Early first round board for the Seahawks

This is a Seahawks-centric draft board.

Teams don’t often have a long list of players they’d be prepared to take in round one.

They narrow it down, remove players for whatever reason and really zone in on the prospects they want to target.

These are the guys, as of today, I’d put in that first round bracket who I’d be willing to draft at #32.

Some of them obviously won’t be available. But that’s OK. If there’s only one still on the board at the end of the first round, that’s possibly who I’m taking.

It’s also still very early in the process and the combine is going to change so much by the end of the month.

So basically, I reserve the right to completely change my opinion in a month. In fact I’d be surprised if that didn’t happen.

We’re still waiting to find out so much about these players. There’s nothing final about this stage of the year.

And unlike the teams, we only have limited access to information and tape.

Here’s the list. I’ll have a new mock out tomorrow.

#1 Jadeveon Clowney (DE, South Carolina)
We can only dream what it’d be like to have a player like Clowney in Seattle’s defensive rotation. Imagine that. They might be unstoppable.

#2 Greg Robinson (T, Auburn)
If you knew you had a shot at Robinson, you wouldn’t re-sign Breno Giacomini. Aside from his sensational athletic upside, Auburn’s star player from 2013 is already a terrific run blocker.

#3 Sammy Watkins (WR, Clemson)
He’s not the big receiver this team lacks, but how can you not put him here? Just an incredible player with a big future.

#4 Mike Evans (WR, Texas A&M)
Watch him work back to Johnny Manziel and win endless jump balls to see this is a scrambling quarterbacks dream receiver.

#5 Taylor Lewan (T, Michigan)
The Seahawks want to run the ball. Aside from Robinson at #2, there isn’t another tackle in the draft who plays the run like Lewan.

#6 Aaron Donald (DT, Pittsburgh)
I don’t care about the size. The fact is he lives in the backfield and he’s an absolute nightmare to block. Geno Atkins-style potential.

#7 Kelvin Benjamin (WR, Florida State)
The drops frustrate the heck out of you, but there’s no denying he could be brilliant at the next level. Ideal size for a classic #1 receiver.

#8 Cyrus Kouandjio (T, Alabama)
He’s being knocked for two bad games against Virginia Tech and Oklahoma. I still really like his potential.

#9 Eric Ebron (TE, North Carolina)
Ebron could be the next big-time tight end. Needs to be coached up, and it might take a year. Long term upside is through the roof. Let’s hope he runs well in Indy.

#10 Brent Urban (DT, Virginia)
If he wants to be great, he could be great. Get him in the weight room and try to turn him into J.J. Watt-lite.

#11 Morgan Moses (T, Virginia)
The Seahawks like length, long arms and size. Moses has the lot and could end up being a fast riser over the next few weeks.

#12 Ra’Shede Hageman (DT, Minnesota)
Think about what a player can become, not what he is now. In a rotation with pro-coaching, Hageman could be superb. 6-6, 318lbs — he has the size Seattle loves.

#13 Anthony Barr (DE, UCLA)
Excellent length and the hope is he runs well at the combine. But he has so much work to do on his technique. Could crash and burn in the NFL.

#14 Marqise Lee (WR, USC)
Not the big receiver Seattle needs, but he’s a former Pete Carroll recruit with such an infectious spark to his game. A warrior.

#15 Brandon Coleman (WR, Rutgers)
Coleman has the size and athletic potential to be big time. But he’s not the finished product and needs to convince teams he has the desire to max out his talent.

#16 Antonio Richardson (T, Tennessee)
Massive tackle prospect who could play guard or right tackle. Long arms, 6-6 and 330lbs. Has a nasty streak, a bit like Anthony Davis.

#17 Dee Ford (DE, Auburn)
LEO pas rusher looks like a long term succession process in Seattle. If Ford runs a 4.4 at the combine he’ll be interesting.

#18 Zack Martin (T/G, Notre Dame)
Just a superb technician, but he’s also a better athlete than he gets credit for. Short arms, might be better at guard.

#19 Allen Robinson (WR, Penn State)
Not a burner by any means and that could be costly. But he’s a YAC specialist not to mention a terrific competitor with excellent character.

#20 Davante Adams (WR, Fresno State)
Not huge (6-2, 212lbs) but maybe big enough. Fantastic character. Is he special? I’m trying to work that out.

#21 Xavier Su’a-Filo (G, UCLA)
The only alternative to Zack Martin I’d consider in round one. He’s a really good athlete whose best football lies ahead.

Big name players not on the list:

Any quarterback — they aren’t replacing Russell Wilson, are they?

Jake Matthews — just not sure he’s what this team looks for in a tackle.

Khalil Mack — he’ll probably run a 4.6 at the combine and where does he fit in this defense?

Timmy Jernigan — never been that impressed with his play. Looked dead on his feet at the end of the BCS Championship game.

