Draft related thoughts post-Lions game

The Seahawks showed they can run the ball successfully yesterday — with this O-line and these running backs.

Whatever the reason — the opponent, some schematic tweaks, greater commitment to run — this was their identity reborn. Re-established.

Calais Campbell, working for the NFL Network post-game, stated:

Seattle’s unbeatable when they get the run game going because their play action is unstoppable.”

One performance doesn’t make everything right. It does offer pause for thought though. Is it a one-off, or have they turned a corner?

This is a young offensive line, crafted for the future. Was last night a glimpse into that future? Maybe, maybe not. The challenge next week is to prove this isn’t a one-week-wonder.

Can they buy some faith as a unit?

It’s likely the Seahawks will keep adding to the O-line regardless — but the extent is open to change. Another collapse against Atlanta and perhaps they’ll feel obliged to spend free agent dollars on some proven, veteran replacements? Finish the season like they did against Detroit and they can probably justify adding extra competition via the draft and saving their cap resources for other positions (eg D-line).

At running back it feels inevitable they will add at least one more body in the off-season (if only to replace the spot vacated by Christine Michael). Thomas Rawls, infectious as he is during press conferences and a joy to listen to and root for, is arguably his own worst enemy. His penchant for physicality despite a modest frame has led to injuries.

He has Marshawn Lynch’s mindset, toughness and running style — but perhaps not his ability to absorb punishment.

When he plays like he did against Detroit — it’s clear he has an important role. It might be that his workload needs constant management. Yet when he’s on it — he can be spectacular and dynamic and everything they need. A tone setter.

C.J. Prosise and Alex Collins could be enough as a supporting cast — but do you want to risk the same problem happening again? Especially with the recent injury history of Rawls and Prosise?

Elijah Hood opting to turn pro after all was a potentially crucial piece of news this week. Slated to go somewhere in the middle rounds, Hood matches the type of running back Seattle has drafted in recent years in terms of physical profile (as highlighted in this piece I wrote for Field Gulls in November).

Hood isn’t necessarily going to come in and be a superstar — but he isn’t going to cost you an ultra high draft pick either. So unless you’re determined to go big at the position either with a veteran move or an early round prospect — he makes sense as an explosive, cost-effective option for this team.

The other good thing about the performance last night is it reminds you how talented and balanced Seattle’s roster is overall. They have needs — but who doesn’t? If they can run the ball, the defense will benefit. Everything connects.

And instead of needing to contemplate major overhauls and restarts, you’re looking at a whole range of different possibilities:

— Can they use their free agent money to go after a big fish D-liner such as Calais Campbell?

— Can they consider doubling down on the D-line, with a free agent splash and a first round pick given the extensive depth in that area in this class?

— Can they consider spending a high pick on a 6-4, 245lbs weapon (David Njoku) who could be set to run in the 4.4’s and in High School jumped 2.09 metres in the high jump — #1 among his peers during that particular indoor track season.

— Can they consider adding to the secondary with a high pick, something they haven’t done since Earl Thomas in 2010?

The above suggestions play into the hands of the draft class overall. There aren’t many good offensive tackles slated to go in the first two rounds. There’s better depth in the middle rounds — and that’s likely to be the same at running back. This is a draft class for DB’s and DE’s — with some freaky athletes mixed in at other positions.

It’s not worth overreacting to one game and assuming everything is fixed with the running game. Yet the Seahawks showed what they’re capable of. Let’s see if they can repeat the success in Atlanta next week and maybe change the complexion of the off-season in the process.


  1. JT

    Good thoughts. How the OLine finishes the season is really important. I want to see the same blocking execution when running the ball, since ATL’s defensive front is a sieve vs the run.

    How good would Campbell look in blue and green? It just seems like a perfect fit.

    • Rob Staton

      It would look very, very nice.

      • Nick

        Would he get paid more than Bennett?

        • Rob Staton

          Possibly. He’s on $15m this year but it’s the final year of a long contract. Similar age to Bennett (a year younger). Similar reputation.

          • Nick

            Thanks! I wonder if that would require them to up Cliff Avril. They love to reward guys internally, and it would be a little bit of a slap in the face of Cliff if they kept him at his current earnings and brought in a guy who made nearly 3x as more.

            • JT

              Avril has 2 years left on his deal – little chance they extend him this offseason after taking such a stand with Bennett and Kam in similar situations.

              • Nick

                Ok good call. I don’t think they pull the trigger on Calais Campbell, then. PCJS seem to really value rewarding the guys within the system and after a career year from Cliff it would seem a little bit like an “F u” to go out and pay someone else instead of him.

                • CHawk Talker Eric

                  If they don’t sign Campbell it will likely be because they get priced out of the market. They’re not going to avoid trying to add the second best DT in the League (behind Aaron Donald) solely because they’re worried about upsetting Avril.

                  And I suspect Avril would be happy to have Campbell on the team regardless of salary comparisons

                  • GerryG

                    ^^this 100%

                  • Phil

                    Maybe Avril realizes that with Campbell added, the workload on him (Avril), Bennett, Clark, and Marsh will be decreased thereby potentially adding a year or two to their respective careers. Once you have made it into the elite ranks, I would think your perspective would change to accommodate someone who would make your job a little easier. Yeah, yeah, I am sure there are guys who don’t like sharing snaps, but I like to think that on the Seahawks, they are a rarity.

        • JT

          The difference is timing of the contract. Campbell has way more leverage than Bennett did, as he’s a UFA. Bennett signed an extension over a year ahead of time to guarantee himself more money.

          Campbell should get a better deal than Bennett, unless he takes a steep discount.

      • Seahawcrates

        Hey Calais,
        About that running game next year when the linemen pups turn into fighting dogs…If you can’t beat em, how about joining em?

        • Rob Staton

          Sounds good to me 🙂

      • Narayi82

        Curious would we have enough cap space to sign him for a one year deal? I really want him. He is such a nasty player

  2. CC

    My choice if there is someone there is the high pick on a DB – maybe it isn’t the first round, but someone like Kevin King from UW would be so nice on the other side from Sherm. Shead and Lane are serviceable but we need to get another corner who narrows the field even more.

    i like Hood and would be fine with that pick, but that O line has to get it figured out. If we could get Calais Campbell that would be huge – if nothing else, not having to face him!

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really agree with this increasingly common opinion.

      For me Shead’s had a really nice year. A rookie CB, given the need to learn the technique, might not be ready to start immediately anyway. And they’ve done such a good job training their own QB’s. Spending a high pick now, of all the times, seems like such an unlikely thing.

      Now if there’s an incredible athlete or talent sat waiting there, that’s a different question. They might sense value and pull the trigger. But we have to see at the combine who that could be.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        The plays Shead gave up in the game yesterday, they were on the money throws. They were impossible to defend (over the top type). He is in position almost every play. Not much more you can ask of a guy when he is going to see most of the work opposite Sherman.

      • Ed

        Agreed. Shead has never really been toasted. Lane on the other hand, has been. But it’s more of a Hawks standard 5/6 rd corner. DL/OL/RB are the needs. Wouldn’t say no to a /S/Leo either though,

      • C-Dog

        Shead has been solid all year long.

      • GerryG

        Agreed. Beef up the DL with best available talent. That will improve the secondary way more than a high CB pick

      • drewjov11

        I don’t see Shead as anything but a guy. He doesn’t have great ability, ball skills, and he’s constantly targeted. He’s not a “good” player. He’s a decent player. An upgrade at corner is very much an option for this team.

        • Volume12

          As long as Sherm is here, doesn’t matter who is opposite of him. That guy will always be targeted.

          It’s a pretty deep group of corners, but most of these guys can’t tackle or get off a block to stop a screen pass to save their lives. Its one of the hardest positions to tranisition to from the college ranks to the pros.

          Any corner they draft will need seasoning, development, and will make plenty of mistakes. More than Shead who has actually had a damn good year. Shead just needs to locate the ball better.

        • Rob Staton

          As Volume 12 correctly notes, he’s playing across from Sherman. Of course he’s going to be targeted.

          He’s had an excellent year. If anyone thinks a rookie is going to come to Seattle, master the technique and provide an upgrade on what he’s done this year — they’ll be disappointed. There’s a reason why this team does what it does at corner.

          • sdcoug

            not to open up another discussion, but any “decrease” in the effectiveness of the secondary mirrors a decline in Line pressure since our 2013 dominance. Help (i almost used the word fix) the line, you help the secondary. We have the DBs and LBs, now go get Calais.

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Agreed, Shead has shown the kind of disciple, toughness, and resilience that we need in the LOB. As a cover-3 corner, you’re not going to shut down every underneath route, but he has remarkably contested a great many of them, and never gets beat deep. His tackling is also a real plus, and I would be surprised (without looking) if he wasn’t in the top-15 in passes defensed on the season. They are coming after him, but he’s held his own considering the volume.

