Draft day podcast — insider notes, ideal scenarios

If you missed my final mock draft yesterday, check it out here. It includes a Seahawks seven-round projection. In the podcast below (available on YouTube, Spotify and Apple) you’ll hear the insider notes I gathered yesterday from my league source — plus further thoughts on the mock and what I hope for the Seahawks.

Big day today, lots of content coming. Stick with SDB.


  1. Ashish

    The day we look forward for long time. Thanks Rob for excellent content this year. Fingers crossed no LJ type picks.

  2. TCHawk

    I’m really looking forward to this. I have more anticipation this year than I have had in a long time. Thanks for all your efforts on this, Rob!

  3. Roy Batty

    Hey Rob, any plans on actually, you know, getting some sleep?

    You have been a machine this year in producing content. A constant flow of valuable data for us to ponder.

    Thanks for all your hard work, and so sorry you have to deal with so many trolls this year.

    • Rob Staton

      Hey Rob, any plans on actually, you know, getting some sleep?

      I’ve booked in for some sleep on Monday 🙂

      • Hawk Finn

        Monday is bad for me, Rob. I’ll need a comprehensive draft analysis and roster breakdown that day. Can we pencil you in for Tuesday?

        • Rob Staton


        • Sea Mode

          Tuesday?! What about the 2023 draft look-ahead article…?

    • Bankhawk

      Nice 11th hour digest on ‘The Rebuild’ , Rob! You’ve got the weekend covered wall to wall! As ever, thank you for setting a fine table for this NFL feast.

  4. Troy

    Thanks for all your hard work, Rob. I’ve been following this blog since the very beginning and this year has been peak content.

  5. Russ

    Gonna wear out my F5 key on this site today. Can’t wait Rob! Happy Draft Day!

  6. Gary

    Rob, I am in utter and constant amazement (and gratitude!) for the volume and quality of content you provide. Unparalleled. I am mildly surprised by your take on Thibodeaux and the risk he represents. Talent may always win out in the NFL, but there’s enough other talent available that I wouldn’t go anywhere near this guy. If he’s the last pass rusher available at 9, I pivot and go BPA at a different position. I’m very concerned about how his me-first attitude will play in the locker room and the team-first culture of the league in general, and the Hawks in particular. I think you might be underestimating the importance of chemistry and how off-putting this guy is. They may not be classic “character flags”, but they’re flags none the less and there’s at least a chance that he will not prove to be worth the trouble, which is a risk other players with similar talent don’t present. This, combined with the fact that he was nearly invisible in the only Oregon game I watched this year, means I wouldn’t have Thibodeaux on my team if I were drafting.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think team mates will care about his business plans as long as he’s delivering the goods. All the top players, to be fair, have branding coming out of their ears.

      • Peter

        Johnson is my preference but KT makes a ton of sense. Lynch was an actual problem in Buffalo. Sherman was a wild man loudmouth bleep talker. Bennet was totally his own man. Wilson was king branding like a home shoping network, and JA is basically a better fashion afficionado than Safety.

        Pete doesn’t care one lick about KT or anyone setting goals outside of football.

      • cha

        have branding coming out of their ears.

        Their ears if we’re lucky.

      • Hawkdawg

        We recently had a QB who was acutely aware of branding from the word go. He understood the link between play and brand. Worked out pretty well for us overall.

        That said, I’m not convinced KT has the focus and drive overall that Russ always had. I suppose the NFL will see soon enough.

        • Tecmo Bowl

          The thing with Thibs, he understands that football is the driving force in his journey. The bigger the star the bigger the platform.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      If Thib can do his job then teammates will have something they can respect. Everyone would prefer to like the guy next to them in the foxhole, but as long as they’re doing their job, being friends isn’t a requisite imo.

      Also, Thib’s branding mindset is probably something we will see more and more now that college players can make money off of their name aka their brand. These kids are thinking about branding now in their early teens. Parents who see potential in their kids’ youth are likely thinking about branding and income potential when kids are even younger than that. I’m not saying it’s good or bad. Though there are pretty clear pros and cons to me. It’s 2022 and capitalism in action.

      Anyways, I’d take Thib at 9 mostly because I want a pass rusher most with our top pick FWIW.

  7. AL

    Great stuff, really great stuff Rob! A couple of questions for you. Say the Seahawks take Jermaine Johnson at #9 and lose out on Trevor Penning, who do you feel would be the Seahawks 2nd choice at OT? It’s pretty much a given their taking an OT at some point.

    Next question, what range do you feel Sam Williams will go? I really like him, whether they take Jermaine Johnson or not.

    And thanks for all your hard work this offseason, much appreciated!

    • Rob Staton

      I really like Abraham Lucas

      • Seahawkwalt

        This 100000%

        • MychestisBeastmode


          Rob’s mocks from a couple months back that had JJ at 9 and Lucas in the 2nd or trade up into late 1st were the mocks that always felt ideal to me.

      • Tommyo

        Johnson or Thibodeaux at 9, Lucas at 40, small trade down from 41 for Jurgens,
        Pierce at 72 and Tindall with the pick from the 40th trade down and Clemons at 109.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Would they really be losing out on Penning? I am just not convinced by that guy and his after-the-play tough guy routine.

      • clbradley17

        Thanks again for all you do Rob. This week has been above and beyond covering the draft and Seahawks. Yes, 100% on Lucas. In every mock I’ve done at PFN or PFF, I also draft Zach Tom in the mid rounds. He is explosive with fantastic testing at the combine, played great at LT – although with shorter arms at Wake, and can also play center, hopefully backing up Jurgens if someone gets injured. Have heard Jurgens described as “a combo of Ryan Jensen’s meanness (BAMF) and Jason Kelce’s speed/agility. We need that here.

        Also really want either Tindall or Troy Anderson at LB. This Anderson kid is 6’3” & mid 240s, and ran in the low 4.4s at that size. Also he was the only LB at the Senior Bowl that every day was reported he was excellent in coverage. All the other LBs had one or maybe 2 good days, but were bad or sub-par at least one of the days. He also played great against the run. At his best, he could be a young Bobby Wagner or Luke Kuechly with that size/speed/coverage + run D combo.

