Curtis Allen’s week eight watchpoints (vs NY Giants)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen. After the game today tune into the instant reaction live stream which will be available on here and on our YouTube channel

This game highlights what makes the NFL such gripping entertainment — the drama of the unpredictable.

There is simply no way that any reasonable person would have looked at the NFL schedule before the season started and circled this game as the only game in Week Eight that would feature two teams with winning records.

And yet here we are.  Both teams are in the midst of their own individual Phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes stories.  The Seahawks smashing low expectations has been well-discussed here.  

The Giants are reinvigorating the NFC East with their own renaissance — highlighted by some fantastic foundational decision-making from its top brass.  Hiring a bright offensive mind in Brian Daboll to be head coach, pairing him with a deeply respected and successful defensive coordinator in Wink Martindale and drafting talent in the trenches have all proven to be successful moves and demonstrated a great blueprint for rebuilding a franchise.

Both teams have found a way to make this game go from a yawn to good watching.  

There is a lot riding on this game.  Each will want to prove their mettle and keep their forward momentum going.  It may also prove to be a critical point of the season.  A week where these teams prove they are not just having a brief flash of success, only to then sink back into the darkness.

The best way to avoid that?  Beating a team that is also playing good football.

While these two have demonstrated success this year, they do have weaknesses that can be exploited.  Now is an ideal time to truly demonstrate their mastery of coaching, whether they can either strengthen their weaknesses, or minimize them through smart scheming and decision-making.

That is the story this week.  Which team can do that more effectively?

The Seahawks are the fifth-ranked scoring offense.  The Giants are the sixth-ranked scoring defense.

The Seahawks are the 29th-ranked scoring defense.  The Giants are the 18th-ranked scoring offense.

Both teams are top rushing teams with serious threats at running back.  Both teams are bottom-five in defending the run.

The Seahawks can step right on the field and score explosively.  The Giants try to keep your offense off the field and wear your defense down with dink and dunk passes and then enforce their will in the fourth quarter.

The Seahawks are awful in the red zone on offense.  The Giants are amazing in the red zone on defense.

I could go on and on.

These matchups will make for some high drama.

How can the Seahawks come out ahead and go into their rematch with Arizona at 5-3?  One of the ways you will see is by relying on their experience in regularly facing their NFC West opponents.  The Giants have some similar tendencies as their division mates on both sides of the ball.

Do Not Lose Focus

Last week’s victory over the Chargers is their biggest win so far this season, particularly when you consider how badly the Broncos have continued to play.  Going on the road, beating a very talented (albeit banged up) team that has serious designs on a deep playoff run is the best evidence yet for the argument that this Seahawks team is legitimate.

What would strengthen that argument?  A win against a 6-1 Giants team at home this week.

New York might be the best opponent the Seahawks could possibly measure themselves against in the mental aspect of their game.  Why?

First off, the team will get a chance to put a blemish on their record in the rearview mirror.

In 2020, the Seahawks entered Week 13 with an 8-3 record.  Enormously frustrating losses to Buffalo and the Rams were followed with a “let’s do what we do well” win against Arizona and a Monday Night win against the Eagles that featured a dominant performance by D.K. Metcalf.

The top seed and a bye week were within their grasp, and they badly needed it.  Here come the Giants — who without Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones seemed like easy prey.

They blew it.  The defense gave up some big runs, Russell Wilson was sacked five times and the coaching staff made several poor decisions.  After the game, Shaquille Griffin publicly admitted they did not take the Giants seriously and it cost them.

The praise the Seahawks have been getting from the press this season – the last two weeks especially – has been getting louder.  Can they tune it out and stay focused?

One good note to hear:  Pete Carroll has remarked more than once that young players like Tariq Woolen are already focusing on the next game by the time their team plane lands in Seattle.  See you tomorrow for more work.

It is possible that the team still remembers the harsh beating they got in Week Two from San Francisco after the Denver victory hangover and are determined not to make the same mistake again.  We will see Sunday.

Secondly, the way this Giants team plays.  They make you earn everything.  Nothing is given to you.  It will take focus to consistently execute good football plays.

Their offense runs you to death in the ground game and patiently lulls defensive backs to sleep in the passing game.

They do not give you the ball – they only have six giveaways this season, good for fourth-best in the NFL.

They have had as much success as anyone in the NFL in forcing defenses to make mistakes, they have more explosive runs than anyone else and they have gained more first downs by penalty than anyone else.  They get opposing defenses to help them down the field with regularity.

The Seattle defense will need to be very sharp to avoid playing the game the Giants want to play.

On defense, they are incredibly stiff in the red zone.  Watch them swarm to Christian Kirk at the one-yard line to keep him out of the end zone to seal the win as time expired last week.

Now that is defensive desire.  The offense will need to match their intensity and yet keep their focus in order to not make too many mistakes.

They will need a tremendous amount of it to keep New York’s top two offensive players from dictating the pace of the game…

Defend Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones – Particularly in the Running Game

The Giants rely on these two players to make their offense go more than any other duo in the NFL — they account for an astounding 62.4% of the team’s touches, the highest percentage of any two players in the league (and more than half of their total yards).  It would be appropriate for the Seahawks to conclude that they need a proportional amount of their attention from the defense.

The Giants are one of the most run-heavy teams in the NFL with 54% of their plays being runs — so let’s have a look at that area first.

Saquon Barkley provides a supreme challenge.  The Giants are dedicated to squeezing every bit of production out of him this year – he accounts for 46% of their touches all by himself.  Seahawks will need a big day from the front seven in order to keep him from controlling the game.

The interior linemen will need to maintain their gaps and not let themselves be blocked out of position.  The linebackers will need to read and react far better than they have so far this season.  The edges will need their speed to get around pulling guards and make some stops behind the line of scrimmage.

Those players are not alone though.  Barkley’s ability to turn on a dime, reset and accelerate in nearly the same motion means backside defenders need to be just as zealous as the men in the flat in pursuing him.  

You see it time and time again with Barkley – he is able to elude men with a quick change in direction and defenders on the opposite side of the field are caught napping, thinking the play is over.  They are usually the guys spotted on the highlights trying to accelerate to catch one of the NFL’s fastest runners who is already up to top speed.

Barkley is so talented there generally is not one scheme or way of stopping him.  The best thing a defense can do is commit to each player doing their job.  Watching Barkley’s good and bad games, the bad games have one thing in common — when Barkley goes down to the ground, there are at least two or three defenders in the area.  And often four or more.  It is all about winning your individual battle and then swarming to the area you need to be.  Pure effort and desire.

Given his skill and that he takes the lion’s share of touches, I can easily envision Clint Hurtt giving a fiery pregame speech to his guys, telling them their one overriding thought today will be “Saquon Barkley is not going to beat us!”

And Daniel Jones.  I feel safe calling him the most underrated runner in the NFL.  About a third of his plays are runs, and the Giants use him as a real weapon in their offense.  

He is far more effective than you might think.

He currently has more runs for first downs than any other quarterback in the NFL.  Think of some of the great QB runners the NFL has to offer and let that sink in.  Jones has more rushing first downs than any of them.

On an overall level?  He has more rushing first downs than everyone in the NFL except Josh Jacobs and Nick Chubb.  Only…Jones has done it in almost half the attempts as the two runners above him!

Defenders know about his ability to run.  He ran a 4.81 40 in his draft testing.  But they consistently do not take him seriously.  Why not?