            • Mr. Offseason

              The loss of Earl Thomas has hurt us and is a major concern going into the Falcons game. Thomas is frequently able to make up for Lane and to a lesser extent Shead’s inadequacies. Although, having Chancellor back is a huge boon considering everything we’ve learned about the leadership he brings in playcalling and pre-snap adjustments.

            • LLLOGOSSS


    • dawgma

      King should turn in amazing testing numbers, but maybe not the best 40 time, and he’s around 6’2-6’3 and 190 or so. Long, too. If he’s there in the 3rd or 4th I think they’d love him and I think he could be a really good fit for both player and team.

  3. New Guy

    OK, OK, finally watched some Njoku highlights.

    So the big IF – if we don’t have to spend major draft resources on OL and we think we can do a great Running Back by Committee with Elijah Hood (dude is definitely ‘rough trade’) in the mix with our current ‘delicate China’ backs we could pull some great FA and financial activity this off-season.

    pick #1 – Njoku
    pick #2 – DL
    pick #3 – Hood or OL
    Pick #4 – OL or Hood

    We could let Willson go, maybe Kearse (but maybe let him battle it out in Training Camp since he espouses a good ‘company line’ for rookies).
    Have some cash for Calais Campbell.

    We wouldn’t have to spend too much or tie our hands in the future – both Seahawk-y virtues.


    • Hawk Eye

      Kearse is going no where next year, cap hit to let him go is too high
      and even if the fans complain about him, the coaches still like him.

      i don’t see how they get Campbell, price will be too high, too much competition to get him.
      But would love to see someone in the AFC sign him away from Az

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree Hawk eye, he’s here at least 1 more year. I also believe that people should stop dreaming of Campbell. I like him too but interior pass rush is very coveted and he’s going to catch some coin somewhere

        • sdcoug

          Very real possibility you’re correct, but Campbell may be at the point of his career where he’s eyeing a ring. He may be open to a fair deal with a legit contender vs. squeezing every last cent out of his deal

          • Tien

            That’s what I’m hoping also as this will be the only chance we’ll get him. If Campbell just wants the biggest contract, I don’t think we can afford him.

  4. Nick

    I’m in LOVE with the idea of drafting an athletic TE with huge upside. Though, it looks like Tony Pauline believes Njoku isn’t a first round prospect. More top 100 player. Perhaps trade back?

    Here’s the source: http://caneswatch.blog.palmbeachpost.com/2016/12/08/2017-nfl-draft-opinions-mixed-on-miami-hurricanes-brad-kaaya-david-njoku/

    • JT

      Pauline stated that Njoku was viewed as top 100 “before the season started.”

      Athletic freak + really solid production this season = 2nd round floor, and he could easily go in the first.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        If he blows up the Combine, and he has that ability, he’ll rise.

    • Rob Staton

      It depends on his combine. If he does run that 4.4 — he might not be there for SEA at any stage.

  5. Cysco

    My view on the OL going into next season is; would they really be able to upgrade the OL via the draft? That answer is almost certainly No. There is virtually no chance they’re going to find a player at #25+ that is going to come in and take a job away from anyone on the current line.

    Could they find an upgrade for LT in free agency? Perhaps. But they’re certainly not going to upgrade next year’s line via the draft.

    I think we need to be considering players and positions that can make a real impact on next years team. OL doesn’t fit that and neither does DB.

    Offensive skill players and defensive line are the two areas where the team can be legitimately upgraded next season via draft. Everything else is preparing for the future.

    • Nick

      Excellent points. SEA will have such flexibility come April. Very exciting times await.

    • JT

      i respectfully disagree pretty strongly with this. Fant has been the worst OT in the NFL (along with Clemmings in Minnesota), and the RT play has been league’s-worst as well prior to Gilliam’s recent hot streak. The guards have been mediocre at best and awful at worst.

      There have been numerous rookies this season picked after the 25th pick that have played better or significantly better than Hawks’ linemen this season. To name a few – Whitehair, Thuney, Shell, Haeg have all been much better than any guard or tackle on the Hawks this season.

      It’s about picking the right player. I think Forrest Lamp could be a quality starter at LG and maybe LT next season, for example.

      • Rob Staton

        How much have you actually watched Whitehair, Thuney, Haeg and co. though?

        And were those players on a line with a first year starter at LG, a first year center, a rookie at RG and a revolving door at RT?

        • JT

          I’ve only really watched Thuney since he was a pre-draft favourite of mine.

          That group has all graded decent or very well according to PFF, who I trust as a great source for offensive and defensive line play. Say what you will about PFF, but I’ve always found their grading of trench play to very accurate.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t pay attention to any of their grades to be honest. Anyone who tries to sell ‘instant post-game grades’ for every player on the field is taking the piss.

            • JT

              Fair enough, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I find them to be a tremendous resource and a staple in my Seahawks draft prep.

              • Rob Staton

                That’s fine. A lot of people respect their views.

                I just think anyone who claims to be able to offer instant grades, plus the general grades and assessments they make without knowing scheme/call is pretty much having people’s pants down.

                This sums it up: https://elitesportsny.com/2016/06/07/60083/

                “In late September, Aaron Rodgers went 24-for-35 for 333 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions against one of the league’s best defenses. As Shalise Manza Young noted in an article for Yahoo Sports, the idea that he garnered a -0.8 rating from PFF is mind-boggling.”

                • JT

                  They do adjust their grades after viewing the all-22 tape.

                  I think the arguments for their accuracy are a lot more complete than referencing one instance that PFF is most infamous for, but it’s not really worth getting into.

                  They’ve helped me identify some of my favourite prospects in the last 2 draft classes, like Chris Jones, Jack Conklin, Shon Coleman, Henry Anderson, Frank Clark & Tyler Lockett (I loved our day 2 picks in 2015).

                  • Rob Staton

                    “I think the arguments for their accuracy are a lot more complete than referencing one instance that PFF is most infamous for, but it’s not really worth getting into.”

                    I strongly disagree. The argument for accuracy is nothing more than… well they actually watched the game. The argument against their accuracy comes from guys like Bill Belichick and pro-football players. And then you look at that Rodgers game against KC and realise how utterly preposterous the whole thing is. Truly laughable.

                  • JT

                    Half of the league itself would strongly disagree with that as 40% of NFL teams were PFF clients as of 2015.

                    • Rob Staton

                      I bet Seattle, New England not on that list of 40%

                      AKA — teams that know what they’re doing.

                  • JT

                    7 out of the 12 playoff teams from the 2014 playoff field are PFF clients, according to the Jan 2015 SI article I got the 40% number from.

                    A playoff field which included Seattle, New England, Green Bay, Denver, Carolina, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Arizona, Dallas, Detroit & Indy.

                    At least 9 of those teams are consistently well-managed teams that “know what they’re doing.”

                    • Rob Staton

                      That’s debatable.

                      And none as well run as NE and Seattle anyway. We know NE aren’t part of the PFF clientele and JS has openly praised Football Outsiders — while Pete has laughed off PFF grades in the past.

                      I’ll take SEA and NE’s view over the rest.

                      Can’t imagine Green Bay are interested either after that pathetic Rodgers score last year. What a joke.

        • John_s

          I would say the closest was Haeg who started on the right side with a combination of Rookie Ryan Kelly @ C and 2nd year Denzelle Good and Rookie La’Raven Clark at RG/RT

          • Rob Staton

            Every time I’ve watched Indy play, their OL has been awful.

            • John_s

              Agreed. Indy’s oline has been train wreck for years.

              • JT

                They’ve been hit pretty hard by injuries on the OL this year. They have the makings of a their first good line since Peyton left with Castonzo, Mewhort, Kelly and Haeg. Who knows, maybe Le’Raven Clark will develop into a good one too.

      • Cysco

        I can’t imagine a world where the Hawks find a starting left tackle that would be any type of reliable upgrade over Year-2 Fant in the draft. I think most would agree that at this point, LT is the weakest link on the line. If the coaching staff thinks Fant is making good progress and its his job to lose next year, then they’ll draft some competition and depth later in the draft.

        If the Coaches believe they need to give Fant more time to practice and need a someone they can rely on as a starter, they’ll go and spend some on free agency.

        I just don’t believe that you can rely on a late 1st or second round draft pick to come in and be a plus player on the offensive line. There’s just too much history that says otherwise.

    • C-Dog

      I totally agree with this.

      • Greg Haugsven

        As much as I enjoy coming to this blog and chatting it up with you guys I believe it’s very important in here to understand that people give there opinions. This is all opinion , barely any of it is fact. No one in here is right or wrong, it’s just opinion.

        • Rob Staton

          Which, funnily enough, it the issue I have with PFF 🙂

  6. CharlieTheUnicorn

    A little game within the game adjustment was great to see… specifically, when Ansah started to dominate Fant at LT (1st qtr), they moved started using personnel and groupings that had a TE or RB or combination of them on Ansah side of the field. The protection issues seemed to be cleaned up, with fewer early pressures on RW and the offense started to get moving.

