Eric Ebron (TE, North Carolina) vs Miami

Ebron’s stat line: eight catches, 199 yards and a touchdown.


  1. MJ

    I don’t think he makes it to the late 1st, but man would he be a bonafide weapon in this offense. Jace Amaro looks intriguing as well. I think we have some awesome weapon-like options at the end of R1 this year that would be foolish not to take. I know everyone wants to overdraft an OL at this point. Not me.

    On the topic of TEs, I’d bet a good amount of $ that ASJ is completely off SEA draft board. I’m a huge UW fan, and quite frankly, his effort sucks on the field. He plays slow and I don’t think I see him making an impact in the NFL unless Tom Brady or Peyton Manning is his QB. Can’t create on his own.

    • CC

      Agree on ASJ – it looks like he is ticked off that the offense isn’t going through him anymore. He looks disinterested – I’m sure it doesn’t help that they are losing, but he looks like he has checked out and is already in the NFL in his mind. I’m not sure TE is the biggest need for us next year. I like what Willson is doing – his blocking is getting better and he’s made some nice catches. Zach isn’t going anywhere next year – his cap is not bad for what you get. Let’s see what happens on the WR front after Percy gets back – Rice’s contract is too much for the production. We can free up that money to keep Sherm and or Earl.

      • Miles

        I’m also fine at the TE position for now. Unless Ebron falls to us in the first, I say keep dong Miller, Willson and McCoy next year. If McCoy can get back healthy and play like he did in 2012, we have a pretty sick trio of tight ends. We also have a pretty nice player in Cooper Helfet on the practice squad.

        It’d be nice to get Lyerla for good value at some point in the draft. His blocking and versatility would do well to compliment what we have on our offense.

  2. Jeff M.

    Good to see him doing a little blocking here (at least standing LBers up on the edge, although you’d like to see him move some guys). I continue to say that if we go TE at all in this draft it’ll only be for a Y (in-line) guy to succeed Miller–I’m sold on Willson’s potential as a H-back/Flex, but it’s scary how much the offense misses Miller when he’s out.

    Maybe if Ebron continues to add strength and develop as a blocker he can be that guy instead of just a weapon from the slot…

    (side note, one of the most disappointing things about ASJ is that he absolutely has the body to be a devastating blocker but appears not to have developed his in-line blocking at all in his time at UW)

  3. KyleT

    I think we are definitely going big weapon in the first round. Big possession receiver or WR/TE hybrid. Give Willson a few more years and he can spell Miller for both blocking and his receiving ability with the advantage of more speed. Rice will not be with the team next year. This is the year to get that big guy. I could see Ebron, ASJ (depending on combine). Brandon Coleman, mike evans (any way he falls to 32? Do we trade up if he gets into the twenties?)

    I do think we got OL in the 2nd though to get some key talent into the mix to push carp and Bowie

    • Miles

      I don’t know that we’ll ever see this front office trade up in round one. They are so concerned with stocking picks that given the choice, they’ll trade down to pick up more of them. Unless they are completely enamored with a player and just must have him, the Seahawks often trade down to stack the roster with more competition. That might be the case this year as we may need to draft more than one WR to replace Sidney Rice and/or Golden Tate. *Knock on wood, kind of*

      • KyleT

        I agree with your take on things, however the trade for Harvin was sort of a move up. And there are not many players in the draft like Mike Evans. It probably depends how far he falls and their thoughts on Brandon Coleman. This year more than anything has highlighted our lack of consistent success in third downs and red zone situations mostly because we don’t have “that guy” who you can throw to even when he’s not open and expect to have a good shot at pulling it down.

  4. Michael

    Well it looks like the Monday night game at St. Louis should be even more of a cake walk than it was already going to be. Sam Bradford out for the year with a torn ACL.

    • Miles

      This is so mind-bottling (yes, I mean bottling not boggling). I feel bad for Bradford and I know the Seahawks can beat the Rams on the road when St. Louis has all their guys. In a way, pretty disappointed Bradford went down but it’s nice to know our odds to win just skyrocketed.

  5. Aaron

    Wow!!! This guy is definitely one to watch. He seems to have it all. Good blocker. Great speed. Can split him out wide.

    I disagree with those who’ve said that we don’t have a chance at getting him. Tight ends rarely go high in the first round. Last year there were two TEs who were extremely hyped in the media – Eifert and Ertz. Eifert went 21 and Ertz went 34. They both played at high profile schools on high profile teams. I’m not saying scouts are going to overlook Ebron just because he plays at North Carolina, but it helps a little.

    We could have had Ertz at 34 if we’d kept our original pick last year. He was very highly touted coming out of Stanford. I think Eifert and Ertz were exceptional TE prospects, and they didn’t go all that high.

    I also disagree with the idea of disregarding ASJ (or Lyerla for that matter.) If you told me before this college season started that we could have a chance of getting either of those guys, I’d say give them to me now, I don’t care what happens during the season (short of injury.) I hope NFL scouts agree with the idea that ASJ won’t make an impact in the NFL. I’ll take that chance. Lyerla is a total nut-job, but he’s also a physical freak, and an old-school physical football player. I want him on my team, especially if I can get him at a discount.

    I love the way things are shaping up on the TE front for the Seahawks. I think they could have some really nice options. I also think it should be a priority regardless of what happens with Zach Miller.

  6. Wes

    Wow what an athlete. Seems like the type of hybrid weapon Pete would love to unleash on the NFL

  7. Don

    Take Ebron in the 1st to replace Rice as the tall possession receiver. He blocks well which would help with the running game.

    • Don

      Positioning a tall TE as a WR is working very well with Vernon Davis at SF. You could use his versitility as TE or WR to create mismatches or disguised plays.

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