Curtis Allen’s week five watchpoints (vs New Orleans)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen. After the game today tune into the instant reaction live stream which will be available on here and on our YouTube channel

Now comes a real test.

After a training camp, three preseason games and a month of games that count, the Seahawks are quickly running out of excuses for their poor play.  Adjusting to a new defensive scheme should not take this long.  Veteran players should be leading the way, not getting outplayed by rookies.

Something’s gotta give.

The Saints just might be the perfect test to see where the Seahawks are.  They have a talented roster made up of veterans and some exciting young players, an established record of success against the Seahawks and a chip on their shoulder thanks to two very close losses this year.

They are also a fit for the Seahawks because they are coming off a game a few time zones away in London, are banged up and have not been nearly as tight under Dennis Allen as Sean Payton had them.  They are currently worst in the NFL in giveaways and turnover ratio, are second-worst in penalties called and have been slow starters.  

It betrays their effectiveness in the other areas of their game.   It should surprise no one that they are both 1-3 and favored to beat the Seahawks on Sunday.

How can the Seahawks take the next step with a win?

Control the Game Script

This game might be the ultimate test of strategy and gamesmanship.

The Seahawks are one of the best teams in the NFL in first quarter scoring so far this season.  The Saints are one of the very worst.  It is hard to imagine a Saints team coming back from London, with an unsteady quarterback situation and missing a star player like Michael Thomas coming out of the gate quickly.

That’s the good news. 

The bad news?  The polar opposite is also true.  The Seahawks are one of the worst scoring teams in the fourth quarter on offense – and one of the worst defensive teams – while the Saints are one of the best on offense.  They have scored nine touchdowns this year, six of them in the fourth quarter.

The Saints close like a freight train and play fantastic when their backs are up against the wall.  The Seahawks like to build a lead and pray to the heavens above that they can hold it until the clock reaches zero.

With the way the defense has performed to date, it will likely fall on the offense to carry more than their share for this game.  They will need to capitalize when the Saints come out of the gate slowly, turn the ball over or shoot themselves in the foot in other ways.

They will also need to not let off the gas pedal.  If they have a 14-3 lead in the second quarter for instance, they will need to avoid the temptation to simply maintain their lead by playing conservative football.  They need to build on it.

The fourth quarter will be the time to try and drain the clock.  Keeping the ball out of the Saints’ hands with a lead will be critical.  It will require a level of planning and execution they have not accomplished as of yet.

Do Not Let Alvin Kamara Take the Game Over (Again)

If you could go into a lab and build a player to specifically attack this Seahawks defense, you’d get Alvin Kamara.

He is fast, hard to tackle and deployable as a real weapon all over the field and the Seahawks defense has arguably had more trouble with this one player in recent seasons than anyone else.

His last two games against the Seahawks:  55 touches, 340 yards, 14 first downs and 3 touchdowns.

That is about as good a two-game stretch against any one team as you are likely to find in the NFL.

Here is what makes Kamara so good when he plays the Seahawks — yards after contact in the run game and yards after the catch in the passing game.

72 of those rushing yards came after contact and  222 of the receiving yards came after the catch.

Tariq Woolen is correct when he said Kamara is “like water” when you are trying to tackle him, so smooth and silky.  He may not be the biggest or the fastest but he is incredibly hard to take down on the first try.  He has balance and a fierce determination to stay on his feet.  Package that with an innate ability to present unclean angles to the tackler and his ability to absorb contact and it’s no wonder he annually is in the top two or three players in broken tackles.

With the lack of effort and the open lanes we have seen from the Seattle defense so far this season, getting Kamara to the ground effectively might be the difference between winning and losing Sunday.  Kamara is that good and the Seahawks have been that bad.

The best thing I can say for defenders is to have a tackling plan for Kamara.  Watching tape, I cannot tell you how many times I watched defenders think they can just knock Kamara down with a shoulder-to-shoulder type hit.  Maybe it is because Kamara is not the biggest player.  Maybe defenders are just programmed that runners his size fall down when you hit them that way.  I am not sure.  But everyone needs to be committed to wrapping Kamara up, no matter what.  Got that, Cody Barton?

Pete Carroll is absolutely correct when he speaks about knowing the situation when tackling.  There are times when you blow the player up, times when getting him to the ground is the best option and times where the best thing you can do is grab on and wait for help to come.  The Seahawks currently have no concept of those times.  That seems like a pure coaching issue but that is where we are right now.

Given how poorly the defense has played these first few weeks, it is hard to have much faith that the defensive staff will get this problem corrected with three days of practice and a couple of film sessions.  Kamara presents a serious challenge in tackling.  If anything, we will be able to gauge the coaching staff’s effectiveness with as big a test as it gets on Sunday.

One thing we can praise the defense for with Kamara is the halftime adjustment they made last year to combat his effectiveness in the passing game.  Her burnt them to a crisp in the first half with eight catches for 109 yards and a touchdown.  The Seahawks responded by double covering him when he ran routes in the second half.  Result?  Only two catches for 19 yards.

Jameis Winston struggled with his security blanket taken away.  He was 5-for-15 in the second half targeting everyone else and was sacked twice and the Seahawks were nearly able to close the gap and squeeze a win out.

To be fair, the Saints did not have much in the way of receivers in that game.  Now, they have Chris Olave and Jarvis Landy (Michael Thomas is out).

It is also possible Kamara will not be 100% as this is his first game back from an injury.

Still, with the amount of damage he has done to the Seahawks’ defense in the last two games, nobody on the defense should get set in their pre-snap positions without knowing exactly where #41 is and what their assignment is for him.

Win the Receiver-Corner matchups

Get your popcorn ready for Metcalf-Lattimore II.  Last year Metcalf tormented, taunted and abused one of the NFL’s best cornerbacks with a signature performance.  It is a shame the Seahawks could not get him more touches.

What is in store this week?  Metcalf threw some serious cold water on the ‘Jeff Okuda is becoming a lockdown corner’ party last week.  Another dominant performance would take some real heat off this poor defense and further cement his legacy.

