Does anyone want this job?

Doug Pederson, Anthony Lynn, Shane Steichen, Mike Kafka, Adam Gase…

Plenty of names have been linked with Seattle’s offensive coordinator job, or held talks.

Over a week later — the interviews are still ongoing.

At what point does an ‘exhaustive search’ turn into a case of nobody wanting to do a job that Brian Schottenheimer didn’t fancy any more?

The latest person to be interviewed is Kirby Wilson — the running backs coach for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Wilson hasn’t had an interview for an offensive coordinator gig for seven years. He has never called plays in his career. He turns 60 this year.

But guess what? He was Carroll’s receivers coach at USC in 2001.

Would it be that surprising if Wilson got the job, flanked by Dave Canales as co-coordinator or remaining in charge of the passing game?

Names from Carroll’s inner-circle, willing to do what he wants.

I don’t think yesterday’s intervention from Brandon Marshall was a coincidence. As Nick Wright very carefully stated — there’s no reason for a national TV show to be talking about Seattle’s offensive coordinator gig in the middle of the NFL playoffs or with the NBA season in full flow:

That, to me, was another example of negotiating through the media. Marshall, a former Seahawk, letting everyone know what the situation is. That show, yesterday, was issuing a very real warning to the Seahawks.

“A bubbling massive story”

“We are on the brink of a disaster in Seattle not that dissimilar to the one playing out in Houston”

If you’re still denying there’s a problem here — it’s time to grasp the nettle.

This is getting serious now — just as we said it might do a month ago.

It’s been confirmed Doug Pederson isn’t taking the job. That was never realistic. He would’ve been working for free anyway, due to his payoff from the Eagles. Anthony Lynn’s in a similar situation but according to reports could end up with Urban Meyer in Jacksonville.

There’s no reason not to identify an innovative up-and-comer and make it worth their while. Come and work with Russell Wilson. Be empowered. Call the offense.

That’s not happening though, is it?

Carroll, by being so strict in his insistence on what the offense should be, seems to be making this job unattractive. A top coordinator wants to do what they want to do. Their vision. They don’t want a meddling Head Coach dictating things from the top.

It’s simply not appealing to come and run an offense chosen by a soon-to-be 70-year-old defensive-minded coach.

Schottenheimer didn’t want to do it.

They’re going to end up with an internal candidate or someone from the outside with background to Carroll, or someone simply willing to do what he wants.

This is trending one way. Unless the Seahawks can pull a rabbit out of a hat, they’re going to be left with a serious issue on their hands.

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  1. Capt Poopy

    Is Norm Chow at least around? He’d be better than what we have.

  2. millhouse-serbia

    JJ Watt on Philip Rivers

    I’ll never forget lining up for a play and Phil pointing to one of our linebackers and telling him he was lined up wrong based off the blitz we were about to run and being 100% correct about it haha.

    One of the smartest I’ve ever played against and a hell of a competitor.

    • Sea Mode


      trey wingo

      Now that Rivers is retiring he can finally settle down and think about having some children

      • Big Mike

        I am absolutely no fan of Wingo. His endless slobbering over the Cowboys ranks as some of the worst media bullshit I’ve ever heard. However……..this some damned funny stuff.

  3. Mick

    All I’ve heard so far was ‘Seattle talked with X’. Did anyone interview for the job at all, besides Pederson? And so far the only name I remotely liked was Kafka, but even there it’s a QB coach who’d need to prove himself as an OC. The job seems really not attractive.

    I wonder if Steelers’ OC Fichtner wouldn’t be a good compromise between what Pete wants and what Russ imagines.

    • Rob Staton

      Pittsburgh refused to run last year under Fichtner

  4. cha

    I still cannot wrap my head around what started this whole mess in the first place:

    The defense being unable to stop either Buffalo or the Rams on their first 3 drives, surrendering 17 points before the offense even got their cleats laced up.

    But yeah, the offense is the problem. 🙄

    • Mick

      The D improved since then and played reasonably well against the Rams in the following 2 occasions. The passing game started showing flaws, the run brought what it felt like 2 yards per carry, we couldn’t get 3rd and more than 4 to work, we lacked imaginations in the routes. I’d say the offense is the problem.

      • cha

        Played after that stretch:

        A ailing Kyler Murray
        Carson Wentz
        Colt McCoy
        Sam Darnold
        Dwayne Haskins
        Jared Goff
        Beat Hard

        Wolfenstein and busted thumb Goff

        Not exactly a murderer’s row of offenses there.

        • Mick

          But except for Rams and Washington, not really the toughest Dlines either. We didn’t look good against them in the offense. I doubt the solution would have been to keep Schotty, don’t change the play calling on O and stack on defenders. I think the game against the Bills was also on the Oline and on the fumbles that Russ had, not just on the D (as awful as they looked).

      • Rob Staton

        I think the season was split into two, where both units took turns to be a problem. But ultimately, we shouldn’t be dictated to by the order of the issues.