Jones is not – to put it politely – a graceful runner.  

Quarterback runners like Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson are sleek European supercars, able to cut and accelerate on a dime and they look so stylish while doing it.  Whereas Jones is a fast but lumbering doofus.  A big heavy American pickup truck with plenty of torque under the hood.  

Defenders have trouble tackling him, just in different ways than the other guys.

Watch a textbook example of this.

Jones sees an opening and takes off.  He makes the slightest of cuts and blows through an arm-tackle attempt by Andre Cisco for an additional ten yards, and then – in typical Daniel Jones fashion – loses his balance and eats it on the turf.

A 24-yard run is a 24-yard run no matter how you get it.  But Jones presents himself in a way that seemingly makes defenders underestimate his ability.  The Seahawks need to consider Jones a serious threat in their minds.

That video demonstrated an unacceptable level of tackling effort.  Defenders need to pursue Jones like they would any other runner.  They need to take good angles, let the sideline be their ally (remember, ‘the sideline never misses a tackle’) and position their body in order to tackle him properly and wrap up.

The Seahawks need to designate a spy on Jones.  If he runs on a third of his plays, and is extremely effective at it, it is necessary.  Be it Ryan Neal, Jordyn Brooks, Cody Barton or someone else, somebody needs to always have their eyes on the backfield and be ready to shoot gaps.  

How does Jones get so many first downs?  The Giants love to spread the field out on third and five or less and then have Jones take the snap in shotgun, take one step back into a drop and then take off running.  Do not let him.

What about the passing game?

Brian Daboll has been able to effectively mask a rebuilt offensive line and Jones’ deficiencies as a pocket passer so far this season.  His sacks per dropback rate is one of the highest in the NFL.  Therefore, he only asks Jones to throw past the sticks three or four times per game.  His passes only travel an average of 4.8 air yards per throw – one of the shortest distances of any quarterback in the NFL.  

They have a much more horizontal than vertical offense, with the quarterback being asked to get the ball out of his hands as quickly as possible, and if his read is not there, to take off running.  So get ready to see lots of slants, screens and short crossing patterns.

Sound familiar?  The Seahawks have faced this offense twice a year for several seasons in the form of the San Francisco 49ers with Jimmy G at the helm.  They should be versed in the principles — be patient.  A quick slant for five yards is not disastrous.  Just get the receiver to the ground and get set for the next play.  Everybody read your keys and react.  Make your tackles and force the quarterback to stay in the pocket and make a real throw and then get after him.

When the Seahawks can regularly get the Giant offense into third-and-longs, their leverage in the game swings heavily in their direction.  Barkley and his explosive ability is taken off the field and the Seahawk offense – explosive in their own right – gains snaps and opportunities to work their magic.

As for Barkley in the passing game, the Giants will send him out in patterns but they also use the passing game as an extension of the running game, a way to get Barkley in space away from the scrum of the line of scrimmage.  Not unlike Alvin Kamara.  How do you defend him in this area?

I would recommend the Seahawks double-cover him, or at the least bracket him in coverage.  Have a man on him that plays between Barkley and Jones and one about 8 yards downfield covering the other side.

Why so much attention?  Two reasons.  Firstly, Barkley is as talented as Kamara, capable of turning the game on its ear with one innocent little swing pass.  Secondly, the Seahawks are once again one of the worst teams in the NFL in defending running backs in the passing game.  If you cannot improve it with player instruction, just throw bodies at the problem.

Again, I’ll reference it:  62% of their plays run through these two.  46% of their plays involve Barkley.

Play the odds and double cover him.

Rising safety outlet Daniel Bellinger will not play Sunday.  The receivers are rarely asked to beat their corners one-on-one deep.  There is help for corners in the center of the field.  And the few times a game Daboll and Jones may feel like taking a shot, the pass rush and the ball-hawking Tariq Woolen should stand ready to help squelch that notion.

If the Seahawks can keep Barkley and Jones under wraps, there are not enough options to mount an alternative attack to get them where they want to go.

It will also put pressure on the defense to control the explosive Seahawk offense…

Use The Tight Ends Wisely to Attack This Defense

The Giants:

-Are the blitzing-est team in the NFL, sending an extra man on 38.8% of snaps

-Are one of the bottom-five teams defending tight ends in the passing game

-Are the worst team in the NFL defending the run, giving up 5.7 yards per carry

-Are the fourth-best defense in the red zone, allowing a touchdown on only 40% of trips (whereas the Seahawks are an awful 31st in offensive red zone touchdown percentage at only 36%)

All these factors cry out for one solution.  Or should I say three solutions:  Will Dissly, Noah Fant and Colby Parkinson.  How can they be the golden ticket for Seahawk success on offense?

Managing the Giants’ blitzes.  Let me describe their blitzing patterns and style and see if it sounds familiar to you.

The Giants blitz a ton.  They love to blitz, not just as a means to sack the quarterback (which they are very middling at it, ranking 21st in sacks and 19th in pressures) but as a way to create chaos and force incompletions or even turnovers.  Wink Martindale will overload one side with a blitz look and then two of those supposed blitzers will drop into coverage when the ball is snapped and he will send a nickel corner from the opposite side.  He mixes and matches these patterns to keep the quarterback focused on where the rush is coming from and away from his primary reads.

Which is exactly what Vance Joseph in Arizona likes to do.

It was effective two weeks ago.  Geno Smith played indecisively at moments and was sacked six times in a low-scoring win for the Seahawks.

Hopefully, Geno and Shane Waldron have learned from that experience and are prepared to handle it Sunday.  Martindale may not run the exact same sequences and looks that Joseph does but the intentions and principals are similar.  How do the tight ends help with this?  

The initial answer is obvious.  More blocking.  If they can pick up a blitzer or two at key times in the game, this would prove tremendously helpful to their playmaking ability.

The other major way they can prove valuable is in providing Geno Smith with hot read options for simple completions.  Here is another similarity to working with Arizona’s defense:  the Giants are vulnerable to tight ends in the passing game.

It is no coincidence that at times the “heaviest blitzing teams” and the “worst tight end coverage teams” are one in the same.  This is how you counter the blitz:  get the ball into your safety valve’s hands quickly.  And with a break or two, you can turn some of those plays into explosives.

As for the running game, the Giants are right in the Seahawks’ wheelhouse.  The Chargers were the #31 run defense in the NFL and look what Kenneth Walker did to them last Sunday.  He almost single-handedly propelled the Charger defense to worst in the NFL, if not for a big day by Travis Etienne last week against these Giants.

More than just pure numbers though, the Giants are strong in the middle and vulnerable on the edges in the run game.  They do not have enough speed at the linebacker position and the edge rushers can be attacked and handled.  Having tight ends that can really block in the running game will make for a decisive advantage.  

Witness Will Dissly destroying his man and Colby Parkinson taking on two blockers for the price of one on Kenneth Walker’s game-breaking 74 yard run Sunday.

What about in the red zone?  

Tight ends have always been a classic answer to this thorny challenge of not settling for field goals every time you get into tight quarters close to the goal line.  However, it is not just the use of tight ends that breeds success.  How they are able to get open for passes is where offenses and coordinators differentiate themselves.

How about we have Shane Waldron draw up some creative plays to get this working?  Have a look at what the Packers cooked up to counter the Giants’ effectiveness.