        I’m so excited about this draft and although it’s not as good in most positions in the 1st round, it’s so deep I believe we can get major contributors all the way through the UDFAs. Several people have reported that the draft pool of even UDFAs that could make teams (not scrubs that can’t play in the league) went up from a low last year of 600 to 2000 this year. Makes sense with 2 years of covid and teams or leagues playing either no or shortened seasons, and players allowed to come back for an extra year with the pandemic.

        Once again, and I’ve mentioned it the last 2-3 years after JS’s stupidity in recent drafts, don’t trade next year’s picks to get an extra 7th. It never works out, and the player we “have to have because we don’t want to lose them as a UDFA” like Ursua or Sullivan almost never play, go the practice squad for years, or are cut. Use our picks like one of our 5ths, or if/when we trade down with one or our 2nds to get more late picks as well as lower picks in that round and the next.

        The Chargers and several teams have additional 7ths (have them thrown in with trade-downs!), and we can pick maybe Jack Coan, a sub-4.4 WR or CB, or some other very good players late day 3 if he makes sure to acquire them, instead of having to get in at the last second. Even the UDFAs may be more exciting than usual with this deep a draft and large pool of players who didn’t come out in 2021 added to the ones who normally would’ve come out this year. Going to be a LOT of surprise names in UDFA with a draft that’s 3+ times deeper than last year.

  8. Sean-O

    Thanks for the content! I was able to listen to the pod this morning at the gym.

    Let’s all enjoy the draft & hope the Hawks don’t again try to outsmart everyone. Don’t reach, draft talented guys & hopefully no QB’s. Add to the core!

  9. Brett in AZ

    Rob – First of all, congratulations on once again delivering an absolute boatload of draft content in 2022. Well done!

    Did a final mock at PFN this morning. Result feels foundational:

    09 – K. Thibodeaux, Edge Oregon
    41 – *TRADE* to PHI for 51, 154, 162
    42 – T. Smith, OT Tulsa
    51 – A. Lucas, OT WSU
    72 – *TRADE* to CLE (plus ’23 SEA 5th) for 78, 118
    78 – C. Jurgens, OC Nebraska
    109 – J. Paschal, Edge Kentucky
    118 – *TRADE* to CHARGERS (plus 229) for 123, 160
    123 – D. Clark, LB LSU
    145 – D. Pierce, RB Florida
    153 – H. Garrett, DT Ohio State
    154 – S. Monday, S Auburn
    160 – D. Mathis, CB Pitt
    177 – K. Phillips, WR UCLA
    181 – J. Coan, QB Notre Dame

    Looking forward to the rest of your content lineup over the next few days.

    • Brett in AZ

      BTW, here’s Thibodeaux this morning on ESPN…

      Cut 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBiclxN10Ak

      Cut 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsM7LQOirxI

      Big personality, for sure. If this causes him to fall to SEA, then there’s your new attitude & smack.

      • VanHawk

        I don’t get it why would you think any of that would cause him to fall? He’s a 21-year-old. In his interviews you can see his dedication to his craft, hard work and gratefulness.

        Really don’t get how fans buy this smoke that his personality would cause him to fall. Its all film and measurables.

        • Brett in AZ

          I don’t think it should cause him to fall. Am just acknowledging the numerous commentaries in the last day or two – including Rob’s recent mentions – that some teams have a problem with it. Their loss would be our gain. Would be thrilled if we got him. Even better, him and Clemons.

          Agree with Ben (below) that some coaching staffs don’t handle big personalities well. I see that as a SEA strength, not a weakness, and would love to have KT fall to us because of it.

        • DougM

          According to Chris Simms his tape will cause him to fall.

      • Ben

        Bad coaches can’t handle a player like him. That’s the only reason he’ll fall. Those that think you shouldn’t be cocky or can’t be loud or can’t have bigger plans.

        As long as you think he can handle the transition to playing great OTs and working through it, I’d trade up for him if he gets to 7-8 honestly.

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        He epitomizes ORegon/Nike U. : strong marketing but underperforming. If I am wrong, I hope Seattle gets him.

  10. TatupuTime

    The content from this (mostly) one man site is phenomenal. Thank you Rob for all you’ve done for us. This site is an amazing escape from my work year round, but particularly the past couple months. Patron incoming as a big thank you.

    Here’s hoping your mock draft is almost completely accurate (other than your Seahawk’s guess of Penning).

    • Peter

      Love the respect Rob gets and that a lot of us want him to keep dominating in the huddle report draft scoring but…..also want him to miss on that one pick😀

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Keep the Patreons coming! I hope to be reading Rob’s work for the next decades. Gotta make it worth his while before some other news room scoops him up and takes his time and services aways from us. Rob’s work is a gift that I’ve been gracious about for the past 12 years.

  11. Peter

    Great podcast to start the day!

    Early morning thoughts about today.

    1. Ridder. Let’s not and say we didn’t. Woke up today with a love letter from Ridder to nfl gm’s in the player’s tribune. I just don’t get talk of him in the first. If you weren’t following the year Wilson got drafted it was as clear as day that he was a complete QB with one singular knock on him. Height. One of college football’s most accurate passers. A stunning arm. And no moment was he a shrinking violet. On this very site there were debates about he and Cousins and frankly Cousins is probably better than Ridder will ever be if Ridder has truly hit his ceiling.

    Just to give a thought experiment. In a draft redo knowing a short qb could play and RG3 and Luck were unfortunately going to be injury risks, Wilson would have been the number one pick overall. Draft insiders and possibly JS are really thinking Ridder should go in the same round as Luck, RG3, and technically two full rounds ahead of Wilson? He’s that good?

    2. Jordan Davis. I completely agree with Rob that he in no real way makes a ton of sense to kick off a rebuild. A few things:

    – Pete has gone around the bend to not call this a rebuild.

    – Does a two down player have a ton of value? Does it matter? Pete has been telling us for over a decade that stopping the run is top priority. You know who couldn’t stop the run? The seahawks.

