Curtis Allen’s week six watchpoints (vs Arizona)

October 16th, 2022 | Written by Rob Staton

This is a guest article by Curtis Allen. After the game today tune into the instant reaction live stream which will be available on here and on our YouTube channel

The Cardinals playing the Seahawks always invokes a strange kind of apprehension in me.  

This series is kind of a Bizarro World adventure, with the road team coming out ahead more often than not.

In the last seven seasons, the Cardinals are 5-2 in Seattle.  Conversely, the Seahawks are 5-1-1 in Glendale.  So, nothing is as it seems, and it really feels strange knowing the Seahawks can beat the Cardinals but not in front of their home crowd.

Even knowing the Hawks play well in Glendale is cold comfort.  The myriad of tragic lows experienced in that stadium, from catastrophic injuries to beloved players, a franchise-shattering play in the Super Bowl, to watching what we were fairly certain was Russell Wilson’s last game in a Seahawks uniform, all add up to very strong ‘won the battle but lost the war’ feelings.

As always, the Cardinals’ timing is impeccable.  The Seahawks followed up a dazzling offense/poor defense win with a dazzling offense/poor defense loss and we are all perplexed about the future of this team. 

Losing games gets the Seahawks closer to the top of the draft in 2023 but losing this way is unacceptable.  We are forced into big-picture thinking by this defense and asking questions about how they could possibly be this bad?  A sideline spat between Quandre Diggs and Jordyn Brooks might be the first sign of life that somebody on the team has noticed how poorly they are playing. 

Looking forward to the next great quarterback coming to Seattle in 2023 is exciting but the quarterback they have right now is one of the best NFL comeback stories in ages and we are all thrilled to be witnessing it.

Here come the Cardinals, with their good defense, their Mighty Mouse-Hollywood Brown duo and their own set of internal dramas going.  

They have failed to rocket out of the gate this year like the typical Kliff Kingsbury teams have in the past.  Last week they had a bizarre fourth-quarter sequence that culminated in a missed field goal as time expired to lose to the Eagles.  

Their offense has a strong air of stale predictability to it.  This after an offseason where the three principals (Murray, Kingsbury and GM Steve Keim) all signed very healthy extensions.

Both teams are 2-3 and at this point in the season have far more questions than answers.

So really, that is the biggest watch point.  Who is going to control their drama most effectively on Sunday?

It will take an effort from the Seahawks equal to their Week One game against Denver – a level we have not seen since – to come away with a win this week.

I am deviating from my standard practice for watch points a little this week.  Instead of narrowly specific points to watch, with how loosely both teams are playing it is hard to really build much of a narrative to follow.  This week’s points will be more of a collection of stream-of-consciousness thoughts that will likely factor into the game, if all these oddball x-factor things like questionable penalties, broken-tackle busted plays and odd coaching decisions do not get in the way.

Some Notes on the Offense vs Arizona’s Defense

The Cardinals come into this game with a very middling defense statistically so far this season.  However – since the 44-point drubbing they suffered at the hands of the Chiefs in Week One, they have been effective.

They are only allowing 19.75 points per game and 310 yards per game in their last four games – both are good figures considering they have played the Raiders, Rams, Panthers and Eagles.

With the way the Seahawks’ defense is playing, 20 points from the offense is not going to win this game.  They will have to find a way to score more than those four teams.

The good news is this offense matches up very nicely with the Cardinal defense.  There are several areas the Seahawks should be able to make some hay in this game.

The first advantage comes in the opening quarter.  Seattle is the #2 offense in the NFL in first quarter scoring, coming out hot with 8.2 points over the first five games.  Arizona’s defense?  The very last-place team in the NFL in the first quarter, allowing 7.6 points.  Not unlike last week, the Seahawks need to come out of the gate and take control of the scoreboard early on.  That can only help their defense.

One way they can do that is to keep using their tight ends liberally.  Why?  It is another Cardinal weak spot on defense the team is well-placed to exploit.  They are second-worst in the NFL in defending tight ends (who is the worst?  Don’t ask…ugh).  Every week so far this season they have given up an average of 6.4 catches for 78 yards and .4 touchdowns.  

The Seahawks?  Their tight ends on offense are averaging 6.6-71.4-1.  An average day for this offense should be easily achievable.  Do not be surprised if they surpass it easily, and we are talking about the trio’s excellent day as a nice game recap point.

One interesting battle to watch will be how Geno Smith and Shane Waldron handle Arizona’s blitzing.  Once again mad scientist Vance Joseph is sending extra rushers as often as anyone in the NFL, sending blitzers on an incredible 41.7% of plays.

Are they getting home?  No.  They only have recorded six sacks, good for the last place in the NFL.

But you need to look at pressure not just sacks right?  Sure.  They are middling at best, only getting pressure 23% of the time, good for 16th in the NFL.

Geno might be licking his chops.  When he has been blitzed this year, he is returning a 118 passer rating, 31% of his passes gain first downs and he has only been sacked twice.  Nor has he thrown an interception.