Tyler Lockett and Bradley Roby should be a great matchup as well.  One underrated thing we are learning about the Seahawks’ offense post-Russell Wilson — chemistry with Tyler Lockett was not a sole possession of Wilson that left with him when he went to Denver.  

Lockett makes his quarterback look very, very good as long as he is competent in getting him the ball.

Both Roby and Lattimore are scoring in the 50’s in PFF rating this year.  So this should be a very big test for them to see how they are really doing this year.

How about the other side of the ball?

Chris Olave is quickly taking his place among another great crop of talented young receivers.  The Saints traded third and fourth round picks to move up five spots in the first round to select Olave at #11 and he is rewarding them with a great rookie season only four games in.

A matchup with fellow rookie Tariq Woolen will be fantastic television.  Will it happen?  The Saints line up Olave all over the field but at the moment he is predominantly lining up on the right side.  So, Sidney Jones or Michael Jackson will likely cover him the majority of snaps.

Woolen will not be bored, though.  He will have Jarvis Landy to cover.  He has been one of the NFL’s most productive wide receivers and is looking to recover from a down year and a change of scenery to New Orleans.

Can Geno Redeem Himself?

Week 7 last year was Geno Smith’s second start and his third game for the Hawks in 2021.  

His play was dreadful.

He was 12-for-22 for 167 yards and a touchdown.  He was sacked five times for 38 yards, so his net passing yards were 129.  Eighty-four of those yards came on one play — the busted-tackle D.K. Metcalf touchdown in their first series.  So put another way, he only managed a measly 83 yards of passing the rest of the game.

He was hesitant.  He was jittery in the pocket.  He scrambled only once, gained 12 yards and then shut that down for the rest of the game.  He threw two terrible balls right to Saints defenders that should have been intercepted.  Freddie Swain was targeted more than Metcalf or Tyler Lockett.  You get the idea.  

It did not help that the running game could not generate much of anything – linebacker Demario Davis owned center Kyle Fuller in this game and Rashaad Penny was M.I.A. – or that Jason Myers missed two field goal tries, or the weather was inclement.  But Geno did nothing to elevate his team’s play.

Not many things would help the Seahawks more than for Geno to put that behind him and turn in a solid performance in this game.  A duplicating of his game last week against Detroit is too much to ask.  Remember – the Lions are on a historic pace for ineptitude on defense this year.  They might go down in the record books as one of worst defenses in the 21st century if they do not get their issues sorted out.

New Orleans poses a much greater challenge.  They have a good defense, with some pieces at every level that needed to be accounted for.

The defense has put up good numbers for being hamstrung a bit by the offense.  They lead the NFL in giveaways so far this season.  Absent that, the defense likely would look much better.

One matchup that should provide some intrigue is how they defend tight ends.  Through four games, the Saints are the best in the NFL at defending tight ends.  Granted they have not faced a murderer’s row just yet but Kyle Pitts and Cameron Brate are nothing to sneeze at.  They will face a good challenge with Will Dissly, Colby Parkinson and Noah Fant coming into New Orleans Sunday.

Here is the primary assignment for Geno in this game — make good reads and good decisions.

Why?  The Saints are 30th in the NFL in blitz percentage so far this season.  They are preferring to keep defenders in the backfield and force the quarterback to go through his progressions.

As a result, they are clamping down on explosive pass plays, only giving up 36 first downs through the air, good for fourth lowest in the NFL.

The tradeoff is their quarterback pressure percentage and sack numbers are in the cellar.  Bottom five in the NFL.  Here’s where 2022 Geno can run circles around 2021 Geno.  He will have time to process.  He will need to be patient and slowly plod down the field at times.  A little bit of dink and dunk might be just what the doctor ordered.  Sprinkle in some timely scramble runs when he sees them available.  Bide your time and then take a shot or two to your downfield threats.

Currently the offense is running out a 40/60 run/pass split.  While that feels like a bit of a mockery of the “run first” mantra Pete Carroll preached for years, Smith has settled into an approach Carroll is far more comfortable with — take care of the football, take what the defense gives you and take your shots when they come instead of trying to make them.

Can he keep doing that against a far better defense than Detroit’s?  How Geno controls the tempo and pace of this game will tell us a lot about the Seahawks’ chances for a successful offensive season this year and whether Geno has a chance to put together a full season of good play.


  1. Henry Taylor

    Good stuff Cha. I’ve found myself really looking forward to this game, more so than I have been with the Seahawks in recent years. There’s less pressure to succeed and this Geno Smith redemption arc is just fun to follow for as long as it lasts.

    With Darryl Johnson on IR I think we will get to see really extensive snaps from Boye Mafe, a good breakout game from him would be an absolute dream.

  2. UkAlex6674

    ‘Adjusting to a new defensive scheme should not take this long’

    Well how long should it take?

    • Rob Staton

      I would hope it would progress from ‘shambles level’ four weeks in 😂

    • cha

      Two weeks ago PC said it would take time to fix.

      This week he said it shouldn’t take this long to fix.

      So…two weeks?

      • Elmer

        Unless the scheme doesn’t match up very well with the abilities of the players you have. Then it’s back on the coaches.

    • Romeo A57

      If recent seasons tell us anything. then it should take the Seahawks about 8 weeks to fix the defense. Then the offense will regress at this point and we would blame everything on Russell Wilson. I guess we will have to blame Waldron instead this year when the offense eventually apart 😀

      • Peter

        Not sure we’ll see the offense fall apart. Mostly because it hasn’t been that amazing.

        Stalled out performances against three teams and feasting on the one team worse than us on defense has filled the youtube/ internet with a metric ton of snappy praise and hype videos.

        MV-GENO….anyone, anyone, is this thing on?

        Have been enjoying reading comments from other sites quite a bit this year. Some goofy a– tribalization which ends predictably with calling someone “butt hurt,” if there’s a whiff of guarded neutrality in regards to how this team has actually played.

  3. cha

    Rob has Calijah Kancey come across your radar?