    – Rob has for years brought up great metrics to study and understand. I think we shouldn’t underestimate the “proud papa Pete,” metric of him hand on shoulder looking up beaming at a freaky player he would love. Lynch, Chancellor, etc. Pete loves certain players.

    – Is he a need. Nope. Does Seattle have guys? Yep. That has bever stopped Seattle drafting before. Maybe Davis isn’t Vea or Ngata. But Woods, Mone, and Ford aren’t in the same air as Davis.

  12. CowtownBrad

    Rob, you are undoubtedly the best. Nary a day goes by I don’t check your blog (for about 10 years running).

    I’ve been through lots of life changes (Three years sober!), but the one constant is this tremendous community and you Rob, delivering the goods on our beloved ‘Hawks. Here’s to one of the best times of the year. Much love all!


    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Congrats on the three years of sobriety! That can be really hard to maintain, particularly in our culture. My son has almost two years and we could not be prouder.

      • CowtownBrad

        Thanks Captain. Feels great!

  13. Rob Staton

    Thanks for all the nice words about the blog guys — it’s really, really appreciated!

    • Hawk Mock

      Well deserved! Amazing stuff as always. Been thrilled with the Rebuild. I know trading Russ and keeping Pete and John weren’t the outcome most of us wanted but you’ve been able to move forward without dwelling on that and continue to put out content that is forward looking and optimistic(hopefully tonight gives us reason to believe again!)

    • Charles Hirsch

      Today is the day. Hope they don’t fuck it up! Great material for sure. Always amazing how other sites seem like they are playing catch-up with sdb!

      • cha

        Always amazing how other sites seem like they are playing catch-up


        -Website A recently had what they thought was a very controversial Seahawks mock – a mock without a QB being picked

        -Website B’s last article was a piece declaring the Seahawks should give Bobby Wagner a great big whopping extension

        -Website C had a mock with the Seahawks taking a WR in the first round, citing that one guy on Twitter nobody’s heard of claiming Tyler Lockett would be traded that was debunked weeks ago

        -Local Youtube Draft Guy’s last mock didn’t have Jermaine Johnson going in the first round

        • Charles Hirsch

          Good stuff 🤣

  14. Blitzy the Clown

    Pro Football Network @PFN365

    “A report this week from PFN Chief Draft Analyst and NFL Insider Tony Pauline indicated that the Chiefs are extremely high on Mafe and have been for a while.”

    #NFLDraft projections for Minnesota EDGE Boye Mafe.

    Checks with Rob’s final mock. Mafe doesn’t make it out of the first round.

  15. CaptainJack

    Just so I can check back, My final top 10 prediction:

    1. Jacksonville Jaguars, Ikem Ekwonu, OT/OG

    Super unsexy first overall pick, but the Jaguars need to build an elite line in front of Trevor Lawrence to give him a chance in the league.

    2. Detroit Lions, Aidan Hutchinson, DE

    He should go first overall but if Pederson is insistent on going oline, Dan Campbell will be beyond thrilled to secure Hutchinson.

    3. Houston Texans, Evan Neal, OT

    Lovie Smith historically prioritizes offense in the draft. I believe they want Stingley but not this early.

    4. New York Jets, Travon Walker, DE

    I imagine Saleh will believe he can unlock the potential and be reminded a bit of Deforest Buckner dominating in San Francisco.

    5. New York Giants, Charles Cross, OT

    Giants have to take him here or else risk losing him to Carolina.

    6. Carolina Panthers, Jermaine Johnson, DE

    I doubt they’d take Penning this high. I could imagine Carolina pivoting to the best available defender with the top OTs all off the board. And the last FSU defense end they drafted worked out pretty well.

    7. New York Giants, Kayvon Thibodeux, DE

    I just highly doubt he falls to 9.

    8. Atlanta Falcons, Jordan Davis, DT

    Atlanta goes for an elite athlete on the dline to instead of a wide receiver. Atlanta just need talent, anywhere.

    9. Seattle Seahawks, Derek Stingley, CB

    I really hope he’s available here. Perfect top ten pick for seattle. Elite talent who can be an instant star on a rebuilding team at a position of need.

    10. New York Jets , Ahmad Gardner, CB

    Jet will feel like they got one of the steals of the draft if Gardner drops this far.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      While I definitely want one of the top DE’s, I’d be good with either of the CB’s and tend to agree that Stingley feels the most likely should the Hawks stay put at 9.

  16. Cambs

    It’s mad to have a hobby blog on our poor team that’s this deep, professional, and smart. Thanks for all you do, Rob.

  17. cha

    Jack & Stacy would be smart to book you Rob for a slot Friday – first round reactions and what’s on tap for the second round.

    • MychestisBeastmode


  18. Mary Anne

    Thank you so much, Mr. Staton. I look forward to reading your work. Happy draft day!

  19. swedenhawk

    Enjoy yourself tonight, Rob. You’ve more than earned it!

  20. Dregur

    I was watching Peter Schrager’s latest mock, and the top 10 actually seems pretty reasonable (and great for the Seahawks)


    This would mean Seahawks could get Johnson at 9. I have also heard that Cross to the Giants is very much a thing, and I think that Cross in the top 8 would be the tipping point for the Hawks to have a really good player drop to 9.

    • Hawk Mock

      Don’t get cute. If one of Johnson, Thibodeaux or Stingley is sitting there, take ’em. They talk about never having a Top 10 pick to get the blue-chippers, if it played out where one is sitting there and they trade down, it would just be more of the same BS and would be pretty damning in their overall strategies to me. There are results from a trade down where I would be perfectly happy(not Penning and Ridder) but passing on some elite talent would be pretty disheartening.

      • Big Mike

        1000% agree with every point you brought up. They whined like beeotches about never having a top 10 pick so if a blue chip guy is there, prove you meant it and take him.

        • Dregur

          Absolutely. Trading down to 13 to get 3rd and maybe 4th or 5th does not seem worth it if one of those players falls to your lap.

      • Roy Batty

        If they pass on one of the top guys, then they damn well best be getting a massive haul for that #9.

  21. Rob4q

    Outstanding work again this draft season Rob! Very much appreciate all the time and effort you put in to make this the best Seahawks place on the interwebs!