        What worries me is it could easily happen again. I don’t think the Seahawks have a great defense. Their best pass rusher turns 32 in a month. KJ Wright might not be back. They have to provide answers at cornerback.

      • Big Mike

        The defensive improvement was smoke and mirrors imo. But that goes for the whole season based on the schedule they played and who they beat. 2 quality Ws to my way of thinking, Miami and the Rams whom they also lost twice to.

  5. Hawks_Gui

    The reason why it’s not attractive would surprise you Rob…. hahahahahaha he`s always defending PC

  6. Ross

    If this is going to end messy, like it looks right now, my hope is that something happens sooner than later. I don’t want a wasted season of malcontent and bullshit in 2021. Let’s resolve this one way or another. Trade RW and use the draft picks and cap space to retool for defense and a running game. Or, Pete acknowledges that he needs to modernize his game plan and let RW do his thing with a new and creative OC.

    The latter isn’t happening.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree — this needs sorting.

      We can’t have another 2017 season.

  7. James Cr.

    The Seahawks seem like the only team that “interviews” so many people. Other teams pick the guy they want and go get him. Still seems like a massive smokescreen just to promote Canales. I wonder if that is appealing to Russ? Are they close?

    • Rob Staton

      I think they are close. But that doesn’t mean Wilson would be satisfied simply because his buddy got the gig.

  8. no frickin clue

    Let’s assume that Pete is now well aware of what Russ wants for the 2021 season, which is another crack at letting him be the focal point for this offense. Let’s also assume that Pete has seen Russ’ last press conference and the Brandon Marshall message. If he didn’t watch those in real-time, presumably someone has pointed them out to him.


    If Pete knows all this and plows ahead anyway with a yes-man that he can control, maybe someone from the USC family tree, how does he think Russ will respond? Does he think a sit-down with Russ and a healthy dose of Pete-style enthusiasm will get him to ride the horse in the direction that it is going? Or does he think this will be an opportunity for a reset, to trade Russ, replenish the draft capital, and find a new QB who is less opinionated about how this offense should function?

    If it’s the latter, does this simply mean that Pete values operational control over talent? Or does it mean that Pete’s conservative nature indicates that he just doesn’t value Russ’ talent in the same way that the rest of the league does?

    • Rob Staton

      It could simply be that nobody wants the job and he has to appoint someone and deal with whatever the consequences are.

  9. JD

    Disclaimer: Most likely won’t happen and not my ideal scenario. But if Carroll wants to win with his style of football, then I would prefer they at least spend their resources correctly in his philosophy (Run the ball and rush with 4). I’d prefer to go ahead by multiple scores and not lose years off my life due to stress watching the Seahawks excruciatingly close games.

    Trade Wilson to Miami, net #3, #18, 2022 1st and Tua (I don’t like him either Rob but read below for reasoning)
    Trade Duane Brown for a 2021 3rd (70ish) or 2022 2nd
    Trade Jamal Adams for a 2021 2nd (40ish) and 2022 1st

    This seems like a tear down scenario but hear me out:
    Draft stock: 3, 18, 40ish, 56, 70ish, 121, 152
    2 2022 1’s

    Draft Sewell at 3, draft Mac Jones/Davis Mills/Lance/Trask/Other QB you prefer at 18, Javonte Williams at 40ish, Landon Dickerson at 56, BPA rest of way
    FA – Scherff for LG, beef up the DLine with Leonard Williams, Ngakoue, CB – Sherman or bring back Griffin

    QB – Competition between Tua and drafted QB at 18, Winner is starter and loser is cheap backup/trade asset.
    Oline elite – Sewell, Scherff, Dickerson, Lewis, Shell
    Rb – Javonte, Penny, Homer, Dallas, FA Davis?
    WR – Lockett, Metcalf, Draft?, Swain, (Dorsett?)
    TE – DIssly, Parkinson (I feel comfortable with this + cheap FA or draft)

    DT – Reed, Ford, Mone, Williams
    DE – Dunlap, Ngakoue, Collier, Green, Taylor, Robinson
    LB – Wagner, Brooks, KJ brought back, Barton, BBK
    CB – Reed, Sherm/Griffin, Flowers
    Nickel – Amadi
    S – Diggs, Blair, Neal

    Besides the Russ trade, I don’t think much is unreasonable (potentially the big FA signings with Russ’ dead money).

    By drafting offense primarily early this year and obtaining good draft stock next year, this would allow them 2021 to develop the offense and then go young on defense in the 2022 draft which is part of the philosophy discussed on here about winning football. It would be a retool that would potentially only take one year to bring them back to elite levels.

    I really enjoy reading people’s trade and draft strategies so let me know what you think!

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think you’ll get three R1’s for Wilson. I think if you get #3 and #18 you might be lucky to get a second rounder next year. Might have to settle for a third and a player.