C.J. Mosley — love the guy, but Seattle doesn’t need a linebacker like this.

Kony Ealy — a player I will do more study on, but I don’t get the hype based on what I’ve seen so far.

Smaller receivers (eg Odell Beckham, Brandin Cooks) — does the team need another sub-6-0 receiver?

Jace Amaro — I want to see him run at the combine. I fear another Gavin Escobar-esque time.

Safety’s/corners — wait until later in the draft

And finally…

Never underestimate the value of a good owner.

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  1. EdC

    Great idea for an article Rob, love your work. Most info out there I see has Coleman even as low as a 4th (Benjamin late 2nd). I know you and JS/PC have their own board, but they also seem to know where most teams view players as well (i.e. JS wanting to draft Wilson in the 2nd but knowing (feeling) he will be there in the 3rd). If they feel we can get Benjamin/Coleman with 2nd rd where would you go assuming:

    1. BG stays and MB stays
    2. BG leaves and MB leaves

    scenario 1 I would really think TE (ASJ) would be very helpful
    scenario 2 I would really think DL would take priority

    • Rob Staton

      I think there’s some lousy rankings out there. Whatever anyone’s view is on Coleman, I’ll be stunned if he makes it out of round two. There’s just too much upside and there aren’t many 6-6 receivers with his athletic talent. The only thing that drops him will be bad news on the knee at the combine, but we’re not anticipating that news.

      Benjamin shouldn’t get out of round one. The more I’ve watched on him the more I can see someone taking him very early in spite of the drops.

      Nonetheless, in scenario one I would take the best DL prospect on the board from the list. And in scenario two I’d feel exactly the same, with the caveat I’d prioritise one of the offensive tackles if any were left on the board.

      • EdC

        On the MB contract. I don’t want to overpay for GT/BG/MB. I think the teams that overpay, are the ones that are one hit wonders. But of those 3, I think the overpay for BG will be a lot cheaper and he is a full time starter. As much as Tate really started becoming a 3rd down star on the slant and Bennett was our most consistent rusher, they are platooned. Bennett will probably looking for 7/8 million and Tate 5/6 million. I think that is too much. Your thoughts?

        Also, do you think if MB goes, Allen/Tuck (maybe even Peppers) become last years Avril/Bennett?

        • Rob Staton

          I think they’ll keep Breno and Bennett. Tate will be the tougher one IMO.

          As for the others, of the three players mentioned Allen interests me the most.

          • bigDhawk

            If we do lose Bennett, any idea what kind of compensatory pick we might get back? Third rounder or better? Don’t know how that works, honestly.

            • Rob Staton

              Depends if they make a splash to replace him. If they brought in Henry Melton for example, they might get nothing in return.

        • bigDhawk

          Don’t be shocked if Bennett gets a $10-11 mil/yr offer in free agency. Do we pay that? It would be tough. The Bears, Packers, Falcons, Broncos, and Colts, are all contending teams that need a player like Bennett and have the cap space to make that kind of an offer. Also the Cards cleared an additional $10mil for 2014 with Fitz. Wonder what’s that’s for?…Our best hope is to get a deal done before he hits FA. If he does make it to FA I can see a bidding war commencing, which does not bode well for us.

          Tate might be allowed to test the market and I am fairly confident we will be able to make a competitive offer relative to his market value. Same thing for Giac.

          • EdC

            I would be out of the MB sweepstakes for 10. I love him, but 10 for a rotational DL is what gets teams in trouble. Especially with Wilson/Sherman/Thomas/Maxwell all needing deals in a year

          • Rob Staton

            It’ll be an upset if he gets that much. He’s good but he’s not $11m good. Remember, we’re a year removed from nobody committing any long term investment to Michael Bennett. He’ll get a good deal this year one way or another, but it won’t be that big.

            • Kyle

              Agree with Rob there. I don’t think he could command $10M. I’m thinking something closer to the Clemons deal, but maybe with a few more year on it.

      • Emperor_MA

        Have to agree with Rob on this. It would really surprise me if Benjamin makes it out of the first round and in the event he does, I can’t see him running the early gauntlet of the Redskins, Browns and Raiders at the top of round two.

        I honestly can’t see Coleman going in round one under any circumstances but I think someone will fall in love with the measurables and he will get taken in round two. I could see a way the board might shake out that drops him to round three but it would involve only those with a need drafting WRs in rounds one and two with no “surprise” team taking one or perhaps if a surprise pick or two comes in.

        For the Seahawks WRs, I like, in order:


        • Kenny Sloth

          Why Coleman so low? And Marqise Lee dropped something like 11% of his passes.

          • Emperor_MA

            Coleman isn’t very good. He’s just big. I’d rather have consistently-demonstrated WR skills with a somewhat smaller body than rawness and size.

            I know Lee can have the dropsies but that can be worked on and he is very explosive after the catch. Explosive plays are what this offense is all about.