    There’s a narrative some are running away with a little. Under sized Pitt Panther DT who has special skills getting into the backfield. It’s fun but Aaron Donald is a once in a generation player.

    He looks to my untrained eye like a guy you draft in the third or fourth round and rotate in early on, and see how he handles the NFL size and skill disparity. Best case he develops into a 50-60% snap type player.

    • Peter

      On a side note thank you for properly using the term once in a generation. There are few more sports terms that cause me to roll my eyes than that.

      I didn’t follow Donald much in college but his TFL were pretty far off the charts in college. Even his overall tackles for a dlinemen show that he was carrying the load for that defense.

      Kancey is a bit intriguing. Has skills. Not sure if it’s on the level of “special.”

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll watch him

  4. Forrest

    Fantastic post as always, Curtis. Cody Barton’s bad angles and poor tackling are ripe for disaster with Kamara, as you mention. We’ll also need Diggs to actually catch the interceptions he’s tossed. I think Landry is a bad matchup for Woolen (he’s more of a cover DK than Tyler guy). Cody Bryant would be a better fit. Olave could have a big day, but I actually like Sydney Jones on him. Bad and banged up as he’s been, I would double (spy) Kamara to cover for Barton. If we can stop the run and the short passes to Kamara, we have a chance to get a pick or two and get off the field.

    This Saints team isn’t what it used to be. We should go out, “be the bully” and never let up. When you’re playing a 1-3 team without its starting QB, without its #1 WR, with its best player (Kamara) banged up and underperforming and coming off a trip to Europe, you don’t play down to their level and keep them in the game. You jump on them and ram it down their throat.

  5. Rob Staton

    Instant reaction stream and article won’t be so instant today

    I’m in London watching the Packers vs Giants

    Will watch the game in the car and get straight into it when I get home

    • Peter

      What a game to be at!

  6. Trevor

    Prediction: Penny and Kamara both run for 120 yds+ and Saints win by 3.

    • Peter

      Little concerned about penny and how his shoulder is. Hopefully it’s no big deal.

    • Rob Staton

      My prediction is also NO by a field goal

      • Big Mike

        Mine is NO by 7

    • UkAlex6674

      I predict Seattle, but in a squeaker.

  7. Henry Taylor

    Daboll is doing a phenomenal job coaching the Giants.

  8. cha


    Marquise Goodwin
    Sidney Jones
    Justin Coleman
    Teez Tabor
    Jake Curhan
    Dareke Young

    Very interesting. Two veteran corners out.

    Goodwin out, so Eskridge should rightly get his snaps.

    • cha

      Saints Inactives

      Jameis Winston
      Jarvis Landry
      Michael Thomas
      Nick Vannett
      Calvin Throckmorton
      Markus Maye
      Payton Turner

      • JJ

        Hawks by 21 with Vannett out.

  9. Rob Staton

    Brian Daboll not only doing a great job but just had the best celebration heading back into the locker room 😂 he was PUMPED

  10. Big Mike

    Thanks as always Curtis.
    If I’m the NO OC, the Seahawks are going to get a very heavy dose of Alvin Kamara today until they prove they can stop him.

  11. Chris

    2 runs and we haven’t given up a t.d I’m impressed

  12. Big Mike

    “Legion of Gloom”
    How appropo

  13. Forrest

    No Jarvis Landry. There’s no excuse not to add help for Kamara and Olave. New Orleans is going to go after Mike Jackson all day (vs. Olave). When Olave goes out, double Kamara with a spy.

  14. Chris

    Nice start by geno

    • Big Mike

      Outstanding ad lib by he and DK on the TD

  15. Blitzy the Clown


  16. Sea Mode

    Beautiful floater by Geno

  17. AlaskaHawk

    Great start to things. So refreshing to see the offense running smoothly right away.

  18. Chris

    If geno has a good game I’ll start to change my opinion if him

  19. Sea Mode

    Al Woods is having none of it so far today!

  20. Blitzy the Clown

    Al Woods is having himself a game

  21. Mick

    What was the secondary of New Orleans doing there, afraid to tackle DK? Anyways, great play by Geno and Metcalf.

    • Sea Mode

      Business decision, yeah

  22. Blitzy the Clown

    Myles Adams sighting!

  23. Chris

    If football had w.a.r Taylor would be a negative

  24. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice defensive series

  25. HOUSE

    Good defensive stand. I liked see Brooks pressuring on 2nd down, but Taylor on 3rd was UGLY. Nice tackle Neal!

  26. Chris

    I think this off-season Taylor listened to all the hype about himself and got a bit cocky

  27. Chris

    Love that run formation

  28. jed

    Penny runs like a top end luxury 4 door sedan.

  29. Chris

    Yeah, he doesn’t look that fast on tv because of his size

  30. Chris

    Throw that play in the trash

    • Sea Mode

      My thoughts exactly.

  31. Henry Taylor

    Still no punts.

    • MattG

      Should the Hawks have packaged the rockstar punter with Wilson?

  32. Sea Mode

    Wonder if DK got the wind knocked out of him coming down from that leap.

  33. Forrest

    Coby Bryant looks better on Olave. Jackson is a disaster. Btw, when I say “double” Olave, I don’t mean have someone in zone seven yards short and someone seven yards behind him while he sits in the hole for an easy catch. Stick him and take him out of the game!

  34. Mick

    Walker doesn’t seem to have a lot of confidence, needs a TD.

  35. Chris

    It’s hard for a r.b to get in a rythym with a couple touches a game

  36. Chris

    Jesus Christ! We are bad

  37. Big Mike

    Diggs taking “tackling lessons form Jamal Adams

  38. AL

    Let Geno Cook!! Who would have thought the better QB was riding the bench lol!

    I can see this team fighting for a wildcard and right out of the Will Levis sweepstakes, Go Hawks!

    Sucks to be Russell Wilson right now, I wonder if he’s homesick?

  39. Chris

    There’s the defense we know

  40. Hawkster

    He gets a lot of grief here, but Cody Bryant does an amazing job at making sure the Seahawks dont get caught with 10 men on the field

  41. Mick

    We better go on scoring, Kamara and co will be hard to contain.