    I anticipate they will have to do a similar adjustment with Vic Beasley up in ATL. Another very dangerous pass rusher, who will need extra attention from the OL, TE and RBs. They need to offense to perform as well or better to beat ATL in ATL.

    The combo blocking of the OL, when they blasted the ball up the gut… double teaming the first and second level guys was pretty awesome to see. Fitting they have Steve Hutchinson raise the 12 flag before the game….

    • vrtkolman

      One thing about Beasley is he’s a pure speed guy. Fant has big problems with bull rushers and Beasley doesn’t have that factor. Not saying Fant will have a good game against him but he might fare a bit better.

      • Ty the GUy

        Pure speed guy? Didn’t Beasley blow up the combine a bit with his bench press results?

        Players like Fant/Gilliam are PCJS’s answer to the Greek gods now playing edge rushers in the NFL. These defensive guys are such athletic freaks that the only answer is to try to find a size/athleticism combo to try to repel them for 3 seconds. I would love to find an OT in this draft with size/athleticism/experience, but the two that have stood out to me in recent years (Lewan/Conklin) were gone way before our pick.

        • Volume12

          Bench press is nice and all to measure strength, but what its really for is endurance.

    • EranUngar

      Fant plays LT like an ex basketball player – He has a nice kick step and fast feet, he can instinctively place him self in front of the rusher etc.

      He has problems with his hand use and with power/bull rushers since those are not basketball moves. He also has a problem when he has to leave the guy he was planning to block and adjust to twists and stunts.

      Still, he is more likely to do better against the 245 lbs. Beasly than he had against the 275 Anash.

      In the Lions game, both Anash sacks came approximately 4 seconds after the snap. That’s more on RW/Bevell than it is on Fant.

      • Rob Staton

        Don’t really know how it’s on Bevell. If a QB gets four seconds in the pocket and nobody gets open (it happens) you need to get rid of it.

        • Phil

          Rob – right on. So many of RW’s sacks come on plays where he is trying to extend the play, but can’t get out of the pocket. I think it’s the price you have to pay with him at QB. His ability to extend a play seems to be down this year, due to a combination of opponents focussing on containing him and the injuries he has suffered. Having said all this, with his maturation to becoming more of a pocket passer, he has to learn that throwing the ball away can be a smart move.

          • EranUngar

            When RW was immobile he got rid of the ball fast when the play was not there. He had 1 sack a game during that time. As he gets better he tries harder to salvage the play. Without a running game, it’s all on his shoulders and it effects him.

            He needs to do a better job of realizing when the play is dead and avoiding the lose of yards, especially early in the game (like on Saturday) when you do not need to risk it.

            Maybe dialing up long developing explosive plays so early in the game before the offense gets into its rhythm should be avoided too on short yard plays…

            • Hawk Eye

              Ansah had one sack where it looked like Fant had him blocked, but Russell seemed to walk into him. Can’t blame that on Fant. I would rather have a sack than an int, but would rather have an incomplete pass over a sack. But we also saw a stretch where Russell was throwing ints and that was way worse than sacks. I think as a 5th yr qb he still has room to grow and learn, and maybe it is too much to expect him to be as good as Brady or Rogers (for now).
              But a really good o line sure makes Dak look good. He has enough time to make a sandwich back there while looking for an open receiver!

  7. Ed

    So upset they blew that AZ game at the end of the year. Falcons would be coming to Seattle and still chance to host NFCCG. They get what would be a big road win on the road and they still have that opportunity, but it will be a large task.

    • Coleslaw

      We still have a chance to host the NFCCG, Dallas just has to lose next week and we beat Atlanta and we host it

      • Ed

        Yep, that’s why I said they have that opportunity. Just a much bigger task going to Atlanta

    • Cysco

      The point I made after the game was that I was actually happy they blew that AZ game and didn’t get the bye. That Detroit game had to be huge for the confidence of the team.

      Would it have been nice to get some rest and play at home? Sure. But, proving that the offensive line is capable of a dominating performance and having the defense essentially pitch a shutout is probably more valuable to the team’s playoff future.

      As a fan, I think you have to admit that your hope/confidence/belief/whatever in the offense going into Atlanta is better than it would be had we gotten the bye since there would have been no evidence that the offense could do anything other than be terrible.

      • Logan Lynch

        Agree with your points. Will it be tough to beat ATL on the road? Of course, but if SEA can do that it will only raise their confidence that they can beat either DAL or GB. And really, it’s been a while since SEA has been viewed as an underdog and I think they look forward to exorcising some 2012 demons. There are still a bunch of dogs on this team as evidenced by Wagz telling Deion “Don’t bet against us”. This will be a great test for SEA and I look forward to seeing how they respond to the challenge.

  8. Ty the GUy

    Totally agree with Rob that the Seahawks first round pick should (and probably will) be used on an extraordinary athletic talent. I am unsure if I agree that a TE should be the pick. I am not excluding it, but from where I stand the Seahawks’ concerns from this year are as follows:
    -Inconsistent OL play (Especially at the tackle spots)
    -Redzone offense
    -Earl Thomas’s Injury

    There seem to be a ton of super athletic defensive players coming out ths year. I love that we have the opportunity to sit back and snag whoever falls to us. I’d prefer an OT, but the value is looking better in rounds 2-4. DL depth is always welcome and picking up one of the impressive LBs is intriguing as well. (Cunniingham, Reddick, etc.)

    One thought I had that I’d like some input on would be drafting a safety. Someone who could play the centerfield role, if Earl wasn’t ready. Someone who you could slide in there with Earl and Kam and then move Kam to a rover or even SLB spot. Just a thought.

    • STTBM

      Seattle has Red Zone talent every team in the NFL would kill for–even NE (Graham, Willson, McEvoy, Baldwin, Prosise, Reece…). The problem with their Red Zone offense isnt a lack of talent, its a Philosophy of being too conservative, and RW not having the balls to throw a guy open very often–he waits too long to throw the ball, and they rarely throw inside the hash into the endzone, preferring to throw fades and/or to the corners and underneath.

      • GoHawks5151

        Haven’t seen many fades. At least not to Jimmy.

        • STTBM

          No, they havent tried as many this year, and when they have, its been to Kearse.

          • Ty the Guy

            Agreed. Jimmy, Willson, and Baldwin should be thriving in the red zone. We are better from the 30 than we are the 2.

  9. Ukhawk

    ATL held us to 72yds & 2.7yd avg on 27 carries in October and I believe they will be much tougher inside & faster outside than DET. Of course that was Michael not Rawls ….

    IMO If you want to dominate teams, they need to draft a R1 OT at a minimum. They will not be able to help Fant vs better teams and he got absolutely dominated vs Ansah. (Thank goodness he has a speed rusher this week which I think he will handle better.). Conversely, whilst Gilliam has shown sporadic minor improvement, let’s face the fact that he is not the powerful, tone setting RT they want (and he clearly is 2nd or 3rd string at LT). Another stopgap could be preferred but this is only depending on how this draft falls for OT. Alternatively move Ifedi and address RG in the early to mid rounds however I’m not sure on him as a RT.

    If not OL, my vote is for DL (3T or DE or Rush LB/SAM) where need vs draft depth seems perfectly aligned. Other true impact needs such as an elite RB or Deathbacker S just won’t be there late R1.

    • GerryG

      If a LT is there that is good they will grab him. The odds of a LT worth a rd 1 pick available where Seattle picks? Highly unlikely. You don’t draft James Carpenter just because you need a tackle.

      • AlaskaHawk

        The reality is the Seahawks were willing to roll with an unproven Left Tackle in Fant this year. Considering where he started from, it really wouldn’t be that hard to find a left tackle who actually knows how to play the position in the mid-rounds. Whether he could beat out Fant next year is another question, but it would be nice to have a backup no matter who wins.

    • GoHawks

      Why not Christian Mccaffrey?

  10. Attyla the Hawk

    I would make the case for moving up for Malik Hooker should he slide into the teens.

    1. Seattle’s defense can’t function at it’s accustomed level with a ‘next man up’ level of talent. Without Thomas, we go from a top 3 defense to something more like the late teens/twenties. It’s a position that literally the entire defense is built around.

    2. Seattle has been looking for a third safety for many years. It seems very much a defense they’ve sought to build or at least feature. A familiar argument against drafting a player who plays a position manned by an All pro would suggest this idea to be folly. But Seattle seems interested in having a three safety option. It’s unlikely that Hooker would be relegated to the bench when Thomas is on the field.

    3. Seattle needs to add difference making talent. Playmakers. The next core. Hooker could well be the best FS prospect since Thomas. Seattle knows all too well the value a player of his caliber means to this defense.

