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I wanted to draw attention to a piece I did with Dan Kelly at Field Gulls. A few topics are discussed including reaction to the draft and the future at quarterback for the Seahawks. Click here


  1. James

    Rob, John Clayton said on the radio this morning that the market for Matt Hasselbeck has dried up, and the Seahawks are his last good option. Otherwise, he would have to go somewhere as a backup or one-year fill-in. If the Hawks want him, they can have him, with little competition it appears. Clayton also thinks that the Hawks are not that interested in Kolb, that his market is also drying up with Arizona seeming to have decided on Bulger. Kolb might be had for a 2nd round pick after all, though the Browns might give one of their #1s for him. Also, I heard a draft analyst on a national radio program say, as you and Kip have been saying, that at least 6 or 7 QBs likely in next year’s draft are 1st round talents, with the big 3, Luck, Jones and Barkley, being true franchise guys, and the next 3 after them all being superior to any of the QBs in this year’s draft. So, is it right to guess that the Seahawks will add either Matt or Carson Palmer as a short term fix, and then aim for finding their franchise long-term guy in next year’s draft?

    • Charlie

      Hopefully nick foles is not in that elite group. As an oregon state student As well as husky fan I have watched many Arizona games and all he does is throw dump off passes. Most annoying offense to watch ever.

      • O

        Most annoying offense is so true. I saw more bubble screen in that UW Arizona 2009 game than in the last 3 years combined for the Seahawks. I wanted to punch my screen every time.

    • Rob

      Hi James,

      6-7 quarterback with first round talent is a stretch IMO. The likes of Kirk Cousins and Ryan Lindley have an opportunity to put themselves in that range. A guy like John Brantley is a sleeper who could get into that range with a good year – but there’s every chance you could be looking at Luck and Jones as the only two R1 quarterbacks (I don’t think Barkley will declare). Maybe Robert Griffin can become a more complete passer, even in Baylor’s spread?

      The Seahawks will almost certainly be looking at a short term option, but I think ideally they’d like to avoid any situation where they ‘have’ to draft a QB. Extending Hasselbeck means you have to draft a QB or trade for a younger guy. You can’t go on forever with a guy nearing 40. The reason why Palmer is a more attractive option is because he’s four years younger. That’ll buy you some time. But I doubt they are at a stage where they target QB’s next year before a college ball has been thrown.

  2. Rob

    Keep an eye on Austin Davis at Southern Miss too – a QB who caught the eye last year.

  3. woofu

    For the record I am also of the opinion Carpenter may anchor the left and OKung the right side down the road. I would not throw Andrews out of the RT spot just yet and Carpenter could pair with Moffit at OG early on.

  4. AlexHawk

    Rob do you ever think Tavaris Jackson would ever be an opition for us. If we don’t manage to procure Palmer or Hasselbeck is there a chance he comes in. Plus is there any intrest in Kolb or are they just asking too high a price for this guy?

    • Rob

      Not to start, I very much doubt that there will be a situation where Jackson is the team’s best option to start. He could be a contender to come in, like JP Losman, and compete as the third QB. But I think it’s fair to say that one of Palmer or Hasselbeck will start as the Seahawks QB in 2011.

      There is interest in Kolb but the market will probably put Seattle out of contention. One team (I’d say Cleveland) will have zero issue trading a first and change. They have two 2012 picks in R1. The Seahawks know how difficult it will be to match that and it’s very unlikely.

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