Curtis Allen’s week fourteen watchpoints (vs Panthers)

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen. Apologies for the late posting, I had a rough Saturday night with England losing. After the game today tune into the instant reaction live stream which will be available on here and on our YouTube channel

The Seahawks need to look at this game as an end of one segment and the beginning of another.  Why?

This game finishes a tough quarter for the team.  After badly disappointing losses in Germany against Tampa and in Seattle hosting the Raiders, they went to Los Angeles and handled the Rams to give themselves a chance to split the quarter at 2-2 with a win this week against the Panthers.

It also starts the stretch run in which the Seahawks have four of their last five games at home.

In the old days, that was a big advantage.  The Seahawks were nearly unbeatable at home.  In recent years they have faltered.  They are 17-13 at home since 2019 and were a Pete Carrol-era worst 3-5 last year.

It is time to reclaim that identity and it starts on Sunday.  Can they do it?

That depends on if they can defeat the same opponent that they have been playing for the last three weeks.  What do I mean by that?

The Panthers are oddly similar to Tampa, Las Vegas and the Rams.  Consider:

  • They are playing better than their record indicates and should not be taken lightly 
  • They have an underrated running game the Seahawks will have to contend with
  • Their quarterback position is not having the best season, but he can be effective if not bothered by the pass rush
  • They have a defense you can move the ball and score on but has some dangerous players that can flip the game if you are not careful

One last factor has nothing to do with who they are playing:  With all due respect to their opponents so far this quarter, the Seahawks are just as responsible for their losses as the other teams are for their wins.  They have struggled with their own standards for good play, particularly on their defensive line.  

In the last three games, the Seahawks have had only five sacks, fourteen quarterback pressures and have given up 615 rushing yards.  That performance has led to them conceding an average of 28 per game.

Those numbers are unacceptable.  And in view of what the defense accomplished earlier in the season, are greatly due to their own poor game planning, coaching and play on the field.  

They can and must do better.  It must start Sunday against Carolina if they are to build up some momentum as they push to make the playoffs.

As they have a similar opponent, the Watch Points will not be too unfamiliar to regular readers.  

We will start with looking at where most games are won or lost – in the trenches.

The Panthers have won two of their last three, sandwiching wins against Atlanta and Denver around a loss to the Ravens.

What has been the difference?  Carolina’s lines on both sides.

The Seahawks Must Get Better Play from the Defensive Line

In their two wins, the Carolina offensive line has conceded only two sacks and a grand total of five pressures.  The team also gained 417 yards on the ground.  

Their loss to Baltimore?  Four sacks, seven pressures and only 36 rushing yards.  Baker Mayfield had to carry the offense and threw two interceptions in the loss.  (side note:  36-year-old Calais Campbell recorded a sack by absolutely manhandling Austin Corbett and then accelerating to Mayfield.  It was amazing.)

The Panthers have had a rising offensive line this season.  They are in the top-5 ranked units by PFF in pass protection, and every lineman has a PFF grade above 62.

Last week against a pretty good Broncos defensive front they kept Sam Darnold clean, not allowing a single sack and only allowing three pressures on 19 dropbacks.  The running backs carried the offense with 185 yards.

Now you see why I say this pattern is familiar.  The Seahawks have been unable to either stop the run or consistently bring pressure on the quarterback in recent weeks.  The Panthers controlled the line of scrimmage on offense and it showed.  

Do not let the Panthers’ coaching change or the revolving door at quarterback lull you into a false sense of confidence that this team is in shambles.  They are doing the best thing a team in their state can do:  running the ball a lot, protecting the quarterback and avoiding mistakes.  The defensive line has a tall task on Sunday.

D’Onta Foreman has been performing nicely for the Panthers since they traded Christian McCaffrey.  He is averaging 18 carries for 83 yards for a nice 4.59 yards per carry and .80 touchdowns in the span.  To give you a gauge, that is roughly what Dalvin Cook is averaging this year over 12 games.

Foreman has demonstrated a great vision in finding holes to run through.  He reminds me of Josh Jacobs in a way.  Even when he is contained, he still falls forward for three or four yards.  And when he finds an open lane, look out.  He is going to pick up some yards.

The challenge is, while he can run between the tackles effectively, his best runs this year have been exploiting the edges, an area where the Seahawks have been very poor.  Last week against the Rams, Sean McVay attacked Bruce Irvin on the right side mercilessly.  Irvin was frequently unable to establish the edge as he was either out of position or outmuscled by a blocker.

The Panther offense is not as creative as the Rams’ is – not many can say they are – but they have a more direct approach to running.  ‘This is what we’re going to do, and we’re going to move you out of our way.’  The defensive line needs better scheming and better play Sunday.  Success in the running game plays right into the Panthers’ success:  It eats the clock up, keeps Sam Darnold from having to carry more than he is capable of, the Panther pass rushers rested and the Seahawks’ explosive offensive players off the field.