    Seattle needs to start building their next core of guys. I feel pretty confident that doubling up on FS is not something that Seattle couldn’t work into their nickel scheme. It’s not as if Pete hasn’t already considered and attempted this with albeit lesser talent. Hooker is the kind of playmaker that could give this personnel group life.

    • Rob Staton

      Do we know they’ve been looking for a third safety for a while though? I mean, they haven’t taken one in the first two days of the draft. It’s been round 6-7 and UDFA really.

      Plus we’re talking about trading up for a guy in case Earl Thomas, a player that has been incredibly durable, misses more time in the future.

      And building the next core? That seems a bit premature to me. There is a chance to win Championship’s with this group now. Planning for the future can wait.

      I like Hooker a lot, but trading up for a safety seems a bit OTT. Especially in a deep class at the position, with a chance to get someone like Luani later.

      • Ty the GUy

        The trade up scenario I’m drooling over is for Fournette. However, that would take a major trade involving multiple 1st rd picks probably. Not favorable.

        I like the 3 safety idea. Kam has AT TIMES looked a bit slow on coverage. A move to a “deathbacker” spot might make more and more sense as he ages.

        • Rob Staton

          I think Kam has been a sensation this season. A truly consistent force for good.

          I wouldn’t even think about moving him. And if they want a deathbacker — the original deathbacker in Arizona is touting Luani to be the same type of player.

          • Ty the GUy

            I agree that Kam has been sensational. He is the leader of this team. I never want to see him wearing another jersey. When I say he looked a bit slow, I will admit the plays I am referring to were against David Johnson in the AZ loss and yesterday against Ebron (who has ridiculous speed for a TE.) And I’m really not exactly sure what I mean by deathbacker. Just imagine a D that looked like this…
            CB: Sherman, Shead
            S: Thomas, Chancellor, Luani
            LB: Wagner, Wright
            DE: Avril, Bennett
            DT: Rubin, Reed

            Speed, strength, coverage, hit power Of course you’d need to throw in Lane at the nickel at times. If you had a better coverage guy than Luani it might make more sense. Hooker? Adoree Jackson?

            • Ty the GUy

              Also, Tre’Davious White from LSU? I remember you had a write-up about him last year. What are your thoughts now?

              • Rob Staton


                • Ukhawk

                  Agreed best top DB no one is talking about. Which round does he go in?

                  • Rob Staton


    • Hawk Eye

      I don’t think Seattle is all of a sudden a bottom half of the league defense without Thomas.
      Not as good as 2013? No.
      But Sherm and Kam, Bobby and KJ, Avril,Bennett and Clark are as good or better than any other 7 in the league.
      Lack of interior pressure seems to be the biggest weakness, which exposes the db’s sometimes.
      But there are no great defenses this year. Talent seems to be more spread out with 4 or 5 good defenses.
      Hawks are still one of the 2 or 3 best defenses left in the playoffs, but I am not sure I put Richard as one of the top 2 or 3 DC’s left.

  11. Kyle

    I don’t want to discount what we have seen all year from the oline, but if they can keep it up then that allievates the need for a ol pick round one. We can go bpa.

    I think if we have a chance to add a legit rb we do it, but maybe not move up to get them. After that I would love a cb pick. Just think if we had someone like Marcus Peters on the other side of Sherman. Holy crap that would be so legit. Maybe go cb/s in adoree Jackson. Or maybe even think about a mike Williams or John Ross if they slide. So much awesomeness.

    Rob was not wrong when he said a great draft season will be happening

    • Rob Staton

      Sure, that would be nice. But Peters is arguably the best corner in the NFL right now. The chances of getting that between #25-32 is highly unlikely.

      • Ty the GUy

        At #25-32, you gotta go with BPA. We took Ifedi this last year and I am thankful we addressed the major need at OL, but was there a rookie who played similarly that we could have picked in a later round? Probably.

        There is a ton of talent in every draft. This year in particular. Someone will fall, let’s grab them!

        • Volume12

          BPA at a need position.

          • Cysco


            Seattle is in win now mode. Early picks need to be spent on players who will legitimately upgrade the team. There are positions on this roster that can be upgraded by a rookie. Safety and Corner are not amongst them.

            • Ty the Guy

              What are the biggest needs? OT, DT, SLB, WR, RB?

              If that is the case, in a scenario where we are picking #32, I’d prefer to see us taking a WR/RB/CB with a 1st round grade over a OT/DT with a 2nd round grade. Just my philosophy.

              Value over need. But if the OT is separated by only about 5 spots on your big board from the CB/WR/RB you would be taking, I may reconsider that philosophy.

              I guess that’s why John Schneider gets paid the big bucks.

  12. RWIII

    I think Seattle might be in a position to go with the BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE. Schneider and Carroll usually get the player(s) they target. I know the Hawks have needs. But in my opinion therer needs are not that glaring. So they might just go BPA. Just bring in the most talented players they can find.

    • Ty the GUy

      100% agreed

  13. Volume12

    How the hell does Aaron Rodgers hit these hail mary’s so consistently year in and year out? Its incredible.

    • Ed

      Bad defense. It’s nothing AR does except throw a nice high ball. All are really just poor defensive play. Deep as the deepest and yet….

      • Volume12

        To some extent, yes. But his ability to put touch on those and arc is unreal.

        • Ed

          Which is what I said, but if defensive players are taught well and perform as taught, that play would never happen. Apple was standing right there today and just watched Cobb get past him and instead of moving with him, just stood there and watched the ball. It was pretty bad.

          Had OBJ or Sheppard caught those TD passes, it could have been a NY blowout. They stalled twice and their D was playing lights out and Rodgers was getting frustrated. It all changed on the line drive punt that gave GB the ball at the 45.

      • 75franks

        none of the NY guys jumped for the ball!! unbelievable.

    • Cysco

      A theory I heard thrown around today was the trajectory of the ball.

      Rodgers throws those balls into orbit so they come down at a much steeper decent. Most QB’s throw the hail marry with a much lower trajectory. Think 4-iron vs lob wedge.

      The theory goes, it’s harder to knock down a pass that’s coming down at that steep of an angle vs one that’s coming at you like a traditional pass. The steep decent angle essentially reduces the number of defenders that have a legitimate shot of knocking the ball down. Kinda makes some sense IMO.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Shit yeah!

        That thing came down parallel to the goal post last night!!

  14. Hawk Eye

    the o line looked improved yesterday, but still had some issues in pass protection (although I thought a couple sacks may have been on Russell). They also did a lot more man on man blocking as opposed to ZBS, which I think helped. I would hope they find one decent vet for RT or guard, I think Gilliam has looked better, but he is not a RT in terms of power. But he and Fant are very athletic and could be above average tackles, but that is no sure thing.
    Let’s see if they play as well in Atl, but even then, playing well against Detroit and Atl may not mean they are good. They have to play well against LA, Az, Miami, etc. Teams with good d lines
    And I suspect they want to keep this group together and let it grow, maybe add 1 vet and 1 rookie, and use greater draft and FA capital at DT and rb, maybe even linebacker. They have 2 great linebackers, and then there is a huge drop off.
    And what would a draft be without a Hawk surprise?

  15. nichansen01

    green bay please beat dallas…

    • Rob Staton

      GB are the team to beat IMO

      • Ed

        I think Dallas beats them by 10. GB D won’t be able to stop Dallas. And Dallas D can get pressure with 4, so I go:

        Dallas 28 GB 17

    • LordSnow

      I got a feeling that game is a blowout for one of those teams, like it will all snowball badly for one of them. Home teams were undefeated in week 1, but the second round, someone is going to lose on their home field and it ain’t the pats.

    • Ukhawk

      Who would people rather see Hawks face in NFCC?

      • Rob Staton

        If they beat Atlanta, I want Green Bay. Purely because it’ll be in Seattle. Give me the Hawks at the Clink over any road game.

        • JT


        • nichansen01

          My exact line of thinking.

        • Cysco


          There is no logical reason to root for Dallas. (other than the fact that I live in Dallas and would love wearing my seahawks gear all next week.)

        • C-Dog

          Exactly. I want GB in Seattle, and for Seattle to come out doing what they should have done in GB in the first place, and that’s commit to the run game. As I remember it, it was working in that game.

          • AlaskaHawk

            Yes better to face Green Bay in Seattle. They are a tough team but Seahawks should be motivated. This is a great rivalry.

            • Greg Haugsven

              That could also be a revenge game. Teams that get posted ded like Seattle did at GB usually win that rematch at home.

  16. Greg Haugsven

    Atlanta favored by 4 to 4.5 over the Hawks.

    • Cysco

      That’ll drop to 3-3.5 which is essentially saying it’s a coin flip with an edge to Atlanta for home field advantage

  17. Wall UP

    If Bolles or Cunningham do not slide to them, as past has shown, I think they trade either for a player or an additional draft pick. The Jets have a logjam @ DT that may be appealing. Perhaps Richardson & a 3rd (68) for the Hawks 1st pick?

