Draft notes on a quartet of players

Just a few thoughts on players I’ve been watching this week…

Shaun Wade (CB, Ohio State)
Sometimes a player just jumps off the screen and wows you. Wade had that impact for me. He’s essentially Ohio State’s #3 cornerback and plays in the slot. That’s no review of his performance though. The outside spots are occupied by likely top-12 pick Jeff Okudah and Damon Arnette (who could also go in the top-45).

He’s only a redshirt sophomore and with Okudah and Arnette heading to the NFL in 2020, he might prefer to stay another year for an opportunity to be the #1 corner on the team. However, based on what he’s shown already in his young career, he looks like a future high pick.

Wade’s well sized at 6-1 and 194lbs. He looks every bit the former elite 5-star recruit from 2017. It’s a shame he didn’t do the SPARQ workouts. Okudah (142.56) and J.K. Dobbins (146.76) both excelled. Indeed Ohio State have loaded their team with top SPARQ testers recently and it’s showing with the way they’re outclassing teams in terms of speed and explosive ability.

He’s exceptional in coverage even when he’s assigned difficult 1v1 tasks in space. He absolutely hammers as a hitter when he’s given an opportunity. As a freshman he had three interceptions. This year he’s added some blitz ability and he’s a sure tackler — recording a sack and two TFL’s. Wade has a fantastic combination of short-area quickness, recovery speed, ball-tracking and he can be physical.

It’s incredible to think Ohio State might have three first round cornerbacks on their roster. Everyone hope for a playoff game between Alabama and Ohio State. Imagine Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs and DeVonta Smith vs Jeff Okudah, Damon Arnette and Shaun Wade — with the likely #1 overall pick throwing the passes.

Wade may or may not declare but I’m putting him in the top-20 of my next mock.

Ashtyn Davis (S, California)
I’ve been searching for safety’s this year. It’s a weak crop. LSU’s Grant Delpit could go in the top-five. Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons could be a high pick too (although some teams might move him to linebacker). After that there’s a real dearth of alternatives.

The Seahawks could use a playmaker in the secondary. We know they don’t spend big on cornerbacks so the likelihood of a big addition (free agent or high pick) is unlikely there. They’ve invested plenty of picks at safety without any real long term solutions emerging. Hopefully Marquise Blair can grow into a starter. Bradley McDougald remains their best tone-setter, leader and playmaker in the secondary.

Adding a ball-hawk with range and proven production would be a boost this off-season.

Their best bet honestly might be a trade. The more I search in this draft class the harder it is to find options. Players could still emerge. The team might have their eye on someone. I recently had a look to see if Ashtyn Davis was an option but I came away unconvinced.

There’s no doubt he has flashes of quality. He had a couple of really athletic interceptions against Colorado last season. He had four picks in total in 2018 but is yet to get his first in 2019. There are also some decent hits when you look through his highlights videos. Certainly if you watch the best-bits you’d come away excited. However, on tape I thought he looked passive for the most part. He’s quick rather than rangy and there’s little evidence that he’ll be a big tester at the combine. There wasn’t a great deal to get excited about.

This isn’t to say he shouldn’t be applauded. He’s gone from being a walk-on to a starter at California and that deserves major credit. You need a bit more than just that to become a quality, playmaking NFL safety though. There just aren’t that many in the league. Try and name ten great safety’s currently playing in the NFL. It isn’t easy. I’m not sure Davis is much more than a late-round flier in the next draft, despite a lot of positive publicity recently.

DeVonta Smith (WR, Alabama)
Everyone talks about Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs at Alabama but it’s time people started talking about Smith. Especially Seahawks fans. Watching him you can just imagine Seattle’s front office loving his competitiveness, quickness and catching technique.

Every time I’ve watched Alabama this season he’s stood out. He’s practically unstoppable on slants. He’s an excellent hands-catcher. He has a burst of acceleration to separate and when he has the ball in his hands he can round corners and explode away from potential tacklers.

On Saturday I noted that he set a school record with 274 receiving yards. He broke Amari Cooper’s record from 2014. He also scored five touchdowns — another school record. With the five scores he also showed off his range of abilities. Smith took a slant 74-yards for a score. He had TD’s on a crossing route with some YAC and a pass into the flat. His fourth touchdown was a deep post. His final score was a great sideline grab running towards the end zone.

This was a message to the NFL — ‘I can do it all‘.