It is critical that the Seahawks’ front seven play better Sunday.  Putting pressure on Sam Darnold to carry the offense will be job number one.

The Seahawks’ offensive line faces a similar task.

The Offensive Linemen Need to Control the Line of Scrimmage

In those two Panther wins, their defense recorded eight sacks and 29 pressures.  Their loss?  They did sack Lamar Jackson three times but only had four pressures.  Jackson was 24 for 33 but his receivers dropped five balls.  The point being, the passing game was not largely affected by the pass rush, as Jackson had enough time to go 29 for 33 in passing.

Brian Burns stands as a great young pass rusher with ten sacks so far this season.  Both offensive tackles will have to be sharp in order to keep him from wrecking the Seahawks’ plans on offense.

Derrick Brown is coming into his own as a run-stopping force in the middle.  He is sporting a very robust 85.5 PFF grade, and is sixth in the NFL in tackles for interior linemen with 50.  Austin Blythe and the guards will have their hands full trying to keep him in check.

And yet, there is a yin-and-yang quality to this defense.  Burns is a great pass-rusher and that is very impactful.  But he has yet to round out his game, as he has not been able to attain at least a 70 PFF score on a season.  He is still learning when to explode up the field and when to read the play and stay home and help in the running game.

And Brown?  He has provided disruption for other players but has really yet to reach the pass rush plateau he projected as the #7 overall pick in 2020.  He has only one sack and ten pressures this year.

Further:  Those two weeks where they won games and were rushing the passer well?  They gave up 259 rushing yards on 44 attempts for an ugly 5.88 yards per carry average.

On a season level, they are in the bottom ten for sacks and pressures, and have conceded 100 yards rushing in every game except two.

This defense is a work in progress, and there is a formula to having offensive success against them.

It does start with the boys up front.  You can look at stats for a year stretch and a three-game stretch and project all you like.  But in the moment, those things melt away when you are lining up across these two talented players.  The whole line will need to execute to keep them from severely altering your offensive game plan.

But it is also up to the Shane Waldron and the staff to unlock that formula.

Use the Offense to Control the Game

This is not a new topic.  The defense has been wanting this year, while the offense most often has been the one to propel the team forward.

Absent a much better performance from the defense on Sunday, it will fall on the offense once again to deliver a win for the team.

They have done incredibly well this year, and yet at times because of the defense, we find ourselves needing just a tad bit more.  A turnover here, a penalty there, or a lack of a consistent run game that we are used to can be the difference in a tough game like this.  Their execution will need to be on point.

Geno Smith has reached the point where surprise at his excellent performance on the field has morphed into consistent high expectations.  Fans already anticipate another 70% completion game where Smith spreads the ball all around the field.  Last week he took another step forward, answering the ‘but he has not led a game-winning fourth quarter drive yet’ concern decisively.

This week?  As all players know, past successes need to be relegated to the background of their mind and proper focus needs to be placed on the task at hand.

He will need to execute Waldron’s gameplan at a high level once again.  This week, it may mean picking up the slack for a run game that cannot get untracked, or making a quicker decision than he would like because a pass rusher is in his face.

It may mean targeting C.J. Henderson, who is allowing a 76.8% completion rate and a 110 QB rating, as opposed to rising star Jaycee Horn (51.2% completion and 48 QB rating).  Or it may mean trusting his wide receivers when Horn is covering them and making accurate throws that give them a shot.

There will be a balance that is needed, one quality that Geno and the offense have excelled at so far.  Using the tight ends, the run game and taking shots to the wide receivers for big plays will all be needed to be sprinkled into the game liberally.  A ‘let’s play conservative and see how the game unfolds’ approach the Seahawks have at times deployed will not be the easiest path to success.

The Seahawks need to take the field and clearly demonstrate why they are stretching forward to the playoffs while the Panthers are once again looking forward to the draft next year.  A 14-0 lead early in the game would be just what the doctor ordered.  It would take the Panther offense out of their comfort zone and help the defense pin their ears back and get aggressive with some sacks or forcing some turnovers.

There is potential that this game could propel them into their Thursday night matchup against San Francisco with gusto.  They will need all the momentum they can muster if they are to contend for the NFC West division title.  A win on Sunday could be the start of something big.


  1. Chris

    Typical defensive start

  2. ShowMeYourHawk

    Defer? Sure! We love playing from behind….

    • Big Mike

      When your defense is as bad as ours I just simply cannot understand why we don’t take the ball try and score 1st when we win the tossWhen your defense is as bad as ours I just simply cannot understand why we don’t take the ball try and score 1st when we win the toss

  3. cha

    Tariq Woolen doesn’t run.

    He teleports.

  4. Rob Staton

    I really want to apologise to Curtis and to the community for not posting this at the usual time, hours before kick-off.

    As sad as it sounds, I’m absolutely desperate to see England win something in my lifetime and yesterday was a crushing blow.

    I completely switched off from everything and zoned out. Big mistake and I’m sorry.