    Cleveland may also be an option, 33, 65 & 147 for 27 & 91. There are (3) players that would be intriguing, Garcia, Walker & Njoku, not necessarily in that order although Pauline seems to think so. Even if Njoku were not available, Engram would not be bad consolation.

    Option 1:
    27. Richardson
    59. Garcia
    68. Engram

    Option 2:
    33. Walker
    59. Garcia
    65. Engram

  18. EranUngar

    I would love nothing more than not having to go OL/RB or DT in the top of the draft because that would indicate we have those issues covered within the roster by the time we get to the draft.

    And, if we do, I’d love to add an edge rusher. Unlike a safety that will not play behind Earl and Kam, an edge rusher can always be used as part of the DL rotation. If we do plan to have bennett and Avril for a while, it would help if we can limit them to under 70% of the snaps and keep them fresh and explosive. Both are currently in the mid 80s and played in the low 60s during 2013.

    It would be playing to the strengh of the draft class, especially if we can add a quality safety like Luani later on.

    • Cysco

      I think you’ll get your wish.

      I just can’t see them going OL and I don’t think there will be any value at RB that late in the first. Whereas there will likely be some real value to be had on the defensive line. Most likely IMO is the annual “trade back to the top of Day 2 with a team looking to draft a QB”

      • EranUngar

        I didn’t think they will pick that edge in the first round…just using their top pick…somewhere in the 2nd round…

        We have to get that 4th round pick back…

  19. Saxon

    As a Miami alum Njoku is definitely a freak but wasn’t asked to do a ton of blocking and may not be a complementary player next to Graham. Seems like a lateral move to draft him. Keep an eye on what backup RB Joe Yearby does at the combine. That’s the Miami player we should consider drafting in the late rounds.

    I think we have to continue to focus on the LOS by adding to the OL and DL. It would be a mistake to think the running game and O-line has turned the corner based on what they did vs Detroit. Our tackles still require massive upgrading and our DL is getting long in the tooth.

    • Sea Mode

      Took a look at Yearby, thanks for the tip. Sure the Hawks will as well.

      Like the patience and the pass-catching ability he brings. Looks pretty athletic too.

  20. Trevor

    Even with the current cap space I think we only have room to make one be free agent acquisition with a $10-15 mil APY contract if they focus on retaining the core guys. I am a bog fan of the idea of signing Zietler to come in an pay Guard to shore up the OL but to be honest I don’t see PC / JS giving a $10 mil APY deal to a LG.

    If that is the case then I prefer this option for the off season. Calais Campbell clearly has a great deal of respect for the Hawks and the feeling is clearly mutual. I think he would fit right into our locker room and I don’t think the salary to a veteran proven guy they respect would be any issue at all.

    Free Agency

    Priority #1 Extend Kam Chancellor. He has shown this year he is the leader on this defense and should retire a Hawk like Bennett. This deal should get done as soon as the season ends.

    Priority #2 Sign Calias Campbell – There will be a huge market for his services and they will have to slightly overpay but he is worth it for this defense. Add a presence like him in the middle of the DL and I assure you this team leads the league in sacks next year + turnovers will go up. 3yrs / 40 mil with $30 mil Guaranteed shoud get it done

    Priority #3 Sign Corey Blount – He is a on a $1 mil deal with the Pats. I am sure he likes NE but they let older guys walk normally. Sign him to a 2 yr / 4 mil deal (2mil APY). He would be the perfect short yardage power RB to add to the rotation with Rawls and Prosise. He has been durable as well.

    Priority #4 Sign Shead to RFA Tender – He is a legit starting CB and has played well opposite Sherm IMO. If they can lock him up to a longer term team friendly deal that is an option as well.

    Priority # 5 Extend Britt and lock him up long term as a corner piece for the OL. Should be able to get him on a cap friendly deal if they can do it now.

    Priority #6 Extend Jimmy Graham – This may be a hard one depending how he likes it and his role in Sea. If they win the SB this year and he plays a prominent role they should be able to lock him up long term and reduce his cap hit in 2017.

    Priority #7 Sign a veteran OL as a depth / veteran presence in the OL room. Ideally a guy like Breno who fits the Sea culture. Bringing Sowell back is a last resort option as well.

    *Players on the bubble Gilliam depending how he finishes year. Willson and Steve H- Really depends on their market and what we have in Cap Space.

    Cuts – I would be for cutting Lane and Kearse but to be honest it does not make much sense as there would be no real cap savings and they are both nice depth guys at a minimum.

    Dream Draft Scenario (Assuming Bolles is off the board) If Bolles is there he has to be the pick!

    * Seattle trades their 1st round pick to Cleveland for their 2nd and 3rd round picks

    Rd #2 (From Cle) David Njoku -TE (Mia)

    Rd #2 Forrest Lamp – LG (W Ken)

    Rd #3 (From Cle) Hassan Reddick (LB) Temple

    R#3 Obi Melifonwu (S) Uconn or Lunani (Wash St.)

    Rd #3 (Comp Irvin) Tewan Taylor – WR (WKen)

    Rd # 3 or 5 (Comp Okung) Joe Mathis – Edge (Wash)

    Rd #6 Zane Gonzalez – K (Ariz St.)

    Rd #7 Daniel Brunskill OT(SD St.)

    Rd #7 Ahkello Witherspoon

    Projected 2017 Roster in this scenario

    QB -Russ and Bokins
    RB – Rawls, Prosise, Blount, Collins
    FB- Reese
    OL – LT Fant ,LG Lamp, C Britt, RG Glow, RT Ifedi (Gilliam, Rees , Hunt, Brunskill, Veteran, )
    WR -Baldwin, P Rich , Lockett, Kearse, Taylor
    TE – Graham, Vanett, Njoku

    LS ?, K Gonzalez, P Ryan

    DT – Reed, Campbell (Rubin, Q Jeff)
    DE -Clark, Avril, Bennett ( Marsh, Mathis)
    LB -Wags, KJ, Reddick, ( Coyle, KPL)
    CB – Sherm, Shead, Lane, Elliott, Witherspoon or someone on PS
    S – Kam, Earl ( Melifonwu or Lunai, Terrell, Powell)

    • C-Dog

      Definitely love the idea of Campbell in Seattle. This is a great looking draft. I’ve had Witherspoon as a mid round target for Seattle pretty consistently.

    • mantis

      we would all like Calais in Seattle but i don’t see any way that the Hawks pay him more than Michael Bennett

    • sdcoug

      #3 – you mean LeGarrette?

      • Trevor

        Yes sorry my bad!

    • vrtkolman

      That looks solid to me! A day 2 safety would be a great idea.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I love Campbell but there is no way he would get paid more than Bennett.

        • Greg Haugsven

          But I’ll say that roster sure does look nice.

    • Ty the Guy

      It makes me sad to think Hauschka may be a cap casualty. Still believe he is a top K in the lg, even with his XP stuggles this year. But totally see the value of a rookie K.

      Also, I feel that Reddick and Obi Melifonwu may end up being 2nd rd picks. Especially if they test well. How would that change your draft scenario.

  21. Trevor

    My Seahawks Big Board Pre- Senior Bowl / Combine

    These are guys I think would be a great fit for the Hawks who could potentially be available when we pick so obvious top 10 picks like Allen, Garrett, Fournette, Hooker etc are not included.

    Day #1

    #1 Garrett Bolles – Another early find by Rob who will likely shoot up the draft boards and be out of reach. If not would be the ideal OT in our scheme and shore up the OL once and for all.

    #2 Demarcus Walker – Great leader with incredible production. Can rush inside or outside similar to what Michael Bennett has done. He is my favorite defensive player in the draft. I know he is a bit of a tweener but this guy can flat out play and will be impact player on the next level IMO.

    #3 Solomon Thomas – Not as consistent as Walker on tape but likely has more upside particularly as a 3 tech DT. His Sun Bowl tape is the most dominant tape you will find from a college d-lineman. Some of his tape though is very average and why I prefer Walker. That being said either guy would be a great fit. I think Thomas will end up being a 3 tech DT not a DE.

    #4 Adoree Jackson – Most dynamic athlete in the draft. He may not help the team become a bully but he will scare the heck out of other teams on special teams and has the most natural range of any DB I have seen come out of college since Earl. This guy has the physical skills to be an all pro someday with Pete coaching him up IMO.

    #5 Taco Charlton –DE (Mich) Wow is this guy is a physical specimen who seems to be getting better each week. He has great quickness, length and power. If he is there when the Hawks pick he would be a steal and team him with Clark to give us our new Avril / Bennett combo.