At SPARQ he ran a 4.13 short shuttle and jumped a 35-inch vertical. I’m not sure he won’t work his way into the first round discussion. At the very least it’s time to start talking about him in the top-50. He’s a very talented receiver. And as I mentioned earlier — don’t be surprised if he ends up on Seattle’s radar. With a first round pick and two second round picks, it makes sense that at least one of those selections goes on a receiver or tight end (Hunter Bryant anyone?).

Lamar Jackson (CB, Nebraska)
I had initially planned to write a glowing review for Jackson. He currently leads the nation with ten passes defended. He has an interception, three TFL’s, a sack and a forced fumble. He’s 6-3 and 215lbs. He’s a former four-star recruit and he jumped a 36-inch vertical at SPARQ.

When you look at him it’s hard not to be impressed. There are certainly plays on tape where he flashes some playmaking quality and he uses his size and length very well. However, just before I was ready to write that this was the guy we need to focus on for Seattle in the later rounds — I watched a couple of BIG-10 contests in detail. There were some turn-off moments too.

For starters — it’s great being 6-3 and 215lbs in some ways but at that size it’s inevitable there’s going to be some stiffness. In coverage at times he’s just not quick enough to stick and everything might have to be played in front. Teams will target him with faster receivers knowing he either offers a huge cushion or he might get beat over the top.

Secondly, there were a few moments where he got mixed up in coverage and appeared indecisive. There were also a couple of missed tackles. I was hoping at that size to see a few Brandon Browner-style hits to compensate for the extra size and the stiffness. It never really came.

Clearly he’s playing the ball well and making plays. I would urge all Seahawks fans to check him out if you can watch Nebraska. Yet to warrant serious consideration for Seattle he’s going to need to run at least in the 4.5’s and test reasonably well in the short shuttle. I fear he’s more of a 4.6 type if not slower. He has the numbers — physically and in terms of production. He’ll need the speed to match.

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  1. Volume12

    This is actually the exact same game he caught my eye 2 weeks ago. Just wrecks the pocket.

    Wake Forest DE Carlos ‘Boogie’ Basham (6’5, 270 lbs.) 6.5 TFL, 6 QB hurries, 4.5 sacks, 20 total pressures.

    Carlos Basham vs NC (2019):

    • Sea Mode

      Wow, impressive size and decent athleticism.

      To my untrained eye, he’s definitely gotta learn to stay lower and use hands better though. Dropping the shoulder to just push the OL back into the pocket isn’t going to work that easily at the next level.

    • Eli

      He looks pretty slow to me, or like he doesn’t really play with a lot of energy. Can’t argue with the stat line, and obviously this is the only footage I’ve seen of him, but it didn’t look like he was the cause for a lot of pocket breakdowns or pressure but rather just benefited from plays breaking down on their own.

  2. Volume12

    I wanted to like Lamar Jackson so much more than I did. I’m a big Nebraska fan. He’ll probably go higher than a day 3 pick because of his size and the season he’s having, but not a guy I’d feel comfortable with throwing him into the fire. I ain’t no GM though. Would be a great project if he does fall.

    • Sea Mode

      Yay, I’m glad we all see eye to eye on him.

      Shoutout again to “the other Jackson”, my guy Pitt CB Dane Jackson. Take a look when y’all get a chance. Similar size to Shaq Griffin, but tackles and hits well and has a nose for plays on the ball. 14 PBU and 4 FF last season. Could be good mid-round value.

      Dane Jackson RS junior highlights

  3. Pickering

    I’ve never liked either Ohio State or Alabama, but as Rob wrote would like to see the OSU DBs v. the Alabama receivers.

  4. charlietheunicorn


    I too think TE is almost a lock for an early draft pick. Bryant is homegrown, local to the Seahawks. He has played with Dissly, so there could be some inside intel on him (positive or negative) that could sway Seattle to take him earlier than projected. 2nd round sound right, especially late 2nd round. It would be more likely he could go in the mid 3rd round, but we all know Seattle sometimes likes to grab guys earlier than anticipated.

    I’m also of the opinion they might grab a RB kind of early. Not to replace Carson, but to replenish the stable of RBs. Prosise is a wildcard, but he will be a FA after this season and we have not seen enough of Homer to get an accurate assessment of his long term fit with the offense. A change of pace back / 3rd down back might be where the heat will be… and in 2021, the smasher RB.