    • Big Mike

      No need to apologize man it’s exactly how I felt after we got screwed by the referees and the NFL after Super Bowl XL*

      • Big Mike

        I had waited since 1976 for the Seahawks to make a Super Bowl and to have it stolen from me was just devastating. Absolutely no need to apologize

    • Mick

      Nothing to apologise for Rob, fully understand you.

    • Henry Taylor

      All good Rob, that one is gonna sting for a while I think.

    • Ashish

      Sorry for the England’s loss, you hawks to look forward. No need to apologize

      • Bankhawk

        No worries, mate: I feel your pain. As sport fans, we’ve all been there. 😕

  5. Chris

    Woolen is one of the few bright spots on this defense

  6. ShowMeYourHawk


    Another successful deferring of the ball, Pete.

  7. Big Mike

    I had a bad feeling about this game….

  8. Henry Taylor

    Not sure where Quandre Diggs was going there

    • Big Mike

      Hopefully to suit up for another team next year

  9. Chris

    I still think the hawks would be better If they picked 10 fans outta the stands to play defense next to woolen

  10. ShowMeYourHawk

    “Can you win a game in the 1st quarter?!?!?”

    No Pete, but you can sure as he’ll try to lose one.

    • Elmer

      Late in 1Q, 7 yards total offense. They don’t look ready to play. Sucks real bad.

  11. Sea Mode


    Brady Henderson

    Schneider said of the Panthers, “This is probably the best offensive line we’ve seen this season.”

  12. Sea Mode

    So much for going up 14-0 early, Cha… 🤷‍♂️

  13. Big Mike

    More crap NFL officiating that should have been a defensive pass interference but quite obviously the referee figured well they were off side so it doesn’t matter

  14. Chris

    Geno is really trying to give the ball away

    • Big Mike

      Spending too much time massaging DK Metcalf’s ego by getting him the ball as often as possible early?

      • GoHawks5151


  15. dand393

    My goodness Geno is off his mark today

  16. Sea Mode

    Settle down now, Geno

  17. Sea Mode

    Don’t try this at (Ma)home(s)…

  18. Pran

    There is no margin of error for offense with that defensive disaster on the other side. It’s going to be a long day unless Darnold helps

  19. GoHawks5151

    These corners need to get off blocks jeeze

  20. Mick

    Prolly a candidate for worst quarter this year.

    • Big Mike

      No. 1

      • Big Mike

        Especially considering they had only scored 23 points in the 1st quarter all year prior to today

  21. Ashish

    Hawks needs to settle down both sides of the ball.

  22. Hawks4life

    I still don’t understand why we can’t tackle… unbelievably soft defense

  23. ShowMeYourHawk

    I mean, this team f*cking practices, right? WTF?

  24. Troy

    Not a playoff team with a defense like this. Everything is just so easy for the opponent. No pass rush, no toughness, no swagger.

    • Big Mike

      Yeah sadly I think we’re watching our playoff fantasies dissolve right before our eyes

  25. Sea Mode

    Nwosu getting dominated by a TE on those last couple plays. Get off your block, man!

  26. Pran

    No doubt Pete is a disaster year after year, can’t field an average at best defense no matter

  27. James

    This defense is soft.

  28. Chris

    Who would have thought that Pete would be a q.b whisperer but can’t field a respectable defense

  29. Troy

    Getting blown up in the trenches AGAIN.

    • Roy Batty

      Luckily Pete is a defensive minded head coach.

      Which has accounted for nothing for half a decade.

  30. ShowMeYourHawk

    Escort Hurtt and his man-tits off of the sideline to clean out his office, please.

  31. Chris

    Pete has never valued defensive tackles and it’s really showing up the last couple years

  32. Ashish

    With this DL we are not selecting QB with our 1st pick

  33. Hawks4life

    At least the Broncos will lose today

  34. Big Mike

    Serious question, When was the last time this team’s defense was even middle of the road? 5 years ago?

    • Leo

      5 years sounds right, 2017 was when the “reset” was supposed to happen from the LOB. And the wait continues…

  35. 206

    Man, the 9ers Chiefs and jets are going to shred our defense

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    Geno Ice mouthafuckas!

    Just kidding. It’s been a shit show so far

    But these last 2 passes to Goodwin and Lockett are alright

  37. Roy Batty

    One of the worst interior offensive lines in the middle on the run and they continue to run it up the middle.


    • Big Mike

      Could have drafted Creed Humphrey

      Speaking of, where’s Eskridge today?

  38. Pran

    Give that Hubbard kid a raise. His contempt for Hawks D on that touchdown and recklessness with ball says it all

  39. Big Mike

    God Schlereth is brutal
    Marquis Godwin
    DJ Lockett

    • Hawks4life

      He’s terrible, don’t forget the Duane Moore call earlier in the game

      • Big Mike

        Oh yeah

  40. Blitzy the Clown


    Lockett with the TD!

    • Sea Mode


  41. Roy Batty

    Lockett, still having a sneaky great season this year.

  42. Mick

    Come on Geno, bring us back in it. We need a win today.