    #6 Tak Mckinley – Edge (UCLA) This is another dynamic athlete with special speed / burst off the Edge. He will likely fly up the draft board after the combine but I have seen him mocked at the end of Rd #1 a lot. I want to see his arm length because he does not really have the length the Hawks seem to like

    #7 David Najoku –TE (Miami)- Rob recently hi-lighted this freak athlete. If he really does run in the 4.4s at that size he may go earlier. He is raw but has everything you could at physically in a flex TE. At TE group with him Graham and Vannett would be a nightmare for opposing defenses.

    #8 Corey Davis WR (Western Mich) – If the injury to Locket is not serious then this is probably luxury pick. If not then he would make the ideal big receiver opposite Baldwin. He is a great route runner, good speed and size and awesome hands. Most importantly incredible character and would fit right in with Russ, Baldwin, Locket etc.

    Recently on NFL.com A current NFL player explains why his former collegiate teammate is destined for success as a pro. Here’s Bears wide receiver Daniel Braverman hyping former Western Michigan teammate Corey Davis.
    “He’s an animal, he’s a beast. I was so blessed to play with a guy like that; that’s a future first-round pick. He’s a great friend of mine, we still talk a lot, but I can say, unbiased, that nobody matches his hard work and determination. He would come early to meetings, he would stay late after practice to do extra reps. He would be in the football building watching film later than anyone. He was always in [wide receivers coach Matt] Simon’s office watching extra film on his computer when everybody else had left. That’s who Corey is. He has a drive because of what he has gone through early in his life. Pretty much every game he’s making one freak play—at least. Every game this year I’ve watched, I’ve seen a play where I say, ‘How does he do that?’ But that’s Corey Davis and what Corey Davis does. I’ve seen what it takes to be a receiver in this league, what the pros do preparation wise, and you can note: Corey Davis is going to be a star NFL receiver.”

    #9 Cam Robinson – RT (Alabama) I realize there are character issues here but if the Hawks are comfortable with him he definitely has the athletic profile and skill set to be a dominant RT in the NFL. Think about the right side of our OL with Ifedi and Robinson. They would be enormous and could be very nasty. If you want to be a bully that is one way. How he interviews will be the key.

    Day #2

    #10 Forrest Lamp – OL (WKen) I can’t wait to see this guy at the Senior Bowl. He is my second favorite OL prospect in the draft after Bolles. The Alabama DL all raved about him and said he was the best OL they played. I think he will be a big riser after the Senior Bowl and combine. Perhaps next year we will have a Western Kentucky left side of the OL with he and Fant.

    #11 Caleb Brantley –DT (Florida) would be an ideal pass rushing 3 tech DT. Plays with passion and is very quick and powerful. He may not be a 3 down player to start but would be a nice rotational piece.

    #11 Dante Foreman RB (Texas) I can’t believe I am listing an RB this early but Rawls seems to be made of glass and Petes whole philosophy is predicated on the team being able to run the ball. If he tests well at combine then Foreman is the kind of big power back whom could help us get our identity back. The idea of him and Prosise in the backfield really could be an ideal complement of Thunder and Lightning.

    #12 Harold Landry –Edge (BC) When I watch his tape I have no idea how this guy is not getting more mention as an early pick. He has great quickness and technique with lots of production. I think he will be an impact edge rusher early in his career.

    #13 Kevin King CB (Wash)- Prototype Sea cornerback. Big, long and physical he could be the type of guy who would be ready to contribute early. I think he will go much earlier than most expect however.

    #14 Joe Mathis – Edge (Wash)- Injuries have resulted in a lack of productivity this year but when he has played he has been incredibly disruptive. I think he will test incredibly well and I think he would be the perfect pick with our 3rd round comp selection. He will need to develop but should be able to contribute as a situational pass rusher from Day #1.

    #15 Obi Melifonwu – S (Uconn)- If he is the freak athlete that has been suggested he would be the ideal combo Safety who could backup both Kam and Earl or be used as a death backer. He will be must see TV at the combine. I want to see him in drills as well to see how fluid his hips are. Is he a track athlete or football player?

    #16 Carl Lawson –Edge (Auburn)- All depends on his physicals. If he checks out medically he is likely a 2nd round pick. If not then he could fall to day #3. I am still not sure what to think of him to be honest and need to do more work.

    #17 Eliajah Qualls – DT (Wash) – Big solid DT who provides great push. Very quick for his size and would be a great guy to replace Tony Mc.

    #18 Hassan Reddick LB (Temple) – Has been profiled by Rob. Will need some development but the idea of a LB corp of Reddick, Wags and KJ is a pretty enticing thought.

    #19 Cam Sutton – CB (Ten)- I still think this guy has 1st round talent. He has the size and skill to be a starting CB in the NFL and I would love to see what Pete could do with this guy. Has had some injury issues so the medicals and combine will be big for him.

    #20 Chris Wormley DT (Mich) – Big long DT who just looks like a Seahawks DT. Has some upside as an interior pass rusher and is solid against the run. I am certain the Hawks will take at least one Wolverine this year. I have a feeling Wormley could be the guy.

    #21 Shalomi Lunai – S (Wash St)- Rob has profiled him in depth. Another guy I can definitely see as a 3rd round pick.

    #22 Antonio Garcia –OT (Troy) – Could be a big riser this draft season as he is starting to get lots of press. Want to see him at Senior Bowl against better competition but definitely has the physical profile and solid tape.

    #23 Dorian Johnson – G (Pitt)- Big, athletic road grading Guard who will be on an NFL roster and play early. Have to see how he tests but I think he will be on our TEF list.

    #24 Evan Engram – TE (Miss)- Another guys Rob has hi-lighted. He could be another big WR-TE option in the passing game.

    #25 Samje Perrine – RB (Oklahoma)- Big Power back who is solid not spectacular. I think if we do not get a big power RB like blunt then a guy like Perrine or Hunt makes a lot of sense.

    #26 Dan Fenney –G (Ind)- His suitability as a Hawks prospect will depend on how he tests and if he is explosive enough. When you watch his tape though, particularly last year when he played Guard he is just incredibly solid in both the pass and run game. He will likely be just a really solid 8-10 year RG but that might be exactly what the Hawks need is the idea is to move Ifedi to RT.

    #27 Jaleel Johnson DT (Iowa)- Solid DT with pass rush upside. Seems really disruptive on his tape. I will be anxious to see his arm length and explosiveness at combine. He will be a guy to watch at the Senior Bowl as well.

    #28 Adam Bisnowatay OL (Pitt)- Longtime favorite here on the blog. Could be a 3rd could swing guy similar to Rees last year. Not sure if he will meet the TEF profile however. Has the wrestling background Cable loves.

    #29 Taylor Morton – OL (Western Mich)- Another potential 3rd round wing guy who plays tackle in college but likely a G at the next level. Has great tape and played ok against Wisc in the bowl game. His senior bowl and combine will tell the tale.

    #30 Eddie Jackson – S (Alb)- Hard to rate as he got hurt but was really productive when he played and a leader on that great Alabama D. He is a guy who could go anywhere from the 2nd to udfa depending on his physicals / medical.

    #31 Eliaja Hood – RB (UNC) – Rob has profiled in detail as meeting the Hawks profile at RB. I am sort of indifferent about him but makes sense based on history.

    #32 Quenton Nelson G (ND)- Very solid Guard but more of a power guy than ZBS. Not sure if he will be the type of guy Cable would even consider but he can flat out play.

    #33 Tewan Taylor WR (Wken)- My favorite mid round WR. Ultra productive, great leader and character guy. Sounds like a Seahawks WR to me. Just seems like the type of guy who would fit in perfectly with Baldwin, Locket and Prich. Not the big WR Pete seems to want however.

    #34 Marcus Williams- S (Utah)- Tough, athletic, productive leader of the Utes defense. Like his game a lot but not sure how he fits in the Hawks scheme however.

    #35 Dalvin Thomlinson- DT (Alabama)- Big solid DT who would be a nice rotational guy with Reed and Rubin but does not provide much pass rush upside. Still would be a solid pick.

    Day #3 / UDFA

    #36 Vincent Taylor- DT (Ok St.)- The Hawks have scouted Ok St. a lot this year according to Vol.12. I think Taylor is the focus of their interest and rightfully so. Would be a steal anytime on day #3.

    #37 Carrol Phillips – Edge (Ill)- Underrated Edge guy. A lot will depend on how he tests. His tape and productivity are really solid.

    #38 Tedric Thompson – S (Col)- Love this kids toughness and ball hawking skills. He was the leader of that Buffs defense and made a ton of plays. Would love to see him in a Hawks uni. He is a bit of a tweener at safety as not really big enough to be an in box ss like Kam or fast enough to be a FS like Earl so not sure he is a fit. I just know he is a player and will find a spot somewhere and contribute.

    #39 Gerald Evans –TE (South Alb)- Ultra Athletic guy who will likely test really well and be a big riser during the draft year. If they let Willson walk he may be a mid round option.

    #40 Jehu Chesson –WR (Mich)- Everything you look for physically in a WR but the productivity is not there. Is it a result of poor QB play at Mich? He would be an ideal late round developmental WR with tons of upside and toughness.