    The WR would have to be special. Someone who either is fast and quick or does something very unique. I’m thinking of replacing Brown and Moore as an option/options at WR. They also have Ursua already and Jennings, so maybe that is not a big need after all.

    DT does seem like a slight need. Just some quality depth, unless a perfect guy fell to them. AS for falling to them, I expect Seattle to trade back in the draft out of the 1st round (or lower in 1st round) AGAIN. Pile up some picks in later 2020 rounds or 2021 picks. I would not rule out swinging some trades for established players, such as what the Patriots to to fill out their roster with 2/3rd year guys who know how to play in the NFL.

    • McZ

      I hate to say that, but to me, Jacob Breeland, Oregon is the better all-aspect TE. Doesn’t mean, we shouldn’t grab Bryant if we can get him.

      WRs, we let DeFonta Smith rise the ranks, and then take Henry Ruggs early R2.

    • Matt

      I think Bryant is definitely a Seahawks target post R2 – too many concerns and not a good enough athlete to use one of our top 3 picks on.

      I do completely agree that RB is another wildcard. I think one of the first 3 picks is going to be a “TD maker.” I don’t think this player makes it that far down, but I could easily see the Hawks taking a Deandre Swift in late R2 – if he was still on the board (which I doubt).

      Likewise I agree WR is another interesting one – and I think you are right that it would have to be someone with special speed. I kind of salivate at the idea of a offensive scheme with RW, Carson, Dissly, Lockett, DK, and another speedy WR. That is an absolutely deadly mix right there. RW running threat. Carson dump off. Dissly over the middle of the field. Lockett…anywhere. DK downfield. Speedy WR…anywhere. That would cover every blade of grass.

    • Simo

      Really think they will have to focus on rebuilding the dline, and to a lesser extent the oline next year. No guarantee Ansah or Clowney return, especially for what each will likely cost. And Reed is also a FA, so lots of work to do with that position group. Also will be in the market for a RT, as no sure thing Ifedi or Fant return.

      And like so much of the recent discussion, the Hawks still need playmakers in the secondary, so there may still be more focus there.

      Do agree that JS will likely trade back again and acquire even more picks. He seems so comfortable picking in the 45-90 range and wants more picks in that area.

      • Robeetle12

        The O-Line is going to need attention in this draft. Ifedi is in his last year. Fluker is year to year as is Iupati. Duane Brown is no spring chicken…..Jamarco Jones and Simmons have not been healthy in 2 years. The Hawks need to address this.

        • Rob Staton

          They also could re-sign Ifedi and/or Fant, they just drafted a guard they like and they seem more inclined to sign veterans these days. So not a given they spend high stock on the OL.

  5. Kenny Sloth

    Is there a better athlete than Simone Biles in the world right now?

    • Dale Roberts

      She might be the greatest ever… at her size. If she was 7′ tall or 6′ 4″ @ 320 lbs and could take a punch then she would totally be the greatest athlete ever.

      • charlietheunicorn

        I would argue Tiger Woods in his early years or Michael Jordan were more transcendent.
        But the adversity that Biles has overcome to perform, is truly remarkable. I think one of the biggest freaks I’ve ever watched perform is a toss up between Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt. Both were clearly better than anyone they faced. The 100 Bolt put together for the world record, was truly remarkable. He clearly could have shaved another 0.1s-0.15s off the world record time, but coasted in for the current world record time.

        • Awsi Dooger

          That’s not how it played out. Bolt showboated at the end of the 2008 Olympic 100 meter final in Beijing, winning in 9.69 but heavily criticized for not dropping the time even lower.

          Bolt was more serious one year later at the world championships in Berlin. He ran through the line in both the 100 and 200, establishing world records that still stand and could stand for decades…9.58 and 19.19.

          It is extremely doubtful that Bolt could have eclipsed 9.58 if he ran through the line in Beijing. There is always a severe exaggeration of how much time is sacrificed by the late coast. The runners are incredibly relaxed in that mode so they are still carrying tremendous speed even if not going full out. You lose time when muscles tighten up.

          Bolt was not quite as dominant in 2012 but did lower his Olympic record to 9.63 in London.

          If there is any small annoyance it is that Bolt did not run more frequently and push the limits during his absolute peak seasons of 2008 through 2011. I don’t think he realized that he would start to slow down ever slightly beyond that point.