    This is a crazy draft and will be so unpredictable but it’s also one that could provide a real foundation for Seahawks. Let’s hope they are able to see through all the smoke and get those foundational players this year!

    Enjoy the draft weekend Rob!!!

  22. Dustin

    You’re a man obsessed Rob, I love it. We’re lucky to have your site on draft day. If your mock is correct and they take Penning at #15 that’s a lot better than taking him at #9 and I’m ok with the pick since good tackles are rare and sometimes you gotta gamble on upside. I”m really hoping Jermaine Johnson is there at #9 and they pull the trigger, but who knows, maybe even Thibs will slip to #9, though that’s pretty unlikely.

  23. KennyBadger

    I haven’t anticipated a draft like this in a long time Rob and I credit you for articulating how important this one is for the franchise.

    I hope the final tally carries many blog favorites – I look forward to rolling with you and the other posters tonight!!

  24. pdway

    This is without a doubt the most I’ve known going into a draft – you’ve really outdone yourself – and it’s made me so much more interested in all of the draft. Much appreciation here.

    Big year for us…the rebuild really starts now.

  25. Mark

    Has this always been common knowledge, that LJ Collier was a wasted pick because Dexter Lawerence and Noah Fant went off the board in the 2019 draft?


  26. Poli

    I’m prepared to be disappointed. Their first pick will be someone like OT Tyler Smith or another Safety like Dax Hill. Someone who is considered a reach, and/or a position that’ll make Hawks fans bewildered.

    • stregatto

      ‘We draft our guys’
      ‘There’s so much this kid can do.. we’re gonna use him all over’

      • Big Mike

        “He was our target all along.”
        “We have good info that the team behind us was gonna take him”

        • Roy Batty

          Then, when mini camp starts, “He’s killing it in practice.”

          Healthy scratch for multiple games soon follows.

  27. CaptainJack

    Washington will have two possible first round picks this year. Cade Otton could go day 2. I think several washington players will also be drafted in 2023.
    three washington players I think should be on your “watch list”:

    Edefuan Ulofoshio, 6’1 230 lb inside linebacker
    Injury issues have slowed him down recently but during the 2020 covid ball season he was one of Pff’s top ranked college inside linebackers. If he can return to 2020 form this season I could see him as a strong option for linebacker depth.

    Zion Tupuola-Fetui, 6’4 250 lb outisde linebacker
    Looked like a top college pass rusher in a limited showing in 2020 and then got injured in the offseason and barely played last year. He has apparently returned to full health and I think is worth monitoring this season.

    Tuli Letuligasenoa, 6’1 313 lb DT
    Short, squatty but highly active and athletic nose tackle type. If you like Poona Ford, I imagine you’ll like Tuli. Had a super fun interception the turned the tide in the Arizona game last season. Curious to see what he can do this season under a new d coordinator and new dline coach.

  28. Ukhawk

    Rob. Amazing coverage this year!

    Gets better, more insightful each season.

    We are truly lucky to have your site and lucky enough to be Hawk fans alongside you.

    Thanks for all the hardwork!!

  29. WallaSean

    Most anticipation and uncertainty for a draft that i can recall. I think I want trader John to bank some picks for days 2-3 but if we get stuck at 9 and Johnson is there that is the best we could hope for. I would love to trade back today, take a Defender and then go after Lucas, Jurgens and Tindall tomorrow.

    • God of Thunder

      This would be pleasing.

  30. Rob Staton

    Houston wanting to move back into the top 10….


    Wonder where I’ve seen that…?

    • Russ

      Confirmed – Schefter gets his info from SDB.

      Hope you’re getting a cut of that Rob

    • MychestisBeastmode

      It’s truly incredible the way you’ve been able to be ahead of the curve. A one man wrecking crew in Rob outcompeting the national beat writers (who have exponentially more resources to work with) with more and more consistency.

      Props to you once again, Rob.

  31. Sea Mode

    Well, look at Rob’s inside info coming through!

    Adam Schefter

    Houston picks No. 3, but Texans also have been exploring a trade back up for a second top-10 pick, per league sources. If the right player is there, the Texans are trying to position themselves to move their second first-round pick at No. 13 to go get him.

    • JD

      Great! What do you think would be the package?

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Rich Hill chart

        Not worth missing out on JJ or Thibs.imo Fair trade nonetheless

        • Rob4q

          How about this deal instead:

          9 + 109 for 13 + 68 + 170

          • Tecmo Bowl

            That value is spot on:


            Its a good trade, but id rather just add 80 to fill out the board. Some of it would depend on if JS is planning on moving down from either 40,41. That could help fill the board out too.

  32. Russ

    If we do end up going Penning with our first pick, it’d be cool to see them build their OL of the future an give them a chance to gel while they build up the rest of the team.

    Imagine this as the picks:

    #15 — Trevor Penning (T, Northern Iowa)
    #40 — Tyler Linderbaum (C, Iowa)
    #41 — Abraham Lucas (T, Washington State)
    #72 — Dameon Pierce (RB, Florida)

    You then have a young, athletic offense that can spend a full year together establishing the run. That’d be such a massive benefit for whoever ends up being the QB next year.

    • UkAlex6674

      I’m all for this Russ. I’d even settle for just Penning and Linderbaum and taking Kenneth Walker at 41. Dude is a beast and has Derrick Henry vibes about him. But yes if we going to play Peteball let’s establish the basics first.

      • Russ

        Fair point UkAlex6674! I agree that both accomplish the same goal. It’s possible you might like a tackle as much or more as Lucas later on in the draft too and could still do the same plan but with Walker instead of Pierce.

    • Madmark

      I don’t understand drafting 2 left tackles.

      • Matt

        Neither of them are Left Tackles…that’s the issue.

  33. OregonHawk

    3 questions
    1. Would you consider trading 9 for 2 firsts from KC or GB to target A. Tyler L., B. L. Cine

    2. Would you trade down with #41 for more draft stock?

    3. What round do you see CB Damari Mathis going?

    • Robbie

      1. ) I would do this in place of drafting Penning but not over drafting JJ or Thibs.
      2.) Maybe…depends on what exactly. If they don’t trade down from 9 I fully expect them to trade down from 41.
      3.) I’d say he rates as a day 3 prospect. I’ve seen a lot of reports say he panics and you can see that on tape. He gets real handsy and gets a lot of penalties.