The Giants love to blitz even in the red zone and will naturally be focusing on the run game.  A simple misdirection play not unlike this could really offer an elegant solution to solving this challenge.

Or the Seahawks could just keep doing what they are doing and just score touchdowns from outside the red zone (11 of their 18 touchdowns have been for 20 or more yards).  That way works too.

Having a regularly effective tight end trio opens up all kinds of options for the Seahawks to attack this Giants defense.


  1. 206

    Thank you Cha, I will be thinking about these points during the game.

    Not watching the Broncos game because it’s on ESPN +, how stupid, but I see Russell has already thrown a pick, what has happened to that man he is playing worse than anyone could have ever thought.

    • 12th chuck

      I hope all the sports apps fail miserably, I can’t stand the thought of having to pay$ or sign up (and lose privacy). Ridicules how greedy these corporations have become.

    • cha

      Thank you

  2. Trevor

    Great stuff as always Cha!

    • cha

      Thanks for reading

  3. Trevor

    It’s amazing how bad the Broncos offense looks.

  4. HOUSE

    They were just talking about how they’re icing Russell Wilson’s shoulder. Russell was quoted as saying “he feels a pain he’s never felt before”. It’s called age and fatigue… If he’s so dinged up, why is he this injured and playing? Denver trying to spin a narrative already. 🤦‍♂️

    • Peter

      I think what is going on is more banal.

      As a big russ fan if he had in an alternate world retired there’d be a an asterisk and a question mark if he was a HOF’er.

      What appears to be happening, to me, is he doesn’t give a crap about football anymore.

      I was never Kobe Bryant’s fan but I always appreciated stories of him spending his off season working on one tiny aspect of his game. Russ spends his time goofing around being a pretend mogul.

      • HOUSE

        I think your analysis and comparison between Russell and Kobe is pretty spot on.

        I’ve been a Russell Wilson fan since day one and it just appears to me as time has gone on, he’s cared less about football and more about his brand and persona. He got the trade, got the money and it isn’t working out so far in Denver. Time will tell…

        Kobe was all about the game. No one could ever question that. From a fan standpoint, you want a Kobe on your team!

        • Big Mike

          Agree with both of you, sadly. The term “celebrity Quarterback” has been thrown around the last few years and it would appear legit.

          Kobe? Man, dude carried the USA to a gold medal vs. Spain in the ’08 Olympics. Utterly took the game over and dominated. Watched it live at like 3:00 AM and was so transfixed I couldn’t even think about going to sleep.

          • Peter

            Fan in the traditional “rah, rah,” get a jersey sense.

            Mad respect to him. His game. And his fire to outdo everyone.

            • Peter

              Also think Kobe is one of the few players whose game would have been as good in any generation if the sport.

          • pdway

            you watched “The Redeem TEam” documentary yet on Netflix?

            The Kobe parts of it are great. When your best player is also a total grinder – it makes everyone work harder.

            • Big Mike

              Unfortunately I don’t have Netflix. Would love to see that doc.

  5. Mick

    Thank you cha. If I may add, one more reason to go for the three TEs formation often is that we should protect DK and Tyler. It’s not worth pushing them too much this game, we need them for the next ones too.

  6. Rokas

    Have i just seen Adem on TV screen wearing the Seahawks neon green or was it just a mirage lol?

  7. Seattle Person

    Greg Dulcich has looked amazing so far this season. I believe Rob had a 2nd round grade on him?

    • Peter

      Dulcich looks like the real deal.

  8. Peter

    Great stuff Cha!

    Really intrigued how Seattle depends against a dink and dunk style offense. Last year was absolutely brutal to watch as Seattle breathed life into mediocre qb’s and let teams bleed the clock on ponderous drives.

    Really hoping last week is not a mirage but more of Seattle’s mid season tightening of defense.

    • cha

      Thanks Peter

  9. Rob Staton

    Jaguars are going to let us down today for draft position

    • Mick

      Both teams suck, I still have hopes. Broncos seem to commit more penalties even than we do.

      • bmseattle

        just take away the deep pass, Jags!

        • Mick

          I trust the Broncos to go for it again instead of putting 3 points on the board and screwing it up.

    • JC3

      Trevor Lawrence is shit, Jags needs to draft another QB again.

      • bmseattle

        Crazy how mediocre he is.

        • JC3

          He is 2022 Dan McGuire.

    • Rob Staton

      There we go

      I know the Broncos have appeared on the brink of implosion but they’re nowhere near bad enough to get us a top five pick

      I do fear we’re going to be picking in a really crap range in this draft

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Sounds like a trade down in Rd 1 for future considerations?

        • Rob Staton

          I think we’ve all experienced enough of Seattle’s ‘trade down’ plan already…

          • Elmer

            Yes! Trade up with your first pick and then get as many picks in the “sweet spot” range of this draft as you can.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      At least they won’t be looking to draft a QB

    • Peter

      Meh. Not a top end draft coupled with a team that is Mike’s better at drafting after the first round…..nothing to worry about

      • Peter


      • Rob Staton

        It’s a top heavy draft

        And why wouldn’t you want a higher pick???

        • Peter

          Because outside of understanding that the majority of superbowls are won by top ten pick QB’s in my lifetime and this team being out of the Levis sweepstakes I’m fairly agnostic about top picks.

          And I look at this teams draft history all the time. This season is fun as heck but there’s still some serious shortcomings. Having four picks in two rounds even if they are teens and 40’s can be a huge boon.

          I’ve followed as long as you’ve done this (nearly.) And I’ve yet to see you write about that many names that are sure fire top five locks that I, personally, would be bummed if the team didn’t get.

          • Rob Staton

            In this draft I think if you end up picking even as high as 12th, you’re likely to draft a second round player in round one.

            • Peter

              Now that I get. And do understand that.

              I guess even as the wheels fall off the broncos i guess I’ve never thought Seattle was getting much higher than 12th from them.

              And that’s fine by me. You’ve got me in on the Richardson train. Pete is always talking about a big qb.

            • ShowMeYourHawk

              So, why not move down if you’re on the outside of the top ten? A second round player at 18 is a better outcome than a second round player at 11, no?

              • Rob Staton

                Well they might trade down

                But Seattle’s record of trading down all the time absolutely stinks

                • Hawkdawg

                  Still, if you are correct about the draft being thin below 12, it would be the right thing to do. Now, what they would do with the extra picks is another matter, but there is reason for optimism based on last year. We can only guess what, besides dumb luck, made last year so good, but if it was because Pete backed off and let Schneider do his thing as some has speculated, then even Pete would want to duplicate that result in next year’s draft.

                  Speaking of Levis, though, I saw the second half of the abomination with Kentucky and Tennessee yesterday, and that was not Levis’s most shining hour. Yes, his protection sucked, and yes, they also could not run the ball–and the talent disparity seemed obvious all around–so the odds were stacked against him. But even when he gave himself time, his throws were poor. About the best thing I could say about his performance in that second half is that he has an upper-NFL-class arm and release. He can spin it.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Why wouldn’t it be right to take the player you prefer vs whatever is left in say ten picks time?

                    Or trade up

                • Elmer

                  SRB (sucks real bad). Maybe the 2022 draft taught them to let the draft come to them and select quality players in positions of relative need. And to not get tricky and try to outsmart everybody else when building your draft board.

    • Redzone086

      Any chance we trade away this year’s 1st rd picks for more draft capital next draft?