    • Rob Staton

      No disrespect to Simone Biles but I can think of a significant collection of better athletes. She’s great but let’s be realistic.

      • Sea Mode

        Agreed as far as athleticism. I’d say she definitely has a case for most dominant in her field. There’s just no one even close to her and what she’s attempting and pulling off.

        • Robeetle12

          I live mere miles from her home base and have seen her for years. There is no doubt she is one of the top athletes of all time in our generation and it isn’t even close to being a debate. She DOMINATES in competition and that is the barometer of success.

        • Awsi Dooger

          Adam Peatty is probably the single most dominant athlete in the world right now, in terms of a single speciality. He is 1.4 seconds faster than any man in history in the 100 meter breaststroke. That is surreal for such a short distance. Nobody else has ever gone under 58 seconds. Peatty has gone under 57 seconds. He owns the 16 fastest times ever for that event.

          He’s phenomenal at 50 meters also, the world record holder and only person ever to break 26 seconds.

  6. Dale Roberts

    Elijah Molden had a 34″ vertical, 4.44 40, and 6.68 3-cone in the Husky combine. Do you think he’ll declare for the 2020 draft and what do you think his NFL prospects are?

    • Rob Staton

      Not a player I’ve studied but I read that he’s a diminutive Budda Baker type. Not sure how right that is.

      • Matt

        Molden is a really nice player but he’s limited to the nickel position. Incredible agility. I think he absolutely has a bright NFL future but I don’t see a guy who is highly coveted in the draft (probably mid rounds). I think he returns to UW where he takes over Myles Bryant position and I think that makes him more appealing bc it will give him time at the Safety position.

    • Eli

      I think he probably sticks around another year, he’s pretty limited as just a pure nickel type and not likely to be drafted super super high. Lots of good players in the defensive backfield for the huskies in the coming years though: Molden, Kyler Gordon (my favorite of the bunch), Keith Taylor, Myles Bryant.

  7. Dale Roberts

    Rob… What do you think of Dane Brugler’s (whom I enjoy reading) top sixty draft board? With seven QBs and plenty of DL, OL, and CB options it really seems to play to the Hawks’ needs. Those seven QBs will push some talent down to the later first and second round slots. A caveat is that I’d be surprised to see four running backs go in the top sixty picks.

    Delpit @ 13
    Brown @ 17
    Kinlaw @ 19
    Okwara @25
    Davis @ 26
    Gross-Matos @ 29
    Hall @34
    Terrell @ 37
    Bryant @ 42
    Willis @ 56

    Are you ready to publish a top sixty?


    • Rob Staton

      Delpit is too low.

      I don’t subscribe to the Athletic so can’t view the full list.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve seen the list now. I have to be honest… I hated it. I’ve got absolutely no idea how A.J. Espensa can be listed in the top-10. Chase Young is not the best prospect for 2020. Grant Delpit at 13. Ashtyn Davis in the top-50. Shaun Wade in the low 50’s. Not a fan of the list.

  8. Zxvo3

    Rob, through 4 games, what do you think is our biggest need right now in the draft?

    • Rob Staton

      The biggest needs are to be determined depending on who leaves. So could be pass rush or right tackle. Could be a playmaker in the secondary. Could be a BAMF.

  9. McZ

    Davis is a late-round flyer, I never saw him as something different. I think, I want him just because we need loud and outspoken guys, leaders, players that climb to the occasion and work their ass off. Kam was exactly that.

    Read this…

    “But in the middle of track season, Davis showed up to a meet only to realize that his sprints and hurdles coach, Bob Sanders, had incorrectly entered him into the 110-meter hurdles event, not the 100 sprint. A competitor at heart, Davis hopped into the starting blocks.”

    A couple of months later, he was the top hurdler in their track&field team, breaking all school records. He then went to Cal and repeated this. He then worked his way into the football squad and repeated this. He now is the backbone of fheir secondary, and teams tend to scheme around him (too bad for them, Jaylinn Hawkins is also very good). Still, he puts up the numbers.

    If this sounds like a sales pitch, it indeed is.

    • Rob Staton

      That’s a nice story. But to me that doesn’t really mean anything if he’s not good enough to play free safety at the next level.

      • Sea Mode

        Exactly. To me, the track star and gritty background says core ST demon and backup safety potential.

      • McZ

        This is why he is a late rounder. He is not the complete player you expect to draft in the top 50.