  43. Sea Mode

    THAT is how you toe tap!

    • Big Mike

      Tyler is a magician with his feet
      Gotta end up in the ring of honor right?

  44. Roy Batty

    Mahommes currently has 224 yards. Russ, 62.

    In the first half…

  45. Feindt

    Silver lining: The Chiefs are currently demolishing Denver

    • Big Mike

      I’m wondering if the Denver defense has finally just quit on the season

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Well it is KC but yeah. They can’t carry the team

        I just heard the announcer say that 52% of Denver’s drives have ended in a punt this year, tops in the League

  46. Mick

    Meanwhile, Taylor is back to life.

  47. Blitzy the Clown

    Taylor says no no no

  48. Chris

    Hopefully this is Taylor’s coming out party this year

  49. pdway

    OK …that’s what we’ve been looking for #52.

    is it possible he’s been so invisible until last week/this week due to injuries?

    • Sea Mode

      I don’t think so. I think he currently only has the speed rush in his bag. If that fails, he just gets swallowed up and has no counter.

  50. Blitzy the Clown

    That’s how you use Taylor

    • Big Mike

      This. His strength is rushing the passer, let him pin his ears back and do it

  51. Sea Mode

    Hey now, there you go, DT!

  52. KD

    Ouch. Russ throws a pick 6 and the Broncos are already done for before the half

  53. Chris

    If geno isn’t careful Pete’s gonna bench him

    • Sea Mode

      Come on, now.

  54. Matt

    Turnover luck flipping…has been my concern all year.

    • pdway

      he 100% thought he had a free play

      b/c he should have had one

      • Matt

        Doesn’t change the fact he has been insanely lucky with turnovers all year.

      • Pran

        Still one of the worst throws. Geno gonna be Geno today

  55. Big Mike

    We just got screwed royally

  56. pdway

    come on REFS!

  57. Big Mike

    Just more horrid NFL officiating

  58. Chris

    Digs is so useless it’s almost comical

    • Roy Batty

      They HAVE to cut him with a post 6/1 designation, or trade for a box of raisins.

  59. Henry Taylor

    So the refs realised the screwed up but instead of picking up the flag they just don’t announce the penalty and give them the yards anyway.

    Cheers refs

  60. Big Mike

    So the question is do they have it out for the seahawks because there’s sure been a lot of stuff go against us in the last 3 or 4 weeks or they just utterly completely and totally inept?

  61. Roy Batty

    This will be a slugfest where Carolina just bullies the Hawks all game long.

  62. Big Mike

    So the question is do they have it out for the seahawks because there’s sure been a lot of stuff go against us in the last 3 or 4 weeks or they just utterly completely and totally inept?

    • Matt

      Horse collar was bad.

      The other one…guy clearly jumped but I thought he got back inside before the snap.

  63. Blitzy the Clown

    The truth is, the Panthers OL is better than the Seahawks DL

    Sadly, that’s the truth most weeks

    • Big Mike


  64. Blitzy the Clown

    I see you Irvin!

  65. Roy Batty

    OK, Geno, earn that off season extension. Duplicate the end of last weeks game and walk into the locker room with your head high.

  66. pdway

    good hold by the D there.

    That offsides/free play is such a big missed call – b/c Geno did what you usually want your QB to do in that situation, take a shot. can’t believe it wasn’t called.

    • Matt

      Jumped early but look like he got back inside in time, unfortunately.

  67. Roy Batty

    That ain’t DJ Dallas…

  68. Sea Mode

    Oof, and the stiff arm to face plant to boot…

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I really liked Willie Gay at MissSt

      Poor Russ

  69. Hawkster

    anybody got name ?

    • AlaskaHawk

      G Igwebuika, Running Back #34. 50 yard kick return.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Igebuika, went to college at Northwestern, this is his 7th team he’s been on. What a crazy story! Hope he sticks here.

        • AlaskaHawk


  70. Hawks4life

    Geno struggles throwing the ball away in big time moments

    • Big Mike

      Must be a Seahawk QB thing

    • Hawkster

      Seems better at throwing it away moving to his right, tends to eat it going to his left. Or not.

  71. Roy Batty

    Geno is up and down today on decision making.

    • Pran

      Shit hits the fan this Thursday against 9ers D I guess

      • Roy Batty

        Niners are destroying the Bucs with a backup of a backup QB today.

  72. Mick

    Field goal here isn’t good enough.

  73. Roy Batty

    Carolinas tackling is soooooo much better than the Hawks.

    • 12th chuck

      I’m pretty sure it’s every team that tackles better than the seahawks

  74. Feindt

    The missing Running Game really hurts the scheme. They seriously Need to consider drafting a RB in 2023.

    • Big Mike

      I think they need interior o-linemen even more.

      • 12th chuck

        I agree, the seahawks don’t have a very good track record drafting running backs

  75. Mick

    Yey DK, now we’re back in business.

