Every Seahawks touchdown so far



  1. Jlkresse7

    Interesting to see the progression from one touchdown games to multiplie touchdown games for Wilson. The more the offensive progresses the more I would lean toward taking best defensive player with our first round pick

    • Michael

      I would remove the word “defensive” and simply say I want the Best Player Available. It is still vitally important to surround RW with as much talent as possible, and if the best player on the board plays offense, so be it.

      Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, and even Tom Brady posted a lower passer rating in their second campaign (as a starter) than they did as first year QB’s. Whether you believe in the sophmore slump or not, it is important to remember that steady year over year progression is not a guarantee just because the guy is a great quarterback. I have no doubt that Russell Wilson will continue to get better, but the FO must do everything they can to build/maintain a solid supporting cast.

      In fact, if it were a virtual value/talent tie between an offensive and defensive 1st rounder, I think I would want the ‘Hawks to go offense. Not only because it would support more early growth of their most important player (the new franchise QB), but because of PC/JS’s history so far in Seattle.

      Richard Sherman, K.J Wright, and Kam Chancellor were all selected in the 4th round or later. All three are now starters and one of them looks like a sure fire All-Pro. Of the 20 draft selections made by this FO from rounds 4-7 only 4 of them have been offensive players. 4 out of 20! Pete Carroll is a defensive guy, and he and John Schneider are clearly more comfortable trying to find late value on defense than they are on offense.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    I agree with you Michael. Further thoughts, for all the talk of Marshawn Lynch and the running game there were only three touchdowns scored with a run. Despite heroic efforts by Marshawn our passing game is far more likely to succeed. Of course the run is good for ball control and running the clock down. So it would be wise to keep drafting the receivers and tight ends that we need. We currently have half the players we need at those positions, in other words we need players that can rotate with Rice, and play when Tate or Baldwin gets hurt, and is just as good at getting open and catching the ball.

    The big question will be how to balance our offensive needs with our defensive needs since we also need to draft a DT and a LB next year. Perhaps Pete will alternate!

  3. MJ

    Amazing how many long TD passes RW has this year. Perfect compliment to power run game. Love it. Big things in the future.

  4. Swamp_fox

    Awesome to watch, thanks Rob.

    I think WR remains biggest need esp. with the injury history of Rice, Baldwin, Tate. Love to find a pass-catching RB next year and develop the screen game further as well.

    Great stat Michael pointed out that just 4 picks after Round 4 have been for the Offense.. Look for that to continue next year. Wouldn’t mind trading Flynn for another weapon for Wilson, which would of course mean one 2013 pick would need to be on a developmental QB.

    Like our chances down the stretch for a playoff push!

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