            Of the WRs on this list, I actually think Coleman has demonstrated the lowest number of explosive plays of all of them. That is why I rank him last. However, don’t forget that this still puts him above about 200 more WRs coming available in the draft, and all the ones I have listed above him will be off the board in the first two rounds. That isn’t bad company, just not round one material IMHO.

            • Rob Staton

              In fairness, it’s hard to make explosive plays in the Rutgers offense.

              • Emperor_MA

                I get that. Just saying that we have lots of tape on the others making explosive plays … not so much with Coleman.

                We’d merely be speculating by saying he is more capable than the others and therefore more worthy of being picked ahead of them.

                I guess I’m just not a speculating type of guy in round one. I want a contributor there. I don’t mind swinging for the fences but I think that is what rounds 2-7 are for.

  2. Stiz

    What has made me come around on Coleman, is thinking of him in a different offense. What if he had played for Baylor or a similar passing offense? He would be the exact same player, but now we would have a 6-6, 220lb stud with huge numbers and he would be a lock for the top 20. We may be able to get him at 32 just because he played in a really crappy offense. If we do grab him, I would be on board.

    • Rob Staton

      Very good point.

      • Brad

        I wanna like Coleman, but all I have to go in is Robb’s recommendation and some YouTube clips that only show body trapping catches. And he dosent explode off the line or attack the ball like T.O.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          He has a pretty solid release. It’s not explosive, but it’s clean with good balance. When he does face press coverage, he gets free pretty quickly. He’s a taller player so he’s not likely to have an explosive release off the line. Benjamin doesn’t have that either.

          Where Coleman is excellent at, is his ability to get up to speed in the 3-5 yard range off the line. He is a long strider and can get to speed very quickly. I’ve mentioned it earlier this year, but his stride is eerily similar to Colin Kaepernick. He doesn’t look like he’s going fast — just that everyone else in the frame looks like they are slow. He also has that next gear in the 10-15 yard range where he really explodes and eats up yards in massive chunks. He’d be more successful with a QB and team that likes to throw the deep ball. Too bad we don’t look for explosive plays downfield with our dink and dunk passing system 🙂

          He definitely doesn’t catch the ball or attack it. It’s something he will need to work on. But he does have outstanding gifts that are exceedingly rare. And when you watch him on tape, you can see that he gets open with regularity deep — he just doesn’t see the ball come his way often.

          If I’m looking at his 2012 tape, I’m looking at one of the rarest quality WRs in this draft. Guys with his kind of ability to break a defense deep is not a common gift. That kind of threat, even if he doesn’t get a lot of targets, translates to opportunties underneath. We have a lot of guys not named Tate who can excel in the space Colman can vacate.

          We’ve seen the value Percy has in this offense even when he doesn’t see the ball. Coleman is that kind of player too. I’d go so far to say that Coleman is more that kind of player than any other WR prospect in this draft hands down. Watkins won’t do that. Evans won’t do that. Beckham won’t do that. Coleman is uniquely suited for that purpose.

          Even if he were to get 30-40 targets on the year, the opportunities he’d provide for our other receivers would be explosive.

          • Mattk

            Great explanation like always Attyla.

            The argument I have against the “idea of a threat” like Coleman helping this offense simply by being on the field is that Coleman will have to prove in reality he is that threat. Coleman won’t be the first freakishly tall and fast receiver in the NFL that teams have run the Fly route to open the underneath stuff. After a certain point, he has to prove he’s capable of making plays in a variety of ways or else he’s nothing more than a decoy that teams will recognize quickly.

            He flashed in 2012. Naturally, fans wanted to see more. They wanted to see improvement with his hands and better use of his size against DBs heading into the ’13 season. Personally, I wanted to see him showcased more in the short passing game, but he really didn’t show he did improve. The same questions people had a year ago they still have. A lot of that is on the QB, but some of that is him too.

            The main question I have with Coleman is if is more than just a one-route player. We saw pre-season hero Stephen Williams do nothing but make plays on the fly route yet was still cut.

            Now, Coleman obviously has all the tools to be a multiple use player, but right now he’s a bit of one-trick pony that still has questions about that one trick because his quarterback was too awful to give him opportunities downfield.

            • Mattk

              Just to add Attyla, the quotations wasn’t meant to quote you, just the general theme I hear about BC.

  3. Jeff M.

    So it looks like there are 7 potentially first-round worthy OTs (Matthews, Robinson, Lewan, Kouandjio, Martin, Richardson, Moses). I think Rob’s latest mock had all 7 off the board when we pick, but that would be nearly unheard of. It looks like there was only once in NFL history (2008) that 7 tackles went it the first round (normally something like 4 or 5 do in recent years). It seems like we could be reasonably certain one of those guys would be on the board at #32. I think I still like DL more in the first, but if Breno isn’t re-signed there’s every indication that a really high-level RT tackle prospect should be available.