It should be noted that he has yet to face a team that is blitzing that heavily.  His numbers may not quite be that good Sunday, particularly with Joseph cooking up all kinds of exotic pre-snap looks and sending corners and safeties from all over the place.

Some Notes on the Defense vs the Arizona Offense

As usual, this is where the real challenge lies for this team.  Is there a chance this defense could stop mimicking pre-2022 Geno Smith and start mimicking 2022 Geno Smith?  Yes, sure.  But just like with Smith, we will need to see it – and see it for stretches – for us to believe it is really happening.

Here are some things Arizona does on offense that the Seahawks could work with on defense…

They are the worst first quarter scoring team in the NFL.  They have zero first quarter points in five games.  Zero.  No touchdowns, no field goals.  So, while the Seahawk offense is one of the best, the Cardinals take a whole quarter to get on track.  Here is hoping that continues this week.  A professionally embarrassed defense should come out of the gate raring to prove their competence and build some momentum, and opportunities to do that do not come any more gift-wrapped than this sputtering first quarter group.

I mentioned how they are predictable on offense.  In the past, they have started the season very well, taking teams by storm.  Yet, when the league starts to figure out what they are doing, they adjust and the Cardinals do not or cannot and the wheels start to fall off in the second half of the season.

This season so far though, they are 2-3 and have not played very well on offense.  Why not?  One of the reasons can be found in the patterns they have locked themselves into.

Let me illustrate with a quick chart on their pre-snap play setup and their post-snap choices.  You will clearly see that they have taken the variation out of their offense:


There are a few things going on here we need to work through.

First off, it is amazing how they have taken any of the guesswork out of their post-snap action this year, as you can see from the bottom portion of the chart.  They are only making token attempts to deceive the defense before revealing their true intentions.  By not needing to discern what is going on, defenders (particularly linebackers) are free to pin their ears back and straight up handle their assignments.

The top part of the chart is very interesting to me as well.  The Cardinals have always needed to work in shotgun a ton.  That is simply a function of Murray being short and needing the depth to read the field and work his scramble magic with his feet.  They have a small package of plays for when he lines up under center.

This year they have squeezed the margin even narrower though.  Murray sets up under center a miniscule 11% of the time, but when he does, 72% of the time the play is a run.  They are telegraphing their intentions more than they ever have.

The interior defensive line can take a key from that and know they do not need to penetrate way up field and rush the passer, but to clog the middle.  Kyler loves to take the snap in shotgun and just hand it to his running back and let him find a gap.  That is one downside of the shotgun.  The runner does not get a head of steam.  He must get the ball flat-footed and read the gaps.  If there is not a clear gap to run at, he has no momentum to just lower his head and push the pile forward for a yard or two.

The other element is their play choices.  Watching their first five games on offense, I cannot tell you how many times I witnessed these five offensive plays over and over and over again:

  • The running back screen
  • A seam route by Zach Ertz with a ‘sit down in the zone’ option
  • A one-on-one hitch or go-ball route counting on the WR to win his matchup
  • A wide receiver screen because the corner has come off the WR and the defense is protecting the deep pass with a two-high look
  • The Kyler Murray scramble to give his receivers time

True, those are five very different plays that attack different areas of the field.

However, it feels like the predictability of those plays can be used to your advantage if you have a plan in place, the personnel to make it work and a fired-up belief that you can have success.

First off – defending screen plays successfully is pure desire.  The first defender to the screen must know if he can knife through and get the runner, great.  But most of the time, his job is to occupy the lead blocker and shuttle the runner back to the middle of the field where help is coming from.  Secondly, the linebackers and defensive backs are important but the defensive linemen are critical in defending the screen.  They need to recognize the signs of a screen quickly (the OL releasing them for a free shot at the quarterback), read the flow and run down those backside lanes the runner will get to.

Watching the Eagles defend the screen against the Cardinals was a thing of beauty.  Fletcher Cox came steaming in and hit the runner with a lick more than once.  Poona Ford and Bryan Mone have both demonstrated downfield hustle in recent seasons.  They will be badly needed to accomplish that Sunday against the Cardinals, who have traditionally been one of the most screen-heavy teams in the NFL.

What else?  Kyler also has shown me something this year — if he has ‘his guy’ (usually Hollywood) one on one with the corner tight on him in a single-high safety deployed, he will frequently abandon the set pass play with its needed progressions and target him.  Conversely, if the corner is off his man, Kyler will just dump it to the receiver and let him get some YAC.  

Particularly if the receiver is lined up on his favorite side – the left side.

I think the Seahawks have two ways to successfully defend this:

— The Seahawks can occasionally dictate to Kyler what they want him to do with their presnap look.  Show him one look and then quickly adjust before the snap.  At worst you disrupt his processing.  At best he throws for a loss or an interception.

— Tariq Woolen can have a whale of a game Sunday.  He will get Hollywood Brown or A.J. Green a lot.  With his length and toughness, he can disrupt the receiver at the line of scrimmage and get a hand on the ball when Kyler throws it his way.  He may even be able to bait Kyler into throwing at him and pick another pass off.