  76. Big Mike

    REALLY needed that

  77. Blitzy the Clown

    Geno (🔥+) Ice

  78. pdway

    great throw on the TD…after a couple questionable ones….but I’ll take it.

  79. Roy Batty

    Now, how about they start mixing in some motion plays to get the run game going in the 2nd half?

    Enough of this power run crap that NEVER works.

    Just get something going to confuse the LBs and DBs.

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      yeah i don’t understand these runs with homer…help him out

      • Roy Batty

        Interior run game is horrific and has been for a while.

  80. Sea Mode

    Wow, and somehow we are back in the game despite everything.

    • pdway

      when you add Walker back to the mix – we really do have a very talented offense on this team. Explosive.

      Geno has me just a little worried – but i’m in general ready to roll w him next year – and use those picks to shore up this very mediocre defense.

      • Roy Batty

        Hopefully they concentrate on D in the draft and make surgical picks on stud offensive weapons that fall to them.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Isn’t that the problem though? When has the running game been dependable? Why so many injuries?

      • 12th chuck

        I don’t know, but if you have a chance at the next franchise qb, I think you should take it. Even as horrendous as the d is, you still take the qb

  81. GoHawks5151

    Deebo carted off in SF

    • Big Mike

      Ugh. Never want to see guys get hurt

      • AlaskaHawk

        But won’t feel bad about taking advantage in our matchup since he is already injured.

  82. Chris

    Niners don’t need Debo to smoke us

    • Sea Mode

      ˆThisˆ (unfortunately)

      • Big Mike

        Ditto (unfortunately)

    • 12th chuck

      or Garoppolo, or Kittle or….

  83. Roy Batty

    #38 had better be returning every single kick from here til seasons end.

  84. Roy Batty


    • GoHawks5151

      Love Homer but he has absolutely no wiggle. Let this Goodwin kid try

  85. AlaskaHawk

    I like Igwebuike, maybe he can learn our running plays to. The guy has some big energy.

  86. Blitzy the Clown

    Another inside run to start the half


  87. Hawkster

    No idea who that dude is

    • AlaskaHawk

      Igwebuike, been with 7 teams and maybe finally found a home.

  88. Blitzy the Clown

    Goodwin workin hard!

  89. Roy Batty

    A run worked. I might faint.

  90. Roy Batty

    Booooo, go for it.

  91. Hawkster

    Geno and a 2nd half clutch 1st down on a 10+ scamper is getting routine.

  92. KennyBadger

    Looking forward to seeing the defensive adjustments here in the second half. Onside kicking all the time might be an improvement.

    • KennyBadger

      3 and out right on cue.

      Interesting game in Denver…

  93. Hawks4life

    Russ has the Broncos within a score after throwing 3 straight touchdowns

    • Hawkster

      4 straight, one to the other team

    • Big Mike

      Do NOT need a Denver win. Cmon Chiefs

  94. Sea Mode

    Time to take the lead and not look back…

  95. Matt

    Man Darnold is bad. Really amazed how bad of an NFL QB he became. Every ounce of play making at USC is non-existent now. That’s about as easy of a 3rd conversion you can get and he just lollipops a throw downfield. Yeesh.

    *I was hoping to take him as a reclamation project a few years ago…my God, no.

  96. pdway

    Darnold so could have run for that first

    • Matt

      Thought the same. Man is he awful.

  97. Big Mike

    Ugly 3 and out

    • Matt

      Dodged another potentially bad luck there.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, we just netted like 15 yards in the punting battle…?

  98. Kyle R

    I’m tired of them not going back to the short and intermittent TE passing game to help with the lack of running game.

    • Big Mike

      Do the TEs even have a catch today?

  99. AlaskaHawk

    Feeling a loss of momentum with the Seahawks. Hope our defense can stiffen up.

  100. Big Mike

    Another failed challenge?

  101. Matt

    Holy hell that didn’t touch the ground!?

    How is that even possible??

  102. downtownjewelrybryan

    here’s where we lose another catch/non-catch review

  103. Chris

    We can’t even win an obvious replay. There’s no way we win this one

  104. ShowMeYourHawk

    We seem to see a miraculous play work against the Hawks every damn week.

  105. Palatypus

    And the Chiefs score!

    • Big Mike


    • Peter

      I’m sure a high pick is gonna be the deal breaker between this team and a team that isn’t middling.

  106. ShowMeYourHawk

    I want Hurtt fired into the goddamned Sun.

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll “defensive coach”

    • BobbyK

      Perhaps if the real decision makers actually had enough legitimate NFL talent on that side of the ball he’d be a much better coordinator? Not sure how many defensive coordinators dominate with subpar overall talent. There’s no true disruptor in the front four. The LBs aren’t very good collectively. Brooks is a good player but he’s one player on the unit. We have Woolen and after that it’s really not a great group of DBs either. What DC would have this group playing at a high level?