  42. Sea Mode

    Make Dalton throw the ball

  43. Forrest

    Same for Hill! You know it’s going to be a run when he’s in. Where were Brooks and Diggs?

  44. 12th chuck

    Diggs is starting to really suck. Not sure if it’s trying to compensate for other players or if he just doesn’t give a crap. So much for trying to build a defense from the back forward, it doesn’t work

    • bmseattle

      Especially when they are 30 years old and on their 3rd contract.

  45. pdway

    Tale of two sides of the ball….this offense is a lot of fun to watch right now. And i know, i know, don’t get your hopes up…but Geno looks… really good. He really only ever got to play those first 2 yrs in NY, and never got consistent field time after that. Maybe he gets it now? His tools are pretty solid. Still too small a sample size, I know….

    And on the other side of the ball…man, one of the least inspiring defenses of the Carroll era. Maybe the worst one. Somehow being bad against the run is even more demoralizing than being bad against the pass.

  46. Hawks4life

    Geno has zero pocket awareness

  47. Chris

    Lucas got a lesson in hand fighting

    • seaspunj

      Dallas needs to chip block to help

  48. Big Mike

    Abe just got schooled by Cam Jordan 🙁

    • Rob Staton

      Geno needs to step up and/or get rid

  49. Blitzy the Clown

    That’s the first sack Lucas has given up this year.

    • Rob Staton

      That was all Geno

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Agreed. He stood there completely numb to the pressure. All he had to do was move a little

      • bmseattle

        yeah…too bad that Lucas gets a “sack allowed” for that.

  50. Chris

    Lucas will learn a lot going against jordan

    • Hawkster

      The certainly had learning moment written all over it

  51. ShowMeYourHawk

    Not sure why we’ve gone away from the TEs in short and manageable situations. Shouldn’t need Geno to hang in the pocket for so long when needing 5yds or less.

  52. Chris

    Sometimes you have to give credit to the other team they might have had it all covered

  53. Blitzy the Clown

    If Al Woods was 5 years younger we could build our DL around him.

  54. Hawkster

    seen a lot of Seahawks offenses look like this Saints offense

  55. seaspunj

    man Seahawks dodged a bullet 3rd and 14

  56. Chris

    With our defense 3rd and 14 seems very manageable to convert

  57. Blitzy the Clown

    Coby Bryant messing around behind the LOS

  58. Blitzy the Clown

    Not much urgency in the run game today. Erryone seems to be half stepping it a little.

  59. seaspunj

    ugh another 3 and out

  60. Chris

    Seems like we are getting a little conservative

  61. seaspunj


  62. Blitzy the Clown

    What’s the point if you’re not at the marker when you make the catch?

  63. ShowMeYourHawk

    Is Waldron calling plays this quarter or has Pete taken the playbook? No creativity since the long Penny run.

  64. Henry Taylor

    What are we doing?

  65. Big Mike

    Was that planned or Dickson ad-libbing?

    • Henry Taylor

      It looked planned based on the blocking.

  66. KD

    LOL. What the hell was that?

  67. Blitzy the Clown

    Uh wut?

  68. ShowMeYourHawk

    What in the actual f*ck?

  69. Chris

    What was that?

  70. Romeo A57

    Que the Benny Hilll theme song ” Yakety Saks”

  71. AlaskaHawk

    OMG – just give them the win.

  72. Mick

    Why try to be cute at 10-10 so deep in your own land? But they started stopping our O too easily.

  73. Big Mike

    Our D has enough issues without giving an opponent this kind of field position.

    • pdway

      i’m not sure that was even a called play

      • 805Hawk

        It absolutely was. The blocking was set to go right. You don’t block that way on a punt. That said he probably had the option to punt it. Stupid call though.

  74. pdway

    what in the world…

    so dumb

  75. ShowMeYourHawk

    Dickson doesn’t touch the ball last week. Feels the need to be seen this week? Way to give up a touchdown, you tosser.

    • Big Mike

      Until you know for sure it wasn’t a called play, you might want to hold off on the criticism. Just a suggestion. If you’re right, it’s utterly warranted. If you’re wrong, direct at Pete

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        I stand by my statement. Unless you’re an Admin, I’d withhold on scolding. This is pot/kettle situation..

        • Big Mike

          Did you notice I said “just a suggestion”?
          Do you know for sure that it wasn’t a called play? No one else does.

          • ShowMeYourHawk

            Copy that. Noted and disregarded. We’re all free to criticize as seen fit, provided things don’t become personal. Let’s keep it that way.

  76. Hawkster

    It looked like the Saints brought 4, that was weird

  77. Chris

    I wonder if that was a called fake?

    • DriveByPoster

      I thought it was a called fake. It looked to me like Dickson was expecting to throw a pass but there was no receiver out there.

  78. seaspunj

    In your own end zone and you try a trick punt or improvise on a special teams blunder … pretty much just gave them massive field position in a tight game … cant be that undisciplined

  79. 12th chuck

    they cant come back from this, they have yet to make good halftime adjustments for a few seasons at least

  80. Hawkster

    Barton there to confirm the TD

    • Big Mike

      He watches plays really well doesn’t he?

    • Forrest

      Right! Take a picture. Someone must have told them how bad we are at misdirection.

  81. AlaskaHawk

    Didn’t they try something similar a few games ago? I don’t think it worked back then = and still doesn’t.

  82. Blitzy the Clown

    How about some motion? Why is Geno a freakin statue on every play?

    • Blitzy the Clown

      See? It works!

  83. Big Mike

    Great throw on the run going to his left

  84. AlaskaHawk

    Nice throw on the run by Geno. Right on the money.

  85. HOUSE

    Nice roll out and throw by Geno!

  86. Mick

    Great how we move the ball with the TEs

  87. Hawkster

    There are some decent plays being called, and with Geno so comfortable hitting tight ends, it can be fun to watch

  88. Chris

    I’ll give geno credit, he looks better than Russ has for the last couple years.