      • Russ

        Robbie, I don’t disagree, but does trading down from 41 feel a bit like diminishing returns to you?

        The haul trading down at 9 is solid, but I wonder if we’d be able to get enough stock trading down from 41 to make it worth it.

        From everything that’s been said, it doesn’t sound like teams are just ready to throw in extra capital from rounds 3/4 given the depth in this draft.

  34. JD

    I think there is a path to us trading back to 13 with HOU and still getting JJ. Hou gets 9, Sea gets 13, 68 and 80.

    1. Walker
    2. Hutchinson
    3. Neal
    4. Ekwonu
    5. Cross
    6. ???? Not DE/ Penning?
    7. Sauce Gardner
    8. Thib
    9. Houston trades to get Stingley
    10. Jameson Williams or Garrett Wilson
    11. Washington goes Kyle Hamilton or WR
    12. Mcduffie or Davis
    13. JJ might be here!

    Being able to trade back, get JJ at 13, Linderbaum/Jurgens at 40, Lucas at 41, Tindall/Chenal at 68, Pierce at 72 and then CB at 80 like a Cam Taylor Britt would be outstanding in my eyes.
    DE, C, RT, LB, RB, CB building blocks

    • Dregur

      I don’t think you can do that. The Jets still needs pass rushers, they’d get Johnson at 10.

      • JD

        If SF trades Deebo to NYJ for 10, they wouldn’t go DE, most likely WR. Jets may still go WR also but I see your point!

        • MychestisBeastmode

          I agree that WR feels most likely at #10 with Jets or 49ers. We shall see!

        • Coach

          I would be a huge fan if we could get these players, but would be super nervous watching picks 10-12 hoping JJ drops!

          And then sign Duane Brown for one more year and I think we would be on the right track!

          Next year, use our 2 1’s to get an elite QB and starting LT (are there good options next year at LT?)

          Go Hawks!!

  35. Starhawk29

    Rob, great work as usual. Always excited for this day, and it’s often amazing how much of this stuff you get right. Two questions:

    1. Why do you think Ridder has hit his ceiling? My basic understanding is that he has a great deal of refinement to be done on his throwing technique. If he manages to say, align his feet more consistently on his throws, could he not improve significantly? Not saying I think he’ll be an elite guy, he’s a mid round shot to nothing. But is there not a chance he can get better?

    2. Is there any chance Abe Lucas sneaks into round 1? I worry that teams like him a lot more than the media, and he won’t be there for us at 40.

    Thanks for all the great work, looking forward to your coverage the next few days.

    • Rob Staton

      Why do you think Ridder has hit his ceiling?

      That was a quote relayed from my source. He isn’t an upside guy. He is what he is.

      Is there any chance Abe Lucas sneaks into round 1?


  36. Qoolio

    Rob, thanks a ton for all of the outstanding content leading up to the big day. You have provided us with a wealth of high-quality insight this year.

    Question in looking at the Top 10 from a different angle- from the mocks, we get an idea of how the draft may need to unfold for an ideal pick to be available at #9. On a related point:

    1) What set of top eight picks would set the Seahawks up for the best position to trade down?
    2) What set of top eight picks would set them up best to do something stupid?

    • Rob Staton

      1. If the WR’s or CB’s stay on the board

      2. If Charles Cross is still there

  37. Scot04

    Final Seahawks Mock after trades that obviously wouldn’t happen; but would make me happy.

    22. Zion Johnson           LG
    40. Perrion Winfrey        DT
    44. Cameron Jurgens    C
    45. Channing Tindall      LB
    72. Sam Williams            Edge
    92. Damien Pierce           RB
    98. Cam Taylor-Britt        CB.  Slips to 3rd round
    118. Michael Clemens    Edge
    145. Jack Coan                QB
    153. Tycen Anderson       S
    174. Isiah Pacheco          RB
    229. Devin Cochran         OT
    252. Devin Harper            LB

  38. Henry Taylor

    Nothing really to add except to say a huge thank you to Rob for another year of outstanding draft content. I genuinely cant imagine draft season without this place.

    Cant wait for the draft. Equal parts excitement and anxiety about what Seattle does. It’s time gang!

  39. cha

    One thing I’d love to see this year (but probably won’t) is the coverage of the later rounds of the draft being better.

    We hear Kiper and McShay endlessly praised for all the tireless work they have done on the draft class over the year, but they can barely get a word in edgewise in the later rounds.

    What’s the point of doing all the work if they can’t expound on the guys taken later in the draft?

    Triple word score if the network also airs a “list of notable players drafted in the fifth round” and the host strains to keep our attention with a treatise on ‘this is where good teams are built’ and attempts to lecture us that just because they’re not top-5 picks they not unimportant and lectures us we should not discount them, but then the network immediately does with their coverage!

    In the middle rounds the networks shift to begin analyzing the draft haul for teams when there is still half the draft left to be done! Why do we have to cut to these pre-produced packages about first round players that grew up in tough circumstances while the draft names scroll across the bottom?

    It’s supremely irritating when you have a bunch of pabulum, and then the network flashes the last 5 picks they skipped to air said pabulum, and give the draft guys 15 seconds with a stopwatch to comment on all 5 players.

    If you’re watching the later rounds, you’re deeply interested in your team. Why not have your experts give us a fuller breakdown of a guy drafted later in the draft?

    • Ben

      Seriously. Like I’m not watching live to hear bloviate about day 1 picks. I wanna hear about the players being picked.

    • MychestisBeastmode


      Preach on, brother!

    • Big Mike

      Great post cha. Hard to watch the later rounds in large part for the reasons you’ve mentioned.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Also, this would seem like a great job for Rob if ESPN/NFL Network ever got wise. They could cut to him on Day 3 every 15-20 minutes to recap who the hell these late rounders are. His analysis and projection on players’ potential impact to their respective new teams would be SO MUCH better than the status quo.