    #41 Zane Gonzalez – K (Ariz St.) Best kicker in the draft if the guy from Auburn stays in school. Given Steve H struggles this year Gonzalez in the th or 6th round might make sense.

    #42 Darreus Rogers – WR (USC ) Compton Kid so you know Pete knows him. He is a solid if not spectacular WR with good hands and body control. Runs good routes and is very polished for a college WR. One of the best blocking WR in CFB. Will be a nice WR 3 or 4 for some team.

    #43 Vince Biegel –lb (Wisc) – JS loves his Badgers and this guy can flat out play. Will be interested to see how he tests because his tape and productivity are impressive.

    #44 Carlos Watkins -DT (Clem) Big tough solid DT. He is stout against the run and seems like a big tough Sea DT to play 1st and 2nd down against the run. He is not a pass rusher but provides good push. A little like Reader last year.

    #45 Jamaal William –RB (BYU) –Another solid but not spectacular RB. Will be a nice rotational guy.

    #46 Ryan Switzer- WR (UNC) – Love his guys hands and route running. Really polished and has been very productive at UNC. He will be on an NFL roster and contributing next year. Kind of has the look of an NE WR.

    #47 Chad Wheeler –OT (USC) Solid but not spectacular. Probably more of a depth guy but definitely has the potential to be a contributor down the road and plays with an edge.

    #48 Karem Hunt – RB (Toledo)- Big ultra productive 3 down RB whom is durable and catches the ball well out of the backfield. He also never fumbles. Really want to see how he tests at combine. If he runs in 4.5s he could definitely be an option.

    #49 Daniel Brunskill – OT (SD St.)- A first year OT who was formerly a TE. Sounds like a Seahawks OL pick to me. Very athletic and I am sure he will test well. Just seems to fit the exact mold of what the Hawks are looking for in a developmental OT. Long, athletic and explosive.

    #50 Joe Mixon – RB (Ok) From a purely talent standpoint he is my favorite RB in the draft. This kid is silky smooth and makes everything look easy. He has WR skills in the pass game and is powerful enough to run between the tackles. He has good vision and toughness and breakaway speed as well. I am not able to make a decision on his character but the video is disgusting and this would be a huge issue for anyone drafting him. I really don’t know how the Hawks could possibly take a chance on this kid given the heat they took for the Frank Clark pick but whatever team does gets a day #1 starter and instant impact player.

    **My bold prediction for the Seahawks 2017 Draft. The Seahawks will pick at least one player from the following 3 programs. Huskies, Alabama, Mich. Also the one player they will draft at some point is DT Vincent Taylor Ok St. **

    • vrtkolman

      Awesome post, really in depth stuff man. I assume you don’t like Malik McDowell at all? Personally I think he can be this year’s Chris Jones, a highly touted guy that didn’t live up to his billing in college. Jones has become a beast in the NFL and I think McDowell can do the same. Sign Campbell and draft him and the pass rush could be fantastic next year.

      • Trevor

        I loved Jones last year too he was #3 on my big board. Mcdowell I need to do more work on. I have him on my list and want to see how he tests. The tape I have watched was better last year than this year. Definitely looks the part.

    • LordSnow

      Really nice writeup and time spent for the rest of us. Appreciate it.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I enjoyed reading your list. Any thoughts on Christian McCaffrey if he falls into the second round? Seems like a good dual utility back.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Also I don’t think Najoku or Davis is a luxury pick if they are game changers for the offense. Seahawks need another strong receiver to play opposite of Baldwin. Not only is Lockett down, but Richardson has had his own durability issues. So I could totally support a receiver pick in the first round.

        • Smitty1547

          Great work I think the Hawks consider Adoree Jackson for 2 reasons the first and foremost is we know how much Pete values his special teams and Locket is up in the air right now. The second he could possible be the Earl single high safety. Although in my opinion Terrell is doing a bang up job as a replacement. of course he’s know Earl but with limited reps as a 2, I think he has filled in nicely.

      • Trevor

        I like McCaffrey a lot I just think the Hawks already have Prosise and I see them as very similar players. McCaffrey seems more durable however.

      • GoHawks

        He could backup KR duties too! “McCaffrey’s ypc average actually jumped from 6.0 in 2015 to 6.3… The 6-foot, 202-pounder ripped Rice and Cal for back-to-back 200-yard efforts in Stanford’s final two games to conclude a stretch of five consecutive contests in which he rushed for at least 135 yards. McCaffrey’s 211.55 all-purpose yards per game mark is the best in the country”

    • C-Dog

      Terrific work, Trevor. Copy and print material, for sure.

    • Ty the Guy

      Outstanding post. Thank you Trevor. Definitely gave me some more tape to watch.

      Really like your draft scenario. I feel like the only way we don’t trade down (as per usual) is if a top talent falls.

      Would love to pick up Corey Davis, but I feel he will go somewhere in the #20 range. Also, I agree with you range of where we will probably target a WR (late rd 3.)

  22. Angus

    Rob, I would like to see the Seahawks address their short yardage game in this years draft. In my mind, they tend to rely on deception a little too much rather than pounding the ball against the defensive line. I have confidence that management will draft well in the early rounds, but I would like to see this team add some beef in the middle to late rounds. I see guys like Zack Banner OT/G 360lb, David Sharpe OT 355lb, Damien Mama G 355lb, Jarome Crowder G 340lb as possible picks to come in as one trick ponies. If they progress from there, great. If not, just adding that much mass to the O line on short yardage should certainly help with pushing the D line back. i wouldn’t mind seeing a bigger RB like James Conner 6’2″ 245lb added to the roster either. Big, tough back that fits the Seahawk mold in that he has faced adversity and has something to prove. Rob, what are your thoughts on the idea.

    • Rob Staton

      I think a bigger back is a distinct possibility. Not sure on the bigger OL’s though — explosive tendencies >>> size for me. That said, I think Sharpe has some potential. Mama intrigues me somewhat. Also quite like Chad Wheeler at USC.

      • Trevor

        Rob do you think LaGarret Blount would be a free agent option as a big RB or do you think they will address it in the draft?

        • Rob Staton

          It depends how they view him. Teams have been very wary of Blount. He might need Belichick’s iron fist type of leadership.

          • Trevor

            True enough. He definitely has the toughness / bully part down that you would think PC would love.

            • Smitty1547

              We should have picked him and G Incognito up a couple of years ago on the cheap and we would not be having the we need to be a Bully talk.

              • Greg Haugsven

                I like the size aspect as well but sometime third and short can be won with a smaller back. Squeeze through creases.

  23. JT

    Great stuff Trevor. This is an awesome guide to work off of, and clearly took a ton of time to create.

    • Trevor

      Thanks. It is kind of an ongoing work in progress as I see guys and study them a little I move things around. Probably lots of changes after the Shine, Senior and Combine.

      • JT

        How much have you checked out Antonio Garcia? I’ve seen 5 games worth of tape on him and came away really impressed. I’m going to post a more in-depth take on him soon, but want to hear your thoughts since he’s on your list.

        • Trevor

          I have watched quite a bit. My concern is level of competition. That is why I can’t wait to see him at the Senior Bowl and combine. If he performs well there I think he will be a big riser.

          • WALL UP

            He did well against these guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52AIR8nxhgY. I have Garcia as the 1st or 2nd pick depending on trade possibilities.

            • WALL UP

              I hope it falls similar to this:

              (1) 27. Trade dn for (33), (65) & (147) from Clev for (27) & (91)
              (2T) 33. DeMarcus Walker DE
              (2) 59. Antonio Garcia OT
              (3T) 65. Evan Engram TE
              (3) 91. Traded
              (3c) 105. Nazair Jones DT or Tanoh Kpassagnon DT/DE
              (5T) 147 Josh Reynolds WR
              (5c) 181. Joe Mixon or Elijah Hood RB
              (6) 214. Ahkello Witherspoon CB
              (7T) 236. Josh Tupou DT
              (7) 250. Shalom Luani FS

      • Volume12

        Very cool Trev. Always like seeing this stuff. And as a fan of the draft process, CFB, and ‘draft season’ itself, I can always appreciate someone who takes time out and spends hours watching this stuff. Your on the right path my man!

        I give ya a lot or respect for that. ?%.

        • Trevor

          Thanks Vol. I was really late getting started this year so counted a lot on yourself and others on the blog this year to narrow my focus more than other years so I am sure I am missing some gems but it is fun.

          Still wish there was like a database of all CFB games online that was archived like a library so you could just go to one site and check out the games / players you wanted.

          I assume it is a copyright and issue with the different networks but it would be awesome if just even the raw game tape was available.

          • Volume12

            That’s actually a killer idea.

            Back in the summer, someone said there was another place to get cut-ups or videos of guys, not as extensive as Draft Breakdown, but I can’t for the life of me remember what the site was called. And who knows if it was free or not.