      In this situation I would try to sign Alex Smith and trade for Marcus Mariota, then have an open competition. I can’t think of anything better to be honest. If it happened I would study Wilson and Fields more but so far — I like both, but I’m not sure I can commit to wanting either as a franchise QB — compared to some of the others who’ve entered the league recently that I liked more. The problem is, you don’t have a long term answer at QB or a solution for 2022 short of finding another diamond.

      I wouldn’t trade Duane Brown unless he asked to be dealt. You could add Sewell and play him at a different spot for a year.

      I also think if you trade Wilson you pay Jamal Adams. You can’t get rid of everyone or you’ll be giving the Jets a top-five pick in 2022.

      • JD

        I agree on all your points Rob. I was a bit optimistic in the trade scenarios.

        I do like Mariota as an option and have to study Fields and Wilson a lot more.

        I think Jamal (after Russ) is our biggest trade chip. I like him as a player and his energy but it is extremely obvious that we manufactured a lot of his stats. He’s great but I really think the drop off between him and a Marquise Blair type is not extremely significant and therefore, would not be losing games because he is gone.

        This might get shot down, but would it be realistic to trade Wilson to Jags for #1 overall straight up? I understand Jacksonville would most likely reject but would you do this trade in a heartbeat? Or would you consider not doing it for some reason?

        • Rob Staton

          This might get shot down, but would it be realistic to trade Wilson to Jags for #1 overall straight up?

          Unfortunately this is less likely than me winning Miss World.

          • Jake

            What are your thoughts on Jordan Love? Could you use one of those picks to trade for him from GB?

            • Rob Staton

              Why would Green Bay do that?

  10. Sean

    Rob, first time caller, long time listener. Love your well-explained and substantiated opinions.

    I am no expert on bad organizational culture, though I did study it in University and now get to experience it daily in my workplace! To me, the entire organization reeks of one that has been drinking its own kool-aid for far too long, and is destined for a tremendous fall from grace that those in power will somehow not have seen coming (insert bewildered Pete .gif). It brings me no pleasure to say it, but as you and many others have said in your comments section, it’s hard to see this ending well, and if it does it will feel more like luck and circumstance versus successfully executing the best course of action.

    Getting way too cute with draft picks, passing on pragmatic solutions at positions of need for picks that are way, way off-the-board. I am not the expert in this field, either, though many sites including this one consistently name players to target who routinely turn into contributors in the NFL.

    We all know where they’ve hit home runs, including trades, but they routinely strike out on hittable pitches. Let’s get some people on base so our home runs aren’t all solo-shots.

    Not only that, but how many times have we drafted a player only to change their position, then move on from the player before they have even made an impact? I feel like this stems from a handful of instances where they had success implementing these draft strategies, enabling them to ignore the many more times it hasn’t worked out. Is this a ‘group-think’ scenario? Are they doubling down on a bad draft/development process over and over because it worked a couple times ten years ago? Is asking a 5th or 6th round pick, already a longshot, to remake their body or play a new position setting them up for success more often than not? We also often draft or acquire players that don’t necessarily fit with Pete’s preferred style (thinking specifically of Pocic in this moment, a finesse, technical lineman in the particularly brutal NFCW trenches).

    Does that set the player, or team, up to succeed?

    The current scenario with a new OC is exactly as you describe. I can’t see why this position would be attractive to anyone with a pedigree for creativity and offensive independence; these minds are better staying put and waiting for an opportunity to really shine, thus acting as a stepping stone towards a HC position down the road. Running Pete’s offense is not seemingly a strong development opportunity.

    We can go back and forth on what would be best for the organization and what is reasonably possible. It is a given that Pete is going to be here for X number of years longer, and Russ for Y number of years. For me, all the culture stuff Pete brings is cool and looks fun. Players seem to genuinely enjoy playing for him (until, in some cases, they don’t…) Not to undervalue it, but I’m not sure how many wins that team culture accounts for, or how many free agents it brings in on a discount.

    His tactical blunders during the game, however, are clear and obvious to all and don’t need to be re-hashed by someone like me. On the game planning side, he seems to understand the concept of “amplify what we do well and offset the things we struggle with”, but doesn’t embrace the other side: eliminate what the opponent’s strength is and force them down a weaker path.

    This is all just what I see as a fan and layman, and I don’t have the eye or history with the game that many of you do. Is Pete still a “plus” coach? Was he ever, or did we just not focus on the problems because the roster was strong enough to overcome the blunders? I’m the wrong guy to ask or answer that question.

    If it were my team, I would be willing to look in a different direction given our recent ability to make the playoffs and then get bounced hard by real competition, and our struggles to consistently excel through the early rounds of the draft. It feels like a high floor, low ceiling dynamic that needs a shake up. 12-4 was nice, and it was better than my pre-season expectation, but did it ever feel real? My friends let me hear about it when I said they were a weak 5-0 team, but looking back I was not wrong.