Zach Ertz is a problem.  As you have probably figured out, the Seahawks are the worst team in the NFL in defending tight ends.  They will have to find a way to disrupt him.  Altering his routes is a real task, and that will likely fall on Ryan Neal or Josh Jones.  If they can re-route him though, Kyler’s safety valve will have a difficult day and that will force the offense out to the edges of the field where the sideline is an ally.

Kyler Murray’s in-pocket game is becoming increasingly based on rhythm.  His average pocket time so far this year before a throw or a scramble is 2.2 seconds, easily the lowest of his career.  The average depth of his throws is four yards, again easily the lowest of his career.

He is relying so much more on his screen game and his singularly talented receivers to win battles for him.  Gone are the days where he is either running the ball himself or scrambling around in the backfield playing schoolyard ball on 40-50% of plays.

If the Seahawks can play with him a bit, jam and otherwise re-route his receivers, they can force him to think on his feet and make some very poor decisions.

426 Responses to “Curtis Allen’s week six watchpoints (vs Arizona)”

  1. samprassultanofswat says:

    Rob: Excellent as usual. The Seahawk game is going to be on at the same time as the Chiefs-Bills game. Believe it or not. I have more interest in that game than the Seahawks-Cardinals game. The winner of the Chiefs-Bills game could go on and have home field advantage through out the playoffs. Right now the Chiefs-Bills are the two best teams in the NFL. But injuries can change that. I probably will be watching the Chiefs-Bills and record the Seahawk game. Its too bad about the Mariners. They were in every game. But the could not pull the trigger. Houston is tough.

  2. Romeo A57 says:

    Thanks CHA, I think we learned during the offseason that Murray has little interest in studying tape and running a structured offense. He wants to run around and make players and is athletic enough to get away with playing like that.

    My fear is that the lack of athleticism on the Seahawks Defense will be in full display with Kyler running by defenders like Taysom did last week.

    I am still a holdout on pronouncing Geno’s greatness. Let’s see if he can continue to thaw out my reservations today. Another 30 points by the offense is a must today if Seattle wants to win.

  3. God of Thunder says:

    Thanks Cha! This will enhance my viewing of the game.

  4. Blitzy the Clown says:

    He may even be able to bait Kyler into throwing at him and pick another pass off.

    i like Woolen vs Murray today. But I worry about Ertz. Thankfully, Conner is out.

    It should be noted that [Smith] has yet to face a team that is blitzing that heavily. His numbers may not quite be that good Sunday, particularly with Joseph cooking up all kinds of exotic pre-snap looks and sending corners and safeties from all over the place.

    Today will be a challenge for the OL. So far the rookie OTs have done well handing off or picking up stunts, but today will test them in that regard.

    If Walker and Dallas/Homer can establish the run game early, that should help Geno rpo/audible the Cards into their own pass rush problems. I’m looking forward to seeing the ‘field general’ aspect of his game shine today.

  5. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Watching Jets at GB and I think Seattle need a Quinnen Williams.

    Rob said something recently that’s stuck in my craw a bit because I can see the logic of it:

    LBs and safeties are overrated. DL is where it’s at. Put your money/draft capital into the big guys in the trench. Pair them with corners who can live on an island (or alternatively, work together in zone with the safeties), and you don’t need superstars like Bobby Wagner or Earl Thomas to succeed in the modern NFL.

    Also, I really dig the Packers’ throwback unis.

  6. AlaskaHawk says:

    I’m going to watch two things in particular.

    One is whether Geno Smith can still deliver the ball when he is being blitzed by multiple people. He has choked up a bit when he is under pressure, so this will be a good test to see if he is improving in that area.

    On defense I’m going to really watch to see if they are running a 3-4 defense. I don’t think they are, except on a few passing downs. But I do want to figure this out as we keep talking about a 3-4 which I don’t think they have transitioned to.

  7. Trevor says:

    Thanks Cha! Really appreciate the game day writeups.

    Watching SF today makes me realize just how bad the NFC West has been so far this year.

    • Peter says:

      And maddening that in a career redemption story worth following our team can’t get out if it’s own way.

  8. Roy Batty says:

    Nwosu and Mafe chasing a Murray will be a good watch, today.

  9. Mick says:

    Damn Al Woods and Gabe Jackson are missing.

  10. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Quinnen Williams is just taking over this game for the Jets

  11. Blitzy the Clown says:

    The Jets are flying high in GB today.

    Is the AFC East the best division in football?

  12. Big Mike says:

    Calais Campbell just got a sack for Baltimore. STILL wish he was a Seahawk.

  13. Trevor says:

    Looking at the other rookie OT and this years draft class. Getting Lucas and Cross is looking like a master stroke by JS in last years draft. After years of poor drafts they may have had one of the best non QB drafts in recent history.

    So curious if they did anything different during the draft process / scouting ?

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      To expand on a theme…

      If the prospects are there; and
      If Schneider/Carroll pull another draft double dip in the trenches a la 2021;

      Then it’s possible to see the same kind of year one improvement that we have with Lucas and Cross.