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        I won’t argue that more talent on the field would garner better results. That said, a good Coordinator would manage his scheme to obscure the deficiencies in the field. He seems incapable of altering his scheme. Anyone can coordinate with the LOB in the field. He’s not worth retaining, even with an influx of talent this offseason.

  107. UkAlex6674

    So glad we don’t have to play the 49ers next game.

    Oh wait….

  108. Big Mike

    “2 guys had him dead to rights”
    Maybe the worst tackling Hawks team I’ve ever seen.

    • Big Mike

      3 more missed tackles

  109. Sea Mode

    Why have they shown Macadoo so.many. times. on broadcast?

  110. Big Mike

    This time I think Schlereth is right on. They’ve been running all over a skit to the 4 yd line and throw it 4 straight times. Makes no sense at all

  111. AlaskaHawk

    I’ll take it – but the defense after that heroic goal line stand must be tired.

    Need a long drive for a touchdown.

  112. Palatypus

    Jerry Jeudy has decided to try today.

  113. pdway

    Good stand by the D….let’s go O

    • pdway

      really sucks to have no good RB’s in this situation

      • AlaskaHawk

        It’s infuriating! Really not fair to Geno Smith and the offensive line. Makes this team one dimensional.

        • Pran

          Hawks have failed to develop or acquire reliable RB talent over the years. Anoth failure on Pete. Lot of teams are easily ablw to plug and play RBs but not Pete

  114. Big Mike

    DK man. That was brutal

  115. cha

    Absolutely garbage play calling by the panthers.

    They’ve been pushing the DL around all day. Calling Sam darnold to pass from three yards out more than once he criminal negligence

  116. Big Mike

    We don’t need no stinking time outs

    • Tallyhawk

      We need to save that last one so Pete can waste a challenge if needed. I was actually stunned when they said Pete had only challenged 4 times all season. Feels like he wastes one every game.

  117. Leo

    There’s that timeout management we know and love!

    • Pran

      For 1.5yards lol

      What a waste

  118. pdway

    man, god bless Lockett’s reliability

    • Big Mike

      If you search “professional WR” online, a picture of Tyler appears

  119. Palatypus

    I think Frank Clark just gave Russ a concussion.

  120. AlaskaHawk

    Thank God, Tyler Lockett for first down.

  121. Chris

    Pete is a game day moron

  122. Matt

    I’ll give Geno credit…opposing teams just refuse to catch balls thrown at them and then he delivers a big throw on 3rd to kill ‘em.

    Not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this before.

  123. Chris

    Geno has so many close call int.

    • Matt

      I get shit for calling that out all the time…dude is playing great but lucky he doesn’t have 15
      Picks on the year.

  124. Big Mike

    Possibly the worst screen team in the history of football

  125. Hawks4life

    Homer is practically useless

  126. pdway

    that’s jsut an obvious defensive holding – not called

    • Big Mike

      I change my comment. The referees killed that drive by not calling that penalty

  127. Sea Mode

    We could sure use a classic gift from Darnold here…

    • Big Mike

      Or a fumble. Need it badly

  128. Chris

    How many missed tackles today?

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      I’m about ready for this team to commit to the tank and completely reshape the distance. No need to try and make a wild card only to get boat raced AND lose draft capital.

  129. Hawkster

    Yea, call an option and have Darnold keep it.

  130. Big Mike

    Why does anyone ever even attempt a pass against our defense?

  131. Canadian Hawk

    They run.
    We know they’re going to run.

    And there’s nothing we can do.

    We need a DL game wrecker.

  132. Rokas

    I can’t watch this weak finesse shaite anymore

  133. Pran

    No name RBs running over Hawks D and our RBs sitting on roster for years can’t get a yard.

    • Big Mike

      But our running backs don’t run against our defense that’s the thing

      • Pran

        So unfair to our RBs

  134. AlaskaHawk

    Will they screw it up and pass?

    • AlaskaHawk

      Arghh, Carolina shouldn’t be this strong!

  135. Big Mike

    Do the 40 niners run for 300 on Thursday?

    • downtownjewelrybryan

      we’re gonna need clowney next week

  136. 206

    Cody Bartons face looks so punchable

  137. Blitzy the Clown

    Quinton Jefferson is so Benson Mayowa

  138. Mr magic

    Geno has been a turnover machine. 7 turnovers in the last 4 games. Costing us wins!

    How is our run defense this putrid?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think Al Woods has been on the sideline for awhile! They need another big dog in the middle of the line!

    • Ashish

      Calm down… our run defense sucks.

    • Big Mike

      Pete Carroll “defensive coach”

  139. ShowMeYourHawk

    Strap Hurtt to a garbage barge and sink it into the Sound.

  140. Henry Taylor

    Good lord, how can you be this bad at defending the run? Everything I see Carolina pass I breath a huge sigh of relief.

  141. Hawkster

    INside the 10, time to start throwing the ball

  142. MoBo

    Anyone got numbers how many missed tackles we have so far this season and where do we rank with it?

  143. Pran

    Offense hit the ceiling but defense can’t find the bottom yet. Let’s call it a season and listen to Pete’s usual pep talk.