    SO…..given that Pete is not leaving this year, what is best? Honestly, I think getting his ‘yes man’ OC is it. Give me a dude that will do exactly what Pete wants. Let’s get everyone singing from the same sheet of music, and see what comes of it. Will it work? Maybe. If it doesn’t, we will know exactly where fault lies, but to me, the yes man scenario is much better than conflicting visions. Give Russ that clarity and confidence in the process above him, and let’s see what comes of it in the Fall.

    Is there conflict between Russ and Pete? I imagine so, on some level (and who likes their boss, anyway?). Russ wants to sling it and win; Pete seems to prefer the slog for reasons I don’t care for, but are often successful. When I see post-game comments about headsets not working at key moments where Russ ended up doing what he wanted (and succeeding), and my memory isn’t great but I believe this has happened numerous times, it reminds me of my army time when we could freelance some by stepping on the platoon commander’s radio orders and not getting his message. When those that are directing your actions are unclear, or in obvious conflict, what does that do to your performance? Get the play in on time, no bickering among the staff, no last second overruling from the coach. Clarity on the field.

    Everything I see in the organization (and there are a billion factors we cannot see) is crying out for fresh blood and new ideas, but it seems like we are just witnessing Pete consolidating power in a stubborn display of authoritative vision. I think this gets much worse before it gets better. We have stagnated throughout the organization, and I think we top out as “team in the playoff hunt” every year going forward versus “powerhouse on a mission to win it all” until we address this from the top down. Ownership. Management. Coaching. None of those problems is going to be fixed in the short term, so I say get an OC that Pete can work with and see what happens, instead of wasting the time of some offensive savant who will be overruled and eventually let go.

    That’s what I see, and I hope I am wrong. There are clear counterpoints to all I have said, but I think we have a real problem now. We have hitched our wagon to a fence post, and are going nowhere.

    Go Hawks. I’ll hang up and listen.

    • Rob Staton

      Interesting thoughts.

      Frankly I don’t even really know why Carroll wants to carry on. He’s nearly 70 years old. He’s having to deal with this weirdness about direction and philosophy.

    • dcd2

      Nice post Sean. Hope to read more of your comments in the future.

      • Big Mike

        ditto, good stuff

    • 805Hawk

      Fantastic post. Hit the nail on the head. I think signing PC to an extension this year has doomed this franchise for the foreseeable future.

  11. Doug

    Assuming Russ is dissatisfied with whoever is chosen at OC, Pete absolutely will try and trade him, right? Pete has built his foundation on players buying in. He cut ties with Sherm and Mike B as soon as they voiced displeasure with his approach. Russ isn’t the type to publicly question his coach, so his press conference should have sounded the alarm for Pete. Pete is stubborn to a fault and it feels like that more than anything will lead to his ride off into the sunset. Hopefully Jody Allen realizes that as well.

    • Rob Staton

      I think if Wilson speaks to Carroll and expresses a desire to move on then yes, the wheels will be in motion.

      Or maybe Wilson has that conversation with PC before the new OC is hired and Carroll retires.

      Who knows?

  12. Big Mike

    “Names from Carroll’s inner-circle, willing to do what he wants.”

    100% this

  13. Gohawks5151

    The optimist in me hopes that it is taking so long because Russ is involved and a near compromise is possible. I just don’t know though. I wonder if he has the guts to call up Jodi Allen and her advisors. The media is getting too loud on the subject as you have said. Maybe that starts a conversation for this group. Also where is Schneider? Did he even have a press conference after his extension?

    • Rob Staton

      The optimist in me hopes that it is taking so long because Russ is involved and a near compromise is possible.

      I doubt Brandon Marshall and Nick Wright would be talking the way they did yesterday if this was true.

      I wonder if he has the guts to call up Jodi Allen and her advisors.

      I’m willing to wager Jodi Allen has no involvement in any of this, not covets any involvement. And I think you’ve basically got a situation where her advisors when it comes to football matters are Pete and John.

      Also where is Schneider? Did he even have a press conference after his extension?

      He didn’t. He’s turned into the scarlet pimpernel again.

      • cha

        He would never reveal his identity. That’s his greatest secret.

        So what you’re looking for, is someone who say, has just come off a terrible season building the roster, and has traded significant assets for a strong safety who cannot cover. But when asked “Are you the GM of the Seattle Seahawks?” he replies “Absolutely not.”

        But wait a minute John Schneider. You’ve just had a terrible season of building the roster! And you traded significant assets for a strong safety who cannot cover!

        John Schneider, are you the GM of the Seattle Seahawks?

        “Absolutely not.”

        • Ok

          Ahhahaahahha, this exchange plus Rob saying he had the Canales interview on deck….ya’ll are helping me laugh through the tears. Thank you. Great articles on this subject, and yet again, significantly ahead of the pack.

          • Rob Staton


        • Rob Staton

          They don’t make TV like Blackadder any more.

          I miss good comedy.

          • cha

            The sound of draft picks being flushed!

            Good folk, lock up your franchise player

            Beware his coach’s feigning gush

            Lest you be called naysayer

            John Schneider! John Schneider! He does not draft that well

            John Schneider! John Schneider! In secrecy he dwells!