  10. UkAlex6674

    We will win tonight by 7.

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    See you tomorrow for more work.

    Good call cha. I’ve noticed a palatable change in the team’s attitude in the last few weeks. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say an attitude is emerging, since they didn’t really have one to start the season (beyond their Week 1 Super Bowl vs Denver).

    This isn’t a dig on Wilson at all, but he was (in)famous for his relentless preparation — separation’s in the preparation, baby!🙄

    But you know who relentlessly prepared with him? Tyler Lockett. DK Metcalf. They were just much quieter about it.

    ApparentlyKenneth Walker is a quiet, relentless preparer too. As is Tariq Woolen. You can just see TQ soak up (download?) the coaching, and then put it on display in spectacular fashion on the field. That attitude is contagious man, and I sense it spreading like wildfire throughout the roster.

    There’s a quiet seriousness about this team that reminds me of 2012. Even Wilson wasn’t so loud his first season. No, back then he was all about the business.

    Let’s face it. There’s a lot of athletic and football talent parity around the League — any given Sunday, right? Most of the time, winning or losing comes down to attitude. But you can’t adopt a winning attitude one day a week and expect it to work. You need to live it 24/7.

    And I feel like this team is really stepping into owning a winning attitude every freaking day.

    See you tomorrow for more work.

  12. Big Mike

    Thank you as always cha. Offensively Seattle has the edge because we have the better QB. Hope that translates to a W.

  13. Chris

    Who would have said that about geno to start the year

    • Big Mike

      Well in a comparison with Daniel Jones there probably would have been a few. But yeah, not many and even in comparison to Jones, maybe not me. Really happy to have been wrong.

  14. Big Mike

    The best news of the day is that the Dallas Cowboys are being shown on Fox at 10 AM. I mean we never get to see the cowboys on TV so this is awesome.

    • TomLPDX

      This made me chuckle. Good one Big Mike.

    • Peter

      Nailed it🤣

  15. Trevor

    Broncos defense is too good to get us a top 5 pick. How will that change the draft strategy if we end up with a couple of picks in the teens.

    • TomLPDX

      Might be good enough to get Richardson and also some more beef for the trenches.

    • Scot04

      Agree Denver defense is just that good. Although Lawrence didn’t do us any big favors.
      Denver offense still tried to blow another one. The no call for false start on last Denver TD sucks.
      Do they still score? who knows, irrelevant now.
      We could end up with a mid teens pick & 2nd pick in the 20s.
      Not a great scenario for a team needing a QB.
      I’m Getting prepared for an overpay on Geno.

    • Kyle R

      Their defense is too good to get us a top 5 pick, but their offensive, coach and Wilson’s health is bad enough to get us a top 10 pick which I feel is good enough to get us Richardson.

  16. TomLPDX

    Thanks for the watch points Cha. Surprised you didn’t have more to say about our WRs though. It will be interesting to see if they put DK and Tyler on a pitch count or not and I hope Marquise has another standout game and D’ lights it up. I saw they brought Cade Johnson up from the PS. Is he active or not.

    And oh yeah, Homer is back as well.

    Is Tre ready to play or will he basically sit out the game?

    • cha

      I work these up throughout the week and injury questions always linger.

      But I am not overly concerned about Lockett. He had a good game Sunday after nursing an injury all week.

      And Goodwin, Eskridge and the tight ends can fill in the gaps just fine IMO.

      They also have yet to utilize Ken Walker as a receiver.

      • TomLPDX

        As I was reading your watch points this morning it really hit home how thorough you are with these and the amount of work you put into it. Very much appreciated!

        • cha


  17. Henry Taylor

    Is anyone else UK based having problems with gamepass?

    • Sneekes

      Yes, I am. Reports on Twitter that it’s not working for all international customers. FFS.

      • Rob Staton

        It worked for me during the Broncos game

        It better be fixed by the Giants game

        • Rob Staton

          Yep mine not working either

      • Henry Taylor

        43 minutes into NFL Sunday and it’s still not working… Cheers NFL

        • schwefelfell

          Yes, it‘s not working for me either…

    • Sneekes

      It’s working again for me.

      • Henry Taylor

        Yeah mines back up and running. Pretty poor showing for it to be down so long.

  18. GlastoHawkUK

    Gamepass is working to some extent, no Redzone and Vikings Cards
    is compulsory

    • GlastoHawkUK

      Redone now working

  19. cha


    Penny Hart
    Sidney Jones
    Teez Tabor
    Jake Curhan
    Myles Adams
    Tony Jones
    Nick Bellore

    • Big Mike

      I assume Bellore is still hurt since he’s one of their most valued Special Teams guys.

    • Scot04

      So Collier replaces Adams.
      I thought Adams looked good last week.
      Guess that means he’s showing something in practice.
      Here’s hoping we finally get to see something from him.

  20. Kyle R

    Wow Fields with the huge brain fart on not just touching Parsons when he was down.

  21. Peter

    A lot of talking heads spending bandwidth about Hackett and the hot seat but is it time to shine a light on McDaniels and how atrocious the raiders look?

    • TomLPDX


      • Peter


        I’m pretty sure I was told Carr was good and the raiders were on the cusp.

        Just laid a goose egg.

        Carr might be getting worse and apparently the best WR in the game is turning into a non factor.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      No joke. That guy is NOT an NFL head coach. They have too much talent not to be at least competitive in games.

      Somewhere, Jon Gruden is having a laugh…. followed by a racial epithet of some kind.

      • Peter

        Nice one! Actual lol

  22. ShowMeYourHawk

    So, I can’t decide if I feel that John and Pete will be more active before the trade deadline if we win today because they feel “we can challenge for the division and need additional pieces to complement what we have” OR if they’ll be more active should we lose because “we lost due to the fact that we don’t have the pieces we need to challenge for the division.”

    A logical brain would say that they’ll show patience and discretion should we lose because they’ll remember that the plan was for a huge step next year but the waft of even a WC spot may cause them to abandon better judgement.

    It’s really bouncing around in my brain like a Palestinian Chicken moment…..

    • Peter

      Please let it be patience.

  23. Chris

    Lol falcons

    • TomLPDX

      DJ Moore…idiot.

  24. Chris

    That was an amazing throw

  25. Big Mike

    And to think we actually lost to Atlanta. A conference loss that will come back to haunt us cuz I suspect.

    They’re D allows a Carolina receiver to get behind them when there’s 25 seconds left in the game and they’re 65 yds away from the end zone. A deep shot TD is the only way Carolina can tie. Then the Carolina receiver takes his helmet off gets a 15 yd penalty for it and the ensuing extra point that would give Carolina the W becomes a 48 yarder and the Carolina kicker misses it. This is what happens when bad football teams play each other.

    Losing to Atlanta man, not OK Seahawks.

  26. Big Mike

    Oh that was creative

  27. Blitzy the Clown


  28. ShowMeYourHawk

    Waldron’s use of trick and gadget plays have me thinking that any accident was intentional.

  29. bmseattle

    1. Metcalf is just not a natural catcher of the ball.
    2. Blythe is getting pushed around, already

  30. cha

    Metcalf can’t handle two throws in the breadbasket.

    • Big Mike


    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes he just can’t win the one on ones. It’s frustrating.

      I got worried and looked up the dead money involved when he hurt his knee. Lets just say the Seahawks can’t afford him to be injured or dropping the ball.