    • Rob Staton

      I would always encourage people not to use previous drafts as a reason why something won’t happen. Ultimately, this is a very good draft for OT’s and WR’s, but it’s unusually thin at CB and on the DL.

      Last year three OT’s went in the top four picks and four in the top eleven, plus two guards also went in the top ten as teams prioritised going after the offensive linemen early. We could easily see that happen again in the top ten, and there are enough teams with big OT needs to make sure seven are gone before #32:

      STL, OAK, ATL, TB, BUF, DET, TEN, NYG, PIT, BAL, MIA & ARI — they could all be thinking tackle.

      Another thing to remember — we maybe didn’t see 7 offensive tackles go in round one last year, but we saw 9 offensive lineman going in round one total. And this isn’t a good year for guards and centers.

      • Jeff M.

        That is a good point about the total # of OL. It’s one more good thing about being pretty flexible in our needs, though. If we do see major runs on OT and WR (for example), that means someone at DT or LEO is falling. Or vice versa.

  4. David Ess

    Rob, do you think there’s a chance the hawks could get both Benjamin AND Coleman, pure potential rosterbation there but i was just thinking of that. personally i do like Coleman but there are also a lot of Mid-round receivers who intrigue me as well, so if we did lose out on Coleman (who i want more then Benjamin) i would feel good about PC/JS drafting any of the other receivers.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s very unlikely. I’m starting to think Benjamin goes top-20 and Coleman could be off the board too by #32 if he tests well at the combine.

  5. Turp

    Great article Rob! I’m still convinced from your article the other day that the Hawks draft d-line first. Long term solution for 3tech or LEO. Maybe Coleman slips even farther than 32 and we trade up in the 2nd to get him (unlikely, but that’s my dream draft).

    Who do we really have on our roster that’s currently a 3tech with Bennett/McD’s UFA? Jordan Hill played a lot at 1tech in preseason. Scruggs? Seems like a hole, at least until FA happens.

    • Rob Staton

      I think with what they’re looking for in a three (length, size) then really they only have Scruggs and maybe Boatwright. It’ll be a need if they lose McDaniel. As you say Hill was pencilled in as a one last summer according to PC.

      • Turp

        Is Urban your top 3tech pick at 32?

        • Rob Staton

          He’s my top ‘Seahawks’ three tech (aka a guy with size and length). My top orthodox three technique is Aaron Donald.

          • Turp

            I’m excited for both, but it seems a lock that Donald will be long gone.

            • Kyle

              He’s not going to blow away the combine at all (it’s his tape that will do that). Maybe teams will get enamored with athletic freaks (trying to get another Donatri Poe) and take those guys ahead of Donald. Still unlikely, but I’m a dreamer.

  6. Nolan

    I would love to get hagemen in round 1 and davante Adams in round 2, or if by some chance we could get Colemen in round 2 that would be cool. Basically I want a dl and a WR with the first n second round picks. Dl are expensive so replenishing through the draft will be important. We are also expensive and hitting on one in the draft would be huge.

    • bigDhawk

      Adams is a very smooth looking athlete. There is a little bit of slack in his game still – there are a few plays here and there where he doesn’t finish. I think his smoothness looks almost identical to Cody Lattimer:


      Latimer is probably a round 3-5 player, which speaks to the WR depth of this draft. I agree that getting Hageman at 32 would be a coupe and he is at the top of my list for players that might be available there. Because of the WR depth this year I think I would go either OL or TE in round 2. For OL in round 2 I like BILLY TURNER(!!!), Morgan Moses, Xavier Su’a-Filo, and Gabe Jackson. For TE I actually like Troy Niklas, who might be a very realistic target for us at the end of Round 2. Another TE I really like that might be available late in the draft is Nic Jacobs:


      This kid was an LSU Tiger in 2012 but transferred to McNeese State for family reasons. In the one video of him linked above at McNeese State he looks like a man among boys: big, fast, physical, agile on his feet, great hands, violent blocker. I really like this guy. He is the type of player that does certain things very well that the Seahawks like to acquire, develop, and put in situations where they can succeed at what they do good.

  7. SalukiHawk

    Alot of talk about us dropping out of the first round to recoup that 3rd rounder or additional picks to make up for the PH trade, but any more importance to the fact that 1st rounders get five year contracts vs four years for 2-7 rounders?? I guess the converse would be that pick 32 would be a desirable slot to trade up to as well for another team…

    • Rob Staton

      There is a big benefit to the extra year, it’s a good point.

      I actually think it’s very hard to trade #32. None of the teams have dealt the pick since they switched the format to day one = just round one. If you want the player Seattle is targeting, you can move into #31 or earlier. And after the Seahawks make their pick, you have a night to reassess and do deals for #33 or beyond.

      • Cameron

        I would always encourage people not to use previous drafts as a reason why something won’t happen 🙂

        On a serious note though: If a couple of quarterback needy teams pass on a QB with their first picks, the logical place to see trades would be the beginning of the 2nd round. A smart team in this boat is going to trade back into the 1st to get ahead of other teams. Could happen.