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            Where’s Lord Flasheart when we need him?

        • Big Mike

          Funny shit cha especially since John is really the Asst. GM to Pete who is the real GM, even if the titles are different.

          • Mel

            That’s assistant to the GM

      • McZ

        RW agreed to his current contract extension April 2019.

        I always thought, Robs post ( on that matter was the singlemost spot on observation. It’s conclusions were more or less ignored, especially the following part:

        “The Seahawks will also be under further scrutiny to get the best out of their prize asset. If you thought there were too many people criticising Pete Carroll’s (Super Bowl winning) football identity last year — wait and see what’ll happen moving forward.”

        Mark Rodgers, RWs agent, was cited as follows:

        “At the end of the day, my guy wants to live, work, thrive in Seattle. Loves this town and it’s fans. He compromised to stay here. I respect that.”

        The comment thread is a long read of all the good things the Seahawks were supposed to do thereafter. Almost everything wasn’t done, or was done differently to the utmost.

        Fast forward two seasons, we are in the middle of an absolute mess.

        – a OC and QB, who no longer identify with Petes vision, if they ever did
        – a vision that produces winning seasons, but builds a team too lacking to win in the playoffs
        – a complete series of misses in a loaded DL class
        – a team, that is not build through the draft, that is not exactly young and not hungry

        (Possibly, we are just now watching at the real reason behind the “negotiation through the media”. And I fear, PC and JS may have promised a lot more than they might want to remember!?)

        And now we ask ourselves, what coach with a clear vision and a career path to consider can be bothered to act within the constraints of said vision

        I don’t even get, how some in the media can close their eyes to reality.

  14. Henry Taylor

    To try an be hopelessly optimistic, and no I dont think this is the case, maybe it’s taking so long because theyve got their eyes on a coach from team still playing? Kafka is apparently out, but as it seems Daboll isn’t getting a HC role maybe Bills QB coach Ken Dorsey is someone they’d like to pursue?

    Idk, probably not. But I do wonder why its taking so much longer this time, Pete has a lot of connections in the league it cant be that hard to find a yes man, maybe they genuinely want to get this right this time?

    • Rob Staton

      I think that’s a nice thought… but I suspect they are simply struggling to find someone who wants to take this job on. While also knowing how critical the appointment is because if they get this wrong, all hell is going to break loose.

  15. Matt

    According to the Hawkblogger crew – RW is the problem. Let’s just dump the dead weight and stick with our incredibly savvy 70 year old HC.

    Those guys…I remember Davis Hsu pretending he knew people throughout the league and everybody would take Mariota over RW.

    These guys are just hilarious.

    • jWILL253

      This is all becoming incredibly stupid.

      We’re about to head towards another Typical Seattle Sports Moment™ where our franchise & city cornerstone leaves because of incompetence & arrogance in the organization, as well as blind hubris from the media & fanbase.

    • Austin Slater

      Jeff Simmons blocked me when I said it’s more likely a oete issue than a Russ issue for potential oc’s and said he’s in the media because of his show and I’m a moron for suggestion he might be wrong. Get a little credibility and it goes to your head. Rob has never been this way which I’m thankful for. To be fair Hawkblogger was decent privately about the weird blow up from Jeff Simmons.

      Anyway Rob is right there are too many connecting pieces for this to not be true. This could likely go really bad over the next year or so.

  16. AlaskaHawk

    Any chance that Kansas City’s Eric Bieniemy would interview for offensive coach? I realize there will be control issues with Pete.

    • Rob Staton

      As much chance as me winning the 100m at the Tokyo Olympics

      • Big Mike

        White middle aged guys win the 100m all the time

        • Rob Staton

          Less of the middle aged… I’m 36…

      • IHeartTacoma

        Bob Hayes!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Jody Allen could bump Pete upstairs to higher management and give Bieniemy the head coaching job. If she really wants to preserve the value of the franchise, it’s the best move.

      • Rob Staton

        There are reasons why Bieniemy hasn’t got a HC gig and it’s not ‘racism’.

        And Carroll can’t be meddling upstairs. When he’s done he is done.

        • Gary

          Oh, Pete was “done” a long time ago!

      • Mick

        They already extended Pete. Hiring a new HC can only happen in two situations: 1. Pete decides to retire or 2. Pete wants to go to management. The chances for 2. are almost 0, for 1. also very small, given that Pete seems to be in good health.

        Also, I doubt EB would want a OC job. He already has one and it’s one of the best out there.

      • Gohawks5151

        I think this would be a move made after next season assuming next year is shit and Russ is mad as hell. Bieniemy never gets hired though. Maybe he is a bad interviewer?