      That’s where I’ll be looking for draft gems — among the DLers of this draft class.

      Did anyone watch Clemson-FSU last night? Wondering how Bresee looked in his return.

  14. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Breese Hall man. I like Kenneth Walker but it’s hard not to envy the Jets for that one.

    Not to mention a few others. They absolutely crushed their last draft.

    Here’s to hoping Walker has the kind of day to make me forget all about Hall 🍻

  15. Kenny Sloth says:

    Go Hawks!!!!!!

  16. Rob Staton says:

    Brian Daboll.

    What an inspired coaching hire.

    And pairing him with an experienced, proven defensive coordinator too.

    What a good plan.

  17. Robbie says:

    Shaquill Griffen just got burned for the game winning TD. So happy we didn’t resign him!

  18. Trevor says:

    Jets beat Packers
    Falcons beat 49ers
    Giants beat Ravens
    Steelers beat Bucs

    If anyone predicted those four outcomes they could have made an awful lot of money today. The NFL really is crazy this year.

  19. Roy Batty says:

    Jen Hale sideline reporter already with two “Rashard Penny’s”.

  20. cha says:

    Josh Jones bit on that read option so hard he’s still looking for the guy.

  21. Kyle R says:

    At least we stopped out running QB problems from last week!

  22. Chris says:

    Didn’t take long for an explosive run

  23. Roy Batty says:

    Diggs just broke both his ankles this time.

  24. Mick says:

    This terrible D is killing me.

  25. Bmseattle says:

    Didnt take long for a Diggs play where he misses 2 tackles.

  26. seaspunj says:

    looking forward to seeing how Mafe does. Contained Murray on the read option

  27. Chris says:

    I would have our defense run the John Wayne drill in practice until they were bleeding out of their ears

  28. Kyle R. says:

    The Seahawks Defense are very nice hosts letting the Cardinals get their very first points of the first quarter this year.

  29. AlaskaHawk says:

    Defense playing as remembered. Five guys on the line and most of them rushing on a passing down. So they play a 5-2? It doesn’t work well on running plays LOL.

  30. Chris says:

    I’m pretty sure the s.d.b community could put together an offense that could score on this defense

  31. Roy Batty says:

    Bad idea Geno, very bad.

  32. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Facemask by DK, or that’s an opening pick.

  33. Roy Batty says:

    There we go. A workable gadget play early.

    And NOT on the goal line.

  34. Chris says:

    Nice play call

  35. seaspunj says:

    Walker iii era has begun!

  36. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Excellent wildcat surprise!

  37. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Explosion, thy name is Kenneth.

  38. Hawkster says:

    walker more jitter-buggy than I recall from college

  39. Big Mike says:

    Hey Blitzy,
    Walker says “take that Breece Hall”

  40. Rob Staton says:

    Couple of bad Geno throws to DK so far

    • Bmseattle says:

      What was thst first one?
      Never should have been thrown, and he got very lucky it wasnt picked.
      That last one, he was super late getting it there.

  41. Kyle R says:

    Yes Walker!! He and the Tackles progressing were my things to watch this year! Nice to have that now!

  42. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Not a great throw

  43. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    *sigh* Just take the first down….

  44. Big Mike says:

    I’ve got overpowered on that

  45. Roy Batty says:

    I really hope they pass to Walker in stride, at some point. That kid with a head of steam and some space would be special.

  46. SEAhemoth82 says:

    Can we not give a shout out to Austin Blythe?!

  47. Chris says:

    Eventually hawks are gonna catch Arizona in a blitz and walkers is gonna house one

  48. Troy D says:

    Lucas had a mixed bag on that series. Obviously the run was to his side so he definitely did well there but the false start and then getting bull rushed by Thomas to end the drive. Hopefully he bounces back. Geno has to gett DK that ball on time for that would be touchdown.

  49. Roy Batty says:

    Brooks looked like he ran into a brick wall.

  50. Chris says:

    Frickin missed tackles

  51. Big Mike says:

    More bad tackling equals 1st down could equal points

  52. Robbie says:

    This is the worst tackling Seahawks team I’ve ever seen

  53. Kyle R says:

    Is Hawk Tackling a Meme of itself now? I remember when it used to mean one of the best tackling teams in the league.

  54. Chris says:

    Coby seems like the only one who can tackle

  55. jed says:

    Even I said he’s going to run up the middle on that 3rd & 7

  56. Chris says:

    Nice of us to leave a huge gap in the line for him

  57. seaspunj says:

    I can’t understand the dline alignment it offers massive gaps and Murray just runs up the middle with ease

  58. Chris says:

    Clint hurt has always had a shit d line so why not promote him to d.c pete

  59. Feindt says:

    Eno Benjamin looking like Top RB against that D

  60. Chris says:

    Better bench brooks for making a 3rd down tackle

  61. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Let’s see if Hurtt can motivate the D after he’s done eating the 8ft party sub between quarters….

  62. Roy Batty says:

    OK, Geno, start hitting your TE’s up the middle.

  63. Big Mike says:

    Is nice throw Murray

  64. cha says:

    Who is stopping Kyler Murray?