    • TomLPDX

      Let’s hope for some redemption by DK

  31. Tony

    Blythe with a rough start snapping.

  32. ShowMeYourHawk

    D-Lineman makes a business decision not to sack Jones?

  33. Blitzy the Clown

    Great tackle by Neal

  34. bmseattle

    what a tackle!
    way to keep him from falling forward.

  35. Blitzy the Clown

    Blythe is down

    • Big Mike

      Does that mean Kyle Fuller time?

      • Mick

        Means we need to upgrade at C.

        • bmseattle

          we already needed that.

        • Big Mike

          That has been the case for at least 6 or 7 years now

        • Peter


      • Blitzy the Clown

        Him or Joey Hunt

        • TomLPDX

          Is Joey active?

  36. ShowMeYourHawk

    Just good coverage there.

  37. bmseattle

    time for some double moves.
    their corners are jumping all our short routes.

    • Big Mike

      Good call. Tell Waldron please.

  38. Blitzy the Clown

    Bruce you gotta end that!

  39. Chris

    I’m surprised Barton made that tackle

  40. cha

    Hey Bruce

    Defenders need to pursue Jones like they would any other runner. They need to take good angles, let the sideline be their ally (remember, ‘the sideline never misses a tackle’) and position their body in order to tackle him properly and wrap up.

    • Big Mike

      And the sad thing is he read the play perfectly and had a huge sack right in his sights

    • TomLPDX

      Quoting yourself! 10 points for you!!

  41. Big Mike

    Neal already having a day

    • cha

      Resign that man. Now

      • Big Mike

        No need we got the peacock coming back
        I want to be wrong so badly

  42. Blitzy the Clown

    Defense looking good early today. Neal is everywhere

  43. Donovan

    Ryan Neal > Jamal Adams

    • TomLPDX


    • 12th chuck

      ryan neal> diggs

  44. Chris

    Keep pounding walker, he will eventually break one

  45. Big Mike

    That’s twice Walker has been one tackle away from a huge run it will come

    • TomLPDX

      I have a feeling it will happen…several times today. Patience my friend.

  46. Big Mike

    So did that batted pass save the seahawks from a pick 6?

    • 12th chuck

      thought we would be running the ball more.

  47. Chris


    • Big Mike

      Like bmseattle said above, they’re sitting on our slants. Waldron needs to see it and adjust. Martindale out coaching him so far.

  48. Blitzy the Clown

    Poona was in Jones’ face that’s why he couldn’t hit the pass

  49. TomLPDX

    Wow, a defensive game. Who’d a thunk it!

    • Peter

      Not into it. Plays right into the hands of the giants second half, fourth quarter plans.

  50. Blitzy the Clown

    Old fashioned wrestling match

  51. Mick

    This looks way better than how our D started the season. Scheme change worked.

    • Big Mike

      Change to their gap control correct?

      • Mick

        Yes and using Barton less and more nickel.

        • Big Mike


  52. cha

    In three series, the Giants have run the ball one time. Against one of the worst running defenses in the NFL.

    Is Daboll trying the same strategy that beat the Seahawks when he was Buffalo’s OC?

    • Big Mike

      Well I think we’re throwing too much too

    • Tallyhawk

      They did the same thing last week against the Jags. Barkley ran it once in the first quarter. Had 20 or close to it the rest of the way. It’s like he’s going against what you expect them to do before eventually pounding it.

  53. Big Mike

    I think we found our number 3 receiver. You cannot teach that kind of speed

    • bmseattle

      He’s really looked good.
      Definitely has earned more opportunities.

  54. Blitzy the Clown


  55. ShowMeYourHawk

    Like Fant’s hands but it seems like a stiff breeze can bring him down.

  56. Blitzy the Clown

    Just missed

    • bmseattle

      DK has been so close a few times today.

    • 206

      Gene loves throwing to DK and I love it. Last one was just a little far, but for the most part this season DK just needs to finish the catch, the man can get open even in double coverage

  57. TomLPDX

    I love how K9 gets back into the defensive players face when they start talking junk.

  58. cha


    • Big Mike


  59. Blitzy the Clown

    Excellent 4th down play

  60. Chris

    Our w.r’s can’t catch

    • Big Mike

      Except Tyler

      • TomLPDX

        Thank God for Tyler

  61. ShowMeYourHawk

    Love that stutter step by Geno but if he commits sooner, 1st down.

  62. Blitzy the Clown

    Lucas bench pressed his defender to save Geno there

  63. TomLPDX

    What a gutsy call!

  64. Blitzy the Clown

    Geno Ice baby

  65. Mick

    Love it that we go for it on 4th down.

  66. bmseattle

    our run blocking is…not good.

  67. Big Mike

    Brilliant play design on both those 4th Downs

    • Donovan

      Yeah kudos to Waldron.

    • pdway


      Playcalling night and day better from last year

  68. Blitzy the Clown

    Walker bounced the wrong way. Shoulda gone left

  69. Tallyhawk

    2 great calls and play designs on 4 th down. Punch this shit in!

  70. cha

    Going for it twice on 4th down in the same drive?

    Who are you and what have you done with Pete Carroll?

    • TomLPDX

      Ha! Gotta love it!

    • Big Mike


    • GoHawks5151

      The return of big balls Pete

  71. 206

    Time of possession right now is awesome

  72. Big Mike

    Get it in the end zone!

  73. TomLPDX


  74. Blitzy the Clown

    There it is! DK gets one fnally

  75. ShowMeYourHawk

    Niiiiice! Let’s see if a rested defense is appreciative.

  76. bmseattle

    Here’s where the Giants realize that they can run on us.

    • Peter

      Beat me to it

  77. Blitzy the Clown

    That was a helluva drive they put together. And they really earned the TD at the end.

  78. Blitzy the Clown

    Horrible line taken by Brooks

  79. Blitzy the Clown

    Nwosu holding his arm like he hurt it

  80. pdway

    I liked both of those 4th decisions to go for it. TD’s gonna be hard to come by today, and their offense doesn’t look like it’s going to score a ton either.

    And both – really smart play calls. love that we are one of those teams on offense now.

  81. Mick

    Our edges – Mafe, Nwosu – seem to have improved against the run.

    • bmseattle

      Now…if only Taylor would.

    • Wesley Edmunds

      I agree. But these are two very talented defenders. They are smart enough to know that they should be able to give a master-class on the edge. It takes athletic ability (check); commitment (check) and strength (check).

  82. bmseattle

    Was that Brook’s first tackle for a loss, finally?

  83. ShowMeYourHawk

    Brooks’ best tackle of the season?

  84. Blitzy the Clown

    Ok there’s a good play by Brooks

  85. pdway

    man it feels good to see the Hawks D playing better

  86. Blitzy the Clown

    What defense!

  87. cha

    See Neal waving his hands and calling out the adjustment pre-snap?

    Extend that man.

    • pdway

      and just flying around too….love that guy

    • Big Mike

      And just cut Adams and move on.

  88. bmseattle

    did his foot touch the endzone line before he downed that punt?

  89. 206

    Who tf is Mike Jackson and why is he playing so good lol

    • Big Mike

      Because despite any criticisms of Pete Carroll, his ability to teach defensive backs is unquestioned.

  90. Donovan

    How is this the same D that looked like one of worst units in league earlier in season? Wow! Fast, disciplined, and ferocious.