        Tbh, a lot of guys are not able to play FS at the next level. Of the 32 teams, maybe 6 or 7 are having a decent solution at FS. Weddle, Bates, Bethea, Peppers, Smith, maybe Poyer… that’s it. Then there is a small group of average guys.

        The latter group includes Siran Neal, who is slowly climbing the ladder, and whom I wanted to draft in R5 in 2018, for much the same reasoning. He swings between nickel and second string FS this season, had a nice sack vs GB.

        While we are at it, the Seahawks FS stats 2019 are currently:

        – Lano Hill 6 tackles on 118 D + 48 ST snaps
        – Tedric Thompson 5 tackles on 132 D + 16 ST snaps
        – Marquise Blair 3 tackles on 4 D + 17 ST snaps
        – Ugo Amadi 2 tackles on 21 D + 45 ST snaps

        By comparison, McDougald has 17, Tre Flowers 22 and Shaquill Griffin 16 tackles. I cannot think, how it could get any worse by playing Blair.

        • Rob Staton

          I just don’t think they need yet another ‘body’ at safety. They need a stud.

        • Eli

          There’s a lot more than 6 or 7 decent FS’s in the NFL… Malik Hooker? Micah Hyde? Damarious Randall? Kevin Byard?

          • McZ

            Micah Hyde plays SS, I forgot Byard and Hooker, so that makes 7. The other guys have average 2019 stats.

      • McZ

        Just to add to the discussion… PFF ranks him #2 prospect of 2019 safeties, ahead of Carter, Reed and Gilman, only behind Delpit.

        I think, this is much too high, but then this is also not a very good safety class. And his type of all over the place tacklers are in high demand these days.

        • Rob Staton

          I can only say what I see. I don’t see a NFL caliber playmaking safety. Doesn’t mean he can’t be effective in college.

  10. Matt

    Good stuff Rob and I totally agree that a pass catcher (WR or TE) would be a really wise investment with one of those first 3 picks (again showing the incredible value that an extra second rounder provides).

    One thing I will slightly disagree on – I don’t think Hunter Bryant is a top 2 round pick. I follow UW very closely – he has significant injury concerns to the point where Petersen has publicly stated they need to manage his practice reps. Also – he is not nearly the athlete that people make him out to be. While people grossly overrate his athletic ability (I think he’s a 4.75 guy – low 4.8s coming out of HS), he is actually a serviceable blocker. He’s never going to be an inline guy but he can handle LBers pretty well. He’s a fantastic talent, but I think he is only going to be a real success in the NFL with a creative offensive mind (NE would be a great fit). I think if the Seahawks can get him in R3 – that’s a really intriguing pairing with Dissly.

    I know the Hawks usually wait on CB, but I think this is an intriguing year to go CB in R1 and a combo of WR/DE/S in R2 and R3. I appreciate Pete’s ability to coach up players in the secondary – the problem I see is that they need a playmaker back there. Someone who can create turnovers. Griffin has looked really good, but his problem remains that he just doesn’t pick the ball off. Flowers is a nice player and it’s incredible what they’ve coached him up to do, but again, I just see a guy who is easily upgradable at this point. I really wouldn’t mind a double dipping of a playmaking CB and FS in the first 64 picks.


    • Rob Staton

      I don’t necessarily agree on the CB position. But considering they’ve seemingly never remotely considered doing it, I can’t project it. Made that mistake two years ago.

      • Matt

        What do you disagree about on the CB position? Targeting early or do you think I’m wrong in my assessment that they don’t create turnovers?

        And I agree it’d be a break from tradition – I would never bet on it, but I think it’d be wise to inject some much needed talent.

        • Rob Staton

          Targeting early. They’ve never done it. And I will say for good reason too. Their scheme is set up to plug in CB’s. They could use a playmaker or two in the secondary but I can’t see it being an early pick simply because a decade of evidence stacks against them going in that direction.

          • Matt

            Ok got it and totally agree. Just wanted to clarify.

  11. Sea Mode

    Everyone hope for a playoff game between Alabama and Ohio State. Imagine Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs and DeVonta Smith vs Jeff Okudah, Damon Arnette and Shaun Wade — with the likely #1 overall pick throwing the passes.

    … and top 10 pick Chase Young hunting him down!