    It’s Kyler Murray.

  65. Chris says:

    Can’t believe that Murray got paid

  66. Big Mike says:

    I’ll say it again Walker reminds me of our Curt Warner back in the eighties

  67. Roy Batty says:

    Holy crap what bad blocking.

  68. Chris says:

    Hopefully his knees last longer

  69. SEAhemoth82 says:

    Amidst the smoldering trash heap of a defense, where is Sean Desai?

  70. Troy D says:

    Damn Watt just dusted Lucas on 3rd down there

  71. cha says:

    Cardinals run 14 plays and turn the ball over. Good job D.

    Seahawks 3 and out on offense.

    We saw this last year. The offense needs to play defense too by just staying on the field longer.

  72. Chris says:

    Hope Jody Allen enjoys watching this defense

  73. Roy Batty says:

    One just dominated.

  74. Rob Staton says:

    Great piece of misinformation there by the commentators on the ownership situation

  75. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Chris Myers, with a 180 degree take on the Seahawks owner fan take….

  76. Mick says:

    Mone and Nwosu answer back immediately.

  77. Roy Batty says:

    They keep this up, Murray might go into patented panic mode and start playing streetball.

  78. Big Mike says:

    I thought he was gonna squirt out right there and run for 30

  79. Rob Staton says:

    Kyler Murray looks absolutely dreadful

  80. SEAhemoth82 says:

    Nwosu, the ONLY consistent player on Defense, Chris Meyers.

  81. Big Mike says:

    Interesting that they have DJ returning punts now instead of Tyler. Must have worked on that this week. I’m surprised they ever put a veteran and getting older kind of guy like Tyler back there in the 1st place.

  82. Trevor says:

    Serious question. Through the first 6 games do the Hawks have the best QB in the division?

  83. Chris says:

    Uncle will looks reborn with geno

  84. Roy Batty says:

    I have to say it once again: How refreshing to have a QB who gets his team to the line with 15 seconds left on the game clock.

  85. Old but Slow says:

    Why can’t the Fox announcers identify when players make a play. Who made the tackle? Who caught that punt? Who is playing? Terrible.

  86. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Eskridge sighting. DRINK!

  87. Chris says:

    I love how geno gets everyone involved

  88. Roy Batty says:

    Noah Fant with the perfect block…on Walker.

  89. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Fant with the tackle in the backfield. SMH

  90. Big Mike says:

    That is twice we have failed going up the middle on 3rd and short can we please try something else Waldron

  91. Chris says:

    We can’t seem to block on 3rd and short

  92. Trevor says:

    Love Walker as a lead RB but the Hawks could use a short yardage power back in this years draft.

  93. Mick says:

    I don’t know, I wish we had the guts to throw on 3rd and 2, and to go for it on 4th and 4. But well, we’re ahead.

  94. Troy D says:

    Dang Walker had that first down if Fant hadnt gotten in his way.Oh well. Like that Walker is getting good work in here. Build his confidence for the long haul. Still disappointed we didnt punch that in.

  95. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Pete with no challenge? Amazing.

  96. Big Mike says:

    That tackle by Harris saved about 30 yd

  97. Chris says:

    I thought for sure he threw the flag there

  98. Roy Batty says:

    Neal was lurking so perfectly. Didn’t get greedy. Let it happen organically.

  99. Seattle Person says:

    Boy…Murray’s body language reminds me of the 7th graders I teach when things don’t go their way.

  100. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Pressure? *rubs eyes*

  101. Blitzy the Clown says:

    That was a decent play by Taylor. He didn’t make the sack, but his get off and upfield rush forced Murray to step up and into Neal.

  102. Trevor says:

    Wonder if Murray is reconsidering that football vs baseball decision. His body language speaks volumes.

  103. Roy Batty says:

    Parkinson on a seam route, please.

  104. Chris says:

    Maybe the cardinals should have put a body language clause in Murray’s contract

  105. Blitzy the Clown says:

    That was weird

  106. Big Mike says:

    Well Robert Smith your knowledge of Alice In Chains is better than your knowledge of who is playing running back for the Seahawks. DJ Dallas is in his 3rd year

  107. 805Hawk says:

    I don’t believe a word these announcers say anymore.

  108. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Fant is having himself a game 🤦🏽

  109. Big Mike says:

    So if that is ruled the catch and fumble did the cardinals get the ball?

  110. Chris says:

    No way that was a catch

  111. Big Mike says:

    The Holmgren give up draw play

  112. cha says:

    2nd and 20 and they call a draw play with Deejay Dallas.

  113. Chris says:

    In fairness they were trying to burn clock

    • Hawk Finn says:

      Boo. It’s second down. Run a play, get some chunk yardage, make it a manageable 3rd down. Like s grownup HC

  114. Chris says:

    A Taylor sighting

  115. Bmseattle says:

    Best play by Taylor all season.

  116. Henry Taylor says:

    Darrell Taylor sighting!

  117. Matt says:

    My God the NFC West is atrocious. This is some of the ugliest football I’ve seen.