            That’s the fun part though. There’s always guys we miss for whatever reason, need to go back and watch more of, just weren’t focused on, or there wasn’t enough tape.

            One day 3 safety I like a lot is Clemson’s Jadar Johnson. Leader of their defense, big time trash talker, always makes big plays. He’s a great fit for a zone defense.

            • Volume12

              I always say this about uncovering draft prospects or gems.

              Its not about being first, its about being right.

          • JT

            There’s a lot of full-game or partial-game tape on youtube now for a bunch of college games, which helps.

            You may already do this, here’s a tip for when footage isn’t on Draft Breakdown – you can search the DB database for either a teammate’s tape or an opponent.

            For instance, Germain Ifedi only had 3 tapes from 2015 on Draft Breakdown – Alabama, Ole Miss & Mississippi St. You could find his bowl game tape vs. Louisville for example, on Sheldon Rankins’ Draft Breakdown page.

            This helps a lot later in the draft season, once more and more vids are posted.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Type into the Draft Breakdown search “vs Texas A&M” and click a defensive guys tape.

              You then could key in on Germain Ifedi.

              This is how I watch low-pub prospects tape

              • JT

                Awesome, thanks

  24. LordSnow

    Marcel Reece questionable. Julio with a sore toe according to Clayton

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s hope the toe falls off or something (and can be re-attached, but only on Sunday morning)

      • Greg Haugsven

        Paging Tonya Harding and Jeff Goluli.

  25. Trevor

    Really Really Really hope that at least one of Reese or Prosise can play this weekend as the ability to flex out the RB etc. provide another element to the offense that teams have struggled defending.

  26. Trevor

    My initial thoughts on the matchup vs the Falcons are that it is a tough matchup for our defense that the Falcons are justifiably favored by 4.

    But when I look at things closer I think we have a better than average shot at winning this game.

    -Need to continue running the ball! Ball control and time of possession will be so critical. Also Beasley is a great pass rusher but terrible against the run. He has a bum shoulder too. I hope they make a conscious effort to target him and run it down his throat early and often. When they do pass use RB and TE to help / chip. This will pay huge dividends in the 4Q.

    – They need to be really physical with Julio and the RB’s. When I think about the last #1 offense they faced in the playoffs it was Den in SB and the beat the snot out of they WRs and RBs. It changed the whole complexion of the game.

    *Most importantly they need to get pressure on Matt Ryan. If they pressure and hit him then he has shown he will crack under the pressure. I hope they do whatever nessecary to make him uncomfortable even if it means blizing Wags more.

    If we can run for 150 yds + and win the turnover battle I really think we beat them.

    • JT

      Good points, I think we have a great shot.

      Kam, Clark, Rawls and Prosise were all inactive that game, Russ was a statue, and Bennett was injured in the second half.

      It sucks to be missing Earl and Lockett, but the team is arguably a lot healthier this time around.

    • C-Dog

      I agree. If Seattle can have success running the ball and sustaining drives, I think that’s going to be the key to the game. Atlanta has some really nice pieces on that defense, but I don’t think it’s all there yet for them. Beasley is their main pass rusher, and they don’t have much beyond him. Seattle has 3 great ones in Bennett, Avril, and Clark, and an effective one in Marsh. If Seattle can, at all, make Atlanta one dimensional in the second half, having to play catch up, that bodes really well for them. I know Atlanta hasn’t given the ball up much at all this year, but I kinda have a sneaking feeling Seattle’s defense is due some turnovers, they had some “should be” INTs bounce off their hands on a cold wet night at Century Link, they will be playing indoors on Saturday.

      Seattle has got to build off what they did offensively against the Lions. I think they could have some moment there.

  27. JT

    A guy from Seattle just called my company and we ended up talking Hawks for a good 10 minutes before getting down to business.

    Gotta love this team & fanbase.

    • Rob Staton


  28. Volume12

    Michigan’s Taco Charlton is gonna be a top 12 pick. Teams are gonna love a 6’4-6’5, 270 lb speed rusher with his length and bend.

    • C-Dog

      I kinda think he’s probably going to go high myself.

  29. Nathan

    Surely someone like Oakland, who need a Calaias Campbell on their roster as badly as we do, can through the money at him, better than we can.

  30. Ed

    Rob, have you got any thoughts on Tanoh Kpassagnon. Seems like a Calais Campbell in the making.

  31. Mylegacy

    The game will be decided by Tom Cable’s Religion…

    Few are talking about it – but – Tom Cable went to the Dark Side against Detroit – he left the Force and joined most every team that ever had their OLine run block… he abandoned his Football Religion.

    Americans have their Guns, Gods and Gasp-Trump and Cable has his Zone Blocking System (ZBS). Well against Detroit, Cable mostly used two double teams by the G/T on each side, with the C going to block along with the FB into the second level. Plain Old Fashioned Old School Smash Mouth Offensive Line Play. Just like my 1967 Hamilton Tiger Cats did for most of their 11 year run near the top of the CFL each year and like most teams from HS to College to the CFL to the NFL have done over the last 50 years.

    That Detroit was surprised was an understatement. Cable abandoned his Football God and went full tilt godless heathen. Who’d a’ thunk it. I assume the Falcons were watching. I also assume that Tom will run BOTH systems, unpredictably, in next Saturday’s game. The truth is we still don’t know if our OLine played smash mouth ball well – or if it was 90% – just the element of surprise.

    Whatever – Our Hawks will only win this game if Tom Cable gets the right mix to keep the Falcons guessing wrong often enough so that Rawls and Co. can keep one of the NFL’s truly spectacular offenses on the bench asking themselves, “Who is that masked man?” Saturday, we’re going to need Tom Cable to spin some magic. He’ll have to bury his belief in his OLine Religion and spin a web on the Dark Side. He has to go against his Own Legacy – to extend the Hawks Legacy.

    Saturday – we win – we lose – on how often, and how astutely, Tom Cable uses the Dark Side of the Force.

    • Volume12

      There was a couple power/man blocking elements, but that was Zone blocking at its finest. TC actually uses a lot of combos as well.

      • STTBM

        I dont know, they were blowing guys off the line, moving N/S instead of side-to-side. Didnt look any ZBS Ive seen them run before–but maybe thats because this time, it worked lol!

      • Hawk Eye

        there are a few other articles out there about this, how they went with mainly man on man blocking this game. looked to me that when there where big runs, they were going straight ahead and taking on the guy right in front of them, with some good double teaming on occasion

    • icb12

      I agree.

      They have been mixing and matching all season. But that game there was a LOT more Power and Iso. It was awesome.

      I’m not sure why Carrol was so cagey on it. Seems like everyone noticed. Much much more forward movement. A point of emphasis during the week according to Ifedi.

      You have an Explosive OLine, and your #1 RB is neither subtle or patient. Personally i would have chucked the ZBS long ago.

      Love Power blocking.
      In the words of BeastMode. ” I was like Oh my god, I been tryng to get a power for so long. With Power you runnin straight down hill. You know where we coming, and we know where yall gonna be lined up at. Now you just gotta stop it.”

    • STTBM

      Hands Down, my favorite comment of the Year! Thank you, Mylegacy!

  32. Volume12

    Look at that hand speed!

    If he has a good combine, he’s a top 50 talent. Joe Mathis is the real deal.


    • Trevor

      You sold me on him a long time ago. I hope the Hawks have inside knowledge on him.

  33. Smitty1547

    Did anyone read the article on feildgulls about us tipping are plays, do you think that maybe correcting that had anything to do with it?

    • Hawk Eye

      I read that one. They showed a bunch of pictures and it was pretty easy to see if they were running or passing. All defenses look at tape and look for trends, that is why Wagner says he knows the plays 70% of the time.

    • Rob Staton

      I read the piece, but came away completely unconvinced on the suggestion.

  34. GeoffU

    What I worry about is the run game was supposed to be back against Carolina, then the Green Bay game happened. He ran well, then got hurt again? I don’t remember. He finished the season not doing well, but it was also against good DL’s with the Rams and Cards and didn’t do well at all against the 49ers. Hopefully he’s got three more great games in the tank. 🙂

  35. cha

    I might have missed it down thread, but did everyone read Bell & Condotti’s assertion that the Hawks changed/simplified their OL blocking scheme for the Detroit game? PC pretty emphatically denied it but Bell said Ifedi told him they did change.

  36. Bob

    The way the Hawks should “add” to this OL is via the weight room. The tackles need to get some serious work in strength and muscle training.

  37. Steele

    I don’t think it’s possible to reach any conclusions until consistent patterns, good and bad, emerge from a series of games. This team makes it tough. The OL and running game is in completely in flux, incomplete grades.

    Rawls, as much we love him, is not only small, but injury-prone, and I don’t think he can carry the load. He needs a co-lead back, one bigger and stronger than he is.

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