make a splash and get thier QB and face of the franchise. They are one of the few team with the draft capital to make a deal work without having to give up a #1 next year as well so I thought they made the most sense and their GM Les Snead loves to make a deal.

          I think it is almost a lock those 3 guys go in the top 15 though. Too many teams need an upgrade at QB. Teams like Phil and Dal could even surprise and take a QB early. Den definitely would but don’t have the draft capital to move up most likely.

  40. STTBM

    Yes, McCloughan is an amazing talent judge and will do a great job as GM of the Redskins–iF he doesnt drink himself to death. Seriously, the guy is drowning in addiction, and there is no way Seattle let him go unless he was seriously falling apart. How long till that resurfaces? I wish him the best, but he’s been on a downward spiral for years…its why SF cut him, and why we were able to get him in the first place.

    Its a copy-cat league. Look how many corners are now drafted with size, and how few are sub-5′-11″ tall…and now SS over 215 lbs are common, not to mention other teams are doing the inside-out DT/DE thing. Seattle has spawned a Sea-Change in the NFL.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely. I am glad he is getting a shot with Redskins and I hope he can keep his life in order. Wish he was in the AFC though because the Redskins are going to be good in a year or two.

      • H M Abdou

        LOL yup, it looks like they finally know what they’re doing! They have the most important piece to the puzzle (a good starting QB). It also seems to me like Dan Snyder is meddling less in the day to day team management, which is good for them.

        • STTBM

          McCloughan might be Snyders best hire of all time, if he keeps it together. He’s already done wonders in short order for that team. Not sure about the coaches, but Ive always liked Cousins and they made him look like a Pro Bowl Regular. Of course, now that they have started to win, the climb will get much tougher–their strength of schedule may give them a few bumps in the road over the next year or two. We’ll see how they–and Cousins–handle the increased level of competition.

          • vrtkolman

            Yeah, I’m going to give them another season before evaluating their team. I think Cousins is just ok and I’m not a huge Gruden fan. They benefited from a very easy schedule and a bevy of bad defenses. Once they played Green Bay you saw Cousins struggle a lot, and Green Bay’s defense isn’t exactly a juggernaut. I’ll be surprised if they finish above 9-7 next year.

          • Volume12

            Your kidding yourself if you don’t think that NFL GMs are heavy dinkers.

            JS is no different man. Oh wait, he’s functioning.

            • STTBM

              McCloughan is a special case. Even for the NFL.

  41. Jason


    McShay has a new grade A draft for the Hawks. I can’t wait for you to rip it apart.

    • Trevor

      Who did he Mock to us?

      • Shadow

        Let’s just say it will be mocked….

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a bit, ahem, ‘different’.

    • matt

      Mcshay gave us:
      1-Billings 2- Derrick Henry 3- LaRaven Clark, Brody-Calhoun.

      Like the Henry pick a lot, but that’s about it. I’m not a fan of Clark, but getting him in the 3rd I’d be ok with. There is good news looking at his 3 round mock.

      It could yield a fantastic draft:

      1-Ifedi 2-D. Henry 3-Hargrave, McGovern

      This would be an A+ draft for the first 2 days in my book.

      • STTBM

        Both drafts look ok to me..except I admit I hve no idea who Brody-Calhoun is! Hargrave and McGovern in the third? We can only hope.

        Im not convinced Henry will be a great player in the NFL, and I like Kenyon Drake more. Besides, he wont cost anywhere near a second round pick. He also managed only a truly pathetic 10 BP reps. That could mean he has a LOT of room for strength training and adding weight–muscle weight. If thats so, then 6′-1″ and 210 lbs could become 220 or 225 lbs in a year, and he could be a very nice bigger back–with 4.45 speed.

        His Broad Jump and 20 yard Shuttle were tops in the combine too! He has too many drops, but did play slot WR at times. Seems like a do-everything change of pace back who could learn to be an every-down guy with some added bulk.

  42. STTBM

    Sorry, that last comment was a response to RWIII’s comment, put it in the wrong spot.

    Just wanted to thank you Rob, for your blog and patience with those who dont see things quite the way you do. Its appreciated.

    And really nice job laying out some possible trade scenario’s for Seattle.

    I think it might be hard for them to get much in a trade down, but if the draft falls the way most think, they may not see much dropoff by trading down a bit and do it anyway, at least from Round One to Round Two. I would be happy to have a high second rounder.

    They like the fifth round guys usually, so since we traded ours for the Chiefs S/ST guy, and dont have one, they may try to get a pick in that round through trade.