    • Seattle Person says:

      The TNF games have been brutal…

      • Matt says:

        Yes…Thursday’s have been awful too. Wasn’t trying to make it a contest.

        This season, writ large, has been ugly across the league. Such a weird year – this is what I expected the first COVID season to look like.

  118. Roy Batty says:

    Get outta bonds dude.

  119. Hawk Finn says:

    You must not watch on Thursday nights

  120. Troy D says:

    Taylor with a big play there. Tood bad we couldnt get on it but still happy with the defense.

  121. Chris says:

    Stupid play by a verteran

  122. Kyle R says:

    Kingsbury has to be on the hot seat and maybe gone after this year if Arizona stays like this right?

  123. Roy Batty says:

    DK end zone time.

  124. Hawkster says:

    Seeing a lot of low scoring 1st half football today

  125. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Geno’s got speed and decisiveness we’ve not seen at QB in five seasons.

    • Mick says:

      Love the way Geno played and he is doing a great job running tonight, but Russ gets you a TD for sure in this last drive. Just because he’s having trouble adjusting in Denver doesn’t mean Geno is better than him.

      • Roy Batty says:

        2022 Russ would have thrown an INT, gotten a 20 yard sack, thrown it in the dirt, ignored a wide open receiver…take your pick.

  126. Rob Staton says:

    The Seahawks will win this handsomely in the second half

    Arizona’s offense almost looks as bad as our defense has over the last few weeks

    And Murray just isn’t right. His head’s not in the game

  127. Roy Batty says:

    I hope they incorporate Walker into the passing game 2nd half.

  128. Chris says:

    I would like to see some no huddle offense in the 2nd half

  129. STTBM says:

    Watching PeteBall fail to get Metcalf the ball or put up a single TD is like watching paint dry…

  130. Troy D says:

    Alright lets get things sorted on offense at halftime and go win this game. Really be nice to get going right out of the gate and then pin our ears back with a 13 point lead in such a scenario.

  131. Henry Taylor says:

    Pretty good half defensively

  132. Hawkster says:

    That Smith-Schuster non-tackle in the KC game was whole firkin tea party.

  133. Chris says:

    Robert smith needs to do some homework. He doesn’t even know what players are on what team

  134. Bmseattle says:

    Alexander was a great RB…but i wouldnt call him “powerful”.

  135. Roy Batty says:

    A lot of broken plays today.

  136. Chris says:

    Offensive line has been trash today

  137. Big Mike says:

    Nwosu covering Moore. WTF?

  138. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Nwosu may be effective as a pass rusher but his coverage skills leave much to be desired.

  139. Chris says:

    We’re making progress last year it would have been Al woods in coverage

  140. Hawkster says:

    Mone wit the bend round the corner?

  141. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Is something wrong with their kicker? Not sure why KK is forcing the issue on 4th downs?

  142. Chris says:

    I’m surprised at how bad our oline is against a mediocre cardinals dline

  143. Big Mike says:

    Was Murray’s initial read covered or was that his only option into triple coverage?

  144. Tony says:

    diggs, know it’s 4th down and that catch would cost your team 10 yards.

  145. Rob Staton says:

    Nobody is buying those stupid Meta things

    Stupid advert

  146. Tony says:

    These announcers suck.

  147. Big Mike says:

    Weak assed call but we’ll take it

  148. Mick says:

    I love this fast game, we should do it more often.

  149. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Eskridge. DRINK!

  150. Chris says:

    So much penetration in the run game today

  151. jed says:

    Some bad pro-Seahawk reffing going on

  152. Blitzy the Clown says:

    I love this kid

    Walker making me forget about Breese Hall

  153. 805Hawk says:

    Refs bailing them out right now.

  154. Henry Taylor says:

    Good lord Ken

  155. Big Mike says:

    Are we gonna screw up another touchdown opportunity here?

  156. Chris says:

    Imagine if walker could get to the l.o.s without dodging 3 guys

  157. Roy Batty says:

    Move up in the pocket, Geno.

  158. 805Hawk says:

    No need to re-sign Penny next year. KWIII is going to be just fine.

  159. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Ugh. Looking like #3 on that down.

  160. Trevor says:

    The OL has struggled today. They have been decent in pass pro all year but as a group they are off today and Geno is not moving as well in the pocket.

  161. Chris says:

    We really need to find a way to add a center and right guard this offseason

  162. Troy D says:

    Frustrated that Fant didnt go down when he got pushed well out of bounds. Would have been cheeky but sometimes you gottta sell it.

  163. Chris says:

    Seems like the cards are always good at confusing our oline

  164. cha says:

    Coby with the strip!

  165. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Rookie magic!!!!

  166. Mick says:

    Looks like we drafted Maxwell and Sherman.

  167. Matt says:

    We are gonna limp out way into a wild card spot, aren’t we?

  168. Hawkster says:

    woolen just knifed for the recovery

  169. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Bryant with the forced fumble and Woolen with the recovery!

    The young guns havin some fun!