        • Rob Staton

          This is a common thread discussed among fans of teams picking in the back end of round one. But how often does it actually happen?

          • Cameron

            Not a lot of historical precedence for sure. One thought would be if the Texans pass on a QB, they will be have their pick among the leftovers to start round 2. If you are another QB hungry team, why not draft back into the 1st? I’m not certain there’s a native disadvantage to picking at 32 when it comes to trades. These teams have their draft boards and strategies and have plenty of time to make their moves on draft day. We’ll see.

            • Rob Staton

              It still seems unlikely in that situation to me that they’d wait until the very last pick of the day to move up. Especially when we’ve seen deals in previous years where you can get up to the 20’s from the 30’s for merely swapping 5th round picks. It’s more likely a team starts making phone calls pretty early and identifies a deal that suits before you get to pick #32.

              But hey, we don’t need to get too deep here.

  8. Robert

    Hey Rob and anyone else that would chime in – I wonder how PCJS would assess the developmental talent they already have? Currently we have Kenneth Boatright, Michael Brooks, Dwayne Cherrington, Jordan Hill, Benson Mayowa, O’Brien Schofield, Greg Scruggs, D’Anthony Smith, Jesse Williams. We have invested $$$ and coaching in these guys. Is there any word on these guys? Having been indoctrinated and coached up, I am sure they are all on programs to fast track their development and maximize their potential. It is obvious that as PCJS construct their draft board, they factor in their current human resources. They are intimately familiar with each player (project) and where they are in their journey to back up duties, challenging starters or even replacing them. It sure would be nice to know more about these guys and how they are progressing…I have heard that Scruggs and maybe Boatright have worked hard to put on muscle mass. At least, it might be beneficial to review what we DO know about these developing prospects???

    • David Ess

      I do recall people including me being excited about Scruggs before he tore his ACL, if he can come back that would be great, and im not sure about the rest besides i remember liking Brooks, Mayowa JS i believe likes him alot and Boatwright has put on like 20lbs and is rumored to be the back up of sorts to Bennetts position.

  9. James

    ….don’t know what we would do without your blog, Rob. We need Seahawks every day, and you are the master of the off-season. Interesting that Rob Rang has Aaron Donald going to Seattle in his current mock. Free agency will of course determine the Seahawks priority. Sign Brenno and an OT seems unlikely, even though that is the one position that might have a legit R1 talent still available at #32. If Tate and Baldwin both return, then drafting a WR to be the 5th guy in the rotation is less likely. DT is the one position that almost certainly will be a need, with both Bryant and Mebane gone after the 2015 season, if not before. But if Donald, Urban and Hageman are not there at #32, then PCJS won’t reach. Thank goodness we still have Seahawks things to think about!

    • Kenny Sloth

      SBN has Donald to us, too.

      I saw it here first.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d love to see Donald there at #32 — and thanks for the kind words.

  10. Jlkresse7

    No Austin Seferian-Jenkins? Any chance we could land Coleman and urban? Possibly trade up in the 2nd for whichever one we don’t pick in the first. A lot of other sites aren’t as high on those two as you are

    • oz

      It wouldn’t surprise me if ASJ slipped to the latter portion of round #2. There are four TE’s that could go ahead of him.

    • Rob Staton

      I need to see ASJ at the combine. There’s a lot I like about him, but there’s also some concerns. He could be a R1 pick or late second. He has a lot to gain from a great combine.

  11. Brandon

    Man, Evans, Benjamin, and Coleman go before we pick it’d be tough to take a A. Robinson or Adams with some of the DL talent that will most likely be available.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Play the board, man..

      • Ben2

        Yep….play the board. I’d love for a DT like Hageman or Donald to fall to us at 32. But what if the BPA is a tackle? There’s been an assumption that Breno is going to be back next year – maybe maybe not. What if a tackle like Richardson, kouandijo (sp?), or Moses falls to us….that might happen with the depth at tackle this year. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a RT athletic enough to move to LT if Okung got hurt again? Picking a talented tackle would not only fill the hole at RT but also provide insurance at a premium position where our current started has a history of injuries. That’s why taking a tackle might be the best value if the board falls that way and fill, in a way, two “needs.” (Quotes included because we don’t really have “needs” as a team- I love it!)

        • Mattk

          The need of a tackle will become more obvious once free agency kicks off.

          Most likely Breno will see a contract before the draft, with us or someone else, unless he prices himself over market value. In that case, Seahawks could go BPA on the board and have Breno on speed dial.

    • Rob Staton

      Agreed. There are some nice defensive options out there.

  12. Kenny Sloth

    Rob, what do you say if either (or both) Benjamin and Coleman lay an egg at the combine?