  43. Ignorant

    How does this work for the roster to draft Dahl and McGovern?

    • Trevor

      It would certainly help fix the middle of the OL. I would be really happy to come out of the drat with those 2 guys. We would be stuck with Webb at RT though unless we pick up another Vet to compete for the position and that is a little scary.

      • Ignorant

        Would McGovern/Dahl fit Seahawks’ criteria for LG’s? McGovern certainly has the explosion to play the Donalds and Campbells of the World.

        • Trevor

          I was thinking Mcgovern LG and Dahl C.

          • H M Abdou

            I don’t really think Dahl (or Haeg for that matter) are what the Seahawks are looking for in a center. Haeg is a slightly better fit.

  44. Trevor

    I just watched an interview with Tyran Mathieu and wow does he ever appear to have turned his life around. It is great to see. Hearing him talking about growing up in NO makes you realize how tough it is for some of these guys not to make mistakes and get out.

    I so wanted the Hawks to take him as a nickel CB when we was in the draft but he was a huge risk. Going to the Cards with Petterson was probably best for him.

    He is a prime example of a high risk / high reward guy working out. Him and Earl are definitely the two most dynamic safeties in the league.

    • matt

      I wish Mathieu didn’t play for a rival. Big fan of his game and the person.

    • STTBM

      I was irritated to see Seattle bring him in for a visit then watch as AZ took him. But he appears to be Bob Sanders rather than Earl Thomas; he keeps getting injured.

      • Volume12

        Mathieu never showed up for Seattle or Houston’s meeting.

        He wanted Arizona to draft him so he could play with his ‘bestie’ Patrick Peterson.

        • STTBM

          I did not know that Volume12. Rude!

          Always so much that goes on most of us are not privy to!

          I sure would have loved to see how they graded WR’s two years ago, that Draft was so loaded, and I had so many guys I liked…yet we picked Richardson, whom I definitely did NOT want Seattle to draft, for exactly the reasons he’s shown thus far; too slight, not physical enough to go up when covered by NFL corners, and injury risk.

          You know anything about their visit with Montana LB Jordan Tripp? They passed on him, but drafted Coyle. I never did hear why. (Tripp very much the athlete, but Coyle has been the better player due to his football intelligence).

          • Volume12

            I don’t.

            I think they wanted one of them as a priority UDFA, and were probably taken back by Tripp going in round 5 to Miami.

        • HOUSE

          Patrick Peterson vouch’d/reached out to ARI management to draft Mathieu. Tyrann stayed with Peterson and his family through several parts of his recovery and growth. Shows the caliber of person Peterson is. 2 great players with a true brotherhood bond. Sucks they play for a rival!

  45. H M Abdou

    One question I have for Rob, and anyone else who wants to answer:

    If the Seahawks draft:
    Ifedi – he would be tried at RT and LG
    Spriggs – he would compete for RT mainly, potentially at C
    McGovern – mainly at LG, potentially at C

    My question is – where would a Joe Haeg or Joe Dahl play? Haeg has the length to play RT but not really the bulk they like at LG. I guess he could be given a shot to play center as well, he has a similar body type to Max Unger.

    Dahl, I’m not so sure about. Whereas lack of bulk is an issue for Haeg, lack of agility/mobility and length are issues for Dahl. He doesn’t really fit in at RT because he’s not long enough, and doesn’t fit LG because he’s not stout enough. I can’t really see him playing center, because he doesn’t have the mobility they’d like.

    So where do you think Haeg and Dahl would play on the o-line?

    • nichansen01

      Dahl also has issues with strength.

      • H M Abdou

        Yup, true. McGovern only weighs about 305-310lbs, but he has tremendous core strength. He would fit well as a LG, after adding maybe about 10lbs.

      • STTBM

        What do you mean? Despite long arms, he benched 225 lbs 28 times. Thats hardly lacking in strength.

    • Madmark

      Actually Joe Dahl just might be a better center convert due to his toughness, football intelligence and he has longer arms than McGovern. He has more agility than you think and showed he could play the inside at the senior bowl.

    • ClevelandDuck

      Very good questions (and answers). You’re right that it is a puzzle with few promising answers. Defined the way you have, LG and RT appear harder to fill LT. Perhaps another reason to think Ifedi is a top target for the Hawks.

    • sdcoug

      How do you get that Dahl has a lack of agility/mobility? It’s one of his biggest strengths. Have you actually watched him play?