  91. Blitzy the Clown

    That’s a fumble

    • GoHawks5151

      Jesus Tyler… That’s the play you decide to fight for yards on…

  92. Big Mike

    Shit the bed at our own end of the field yet again

  93. Blitzy the Clown

    Adoree’ Jackson one time sdb favorite

  94. pdway

    damn, what a momentum shifter. such a safe play too.

  95. ShowMeYourHawk

    Always something. If it’s not Dickson or Eskridge, it’s someone.

    • Big Mike

      Yep. Don’t forget Blythe getting blown up and Walker getting tackled in the end zone for a Safety last week.

  96. AlaskaHawk

    What a crazy turnover . Damn, I hope that inspires the Seahawks to try harder and play smarter.

  97. TomLPDX

    BULLSHIT! Tyler did NOT have that ball in possession.

    Take this and ram it down their throats Seahawks. Get real.

    • bmseattle

      i didnt think he caught it either

      • AlaskaHawk

        good point, no football move!

  98. Nick M

    Cody Barton continuing to put gray hairs in my beard week by week.
    There has to be a FA that can at least get off a block and plug the gap.
    He’s a liability.

    • 12th chuck

      he must have some pictures on Carrol or Snyder lol

  99. Blitzy the Clown

    Well we spotted them one. Let’s get busy gettin it back

  100. Canadian Hawk

    I think at this point Rob should start scouting punt/kickoff returners.

    Crazy how bad that side has been.

  101. cha

    What was that formation?

    Geno has two TEs caddying him and a RB behind him and he still gets sacked.

  102. pdway

    they’re really in Geno’s face on most dropbacks today

    really challenging game for him – will be interesting to see how he does

  103. TomLPDX

    Homer sighting!

  104. Big Mike

    Looks like Martindale identified the weak link on the offensive line and lined up his people accordingly on that play

  105. Blitzy the Clown


  106. ShowMeYourHawk

    Homer was too busy thinking about his Halloween costume to protect his QB.

  107. bmseattle

    if Homer isn’t going to do his job pass blocking, there is zero reason to have him in the game.

  108. Blitzy the Clown

    Yes! Finally some special Special Teams!

  109. Blitzy the Clown

    Dareke Young launched himself to get that

  110. ShowMeYourHawk

    Eskridge. Drink!

  111. Mick

    Come on, end the half with a TD.

    • Big Mike

      Really could use it because they get the 2nd half kick off

  112. 12th chuck

    All the things right with the offense, Geno picking up a 3rd down blitz isnt one of them

    • Big Mike

      Struggled against a similar blitzing AZ offense as cha pointed out in his preview today.

      • 12th chuck

        its been an issue all year

  113. Chris

    If we had a screen game we could slow down this pass rush

    • Big Mike

      What is this “screen” you speak of?

  114. ShowMeYourHawk

    Flag on Eskridge. Chug.

    • Big Mike

      🍺 🍻 🍺 🍻

  115. Mick

    Again a TD after timeout?

  116. Blitzy the Clown


    • bmseattle

      I don’t like to criticize lockett, but it seems like he tried to toe tap, when he should have just let himself fall, while keeping his feet planted.
      It’s like he didn’t want to lay out for it, so he tried the toe tap…and didn’t quite make it.

      • Big Mike

        Maybe due to injury?

        • bmseattle

          good call. that is likely the case.

  117. Chris

    We can’t seem to make the clutch play this game

    • pdway

      converted those two 4ths though

      Giants D just looks tough. Feels like this one’s gonna be a grind all gtame.

  118. Blitzy the Clown

    Wow lucky

  119. 12th chuck

    seahawks are starting to look pretty sloppy. Almost like they are waiting to let the giants take control of the game

    • 12th chuck

      ok, let me rephrase, the offense is starting to look pretty sloppy

  120. cha


    • Blitzy the Clown


  121. ShowMeYourHawk

    Completely unblocked but it counts. Well done, Mafe.

  122. Mick

    Giants got only 46 yards against us so far.

    • Peter

      And yet…..uncomfortably close.

      The inverse of the Detroit game.

  123. pdway

    Giants came in averaging 334 ypg on offense. Just 46 in the 1st half today. That’s a great job by our side.

  124. 12th chuck

    giants are a second half team. Love seahawks long offensive drives, letting the d rest a bit, its going to be a close game

  125. ShowMeYourHawk

    Eskridge is making me drink and that FOX halftime bit was making me question if someone slipped peyote into my McCallan. What the f was that filter?

    • Palatypus

      It was bath salts.

      • Big Mike

        Come on it’s Seattle guys magic mushrooms

  126. Peter

    Sidebar. Surefire, guaranteed, top ten lock as Seattle’s qb of the future….Malik Willis is….proving why Henry is one of the most valuable players/backs in the league.

  127. Big Mike

    Blatant block in the back

  128. AlaskaHawk

    Jackson has been hitting harder these last two games.

  129. Chris

    Jackson playing physical today

  130. bmseattle

    if we just don’t give up a big run to Barkley…it’s difficult to imagine the giants driving all the way downfield on us.

    • bmseattle

      …or commit stupid penalties

  131. Henry Taylor

    Is Bruce playing a little too often this week?

  132. AlaskaHawk

    I don’t think Irvin was offsides, he crouched down a little and then had a perfectly timed rush.

  133. ShowMeYourHawk

    With the way the defense sometimes falls apart, it’s not THAT difficult. Playing much better, though.

    • bmseattle

      i stand corrected.

  134. Feindt

    Irvin taking snaps from Taylor?

    • Mick

      Taylor got better PFF grades when playing fewer snaps.

      • Feindt

        Ik, but have not seen him at all today. There is a differentere between fewer and none?

        • bmseattle

          we seem to make decisions like this a lot, going into games. certain players don’t fit this weeks gameplan, so they never play.
          I can imagine them thinking that the Giants were going to run the ball all day, and that Taylor gets benched in anticipation of that.

          • pdway

            just saw that he’s in street clothes – done for the day w a groin injury

            was off-the-street bruce irvin our only plan B though?

  135. Blitzy the Clown

    Great play by Nwosu

  136. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice to see the roar back at Lumen Field

  137. bmseattle

    Diggs sure has been quiet today.

  138. Big Mike

    Damnit D, make a stop!

  139. Chris

    Why are we giving mediocre wr so much space

    • Big Mike

      Why are we making Jones look like Joe Montana?

      • Peter

        Every year my friend one lucky qb gets a scenic tour of lumen.

  140. ShowMeYourHawk

    Changing the defensive scheme did nothing to patch the forever hole over the middle.

  141. Peter

    Soul stealing 7 plus minute drive…..

  142. Mick

    D doing their job well though.

    • Peter


      Nine minute drive and a tie game.

      Is this that “better than a sharp stick in the eye,” explanation my dad used to say?

      • 206

        Booooooo it’s football, going to be tough, don’t be a negative Nancy

        • Peter

          I should be positive about a tie game? And a ponderous drive?

          I’m not negative. That drive sucked.

  143. Blitzy the Clown

    Decent stand to hold them to a FG

  144. pdway

    grind it out drvie by the Giants – but other than the dumb offsides penalty – we made them work for every play. what a throwback kind of game today.

    still – from where we were – it’s so satisfying to see our D playing well and hitting those receivers on the short passes like in the old days.