  144. Rokas

    We don’t deserve playoffs, and we don’t deserve. Weakest run defense in the league. 0-3 against the weakest NFC South. No scheme in the world will let us win 1×1 or shedd a block. Unwatchable.

    • Peter

      You sure?

      I’m pretty certain Pete told me no one would want to face us.

  145. Tallyhawk

    They ran the same fucking play the entire drive. How do you not sell out to stop the run. Make Darnold beat you. Fucking maddening!

  146. Blitzy the Clown

    Denver within a TD of KC and possession with a little over 5 mins remaining

    • Hawkster

      RW on the bench, Chiefs in trouble now.

    • Peter


      The one time this year russ looks like russ and he gets knocked out.

  147. Peter

    Pro: high pick(s) next draft

    Con: either this same crappy staff is coaching or PC gets yet another toadie to carry his water and excuse away how he somehow has become a crap defensive coach.

    • Big Mike

      “Toadie”, yep

  148. Blitzy the Clown

    He’s out of bounds

  149. 206

    Alright “Geno gets lucky” – I’ll give you that one haha. His out routes today have been sketchy all day long

    • Hawkster

      Just not the timing or Velocity on the out routes at all.

  150. Leo

    We’ll always have those epic 4 weeks where we had a competent defense, we looked like contenders for a hot second.

  151. Pran

    Geno could have had a dozen picks just in this game. Can’t the offense adjust?

    • pdway

      Today’s been his worst game of the year. Not sure why, seems like he’s been under more pressure in other weeks.

  152. Chris

    Why punt it? Our defense can’t stop the run

  153. ShowMeYourHawk

    Why the f*ck are we punting, down by 10 with 7 minutes to go? D going to suddenly step up?

  154. pdway

    we’re just not good enough. seemed like it for a few weeks there – but the defense sure returned to the mean. we’re a .500 type team – but we do have a gang of picks. it is what it is.

    • Peter

      If by “what it is” you mean yet another decent to good year of offensive production absolutely let down by a half decade of some of the worst defensive football in the league.

  155. downtownjewelrybryan

    please make this end.

  156. Blitzy the Clown

    Not a decent tackler among the Seahawks today. Not one

    • Pran

      No one blocks Barton and Barton does not touch any.. This is magic!

  157. BoiseSeahawk

    Jalen Carter

  158. Chris

    We’re not gonna win another game this year

  159. 206

    This is a friggin joke. If we dont pull something out of our ass we are looking at 7-7

  160. Big Mike

    The only game we win the rest of this year is maybe the rams last game of the season

    • Pran

      Not a chance.. They have Baker now

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Nah. We’ll drop that too. For the sake of draft position, I hope we lose out.

  161. Blitzy the Clown

    Cody Barton gets dragged for a first down

  162. 206

    Brooks playing like shit. Damnit Im pissed

  163. ShowMeYourHawk

    This team left their pride in Munich. Been ass ever since, and they weren’t great to begin with.

  164. Blitzy the Clown

    LJ Collier is so much of a bust it gives me agita just thinking about it

    • pdway

      the bustiest of busts

      • Palatypus

        The Dolly Parton of busts.

        • Big Mike

          Ok that’s not only funny but brilliant too

  165. 206

    By punting the ball we gave up on the game. Horrible coaching decision.

    • Ashish

      100% that sh!t call from coach your defense can’t stop run you give away the game.

      • Big Mike

        Shit coaching

      • Pran

        Isn’t it a chicken and egg situation with offense playing no better?

  166. pdway

    i’m just stunned that we are this bad against the run

    i mean – just stack the f-ing box if nothing else.

    • 206

      I think they are? haha

    • 12th chuck

      coming from clint hurt, a d line coach ffs

  167. Big Mike

    Good thing we punted though because we knew our defensive would step up and stop them and give the offense a chance to score

    • Big Mike

      Totally chicken shit football

  168. Chris

    I hope for the 2nd year in a row we depart with a Seahawks icon

  169. Shane

    Broncos did their part and the Hawks are on their way… Looking forward to two high picks in the Draft

  170. Ashish

    Better we lose rest of the games for better draft order. This defense has way more flaws. Thursday sfo will score 50 points

  171. Blitzy the Clown

    On the plus side it looks like KC will go on to win. They’re in victory formation running out the clock


    Denver stay at 3 wins and the 3rd overall pick

    • MoBo

      Denver leaps Chacago for the #2 pick for the moment. The only good thing this evening

      • Peter

        Come on now.

        Seattle doing its part to stay home this post season to make their own picks as high as possible as well. Two good things this week.

        • MoBo

          My bad. Mastermind Caroll knows the Panthers SOS is worse than Denvers and one win from Denver and would mean the Panthers draft on front of us

          • Peter

            That’s actually pretty great.

            Pete playing 4d draft chess while all of us just want a middle of the road defense.

            • Pran


              Pete is special!