  89. ShowMeYourHawk

    Nice to have a QB that will take off and grab the yards available to him, rather than take a hit in the pocket while playing hero ball.

  90. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice downfield block by Walker to help Geno get the first down

  91. Chris

    Who would have ever thought that we would trade Russ get draft picks and upgrade at qb at the same time.

  92. Blitzy the Clown

    That pass barely got to the LOS

  93. ShowMeYourHawk

    Hands of stone….

  94. pdway

    not a gimme by any stretch – – but DK could have had the one. put it in a good spot, maybe a little too much heat on it

  95. Big Mike

    He HAS to catch that

    • Scot04


  96. Blitzy the Clown

    Oh c’mon DK!

  97. Chris

    Can’t blame geno for metcalfs stone hands

    • seaspunj

      cant change those hands

  98. seaspunj

    DK has those drops with some tough catches… his hands are like TO

    • 12th chuck

      not playing like a $70 million receiver should

  99. AlaskaHawk

    Metcalf = so tantalizing = so heartbreaking.

    Where is Lockett today? I haven’t heard him called yet.

  100. KennyBadger

    Cmon DK!

  101. AL

    Question, how many Seahawk defenders does it take to tackle Taysom Hill?

    Answer, when they can finally tackle him we’ll know lol

  102. ShowMeYourHawk

    Our D makes opposing RBs and TEs into Pro Bowl candidates.

  103. Blitzy the Clown

    Man Nwosu was breathing down Dalton’s neck

  104. Chris

    We would need 16 player on defense to tackle him

  105. seaspunj

    need to convert that Kamara turnover

  106. Big Mike

    Now get a FG

  107. Hawkster

    the rookies

  108. Blitzy the Clown

    Darrell Taylor’s pass rush is nonexistent

    And Woolen with the fumble recovery

  109. Blitzy the Clown

    There’s Lockett

    • Hawkster

      I remember that guy

  110. MattG

    That’s two fumbles Coby has knocked loose. Pete will like that. Hopefully he can become a solid cover guy.

    • Big Mike

      Just wish they’d put him on the outside

  111. ShowMeYourHawk

    Trying to catch them unawares? Why burn the TO on a crappy run?

  112. seaspunj

    Lockett baby solid hands solid catch

  113. KennyBadger

    Matt Millen is to broadcasting as Matt Millen was to the Detroit Lions.

    • 12th chuck


  114. ShowMeYourHawk

    Oh my! Geno is playing lights out.

  115. Big Mike

    Great job by Geno stepping up and of course Tyler with the great pattern as usual

  116. Henry Taylor


  117. pdway

    Geno so damn accurate right now

  118. Blitzy the Clown

    Where’s V12?

    All Lockett does is…catch TDs

    What a throw too

  119. AlaskaHawk

    Wow what a change! Great fumble recovery and touchdown. What a difference it makes in attitude.

  120. Chris

    What a turn of events

  121. Blitzy the Clown

    Fooking Myers. Hits a 56 yarder but missed the PAT 🙄

  122. Chris

    Imagine if d.k could have made that catch

  123. ShowMeYourHawk

    Come out of the half and put another TD on the board. This D will need all the help it can get.

  124. Forrest

    Booya, Geno!!!

  125. Chris

    If we could be more consistent in the run game geno would play even better.

  126. Blitzy the Clown

    I see a culture of attitude on the Seahawks offense that has been missing for a while

  127. pdway

    time to give Waldron some credit too. we have our playmakers involved – we’re using our TE’s consistently, our WR’s are open. we are a good NFL offense. That’s 20 first half pts against a good D.

  128. Chris

    It’s so weird seeing the middle of the field utilized

    • 12th chuck

      and the te’s. almost too much, throw to the receivers or running back sometimes lol

    • seaspunj

      well said
      definitely seeing Waldron utilizing Geno’s strengths

  129. Trevor

    The defense is awful but Woolen and Bryant are playmakers and look like long term pieces. Can’t believe how good Geno looks. Figured this might be the week he got exposed but not so far that’s for sure.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      If Tre Brown can stay healthy when he comes back, things look good in our CB room.

      • Trevor

        I agree Smith was really impressive before getting hurt. When he comes back woukd love to see them move Bryant outside and him in the slot.

        If they could find an enforcer Strong Safety in the draft next year that could be a really good group.

        • Trevor

          Meant to say Brown was impressive.

  130. Chris

    It would also be nice to have a capable veteran l.b to put next to brooks

  131. Big Mike

    Refs handled this properly

    • Big Mike

      I think he’s down but I’m prejudiced so…………

      • 805Hawk

        Whatever the outcome, good to see the refs handle it right.

  132. Mick

    I must say we looked much better in the first half than I expected.

  133. Chris

    D.k puts the ball on the ground way to much

  134. ShowMeYourHawk

    Per usual, DK giveth and DK taketh away.

  135. Big Mike

    2 huge mistakes in our own end. This D isn’t good enough to handle that

  136. Blitzy the Clown

    Nice defense Ryan!

  137. Chris

    Coby coming up huge

  138. Blitzy the Clown

    No flag for holding?

  139. AlaskaHawk

    Two good defensive strips. Is the defense getting tougher?

  140. HOUSE

    COBY!!! Great job not giving up

  141. seaspunj

    is it a catch in endzone?

    • Big Mike

      Sadly I think it is

      • pdway

        doesn’t he have to complete the catch by maintaining possession when he goes to ground?

  142. HOUSE

    How is Matt Millen commentating games? Does he know anything about football?

  143. Blitzy the Clown

    If they ruled DK’s fumble a catch then this should be too. I say they reverse the call. Saints TD.

