Draft talk is banned today

These will get you in the mood for tomorrow…


  1. stuart

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!

  2. SunPathPaul

    HELL YES!!! That is what we shall see MaƱana!!

    Seahawks D swarming and cracking Heads, And Russell Wilson Deep for TD’s all Day baby!

    Go HAWKS!!!!!

  3. JamesP

    Awesome Wilson video, just awesome!

  4. Chris

    Go Hawks!!!

  5. Michael

    Perfect thing to get me jacked up for the game tomorrow!! Plus those punk ass Niners won so we can lay the smack down on them too on our way to the Superbowl. Go ‘Hawks!!

  6. bjammin

    Go get some.

    Go hawks.

  7. Lubbock Air Corps

    Monday Headline?
    Sherman lays siege to Atlanta!

    Go Hawks!!

  8. Joe the Jarhead

    No other place to put this, but great call icing the kicker. It always works. Oh wait, except when it NEVER works and costs your team an all time win. I hate that bush league move and wish it would be banned. I hated watching the best season of my life as a fan end that way. It’s just a shame…

    • dave crockett


      don’t know if you heard… Per Pete in the press conference: The refs told him BEFORE the game that the kicker would not be allowed to take a practice kick on the time out. (They’re not supposed to.) Pete asked about what they’d do if the kicker did. They had nothing.

      To me, it’s a meh play. Not worth complaining about. Bryant pussyfooted it anyway. Kickers don’t blast it on the TO.

  9. A. Simmons

    Defensive line upgrades, specifically pass rushers have to be high on Pete’s list after this loss. No pressure all day. All of our pass rushers except Irvin and Scruggs on IR. Jason Jones not durable enough for this team. Clemons possibly done with a three year contract and one year lost to rehab. They have to fix this pass rush.

  10. Alex

    This game pretty much confirms a pass rushing-3 Tech as the #1 priority. Funnily enough, the OL’s pass protection was rock solid today while the run blocking was subpar.

  11. bjammin

    What an amazing year for all of us Hawk’s fans. This game was everything I hoped for besides the very last few seconds. To come back like that shows such heart and effort, makes you really proud to root for this team. What a great thing to finally have an amazing franchise quarterback. What hasn’t he done this year that he was asked to? To have a guy that can win you a huge game, the biggest piece is in place. Will be an incredible offseason to see how they improve an already great team with almost everyone coming back. Also thinking about all of the younger players and rookies after another full offseason with quarterback established. Can only imagine how Russell leads his team in the offseason. And I think it is clear that this is now his team even though Marshawn Lynch is his right hand man. Love to see the o-line after gelling through this year and into next. Love to see how the young dbs improve nickel package. I think as the offseason comes and we get nuts about the draft and free agency, let’s not forget how much young existing talent will improve by next year.

  12. bjammin

    Alex they were stacking the box. Should’ve unleashed Russell earlier. And what a game by Zach Miller. He stepped up huge in both playoff games. Won’t be surprised Hawks ranked top five preseason.

  13. Cysco

    I’m truly looking forward to the offseason! Get us an upgraded defensive line, and a couple toys for Russ to play with. Let’s go shopping!

  14. John

    So bittersweet to watch that. So hyped up for RW… but this loss stings… Hopefully our coaching staff stays together for one more season. There are times I’ve hated them this season, but some consistency will do this team some good. Rebuild officially over.

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