  17. Ashish

    Schottenheimer went to upstairs in cabin for play calling and it did improve initially but some how PC manage /find a way to bug him. Schottenheimer decided to just leave, smart guy 🙂

  18. Seahawk65

    I don’t get the suggestion that their is a rift between what Wilson wants and what Pete wants. Last year, we were warned about Wilson forcing his way out of Seattle. Then he signed a new contract just as was expected without any real contention. The same will happen this year, a coach will emerge, and Russ will be fine with it. And why is it wrong for Pete to demand the offense be run the way he want it run? He’s the head coach. That’s entirely his right. Ultimately, he’s responsible for the whole team. The team needs to improve the run game so that Russ can be as successful as possible.

    • Rob Staton

      Ignorance is bliss

      • Seahawk65

        You complain about rude comments and then you offer this to what I think if an entirely reasonable take on the situation. I understand that it is your blog and you can do with it what you like, but is it really your intention to shame someone who has a different perspective. You make mistakes sometimes. We all do. You were wrong about Wilson’s contract. So what? I still respect your opinion. You were wrong about Clowney and your suggestion that the Seahawks pay him $20 plus mil. I disagreed, but I still respect your opinion. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I think think things will be fine with Wilson and Pete. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it and not feel a need to be defensive or shame someone who points out I was wrong or with someone who disagrees with me. We can all disagree and still respect each other. Calling me ignorant is not helpful.

        • Rob Staton

          Ignorance is bliss is a well known phrase. It’s hardly equal to being called a c***, being accused of having problems at home or mental health issues, being told someone is going to hack your twitter account and being compared to right wing terror organisations because I didn’t think the Seahawks had a good off-season.

          So have a little perspective, please. You haven’t been “shamed” because I said ignorance is bliss. That is ridiculous.

          When I take the time to write numerous articles explaining in great detail why certain topics need to be discussed, providing evidence and sources — I’m not writing out a 1000 word reply because you think it’s all a load of buncombe. In your own words, “I have no way of knowing for sure, but I think think things will be fine” is a perfect example of you ignoring what is written for a more comforting stance and justifies the use of the phrase I used earlier.

          Your reference to Clowney also means your arse is showing in public. Completely misrepresenting my stance on Clowney is just a tiresome dig that a lot of people have used. I see through it.

  19. Robbie

    Rob: Does anyone want this job?

    “I’ll take it” 😀

    • Big Mike

      Well the podcasts with Rob would get even more interesting assuming you’re that Robbie.

      • Robbie

        HAHA, same Robbie! And yep, post game podcasts. I’d just wait for the comments and criticisms of my play calling and adjust each week. It’s a glorious idea. Plus I’d enjoy the size of that paycheck.

        • Matt

          Robbie – on behalf of the community; we would love the opportunity to roast you on a weekly basis, lol.

          JK – Great work on those. You and Rob have a great thing going.

  20. Alexander Higgins

    I see 7-9 or 8-8 next year. Then, the blow up happens. Russ tells the franchise: it’s me or him. The franchise would be crazy to back PC, but they might. It’ll be like watching a train wreck. It’ll be way more interesting than the product on the field.

    • Tyler Jorgensen

      It sucks to say this, but I hope you’re right. But I doubt even then anything happens. I believe once Paul Allen died, the Seahawks hope to evolve into a permanent SB contender died with him.

  21. Pran

    Russ to Colts? absolutely stacked.

    • Mick

      What could the Colts offer in a trade for Russ?

      • cha

        For starters, they’ve got this left guard I really like.

        • Mick

          You need a pick that will let you replace your franchise QB. No way you trade Russell Wilson for a LG, pick #21 and change. We’re not trying to get rid of Sam Darnold here (btw he seems like a much more plausible options for Colts).

          • AlaskaHawk

            Could we trade him for a safety then? I hear the one the Seahawks got is going to be very expensive.

  22. Hoggs41

    Do we have a favorite at this point if Kafka and Peterson are out?

    • TomLPDX

      Dave Canales! Book it Danno.

      • Tyler Jorgensen

        He likely will get the job, but I wouldn’t presume to call him a “favorite” of anyone but Pete.

        • Simo

          Am I missing something, or isn’t Pete’s choice the only one that really matters?

          • Hoggs41

            Im asking if the people in the community have a favorite? Not is there a favorite for the job.

  23. bk matty

    if they were insane enough to trade RW, and it would most likely be franchise destroying insane, they better get at least 5 years worth of first round picks plus numerous 2nds or 3rds. You do not trade a franchise in its prime unless you get years worth of picks back. It would have to be a record breaking haul that would scare the hell out of everyone to make it even slightly almost not totally insane to do.

    You move PC before you move RW imho.

    • Matt

      I think we all agree with moving PC before RW – but that’s just not reality with the current ownership structure.

    • Rob Staton

      they better get at least 5 years worth of first round picks plus numerous 2nds or 3rds.

      No chance of that

  24. Trevor

    If I am Russel Willson I look at the Seahawks and say we are not winning another Super Bowl till Jody Allen sells the team and Pete retires or is moved out by the new owner. That won’t happen till this pandemic is over and NFL revenues can be forecasted with some accuracy, so my guess is at least 2-3 years from now.

