David DeCastro (OG, Stanford) game tape vs Notre Dame


  1. JC

    Too bad the Hawks are pretty set on the OLine. It would be nice to see a local kid (other than John Kitna) come home to play ball.

  2. Jarhead

    Alright Rob, this doesn’t have anything to do with DeCastro, but I think it has become the reality. With the undeniably improved play of this team despite a bevvy of injuries, I mean they’re 5-1 in the last 6 games and could easily be 6-0, do you really think the Seahawks FO is going to feel the pressure or the inclination to still be as aggressive to trade up to nab one of the big three? You know me, I am the President of the Tar and Feather T-Jack club, but look at the last few weeks. It is entirely realistic that they may be buying into the “T-Jack is the Man” idea given the product they’re seeing on the field. I am not sold one iota, but I am not them. And if they feel that there is no pressure to trade up to nab one of the top 3 qb’s, is there ANY impact players who can come in and start immediately and make any kind of impact where we are drafting? I like Devon Still but do not see him making a Suh or Von Miller type of impact and but can jump into the D-Line rotation from Week 1. I am liking the idea to trade up not quite so far and get Richardson and have him and Lynch be a true “ball control offense” much like the Steelers of the mid 2000’s. With Jackson able to distribute to our peripheral weapons occasionally but never be tasked with winning the game with his arm alone. I’m struggling to find any players who can be a splash player at our spot. And the Tebow to Jacksonville deal is truly far-fetched but do you think Denver’s FO felt Tebow was going to do this? Haha Maybe Gene Smith will have his mind changed from a couple of years ago. Hey, it’s almost impossible but what a story THAT would be

  3. Rob

    If anything I think it makes it more likely, jarhead. They have a lot of talent and a QB can survive on this team. Put a really good, young QB in this team and suddenly you’re looking at a legit contender. I hope that’s how they view it, and not in the ‘well that worked out OK, let’s go another year leaving this situation unresolved’.

  4. Jarhead

    I’m glad to see I view the situation in the exact same way. I see the talent on this team and think, “A great QB could flourish in this environment”. NFL teams are fickle things, I would love to have the confidence that we’ll make a play up the board. I just hope the Seahawks FO sees it the same way. Cause our offense is playing like the old “Ground Chuck” days, I love the way we move the football running. And that would really protect a young QB. It’s going to be an interesting last 2 games. Who’d of thought playoffs would be more than a punchline at this point in the season? Gee whiz

  5. TJ

    The way I see it, they could be like the Jets were a couple of years ago. Good but in need of one key piece to potentially be very good. To me, a trade up for the Hawks would be about as perfect as the trade up by the Jets to get Sanchez. Here is a team with a very good defense, a young offensive line with numerous high draft choices, a very good to elite running back, and a solid and deep receiving group. Who can they draft in mid round 1 that will come in and become and instant starter? QB is still the only answer – even if the QB sits behind Jackson for a year. Yes, they should absolutely trade up for one of the big 3. They might be as good as they can get without one.

  6. Colin

    You keep going without a franchise QB, we’ll turn into the Steelers before Big Ben. Good but never good enough to win it all.

  7. Jarhead

    I think it would be a dream situation to pick up one of the big three, but with so many teams in the market for the same three guys, can we even muster enough capital to compete. Since WAS, MIA, and CLE are all such incomplete teams, not only are their picks this year more desirable, they are less likely to be successful next year as well- especially with a a rookie at qb, so their picks NEXT year will make better capital. This is becoming a more convoluted mess every week. It’s suspenseful but also a little agonizing. Haha If the players being drafted had any say, it’s a slam dunk that they would come here. Even just the environment at Seahawks Stadium is the best of all these QB needy teams, let alone surrounding talent. After the last 4 or 5 years, having a team come out hot and compete every week would be incredible. We have to fix our inconsistency in the first half though, we’ve been kind of raggedy for the first and second quarters here lately

  8. SteadyHawk


    The wildcard here is where Peyton Manning ends up. I could see the Skins willing to pay the price and take Richardson in the draft. That might be pretty incredible actually.

    Cleveland really needs to help McCoy out. If they drafted a QB he would be in pretty much the same situation with no real weapons and a Line that needs help. I think Cleveland picking a QB might set their franchise back at this point as they would be treading water.

    That leaves Miami, and honestly they may like RG3 over Barkley. He’s got more upside than Barkley and he would put fans in the stands. Now I’m not saying Barkley is going to fall very far, but I guess it really depends on what other teams really need. I was really thinking we would lose today and am a bit shocked. I think Pete Carroll is simply too good of a coach for us to ever suck enough for a legit shot at a potential franchise QB. If we miss the playoffs, we’re probably going to be picking around 16. The question is would 3 first rounders be enough to get to #4 overall in this draft?

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