    • HOUSE

      Agreed. We may not necessarily like it, but at least calls are consistent. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  144. Chris

    D.k has cost us 14 pts on his own this game

    • Pran

      11 points DK
      7 points Dickson
      1 point Myers

      19 point swing

      • Big Mike


        • Big Mike

          *Dickson or coaches
          We still don’t know yet if it was actually called

          • Pran

            Dickson has an option to punt.. he has executed similar plays in the past

            • Big Mike

              If so, he chose the wrong option

  145. Chris

    Time for walker to show up

  146. Blitzy the Clown

    It’s not your day DK

  147. Chris

    Thanks to d.k the momentum has totally shifted

    • pdway


  148. HOUSE

    Horrible sequence

    • Big Mike

      And right after DK turned it over to give them 7. They obviously have all the momentum right now. They are at their own 10 so maybe we can force a turnover and get our own easy TD.

  149. bmseattle

    Anyone else noticing how many points the Lions are putting up so far this week?

    • 805Hawk

      Yep. I noticed. Doesn’t say much for our D.

    • Big Mike

      Well Belichick is a defensive coach and Pete Carroll……………….oh wait.

      • 805Hawk

        Ha! That made me laugh.

        • bmseattle

          Man… imagine how bad our defense would be if Pete was an offensive coach!

    • Romeo A57

      The Lions and Atlanta are doing nothing today. Also the Broncos are a mess and the Saints are not very good. The only good team that the Seahawks played was not very competitive, San Fran.

      I am waiting to see if Seattle can compete with the good teams. I am highly skeptical.

  150. Big Mike

    High ankle sprain? 8 weeks?

    • bmseattle

      I’ll take that.
      Looked worse, maybe.

      • Big Mike

        You might be right

        • bmseattle

          Some people on twitter are speculating an achilles injury.
          Did it look like that to you?

          • Big Mike

            Couldn’t tell but cart says they may be right

            • Big Mike

              I just figured high sprain by the fact he couldn’t put any weight on it

  151. Chris

    Brooks laying wood this drive

  152. Mick

    But we’re back to running for 1 yard then throwing an incomplete pass… Hard to get something this way.

  153. Chris

    The receiver’s are letting geno down today

    • Big Mike

      Sadly true.

  154. Forrest

    Olave should be out for the game with a concussion. Zero reason not to sell out to stop the run! We’re playing a team without All 3 of their starting WRs.

  155. Chris

    Has n.o even thrown at woolen today?

    • Big Mike

      They have now 🙂

      • Blitzy the Clown


    • Mick

      Kinda knew why not to 🙂 Great job Woolen, what a draft steal.

    • HOUSE

      They just did and INT! lol

    • pdway

      and there you go!! Woolen….what a steal in the 5th round….

  156. seaspunj

    Woolen LOB worthy!

  157. Blitzy the Clown

    Tariq Woolen!!!

  158. Henry Taylor

    I was literally just thinking they haven’t targeted Tariq much today. Kid is a stud.

  159. Big Mike

    Millen is right about ball placement tho

    • Big Mike

      But credit Tariq with catching it and being in a decent enough position to still get a poor throw

  160. Blitzy the Clown

    Let the healing begin DK

  161. seaspunj

    Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor need to publicly initiate Woolen as part of the future LOB hahaha

  162. HOUSE

    Thank you for holding on there DK

  163. Blitzy the Clown

    Who picked up that inside blitz? Saved the sack.

    • Big Mike

      I’ll run it back on commercial and let you know

  164. Blitzy the Clown

    Fooking penalty!

  165. Chris


  166. Chris

    Geno has played a fantastic game,but the team around him has let him down

  167. Mick

    So many penalties, we are beating ourselves today.

  168. Big Mike

    How can the kicking team block in the back? WTF?

  169. Blitzy the Clown

    Clearly Cross was holding. But I’ve watched the Saints do the same or worse on a handful of other plays today that weren’t called.

    • bmseattle

      we need to sell it better like they do.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I didn’t see the hold on replay. False call.

  170. Big Mike

    Screen against a Seattle all out blitz. Ouch

  171. Chris

    The one player you have to account for and you let him break out

  172. Blitzy the Clown

    Bench Darrell Taylor now

  173. Chris

    Game over

  174. 12th chuck

    seahawks d getting burnt on a blitz….AGAIN

  175. Mick

    Feels like we had a shot today and we blew it.

  176. Henry Taylor

    I hate playing the Saints.

  177. cha

    Quandre with a Jamal Adams-esque no-hit at the 2.


    • HOUSE

      What a half-ass attempt of doing nothing. 🤦‍♂️

    • Big Mike

      Not the first time today cha. He got paid. Ain’t no thing

  178. Forrest

    How could you possibly leave the only playmaker on the field (Kamara) uncovered on the screen?

    See Curtis’ comments about tackling Kamara.

    • Big Mike

      New Orleans caught Seattle in an all out blitz.

      • Forrest

        Right! Why would you all out blitz and leave him uncovered? Just stop Kamara. Their starting QB and all three starting RBs are out of the game.

        • Forrest

          Meant WRs.

  179. Chris

    This game was ours and we blew it

    • bmseattle

      Play well enough to be encouraged, but blow it with mistakes…
      I’ll take that result this year.

  180. OP_Chillin

    They really out here talking about the refs. Against a crap team on a three game losing streak and still down two scores.

  181. Chris

    Geno playing this well puts us in a weird position this off-season. Do you keep him and build the rest of the roster or draft a rookie qb while you have high draft picks?

    • Big Mike

      Richardson if he declares.
      Never expected Geno to play this well, got to admit.

    • bmseattle

      Could give us the luxury of drafting a guy who needs more time to develop.
      though… if Geno plays well this year, it might be difficult to re-sign him, even if we want to.

    • MattG

      Hopefully strategize for both options, then take the best deal on draft day.

  182. 12th chuck

    each game that passes by, the less faith I have in the front office to rebuild this team. Again, no halftime adjustments. Pathetic. so much wrong with this team and d scheme, it hasnt clicked t this point, go back to the way it was

  183. Blitzy the Clown

    Worst. Game announcers. Ever.

    • cha

      “Going for 2 to make it a 3 point game!” Uh, it’s 31-25.

      • Big Mike

        FOX’s 10th string team

  184. Chris

    That was an awesome and dangerous throw all at the same time!