    If he was smart he would push for a trade to the Dolphins behind the scene allowing the Hawks to have some leverage and keep them willing to make a move,

    My biggest concern is that if the Hawks trade Russ they will not get fair value, JS always seems to over pay for big names and not get much when he moves them.

    • Matt

      I actually had this thought as well – watch JS get less for RW than they gave up for Jamal.

      • Trevor

        Because he wanted to do right by the player. I am so sick of hearing that.

      • Rob Staton

        Oh god…

        What a terrifying, realistic thought.

        • Matt

          My honest to God fear with an RW trade is that he gets good compensation but that it’s all mid-late 1st rounders. And we either have to package multiple 1s to get a replacement or worse yet, they roll with Andy Dalton Part Deux in the draft.

          IF they deal him – they can’t get cute. Has to be a guaranteed top 5 pick this year; of course you gamble with future picks.

  25. amanuel abraham

    – Both Wilson’s contract extensions being done at the last minute after constant back and forth through the media

    – The rumor of the Wilson to cleveland for the #1 pick in ’18

    – Schiender attending both Mahomes and Josh allen’s pro day. its one thing if it was a scout, but a gm in sb contention? cmon thats definite smoke.

    I won’t guess who between John or Pete is uncomfortable, but its pretty apparent one or both are uncomfortable constructing a roster with a QB hoarding this much cap space….or at least if the QB is Russell Wilson.

    – Mike Florio of PFT has long since last off-season been on seattle radio and his own platform peppering the notion that Wilson-PCJS could part ways from not seeing eye to eye on the direction of the offense. It wasn’t untill last week on KJR that Florio actually named Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers as a potential source for the chatter. He’s a baseball agent in which Russell is his only football client who has given PCJS fits with contract structures that benefit the player to cash sooner than later.

    Lets not forget this is the first time Pete has had to continously deal with QB: Fired after a handful of years in NE with Bledsoe, and then the max in college would be 4-5 years. Who is to say Pete’s vision isn’t suitable for a highly paid QB (cap-wise), especially after this many years.

    -I honestly think Pete is over his head at this point, similarly to Tom Coughlin at the end of his career. Coughlin’s offense in Jacksonville was top tier untill Brunell got paid and the giants’ offense was always sputtering with Eli always being well-paid under the old cba rules.

    – Who Pete appoints as OC will probably a tell for how the off-season/next season will play out. If its in-house, we’re probably headed for a PCJS-Wilson divorce. Dave Canales seems to be a perfect Wilson pacificer in Pete’s eyes as he posses a lot of the off-field characteristics Russell relished with Schotty (devout christian, family man) that we saw in Russell’s post about Schotty. That might be enough to quiet Wilson for one more year. Anthony Lynn, not only for his run-game background, but his unquestioned leadership skills might thought as middle-man between Pete and the offense. Both hires would make sense for Pete.

  26. BobbyK

    When a team who has a franchise QB like Wilson and a generational talent like DK…

    …and they can’t get an offensive coordinator…

    …you know something is damn wrong.

    • Matt

      According to Seahawks Twitter (TM) – that’s because no potential OC would want to work with Russell Wilson.

      Still can’t believe he said (well heavily implied) that.

      In all seriousness – anybody that doesn’t think this has *a lot* to do with PC is just foolish. I really don’t like using that phrasing, but PC is a micromanager and it shouldn’t be a mystery why things looked so similar between Bevell and Schotty.

      And let’s just think of this in the most common sense way – RW has a 8.5 year track record of good-to-amazing play. He has .5 years of bad play. Why wouldn’t an OC be giddy about working with RW knowing what he’s done, his age, and that he has DK and Tyler Lockett? Seriously – is this not the ultimate “buy-low” proposition for an OC?

      This is like taking a Ferrari to a mechanic. We are not asking someone to fix an ’82 Datsun.

    • pdway

      It’s all how much we want to make it happen – – we have a rich owner, and coaches don’t count against the cap. If the will is there, got to figure we could make it work w one of the targets, even if the method is to pay above-market.

      Of course, it begs the question many of you all are debating, whether PC is only after an acolyte yes-man, or is willing to go outside his circle a bit. Does seem to be the defining question of this off-season.

      But I also think it’s early to jump to the conclusion that we can’t find an OC, hasn’t most of the OC movement so far, been to go along w newly appointed coaches?

  27. cha

    Danny O’Niell needs to take a breath. He’s not the final authority on anything.

    • Matt

      What did he have to say?

        • Gohawks5151

          Listen to Brock and Salk? Pete’s issues aside, I must say that I agree with Brock that a lot of the innovative people that they would be after (Lafleur, McDaniels, Kafka) not coming to Seattle is more connections. All those guys either followed a coach someplace else or is a coach in waiting for their current teams. Part of that is the consequence of suddenly firing a coach and being at the mercy of the market. FWIW Brock thinks Pederson is the guy and I would love that.

          • Rob Staton

            FWIW Brock thinks Pederson is the guy and I would love that.