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll address that if/when it happens. Hard to project specific scenarios like that. The boards will look very different after the combine.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        Although it’s been widely publicized that Seattle’s board is already set before the combine. I expect our (not seahawks) boards will fluctuate. But their boards probably not so much. I’m guessing it’s more of a tool to cull prospects from the board or to confirm the position we already tabbed them with.

        • Mattk

          What does this say about fans’ draftboards that changes considerably after the combine for prospects who have good or bad performances? Are fans simply missing on the measurables through the tape?

          • Attyla the Hawk

            It says many of us don’t know what we’re talking about. It also tends to highlight athletes and not necessarily football players. The combine should be (and is for many teams) a tool to legitimize what is evident on tape.

            Although one only has to harken back to John Harbaugh’s pinched look on his face watching Manti T’eo run his 40.

            It can be illuminating the other way. Dontari Poe made his mark at the combine. His tape was pretty poor even at a lower division competition. He’s a pro bowler and worthy of it now.

            And let’s be honest here. Seattle loves athletes. We’ve had people go into detail about SPARQ ratings and Carroll’s intimacy with it’s design and workings. Our drafts have followed suit. We care about measurables just about as much as anyone — if not more so. We have profiles for what we want physically for most of our position groups.

            Guys like Matthews/Landry/Abbrederis etc. aren’t really guys that float our teams’ boat. For one of them to make our grade, they will have to run a 40 in the 4.4. Otherwise I don’t think they make the cut.

            Adams could make it with size, length and leaping ability. His explosion numbers should set him apart from the Robinsons/Beckham/Landry tier 2 prospects.

            For TE’s, ASJ could make it. Lyerla would make it (although we’re talking strictly physically). Hard to say otherwise. Not many everydown TEs out there that run 4.6 or better.

            There are a bunch of RBs in our 5’11” 225 wheelhouse.

            Plenty of long CBs in this draft. A handful of good physical corners in the Maxwell mold too.

            Not a lot of speed at LB. Although I would keep an eye on Christian Kirksey. He looks like he could break the 4.4 threshold. If so, he could be an outlier in the group.

            At DT, I think there are 3 guys. Hageman, Donald and Ellis. Hageman is a SPARQ wet dream. Ellis should have good numbers, but his size will be a huge bonus factor. Donald should fare well too.

            After all is said and done, we’ll probably get none of them and pick up half a dozen guys I never heard of but tested great in private workouts.

  13. Kenny Sloth

    I think Allen Robinson would be a great Golden Tate replacement. I really like his skillset. And honestly. He plays really exciting football. Chippy and Instinctive. Always searching for holes.

    He outruns defenses. Fast enough for me. He wins jump balls and has a pretty large frame. Routes are pretty crisp. Could hands catch more.

    • oz

      I concur.

    • seahawks509

      I’d hate to get rid of Tate, but it’s obviously a huge possibility. Robinson is growing on me more and more. I also think that if we do let go of Rice we will more than likely go after 2 WRs. We could go after someone like Martavis Bryant in the later rounds.

  14. Brad

    Hageman looks like a great boom or bust pick. And at 32 with a veteran roster and one of the nfl’s historic defenses it seems like a good fit(fit in or fallout).
    And what about ASJ, the TE from UW? He was considered a top prospect and he is a Mackey award recipient. Though not a speedster or joker type te his size and blocking ability are rare at his position. If we part ways with Zach Miller he could be a viable replacement at a reduced cost.

    • bigDhawk

      I would definitely be all in taking a chance on Hageman at 32. He is a rare, unique specimen at his position. He will not have to carry any kind of load here in Seattle. He will be part of a robust rotation where he can just light his hair on fire when it’s his turn. One big consideration in retooling our defense from year to year is we must be built to beat our division. That means stopping the run game of SF. With that in mind, I would be luvin it if we landed Hageman at 32 and Justin Ellis in the 4th.

      As for TEs, if Hageman and ASJ are on the board at 32, give me Hageman and then pick up Troy Niklas at the end of the 2nd. Nik is a veritable Zac Miller clone and might make the potential loss of Miller seamless. He is the consensus best blocking TE in the draft and as serviceable as Miller in the passing game.

      We might go OL in the second round, and if so another TE that I really like is Nic Jacobs of McNeese State. I wrote about him a little earlier in this thread. He would be a great developmental TE we can probably get late if we don’t draft one early, and he may be a quick contributor as well.

  15. Jake

    I want De’Anthony Thomas. Don’t care if we have Percy already… Moar weapons!

    • Kyle

      Maybe we could trade Turbin and pick him up as like our 3rd down back.

  16. Stuart

    MB wants to stay and PC/JS really want him to stay. They will get a deal done.

    GT wants to stay, if dollars are close. I hear people saying 6 per, that’s too much. At 4 per then it could work out. What if you could sign Rice to a contract cheaper than Tate? They both do things that the other doesn’t but Tate will like play in all 16 games and return punts, that is a big plus right there. Ok, Tate then.