  172. Pran

    I am so over with Pete if he does not fire Clint and get a proven DC from outside.

    • Henry Taylor

      Brian Flores. Should have taken the opportunity to hire him last year.

    • Peter

      Best guess…his kid will run the defense next year.

      • Big Mike

        Is perfect

        • Big Mike

          That way you’re not even pretending to have other coaches run your defense and your kid will be the perfect toady

          • Peter

            I’m laughing but I could actually see all that.

    • Big Mike

      But as Peter said, a new guy would just be another of Pete’s water carrying toadies.

      • Peter

        Just got to find a guy who wouldn’t be a head coach somewhere else.

    • Hawks4life

      Sorry to break it to you but their isn’t a DC in the game that could help us, we don’t have the talent.

      • Pran

        It cuts both ways.. Not all teams have talent that Seattle does not.

  173. Henry Taylor

    Well at least the Broncos lost

  174. ShowMeYourHawk

    I’m done. Everyone have a good week. If you avoid watching this defense give up 30+ to SF on Thursday, it’ll go a long way towards your mental health.

    • pdway

      i’m a glutton for it

  175. 206

    Bout to get wrecked on Thursday Night. Cant run the ball, cant stop the run. Nuff said

    • Pran

      Will Kyle show mercy if Pete waves white flag?

      • Big Mike

        He’ll probably try by running the football on every play but we’ll still give up 300 yd and 35 points because we can’t stop the run even if they’re not trying to throw on us

        • Big Mike

          Maybe he’ll just have Purdy kneel the whole 4th quarter

          • Peter

            Jokes aside.

            Niners proving its not just talent since they are injured, then healthy, then injured again and that coaching might actually matter in the pros. And we don’t have it.

  176. Mr magic

    Home losses to Atlanta, Las Vegas and Carolina. We simply are not a good football team. San Fran will murder us next week.

    Geno has 7 turnovers in 4 weeks. Could easily have 10.

  177. Pran

    Clint whispering to Geno not to go 3 and out and put his defense on field again. It’s a special moment

    • Big Mike

      I literally LOL’d

  178. Matt

    Just 2 bad teams…that’swhat this is.

    • Peter

      Minus the time, me a terrible cynic actually believed the hawks might be something special this year.

      • pdway

        I know…that win streak messed w my expectation too.

        • Peter

          House money.

          High pick and a ticket to the dance? Hard to see a better outcome.

          Now I’m hoping Seattle misses out just for better picks all around….and not to be humiliated in the post season.

          • pdway

            you’re not wrong. but w geno rolling, walker looking like a new star, and the D being just a little better….seemed like we had something going. then the run game went away, and the D became an embarrassment. let’s re-load I guess.

  179. pdway

    offense got off to that crap start – Geno was uneven – and once again we couldn’t run the ball at all – but ultimately this one is on the defense to me. If you can’t stop the run, you just never win in the NFL.

    When you give up 200+ and the other team has 39 mins of possession – you will lose. Until you fix that, not that much else you do matters.

    • Rokas

      100% this.

  180. cha

    They have done incredibly well this year, and yet at times because of the defense, we find ourselves needing just a tad bit more. A turnover here, a penalty there, or a lack of a consistent run game that we are used to can be the difference in a tough game like this. Their execution will need to be on point.


    The Panther offense is not as creative as the Rams’ is – not many can say they are – but they have a more direct approach to running. ‘This is what we’re going to do, and we’re going to move you out of our way.’ The defensive line needs better scheming and better play Sunday. Success in the running game plays right into the Panthers’ success: It eats the clock up, keeps Sam Darnold from having to carry more than he is capable of, the Panther pass rushers rested and the Seahawks’ explosive offensive players off the field.

    It is critical that the Seahawks’ front seven play better Sunday.

    Double pitiful

  181. Roy Batty

    I have zero confidence this team will win another game, aside from MAYBE the Rams game.

    That’s not a hot take, that’s a reality check when looking at the next 4 opponents.

    • pdway

      Niner, Chiefs, Jets, Rams – – you’re probably right. Niners and Chiefs are two of the top-5 teams in football, and the Jets seem more in sync than we are.

      This really was a crap loss today – esp if we cared about the playoffs. Our wins range is looking like 8-9, which is better than most of us expected this year – but a bummer when we were once 6-3.

  182. Schrub

    How many years does it take to field a competent Dline? To figure out how to stop the run? Enough with the Bruce Irvin type reclamation projects.

    • Rokas

      It’s not a reclamation project, Bruce does not need to prove anything at this point of his career.
      He plays because orher options are even worse. And that says a lot. If Mafe does not play more, it means he does not show enough. Ditto Taylor. Collier is self explanatory.

    • pdway

      yeah – when you look at the D-line – not a lot of blue chippers….old guys, lower round guys, and journeyman. Except Collier, our Dolly Parton of a 1st rounder. We’ve spent our draft capital elsewhere for years.

    • Pran

      Bruce is a coach on the field.. Pete’s way to make defense elite

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