            Brock was in favour of DP rather than thinking he was the guy — but it’s being reported he’d sitting out the 2021 season.

        • Rob Staton

          Bloody hell Danny

          ‘People on the internet have opinions, thank goodness I’m here to tell everyone how it is’

          • BobbyK

            And people thought Trump was an egomaniac.

          • James Z

            D. O’Neill is more a sports jabberer than a reasoned voice on sports. Chutzpah comes to mind also…

        • TomLPDX

          All he is preaching is patience, I got the distinct impression that he was talking to himself to take a chill pill in that article.

          • TomLPDX

            I only read the article, didn’t listen (nor do I want to) to what he said.

          • cha

            Experience has shown the people that stump for ‘we shouldn’t judge until a decision is made’ are the same people that then say ‘we can’t judge until we have a year in the system’ and then say ‘you can’t judge because you don’t know how hard it is to win in the NFL’ and then say ‘stop judging, you’ve been spoiled by the Seahawks’ success in the NFL’.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t like it when people talk out of both sides of their mouth.

              Danny is constantly shouting and ranting on twitter — yet here he is lecturing people for having opinions he doesn’t agree with.

              I feel like some others have done that this week to. Making accusations of Seahawks twitter (which I’m no great defender of) then falling into the trap of doing what they accuse others of doing.

              I mean — I’ve just seen Brian from Hawk Blogger retweeting Danny’s piece with praise… hours after he was implying Russell Wilson is the reason people don’t want the OC job.

              • TomLPDX

                I’m so glad I am not in the ‘twit’erverse! I should have been more direct in my statement.

                Danny was telling himself to shut up in the article. I didn’t listen to and will NOT listen to him on the radio. I didn’t see the Hawkblogger junk either and glad I didn’t.

                Rob, Cha, keep on keeping us sane!

                • Rob Staton

                  The thing is — Danny’s article implies that all kinds of crazy theories are doing the rounds.

                  I don’t know if he was referring to this place (I suspect he wasn’t) among his examples — but the article contained evidence. The video, the comments by Wilson. I could be wrong — and will write so if that proves to be the case. But I back up every thought and suggestion I have with evidence and don’t pluck anything out of thin air.

                  • TomLPDX

                    There are all kinds of crazy theories out there and people are guessing right now. I seriously doubt he was referring to SDB and your articles.

                    One thing most of us KNOW about you is that you won’t publish anything without serious thought and logic to back it up. One of the biggest reasons you are respected here. As I’ve said before…you keep being you and reporting what you see.

              • cha

                This feels like the 2021 version of last summer’s Pass Rush Saga.

                Deny, Deny, Deny, Obfuscate, get hit like a semi with the facts, Rationalize, Rationalize, Rationalize.

                Then repeat.

        • Sean

          I guess the point of the article is that a variety of people on the internet have a variety of opinions about the Hawks offense. So what? Many of those opinions will be wrong. Again, so what? That is fandom, and that is also the internet.

          The part that annoyed me about the article is stating that the Seahawks are good, implying they are getting better, and giving us a list of star players. Much of the recent discussion about the offense probably results from the following, which is not mentioned in the article:

          -It was apparent on the field that something went very wrong with the offense the second half of the year. We all have opinions about what the problem was, but it is undeniable that there was a problem.

          -It is apparent that the coach feels something was wrong if he fired the OC.

          -Entering the post-season, the coach and the QB are saying things that appear to be in conflict about how the offense should operate. these recent statements follow what seems to be a pattern of the last few years, but may be more explicit now.

          So bottom line, there are multiple lines of clear evidence that we have a problem on offense. Shouldn’t one expect that evidence of a problem performing on field, plus evidence that the most important two individuals (Pete and Russell) have different visions to remedy the problem, plus a bunch of leaks to the media, plus a fanbase that cares a lot, is going to generate a lot of on-line opinion and discussion?

          • pdway

            well stated

          • Rob Staton

            It’s just an attempt to police and shut down discussion really.

  28. SeattleLifer

    As a side concern to all this – a new coordinator comes with risks and at least a transition/feeling out period can be expected. Add that in to a number of the issues we’ve covered that the team will be facing on the field (and growing concerns off the field), top it all off with a seemingly more difficult schedule and we could be sending the Jets a 1st round pick in 22 that weighs in much nicer than Pete and John were hoping it to be(and I’m sure they were hoping to be sending a bit later pick this year as well…).

    Great time to be facing turmoil and uncertainty: when you’re going to be shipping high draft picks to another team. Uggg!

  29. Andy J

    Hire Peyton Manning as OC.

    • ElroyNumbers

      Call me crazy but I think Adam Gase is good coach. Both of his opportunities have been bottom of the barrel. Opposite would be Eric Beinamy. The way thats the jets fought back and won some games after the Raiders game debacle shows he has heart.

      My top choice would be Doug Pederson. With understanding he is HC in-waiting after Carroll retires in 2 years.

      • Andy J

        Hire Peyton Manning as OC.

      • Mel

        You’re crazy

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