  185. Big Mike

    GREAT throw
    Geno is just way beyond what we expected

  186. Blitzy the Clown


  187. Mick

    Nicely done Geno

  188. Blitzy the Clown

    That was a perfect throw

    Geno is wowing me

  189. HOUSE

    Geno to Lockett… WHAT A THROW & CATCH!

  190. Romeo A57

    Beautiful Touchdown throw and catch. Too early to chase the 2 pointer though.

  191. Henry Taylor

    Geno is playing out of his mind.

  192. 12th chuck

    give lockett thae dk money

  193. Pran

    Can someone explain the logic behind going for 2 here

    • pdway

      I guess if you get the 2, and then score a TD, you’re up 3 and don’t lose on a FG. But kind of a stretch…

    • cha

      Tater pounded a Red Bull, thought it was apple juice.

  194. pdway

    If Geno plays like this all season – it’s got to change the thought process a little. Game by game – we’ll see. But he is throwing dimes.

  195. Chris

    I think I can get on board with geno next year and a developmental qb in the draft. The way geno is playing he can get you to the playoffs. We need to spend a lot of resources on our defense

    • pdway

      it is such an appealing thought to load the D up w some draft day talent.

    • 805Hawk

      Thats going to be tough. If Geno stays at this level he will demand a multi year $20m per year contract. That will use up almost all of our effective cap space. This is his last chance at a contract. He won’t take another one year prove it deal.

  196. Chris

    Geno should have 5 to passes today against a good defense

    • seaspunj


      agree 100%

      now Millen saying Geno is a Plunkett/Gannon late bloomer QB

  197. Big Mike

    I assume going for 2 was to leave us down 7 if they get a FG?

  198. pdway

    w Olave out – can we not stack the line against the run?

  199. Blitzy the Clown

    Defense need another turnover or a quick out

  200. pdway

    Brooks not taking a step up is among the biggest disappointmetns for me this year

    • Pran

      Our LBs are a liability.

  201. seaspunj

    I appreciate Ryan Neal’s tackling and find him underrated

    • seaspunj

      oh man Seahawks dodged a bullet on 4th down …

  202. pdway

    what a BS call to give them the 1st down

  203. Mick

    I lost count, we must be at 20 penalties by now…

  204. Big Mike

    “Weak” is a fucking understatement

  205. Blitzy the Clown

    The NFL really wants NO to win. Phantom defensive holding call on Woolen

  206. Blitzy the Clown

    Mone playing well today too.

  207. Blitzy the Clown

    Mafe wasn’t in the neutral zone

  208. Chris

    Nice make up call there

    • cha


      The refs taketh away, the refs giveth

    • Big Mike

      100% agree

    • AlaskaHawk

      Yes = I would like to see a report on how accurate the refs were in this game. From my viewpoint they have blown several calls. Just let them play.

  209. Mick

    Long drive now and end it with a TD and we’re ahead.

  210. Chris

    Win or lose at least we are entertained

  211. pdway

    it’s only game 5, but this season has been pretty high on the entertainment value – exceeding expectations – and it’s mainly b/c the offense is fun again.

  212. Chris

    I just wish the refs would let the players play and stay out of the game. Only call obvious penalties

  213. pdway


  214. AlaskaHawk

    OOOOOOO That will boost Walkers confidence.

  215. Mick

    Come on, we got all the cool kids this year…

  216. seaspunj

    Walker 3 era has begun!

  217. Big Mike

    Vision to see a large hole. Good backside cut KW

  218. Forrest


  219. Blitzy the Clown

    Kenneth Walker welcome to the NFL!

  220. cha

    Geno deserves major credit. Audibled at the line.

    • Big Mike

      I didn’t see that. Thanks for pointing it out

  221. Chris

    Man this rookie class is awesome!

  222. HOUSE

    Next man up… Welcome to the NFL Kenneth Walker III

  223. Romeo A57

    Wow, KW first huge run! This definitely is entertaining.

  224. pdway

    good luck catching #9 from behind!!

  225. Mick

    Win or lose I’m proud of how they battled today.

    • Big Mike

      A lead after all the mistakes is something else.

  226. seaspunj

    Saints drive needs to stall they cant have final possession with this dee

  227. JN

    I knew he was going to pop one this game!

  228. seaspunj

    even when Saints are so blatantly obvious they couldnt stop Hill

    • Big Mike

      Sadly true

  229. Chris

    Our defense🤮

    • pdway

      they are the TURD in the punch bowl…

  230. Hawkster

    well, woolen is fast …

  231. Big Mike

    Did you see how fast Tariq was even if the play was shit?

  232. AlaskaHawk

    Poor defense! Why is everyone on the line?

  233. ShowMeYourHawk

    He may not have the personnel but I’m not convinced Hurtt could coordinate a defense out of a wet paper bag.

  234. pdway

    i’m so sick of brooks/barton, you know the guys who are supposed to make the tackles, being completely out of the play…..

    • Pran

      We may be better off with speedier DBs replacing LBs

      • seaspunj

        bandit package 3 1 7

  235. cha

    Quandre another missed tackle at the LOS right in the hole.


    • AlaskaHawk

      After all the money and draft picks they have put into the safety spot, they still need two safeties. It’s just sick!
      Diggs has regressed this season.

    • Big Mike

      The Jamal Adams school of tackling

    • Forrest


  236. Dave Stacey

    Nice miss tackle from Diggs.
    Those contracts for Diggs and Adams are nooses around this team’s neck

    • HOUSE

      That’s 3 HORRIBLE plays by Diggs today that were extremely visible. It’s almost as if he doesn’t give a damn

  237. jed

    Woolen & Woods are the only good players on defense. Have hopes for Bryant.

  238. Hawkster

    Hey at least Barton was in on the play for the conversion

  239. AlaskaHawk

    and now Geno panics and doesn’t throw the ball away.

    • pdway

      would have just been 4th down then. how do you have a play where Kenneth Walker is assigned to block Cam Jordan? crazy

      • AlaskaHawk

        Walker blocked Jordan twice. This is on Geno for not throwing the ball. At least take a shot downfield.