  170. HOUSE says:

    COBY!!! He is proving to be a fumble-causing machine!

  171. Big Mike says:

    Cobe is playing out if position but he does seem to have a knack for making big plays.

  172. dand393 says:

    This is becoming a thing with Bryant forcing fumbles and woolen recovering them

  173. Roy Batty says:

    Kyler “Loaf of Bread” Murray.

  174. Troy D says:

    And who else would recover the ball.Mr. Ball Hawk himself.

  175. Kyle R says:

    There are worse things than having Gino and bunch of high picks. We could be Arizona and have Murray on a huge contract.

  176. Big Mike says:

    Now get a touchdown drive and get control of this game offense

  177. Bobby54 says:

    And Coby with another assist to Tariq

  178. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Can we please get the TE short game going to build rhythm?

  179. Roy Batty says:

    Lucas a half second behind on the snap.

  180. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Lucas looking as bad this game as Cross has most of the season. Growing pains….

  181. STTBM says:

    Yup, Geno so much better than Wilson…..right…

    Omfg, only a Pete Carrol team could screw up this bad…

    Fire Carrol now!

  182. Chris says:

    Oline had definitely regressed this game

  183. Henry Taylor says:

    Fuck sake.

  184. Big Mike says:

    At least hang on to the ball for God’s sake

  185. Blitzy the Clown says:


  186. dand393 says:

    Hey there’s that confused Pete face

  187. Troy D says:

    Um what just happened on 3rd and 4th. That looked wrong from the snap. Just take the safety Dickson

  188. Mick says:

    Sometimes we just seem to have blackout moments.

  189. Roy Batty says:

    Please don’t force feed DK, Geno. Just play YOUR game.

  190. STTBM says:

    Coaching has turned an All Pro punter into a fool with the yips….only two points if he just kneels down…what a dumbass…

  191. HOUSE says:

    Dang it… Come on Dickson

  192. Chris says:

    Our punt team has cost ud dearly this year

  193. Kyle R says:

    Isn’t this two games in row for Dickson and the special teams? Almost exactly the same?

  194. Matt says:

    God bless all of us watching this…I am holding out hope they offer gift cards for watching the whole thing.

  195. Chris says:

    I’m fairly confident we can find a way to lose this game

  196. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Eskridge…. DRINK!!

  197. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Geno cool under pressure

  198. HOUSE says:

    Eskridge is getting a chance to showcase today. I was worried he’d fumble after that hit

  199. Big Mike says:

    How did Geno ever get rid of that in time?

  200. STTBM says:

    This is not a Defensive struggle, as TV dolts just referred to it. It’s a battle of inept coaches and dysfunctional offenses…trying to see who can out-Suck the other team…

  201. Troy D says:

    Thatt was a big play by Smith to get that to Eskridge. Man he got himseelf rung but good gain.

  202. STTBM says:

    DK has feet for hands….

  203. Pran says:

    Why can’t we have Vance Joseph like DC?

    • STTBM says:

      Because anyone with experience avoids working for Carrol. Quinn, Bradley, Fangio all turned him down. Probably more we don’t know about…

  204. STTBM says:

    Because no one good will take a job working for Carrol….

  205. Roy Batty says:


  206. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Yessir we are watching the birth of the Walker Era in Seattle

  207. Big Mike says:

    He did 95% of that on his. Fantastic run

  208. Hawkster says:

    a capable runner of the football

  209. STTBM says:

    Hey, Walker is pretty dang good….

  210. Chris says:

    Speed kills

  211. Henry Taylor says:

    So I think they makes 4 certified draft hits, plus Bryant and Mafe as probable hits.

  212. cha says:

    Goal unlocked


    2.Keep the Running Game Afloat

    Rashaad Penny is out. It’s Ken Walker’s gig now.

  213. Troy D says:

    I think we have ourselves a special running back. He has that “it” factor.

  214. Chris says:

    6.9 yds per rush even with atrocious run blocking

    • Bmseattle says:

      He’s been stuffed in the backfield 4 or 5 times

    • STTBM says:

      And he’s doing it while playing through an obvious groin injury. Stud.

      Toughness everyone in the NFL has, but durability is gold.

  215. Chris says:

    If you count nickel corner as a starter we have had 6 draft picks starting this year

  216. SEAhemoth82 says:

    KWIII has filthy cuts, he is so explosive when he hits that second gear. He reminds me of Saquon when gets outside and hits the second level on the outside of the numbers.

  217. Blitzy the Clown says:

    So Mone hasn’t been the worst DLer today. Certainly his effort has been there.

    Not a bad sub for Woods.

  218. Chris says:

    It’s hard to keep momentum with this defense

  219. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Whose f*cking assignment was that Brown reception?

  220. Big Mike says:

    This is just a dumbass coaching decision. You need 10 points to tie you gonna have to have the field go at some point no matter how crappy your kicker is been you have to have it

  221. Scot04 says:

    Please Pete don’t trade picks to bolster or team after a win giving you false hopes.
    Obviously as a Seahawks fan I want wins, but just don’t trust Pete; & want to still have all our picks to continue this rebuild.
    We definitely are a long ways away & in need of a more than just a few more pieces to build around.
    Seahawks need to keep their focus on development & the long game.