    Is 4 per to much?

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think 4 million is about right for Tate. I’m sure he could get 6 million with another team, but someone has to offer and there are a lot of draft receivers coming in.

      • bigDhawk

        Indeed, this is not the best year to be a FA WR. One thing Tate has going for him is his exceptional punt return ability. Other teams are likely to view him as a 2 or slot receiver that can return punts, not the 1 he played most of the season for us. We’ll see how much that is worth to other teams, relative to what they can get in the draft this year. I think he ends up back here.

  17. Ukhawk

    I’d add Nix & Tuitt to the list. Nix ideal long term replacement for Mebane, likewise Tuitt for Red. 2 positions which are toughest to replace. I’d argue the 3 tech is easier examples being McD’s.

    Know Rob is not high on him but Tuitt could be an UPGRADE on Red. He would be an ideal 5tech, play all 3 downs, provide much more rush in early downs and come relatively cheap for 4 years. Good comp is Calais Campbell.

    Def put others on your list higher but think these 2 would be better fits/value than anyone on your list post-Richardson …

  18. Maz

    Aaron Donald would be my pick in round 1. He has quickly become my favorite to this point. He is so quick through gaps… Really like his game. I don’t know if he is available @ 32, but I wouldn’t mind trading up to get him. Especially if we cannot resign Bennett. What do y’all think about Donald?

    • oz

      I would be ecstatic. WR or TE in round #2.

      • Maz

        It would be great to get him! I would lean toward DE round 2. Not sure we resign Avril at the end of next season, especially if we keep Bennett. TE and WR in Rd 4 or Rd 5. I usually wait till after the combine to sort out my board.

    • Ben2

      I have a hard time seeing us trade up.. Maybe they do that this year because we have a lot of depth…I just can’t see losing more picks in a deep draft when you’re already sans a 3rd round pick

      • Maz

        My feeling is at this point we would be willing to move up for a SPECIAL player. I think Donald is that guy.

    • Rob Staton

      Everything about him screams top-20 lock. I think we’d be extremely lucky if he fell into range for Seattle. I suspect he’ll be long gone.

      • Maz

        I’m not going to argue that he shouldn’t be a top 20 pick because I feel that he is. However, I would be willing to trade next years 2 rd pick and the 32nd pick this yr to get him if we could. Any idea how far we could move up with a package of those 2 picks? I feel like he could be a Warren Sapp like game changer during his career. I love his game tape!

  19. GB

    I’d be happy if JS traded down and loaded up on picks.
    Seems like the top picks in this draft all have very big upsides … and massive downsides.

  20. jeff

    I really feel this is the year to get Russell some weapons. Coleman or Benjamin in Round 1 would be great. ASJ is someone I really like (and I am not a Husky homer but as a Beav fan I have watched lots of PAC games) and wouldn’t hesitate to take him there, would love it even more if he fell dramatically and Seattle could get him in Round 2 (even a trade up to make it happen).
    Add those guys (or similar) and I think the red zone problems we saw at the end of the season quickly disappear.
    I also support getting scatback (Thomas or similar) on Day 3. I would trade Turbin for a 5th round pick in a heartbeat. Move Michael up to #2 and make room for a smaller shiftier back for 3rd downs. Carroll has used these types in the past (Leon in Seattle, Bush as SC) so I don’t think he is against having such a back on the roster and I’d really think getting this type of back for a few touches here and there would be incredibly helpful (if for nothing else as a back up to Harvin so they can keep those packages in the offense even if he misses time).

  21. Steeeve

    One thing I haven’t heard much conversation about is how Seattle would structure the Tate / Breno / Bennett contracts if they indeed choose to re-sign them.

    I’d hate to get into a situation like this year where we have a lot of money tied up in guys who are not necessarily contributing at the level they’re being paid. We had to do that to attract Rice and Miller when we were far from marquee, but at this point it would be great to be able to get out of contracts when you have up-and-comers behind them on the roster.

    In other words, could you sign Breno to a three-year deal before the draft with almost all the guaranteed in the first year, then if a tackle falls to you, you give yourselves a year to train up the new guy and drop Breno for very little cap hit the following year?

    • Rob Staton

      If they re-sign Breno I think you just feel pretty satisfied with the guys you’ve got. No real need to bring in a first round tackle with Okung & Giacomini tied up. I’d rather just structure the deal so you feel good about having Breno for a few years.

      • bigDhawk

        Speaking of OL, any chance Sweezey gets out-competed at RG going into next season, or has he shown enough to be solidified as our starting RG going forward into the foreseeable future? I’m just not sure how I feel about Sweezey being a lock at RG and clogging up a spot that a bigger. stronger, faster lineman could occupy. He was brutal for most of the season but I have to be honest and say that at the end of the season and into the post-season he got his act together and was actually decent at times. I would like to see competition at every OL position except LT but Sweezey is the biggest enigma for me at the moment.