  145. Blitzy the Clown

    Oh man…

  146. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice to see Cross downfield with Walker like that

  147. Chris

    This is how you lose a home game

    • Big Mike

      Beat me to it
      That’s 4 points gone

      • bmseattle

        the last guy you’d expect to make a mistake like that.

  148. Chris

    Our w.r’s are a net negative in this game

  149. ShowMeYourHawk

    Bad omen for Lockett to be giving the game away…. if you believe in that kind of thing. Personally responsible for a 12 point swing.

    • Big Mike

      Yup. Possibly the worst day I’ve ever seen him have as a seahawk

    • Mick

      You have to be really stupid not to extend Ryan Neal.

  150. Robbie


  151. John Roberts

    Another great deep toss from Geno.

  152. AlaskaHawk

    this has to be one of Locketts worst games. Two dropped touchdowns and a fumble at your own 4 yard line.

  153. pdway

    the good news is that Geno is throwing some absolute dimes again – that was a perfect throw. Lockett won’t drop many….

  154. cha

    Geno’s completion % is not going to stay league best with all these drops.

  155. ShowMeYourHawk

    Apparently, Taylor is out for the second half with a hip?

  156. Big Mike

    At the risk of being a Jinx look at the tackling compared to early in the season. It’s like night and day and Neal has a lot to do with it

  157. Blitzy the Clown

    Brooks getting salty out there

  158. AlaskaHawk

    Yes to better defense. Would like to see them turn up the pass rush.

  159. Big Mike

    No pass rush

    • bmseattle

      are they worried about containment with jones?

  160. Blitzy the Clown


  161. Chris

    Our dline gave a huge window for jones to throw through

  162. AlaskaHawk

    The Giants are trying to run more in the second half. Kind of a grinding offense.

    • bmseattle

      we need to start playing better on 3rd and long

    • pdway

      Saquon’s scary too ….always feels like he could find a seam and break one. Got to have multiple guys tackle him.

  163. Big Mike

    Another 3rd and long. Get a damned stop!!

  164. ShowMeYourHawk

    Any realistic DE or pass rushing LB options out there? This team might make the playoffs without a pass rush but they aren’t winning the division without one.

  165. bmseattle

    missed tackle…unbelievable

  166. ShowMeYourHawk

    Damnit, rookie….

  167. Kyle R

    Wrap up his damn legs Byrant!

  168. Blitzy the Clown

    Screaming at my tv “watch the tight end!”

    • Big Mike

      At least you got to see the play my local Fox station was running commercials it was. When they came back it was 2nd 8 they missed 2 plays

      • Blitzy the Clown

        That’s ridiculous

        • Big Mike

          I’m still pissed

          • Blitzy the Clown

            I would be furious

            • Big Mike

              It won’t do any good but they’re still gonna get a call from me tomorrow

              • Blitzy the Clown

                It has to be your local affiliate because I’m watching the national feed on Sunday Ticket

  169. ShowMeYourHawk


  170. Blitzy the Clown

    Irvin blew that TF up

    • pdway

      huge play – – cut the momentum out from under that drive

    • Kyle R

      Thank was AWESOME old man strength by Bruce!

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Show the young’uns how it’s done

  171. Pran

    Giants adjusted well but Hawks on the other end…

  172. Blitzy the Clown


  173. ShowMeYourHawk

    Let’s see if Lockett can do something to assist his team this game.

  174. bmseattle

    seahawks have completely outplayed the giants today.
    very frustrating that it is tied right now.

    • Big Mike


    • Blitzy the Clown

      Couple catches instead of drops and we’re up 14 right now

    • Peter

      I think it feels like that. Just checked the stats. Giants have us tied in every metric.

      Just one of those games.

      Got points off of our mistakes.

      So far Seattle has had a few more.

      Seattle’s defense has done well while the offense is absent.

  175. Chris

    If our even play competent we win this game going away instead a very good chance we lose

    • Mick

      Let’s not forget they’ve been bummed this week.

  176. ShowMeYourHawk

    Good start to the drive. Get Lockett involved.

  177. Blitzy the Clown

    This is a beauty of a drive

  178. cha


  179. ShowMeYourHawk

    Nice, Tyler! Now get another one. You owe your squad two.

  180. AlaskaHawk

    Yes Lockett for TD, Go Seahawks! Redemption is mine!!!

  181. pran

    that drive looked so easy…

  182. Blitzy the Clown

    All he does is… Lockett!

  183. pdway


  184. Mick

    Boy this O can be magic sometimes.

  185. Blitzy the Clown

    What a throw from Geno! My oh my

  186. Big Mike

    Geno was tits on that entire drive with every single throw

    • bmseattle

      i’ve been blown away by his accuracy all season.

  187. Peter

    Now that’s outplaying them.

  188. Wnoa57nc1

    There is the 4th Quarter Drive we have been watching for from Geno. Let’s see the Seahawks defense shut them down.

  189. bmseattle

    zero run plays that drive.
    great job by waldron and geno.

  190. Blitzy the Clown

    Win or lose, I am well entertained today

    • pdway


      This underdog team is a blast

  191. James

    What it gods name did I just witness. Is there really a better drive that can be had in the game of football?

  192. pdway

    I think Geno is just good….these are not easy throws or system throws….he’s making them all.

    that out to DK was inch perfect, and he just dropped another 30 yarder perfectly in stride.

    Who knew…..

    • Big Mike

      Had no idea it would be like this.

  193. AlaskaHawk

    Like a boxer they worked the left side over and then delivered a knockout punch to the right side.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Not to mention give Lockett the opportunity to redeem himself on the same route/throw he dropped earlier.

  194. pdway

    happy for lockett too… who by all accounts is one of the good guys

  195. bmseattle

    is it good or bad that Irvin steps in and is our most impactful front 7 defender today.

  196. Mick

    Brooks looking better today

  197. Big Mike

    OK defense make the stop here give the ball to your offense with a chance to put the game away

    • pdway

      tell you what …the energy and flying around is contagious – – I don’t think Harris makes that play in a vaccum, but w the D pumped and the crowd loud….it makes a difference

  198. Matt

    How did the Giants win 6 games? Good God they are awful.

    • pdway

      their D is tough and they’ve been able to run the ball on everyone

      • Matt

        They look like a 6 win team…for a season.

        Hawks playing great, but that Giants offense is BRUTAL.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Or maybe Seattle is pretty effen good

      • Matt

        I think we are playing well, for sure. I’m not the least bit impressed by the Giants.

        I know some of you can’t handle anything less than “Seahawks are the best and you’re a traitor if you say anything less.”

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Yeah, that’s what I’m saying 🙄

          Sounds like a sensitive subject for you so I’ll leave you alone about it.

          • Matt

            Maybe you shouldn’t assume a comment on the opposing team means I’m saying we aren’t good? Ever try that? Any mirrors over there?

            • Blitzy the Clown

              How many Giants games have you watched this season Matt?

              • Matt

                I’ve watched 3 of their games.

                • Matt

                  I like their defense and think they are well coached. Their offense and overall talent is pretty meh.

                  And yes, I think the Seahawks are playing well.

                  I think this is the weirdest NFL season I can ever remember. Very few great teams and a bunch that look kind of all bunched together.