  40. cha

    Yes the Giants can franchise him but feels like another horse entering the 2023 QB derby…

    Judy Battista
    · 48m
    As expected, the @Giants are not picking up QB Daniel Jones’ fifth year option, according to a source with knowledge of the team’s plans. But if he plays well, obviously, chance to cash in with the franchise tag.

  41. Awm

    In my perfect draft we swap our 9 for KC’s 29 and 30 and get Abe Lucas and Linderbaum. 2nd round Sam Williams and a LB. RB at 72 and then BPA the rest of the way!

    • Rob4q

      Just tried that trade on the PFN sim, but went a different route with the picks. Added a few other trades and it came out pretty good!

      29. Devonte Wyatt, DT Georgia
      30. Boye Mafe, EDGE Minnesota
      41. Cameron Jurgens, OC Nebraska
      44. Troy Andersen, LB Montana State
      50. Abraham Lucas, OT Washington State
      99. Dameon Pierce, RB Florida
      109. Kevin Austin, WR Notre Dame
      145. Jack Coan, QB Notre Dame
      153. Jaylen Watson, CB Washington State
      236. Aaron Hansford, LB Texas A&M
      255. Brevin Allen, EDG Campbell

      • Hawk Finn

        No comments necessary. I already know it’s perfect.

        21. Andrew Booth Jr., CB Clemson
        41. Matt Corral, QB Mississippi
        44. Troy Andersen, LB Montana State
        54. Abraham Lucas, OT Washington State
        72. Sam Williams, EDGE Mississippi
        85. Cameron Jurgens, OC Nebraska
        99. Dameon Pierce, RB Florida
        113. Greg Dulcich, TE UCLA
        145. DeAngelo Malone, EDGE Western Kentucky
        153. Velus Jones Jr., WR Tennessee
        189. Percy Butler, S Louisiana

  42. KD

    Feels good to be able to take the next two days off work and just play some Elden Ring with some draft podcasts in the back ground till 4:30, then pop open some good beer, some home made guac and chips and let the madness unfold. Gonna be a fun evening with you all.

    • Sea Mode

      Sounds like a plan!

  43. Ben

    For some intrigue, PFT mentions that the Deebo trade is likely to be kept quiet until the last minute so the 49ers can’t get leapfrogged. Very curious how that’s gonna play into the #9 pick, might make our pick more valuable. And if Schneider tries to troll the 49ers with some Jets-Metcalf talk…

    • Big Mike

      Mostly retired here and got the Mariners on this morning with the draft this evening. Good sports day.

      • Big Mike

        Was supposed to be a response to KD above.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Flexen is looking sharp out there today! Staying on the corners and mixing his pitches really well. Best hes looked this year.

  44. V

    Adam Schefter: Houston picks No. 3, but Texans also have been exploring a trade back up for a second top-10 pick, per league sources. If the right player is there, the Texans are trying to position themselves to move their second first-round pick at No. 13 to go get him.

    Albert Breer: What some teams believe Nick Caserio’s play could be—the Texans take their tackle at 3, then maneuver to get in front of Seattle to land LSU CB Derek Stingley with a trade up from 13.


    • Rob Staton


  45. Blitzy the Clown

    Listening to the podcast this morning (on youtube of course) the discussion about Kayvon Thibodeaux being both an elite level athlete and a cocksure aspiring entrepreneur from Los Angeles reminded me of a couple of former Seahawks greats – Bobby Wagner and Richard Sherman – both elite athletes, both extremely self confident, and both from LA.

    Maybe Wags was less a bit cocky, and maybe Sherm was a bit more (though that remains to be seen). But both flourished under Pete Carroll. Both became the best in the NFL at their respective positions. And both had their minds on their money, in a business-centric sorta way, the entire time.

    So, having come pretty much full circle on KT, I know present to the blog my ranked choice of preference for the #9 pick:

    1. Kayvon Thibodeaux – seriously, just dance a happy jig all the way to the podium and dance that jig for 10 seconds at the mic before announcing the pick
    2. Derek Stingley – I think he’s Darrelle Revis level talent who always goes top 5 (and probably will at #3 to Houston)
    3. Jermaine Johnson – perhaps a more complete DE than KT, but not as special at the one thing this team needs from its front 4 (regardless of the alignment)
    4. Trade down

    Been a fantastic pre draft season for you Rob. You’ve outdone yourself and set the standard anew. That’s for sharing the ride.

    • MychestisBeastmode

      I am picturing in my mind the debate scene from the movie “Old School” and just after posting this you saying “what I happened? I just backed out.”

      Because my immediate response is “I have no rebuttal. Your point is perfect in every way.”

  46. Erik

    Rob, any chance you plan to update your Horizontal board before the draft tonight, or is the one you posted in March still current in your mind?

    • Rob Staton

      There will be an update posted pre-draft

      • Erik

        Terrific. Thank you, and thanks for all the posts. I read you multiple times a day. I hope this hobby turns into everything you hope.

      • Sea Mode

        Rob, are we still doing the graphics?

        • Rob Staton

          Bloody hell, I’ve totally forgotten man. So sorry. It’s been manic the last seven days at work and with this. Shall we just do one for tomorrow, day two?

          • Sea Mode

            Haha, no worries. I’ve seen you busy with “the other football” stuff on Twitter. (the two goals in one minute was pretty cool, btw.)

            Well, we’ve got a couple hours now if you want to send something for today. I’m just killing time for now until the draft starts anyways, so I could do it. But it’s really up to whether it’s something you want to do and whether you have time now too. I imagined you were focused on finishing off your board.

  47. MattyB

    UK fan here, this will be the first time I’ll be watching the first rd live all thanks to the energy and insight provided by SDB,
    I feel Seattle will have a huge dilemma this evening as it’s feeling like one or even two of their main ‘we can’t miss’ guys will be there at #9…..will they take him or try and build my picks….

    • MattyB

      Also been watching NFL network and they have been pushing the idea that the Giants and Panthers should trade back for more picks. If this happens would that dry up the potential trade prospects for Seattle

    • Sea Mode

      I think Seattle will be hellbent on trading down and really work to make it happen.