  240. Chris

    Walker on Jordan is bad

    • cha

      Not even a little. Walker did just fine.

      That’s all on Geno.

    • Hawkster

      He bought Geno the time to be decisive, which he wasn’t

  241. ShowMeYourHawk

    Geno content to take the sack rather than take off. He did learn under #3….

  242. HOUSE

    3rd and short… STOP Taysom Hill

  243. Chris

    Yet anotherEmbarrassing display by the defense

  244. ShowMeYourHawk

    Nice scheme there, Hurtt. Let’s leave the middle wide open. This dude is out of his depth. Somewhere, a strip club needs a good bouncer.

    • jed

      Bad scheme, bad players. Not sure which deserves more credit.

      Notice how the Lions got shut out today?

  245. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks need a turnover. This turkey is just about cooked.

  246. 12th chuck

    dk, diggs and dickeson cost us this game

  247. Chris

    All of our big money players all played like garbage today

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Not Lockett. He came to play, when Waldron remembered he was on the roster.

  248. Big Mike

    Ball game
    You can’t depend on this D to win jack shit

  249. Chris

    Pete will still coach like they can

  250. AlaskaHawk

    Maybe the seahawks should try to get Taysom Hill in the off season. Gain a good quarterback and hurt the Saints at the same time.

  251. pdway

    the D is an embarrassment

  252. Forrest

    Cody Barton gets swept out wide before the snap and takes on the blocker, rather than the RB.

  253. Henry Taylor

    This defense should be embarrassed. Imagine being in that locker room and having to look the offense in the eye.

  254. AlaskaHawk

    Yee Haw! One game closer to a high draft pick.

    • 12th chuck

      unfortunately, pc will be making the draft decisions.

  255. pdway

    this game was really right there for the taking….couple mistakes, some penalties, and a defense that can’t be relied upon to stop anything anytime. oh well.

  256. 805Hawk

    This D just gave up 39 points to an Andy Freaking Dalton led team with a bunch of nobody receivers. Blame DK and Dickson all you want. This defense sucks. You can’t expect an offense to score 40 every week.

    • SeaTown

      And 45 to Goff and the Lions who were shut out today. Well done Pete!

  257. OP_Chillin

    So we have a QB who is playing easily top 10 level but can’t win a game in the fourth quarter (think last week was maybe the first time with us so that makes him what 1-4 depending on if you count the Rams game?) and a defense that is straight up garbage.

    I think a reasonable plan is to fire PCJS, hire an offensive HC and new GM (PRIOR to the draft), let them see if they want a QB this year and keep Geno at least as a backup.

  258. OP_Chillin

    Also, the Lions scored 45 fewer points this week compared to last week…

  259. cha

    Do you have the players to make this defensive scheme work?

    What can you say about the effort of your players on defense?

    You talked about limiting explosive plays all week. The Saints had several. What is the key to getting these stopped?

    Are you concerned this team cannot put a complete game together?

    Why are penalties such a big problem for this defense?

    What was the thought process on the 2pt try and the Dickson fake?

    • dragonhawk

      I completely agree…it doesn’t matter what Geno does, this D stinks like high heaven.

    • Scot04

      All these last several years have proven to me; is our Defensive HC doesn’t know how to build a Defense to fit any of his schemes.
      His personnel decisions & use of players has not improved at all.
      It’s a total embarrassment on that side of the ball.
      He needs to be asked some serious questions & held accountable.

    • 12th chuck

      scheme takes a back seat when your defense is struggling to tackle still

    • HOUSE


      Your questions are spot on brother. I don’t think we have the proper personnel to run the scheme on defense. Darrell Taylor has disappeared. Boa Maffei needs more time on the field to actually see what he’s capable of.

      • HOUSE

        Outside of a 35 year old Al woods, Woolen is about our only other bright spot on defense. The linebackers are getting chewed up, but will get a lot of tackles because the ball is always around them. I’m really concerned about safety, because digs seriously looks like he’s just going through the motions.

        I think there needs to be a legitimate sit down and a coming to Jesus meeting. They’re literally is no point of this office putting up 30 points a game and the Defense giving up 33 to 35. If this is the competitive nature we’re going with, we better make some huge changes to the defense next year. I know quarterback is our biggest need for a legitimate future, what a really good quarterback still isn’t going to cover this crappy defense

      • HOUSE

        *Boye Mafe…

        STUPID TALK/TEXT. ugh

  260. Chris

    Instead the questions will be how good is Al woods, and how good are the Seattle mariners

  261. HOUSE

    As I sit here trying to put into words how I feel about this loss, I am capable of seeing the bright spots of today’s game and I’m also capable of understanding this team is exactly what we thought it would be; a team trying to find an identity in a rebuild.

    – Geno played a pretty good game and made some amazing throws today. Him losing out on that touchdown to DK because of the Cross hold really sucks (officials were letting NO do it, but I digress). – Losing Penny and then seeing Walker bust a big run was a plus.
    – The defense outside of Woods/Woolen and a couple plays here or there, was complete dog poo, but I’m not surprised to be honest.
    – I’m still scratching my head regarding Dickson and the run, instead of punting.
    – I am rewatching the game now and I am going to try and key in on Diggs’ mediocre play; he looked HORRIBLE in the 3rd/4th and I’m expecting to see the same in the 1st half. As I continue to think about next year’s cap situation, knowing that we have over $30 million in salary next year for our two bum starting safeties is really disheartening.

    I am going to pull a Dennis Green and state “they are who we thought they were”. This was an UGLY, but winnable game. I saw this team being a 5-7 win team and at roughly 1/3 of the season gone, we’re on par with that. I will have more to follow as I watch this game back

  262. Robert Las Vegas

    I wonder why if Seattle Seahawks made attempt to trade for Deon Jones he would be upgrade in the middle wouldn’t he? Don’t forget it’s all about competition

  263. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob got another question for you if for some the Seahawks move on from Rashad Penny next year do you think Josh Jacobs would be good option raiders didn’t tender him .

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