    • Volume12


      He beat Golden Tate a** like he owed him $, and than went out and sealed the deal with that KR for a TD all while being toasted? This sociopath is a god damn legend.

      • Volume12

        Supposed to be posted below.

  12. Sea Mode

    I know nobody cares about him any more, but yet another reminder that knowing the person is more important than talent when it comes to scouting. Really surprising we gave up as much as we did to trade for and pay this guy, especially since Bevell had to have known about his issues, beyond just the headaches.

    Untold Stories Episode 3 with Percy Harvin

    Percy Harvin shares how he smoked weed before every game to help with his anxiety disorder/migraines.

    Plus, he opens up about fighting Golden Tate before Super Bowl 48.


    • cha

      My best takeaway from that is Lynch being the peacemaker between the two.

      No wonder the locker room loved him.

    • Volume12

      If Percy, MegaTron, and countless others are smoking, how in the hell does Josh Gordon keep getting suspended?

      • TomLPDX

        Josh is on his best behavior right now, don’t jinx him! I was just thinking this morning…Josh vs. AB…I’ll root for Josh!

  13. Robeetle12

    Just a question. Why is T. Thompson getting reps at S.?…His stupid penalty in the game Sunday was ridiculous. His ridiculous “attempt” at an INT before that. Is Blair that far behind that he doesn’t merit playing time over an ineffective mistake making safety?…What the hell did they draft him in the 2nd round then?…To watch how NOT to play safety?

    • Rob Staton

      Some rookies need time. No need to worry about Blair.

      • Robeetle12

        So at this point he’s deemed worse than the bumbling Thompson?…..I know players take time but, playing time can actually move players forward quicker. Look at Tre Flowers a converted S to CB. He was thrown in there and has been solid.

        Guys need playing time to “get it”….Maybe Kupp wouldn’t cross the middle so much with a hrd hitter like Blair in there. Thompson?…Hahahaha, I expect to see Kupp smoke him regularly.

        • Rob Staton

          I know fans have already made their mind up on Tedric but there’s a reason he and Delano are starting and it’s not because they’re purposely holding Marquise back. This defense is absolutely built on doing a very specific job snap to snap. Knowing the scheme is integral. If Blair needs a bit of time to get up to speed, that’s fine by me.

          • Gohawks5151

            Blair missed a lot of camp due to injury so i would think he started out a little behind. He is also a bit of a gambler in coverage as well which I’m sure they are working on with him too. I think Pete knows they have enough issues in pass defense/rush that they don’t need to compound them. Pete will play a young player but not before they are ready (ie Kam)

  14. Volume12

    Looking at some guys who’s stock is going down IMO, and can someone explain to me what Raekwon Davis has done this season? I know he gets banged up quite a bit, but give me Terrell Lewis over him any day of the week that ends in ‘Y.’

    • Rob Staton

      The game I studied him, until he picked up an injury he controlled the LOS had a fantastic TFL working down the line and he looked like a man against boys.

      • Volume12

        For me he’s a guy who has incredible physical traits. I feel like too often he’s held in check. To be that big and have the mobility he does, I’m left wondering why he’s not imposing his will and dominating?

  15. RWIII

    I just want to make a quick observation on the Seahawk-Cardinal game. On Seattle’s first play it was a short pass to Tyler Lockett. It gained 8 yards. PERFECT. Now we have a situation that is 2nd down and 2 yards to go. This is perfect. Now you can run the football. Get a first down. After the Seahawks get a first down they now have some MOMENTUM. Now the Seahawks can get into a groove. Get a quick first down. Softening up the underbelly just a tad. Teams are expecting Seattle to run the football the first three plays of the game. So to start the game they are totally concentrating on stopping the run. To me it is really important to get a first down. Both to start the first possessions of each half. It’s seem whenever Seattle gets a first down to start a drive they do really well. So it is absolutely critical to get a first down right away to start each half.

  16. Awsi Dooger

    Thanks for spotlighting Buckeye players. There are too many to keep track of. Every week I start watching one guy but then get mesmerized by someone else. For example, last week I was watching the center Myers and right guard Davis before realizing both tackles look every bit as good.

    I’ve been watching the world track and field championships this week. The entire Ohio State team looks like that…exploding off the blocks.

    I’m still not sure if they are tough enough. Alabama would test that.

    • Rob Staton

      Agreed — would be a fascinating game for that reason. We’d learn a lot about Ohio State.

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