      Will it be hard to get a deal? Sure. But I feel like our spot at #9 is desirable for teams who want to get ahead of the Jets for a WR. Especially if ATL decides to take one off the board first.

    • Sneekes

      I hope you have your draft snacks all ready.

    • Crosljam

      Snap on both counts!

  48. Madmark

    If draft happens it’d be a win for the OL. I really believe in order to get Tyler Linderbaum OC Iowa we would have to trade up into the 30’s to get. He’s such a talent. This the guy I don’t to leave the draft without. I like your draft.

  49. DC

    What’s really going to kill me is if they trade down and select Penning. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Penning, I can see him as a pick around #20. But after what PCJS gave up for the Peacock because “they never get a chance to pick in the top 10” and when they do, they trade back will piss me off exponentially.

    Even more so if KT or JJ is on the board.

    • Big Mike

      I don’t think even these 2 are dumb enough to do it if Thibs is on the board. JJ though, I fully expect you’d be pissed off.

  50. Gross MaToast

    I know you’re all wondering, “wow, I wonder what Mr. Supergenius would do in this draft. I don’t know if I can make it through the day without seeing his final mock.” Well, it’s your lucky day, my friends.

    I traded completely out of Round 1 and down again whenever additional picks were in play.

    I came up with this:

    40. Channing Tindall LB
    43. Abraham Lucas. T
    49. David Ojabo Edge
    59. Bernhard Raimann T/G
    72. Cole Strange. G/C
    96. Cameron Jurgens C
    98. Dameon Pierce. RB
    109. Jelani Woods. TE
    116. Micheal Clemons. Edge
    126. Damarri Mathis. CB
    136. Obinna Eze. T/G
    145. Smoke Monday. S
    152. Zamir White RB
    153. Danny Gray. WR
    165. Josh Paschal Edge
    174. Logan Bruss. T/G
    209. Jack Coan. QB
    226. Velus Jones Jr. WR
    229. Percy Butler. S
    234. Tyrion Davis-Price. RB
    258. Clarence Hicks. LB

    2023 NO 2nd
    2023 NO 4th

    I know…I can’t believe I’m not in charge of an NFL team, either.

    Happy Draft Day, draft nerds.

    • Sea Mode

      Indeed, I was literally thinking just that… ok, not exactly… 😂

      On the one hand, I would think TE would be out of the question after acquiring Fant. On the other hand, I have a really easy time picturing them at their Day 3 presser gushing about how “unique” Jelani Woods is after grabbing him at the top of R4. There really is no one like him.

      • Gross MaToast

        Red Zone, 3rd and 8 – DK, Fant, Jelani Woods, Lockett – matchup hell, pick your poison, but guess what, it doesn’t matter because we hand the ball to Deejay Dallas for a 2 yard loss and then Myers shanks the field goal. It looked different in practice.

        • Sea Mode


        • Big Mike

          and another lol from me

    • cha

      What’s great about this is the Seahawks have 69 players already contracted. So your 21 picks Gross tops them at 90 for the season.

      So that $160k or so pool for UDFA’s we can spend that on wine, women and song.

      • Gross MaToast

        We’re taking that $160k and heading to Tijuana for a weekend of scouting.

    • Madmark

      My question is the 10 million they set a side for draft will be enough to pay all these players.

      • Gross MaToast

        Not saying there won’t be some hurt feelings along the way.

  51. JD

    What would Rob’s top 20 Big Board look like? The Horizontal board is incredibly helpful but I think a quick big board would assist us in the top half or R1.

    Trying to think of different scenarios and if say in the unlikely chance that Stingley and KT are available, who would he prefer? Or if Ekwonu falls, would we rather have him or a JJ? Situations like that.

    Rob I know and appreciate all the work you do for us! Incredibly special and entertaining.

    Can’t see them trading out of the top 20 though so maybe a quick top 20 big board would help us follow even closer tonight with all the craziness.

    • UkAlex6674

      I can see it. Trade down to early/mid-teens see what the boards like. No bueno then move down again.

  52. UkAlex6674

    Does anyone think GB will trade up to grab a premier WR at 9 to placate Rodgers?

    Draft value charts suggest both their picks would be needed.

    Would you be happy with the 2 later picks?

  53. Rob Staton

    Just remembered… we can get excited to see if any of the players attending the draft are wearing a blue and green suit.

    • Madmark


      • JJ

        If any of the qbs or Penning are I am turning off the TV.

  54. MontanaMike

    That was some of the most insightful analysis I’ve heard at all. Home run Rob

    • Rob Staton


  55. no frickin clue

    I’m hopeful that we will get to see the rare but always-enjoyable ‘Please put me down’ face on the uncomfortable sports agent after he gets bear-hugged by a just-announced 1st round draft pick.

  56. Leo

    I saw that Zierlein comped Desmond Ridder to Alex Smith and now I’m seriously worried, Alex Smith seems like Pete and John’s dream archetype at QB. They just might be crazy enough to do it…

    • UkAlex6674

      If Ridder plays like Smith I will have no issue with that. What makes you so worried?

      • Rob Staton

        I think there’s little chance he plays like Smith

        He’d be like a bad version of Smith IMO

  57. MontanaMike

    I want so badly to accumulate more pics, it depends on who’s there at #9 if any elite talent is there
    Please no TE or S or QB
    Rebuild the lines and pick a dominant 3-4 LB oh yeah and that kicker
    Hi to STTBM and my other NW homies

    • STTBM

      Mike, may your heart not be broken by Seattle’s brain trust today! I know you’re keeping the faith. If I’ve got any faith left in them, it’s mustard-seed sized!

      Pass rush or corner with first pick or I’m gonna watch Denver games all year…

  58. Sea Mode


    All of that said, there are still way more teams looking to come up than move down. The two that seem to have done the most significant groundwork on dealing up, as far as I can tell, are the Eagles and Chiefs. I could see Philly moving up into the middle of the top 10, maybe for a corner, maybe for a pass rusher, maybe for a receiver. I could see Kansas City making a jump, too, but maybe for a corner—with a receiver like Georgia’s George Pickens being in play with the first-rounder they don’t wind up moving.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m officially bored of this now and just want R1 to start

      • Sea Mode

        Me stoked cause it’s finally draft day: 😀

        Me when I remember that the draft starts at 2AM in Europe: 😒

      • Big Mike


  59. cha

    FWIW Huddle Reports’ current top dog has Kayvon to the Seahawks at #9


    • Sea Mode

      Let it be so

      • Jabroni-DC

        I had a brief, insane thought that the Seahawks would actually trade UP with Carolina if Thibodeaux was available at #6.

