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I was invited onto the Field Gulls podcast this week. It’s going to be a busy week for podcasts — I’m set to do two more before the weekend. I’ll post all of the links on here and hopefully by the end of the week you aren’t sick of hearing my voice!

We covered a number of topics in this one. The first half is Super Bowl and general NFL stuff, the second half is Seahawks/draft/free agency.


  1. DC

    Not sure why I’m thinking of this now. Going into our title defense year, why did we cut Chris Clemons? Yes he cost $10M and was starting a decline but we had the cap space iirc and he still had a valuable rotational role.

    • cha

      If memory serves, the 2014 offseason was when they started shelling out major extensions. Bennett, Earl, Sherman, and RW’s mega deal was coming the next year.

      • C-Dog

        There was also some rumblings that Clemons wasn’t into RW, and would toss some attitude his way. Some speculation that the team was ready to move on from that.

        • KingRajesh

          I thought that Clem was in the “Russell isn’t black enough” camp with Marshawn and Percy Harvin

  2. CharlieTheUnicorn

    All I have to say is…. Joshy Boy McDaniels did the Colts dirty.
    I have no respect for him now. I thought he was a feeble HC in Denever, but to top it off being a coward and going back to the Patriots to hide instead of lead men…..

    You do not want a HC who has this type of attitude. If you can’t back your words with your actions (say you will be the HC of the Colts and then back out) then you are no man to begin with.

    Colts dodged a huge bullet.

    • Myfanwy365

      You had respect before?

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Good point. I was never a big fan.

    • Icb12

      From all I read he was upfront with the colts and never signed anything.
      Nothing wrong with fully evaluating job offers and making the decision you feel is best for you and your family.

      • SoCal12

        What is wrong though is having a bunch of assistant coaches commit to a position and move their families under the promise of your regime, then back out at the last minute because of your own family. From everything I’ve read he has NOT been upfront with any of the coaches he picked.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          This is what got me. Some of these coaches have actually signed expecting him to be the HC. Now these coaches are either A) working with someone they didn’t expect to work with, B) out of a job the whole season, C) are let out of the colts commitment, but forced to take lesser positions, since the NFL coaching vacancies for priority assistant coaches are mostly dried up.

          That is just the coaches, now the Colts are caught off guard… and it will be almost impossible to have a decent coaching roster… which is vital for any chance of success this season.

          I agree, he did not sign on the dotted line, but he strongly implied he would sign and hoodwinked others into making the jump…. and abandoned ship. The only reason I could think he would not take the job… Luck is hurt much worse than anyone knows and the rebuild might take multiple years. I’m not buying him being the BB replacement or BB getting let go by Kraft anytime soon. You go to 8 or 9 SBs…. you get a pass… when you win 5 of them.

        • C-Dog

          Good gravy. What a clown.

    • SoCal12

      My hope is that this comes back around and bites Kraft and McDaniels hard in the ass. Josh is has pretty much hardlocked himself as Bills successor, but without Tom Brady probably won’t see the success. A fanbase that is used to being a surefire Super Bowl player might not have patience for any kind of slow period or rebuilding. My crystal ball sees Josh having a couple 8-8 seasons then getting axed in favor of some new hotshot coordinator or college coach.

  3. Myfanwy365

    Started to listen on my commute, only minor quibble I have so far is saying we can’t take too much from the Eagles win.

    I know how Pete wants his offense to behave but it sure would be nice to see some of the creativity on playcalls being used a bit more. That & going for it more on 4th down, be bolder.

    • Leosharp

      The Eagles are being more than just bold on fourth down. They have been using analytics the last two years to determine what to do in those key situations like 4th down but also when to use timeouts and how to operate in 2-minute situations. Their analytical approach to football is really the first true use I’ve seen in the NFL.

      Analytics typically gets a lot of hate but they have essentially shown how valuable they can be. 20/29 on 4th down with zero points scored by the opponent the 9 times they failed to convert. Maximizing scoring opportunities simply isn’t done enough.

      Football probably isn’t as binary as baseball but analytic could considerably change the NFL game. Pederson adopting analytics to the extent that he has, makes me think he could become a key coach in NFL history similar to Bill Walsh and the West-Coast offense or Paul Brown and the playbook.

    • Ed

      The only thing you can take from this win is, game planning going into a game, and then seeing what needs to change during a game, can win you games. You don’t need a top 5 QB (it helps), you don’t need a top 5 defense (it helps), you need a staff that can see what an offense does and neutralize it and see what a defense does and attack it. Easier said then done, but the talent level per team isn’t as big (save maybe Cleveland) and coaching can mean a lot.

    • Fairlawn

      That was a jaw-dropping moment.

      These are two of the best analytical organizations in the NFL, from personnel to in-game. There is a lot, a lot, to learn.

      Suggest revisiting in the 2020s episode titled: “why were the 2017 Eagles the fountainhead of a dynasty, but the 2013 Seahawks a one-and-done?”

  4. Trevor

    As a free agent signing would you prefer Ziggy Anzah or Sheldon Richardson?

    If he checks out physically I prefer Anzah as I think he is almost an Avril clone and good fit.

    Sign Anzah and extend Clark + Dion Jordan then you are set at Edge rusher for foreseeable future?

  5. Trevor

    Interesting podcast Rob. I am with you on Barkley. He is a generational talent with great character and no injury issues. Best player in draft simple.

    Browns should take Barkley #1 and Mayfeild at #4 IMO.

  6. C-Dog

    Great listen.

    Man, Kenneth got a bit heated about taking RB early.

    I’ve never understood those arguments about where you should take a position, outside kicker and punter. Seems like that is how you miss out on special talent. If you take an offensive tackle top ten in a year when the position is weak because that’s where they should go, then you miss out on a special player at another position, and you potentially over draft an average player.

    IMO, Seattle needs to address RB more than any other position, and it isn’t close, but if Vita Vea somehow slips to 18 and Barkley and Jones II are off the board and they take Nick Chubb or Kerryon Johnson over Vea, I would lose my mind in disappointment.

  7. Old but Slow

    Nice podcast, Rob. It will be interesting to see what influences we will have from our new coaches, and what effects that will have on our player choices.

    While I was not against our staff, I have never liked the pure zone blocking, especially with the cut blocking. For offensive line I am basically in the power blocking blood group. Not so much into the finesse them out of position, idea, I am more into knock them down. If they draft an offensive lineman, I will hope for a road grater. Hernandez would be good if Nelson, Price are gone, but someone reminiscent of a past LG who we have missed and shall not be named and almost made the HOF this year.

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