  46. nichansen01

    1. Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana Tech

    2. Connor McGovern, C/G, Mizzou

    3. Joe Haeg, G/T, NDSU

    3c. Tyler Ervin, RB, San Jose State

    4. Nile Lawrence-Stample, DT, FSU

    5. Kevon Seymour, CB/S, USC

    6. Terron Houk, TE, BYU

    7. Lene Maiva, G/T, Arizona

    7c. Zac Brooks, RB, Clemson

    My standing mock. One question, is Kevon Seymour in the fifth a reasonable estimate? Or is he likely to go earlier?

    • nichansen01

      And you can interchange the selections of Dahl and Haeg for me… Whoever is avaliable.

    • RWIII

      Nich: What do you think of James Bradbury instead of Kevon Seymour. BTW: I do love your first four picks.

    • Volume12

      It’s reasonable. Seymour could go later too.

      A mock isn’t so much about what round, but trying to hit on the guys Seattle will draft. Even if you have an UDFA going in round 5 or your 6th round pick ends up an UDFA.

  47. reggieregg

    Rob what do you think about a predaraft trade for Anthony Davis SF 49ers for our 6th round pick??

    • Rob Staton


    • Richard

      6th is a comp pick, can’t trade it.

  48. Volume12

    German WR Moritz Boehringer a VMAC visit. And Seahawks RB coach at Utah RB Devontae Booker’s pro day. If that’s what it is.

    • STTBM

      Gotta turn over all the rocks for third down RB’s. Ervin might get snatched early, Kenyan Drake may or may not be in their plans….Good guy to at least check out.

      Boehringer is really intriguing. Huge size, great speed, gonna need a lot of coaching. But he’s exactly the kind of WR our group lacks; Big, Physical, Fast. Yes, please!

      • Volume12

        Yeah, he fits as a one cut zone runner. Could be a good pairing with Rawls.

        Not a huge fan of Boehringer. IMO Seattle is targeting or looking at flex TEs or hybrid TE-WR.

        • STTBM

          I just want Seattle to get a big guy who is actually strong and physical and has some speed at WR. Doesnt have to be Boehringer.

          Not sure why Seattle would be looking at TE’s who arent great at blocking. Right now, they have lots of those–Graham, Helfet, Willson. All of those guys just arent sturdy enough to be traditional TE’s. Graham is utterly wasted as in inline TE.

          Ive been expecting them to draft a traditional TE (great blocker, great hands, not horrible speed) for years. I think they’ve been looking, but like finding a backup qb, it just hasnt worked out. Vannett is a guy they visited with, and he’s one of the few traditional TE’s with upside in this draft. Im hoping we pick him.

  49. schuemansky

    Why does Butler seem to be our first choice?
    I think Charles found the answer yesterday when he tweaked TEF b applying Newton’s second law of motion (another brilliant english mind helping us out) which states that force is the product of mass and acceleration.
    By the way it brings TEF of OL and DL to a more equal playing field.. Charles proposed valueing weight differences for the vertical and broad jumps and arm length for the bench press. By doing so Spriggs and Ifedi get really close and Butler even surpasses Rankins. Seeing the results I wouldn’ t be surprised at all by Butler being picked in the first round and hopefully sy the Seahawks.

    • STTBM

      Could be smokescreen.

      Could also be they really think they can teach him pass-rush, that he’s in need of technique, not ability.

  50. Volume12

    Rob, did you see what Lance Zierlein had to say?

    He said he’s hearing that Whitehair falls outta round 1 and 6 OT’s go instead. Tunsil, Stanley, Conklin, Decker, Spriggs, and everyone will hate this, Clark.

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s right about everything there except it’ll be Ifedi and not Clark in R1.

      • D-OZ

        Colman is the 2nd best OT in this class easily. Been watching tape of him, Ifedi, Stanley and Decker. He is head and shoulders above all of them.

    • STTBM

      I think Corners are going to go higher than many seem to think too. Just like last year. NFL has now migrated to Seattle style corners, guys over 5′-11″ and 190 lbs. Last year quite a few did well as rookies, so I expect several to go in the first round this year as well.

      Which is fine, pushes good guys at other positions down, which never hurts!

      • HI Hawk

        Exactly right, which is why Jackson III has moved from a day 2 pick to top-15. It’s also why the Seahawks may have to draft one earlier than they ever have before. We’re going to need one in 2017.

  51. Steele

    The sweet spots for need as well as talent are rds 1-3. They should not get cute this time and largely just stay put. Moving a few spots with the rounds, maybe, but the risk of missing out trumps that.

  52. Hwood

    Must have 2 OL in our first four picks. Would be in favor of dropping back into the early part of the second round to get a quality third rounder

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