  60. James

    Will John and Pete work from their previous championship formula? To my mind, Earl Thomas was the only R1 pick of their past dozen drafts who significantly contributed to that championship team and the subsequent teams that made playoff runs. No wonder John and Pete covet multiple mid-round picks… that entire team was built upon elite players found in R2 and later: Russ, Wagz, Beast, Kam, Sherm, etc. Yet, if Pete really wants to repeat the formula, will he try to reconstruct LoB, the Sequel? He already has two brilliant safeties (assuming Jamal stays healthy and Hurtt and Dessai know how to use him properly). Add a shutdown corner (Sauce or Stingley), and let the games begin? Of course, that means hanging onto #9 to see if one of those CBs is available. If not, only then a trade down to the mid-R1 for an extra R2 seems certain? Then, grab Penning or my shockingly-ignorant pick Malik Willis (before the Saints or the Steelers get him). I just believe that John and Pete intend to win a ring by going for a home-run QB, even at the risk of a R1 pick, and Willis has the legs and the arm to be a home-run, IF he has the right stuff between the ears, and beating in his chest, and only John, if anyone, knows that.

    • James

      btw, Liberty’s coach Hugh Freeze told NFL.com this week that the three teams that have invested the most contact regarding Malik Willis are the Panthers, the Seahawks and the Steelers, fwiw.

  61. porter

    Rob, thank you thank you thank you for all of your hard work and incredible, unparalleled insight. You truly make it fun to be a Seahawks fan (even though it is extremely difficult at times). I don’t waste my time with literally any other football media besides SDB and check it every day.

    You are the best. Period. And I love the community that is here.

    I’m going to keep praying that someday, the Seahawks Front Office reaches out to you and gives you a job.

    • Hawk Mock

      Just out of curiosity, Rob, have you ever reached out to them about if they were hiring for a scout/draft advisor/genius or looked into what it might take to get your foot in the door? This website and all of the amazing content over the years, your segments on KJR, etc seem like they would be amazing resume boosters.

      • Rob Staton

        Appreciate you saying — and I’ve always said I’d more than happily come in to be the resident tea boy — but I think there’s more chance of me being asked to play ‘Madonna’ in a biopic.

  62. Gross MaToast

    To kill time, if you’re interested, Paul Allen’s former home in Santa Fe has been on the market for over a year. If you’re looking for a quiet little spot to get away from it all, check it out:


    • STTBM

      I would be happy living in the greenhouse. I wish our sorta owner would move there and sell the team…

  63. Coach

    What are your predictions for the positions of need – draft or FA?

    Mine are:

    QB – Mayfield (for a 5th next year that could turn into a 3rd if he becomes our starter)
    RB – Pierce
    LT – Duane Brown
    RT – Lucas
    C – Jurgens
    Edge – JJ or Williams Ole Miss
    LB – Tindall Georgia
    CB – McCollum

    Go Hawks!

    • Ross

      You bring up a point that I had kind of forgotten about. Baker Mayfield. Something is going to happen with him. Perhaps tonight is when CLE realizes they have zero leverage and lets him go for almost nothing and pays a good portion of his salary. I hope it isn’t Seattle, but if PC/JS gave up a 7th rounder for him and were on the hook for a few million, then i’d be okay with it, especially if they skipped the other QBs in this draft.

      Hoping for one of Stingley, Jermaine Johnson, Thibodeaux, or Gardner in the 1st. And a C and LB in the 2nd. Lucas in the 3rd.

  64. MontanaMike

    I looked at the pictures and I really like the layouts especially the greenhouse, it would have to include the furniture before I would think about putting in a credit application.

  65. Denver Hawker

    Does the draft start at 5p PST or is it a half hour of blabbering first?

    • Dregur

      It’s an HOUR of babble first.

      • Big Mike

        After a couple of months of babbling

  66. clbradley17

    Although probably not going to happen with all the trade downs and players slotted too low at PFN, one of my many dream scenarios in the draft tonight. Forgot to get Coan at QB late like in other mocks though.

    Jermaine Johnson
    EDGE Florida State

    Troy Andersen
    LB Montana State
    trade icon

    Abraham Lucas
    OT Washington State
    trade icon

    Sam Williams
    EDGE Mississippi
    trade icon

    Cam Taylor-Britt
    CB Nebraska
    trade icon

    Cameron Jurgens
    OC Nebraska
    trade icon

    Nik Bonitto
    EDGE Oklahoma
    trade icon

    Jeremy Ruckert
    TE Ohio State
    trade icon

    Dameon Pierce
    RB Florida
    trade icon

    Zach Tom
    OT Wake Forest
    trade icon

    Damarri Mathis
    CB Pittsburgh
    trade icon

    Zamir White
    RB Georgia
    trade icon

    Rasheed Walker
    OT Penn State

    Matt Henningsen
    DT Wisconsin
    trade icon

    Akayleb Evans
    CB Missouri
    trade icon

    Josh Paschal
    EDGE Kentucky
    trade icon

    Amare Barno
    EDGE Virginia Tech
    trade icon

    Obinna Eze
    OT TCU
    trade icon

    Scott Nelson
    S Wisconsin
    trade icon

    Mike Rose
    LB Iowa State
    trade icon

    Bo Melton
    WR Rutgers
    trade icon

  67. Sea Mode


    Matt Schneidman

    ‘Twas the night before draft day
    All cheeseheads are believers
    That this is finally the first round
    They take a receiver

    Brian trades up to 14
    Time to punch the Super Bowl ticket
    The pick is in
    Packers select Kenny Pickett

  68. Mark

    Which draft telecast are you watching tonight? ESPN or NFL network?

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