                  • Blitzy the Clown

                    I’m surprised our run D is holding up so well vs Barkley, but that’s mostly because our run D hasn’t been great (except last week vs the Chargers but they didn’t run much)

                    We’re poking a little hole in their glamor to be sure, but I think they’re going to factor in the NFC playoff picture

                    Or not. Like you say, this season is weird

  199. bmseattle

    what. a. tackle.

    • Big Mike

      Incredible effort. Winners make that kind of effort

      • pdway


      • bmseattle

        that kind of effort almost brings a tear to my eye.
        great to see.

  200. Blitzy the Clown

    Shelby Harris saves the play!

    • cha

      That’s effort and desire right there.

  201. AlaskaHawk

    Heh heh Seahawks getting the right bounces now. Living good, lets go Hawks!

  202. Henry Taylor

    Let’s go Shelby, big man can move!

  203. Trevor

    Today was a legit challenge to the Hawks run defence. So far they have stepped up to the challenge. If they can close this out it will be a big statement by the defence IMO.

  204. bmseattle

    can we run the ball now, when it is expected?

  205. cha

    Now K9, break their spirit here on this drive.

  206. Tony

    This team looks good. And i have no idea how this is. This is not what I expected.

  207. Peter

    Here we are. Let them salt this game away and like I told my good friend I’m officially a believer.

  208. Romeo A57

    Time for KWIII to end this game with a long TD run.

  209. David Ashton

    Ooooo I’ve got me some tinglies.

  210. ShowMeYourHawk

    Hate the 3rd down call. That’s inefficient, #3 hero ball.

    • Tony

      I liked it. Better than run run run punt. Giants were on it. Go for the dagger.

  211. Big Mike


  212. bmseattle

    i was just going to complain about how we can’t make this comfortable…

  213. pdway

    that is a huge break right there

  214. Blitzy the Clown

    And he fumbles again!

    • bmseattle

      i think I’d be “hurt” now, too

    • Big Mike

      Dude will not be their punt returner next week I can assure you of that. He may not even be a member of the New York Giants

  215. TomLPDX

    Homer caused that.

  216. Mick

    That poor guy getting cut. But that’s why we keep Homer and Bellore and Dissly.

  217. TomLPDX

    I predict a K9 TD

    • Big Mike

      Love the way you think my friend

      • TomLPDX

        This is fun!

    • TomLPDX

      What did I say! K9!!!

      • bmseattle

        what’s your next prediction?
        Woolen interception?

        • TomLPDX

          That’s my hope…or even better…Koby!

    • cha


    • Big Mike

      I know you weren’t going out on a limb but buy yourself a Powerball ticket anyway Tom

      • TomLPDX

        I should!

    • pdway

      better go buy a lottery ticket!

  218. AlaskaHawk

    What to do now? Run the ball if it works. But the passing was going well.

  219. Blitzy the Clown


  220. Hawks4life

    Walker is in fact a BAMF

    • Tony

      This guy is a cheat code.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        He was stumbling from the missed tackle when he juked the second defender. What kind of human can juke an NFL defender outta his jock while stumbling?

  221. HOUSE

    Walker with a… DAGGER

  222. Romeo A57

    Game Over! Seahawks took control in the 4th Quarter.

  223. AlaskaHawk

    Showing some killer instinct to close out this game. Walker with the DAGGER

  224. Peter

    Instant (not rob) reaction:

    Something pretty special is going on.

    • pdway


  225. TomLPDX

    Still waiting for a Tariq interception

  226. Trevor

    A Woolen or Bryany pick to end the game would be sweet here.

    • Peter

      Greedy….I kid

  227. AlaskaHawk

    I’m not liking the prevent defense. No pass rush and no coverage on the running backs.
    UH OH Ryan Neal down.

  228. TomLPDX

    Ryan down!

    • Big Mike

      NOT good

  229. Chris

    Hopefully that’s a cramp

    • Big Mike

      Or wind knocked out. That’s a good sign right there

  230. cha


    • TomLPDX

      Love Nwosu

  231. Hawkster

    Almost screwed up and caught it

  232. TomLPDX

    Cody actually did the right thing by dropping that interception

  233. Hawks4life

    Cody Barton doing his best Peacock imitation lol

    • TomLPDX

      Even Cody isn’t able to screw things up as much as Jamal.

  234. Blitzy the Clown

    This is an impressive win

  235. pdway

    man…who knew that this team would be full of young talent, and needing of a steady vet QB.

    if we play D like this, and w Geno pulling the strings on Waldron’s offense – we are sort of, dare I even say it – a complete team.

    • TomLPDX

      Don’t ya love it! Go Geno!

      Geno! Geno! Geno!

    • Tony

      Don’t jinx it! I don’t want to wake from this dream.

  236. Big Mike

    Barton with an actual play!

  237. TomLPDX

    Was that Pete’s first penalty?

  238. ShowMeYourHawk

    Ref calls the foul on the Mariners? At least they’re still relevant this offseason?

  239. Robbie

    Did he just say Mariners?

  240. Tony

    I’m dying over the mariners. Omg I will never not forget that.

  241. Big Mike

    Cheap bullshit officiating

  242. James

    Horrible use of timeouts by the Giants. Let the clock run to the 2-minute warning, save a timeout for after that.

    • Big Mike

      And were witnessing why your statement is correct

  243. AlaskaHawk

    Pete needs to save that move for an opposing running back heading down the sideline to the end zone!

  244. TomLPDX

    Amazing! Look at our Seahawks! Loving it.

  245. Big Mike

    Is damn it not Ryan Neal
    Hopefully nothing’s broken Or it’s not in Achilles

    • Peter

      Please don’t let you have jinxed him in this game…..

    • AlaskaHawk

      Seahawks better keep looking for some practice squad safeties.

  246. TomLPDX

    Great win Seahawks!

  247. ShowMeYourHawk

    The play of Collier’s career!

    • AlaskaHawk

      It’s Collier’s highlight reel.

  248. bmseattle

    Jackson is an enforcer!

  249. Big Mike

    Many of you younger people may not know this is not the 1st Michael Jackson to play for the seahawks.. There was a guy that went to high school in Pasco that played for them in the seventies I believe maybe the eighties

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Giants OL is already on the bus to SeaTac.

    • cha

      And sang lead vocals on “Locker Room Rock”

    • Tony

      80s/90s he was DL too I believe.

    • James

      Never saw him play. I’m from Olympia, but I went to Michigan for school, and an old timer I met in a bar once told me about a man named Michael Jackson from UW that intercepted a Michigan pass in the endzone and handed Michigan a Rose Bowl L in the late 70s.

      • James

        He’d later get drafted by the Seahawks 😉

  250. TomLPDX


    • TomLPDX

      Poona closes it out

    • pdway

      what a great signing he’s turned out to be

  251. pdway

    with an exclamation point!! HELL YEAH!!

  252. AlaskaHawk

    dang that defensive line doing clean up! Wow great finish to the game.

  253. TomLPDX


  254. Seattle Person

    The defense just held Barkley to 53 yards on 20 carries. When you do that to a RB like that — a different conversation needs to be had. We are starting to see a defense brewing!

    • cha

      That’s only half the story.

      9 yards on 3 catches in the passing game too.

      • Seattle Person

        The game plan today was really strong. They dominated time of possession. Limited Barkley. They moved the pocket quite a bit to slow down the Giants’ pass rush. They then went with the hooks at the end to ice the game. Beautiful to see. They executed most of your key notes Cha.

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