        • Rob Staton

          For me Sweezy played very well for the most part — his first full year as the unchallenged starter. I suspect he will only continue to improve.

          A good review on how this team feels about him — despite the constant changing around at LG, did Sweezy miss a single snap this year? There was never a hint that he was competing for a place.

          • Cameron

            Bowie played RG for one game (the Cards) and played lights out while Sweezy was injured. Next game? Sweezy at RG. They like Sweezy.

  22. seahawks509

    I almost guarantee Brent Urban will move up the draft boards once people see him at the combine. I would LOVE to have Urban. He really does resemble Watt, which is scary. I could only imagine if we find a way to snag this guy. Lots of talent and a ton of options this year, which couldn’t fit the FO more.

  23. Scott

    So – I am so impressed by the depth of Seattle. It is not just “next man up” due to injuries, but also for the inevitable time when free agents leave. We have a lot of guys we hope can step up on the defensive line, our DB depth is pretty good (for now), we have Bowie and Bailey waiting in the wings for the OL, etc…

    It really makes you feel good about the organization, and their ability to evaluate talent and to plan ahead.

    One thought I had was wondering if they would look to add LB depth, with the idea that on defense they want to tie their money up in top D-Linemen and the DBs. So – when the time comes to pay KJ and BobbyW big money they can instead plug in 1st and 2nd year LBs to play. I am such a draft geek…

  24. AlaskaHawk

    I am looking at a chart of draft players that are still with the team. A couple interesting tidbits.

    From 2010 to 2013 we drafted 39 players and we still have 29 of those players on the team.

    We drafted 3 receivers, and we have 1 left on the team (Tate). So for the most part, we have filled our wide receiver ranks with UDFA or paid veterans. Kearse, Baldwin and Lockette all being UDFA. We have drafted 2 tight ends and they are both still on the team.

    We drafted 6 Defensive Tackles, including 3 last year. 4 are still on the team, and 1 of those (Sweezy) was converted to offense. We drafted 3 defensive ends, 2 are still on the team.

    A lot of interesting picks in the 7th round last year. Ryan Seymour OG, Jared Smith DT, and Michael Bowie OT, are still on the team.

  25. GottaLove HAWKS


    Is there a good young Guard and possibly WR out there already that we could consider trading for? I think we could do best by trading away our first (since it is basically a 2nd anyway) and possibly get someone that may not have been a fit for some other team, but would fit TC’s zone blocking scheme. Also, we could possibly get a potential WR prospect form last year. I am thinking Marquees Wilson from Chicago. I know he had problems his Sr. year, but when you watch game film, he is a gamer, with hands. Wanted him last year, but didn’t pan out. If we could do something like that, then maybe we could re-focus on what we have, and let the office do what it does best…find gems in the later rounds. If not, I really would like to see ASJ in the Blue and Green. ASJ, LW and possibly ZM back would give us hands, blocking and a downfield threat.

    • Rob Staton

      WR’s are difficult to deal for without overpaying. I’m not sure there’s any out there I covet that can be had for a bargain price. None off the top of my head. As for guards… it’s pretty rare. I think what’s more likely is they’ll allow Cable to continue to dig for gold in the later rounds. In fairness that method has produced Sweezy, Bailey and Bowie.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I was scoping out the competition and came across these names for free agents that the 49ers could look at. They are all pretty cheap for wide receivers:

        Robert Meachem, Saints, 6’2″ tall, very fast,

        Tiquan Underwood, Buccaneers, 6’1″ tall, 1.3 million contract

        Kenny Britt, ??, 6’3″ tall, knee issues

        Anquan Boldin, 49ers, physical receiver, carried 49ers passing game for half the season, 6 million contract. It would be nice to steal one from the 49ers.

  26. James

    Rob, are you still high on Arie Kouandjio? I havent heard much about him lately and thought if he fell he could be a good pick for our yearly O-line pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I really like him but unfortunately he didn’t declare for the 2014 draft.

  27. Brandon

    Whatever the Seahawks choose to do, and even in light of the missing 3rd round pick, there is a strong argument to be made that they swing for the fences with this pick more than any other. My rationale is based on two factors. Looking at last year’s draft class it’s becoming increasingly probable that it might be awhile before we again see a whole draft class make the team. Whereas later round picks get paid nearly zero for that first three year period, first round picks, even late first round picks, enter into their third and fourth year making a little more than 1.5 million a season. Carpenter is a good example. He may become a cap casualty if space on our current cap gets tight as this off season moves forward. While we’re getting these first round picks on their rookie deals, we’re not necessarily getting them for cheap. My point? You grab a prospect with the moon potential, and if he flames out, you move on by year three, mitigating where his salary begins rising, able to use it towards other resources. Remember, even in just a piece of what we’re paying Percy Harvin there is salary that would have gone into the picks we gave to Vikings. Just my two cents.

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