  222. Chris says:

    Damn take the pts arizona

  223. STTBM says:

    Jefferson flashing a couple times today..

  224. Chris says:

    How is dinglesberry still an nfl coach?

  225. STTBM says:

    Man, Oline flat sucks today…

  226. Chris says:

    Our oline needs to be flogged after this performance

    • Big Mike says:

      I would like to also see some more quick hitting passes against a team that blitzes a lot. When we have gone to the tight ends it has worked

  227. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Ugh. What happened to the offense?

  228. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Ooof Charles Cross

  229. SEAhemoth82 says:

    Markus Golden took Cross’ lunch money on that snap.

  230. HOUSE says:

    I am thankful that was just a sack and not a fumble or bad throw away… Let’s jam them up here

  231. Bmseattle says:

    So…Pere says he’s never experienced coaching such a terrible defense before?
    Talk about selective/short term memory!

  232. Troy D says:

    Big punt that time. OL definitely has some work to do next week and some tape to study

  233. Peter says:

    Hate games like this where we let a goofy a– team hang around warmonger than necessary.

  234. Trevor says:

    I can’t remember the last weekend I have seen this much bad offensive football. League wide the offensive play has been dreadful. Almost as bad a pre-season.

  235. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    I’m predicting that Pete will see the D’s performance in the 4th and announce that the issues are fixed.

  236. Big Mike says:

    TD drive time. Put it away guys

  237. Big Mike says:

    That would’ve been the perfect time for a play action pass because they were expecting the run

  238. Troy D. says:

    Taylor and Poona have done more today than the first 5 games combined.

  239. STTBM says:

    How the hell Geno getting all these passes batted down when he’s like six inches taller than Wilson?!

  240. Blitzy the Clown says:


    Field Yates
    After multiple arguments with coaches on the sidelines, Panthers interim head coach Steve Wilkes has kicked WR Robbie Anderson out of the game and sent him to the locker room.
    3:27 PM · Oct 16, 2022

  241. Big Mike says:

    Please get the challenge flag out now Pete

  242. Scot04 says:

    Well as long as we don’t do a Baltimore like blown lead; we should be ok.
    Also what was Coleman thinking. SMH

  243. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    What a stupid rule.

  244. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Coby Bryant is having a very nice day

  245. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    Double whammy. Taylor down and it stops the clock.

  246. AlaskaHawk says:

    Defense looking gassed. They just need to hold up for five more minutes.

  247. Scot04 says:

    Why didn’t the clock stop after Kyler ran out of bounds?

  248. Chris says:

    It gives our defense a breather

  249. Chris says:

    This is the game

  250. Roy Batty says:

    Rookie of the year.

  251. Bmseattle says:


  252. Henry Taylor says:

    Objectively bad to pick that off, but I’m cool with maintaining the streak

  253. Blitzy the Clown says:

    All he does is catch INTs!

  254. Big Mike says:

    Woolen be like “yeah throw it on me”

  255. AlaskaHawk says:

    Yee haw Woolen, he is the new beginning!

  256. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    We are all witnesses to the Woolen era.

  257. Chris says:

    Damn our rookies are bad ass

  258. HOUSE says:

    I’m digging these young CBs. Coby forces fumbles and Woolen gets INTs

  259. Hawkster says:

    Tall, long, fast, in position and with hands.

  260. Troy D says:

    Idont care that he should have just batted it down. BALL HAWK

  261. KennyBadger says:

    I thought Seattle was the worst qb/coach combo in the division but I’d rather have this situation than arizonas.

  262. Trevor says:

    6 games into his career Woolen is the best rookie CB I have seen in years. He is a true game changer on defense. Scarey part is that he is still learning the position.

  263. Scot04 says:

    Kyler looking like we broke him.

  264. Bmseattle says:

    Im happy to not see any more of Walker, at this point

  265. Peter says:

    2021 Seahawks: 11 interceptions

    Tariq Woolen: 4 interceptions

    Dudes gonna end up on an island with a sign that reads “no fly zone”

  266. Roy Batty says:

    Wow, DK has gold overlays on his canine teeth.

    That’s a new one.

  267. Big Mike says:

    Well Robert Smith may be a crappy announcer but he knows his music

  268. Robbie says:

    HAHAHAHA Did anyone hear that announcer before the commercial break….yells “she’s an American girl. ” the other announcer….”WHAT?”

  269. Chris says:

    Cards are totally ignoring geno on that rollout after the hand off

  270. SEAhemoth82 says:

    Somebody give Kyler Murray a baseball mitt and an Oakland A’s hat, maybe it will make him feel better about his situation.

  271. Roy Batty says:

    Dickson is rattled.

  272. Chris says:

    Hey guys Pete fixed our defense! Nothing to worry about from here on out😎

  273. Troy D says:

    Man what a nice foundation hisdraftt class is. They are all rookies who will struggles but so many of them look to have bright futures through 6 games.