Derek Carr is better than people think

Is Derek Carr a first round pick? Maybe not.

Has he got a chance to make it in the NFL? I think so.

Every time I’ve watched him this year he’s impressed. I like his mobility in the pocket, his underrated arm strength, his accuracy and mechanics. Listen to him speak, and from a character stand point he ticks all the right boxes.

The improvement year-to-year at Fresno State is tangible. And if that continues at the next level, he has a shot.

His brother might be a former #1 overall flop, but he was tasked with the hardest job in football — leading an expansion franchise.

The younger Carr is a better quarterback than Andy Dalton as a senior at TCU. I think he’ll ultimately prove to be a better player than A.J. McCarron this year.

If I needed a quarterback and was sceptical of the options available at the top of round one, I’d make Carr my guy. And I think he deserves a lot more attention than he’s currently getting.

Take a look at his last performance against Wyoming and let me know what you think. Also check out his tight end Marcel Jensen (#89) — a 6-6, 260lbs monster who moves well. He’s also a senior. One to keep an eye on during the pre-draft work outs.


  1. Barry

    I’ve been wanting to take time to watch some tape on younger Carr. Right now I just know he has solid stats.
    Also the caption could be applied to Carr the elder. How that franchise and coaching staff handled that was possibly the worse handling of an expansion team and player in the first two years. I could go into that more but that doesn’t pertain to this post

  2. bob

    jensen is a stud, but he’s been injured most of this season, which is going to hurt his stock.
    i think someone is going to get him as a steal this year.
    i think carr will get picked 10-20 in the first

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